"Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1790 Pennsylvania Census

by Family Name


Aberthnot, Saml 1, Westmoreland County

Adair, Joseph 1, Dauphin County

Adam, Cato 2, Bucks County

Adly, David 4, Montgomery County

Ainsworth, Samuel 1, Dauphin County

Allen, Richd, Negro sweep 10, Philadelphia County

Allen, William 6, Northampton County

Anderson, Joseph 3, Bucks County

Anderson, Peter 6, Chester County, Uwchland

Ash, John 6, Chester County, Charleston Twp

Bachus, Catherine 1, Philadelphia County

Balinsa, Sebastian 4, Bucks County

Barber, Isman 1-6 "Other free" + 1 white woman, Lancaster County

Bard, Judith 2, Philadelphia County

Basket, Joseph 6, Philadelphia County

Basset, Nathaniel 5, Philadelphia County

Batton, Isaac 3, Bucks County

Bedford, George 7, Philadelphia County

Baish, John, Negro 8, Philadelphia County

Beard, Moses 1, Westmoreland County

Belleno, Noah 1-3-0, Delaware County, Lower Chichester

Bentling, William 1-2-0, Philadelphia County

Biggs, Aron 2, Lancaster County

Black, Betsy, Negro 2, Philadelphia County

Black, James 5, Montgomery County

Black, Micael 1, Dauphin County

Black, Solomon 11, Bucks County

Black, Wm 3, Montgomery County

Blackman, Moses 5, Chester County, West Nottingham

Blank, Abram 1-4-0, Chester County, Pikeland

Bolts, Thomas 3, Philadelphia County

Bond, Joh 3, Chester County, Birmingham Twp

Book, George 1-5-0, Lancaster County

Boson, Jno 1-4-0, Chester County, West Nantmill

Boswin, James 3, Chester County, West Marlborough

Boulton, Dafne 3, Bucks County

Boulton, William (Black) 270, Delaware County, Marple

Brooks, Edwd 5, Montgomery County

Brown, Anthony 4, Philadelphia County

Brown, Edon 4, Chester County, Pikeland

Brown, Mary 3, Philadelphia County

Brownston, Thos 8, Franklin County

Brumingham, John 3, Philadelphia County

Brittle, William 1, Westmoreland County

Bucket, Peter 5, Chester County, Pennbury

Buffington, John 1, Dauphin County

Bula, Judith 2, Bucks County

Burgaw, Israel, Negro 3, Philadelphia County

Burgers, Jonathan 8, Franklin County, Fennet etc.

Bustil, Silas, Negro 7, Philadelphia County

Butcher, Moses 5, Montgomery County

Butler, Abraham 3, Philadelphia County

Byon, John 1, Dauphin County

Cammel, Samuel 8, Bucks County

Campbell, James 1, Dauphin County

Campbell, Rosana 1, Dauphin County

Cann, Charles 3, Huntingdon County

Carothers, James 1, Dauphin County

Carpenter, Pompey (laborer) 4, Philadelphia County

Carpenter, York 4, Philadelphia County

Ceasar, Joseph 4, Philadelphia County

Cephas, Joseph 1, Bucks County

Charles, Henry 3, Philadelphia County

Clark, Samuel 2-7-0, Chester County, West Nottingham

Clement, Thos 2, Montgomery County

Clendennen, Adam 3, Lancaster County

Cloyd, Thomas 1, Dauphin County

Coats, Thomas 3, Philadelphia County

Coleman, Isaac (Black) 150, Chester County, New London

Conds, Peter 2, Philadelphia County

Conran, James 1, Dauphin County

Cook, Henry 3, Philadelphia County

Cooper, Andw (laborer) 12, Philadelphia County

Cooper, John 1, Dauphin County

Cowans, Jos 6, Lancaster County

Crain, Josiah 1, Dauphin County

Cransham, Cezar (Negro lime seller) 3, Philadelphia County

Crawford, John 1, Westmoreland County

Cray, Jud 2, Chester County, Willistown

Crosedale, Tobias 5, Philadelphia County

Croswell, Jonathan 6, Luzerne County

Crumel, Absolm 5, Montgomery County

Crye, John 1, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh

Cummins, Robert 3, Bucks County

Cummins, Ruth 2, Bucks County

Custis, Severn 1-2-0, Philadelphia County

Daniel, James 5, Philadelphia County

Day, James 1, Westmoreland County

Debose, John 4, Bucks County

Debrick, John 4, Philadelphia County

Dent, John 6, Philadelphia County

Deves, Robert 1, Westmoreland County

Dewade, Osborn 2, Philadelphia County

Dexter, James, Negro 7, Philadelphia County

Dixon, Thomas (laborer) 5, Philadelphia County

Douglass, Levi 8, Bucks County

Dowaway, haffe 4, Chester County, Newlin

Duncan, Richard, Negro 4, Philadelphia County

Duncan, Thomas 1, Dauphin County

Edmiston, Benjamin 2, York Co.

Elliot, Betty 5, Philadelphia County

Elliot, Dick 4, Philadelphia County

Emery, John, Negro 8, Philadelphia County

Eselman, John 1, Dauphin County

Evans, Peter (laborer) 6, Philadelphia County

Ewin, William 1, Dauphin County

Farly, Dinah 3, Bucks County

Fatyouwant, Dr. 1, Westmoreland County

Fields, John 830, Philadelphia County

Fishburn, Wm 1-1-0, Montgomery County

Fisher, Nathan 1, Montgomery County

Fisher, Toby 3, Philadelphia County

Ford, Edward (laborer) 3, Philadelphia County

Francis, John 7, Bucks County

Francis, Philip 4, Philadelphia County

Fulton, Henry 1, Dauphin County

Ganser, Sarah 3, Bucks County

Gardner, Cuffe 6, Montgomery County

Gardner, William, Negro 5, Philadelphia County

Garret, Robert 1, Dauphin County

Gemble, James 1, Westmoreland County

Gift, Peter 5, Bucks County

Gilmore, Daniel (Negro) 2, Philadelphia County

Glasgow, Bob 6, Chester County, East Whiteland

Glasgow, Cole 3, Chester County, Trediffrin

Godfry, Cesar 8, Philadelphia County

Golden, Charles 2, Philadelphia County

Graves, David 1, Westmoreland County

Gray, John 5, Montgomery County

Gream, Joseph 3, Philadelphia County

Green, Charles 5, Bucks County

Green, Isaac 1, Bucks County

Green, Marshall 4, Bucks County

Gregory, Adam 2, Philadelphia County

Grenish, George, Negro 6, Philadelphia County

Grier, Greenberry 1, Westmoreland County

Grof, Caleb 5, Northampton County

Groves, Benjamin 5, Philadelphia County

Groves, James 7, Bucks County

Groves, Peter 9, Bucks County

Grubb, Nathaniel 1, Dauphin County

Hambleton, Mary (G. Woman) 2, Philadelphia County

Hamilton, Hans 1, Westmoreland County

Hamilton, James 1, Westmoreland County

Hamilton, Joseph 1-3-0, Chester County, Goshen

Hammill, Susanna (tavern) 8, Philadelphia County

Hanes, Peter 1, Northampton County

Harden, William 6, Philadelphia County

Harris, Samuel, Negro laborer 5, Philadelphia County

Harris, Samuel 1, Dauphin County

Harrison, Thos (laborer) 4, Philadelphia County

Hawkins, Thomas 3, Delaware County, Ridley

Hay, William 1, Dauphin County

Hay, Wm 10700, Dauphin County

Hellings, John 6, Bucks County

Hender, James 1, Chester County, Goshen

Hendrey, Vendal 1, Dauphin County

Henery, George 1, Dauphin County

Hercules, Thomas 2, Northampton County

Herkins, Edward 1, Westmoreland County

Higgins, Samuel 5, Philadelphia County

Hogans, Thos 3, Montgomery County

Home, Wm 1, Westmoreland County

Homer, Aaron 6, Bucks County

Honsinger, George 6, Lancaster County

Hootman, Mathias 1, Dauphin County, Harrisburgh

Howell, Elizabeth 5, Philadelphia County

Huff, Ann 8, Northampton County

Huff, John 5, Northampton County

Huff, Joseph 1, Dauphin County

Huff, Stephen 5, Northampton County

Huggins, Edwd 1, Washington County

Hulford, Diana 1, Chester County, East Marlborough

Hunter, John 2, Montgomery County

Huston, James 1, Westmoreland County

Hyson, Henry 2, Chester County, East Bradford

Isaac, Cato 5, Montgomery County

Ishmael, Ceaser 1, Montgomery County

Jackson, Cato (Black man) 1-1, Philadelphia County

Jackson, Francis (Black) 5, Philadelphia County

Jackson, Jenny 2, Philadelphia County

Jackson, Moody (laborer) 4, Philadelphia County

Jackson, Wm 1, Montgomery County

Jacobs, Andrew 2, Northampton County

James, George 2, Chester County, Pikeland

Jenkins, Thomas 1, Chester County, Pennbury

Jerrey, Thos 2, Montgomery County

Jerrey, Wm 7, Montgomery County

Joans, Simon 1, Westmoreland County

John, Adam 4/1, Philadelphia County

Johnson, Robert 2, Northampton County

Johnson, Robert 6, Bucks County

Johnson, William 4, Philadelphia County

Johnston, Jeremiah 5, Lancaster County

Johnston, John 1, Bucks County

Johnston, John (laborer) 6, Philadelphia County

Johnston, (Black) 3, Chester County, West Bradford

Jones, Benjamin 4, Chester County, Thornbury

Jones, Edward, Negro 6, Philadelphia County

Jones, James, Negro laborer 4, Philadelphia County

Jones, James 2, Cumberland Co., Eastern Portion

Jones, John 2, Bucks County

Jones, Rachel 2, Bucks County

Jonson, William 3, Northampton County

Jordan, William (Mulatto) 10, Philadelphia County

Julus, Johanna 1, Bucks County

Jupter, James 6, Bucks County

Justise, Peter 1, Westmoreland County

Kain, Guiney 3, Montgomery County

Keely, Nebo 1, Montgomery County

Kelker, Rudolph 1, Dauphin County

Kelly, Patric 1, Dauphin County

Kelsey, Cuffe 3, Bucks County

Killenger, Peter 1, Dauphin County

Kimble, Jane, Negro 4, Philadelphia County

Kinsey, Thos 7, Montgomery County

Knox, Grace 2, Delaware County, Springfield

Kny, Shadrach 1, Lancaster County

Kreider, Thomas 1, Dauphin County

Ladd, John (laborer) 3, Philadelphia County

Lambert, Thomas 6, Chester County, Coventry Twp

Layney, Alexander, Negro laborer 4, Philadelphia County

Lees, Peter 1, Bucks County

Leisure, Manuel 1, Delaware County, Springfield

Lembert, Thomas 3, Berks County, Union Twp

Lewis, Peter 2, Bucks County

Lewis, Richard 7, Northampton County

Lewis, Robert 13, Montgomery County

Limehouse, Richard 5, Philadelphia County

Linton, Henry 1-1-0, Montgomery County

Little, George 9, Bedford County

Little, Jas 1, Westmoreland County

Loiter, Abraham 1, Dauphin County

Long, Alice 1, Chester County, West Bradford

Long, James 4, Bucks County

Lookwell, Thomas 3, Cumberland Co., Hopewell etc.

Loret, Frank (F.N.) 1, Dauphin County

Lot, Suy 9, Lancaster County

Lyons, Jean 2, Franklin County

Mallson, Thomas 9, Lancaster County

Malson, James 8, Lancaster County

Malson, John 1-2-0, Lancaster County

Marshall, Prince 3, Bucks County

Martin, Jacob 8, Chester County, West Town

Martin, John 5, Philadelphia County

Martin, Joseph, Negro 5, Philadelphia County

Matson, John 7, Lancaster County

Matthews, Edward 5, Philadelphia County

McCleod, Robert 1, Dauphin County

McClure, John 1, Westmoreland County

McColough, Charles 1, Westmoreland County

McCormack, Andrew 1, Westmoreland County

McDonald, Cupid 7, Bucks County

McFadden, James 1, Westmoreland County

McNeale, Ann (housekeeper) 3, Philadelphia County

McNeel, Archibald 1, Dauphin County

McNeice, Wm 1, Westmoreland County

Mead, Primus 3, Delaware County

Miller, Saml 1, Westmoreland County

Miller, Thos (Black) 4, Philadelphia County

Mitchal, James 1, Westmoreland County

Montier, John 6, Montgomery County

Moore, Jacob 2, Chester County, East Marlborough

Moore, John 1-3-0, Montgomery County

Moore, Moses, Negro 5, Philadelphia County

Moore, Rutland 4, Philadelphia County

Moore, Samuel, Negro 2, Philadelphia County

Moore, Samuel 4, Bucks County

More, Hannah 3, Northampton County

More, Richd 1-3-0, Montgomery County

Moses, William 5, Philadelphia County

Mullen, Jane, (Milnor), 6, Philadelphia County

Murphey, Daniel 1, Dauphin County

Murphy, Jeremiah 1, Dauphin County

Murray, Francis 8, Philadelphia County

Nagle, John 1, Dauphin County

Nesbit, James 3, Bucks County

Nicholas, Joseph, Negro 4, Philadelphia County

Nicholson, Andrew 3 , Chester County, Uwchland

Nicholson, Joseph 2, Chester County, New Garden

Nicholson, Saml 5, Chester County, Uwchland

Nilson, Jaret 1, Dauphin County

Noaks, Robert 1, Chester County, Pennbury

Northgate, Abraham 6, Philadelphia County

Novel, Bond Cherry 4, Chester County, Kennet Twp

Oakley, Edward, Negro 4, Philadelphia County

Oats, John 1, Dauphin County

Omer, Moses 4, Bucks County

Over, David 1, Dauphin County

Palmer, Joseph, Negro 2, Philadelphia County

Panco, Samuel 5, Bucks County

Panco, Sanco 3, Bucks County

Parker, Jeremiah 4, Bucks County

Paulk, Benjamin, Negro 6, Philadelphia County

Peck, Wm 1, Westmoreland County

Penock, Mathew 3, Chester County, Willistown

Penrod, Samul 1, Westmoreland County

Peppery, Peter 4, Bucks County

Perry, James 4, Bucks County

Peters, Harry 5, Philadelphia County

Peters, Isaa 5, Philadelphia County

Phoebe, Edy 3, Philadelphia County

Picket, Wm 4, Montgomery County

Pickett, Wilm 5, Philadelphia County

Pindar, Charles 7, Chester County, West Town

Place, John 4, Bucks County

Plough, Christian 1, Dauphin County

Pool, James 1, Bucks County

Pots, Took 1-2-0, Delaware County, Ridley

Potts, Peter 4, Philadelphia County

Powel, Jas 5, Franklin County

Price, Catherine 1, Chester County, East Nantmill

Price, Josiah 1-2, Franklin County, Fennet etc.

Price, Peter 5, Delaware County

Price, Thos 2, Montgomery County

Price, Wm 7, Montgomery County

Radford, Edward 1, Dauphin County

Radford, James 1, Dauphin County

Raner, Abraham 4, Northampton County

Rankin, Samuel, Negro 3, Philadelphia County

Rea, Adam 8, Northampton County

Ree, Cesar 5, Bucks County

Reed, John 1, Dauphin County

Reffel, Mary 3, Bucks County

Rice, Peter 1, Dauphin County

Roberts, George 3, Bedford County

Roberts, Robert 3, Bucks County

Robinson, Joseph 3, Chester County, New Garden

Rodney, Jas (laborer) 6, Philadelphia County

Rogers, Robt 1, Montgomery County

Rouse, William 4, Chester County, Willistown

Roy, Emanuel 3, Philadelphia County

Rudolph, Frederic 1, Dauphin County

Rudolph, Mark 1, Dauphin County

Russel, Findley 1, Dauphin County

Santee, John 4, Northampton County

Saviel, Samuel (Negro lime seller) 8, Philadelphia County

Schylon, Major 1, Bucks County

Scipio, William 1, Philadelphia County

Scot, John 1, Allegheny County, Pitt Twp

Scott, Dick 1, Franklin County

Scott, John (Taylor; Blacks) 10, Philadelphia County

Sebastian, Peter 3, Montgomery County

Sebastion, Jno 1-6-0, Chester County, Coventry Twp

Sheldin, Richard 1, Dauphin County

Shell, Peter 1, Bucks County

Shelly, Andrew 1, Dauphin County

Shelly, James 2, Montgomery County

Shippen, Nathan 4, Philadelphia County, Germantown

Simpter, Robert 1, Chester County, New Garden

Smith, Anthony, Negro 6, Philadelphia County

Smith, Catherine 5, Philadelphia County

Smith, William 1, Bucks County

Smothers, Ralph 3, Montgomery County

Snider, Christian 1, Dauphin County

Stantor, Grimes (Mulatto) 1-4-0, Philadelphia County

Stephens, Danl (ropemaker) 5, Philadelphia County

Stevinson, Mark (Black) 3, Philadelphia County

Stewart, James 1, Dauphin County

Stickley, Abraham 1, Dauphin County

Still, Thomas 4, Bedford County

Stretch, James (laborer) 5, Philadelphia County

Studinore, Ludwick 1, Westmoreland County

St. Clair, Samuel 1, Dauphin County

St. Clair, Samuel 1140-16, Dauphin County

Tayler, Wm 1, Allegheny County, Pitt Twp

Teguard, Abraham 1, Westmoreland County

Temer, William, Negro laborer 3, Philadelphia County

Temple, John 1, Chester County, East Marlborough

Thomas, Hetty 4, Philadelphia County

Thomas, Samuel, Negro 2, Philadelphia County

Thompson, Alex 1, Westmoreland County

Thompson, Charles, Negro 9, Philadelphia County

Thompson, Samuel 1, Dauphin County

Thompson, Wm 1, Westmoreland County

Tobias, N.T. 8, Montgomery County

Turner, Pompey 2, Philadelphia County

Twaddle, Archibald 1, Dauphin County

Tweedy, John 1, Westmoreland County

Vandell, George (Negro) 4, Philadelphia County

Venables, Robert, Negro 4, Philadelphia County

Wall, John 2, Philadelphia County

Walton, Cyrus (laborer) 5, Philadelphia County

Wamsley, Scipio 3, Philadelphia County

Ward, Ishmael 6, Montgomery County

Watson, Thomas 2, Philadelphia County

Wedge, Wm 4, Montgomery County

Wethero, George 1, Dauphin County

Weyman, Joseph, Negro 5, Philadelphia County

White, Francis 1-1-0, Philadelphia County

White, John 1, Dauphin County

White I 2, Lancaster County

Wiley, James 1, Westmoreland County

Wilkinson, Frank 3, Philadelphia County

Willaims, Stace 1, Philadelphia County

William, Hannah 1, Philadelphia County

William, Ishmael 5, Philadelphia County

Williams, Cato 1-3-0 , Chester County, East Caln Twp

Williams, Ishmael 5, Philadelphia County

Williams, James 4, Philadelphia County

Williams, John 1, Westmoreland County

Williams, Jos, Negro 3, Philadelphia County

Williams, Mary 1, Delaware County

Williams, Robert 1, Westmoreland County

Williams, Thomas 2, Bucks County

Williams, Thomas 2, Philadelphia County

Williams, Thomas (laborer) 5, Philadelphia County

Williams, Vergil 10, Bucks County

Wilson, Andrew, Negro 4, Philadelphia County

Wilson, Wm 1, Westmoreland County

Wiltshire, William 3, Philadelphia County

Woodby, Margaret, Negro cake baker 6, Philadelphia County

Woods, Robert 1, Chester County, Goshen

Wright, George 4, Philadelphia County

Yemen, Thomas 3, Bucks County

York, Jonas (laborer 3, Philadelphia County