"Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1790 Maryland Census

by County


Anderson, Ceaser 5 Ann-Arundel County

Anderson, Yroek 3, Ann-Arundel County

Badger, Nan 8, Ann-Arundel County

Badger, Charles 7, Ann-Arundel County

Barton, Kizy 5, Ann-Arundel County

Bleak, Philip 4, Ann-Arundel County

Bond, Richard 6, Ann-Arundel County

Borter, Elizabeth 3, Ann-Arundel County

Broun, John 5, Ann-Arundel County

Brown, ____5, Ann-Arundel County

Brown ____8, Ann-Arundel County

Brown, ___ge 7, Ann-Arundel County

Brown, Nanny 7, Ann-Arundel County

Cager, George 18, Ann-Arundel County

Calvert, Philip 7, Ann-Arundel County

Cann, Cross 3, Ann-Arundel County

Chambers, Ned 1, Ann-Arundel County

Clarke, Isaac 6, Ann-Arundel County

Collings, Sarah 3, Ann-Arundel County

Davis, John 6, Ann-Arundel County

Dupan, Kate 1, Ann-Arundel County

Fell, Free Negro Family 7, Ann-Arundel County

Forrist, James 1, Ann-Arundel County

Furner, Ezital 2-*, Ann-Arundel County

Gale, Ben 2, Ann-Arundel County

Gardiner, Nancy 4, Ann-Arundel County

Gillis, Kate 2, Ann-Arundel County

Grover, John 5, Ann-Arundel County

Hall, William 2, Ann-Arundel County

Hogskins, Nanny 1, Ann-Arundel County

Holland, Jacob 2, Ann-Arundel County

Jones, George 1, Ann-Arundel County

Jones, Agniss 5, Ann-Arundel County

Luppin, James *-*, Ann-Arundel County

Matheus, Nicholas 9, Ann-Arundel County

Neal, Matthew 3-*, Ann-Arundel County

Pattison, Daniel 10, Ann-Arundel County

Phillips, John 2, Ann-Arundel County

Prout, Ann 3, Ann-Arundel County

Randel, David 2, Ann-Arundel County

Ringold, Tom 4, Ann-Arundel County

Survoy, Sarah 8, Ann-Arundel County

Todd, Ann 3, Ann-Arundel County

Trout, Sarah 5, Ann-Arundel County

Woodard, Bazel 5 *, Ann-Arundel County

Worm, Jacob 5, Ann-Arundel County

Blake, William 2, Baltimore Town

Brown, John (F.M.) 4, Baltimore, Back River

Brown, Thomas 5-1, Baltimore Town

Brown, Benjamin 7, Baltimore Town

Brown, Mary 3, Baltimore Town

Clarke, William 6, Baltimore Town

Daniel, Isaac 5, Baltimore Town

Ford, Mary 3, Baltimore Town

Hardin, Abraham 2, Baltimore Town

Hill, James 4, Baltimore Town

Jacobs, Patty 6, Baltimore Town

Johnson, Polly 3, Baltimore Town

Peck, Nat 6, Baltimore Town

Pilgrim, Joseph 2, Baltimore Town

Pitt, Thomas 5, Baltimore Town

Stevenson, Moses 3, Baltimore Town

Tag, Thomas (free) 1, Baltimore, Back River

Tryall, Joshua 7, Baltimore Town

Web, Diana 2, Baltimore Town

White, Benjamin 6, Baltimore Town

Wilkinson, Jacob 3, Baltimore Town

Williams, Sidney 5, Baltimore Town

Woodyard, Neptune (F.N.) 3, Baltimore, Back River

Wye, Richard 8, Baltimore, Mine Run

Adams, Adam (F.N.) 2, Charles County

Adams, Ann (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Adams, Ann (Mulatto) 7, Charles County

Beavin, Paul(Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Beavin, Susanna (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Beavin, (many whites) Charles County

Anderson, Hendley (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Brown, Richard (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Bryan, William (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Bryan, William (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Burrows, Samuel (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Call, Samuel (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Carter, Charles, Mulattto 1, Charles County

Carter, Hannah (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Carter, William (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Clark, Elizabeth (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Clark, Richard (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Cock, David and George (F.N.) 3, Charles County

Cohooe, Sarah (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Collins, George (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Conner, Joseph (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Conyham, James (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Courts, Ann (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Courts, George (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Curtis, Samuel (F.N.) 2-1, Charles County

Darnal, Catherina (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Davis, Abraham (Mulatto) 7, Charles County

Day, Benjamin (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Day, Henrietta (Mulatto) 3, Charles County

Day, Vinney (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Day, William (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Goose, James (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Butler, Charles (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Butler, Jacob (M.) 1, Charles County

Butler, Josias (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Butler, Rhody (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Easten, Clem (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Easton, Samuel (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Featt, Jane (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Ford, Ninian (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Ford, Phillis (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Frawner, Cecily (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Halford, John F.N.) 1, Charles County

Hand, George (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Hand, Jane (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Hand, John (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Harley, Henry (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Hayley, Sarah (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Hall, Richard (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Hicks, John (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Hill, William (Mulatto) Newport 6, Charles County

Hill, William (Mulatto) Port tobacco 8-2, Charles County

Hungerford, Ann (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Jackson, Abednego (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Jackson, Barton (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Jackson, James 1, (Mulatto) Charles County

Jackson, John B (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Jackson, John (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Jackson, Samuel (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Jackson, Susanna (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Jackson, William (Mulatto) 13, Charles County

Jackson, Zachariah 1, Charles County

Lenkin, Henley (Mulatto) 7, Charles County

Jenkins, William (Mulatto) 9, Charles County

Lazarus, Mary (F.N.) 1, Charles County

Lenkin, Townly (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Linkin, Eleanor (Mulatto) 3-2, Charles County

Mayhall, Robert (Mulatto) 9, Charles County

Monk, Jane (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Nelson, Hannah (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Newman, Benjamin 10, Montgomery County

Newman, William (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Othrington, Caleb (Mulatto) 8, Charles County

Penny, Ann (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Penny, Sarah (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctoe, Michael (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Charles (Mulatto) 7, Charles County

Proctor, Cloe (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Eleanor (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Proctor, Elizabeth (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Francis (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Henry (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Proctor, Isaac (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Jacob (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, James (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Jennett (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Joseph (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Proctor, Leonard (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Milley (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Susanna (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Tenney (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Proctor, Thomas and Samuel Collins (Mulatto) 12, Charles County

Proctor, Thomas (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Proctor, William (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Rains, Robert (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Ray, Charles (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Ray, Daniel (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Ray, James (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Ray, Thomas (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Scor, Joseph 1, Queen Anns County

Savoy, Archibald (Mulatto) 9, Charles County

Savoy, Francis (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Savoy, Martha (Mulatto) 2, Charles County

Savoy, William (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Scott, Joshua (Mulatto) 3, Charles County

Scott, Crecy (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Smith, Eleanor (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Swann, Charity (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Swann, Elizabeth (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Swann, Eliza. Jr. (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Swann, Jennett (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Swann, Linder (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Swann, Mary Junr. (Mulatto) 11, Charles County

Swann, William (Mulatto) 3, Charles County

Taylor, William (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Thompson, Alexander (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Thompson, Ann (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Thompson, Henry (Mulatto) 6, Charles County

Thompson, Joseph (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Thompson, Mary (Mulatto) 4, Charles County

Thompson, Thomas (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Thompson, William (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Tier, Sarah (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Tuson, Robert (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Upton, William (Mulatto) 3, Charles County

Webster, Thomas (Mulatto) 3, Charles County

Williams, John (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Wiseman, James (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Wiseman, Zachariah (Mulatto) 1, Charles County

Wood, Jane (Mulatto) 5, Charles County

Davis, Abraham 5, Caroline County

Bantom, Gabriel 8, Caroline County

Bond, Rachel 3, Caroline County

Carnee, Thomas 3, Caroline County

Dean, Michael 4, Caroline County

Dill, Adam 7, Caroline County

Due, James 5, Caroline County

Emory, James 3, Caroline County

Friend, John 4, Caroline County

Greenage, herry 6-4, Caroline County

Hawkins, Francis 6, Caroline County

Hunt, James 3, Caroline County

James, Jane 00200, Caroline County

James Peter 6, Caroline County

Johnson, Mary 4, Caroline County

Maden, Rebeckah 5, Caroline County

Miller, Thomas 3, Caroline County

Moulden, Elizabeth 5, Caroline County

Nash, Robert 1, Caroline County

Phillips, Richd 6, Caroline County

Pratis, Charles 6, Caroline County

Price, Isaac 5, Caroline County

Tinor, Hannah 2, Caroline County

Tinor, James 2, Caroline County

Trusty, Stephen 3, Caroline County

White, Thomas 3, Caroline County

Baley, Levin 3, Dorchester County

Cornish, Anney 7, Dorchester County

Cornish, Sam 4, Dorchester County

Cotter, Sall 2, Dorchester County

Farara, Barbary 1, Dorchester County

Freeman, John 2, Dorchester County

Hughes, Harry 1, Dorchester County

Hughes, Harry 3-2, Dorchester County

Hughes, James 2-4, Dorchester County

Lewe, John 3, Dorchester County

Moluck, Moses 1-3-0, Dorchester County

Moluck, Roger 6, Dorchester County

Standley, Ailse 2, Dorchester County

Standley, Ezekiel 4, Dorchester County

Standley, George 1, Dorchester County

Standley, James 6, Dorchester County

Standley, Robert 3, Dorchester County

Standley, Sladdy 1-5, Dorchester County

Whitehicks, Betsey 1, Dorchester County

Whitehicks, Richard 7, Dorchester County

Atlow, Priscilla 7, Frederick County

Armstrong, Priscilla 7, Frederick County

Callaman, John 9, Frederick County

Cruso, Robertson 6, Frederick County

Fortune, Charles 2-1, Frederick County

Hill, Anthony 8, Frederick County

James, Samuel 5, Frederick County

James, Samuel 9, Frederick County

Lett, Aquilla 5, Frederick County

Lett, Elijah 6, Frederick County

Lett, Rosalin 5, Frederick County

McKader, Sarah 4, Frederick County

Scoggins, Ann 6, Frederick County

Songor, Stephen 1, Frederick County

Stormes, Isaac 2, Frederick County

Stubs, Catherine 5, Frederick County

Anderson, George, Negro 1,, Kent County

Anderson, Joe, Negro, 7-1, Kent County

Bailey, Rachel Negro 1, Kent County

Bantham, Nancy Negro 1, Kent County

Berry, William, Negro 3, Kent County

Berrymon, Sarah, Negro ?, Kent County

Black, Charles, Negro 3, Kent County

Bolton, Anthoney, Negro 1-4, Kent County

Browne, Darky Negro 3, Kent County

Browne, Margarite, Negro 6, Kent County

Byson, Nate Negro 2-1, Kent County

Cannaday, Cuffy Negro 2, Kent County

Chillon, Hannah, Negro 4, Kent County

Collins, George Negro 1, Kent County

Conningham, John Negro 1, Kent County

Copprell, Isaac Negro 3-1, Kent County

Cork, Jacpob Negro 3, Kent County

Cork, Moses Negro 3-1, Kent County

Corse, Caesar Negro 8, Kent County

Cotton, David Negro 7, Kent County

Cowden, Deborah, Negro 1-4, Kent County

Cruikshanks, Hannibal, Negro 4, Kent County

Cuff, John Negro 4-1, Kent County

Derrah, Jack Negro 1-3, Kent County

Dove, Dolly Negro 3, Kent County

Dudley, William, Negro 1-6, Kent County

Due, Samuel, Negro 6, Kent County

Dunn, Mary, Negro 4-3, Kent County

Elijah, James, Negro 5, Kent County

Elly, John, Negro 8-1, Kent County

Everill, John, Negro ?, Kent County

Everitt, Thomas Negro 1, Kent County

Fellon, Rachel, Negro 5, Kent County

File, Henry Negro 2, Kent County

Froth, Jane, Negro 7, Kent County

Froth, Philip, Negro 3, Kent County

Gale, Caesar Negro 3, Kent County

Gale, George Negro 5, Kent County

Galloway, Nancey, Negro 2, Kent County

Gilbert, Lewis, Negro 1-7, Kent County

Golding, Samuel Negro 2-5, Kent County

Graves, Elizabeth Negro 2, Kent County

Graves, Harry, Negro 9, Kent County

Greenwood, Jacob Negro 3-2, Kent County

Griffin, Peter Negro 5, Kent County

Harding, Susanna Negro 1, Kent County

Hales, Isaac Negro 4-1, Kent County

Haryfoot, Mary Negro 3, Kent County

Hebrew, Santo Negro 1-4, Kent County

Hurt, John Negro 2-2, Kent County

Jeffers, Simon Negro 6, Kent County

Jones, Catherine, Negro 4-1, Kent County

Jones, John, Negro 1, Kent County

Knight(Night), William, 4, Kent County

Lamb, Cato Negro 7, Kent County

Launch, Samuel, Negro 2-5-0, Kent County

Leas, Jonas, Negro 5, Kent County

Legg, Margarett, Negro 4, Kent County

Mandear, Joseph, Negro 5, Kent County

Martin, Judom Negro 4, Kent County

Mason, Chester, Negro 3-1, Kent County

Miffin, Hannah Negro 3, Kent County

Miffin, Rebecca Negro 3, Kent County

Monk, William Negro 3, Kent County

Moore, Daniel, Negro 5, Kent County

Murray, William, Negro 1, Kent County

Myers, Jeremiah Negro 6, Kent County

Nailer, Sampson Negro 4, Kent County

Nailor, Rachel Negro 2, Kent County

Olliver, Matthew, Negro 2, Kent County

Pepper, Peter Negro 1-1, Kent County

Phillips, John, Negro 2, Kent County

Rasin, Robert Negro 4, Kent County

Reece, Amy Negro 2-5, Kent County

Robinson, Rachel, Negro 4, Kent County

Sampson, Mary, Negro 3, Kent County

Sampson, Sarah, Negro 3, Kent County

Sampson, William Negro 2-1, Kent County

Scott, John, Negro 5, Kent County

Scott, Timothy, Negro 5, Kent County

Sessmonds, Rachel Negro 1, Kent County

Sharper, James, Negro 4, Kent County

Sheaf, Jacob, Negro 5, Kent County

Sheppard, Margarete, Negro 3-4, Kent County

Sheppard, York, Negro 2-1, Kent County

Shiles, Rachel, Negro 1, Kent County

Smallwood, Joseph, Negro 2, Kent County

Smith, Jeffry, Negro 4, Kent County

Thomas, Grace Negro 3, Kent County

Thomas, Rachel Negro 5, Kent County

Toney, Anthoney, Negro 1-3, Kent County

True, Hamutt, Negro 2, Kent County

Truly, Will, co 4, Kent County

Turner, Margarete Negro 4, Kent County

View, Topmain Negro 4, Kent County

Wapping, John Negro 0-18, Kent County

Ward, Mole, Negro 3, Kent County

Warrens, Elizabeth, Negro 2, Kent County

Wicks, Jacob, Negro 5, Kent County

Williams, Chester, Negro 2, Kent County

Williams, Thomas Negro 2, Kent County

Young, Grace, Negro 5-1, Kent County

Simmonds, Rachel, Negro 1, Kent County

Abell, 13 white families 90 slaves, St. Marys County

Abell, Benjamin 1-1, St. Marys County

Adams, James 4, St. Marys County

Adams, Joseph 8, St. Marys County

Addams, James 2, St. Marys County

Addams, Jenny 3, St. Marys County

Addams, Phoeby 3, St. Marys County

Brian, Abigail 3, St. Marys County

Cadwell, William 2, St. Marys County

Carpenter, William 8, St. Marys County

Carter, Anthony 3, St. Marys County

Coale, Milla 8, St. Marys County

Cole, Ann 2, St. Marys County

Crawly, Benjamin 5, St. Marys County

Crawly, William 7, St. Marys County

Curtis, Easter 7, St. Marys County

Curtis, Joseph 7, St. Marys County

Curtis, Mary 2, St. Marys County

Curtis, Mary 5, St. Marys County

Curtis, Sarah 5, St. Marys County

Fletcher, Ann 3, St. Marys County

Haw, Amy 3, St. Marys County

Holly, Joseph 8, St. Marys County

Hughs, George 2, St. Marys County

Keese, William 8, St. Marys County

Mason, Elizabeth 4, St. Marys County

Mason, Henry 13, St. Marys County

Mason, Joseph 6, St. Marys County

Morgan, James 5, St. Marys County

Morgan, Jane 5, St. Marys County

Morgana, Susanna 2, St. Marys County

Read, Sarah 5, St. Marys County

Risner, George 5, St. Marys County

Russellon, Silvester 9, St. Marys County

Strabo, Betty 2, St. Marys County

Strabo, Drady 3, St. Marys County

Strabo, Sally 6, St. Marys County

Valentine, Thomas 1-4-0, St. Marys County

Wood, Charles 7, St. Marys County

Wood, Henrietta 2, St. Marys County

Woodland, Luke 7, St. Marys County


Adams, Jacob 10, Washington County

Darby, Benjamin 1, Washington County

Darby, Benjamin 1, Washington County

Dean, James 5, Washington County

Flemming, Margaret 1, Washington County

Fulliton, Galep 1, Washington County

Gallaway, Summerset 1, Washington County

Grimes, John 7, Washington County

McKindy, Robert 1-3-0, Washington County

Normon, George 1, Washington County

Null, Christina 2, Washington County

Roderock, Philip 2, Washington County

Adams, Mary 1, West Nottingham, Cecil County

Clark, Elizabeth 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Aldridge, Fredus 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Anderson, Susannah 4, Octararo, Cecil County

Bashford, Francis 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

Beedle, Benjamin 1, Bohemia, Cecil County

Bingham, John 1, Cecil County, Back Creek

Blanchford, Richard 1, Middle Neck, Cecil County

Brown, James 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Brumfield, John 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

Bryan, John 1, North Sassafras, Cecil County

Bryant, Hannah 11, Octararo, Cecil County

Bryson, Rebecca 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Campbell, James 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

Campbell, William 1, West Sassafras, Cecil County

Cannon, Patrick 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Clark, John 1, Harford County

Clark, John 3, Octararo, Cecil County

Combolt, Princess 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Connoly, Michael 1, West Nottingham, Cecil County

Coursey, William 1, West Sassafras, Cecil County

Crow, Rebecca 2, North Millford, Cecil County

Delap, John 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Dingle, Ben 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Doyle, James 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Elder, James 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

Ernst, Frederick 1, Cecil County, Back Creek

Flamer, Solomon 9, Queen Anns County

Fleck, John 1, South Millford, Cecil County

Fowler, Freeman 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Gale, Capn 8, Octararo, Cecil County

Grant, Hugh 1, Bohemia Manor, Cecil County

Gray, William 1, Bohemia Manor, Cecil County

Gibbs, John 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Gibson, Richard 5, Octararo, Cecil County

Grey, William 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Harvey, Phineas 1, Back Creek, Cecil County

Hammond, Mary 9, Octararo, Cecil County

Hendickson, Ann 1, West Sassafras, Cecil County

Henry, James 1, Bohemia, Cecil County

Henry, William 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Hill, James 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Hill, Margt 1, East Nottingham, Cecil County

Hollingsworth, Mary 1-3, North Millford, Cecil County

Hopkins, Edward 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Hudaburk, John 1, Charles Town, Cecil County

Hughes, Mary 1, Back Creek, Cecil County

Hunter, Thomas 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Hurley, John 1, Bohemia, Cecil County

Kerr, James 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

Kinkead, John 1, Back Creek, Cecil County

Kirkpatrick, John 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Lerry, Benjamin 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Lusk, John 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

Mackey, John 1, North Sassafras, Cecil County

Maffitt, William 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Mahalan, James 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Maronn, John 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Maxwell, James 1, West Nottingham, Cecil County

Mayson, Dinah 6, Queen Anns County

McCleland, Jane 1, North Millford, Cecil County

McCoy, Alexander 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

McDonald, Chas 1, Octararo, Cecil County

McFee, Malcolm 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

McGonegal, John 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

McKinley, Alexander 1, East Nottingham, Cecil County

McKlehaneany, William 1, West Nottingham, Cecil County

McRuth Robert 1, East Nottingham, Cecil County

Mehony, John 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Jones, Ester 1, North Millford, Cecil County

MHalan, James 1, North Millford, Cecil County

MKelvin, Benj 1, Middle Neck, Cecil County

MLaughlin, Mathew 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

Monnie, John 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Moore, John 3, Octararo, Cecil County

Morrison, Rachel 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Moseley, Jacob 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Mounts, Alexander 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Murry, Daniel 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

Ogle, Benjamin 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Owens, David 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

Owings, Jonas 1, Charles Town, Cecil County

Price, Jere 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Regan, James 1, North Susquehannah, Cecil County

Roach, Richd 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Sharp, Thomas 1, East Nottingham, Cecil County

Shinson, Martin 1, Elk Neck, Cecil County

Simeo, George 1, Charles Town, Cecil County

Stanley, Elizabeth 1, Bohemia, Cecil County

Tarpey, John 1, Back Creek, Cecil County

Thomas, Surey 5, Octararo, Cecil County

Thompson, Samuel 1, Charles Town, Cecil County

Turner, Andrew 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Turner, Jesse 1, Back Creek, Cecil County

Vallow, Henry 1, Octararo, Cecil County

Vallow, Robert 6, Octararo, Cecil County

Vallow, Stephen 7, Octararo, Cecil County

Watson, Mary 1, North Millford, Cecil County

Welsh, James 1, Charles Town, Cecil County

Will, Blue 3, Octararo, Cecil County

Williams, Joseph 3, Octararo, Cecil County

Wilson, Peter 1, East Nottingham, Cecil County

Woodwork, Dorcas 1, Charles Town, Cecil County

Witherspoon, John 1, East Nottingham, Cecil County

Wilson, Thomas 1, South Susquehannah, Cecil County

Smith, Margaret 1, Bohemia Manor, Cecil County

Adams, Samuel 5, Talbot County

Adly, Richard 1-4-0, Talbot County

Aldridge, John 5, Talbot County

Aldridge, Thomas 3, Talbot County

Anderson, Thomas 4, Talbot County

Bell, Lucy 6, Talbot County

Bantum, George 3, Talbot County

Banckes, Solomer 4, Talbot County

Blamer, Charles 2, Talbot County

Bob, Roc 1, Talbot County

Bordley, William 1, Talbot County

Boston, William 4, Talbot County

Boxer, James 3, Talbot County

Bridge, Harry 5, Talbot County

Brittington, Abram 4, Talbot County

Brooks, Grace 3, Talbot County

Brooks, Isaac 1-7, Talbot County

Brown, Dark 7, Talbot County

Brown, Thomas 4, Talbot County

Bull, Adam 1-4-0, Talbot County

Burn, James 5, Talbot County

Caldwell, Martha 2, Talbot County

Chester, William 4, Talbot County

Clark, Jere 5, Talbot County

Clark, William 1, Talbot County

Clash, John 180, Talbot County

Cooper, Ben 9, Talbot County

Cooper, Dick 4-1, Talbot County

Cooper, Jack 5, Talbot County

Cornish, Beck 2, Talbot County

Cornish, Charles 3, Talbot County

Hunter, William 5, Talbot County

Cronch, Ammon 4, Talbot County

Dickinson, Susan 2, Talbot County

Dogan, Catherine 5, Talbot County

Dorrell, Joseph 5, Talbot County

Erkins, Tom 4, Talbot County

Gannon, Abner 6, Talbot County

Gannon, Absalem 5, Talbot County

Gibson, Ben 4, Talbot County

Hunter, James 5, Talbot County

Hunter, William 5, Talbot County

James, Solomon 7, Talbot County

Johns, Judah 1-2, Talbot County

Kersey, John 134-17-0, Talbot County

Keys, Joseph 2, Talbot County

Kimbro, Edward 1, Talbot County

King, Solomon 4, Talbot County

Gooby, Ben 5-1, Talbot County

Grant, John 1, Talbot County

Kersey, George 3-1, Talbot County

Lowe, Peter 1, Talbot County

Mackery, James 3, Talbot County

McKey, Thomas 5, Talbot County

Mullican, Adam 8, Talbot County

Peck, Frank 7, Talbot County

Pennington, James 2, Talbot County

Pocum, Iby 11, Talbot County

Pone, James 7, Talbot County

Pone, Judah 2, Talbot County

Proctor, Daniel 2, Talbot County

Ridgeway, Ben 4, Talbot County

Sharp, James 4, Talbot County

Slow, Matthew 8, Talbot County

Smith, Moses 7, Talbot County

Smith, Poll 1-4, Talbot County

Tarry, richard 3-2, Talbot County

Tomlinson, William 5, Talbot County

Tusles, Rachel 2-1, Talbot County

Roach, Moses 4, Talbot County

Smith, Lucy 5, Talbot County

Wallace, Richard 4-1, Talbot County

Walters, William 7, Talbot County

Young, Frank 2-1, Talbot County

Allen, Ignatious 7, Prince Georges County

Nichols, Ann 5, Prince Georges County

Plummer, Cupid 6, Prince Georges County

Anderson, Rachel 6, Queen Anns County

Babey, Thomas (Free) 6, Queen Anns County

Burk, Henry 1, Queen Anns County

Arlet, George 1, Queen Anns County

Banister, Sarah 7, Queen Anns County

Foster, Dinah 4, Queen Anns County

Ben, Sam 1, Queen Anns County

Berryman, Chester 1-6-0, Queen Anns County

Bowser, Ruth 6, Queen Anns County

Butcher, Robert ree) 4, Queen Anns County

Canady, Thomas 3, Queen Anns County

Cannon, Andrew1, Queen Anns County

Coger, Isaac 3, Queen Anns County

Coger, Samuel 7, Queen Anns County

Conway, Michael 1, Queen Anns County

Cook, Jacob 10, Queen Anns County

Dice, George 8, Queen Anns County

Dominick, matthew 7, Queen Anns County

Dunn, David 2, Queen Anns County

Dunn, John 1, Queen Anns County

Durkery, Joseph 5, Queen Anns County

Galbert, John 1, Queen Anns County

Game, Stephen (F.M.) 2, Queen Anns County

Gibbs, Abram 3, Queen Anns County

Gibbs, Absolom 6, Queen Anns County

Gibbs, Isaac 5, Queen Anns County

Gooding, Henry 9, Queen Anns County

Greenwich, Thomas 5, Queen Anns County

Grennage, Cusby 5, Queen Anns County

Griffith, Thomas 1, Queen Anns County

Grinnage, Benjamin (F.M.) 6, Queen Anns County

Grinnage, Benjamin (F.N.) 1-6-0, Queen Anns County

Grinnage, Jacob (F.M.) 4, Queen Anns County

Grinnage, Zachariah (F.M.) 8, Queen Anns County

Harris, Joseph 1, Queen Anns County

Harvey, Atridge 1-16, Queen Anns County

Harwood, David (F.M.) 7, Queen Anns County

Haycock, James 2, Queen Anns County

Haycock, James Jur. 7, Queen Anns County

Haycock, Solomon 6, Queen Anns County

Haycock, William 2, Queen Anns County

Hinold, Charles 1, Queen Anns County

Hinold, John 1, Queen Anns County

Hopkins, Abram (F.M.) 1-1, Queen Anns County

Hossin, Daniel 1, Queen Anns County

Jeffries, Rachel 4, Queen Anns County

Joiner, Moses 1, Queen Anns County

Jones, David 1, Queen Anns County

Julis, John (F.N.) 9, Queen Anns County

Lane, Mary (F.N.) 4, Queen Anns County

Loper, Anthony 6, Queen Anns County

Mahuel, William 1, Queen Anns County

Massey, Ame 2, Queen Anns County

McDaniel, Daniel (F.M.) 2-4, Queen Anns County

Meryday, Moses 5, Queen Anns County

Morris, John 8, Queen Anns County

Murett, Jacob 4-2, Queen Anns County

Pain, Molly 1, Queen Anns County

Palmer, Betty 2, Queen Anns County

Rogers, James 5, Queen Anns County

Rogers, Samuel 1, Queen Anns County

Scrivoner, John 1, Queen Anns County

Sias, Fred 1, Queen Anns County

Simmerter, Darkey (F.M.) 3, Queen Anns County

Simmeter, Hannah (F.N.) 6, Queen Anns County

Smyth, Richard 1, Queen Anns County

Sparks, George 5, Queen Anns County

Stewart, Charles 2, Queen Anns County

Sylvester, Jacob 1, Queen Anns County

Sylvester, Samuel 1, Queen Anns County

Trusty, Rebecca 6, Queen Anns County

Vinson, John Jr.1, Queen Anns County

Walker, Daniel (F.M.) 3, Queen Anns County

Wan, Daphney (F.N.) 1-3-0, Queen Anns County

Wheatley, James 2, Queen Anns County

Whittington, Thomas 6-5, Queen Anns County

Wicks, Richard 2, Queen Anns County

Wilson, David 4, Queen Anns County

Wilson, James 9, Queen Anns County

Wilson, Richard 4, Queen Anns County

Wilson, Robert (F.M.) 8, Queen Anns County

Wilson, Samuel (F.M.) 1-3, Queen Anns County

Wilson, Solomon (F.M.) 9, Queen Anns County

Wilson, Thomas (F.M.) 3, Queen Anns County

Wilson, William 10, Queen Anns County

Winchester, Thomas 2-20, Queen Anns County

Armstrong, Will 7, Montgomery County

Bash, William 4, Montgomery County

Brown, John 4, Montgomery County

Cornish, Ann 4, Montgomery County

Denes, Manuel 3, Montgomery County

Doras, Frank 7, Montgomery County

Ford, Rachel 3, Montgomery County

Hall, Frederick 6, Montgomery County

Hill, Humphrey 8, Montgomery County

Holland, Rachael 6, Montgomery County

Jones, Michael 4, Montgomery County

Lawder, Thomas 3, Montgomery County

Lee, Lucy 9, Montgomery County

Louns, Benjn 5, Montgomery County

Martingale, James 5, Montgomery County

Moore, Nelly 2, Montgomery County

Munk, Edward 4, Montgomery County

Murphey, William 3, Montgomery County

Norman, Catharine 6, Montgomery County

Parker, Baron 5, Montgomery County

Riggs, Jacob 3, Montgomery County

Roden, Richd 1, Montgomery County

Smith, Hannah 5, Montgomery County

Smith, Joseph 3, Montgomery County

Smith, William 3, Montgomery County

Ayres, John 1, Harford County

Brewer, Henry Negro 3, Harford County

Brown, Ben Negro 4, Harford County

Carter. Dennis 1, Harford County

Carty, Saml 1, Harford County

Coats, Jotham 1, Harford County

Duglass, Danl 5, Harford County

Hay, Thos 1, Harford County

Green, James 1, Harford County

Hill, Tower Negro 3, Harford County

Huff, Jno 1, Harford County

Marings, John Negro 4, Harford County

McConnell, Saml 1, Harford County

Miller, Joseph 1, Harford County

ONeal, Bennett 1, Harford County

ONeal, John 1, Harford County

Onsal, John 1, Harford County

Packhaver, John 1, Harford County

Pening, Harry Negro 5, Harford County

Ross, Robt Negro 5, Harford County

Roundtree, Thos 1, Harford County

Ruston, James (Mulatto) 3

Serjeant, William 1, Harford County

America, George 6, Worcester County

Armstrong, Bayham 5, Worcester County

Blake, George 4, Worcester County

Coston, Abel 4, Worcester County

Coston, Wm 1, Worcester County

Conner, Abner 2, Worcester County

Drummond, L 2, Worcester County

Freeman, John 3, Worcester County

Gurly, Francis 9, Worcester County

Harman, Jeremiah 5, Worcester County

Harman, Lazarin 6, Worcester County

Harman, Nimrod 5, Worcester County

Johnson, Wm 7, Worcester County

Kollock, Mary 5, Worcester County

Kollok, Simon 6, Worcester County

Mifflin, Jonathan 4, Worcester County

Roach, Charles 5, Worcester County

Roach, James 4, Worcester County

Slocomb, Robert 3, Worcester County

Williams, Danl 5, Worcester County