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The Maryland research was made possible by the generous policy of the Maryland Archives which provides microfilm copies of its records on loan or for purchase at very reasonable prices.

Thomas Ford Brown shared research and insight.




Adams Allen Anderson Annis Anthony Armwood
Atkins Atlow Banks Banneker Bantum Bardley
Barrett Barton Bass Bates Bean Beavin
Beckett Beddo Bentley Berry Bishop Black
Blake Boarman Bond Bone Boon Boston
Boswell Boteler Bowser Brady Brenning Brown
Bryan Bryant Buckwell Buley Burke Burton
Butcher Butler Caldwell Cambridge Cann Cannady
Cannon Carney Carr Carroll Carter Carty
Case Chambers Churb Clark Clayton Cole
Collick Collins Combest Conner Consello Cook
Cooper Cornish Cox Crawley Creek Cromwell
Cunningham Curtis Davis Dawson Day Dean
Delaney Devan Dobson Dodson Dogan Donaldson
Douglas Dove Downs Driggers Dublin Duffy Dulaney
Dunlop Durham Dutton Easter Easton Elbert
Ellis English Ennis Evans Farmer Farthing
Fisher Flamer Flames Fletcher Ford Fortune
Fountain Fowler Francisco Friend Frost Game
Gannon Gates George Gibbs Grace Graham
Grant Graves Gray Grayson Green Greenwood
Griffin Grimes Grinnage Guy Hall Hamilton
Hanser Hanson Harding Harmon Harris Harrison
Hawkins Haws Haycock Heath Hicks Hill
Hilton Hinton Hodgkin Hodgskin Holland Holly
Holmes Holt Hopkins Horner Howard Howe
Hubbard Hughes Hunter Hynson Impey Jackson
Jacobs Jefferys Johnson Jolley Jones Kelly Kersey
King Knight Lacount/ Lacompt Lamb Lantern/
Lanthron Lawder Lawrence Lee Lenkins Lett
Lewis Longo McDaniel McDonald Madden Magee
Mahoney Malavery Mallory Marshall Mason Massey
Matthews Mayhew Mead Miller Minor Mitchell
Molluck Monk Moore Morris Mortis Mosely
Mungar Munt(s) Murray Myers Nailor Nelson
Newman Nichols Norman Norris Norwood Okey
Oliver Osborne Overton Owens Palmer Parker
Parkinson Parsons Peck Pennington Penny Perkins
Perle Phillips Pickett Plowman Plummer Poulson
Pratt Press Price Pride Proctor Prout
Puckham Quander Queen Ray Reardon Redding
Reed Rhoads Ridgeway Risner Roach Roads
Roberts Robinson Rogers Rollins Ross Rounds
Russell Rustin Sammons Sampson Saunders Savoy
Scott Shaver Shaw Shepherd Shorter Sisco
Skinner Smith Smither Smothers Sockum Sparksman
Spearman Spencer Stanley Stevenson Stewart Street Strickland Summers
Swann Taylor Thomas Thompson Tills Tippett
Toney Toogood Trout Turner Upton Valentine
Verdin Walker Wallace Wansey Ward Waters
Watson Webster Wedge Welch Wilkins Wilkinson
Williams Willis Wilson Wise Wiseman Wood
Woodland Woodward Wright Young Younger  





Deed Book


Deeds, Wills


Loose papers at the county courthouse

MD:, DE:,

Federal census records for the state. Page number is for the printed version of the census in 1790 and the microfilm of the original for all other years.
MdHR Maryland Hall of Records
MSA Maryland State Archives
M804, M805 Microfilm copies of the Revolutionary War Pension files at the National Archives


Order book for the county court of pleas and quarter sessions


Orders, Wills

Wills, etc. Orders


Note that free African Americans are identified by printing their family names in bold except in their own family history.


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