"Other Free" Heads of Household in the 1810 South Carolina Census, by family name


Note: "/" after the number indicates slaves; ie., 4/1 is 4 "other free" and 1 slave.


Ammons, Thos 4 Sumter District p227a

Bass, Elijah 6/2 Kershaw District p433

Belanhaly, Jos 7 Sumter District p221

Benton, Daniel 6 Colleton District p603

Benton, Eliza 5 Colleton District p603

Benton, John Senr 9 Colleton District p603

Beshane?, Clarissa 1/1 Rutherford Co., Tennessee p25

Bird, Rose a free Negro 5 Newberry District p112

Bishop, Sus 2 Greenville District p537

Blackurle, Nowell 9 Rutherford Co., Tennessee p43

Bladget, Winny 3 Sumter District p227a

Brock?, Mrs. 4/8 St. Andrews Berkley p471

Brown, John 3 Colleton District p591

Buck, Sally 7 Colleton District p618

Bugg, Bats a free Negro 2 Newberry District p122

Bugg, Frank 2 a free Negro Newberry District p122a

Bugg, Saml 8 Edgefield District p788

Bugg, Wm 02-001 + 8 "other free" Edgefield District p714

Butler, Daniel 3 Georgetown p220

Calvin, David 4 Edgefield District p713

Calvin, David 4 Edgefield District p813

Camp, Sarah 5 Sumter District p227a

Carter, Fre 6 Sumter District p216

Ceely, Elizabeth 5 Edgefield District p712

Chambers 3 Edgefield District p767

Chavis, Elizb 3 8? Richland District p177a

Chavis, John 3 Richland District p175a

Cheives, Langdon 1031-3001 Charleston District p301

Chivers, John 3 Sumter District p220

Chives, Robt. 3 Sumter District p220a

Clark, Azana 9 Sumter District p215a

Clark, Mary 4 Sumter District p215a

Coal, Joseph 8 Kershaw District p410

Coat, Jesse 1 a free Negro Newberry District p121

Cochran, Sam 2/4 St. Dennis Berkley p442

Cole, Ruth a free Negro 6 Newberry District p117a

Collins, Elias 6/16 Georgetown p219

Collins, Jonathan 1/2 St. Dennis Berkley p442

Collins, Reason 5 Fairfield District p606

Collins, Rob 2/10 St. Dennis Berkley p442

Convod?, Sipeo 6 Chesterfield District p557

Conway, Bonds 6 Kershaw District p453

Cour?, Josiah? free Negro Newberry District p101a

Cree, William 13/4 Colleton District p621

Cumbess, John 4 Edgefield District p766

Cumbo, Aaron 6 Georgetown p219

Cumbo, Leroy 6 Edgefield District p777

Cumbo, Stephen 7 Edgefield District p797

C?otee, Howell 8 Richland District p175a

Daniel, John 8 Kershaw District p433

David 1 Georgetown p220

Davis, Charles 1 Georgetown p219

Davis, Ezekiel 1 Abbeville District p82

Davis, Thomas 5 Georgetown p219

Denas, Peggy Fairfield District p607

Dennis, Lucy a free Negro 5 Newberry District p122a

Dial, J. 1 Greenville District p529

Dickson, Nancy 4 Colleton District p590

Dimery, John 3 Marion District p80

Dimery, John 3 Marion District p84a

Dimery, Wm 5 Marion District p80

Dorkstone?, Jas a free Negro 5 Newberry District p121

Driggus, Wm 5 Sumter District p216a

Durn?, Daniel 5 Colleton District p617

Durr, Lewis 4 Colleton District p617

Edy, Judy 10 Georgetown p219

Evans, Arthur 7 Richland District p171a

Ferrell, John 6 Colleton District p603

Ferrell, Watson 5 Colleton District p603

Ferrell, Wm 5 Colleton District p603

Fowler, E? W. 4/5 St. Dennis Berkley p445

Franks, Shem 3 Colleton District p599

Freeman, Jacob 1 St. John's Berkley p431

Frost, Benj. 6 Richland District p178

Frost, Wm 5 Richland District p177a

Gardner, John 4/40 Georgetown p219 ledger

Garrett, Wm 4 Edgefield District p772

Gavin, George 1/2 Georgetown p220

Gibson, Sarah 4 Colleton District p599

Glencamp, Henry 1/4 St. Stephens Berkley p464

Glencamp, Mustafa 3 St. Stephens Berkley p464

Gowan, Catherine 7 Colleton District p626

Gowen, Sarah 4 Greenville District p567

Greens, G. 1 Greenville District p538

Griffin, Gib 7 Richland District p175a

Guin, Lin Liv? 1 Abbeville District p12

Hagan, Flavd 1 Sumter District p217a

Hagin, Obediah 6 Sumter District p217a

Haithcock, Lucy 3 Sumter District p222a

Hales, Robert 9 Marion District p82

Hally, Elizabeth 4 Richland District p175a

Harris, Berry 8 Richland District p180

Harris, Hardy 3 Abbeville District p82

Harris, Jeremiath 6 Richland District p176

Harris, Moses 6 Richland District p175a

Harris, Moses junr 3 Richland District p180

Harris, Moses Senr 5 Richland District p180

Harris, Ned 6 Richland District p175a

Harrison, James 5/1 Colleton District p591

Harrison, John H. 4 Colleton District p603

Hatcher, David 8 Chesterfield District p550

Hollaner, James 1 Georgetown p219

Holly, Charles 7 Edgefield District p813

Holly, Milly 2 Edgefield District p766

Holly, O. 3 Greenville District p528

Holmes, Sampson 10/11 Georgetown p219

Hulon, Thos 5 Marion District p83

Jacobs, Ben 6 Richland District p175a

Jacobs, Isaac 6 Richland District p175a

Jacobs, John 8 Richland District p175a

Jacobs, Nancy 7 Richland District p176

Jacobs, Wm 4 Richland District p176

Jacobs, Zac 5 Richland District p175a

James 11 Sumter District p218

Jeffries, Berry 10 Richland District p176

Jeffries, Betsy 3 Richland District p176

Jeffries, John 2 Richland District p176

Jolly, Sarah 6 Colleton District p619

Jones, John f.n. 9 York District p262

Joseph 4 Sumter District p218

Kelly, Parris 5 Edgefield District p713

Knight, Ricd 15 Chesterfield District p557

Lemar, Charles 4 Colleton District p616

Locklear, Mary 1 Sumter District p222a

Logan, Frank 3/9 Colleton District p591

Lucas, Arthur 4 Darlington District p667

Lucas, Joshua 8 Darlington District p667

Manning, John 6 Sumter District p218a

Marcus 3/2 Georgetown p220

Marlow, Joseph 6 Richland District p172

McDonald, Jas 3 Marion District p82

McIntosh, Esther 3/5 St. Dennis Berkley p443

McLaughlin, Jos 11/4 Rutherford Co., Tennessee p33

McMillan, E. 4 Sumter District p223

McPike, Mrs. 7 Colleton District p618

Means, Danl 5 Pendelton District p162

Milchan, Jesse 6 Sumter District p218a

Mitcham, Gudon? 4 Sumter District p218a

Mitcham, Jesse 5 Sumter District p218a

Mitcham, Jos 3 Sumter District p218a

Mitcham, Nelly 4 Sumter District p218a

Mitcham, Thos 3 Sumter District p218a

Mitchell, David 2 Abbeville District p12

Mitchell, George? 1 Georgetown p219

Mitchell, Marshall 7 Abbeville District p84

More, Dorcas a free Negro 1 Newberry District p112

Moreland, Edward 7 Rutherford Co., Tennessee p39

Morrell, Robert 1 Georgetown p220

Mumford, Henry 2 Marion District p79a

Murphy, John 9 Edgefield District p734

Neal, James 4 Darlington District p669

Neal, Nancy 6 Darlington District p669

Neel, Arthur 5 Richland District p174

Niel, Benj. 4 Richland District p177

Nowland, Robert 5 Georgetown p219

Oxendary, Aaron 5 Sumter District p224a

Oxendine, Charles 5 Marion District p83

Oxendine, Cudworth 6 Marion District p83

Pady, Francis 1 St. John's Berkley p431

Pady, George 2 St. John's Berkley p430

Pady, Jack 2 St. John's Berkley p431

Pady, James 2 St. John's Berkley p431

Pady, Jonathan 1/3 St. John's Berkley p430

Patrick, Jeremiah 1 Colleton District p617

Patrick, Luke & John 10/1 Colleton District p617

Patrick, Right 3 Colleton District p617

Patrick, Sam 4 Colleton District p591

Pawley, George 5 Georgetown p219

Pen, Ben 7 a free Negro, Newberry District p123a

Pendaris, Joseph Junr 5 Colleton District p618

Penn, Jeffrey a free Negro 10 Newberry District p122a

Petiford, Bartley 4 Marion District p83

Pons, Milly 3 Marion District p86

P(?)Cotee, Rachel 4 Richland District p175a

Quask 11 Richland District p172a

Rawina, Henry 1 Georgetown p219

Rawlinson, Benj. 7 Richland District p176a

Rawlinson, Catherine 6 Richland District p175a

Rawlinson, James 2 Richland District p178

Rawlinson, John 3 Richland District p177a

Rawlinson, Wm 2 Richland District p177a

Readman, Samuel -00001 9 Pendelton District p162

Robinson, Manuel 6 Richland District p173a

Rollinson, Benj 6 Richland District p179

Rollinson, John 6 Richland District p179

Rollinson, Nathaniel 6 Richland District p171

Rollinson, Sam 6/2 Richland District p178

Rollinson, Wm 7 Richland District p171

Rouce, Cornelias 9 Abbeville District p84

Rouce, Edmond 8 Abbeville District p82

Rouce, John 6 Abbeville District p82

Runley, Elisha 7 Edgefield District p766

Runsley, Nathan 3 Edgefield District p708

Sanders, Thos a free Negro 8 Newberry District p112

Scot, David 3 Chesterfield District p550

Scott, David 15 Sumter District p226a

Scott, Drew 10 Richland District p176

Scott, Frederic 3 Sumter District p226a

Scott, Isaac 7 Sumter District p226a

Scott, Isham 5 Sumter District p224a

Scott, Isham 5 Sumter District p227a

Scott, Isham 7 Sumter District p226

Scott, James 8 Sumter District p226a

Scott, Jesse 5/11 Marion District p83

Scott, Neuman 5 Sumter District p226a

Seaborough, Michael 4 Colleton District p623

Seger, James 9 Williamsburg District p252a

Shingleton, Jim 3 Georgetown p219

Shoecraft, Harmon 11/12 Marion District p82

Shoemake, Solomon 5 Darlington District p669

Shorter, Wm 5 Sumter District p217

Smith, Cassiah 2 Sumter District p226

Smith, Christo. 3 Sumter District p226

Smith, Frences f.n. 8 York District p262

Smith, Jacob V. 4 Abbeville District p12

Smith, John 3 Abbeville District p83

Snow, Alexander 5/3 Georgetown p219

Solomons, John 4 Richland District p176

Stephenson, John 1 Rutherford Co., Tennessee p25m Jefferson Town

Stevenson, Thomas 9 Colleton District p594

Sweat, John 6 Richland District p176

Taylor, Ben 3/1 Richland District p179a

Vollintine, Nancy 4 Abbeville District p35

Webb, John 6 Richland District p176

Welch, Levi f.n. 3 York District p262

White, Thomas 4 Richland District p176

Will man of Color 5 Union District p245

Williams, John 7 Edgefield District p714

Williams, John Junr 5 Georgetown p219

Williams, John Senr 10/8 Georgetown p219 ledger

Wilson, al?s 12 Richland District p175a

Wilson, William 8 Abbeville District p12

Winn, Zachh 9 Darlington District p654

Winningham, John 9 Colleton District p592

Winningham, Lewis -0001 4 Colleton District p592

Yarberry, Jacob 5 Sumter District p227a