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Daniel Chavis, son of Bartlett Chavis, with his wife Irena King, daughter of Forrester King and Nancy Moxley in Champaign County, Ohio. They were married on 23 December 1852 in Logan County.

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Eliza Jane Stillgess Byrd, granddaughter of Bartlett Chavis.

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Presley (Redman) Wingo whose family came to Ohio from Virginia in the early 1800s and Gwendolyn Wingo, great-great granddaughter of Sterling Heathcock of Northampton County, North Carolina..

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Ida May Hicks, daughter of Richard Artis of Southampton County, Virginia, and his wife Susan Morgan Artis, daughter of William and Elizabeth Morgan of Virginia. Richard Artis was the son of John Artis and Jane Byrd Artis of Southampton County. Ida married Frederick Hicks in 1891. Frederick was the son of James Hicks and Judith Newsom Hicks and grandson of Joshua Hicks of Southampton County and Henry Newsom of Northampton County, North Carolina.

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Clara Newsome (back row, left end) and Vada, Suninu, and Mary Newsome (back row center) attending the (mostly white) Chickoree School of Logan County, Ohio, in the early 1900s. They were descendants of the Newsom family of Northampton County, North Carolina.