Anne Arundel County Judgment Records 1703-1765


1703-1705, Liber G

2 January 1702/3

p.4, Her Majesty vs. Sarah Dyamond } was presented for a Mallato Bastard ... declaring that one Daniel a Negroe belonging to Mordecai Price was the begetter of the said Mallatto Child ... this 13 January 1702/3 that the sd Sarah Dyamond ... fifteen lashes ... master deliver her up to the Court after expiration of her term to serve as the law directs.

9 March 1702/3

p.46, Her Majesty vs. Mary Jones } for having a Malatto Bastard ... take to the whipping post and there to receive five and twenty lashes ... serve Jonas Towgood one whole year for the disgrace and then to serve for the said Mallato Bastard according to the Law in that Case made & provided requires.

14 March 1703/4

p.323, Sarah Dimant having had a Mullattoe bastard girle and being thereby obliged to serve the county seven years in compliance with the act of assembly providing against such unnaturall copulations is by her former master Mordecai Price now surrendered to the court ... serve Wm Bladen Planter from the 24th day of this instant ... sold for three thousand pounds of tobacco.


1705-1706, Liber TB, no.1

March 1704/5

p.51, Her Majesty v. John Rooksby ... charge of Sarah Purrey for fornication appears and for that it is sufficiently appear to the Court that the child with the said John by the oath of the sd. Sarah he is charged as father is a Mullatto begotten on the body of the said Sarah by some Negro slave by the oath of two sufficient evidences acquit

14 August 1705

p.80, John Edwards as well as Her Majesty quitam Mingo Savoy. Mingo Savoy of Anne Arundel County planter was summoned to answer unto John Edwards of said County planter two thousand pounds of tobacco which he detaineth ... Act of Assembly ... relating to servants and slaves was enacted that no such person whatsoever should trade, barter, commerce in any way deal with any servant whether hired or indented a slave - belonging or appertaining ... penalty of two thousand pounds of tobacco one half for government and one half for the master. Mingo Savoy the 18 day of November 1704 had commerce with one Mingo the slave of him the said John Edwards for a shirt, a pair of breeches ... Jury ... is not guilty.

13 November 1705

p.116, Majesty vs. Sarah Purrey for having a Mullattoe bastard ... declares that one Negro Anthony at Thomas Linthecomb's is the father ... serve master Joseph Burton twelve months.

12 March 1705/6

pp. 172-3, Majesty vs. Margrtt. Lee at Lyle Welches spinster 2 December 1704 a Mullattoe male child of her body by a Negro slave ... says she is guilty ... fifteen lashes ... serve Sylvester Welch her master twelve months and she serve further for her offence according to Law.

13 August 1706

p.378, Majesty v. Mary Alvery, servant to James Lee ... having a Mallattoe child makes oath that Negro Jack at Col. Hollands is the father of her child ... fifteen lashes ... serve her master twelve months for trouble ... he to deliver her to the Court at the expiration of her term ... master allowed one thousand pounds of tobacco for keeping the Mulatto child the time of twelve months.


1707-1708, Liber TB, no.2

14 January 1706/7

p.457, Joseph Burton Delivers up to the Court here his late servant Sarah Purry having been convicted of a Mullattoe ... sold to Sebastian Olle for seven years.

10 June 1707

p.532, Richard King prays ye following Cert. to be entered which was ordered to be entered ... there was a Mullattoe girl bound by the Court unto Richard King then of that county being the child of Mary Roades widow ... sd. King prays summons against John Harwood to summons him to appear to answer the complaint of sd. King the detaining of the Mulatto child afsd. which is granted. Mulatto girl named Elizabeth Roades continue with the sd. John Harwood till the sd King can better prove his property.

12 August 1707

p.568, James Lee allowed one thousand pounds tobacco for keeping Mary Alvery's Mullatto child till the time twelve months and then to deliver said woman and child to Court.

11 November 1707

pp.649-50, Majesty v. Elizabeth Evans Servt. to Thos. Biggs, Esq., having sworn a child that was delivered to be begotten by one Jeremiah Connelly and upon sd. Jeremiah's denying her claym he alledges it to be a Mullattoe child ... shown to be a Mullatto or not that no Negro Man nor white man begot the same child ... 12 November 1707 ... fifteen lashes ... serve Madam Biggs twelve months for trouble. Jeremiah Connelly acquitted.


1708-1712, Liber TB, no.2

9 November 1708

p.8, Her Majesty v. Mingo Savoy being bound by bond ten pounds to appear and nothing appearing against him he is discharged.

p.45, Majesty v. Elinor Browne ... refuseth to tell the father ... twenty five lashes ... Thomas Rickeotts master.

9 August 1709

p.75, The Queen vs. Elizabeth Dennis alias Evens for haveing a Mollatta child ... confesseth the Fact ... Mrs. Bigges Negroe Dick is the father of her Mollotta Child ... serve Mrs. Biggs six months ... she to deliver her up to be disposed of by the County ... Mallotta child serve the sd Mary Riggs til thirty one.

8 November 1709

p.98, Queen vs. Ellinor Browne for haveing a Mullatto child ... Thomas Ricketts Negroe Will is the father of her Mallotto child ... master at expiration of her servitude to deliver her to court to be disposed of according to act of assembly.

13 June 1710

p.156, The Queen v. Elizabeth Hall being presented by the Grand Jury for haveing a basterd child appears and Confesseth the fact of the presentment aforesaid and on her oath declares that Mr. John Hammond's Negroe James is the begetter of the Mallatto child ... serve Mr. John Hammond one year for trouble ... said John Hammond to deliver her to the Justices of the Court to be disposed of according to act of assembly. Further ordered that the above said Mallato child serve Mr. John Hammond till it attaine the age of thirty one years. It being borne the Sunday before Shrove Tuesday last being in the year one thousand seven hundred and nine.

p.157, Dufour v. Richard Fisher

p.182, Dufour v. Richard Fisher

14 November 1710

p.201, a Mollatto man child begotten on the body of Elinor Brown servant to Thomas Ricketts being thirteen months old this day ordered to serve Henry Mereday till it attaine the age of thirty one years according to act of assembly ... sold for 1,300 pounds tobacco.

13 November 1711

p.374, Elizabeth Evans and her child delivered up to the Court by Doctr. Wm Lock. Thereupon she and her child are Sett up by the Court for publick Sayle for those that will give most. Whereupon Mr. James Carroll bids three hundred and two pounds tobacco the said woman and child ... serve seven years from 10 September last for having a Malato child ... child serve till thirty one, now about five weeks old.

11 March 1711/2

p.404, The Court binds the child of Eliza. Knight to Mr. Robert Eagle to serve till it attaine the age of thirty one years according to Law (it being a Malato). In consideration of it being young to save the county for charges towards maintenance of it, the child being born the sixth day of Febry. last.

p.411, Her Majesty v. Eliza Evans } haveing a bastard Malato child ... confesseth the fact ... having already been adjudged to serve seven years ... discharged from presentment.

p.412, Her Majesty v. Eliza Knight haveing a bastard child ... confesseth that Negroe Rich belonging to Col. Charles Greenberry is the begetter ... 11 March 1711(2) serve seven years ... Robert Eagle her master enter into recognizance to deliver her up after her time of servitude with him.

pp.433-4, Guy Williams of Anne Arundel County Negroe planter otherwise called Guy Williams of Anne Arundel County Planter was summoned into Michael Moore of ye same county of a plea that he render unto him the quantity of two thousand pounds of good clear, pickt & culled tobacco which he owes & unjustly detaines &c. the tenth day of October 1710 at the city of Annapolis acknowledged one thousand pounds to be paid on 10 November 1710 and one thousand pounds the remainder to be paid 10 November 1711 ... said Guy Williams cannot gainsay the pltf. his action.

p.465, John Dodd brings into Court his servant Eliza Graham ... absented herself eight days ... confesseth the same ... serve at the rate of ten days for one.


1712-1715, Liber TB, no.3

August 1712

p.5, Her Majesty v. Elinor Brown ... base born child ... thirty nine lashes ... serve Thomas Rickeotts and Sarah his wife twelve months for trouble ... deliver at expiration of her term to reimburse the county for expenses.

p.5, Her Majesty v. Eliza. Brumejum ... being presented for having a Mallato bastard child does not gainsay the fact and sayes that a Negroe man called James belonging to Stephen Warman is the begetter ... serve seven years ... serve master twelve months for trouble ... Court binds child (being a boy) to Stephen Warman til thirty one years.

p.6, Her Majesty v. Negro Cesar ... John Menekin altho ordered last court to bring his Negroe Cesar to Receive his punishment for ye crime of getting a certaine Eliza Hannis with child, brings him not nor is there any further order made thereon.

10 March 1712/3

p.130, Negroe woman Cate slave of Richard Sorrell Decd. in relation to her freedome returnable next court.


1715-1717, Liber VD, no. 1

August 1715

p.93, On the petn. of Rose the Mullato Daughter of Mary Davis of ye province of Maryland agst. Mr. Henry Darnall about her freedome &c. It is ordered that Notice be given Mr. Wm. Diggs atty for the said Mr. Henry Darnall that the second Tuesday of November next.

8 November 1715

p.178, Rose a Mullato pet. agst. Henry Darnall aboute her Freedome Consideration referred untill next Court.

13 March 1715/6

p.198, Presentment agst. Sue a free Negro woman

pp.244-6, Petition of Rose the Mullato Daughter of Mary Davis of the province of Maryland now a servant of Mr. Henry Darnall of the County afsd. Hereby showeth that your petitioner being a Baptized Mullato Descended by the Mother of Christian Race as appears from the evidence of her said Mother on the other said handscribed the originall whereafter she is ready to provide as well as other testimonys if need be to confirm the same and being arrived to the age of thirty one years the 11 August 1715 at in time she supposes the servitude imposed in such unhappy issue expires. The therefore humbly prays the benefit by Law allowed to those in her unhappy circumstances and that she may accordingly receive a free manumission from the said servitude which hanscribed evidence mentioned in y petition follows in the words vizt.

I Mary Davis the Daughter of Richd Davis now Dwelling in Mark Lane in the City of London in England where I was born and there now have Dwelling a Brother called John Davis, do give this Bible unto my Son Thomas begotten in wedlock on my body by a Negroe called Dominggoe once a servant to Joseph Tilley of Hunting Creek in Calvert County where I was married to him the said Negroe but now we both are Dwelling with the right honorable the Proprietor of this province of Maryland and my before said son Thomas was born on a plantation of my Lds. in Lyons Creek in Calvert County on the 14th day of March 1677 and was baptized by Mr. Wessley in the house of Mr. Richd. Massoms and James Thompson was godfather and Ann his wife was godmother. That is here inserted to satisfie any whom it may concern that my said son Thomas came from a Christian Race by his mother and I the said Mary Davis above mentioned and named have alsoe a Daughter by the same Negroe my husband afsd. whose name is Rose. She was born in St. Maries County on a plantation called the Topp of the Hill on the 11 August 1684 and baptized at Nottley Hall by Mr. Richd. Hebert priest and Mr. Henry Wharton was the god father and Rose Hebert now the wife of Thomas Nation was the god Mother. That is above inserted that you may know she my said Daughter came of Christian Race by her Mother a true copy take out of the afsd. Bible. Signed Mary Davis. given by sd. Mary to her son Thomas now in ye possession and custody of the sd. Rose.

Court resolving to proceed this day 8 November 1715 ... next Court: Mature deliberation ... It is thereupon considered by the Justices that the said Rose the Molato and petr. afsd. serve during Life as a slave and that her master Mr. Henry Darnall pay fees.

12 June 1716

p.295, Lord Proprietarie vs. Sue a Free Negroe } having a bastard child ... Molato Emblin belonging to Mr. Ingram is the father of the said child and prays the Court to acquit her ... 30 shillings fine ... John Beale of Anne Arundel County planter indulges to pay the fine.

13 November 1716

p.425, Lordship v. Elinor belonging to Thomas Rickeotts for having a Molatto child by __ a free woman belonging to Thomas Rickeotts ... confesses the fact refuses to tell father ... thirty lashes

pp.493-4, Mary Hippey singlewoman, Negro Jack and Harry slaves of George Mansell ... felony ... carry away one barrel of Indian corn ... say they are guilty ... twenty five lashes ... Mary ten lashes. Sarah Mansfield security for Mary Hippy and Negroe. Mary Hippy pay four fold.


1717-1719, Liber RC

11 June 1717

pp.10-11, Lordship v. Sarah Empy } for haveing two base born Mollatto Children ... confesses the fact ... Marke Williams is the begetter of the child she stands presented for ... twenty five lashes ... fees ... does not pay the same.

pp.13-4, petition of Mingo Savoy Showeth that your petitioner inadvertantly bound two of his grand Children to John Durden which said children now by Saml Burges is much misused and thereasined to be made slaves of altho free borne and the said Saml. Burgess hath forewarned your petitioner from comeing on his plantation to see them and for as much as your petitioner is informed that your Worships are the proper father of such orphans and that my binding them is Invallyd, your petitioner humbly prays may be dealt with as Christians and removed where they live.

Saml. Burgess appears ... the Court binds the said Negroe boy and girl to the said Saml Burgess until they shall arrive to age, the boy to twenty one and the girl to sixteen ... he to find sufficient drink, washing, cloathes ... use them as Christian orphans. Joseph Williams suritie ... said Negroe children serve the said Saml Burgess accordingly.

10 June 1718

p.202, The Court binds unto John Maccubbins a Mallatto boy child of Elizabeth Hows to save the County from the charge of Maintaining it. Serve till thirty one.

pp.210-11, Lordship v. Eliza. How servt. to Daniel Richardson confesses that she had a Mollatto child begotten by Negroe Sam belonging to her Master Mr. Daniel Richardson ... serve seven years ... twenty lashes ... serve her master twelve months for trouble.

10 March 1718/9

p.306, Order summons issue against Negroe Peter belonging to Madame Anne Bladen and Dorothy servant of the said Bladene.

p.307, Lordship v. Elinor Brown } Declares Negroe Sam belonging to Coll. Mahall is the father of her child she was last delivered of ... serve seven years ... serve Thos. Rickeotts her master twelve months for trouble ... bind child to Henry Merryday till thirty one.

9 June 1719

p.380, His Lordship vs. Mary Kelly living at Moses Mackubbins for having a base born child ... confesses the fact of a Mallato child ... Negroe Harry belonging to her master Mr. Moses Mackubbins is the father ... serve seven years ... twelve months for trouble of his house ... court binds child to Moses Maccubbins til thirty one.

pp.380-1, Lordship v. Negroe Sam belonging to Coll. Mahall ... child layed to him by Elinor Brown ... twenty five lashes.

p.553, Mr. Richard Williams being moved to testifie the truth of his knowledge for his Lordship declares upon oath that as overseer of the high way for the part of South Berry? Hundred he Warn'd Mr. Richard Pieborn, Gassaway Watkins, William James, Mingo Savoy (and sixteen others) ... appeared to labour on the high way the several persons following and noe more ... Mingo Savoy (and eight others). Capias issue against the several persons.


1719-1720, Liber RC, no.1

14 June 1720

p. 226, His Lordship v. Mallattoe Margt ... Non est inventus

pp. 235-6, His Lordship v. Susan Negroe ... a free Negroe woman for haveing a base born child ... she is guilty ... Nathl. Stinchecomb and Benja. Gardner, planters, her security.


1720-1721, MdHR 1422

11 November 1720

pp.22-3, His Lordship v. Eliza Hough, servant of Daniel Richardson ... Base born child by Negro Sam, slave of Daniel Richardson ... serve seven years and serve master twelve months for trouble ... child bound to John Richardson.

14 March 1720/1

p.87, Lordship vs. Sarah Nelson } bastardy, confesses the fact of having a base born child by a Negroe Man belonging to Mr. Richard Warfield and makes oath that the said Negroe is the begetter of the said child ... serve seven years ... serve Henry Ridgely her master twelve months for the trouble of his house ... child bound to Henry Ridgely till the age of thirty one years.

pp.88-9, Lordship vs. Winefred Haws } confesses that she has been lately delivered of a base born Malato child whereof a Negroe belonging to Mr. John Welsh called Jack is the father ... serve seven years ... serve John Welsh her master twelve months for the trouble ... child bound to John Welsh to serve til thirty one.

Lordship v. Negro Jack belonging to Mr. John Welsh ... begetting a Malato child ... twenty five lashes.

pp.214-5, His Lordship vs. Negroe Sam } slave of Daniel Richardson appears according to Capias against him issued to answer his Lordship concerning a child Laid to him by Elizabeth Hough ... twenty lashes.

13 June 1721

p.242, Presentment against Mulatto woman named Cate

p.347, Lordship v. Mary Anderson servt. to Mr. Henry Ridgely } having a Malato base born child which was delivered of her in March 1719 ... Sayes that she cannot acquitt herself thereof ... she is guilty ... her master's Negroe man Daniel is the father ... serve seven years ... serve her master twelve months for trouble.

p.348, Lordship v. Negro Daniel } twenty five lashes.

p.350, Negroe Bess v. Mrs. Ruth Howard } petition for freedom ... Mature Deliberation being thereupon had for that it seems that it was the designe of Mrs. Anne Lambert Decd. the former mistress of the said Negroe Bess that she should be free at the age of twenty five years whereupon the said Mrs. Ruth Howard the mistress of the said Negroe Bess prays appeal from the judgment.

p.355, whereupon the Worshipfull Richard Warfield Master of a Negroe man charged by the oath of Sarah Nelson ... begetting a child ... said Warfield to cause the said Negroe to appear.

p.359, Lordship v. a Servt. woman belonging to Henry Ridgely called Mary Anderson ... her Master's Negroe Daniel is the father ... serve seven years.

p.360, Lordship v. Negroe Daniel ... Mary Anderson ... thirty one lashes.

8 August 1721

p.411, Lordship v. Mary Kelly haveing a bastard child ... Sayes she is guilty of haveing a base born Malato Child by her Master Moses Maccubbin's Negroe Harry ... Negroe Harry is the father ... serve seven years ... twelve months for the trouble of his house.

pp.422-3, His Lordship v. Molato woman called Cate } bastardy, Denyes the fact of having a base born child but confesses that she had the same by a Negroe which she had took before for her husband and for that it appears to the court that she was a slave before she was set free by her master. Therefore she is discharged she being adjudged not within the law that punishes the fact she stands presented for. Thomas Trott of Anne Arundel County Planter her security.


1721-1722, Liber RC, no.2

14 August 1722

Lordship v. free white woman living at the widow hews ... next court.


1722-1723, MdHR 868

11 June 1723

pp.22-3, Mingo Savoy comes into court and binds his daughter Judy Savoy unto Humphrey Godman for the term of six years to be completed from the first day of November next in consideration whereof the said Humphrey Godman obliges himself to find her sufficient meat, drink, etc.

p.37, Wm Jones v. Mingo Savoy } This being a Casa Issued on a judgment for the plaintiff against the defendant on the 12 day of March 1722 for as well the sum of two thousand one hundred thirty two pounds of tobacco ... 376 pounds of tobacco for costs of suite is returned endorsed Cepi satisfied Henry Lazenby.


1734-1736, Liber IB, no.1

11 June 1734

pp. 3-4, His Lordship v. Ann Bellows for having a base born child ... confesses the fact and by the inspection of the Court the said Child is adjudged to be begot by a Negro but does not proceed take her oath to the father of the sd child she being convict ... serve seven years for the said fact of having a Molatto child ... Court binds the child unto Mary Nichols til thirty one years, it being about six months old.

p.4, Lordship v. Mary Philips ... base born child refuseth to tell father ... The Court upon view of the said Child adjudges it to be begott by a Negro ... serve seven years ... serve master Wm Lock, Esq., twelve months for the trouble ... child (it being a girl) about six months old ... serve to thirty one.

p.10, Petition of Eliza Barton ... unable to labor aged sixty six years.

13 August 1734

p.80, Lordship v. Patience Westall her master Reverend Mr. James Mac Gill for having a base born child ... she in no wise can acquit herself thereof upon view of the child adjudged it to be begotten by a Negro but does not proceed to take her oath to the father of the child ... serve seven years ... serve her master twelve months for trouble ... child being about fourteen months old bound to James Macgill til thirty one.

p.83 petition of Ann Fisher humbly showeth that your petitioner's grandmother was a White Woman who served her time in Saint Mary's County who had your petitioner by an East India Indian, who became a free Molato after serving some time to Major Beale of Saint Mary's County afsd. and after his decease came to John Beale, Esq., of this county where she now lives. that your petitioner is now made a slave during her life which your petitioner humbly conceives is contrary to Law. Your petitioner's case tenderly considered, your petitioner most humbly begs your worship's opinion in the premises; and your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray ... adjudged by the court here that the petitioner is a Slave during life by virtue of an act of assembly made in the year 1664 ... and for it appears to the court here by depositions legally attested that the petitioner's mother was lawfully married by a priest of the Romish Church, one Mr. Robert Brooke, to a negro man named Dick, a slave then belonging to Mr. Thomas Beale of Saint Mary's County by which said slave, the petitioner's mother had the petitioner and several other children after marriage. The petitioner now being about thirty two years of age.

12 November 1734

p.127, The Court Binds Hannah Allen Daughter of Jane Allen to Peter Bell and Jane his wife until she arrives to the age of thirty one years (being sixteen months old the seventeenth day of this month) find the said Hannah Allen sufficient meat, drink, washing, and lodging & cloathing.

p.142, His Lordship v. Ann Palmer } Benja. Stevens comes into court and informs the Justices here that a servant woman of his named Ann Palmer had a base born child ... says ... in no wise can acquit herself ... she is guilty. The Court views the child and adjudges the same to be begotten by a Negro ... serve seven years. It being a girl serve Benja. Stevens to thirty one, now six months old.

11 March 1734/5

We the body of the Jurors of the County present the Body of a white woman living with William Robinson of Westminster Parish for two base born Mollatto Children.

p.182, Petition of William Barton most humbly showeth that whereas your petr. being upwards of seventy years of age and his wife near seventy and having paid levys for himself and his wife near there thirty years past yr. petr. is now as also his wife by reason of age and other information rendered incapable of making tobacco to pay their Levyes having no by but themselves to Work & they themselves not able to make Corn for their Necessary sustenance whereof your petr. most humbly prays that your worship will take into your consideration to order that your petr. be released from paying the afsd. Levies ... said William Barton is adjudged to be Levie free.

10 June 1735

p.238, Mr. John Howard brings into Court his servant woman named Margaret Wilkinson to have her adjudged by the Court for the trouble of his house for having a base born child ... serve one whole year .. The court binds the Daughter of Margt. Wilkinson unto John Howard until it arrives to the age of thirty one years (being a Molatto) aged four years the fourth October next.

p.240, a white woman living at William Robinson acknowledged her name to Margaret Cooke and says that she is guilty thereof refuseth to tell the father. The Court having viewed the child adjudges it to be a Mallato whereupon the Court here adjudges it to be a Mallato whereupon the Court here adjudges ... serve seven years. Mr. William Ghisolin bids two thousand four hundred pounds of tobacco for Margaret ... the child, a boy, bound to Ghisolin until thirty one, aged six months the nineteenth instant June.

p.241, Lordship v. Margaret Wilkinson servant of Mr. John Howard says she is guilty but for as much as the court here are not yet advised of their rendering their judgment whether the child begot by an Indian or Negro day thereof is given until next court to hear their judgment.

p.251, Lordship v. William Dove for not burning tobacco. had not tobacco to burn.

12 August 1735

p.283a, Summons issue for William Chilton to testify as an evidence in his Lordship agt. Arthur Savoy returnable next court.

p.304, Lord Propry. v. Arthur Savoy, ordered to give ten pounds current money security for his appearance & good behaviour towards a certain John Mariarte.

p.374, Arthur Savoy appears and no person objecting anything against the said Arthur discharged paying fees.

p.400, Charles Mathews v. John Dove planter

9 March 1735/6

p.410, David Weems exr. of Doctor Lock brings into court Mary Philips to be sold for seven years.

p.448, Lord Proprietary v. Elizabeth Mote ... says that she is guilty. Court having viewed the said child adjudges it to be a Molatto begott by some Negro ... serve seven years ... serve her master Doctor Richard Hill twelve months for trouble.

p.451, Lord Propry. v. Eliza Watson } confesses that she hath had a Bastard Child ... refuses to name the father. The Court having viewed the child adjudges it to be a Molatto begot by some Negro ... serve seven years. Sabrina Watson bound to Richard Watts until thirty one, pay Catherine Wood for keeping the child five weeks.


1736-1738, Liber IB, no.2

10 August 1736

p.18, Lord Proprietary vs. Dorothy Dorson } having a base born child ... says that she is guilty ... Negro Pompey a slave to Thos. Jones did beget the same ... __ lashes ... serve said Thomas Jones her master one year for the trouble of his house ... Capias issue against said Negro Pompey next court.

p.22, Lord Propry. a. Catherine Adams having a Base Born Child declares that an Indian begot the same. The Court having viewed the child acknowledges the same was begott by an Indian ... be fined thirty shillings ... serve her master John Wappington.

November 1736

p.36, Lord Propry. vs. Negro Pompey ... begetting a child by Dorothy Dorson ... the Court after deliberation being thereupon had cannot discover any Punishment is to be inflicted on Negro Man begetting white woman with child and thereupon he is discharged.

8 March 1736/7

p.126, William Creek sheweth that your petitioner was born in the East Indies & Carryed into England very young where he was Christined, bound to and serve an apothecary for some time. After which your petr. for some displeasure offence give to his said master was most unjustly & clandestinely sent & consigned to Mr. __ Chew the grand father of the present Mr. Chew in Maryland which obliged your petitioner to serve for seven years. That the said indenture being sent to afsd. Mr. Chew to whom your petitioner was consigned being lost or mislaid (as the late Mr. Chew told your petitioner) your petitioner was prevailed on by the said Mr. Chew to continue as a servant with him suspecting or doubting that your petitioner should be reckoned as slave or transferred from one to another as such that the late Mr. Chew about a week before his death desired that if your petitioner would serve the present Mr. Chew his son four years your petr. should be sett free altho your petitioner would be very willing to serve Mr. Chew if he should be pleased to hire your petr. yet your petitioner has faithfully served the Family about nineteen years instead of seven.

It is ordered notice be given Mr. Samuel Chew and Philip Thomas admr. of the said Samuel Chew to appear ... Samuel Chew of Maidstone to the Court in these words: I have frequently heard my uncle old Mr. Samuel Chew & my cousin the late Mr. Samuel Chew Senr. say that Will Creek lived with Harris an Appothecary in the City of London and that he served the said Harris in his shop. That for some unluckey Prank that he played which was the giving some person a Dose of Cantharides for a Love Powder. Harris' wife & daughter were so offended at it that they would not suffer the said Creek to live in the Family which occasioned Harris to send him over to this Province by one Capt. John Burton and either consigned him to my uncle for sale or left him to be disposed by Burton of whom my uncle bought him. Signed Samuel Chew. (Peter Galloway also testified for Creek). The Court viewing the said William Creek after mature deliberation ... discharged forthwith from servitude.

p.138, The Lord Proprietary vs. Margaret Cook by William Ghiselin her master ... confesses she is guilty. The Court having viewed the Child afsd. after mature deliberation it is considered that the child afsd. is a Molatto begot by some negro and that the said Margaret Cook serve the County the full term of seven years. The Child (a girl about two months old) bound unto William Ghiselin until thirty one.

14 June 1737

p.171, The Court binds Sarah Howard Daughter of Barbara Howard being a Mulatto aged five years last Christmas unto Robert Perry ... until she arrives to the age of thirty one years In consideration whereof the said Robert Perry obliges himself to find sufficient meat drink, washing, cloathing & lodging during the term aforesaid and at the expiration of her term of servitude to give her a suit of cloathing.

p.178, Lord Propry. vs. Elizth. Mote } presented for Bastardy ... says she is guilty. The Court viewing the said Child adjudges the same to be a Molatto ... said Elizabeth Mote serve the Court seven years for the Molatto Child afsd. ... serve her master Richard Hill twelve months for the trouble of his house ... Court binds the Molatto child aforesaid named Elizabeth being four years old to Rachel Moore to thirty one years ... said Rachel to find sufficient meat, drink etc.

p.182, Lord Propry. vs. Hannah Stephens as servant woman belonging to Mr. John Lang in Herring Creek Hundred for having a base born child ... says that she is guilty ... The Court viewing the child adjudges the same to be a Mulatto ... serve the county seven years for the Mulato child ... serve her master twelve months ... Mulato Child James Stephens three months old bound to James Monat Lang Son of John Lang til thirty one ... find sufficient meat, drink, etc.

9 August 1737

p.246, Lord Propr. vs. Mulatto Jack being ordered to give security on twenty pounds current money for his personal appearance offering ___ Hammond as his surety to appear March Court.

p.249, Lord Propry. vs. Arthur Savoy, Labourer 20 October twenty second year of reign (1736) at All Hollows Parish one cow the price of 600 pounds the goods of Ann Jones ... not guilty.

p.250, Lord Proprietary v. Margaret Lewis ... confesses that she is guilty. The Court having viewed the child afsd. adjudges the same to be a Mulatto ... serve seven years ... serve master one year for trouble.


1738, MdHR 872



1739-1740, Liber AB

March 1738/9

p.11, Lord Propry. v. Martha Hurd ... Bastard child which child being viewed by the Court adjudges to be a Molato ... serve seven years ... serve master James Crouch 112 days for 28 days runaway, six months for expenses ... binds child to Crouch until thirty one years.


1740-1743, Liber IB, no.1

11 November 1740

p.90, Petition of Judith Savoy a free Negro born setting forth that she being about eight or nine years ago presented for having a base born child and suffered according to Law, Mr. Walter Phelps became security & paid with money for her and other debts eleven or twelve pounds ... bound to him for a certain time to make satisfaction ... said Phelps refused to have her bound & told her to go home with him untill it could be adjudged but she had made him reasonable satisfaction for the debt & therefore she should be set free at liberty again having now served almost nine years ... next court.

10 March 1740/1

p.131, summons John Jobson, Edward Ricketts to testify for Judith Savoy against Walter Phelps

9 June 1741

p.224, Judith Savoy v. Walter Phelps ... served nine years, same is sufficient compensation for all moneys.

11 August 1741

p.237, Robert Killeson, Peter Impey & wife and Anthony Hill sworn to Grand Jury petition against Arthur Savoy.

p.248, Lord Proprietary v. Robert Killeson 10 pounds, Anthony Hill 10 pounds, Peter Impey 10 pounds } the said Anthony Hill being several bound by recognizance in the sum of ten pounds current money for each of the said ... Peter Impey in the like sum for his own & his wife's appearance this court as evidence against Arthur Savoy appeared and discharged from recognizance.

pp. 248-9, The Lord Propry. a. Eliza, Anthony Hill's Daughter in Law. The said Elizabeth appears according to a Capias against her issued for Bastardy whereupon for that it appears to the Court here that the said Elizabeth was a free Negro woman & not within the Act of Assembly made against fornication it is therefore considered the said Elizabeth be discharged.

pp. 249-50, Lord Propry. v. Mary Hicks } Bastardy ... says she is guilty & swears that Negro Cupid a slave of Margaret Moore's is the father & begetter ... serve seven years ... serve Margaret Moore twelve months after she arrive to the age of sixteen years. Court binds said child Prudence Hicks to Margaret Moore till thirty one. Provide sufficient meat, etc.

p.251, Lord Propry. a. Arthur Savoy Labourer 1 March 1740 one mare value of 800 pounds tobacco goods of Robert Killeson stole ... says that he is not guilty ... Jury ... guilty ... thirty five lashes, set in pillory one half hour ... pay four fold valued at four hundred pounds tobacco.

p.252, Lord Propry. v. Margaret Lewis } Bastardy ... says that she is guilty & that the same is a Mulatto and the Court upon viewing the same child adjudges it to be a Mulata ... serve seven years ... child Sarah sold to Thomas Hands her master.

p.308, Mr. William Young v. Anthony Hill Planter ... arrested for 600 pounds tobacco debt.

10 November 1741

p.319, Court binds Sarah Savoy with her and her mother's consent to Walter Phelps untill she arrives to the age of twenty one years (she the said Sarah adjudged to be a free Negro) ... provide sufficient meat, ... give her a new suit of cloathes ...

p.328, Lord Propry. v. Dorothy Smith Bastardy ... says that she is guilty & makes oath that an Indian is Father & begetter ... ten lashes ... discharged her mistress Mary Towgood being lyable to pay all fees arising ... serve twelve months for trouble.

9 March 1741/2

p.401, John Watkins as administrator of John Mariartee comes into court against Arthur Savoy for 1,643 pounds of tobacco paid by the said John Mariartee in his life time. Judgment rendered that he serve two years to the said John Watkins for the said Tobacco and said John Watkins deliver up the said Arthur Savoy at the expiration of the time of servitude in order to serve the county for criminal fees.

8 June 1742

p.470, The court binds a Mulatto girl named Alice to Jane Axell widow of Luke Axell till thirty one years ... obliges herself sufficient drink, learn to knit & spin ... releases before the court ten years of servitude for the great regard she had for the mother of said Alice.

p.481, Lord Propry. v. Esther Hill Bastardy ... 30 shillings ... master John Darnall.

8 March 1742/3

p.776, Summons issue for Thomas Wells to testify for Mulatto Nanny against Sarah Holland returnable next court.


1743-1744, Liber IB, no.4

14 June 1743

p.7, present Judith Savoy for bastardy

pp.11-12, Ann Fisher, Robert Fisher, James Fisher, Richard Fisher, Mary Fisher, Frances Fisher, Edward Fisher, and Charles Fisher by William Cumming their attorney Preferred to the Court here the following petition vizt. To the Worshipfull his Lordship's Justices of Anne Arundel County Now in Court sitting. The petition of Ann Fisher, Robert Fisher, James Fisher, Richard Fisher, Mary Fisher, Frances Fisher, Edward Fisher, and Charles Fisher Humbly showeth that your petitioners are all the sons and Daughters of a Certain Mary Fisher of Ann Arundel County a free Woman and a slave that the afsd. Mary Fisher your Petitioner's Mother is the daughter of a certain Mary Molloyd Born in Ireland who came into this Province a servant for a term of years and served part of her servitude with Madam Vansweringen and the rest with Mr. Thomas Beale since Deceased. That during the last of the afsd. servitude the afsd. Mary Fisher your petitioner's Mother was born of the afsd. Mary Molloyd her Mother who then Declared and Charged a certain Peter an East India Indian who then lived with the Lord Baltimore in the City of St. Mary's to have been the Father and begetter of the afsd. Mary Fisher that the afsd. Mary Fisher for many years was unjustly Detained by John Beale of Ann Arundel County, Gentleman, son of the aforesaid Thomas Beale, a Slave, that during that time your Petitioners were born, and a certain Richard Fisher a Negro slave is said to be reputed Father to your Petitioner. That your Petitioners are advised that as their said Mother was the issue of a white Woman that by Law they are no slaves but are entitled to their freedom. But so it may please your Worships, your petitioner Ann Fisher by Thomas Gassaway of Baltimore County, Gentleman, upon petition of Robert Fisher, by Thomas Jennings of Anne Arundel County, Gentleman, your petitioner James Fisher by John Dorsey, son of Caleb Dorsey of Ann Arundel County aforesaid Gentleman, your petitioner Richard Fisher by Richard Dorsey of Anne Arundel County afsd. Gentleman, your petitioner, Mary Fisher by Richard Warfield Junr. of Anne Arundel County afsd. Gentleman, your petitioner Frances Fisher by Colonell Henry Ridgely of Anne Arundel County afsd., your petitioner Edward Fisher by Philip Hammond of the County afsd. Esquire, and your petitioner Charles Fisher by Elizabeth Beale of the County widow are all hindered of their liberty and are kept as slaves by the respective forementioned Persons. In order that your Petitioners May have a fair and impartial tryal and may be releived in all the singular the Premises according to law and Justice. May it Please your Worships to grant your Petitioners have that Summons's may issue to the afsd. Thomas Gassaway, Thomas Jennings, John Dorsey, Richard Dorsey, Richard Warfield, Junr., Colonell Henry Ridgely, Philip Hammond, and Elizabeth Beale to appear at a certain day to answer the premises and to stand and abide to such order and Decree as shall be made therein with the liberty to summons such evidences as your petitioners shall conceive materially to appear at a Certain day and your petitioners pray, etc. Signed William Cumming June 7, 1743.

Which aforegoing Petition being read and heard the same is by the Court here rejected. Whereupon the said Petitioners by their attorney afsd. pray an appeal to the Provincial Court to be held in Annapolis the third Tuesday of October Next.

9 August 1743

p.161, The court sells Mary Hicks who was heretofore adjudged to serve seven years for a Mollatto Bastard to Mr. Richard Moore who buys her here on behalf of her mother Mrs. Margaret Moore. two pounds.

p.169, Petition of John Dove setting forth that he has for these many months been languishing prisoner in the custody of the High Sheriff at the suit of John Hall and Richard Smith and being wholly incapable of satisfying his creditors and having a wife and four small children ... being destitute of relief and wholly relying upon the said John Dove for Maintenance. Permission to apply to the next General Assembly in order to release him from his present circumstances is granted.

Petition of Peter Impey ... prisoner in the custody of the High Sheriff at the suit of Stephen Higgins having wife and family. Permission to apply to the next General Assembly.

p.170, Petition of Mullatto Nanny setting forth that she is the Daughter of a certain Sarah Smither a free Mullatto Woman by a white man & that Mrs. Holland, the widow of Col. William Holland Deceased detains her as a slave. Petitioner be discharged.

p.176, Lord Propry. vs. Judith Savoy, Bastardy

13 March 1743/4

p.413, Stephen Higgins v. Peter Impey ... note to a certain Walter Phelps 800 pounds of tobacco on 10 August 1741 due 10 March next.

12 June 1744

p.472, Matthew Elliott undertakes to pay on behalf of Arthur Savoy the quantity of seven hundred and fourteen pounds of tobacco to the Sheriff for the County's use.

pp.500-1, John Hall v. John Dove ... debt ... Mr. John Dove - 15 pounds.


1744-1745, Liber IB, no.5

11 June 1745

p.322, Lord Propr. v. Anthony Hill ... recognizance five pounds for a certain Elizabeth Williams' appearance and said Elizabeth now to ten pounds security for her appearance ... presentment against her for assaulting a certain Elizabeth Jacobs ... said Anthony Hill as security for said Elizabeth Williams acknowledges himself ... ten pounds.

13 August 1745

Lord Prop. v. Eliza Williams assaulting Eliza Jacobs ... fined twenty shillings.


1746-1748, Liber IB, no.6

10 June 1746

pp. 149-50, John Darnall a. Anthony Hill 3,220 pounds tobacco ... does not prosecute his writ ... said Anthony Hill go thereof without day & recover his costs.

12 August 1746

p.213, Summons issue to Anthony Hill did not give in two taxables.

p.214, Joseph Brewer brings into court his servant Sarah Williams ... confesses that she had a base born Molatto child ... serve seven years ... child named Ruth, five months old, serve to thirty one years ...

Sarah Williams having sworn a bastard child to Charles Hanshaw a white man and it appears to the court that the child is a Molatto present a bill of indictment for perjury.

Eliza Jones to appear at next Court to show cause why she did not give into the Constable herself as a taxable. Ditto for Arthur Savoy his wife. Ditto Sarah Barton give herself as a taxable.

p.216, Sarah Williams presented for having a base born child confesses and appears the same is a Molatto ... serve seven years ... serve master Joseph Crouch one year for trouble ... court binds said Ann William to Joseph Crouch.

p.229, Lord Proprietary v. Sarah Williams Spinster ... 30 June 1746 ... a certain Charles Hanshaw Labourer falsely Malitiously on her oath said is the father & begetter ... twenty five lashes.

11 November 1746

p.285, Presented Anthony Hill for not giving his wife and Daughter in Law as Taxables, Presentment against Arthur Savoy for not giving in his wife as a taxable. Presentment against Sarah Barton for not giving in herself as a taxable.

p.293, Lord Propr. vs. Ann Hardie ... Ann Hardy spinster ... commit fornication with a certain Negro man ... permit a Mulato Bastard child to be begotten ... cannot say but she had a base born child. It seems to the court here the said base born child was a Mulatto ... serve seven years

10 March 1746/7

p.349, Poll a Molatto Servt. belonging to Thomas Bennett confesses that she had two Bastard Children named Jeffry & Priss. Jeffry three years old this May & Priss one year old 25 September next ... ten lashes ... serve her master twelve months ... boy serve til twenty one ... girl to sixteen.

p.353, Lord Proprietary v. Anthony Hill not giving in his wife as a taxable is discharged.

9 June 1747

p.468, Lord Proprietary vs. Sarah Barton for not giving herself as a taxable discharged paying fees.

11 August 1747

pp. 568-9, John Conner v. Anthony Hill carpenter ... eighteen pounds current money and costs.

8 March 1747/8

p.674, Nicholas Maccubbin brings into Court his servant Ann Hardie ... serve six months ... 614 pounds tobacco for cost of suit and one year for having a Mulatto bastard and six months, 3 pounds currency for second child and six months or 3 pounds currency from Thomas Foster the father thereof and nine months for the maintenance of the child and nine months from the man for 1,800 pounds tobacco.


1748-1751, Liber ISB, no.1

9 August 1748

p.65, David Evans brings into Court his servant woman Margaret Fenton & accuses her of having a base born child ... confesses the fact ... serve seven years ... bind Eleanor a Molatto child for which the said Fenton was adjudged in March Court 1745 being two years old 28 July last & Charles the Mollatto she now stands accused of aged five weeks old the 25 June last unto said David Evans.

p.74, The Court binds Moll the daughter of Margaret Wilkinson unto Ruth Todd until she arrives to the age of thirty one years she being adjudged by the Court to be a Mulatto begot by a Negro man.

p.81, Lord Propry. v. Sarah Wright Molatto Bastardy ... says that she is not guilty ... be discharged paying fees shee being a married woman.

8 November 1748

p.146, Lord Propry. v. Joseph Wright weaver ... one pair of pistols value of 400 pounds tobacco ... says he is not guilty ... Jury ... not guilty.

14 March 1748/9

p.197, Bench Warrant issue for Sarah Williams to be sold for the use of the County for having a Molatto Bastard & she appearing Joseph Crouch bids four pounds, five shillings.

p.228, Lordship v. John Elliott being bound his recognizance five pounds for Judith Savoy & James Barton's appearance to answer the said Savoy & Elliott appearing said Elliott is discharged.

14 August 1750

p.571, Mulatto Doll Servant to Richard Jones confesses she had two base born children ... Richard Fowler three pounds currency security ... serve twelve months for the trouble of his house ... Doll's living child Luckey (the other being dead) bound to Richard Jones until sixteen (being three years last April)

p.575, Court binds Mulatto Frank aged ten years and two months to Mary Taylor until twenty one.

p.629, Court binds Sarah Williams' daughter Sarah Williams to Joseph Crouch til sixteen.


1751-1754, Liber ISB, no.2

11 June 1751

p.3, Court binds Robert Parker a Mulatto the son of Ann Parker a free Mulatto born the 14 April last with the consent of the said Ann unto Thomas Stockett until the said Robert arrive to twenty one.

13 August 1751

p.85, Henry Howard brings into Court his servant Margaret Fenton and accuses her of having a Molatto Child and being demanded ... confesses ... serve seven years ... serve master twelve months for trouble ... binds child named Charles being a year old the 21 June 1750 til twenty one.

The Court binds Jonathan Annis the son of Mulatto Sue to Charles Frissel until twenty one being five years old March next.


10 March 1752

p.243, Lord Prop. v. Ann Salyer wife of Benjamin Salyer 1 March 1752 with force and arms fifteen shillings current money of Maryland in Bills & credit Established by Act of Assembly of the value of sixty pounds tobacco the goods of a certain Anthony Hill did feloniously stole ... witness Ann Clark, Anthony Hill, Thomas Clark ... not guilty.

11 August 1752

p.38, The Court allows James Nicols a Mulatto 450 pounds tobacco for his cloathing until November next to be then levyed.

14 November 1752

p.428, The court binds John Parker son of Jane Parker being four years old 22 June last unto William Allen, Junr., til twenty one.

13 March 1753

p.510, The Court binds Ann Moals Daughter of Sarah Moals alias Grimm with the consent of her Mother to Joseph Gardner til thirty one years having confessed and it appearing to the Court that said Ann Moals alias Grimm is a Molatto Bastard.

p.518, Lord Propr. v. Sarah Moals als. Grimm having a Molato Bastard ... confesses ... serve seven years ... sold to Joseph Gardner eleven pounds.

12 June 1753

p.601, Molatto Betty Fennel being an old woman and her youngest child being decreped she the sd Betty therefore discharged from her past & present levy.

11 June 1754

p.874, Lord Proprietary v. Susanna Butcher servant to Thomas Sellman for having a Mulatto Child ... serve seven years ... child bound unto Thomas Sellman til thirty one for five hundred pounds of tobacco.


1754-1756, Liber ISB, no.3

12 November 1754

p.43, Court allows Negroe Hagar five hundred pounds for her maintenance.

Petition of Mulatto Moll who formerly lived with Mrs. Beall the court allows four hundred eighty pounds tobacco for her maintenance.

12 August 1755

p.257, Thomas Sellman bring into Court his servant Susanna Butcher and accuses her of having a Mulatto Bastard Child ... confesses ... serve seven years after her present time of servitude ... recognizes forty pounds to deliver her to the Court... Court binds the said Mulato child named James til thirty one.

p.260, Ordered that John Mercer Recognize in the sum of ten pounds current money for a certain Lydia Butler's appearance at November Court next to answere an accusation against her for having a Mulatto Bastard Child.

11 November

p.344, Lord Propr. v. John Mercer ... Lydia Butler confesses ... serve seven years ... he to deliver her to the Court for which she was transported into the Province of Maryland in order to be sold.

8 June 1756

p.567, ___ servant of Lewis for having a Molatto Bastard Child.

pp. 580-1, Lordship a. Martha Servt. of Capt. Sedgwick for having a Molatto Bastard Child ... confesses ... serve seven years ... Capt. Sedgwick forty pounds for delivering her up to the Court.

10 August 1756

p.705, against Margaret Ross Servant to Ann Lewis returned Ignoramus.

p.706, Court binds Patience Ross unto Ann Lewis until twenty one with the consent of her mother Margaret. Indictment of Margt. Ross for trouble of her house twelve months.

p.714, Margaret Ross for having a Molatto Bastard child and no bill being found she is discharged.


1757-1760, Liber ISB, no.4

8 August 1758

p.320, The Court sells Elizabeth Davis and her two Molatto Children named Sam and David. Sam aged four years old in June last and David aged three years old in February unto James Barnes ... serve for fourteen years ... children until they come unto the age of thirty one for fourteen pounds.

p.324, Lord Propr. a. Elizabeth Davis ... two Molatto Bastard Children ... confesses the fact ... serve seven years and another seven years.

14 November 1758

p.389, The Court binds Jack son of Molatto Jemima aged seven years next June also Sarah Daughter of said three years old October last, Margaret aged two years last August unto Richard Jones until twenty one.

13 March 1759

p.438, Ordered that an omission of Molatto Molls allowance be paid to her by John Price out of money he holds.


1760-1762, Liber IMB, no.1

9 June 1761

p.166, The Court adjudges Juba an East Indian who belongs to the Estate of Benjamin Tacker, Junr., deceased to be of the age of twenty years and that he be kept and retained in servitude two years from that time.

10 November 1761

p.381, Lord Propry. v. Mary Barretts } appears Joseph Watson being bound by recognizance for Mary Barrotts appearance the Court to answer of her having a Molatto child. Thereupon the said matter respited to next court.

9 March 1762

p.438, Lord Propry. v. Mary Barrett's servant to Joseph Watson to answer for having a Molatto child confesses she had a bastard child but not a Molatto and no proof ... the child being dead. She is fined.

pp. 438-9, The Court binds Sarah Judith a Molatto with the assent of her mother until she arrives to the age of sixteen, she being eight years old last August unto James Cummings, Jr., he to provide sufficient meat, drink, etc.


1765, Liber IDB, no.1

15 August 1765

pp.296-7, Negro Catherine a. Richard Starbuck, Cutter ... plea of Trespass upon the case ... Richard Starbuck Dr. to Catherine Fisher ... to cash lent 1/1/9 ... 2/6/0 ... a French Gune /16/9 ... 3/2 yards Linnen ... to 2/6 pd. Jane Baker to making shirts.