Charles County Court Records 1689-1775


Court Record 1689-1693

11 March 1689

p.192-3, Grand Jurors present Lewis Reynolds a Molattoe slave now belonging to John Wood of St. Thomas his hundred in Charles Parish & formerly belonging to Mr. Richard Chandler of St. Thomas his hundred .. in 1689 did breake & enter one gray gelding of ye price of twelve pounds of his sd Thomas Halsey


Court Record 1690-1692

9 June 1691

p.190, Lewis Reinolds a Molattoe slave now belonging to John Wood formerly to Mr. Richard Chandler was committed to ye custody ...


11 August 1691

p.237, Whereas James Boareman an Indian servant to John dent of St. Mary's County hath absented himself out of his masters service & was brought here to Court it is ordered that Robert Barrett Constable of Portobaccoe hundred take ye sd James Boareman into his Custody & himself Convey to ye next Constable and so to be Conveyed from Constable to Constable until he be delivered to his sd master


12 January 1691/2

p.334, Margaret Ruston servant to Collo. Edward Pye appearing here this day and it being informed ye Court that she had a bastard Child and she also here in Court owning ... take her into his Custody & Carry her to the whipping post and 12 lashes laid on


8 March 1691/2

p.375, Whereas Lewis Reinolds a molattoe formerly belonging to Mr.Richard Chandler now until John Wood being condemned and hath broke prison and is frequently seen in these parts and doth destroy peoples stocks and gives out threatening speeches against dives Inhabitants of this County which is not prevented will redound to ye great prejudice of ye people of this County. Capt. John addison Capt etc. or any of them shall use means & Motives in order to ye taking of ye sd outlaw as they in their discretion shall think fit or to employ any other such person as they shall think fit for ye apprehending ye sd Molattoe and to bring him & deliver to ye sheriff of this county either dead or alive In ye performing of which expenses shall be about ye seizing or apprehending of ye said Molattoe shall be allowed unto them in ye County levy


Court and Land Record 1692(3) -1694

14 March 1692/3

p.52, Present Anne Hasellwood servant to Mr. James Neale for having a molattto bastard child

13 June 1693

pp. 116-7, Anne Haslewood servant to Mr. James Neale having a bastard Molattoe Child whereof he was presented as fol: 52 ... 39 lashes

James Neale presents his servant named Anne Haslewood alias Elswood to be adjudged for having two molattoe bastard Children in ye time of service ... from a fortnight before Xmas last past (at which time her first time of service was then expired) ninety days for nine days absence of his service and two years for his damages


11 September 1694

pp.389-399, articles of peace with ye Emperor of Piscattaway, King of Poccomoke, King of Mattawoman, King of Chopine, King of Nanticoke Indians

Articles of Peace and amity ... It is agreed upon from this day forward there be a violable peace & amity ... signed Ornatomaquath? Emperor ... signed Tom Calvert ... signed Maquantah Rex ... signed Daniell K: Pocomoke ... signed Panquay ... Amoughtoughlike


Court Records 1696-1698

8 September 1696

p.55, Whereas John Anderson hath taken up a Molattoe girl belonging to Elizabeth Smith widow who had unlawfully absented herself out of her service &c. It is ordered that ye sd Elizabeth Smith pay unto ye sd John Anderson ye sum of two hundred pounds of tobacco for his pains in taking up ye sd Mollattoe girl she having unlawfully absented her selfe out of her sd Mistresses service

10 November 1696

p.90, petition of Anthony Neale hath an old Negro woman belonging to the orphans of Capt. Joseph Pile ... likewise a free Native Indian that your petitioner hath kept some years past out of Charity he having two very sore legs and much distempered and not in a capacity of getting his living being continually sickly ... granted


9 March 1696/7

p.162, Eleanor Atkins servant to James Neale for having a Molattoe bastard Child


9 November 1697

p.280, Elinor Atkins 14 September last past for having a Molattoe bastard Child ... keep her ... 11 January next to answer presentment

1 February 1697/8

p.306, It was commanded of the sheriff that he Cause Elinor Atkins late of Charles County to Come here ... having a Mollattoe bastard ... but Could not have here because that she is big with Child again and is ready to Lye down Referred until she be delivered.

8 March 1697/8

p.334, Jurors do present Elinor Atkins servant to James Neale for having a bastard Child


14 June 1698

p.376, Elinor Atkins owning ye fact ... 24 lashes

p.376, Anne Osborne formerly servant to Elizabeth Smith of ye River side widow was presented for having a bastard child & ye sd Anne Osborne (by Mr. William Dent one of ye vestrymen of Nanjemy parish) was ordered to appear here this day 14 June together with her bastard child ... sd Wm. Dent ... prayeth ye Judgment of the Court where ye sd Child be not a Molatto &c. Judgment of ye Court that ye sd: Child is a Mollattoe.


Court Record 1698(9)-1699/1700

4 April 1699

p.51, Sarah a Molattoe Girl belonging to ye Estate of William Smith late of Charles County deced: petitioning ye Court here for her freedom alledging that she was sixteen years of age and ye premises by ye Court here being seriously Considered Ordered that ye sd Sarah a Molattoe be discharged from ye service of ye admrs. of ye sd: William Smith at ye age of sixteen years and that ye ad Sarah with Mary Pevy who was her Mother's Midwife goe to Mr. Richard Harrisons one of ye Justices of this Court, and if ye said Mary Pevy take her oath that she is now sixteen years of age, then ye ad Sarah to be discharged & sett free from ye service of ye admr. afsd.


12 March 1699/

p.340, James Neale Comes in Court and Offers to pay the fees For Eleanor Acton formerly twice Presented in this Court for Bastardy & for two Molatto children. Ordered that the said Elleanor serve the said James or his assignes a year and a half in Consideration and their damages and att the time Expired to return her to the Vestry of William and Mary Parish.


Court Record 1699/1700-1701/02

12 November 1700

p.99, Petition of Thomas Parker ... your worships was pleased to make an agreement last year with your petitioner for the entertainment and Looking after one Ann Osborne for one year and did promise that for the same he should receive 600 pounds of tobacco in last year's levy and 800 pounds in this years' s .. great trouble and charge in tending her in the time of her sickness and burying her ... allowed 400 pounds in this year's levy


14 January 1700/1

pp.122-5, presented John Adderton and William __ a Mollatto Late of Charles County Labourers for that they the said John Adderton and William a Molatto on the first December 1700 at Burdicts Creek one spotted barrow hogg of Richard Hall and Edward Mings value 400 pounds ... did kill ... Adderton in pillory 1/2 hour 10 lashes William a Mollatto one whole hour 39 lashes ... pay fourfold 1200 pounds tobacco Mr. Benoni Thomas paying six hundred pounds of tobacco the half of the four fold, and fees of the said Mollatto shall have two years services of the said Mollatto for the same

11 March 1700/1

p.176, Whereas on the fourteenth day of January in the year of our Lord 1700 ... was presented Mary Fountain servant woman to Mrs. Penelope Land for having a mollatto bastard child ...confesses 39 lashes


11 November 1701

p.330, John Stone for to attend Molatto Will 50 pounds tobacco


Charles County Court Record 1701-1704, Liber A, No.2


10 March 1701/2

p.1, present Martha Bedworth Servant woman to William Carter for haveing a bastard child William Barker Constable of Benedict Lower Hundred informer.


p.47, Martha Bedworth ... confesseth the fact ... William Humphreys is the father.


11 August 1702

p.80, Henry Quando Petitions the Court about his Wife being a free Negroe Whether she ought to pay Taxes being putt into the List by the Constable. It is the Opinnian of the Court that she ought &c.


10 November 1702

p.132-3, Whereas Mingoe a Negroe man belonging to Mr. William Stone presented the following Petition to the Court vizt.

Whereas your petitioner was a slave to Mr. Joshua Doyne Late of this County Gentl. deceased and the said Joshua Doyne in his lifetime ... did by a deed of gift ... that your petitioner should serve his son Dennis Doyne ... seaven years ... did serve the full and compleate terme of seaven years ... after the decease of the said Dennis Doyne ... William Doyne Brother to the aforesaid Dennis Doyne did claim a right and interest to your petitioner ...


11 March 1702/3

p.182, John Glover a Mollatto Belonging to Mr. Samuel Luckett Petitions the Court for his freedom alledging that he was born of an English woman and that he is past twenty one years and that at the time of his birth there was a law of this Province that Mollattos born of white women should be free at that age ... considered that the said John Glover remain a servant until he shall arrive to the age of thirty one years unless the said John Glover shall produce a Law to the contrary.


Negro Cesar his petition continued untill next court.


8 June 1703

p.213, Negro Cesars Petition Continued untill next Court


10 August 1703

p.249, The Jurors ... (by the Information of Majr. William Boreman) present John Brayfield Late of Charles County planter for that hee ye said John Brayfield at Portobacco did traffick, Barter, or Deale with a Mallatto Servant to ye said William Boreman.


p.251, Jno Glover, Samuel Luckett's Mollatto moves the Court againe about his freedom ye former Judgment in March Last past confirmed. Sarah Smith ye Mother of ye said John Glover maketh oath in Court that her said sonn was borne in ye month of February 1780.


14 September 1703

p.264, Presented John Brayfield ... deal with a Mollatto Servant belonging to Majr. William Boreman ... It appearing to the Court here that the said presentment was not rightly laid &c. Therefore it is considered that a Noli Prosequi be entered and the said John Brayfield be acquitt.


9 November 1703

pp.286-7, The Jurors present a Negro Woman commonly called Black Nann ... 10 June 1702 at Nanjemy Hundred severall goods that is to say fifteen ells of white linen called Dowlass or thereabouts of ye value of 470 pounds tobacco as also six yards of Flanning or Bayes or thereabouts of the value of 150 pounds tobacco ... did receive pillfer steale & take ... on ye 14 September 1702 at Nanjemy Hundred a cartaine sheepe of the value of 200 pounds of tobacco the sheepe of Gerard Fowke ... and the said Black Nann appearing in Court in her proper person is committed to the sheriff's custody for default of manucaptors.


p.288, Sarah Hinson and Mary Cox spinsters ... 5 pounds current money ... for personal appearance of Black Nann.


11 January 1703/4

p.310-2, Black Nann by Cornelius White her attorney .. saith that she is in no wise guilty ... carry her to the pillory for one hour ... thirty lashes ... presented Black Nann ... sheep ... clerke of this court draw out a transcript of the said Black Nann's first conviction ... tryal at the Provinciall Court.


14 March 1703/4

p.327, Thomas Fountain a Mollattoe formerly bought of William and Mary Vestry by Mrs. Land and given to her daughter Penelope Douglass is bound to Joseph Douglass for till he arrives to thirty one years of age he being six years old in May next.


4 April 1704

p.393-4, presented Jupiter a Negro man of William and Mary Parish ... 20 April 1703 at Pickawaxen that is to say at Portobacco one hogg of the value of 400 pounds of tobacco being the proper hog of Madam Charity Courts relict and executor of John Courts, Esq. deceased ... 30 lashes .... carry him to the pillory for halfe an hour likewise the said Jupiter to pay unto John Stollen as aforesaid being valued at one hundred pounds of tobacco ... John Contee did assume to pay the fine the said Jupiter to serve for the said four fold fees and the said John Contee being to allow the said Jupiter 1600 pounds of tobacco per annum for his service.


Court Record 1704-1710, Liber B, No.2

8 August 1704

p.5, Black Nann Discharged from her Last Presentment there appearing noe record from the Provincial against her ... Black Nann concerning her Petition against Thomas Davis Left to her Remedy at Law


12 June 1705

p.126, Grand Jury do present Elizabeth Procter servant to Mr. William Boreman Junr. for haveing a Mollatto Bastard by information of Henry Mudd.


14 August 1705

p.146, Elizabeth Procter .... for haveing a Mollatto bastard child ... confesses the fact ... twenty lashes ... serve two years after the expiration of her term ... said William Boreman offers 2000 pounds of tobacco for the said Elizabeth Procter and Mollatto Bastards service

11 June 1706

p.213, Capt. Benoni Thomas presents a man servant commonly called and knowne by the name of Mollatto Will to the Court here to be adjudged for runnaway time one hundred and eighty days runnaway time owned by the said servant. Therefore it is considered that the said Mollatto Will doe serve the said Benoni Thomas eighteen hundred days after the expiration of his first time of servitude and four years more for eighteen hundred pounds of tobacco and two pounds and six pence sterling paid for taking him up when runnaway.


12 November 1706

p.271, Thomas Coleman presents a Woman Servant to the Court named Elizabeth Cocks to be adjudged for Runaway Time Twenty five Dayes Owned in Court by the said Elizabeth Cocks. Therefore it is considered that the said Elizabeth Cocks Doe serve the said Thomas Coleman Two hundred and fifty Dayes for the Runnaway Time aforesaid after the Expiration of her first time of servitude according to Acts exc.t

p.272, In a matter Depending Between John William an East Indian and Richard Hodgson his Master Being Recommended to the Court by his Excellency the Governour and Pretending to Sue for his freedom the said Richard Hodgson appeares with Matthew Barnes his Brother and the said Matthew Barnes says he heard Capt. Richard Booker say that he paid fifty pounds sterling to Mr. Mann for Two Slaves which Mrs. Johannah Hodgson the Mother of the said Richard Hodgson had of the said Mr. Mann whereof this East Indian was one; the said East Indian brings William Thompson who in Open Court Deposeth upon the Holy Evangelist that about fifteen or sixteen years since Discourseing with Mrs. Johannah Hodgson about buying the said East Indian shee shewed him a Bill of Sale for him and a Negro Girle of which bill of sale he did then take a copy and to the best of his remembrance there was these words of Distinction was one cause that the said William Thompson did not buy the said East Indian servant he Declareing Likewise that the boy would some time or other try for his freedom and Hugh Portingall also declares in Open Court that he heard his mistress say that he should be free some time or other but when he could not tell and Cleborne Lomax allso sayes in open court that he heard the said Indian boy tell his mistress he would try for his freedom and Francis Malborough being sworne on the Holy Evangelist Deposeth and saith that he had some discourse with Mrs. Johannah Hodgson about sixteen yeares agoe some small time after shee bought and Brought home the said Indian shee told him the Deponent that instead of the said East Indian that she might have had a Negro and that she gave the price of a Negro for him and that by the Discourse of the said Mrs. Hodgson he could understand noe further but that he was a servant Dureing Life.

p.273, Wee the Grand Jury for the Body of Charles County Doe present Amy Ford Servt. to John Southern for having a Molatto Bastard Chid by Information of Edwd. Davis Constable.


p.274, Wee the Grand Jury present ... Elizabeth Cox Servt. to Thomas Coleman for having a Mollatto Bastard Child by Information of George Walls, Constable ... Whereupon the said Thomas Coleman Brings the said Elizabeth Cox into court and Desires that she may have her Tryall now to present her Comeing againe the next Court Whereupon here came as well William Stone who for Our Sovereign Lady the Queen ... confesseth the fact. serve seven years after the expiration of her first time of servitude ... Thereupon Came into Court Jacob Miller and Offered Two Thousand Pounds of Tobacco for the said servant to serve according to Act and she is sold accordingly

14 January 1706/7

p.288, Martha Bedworth late servant to Committed into the Custody of Richard Essix Constable of Benedicts Leonard Hundred for that she be here at the Next Court to be held here on the Eleventh Day of March Next to Suffer the Law for having a Mollatto Bastard Child

p.288, In a Matter Depending Between John Williams an East Indian and Richard Hodgson, Henry Tanner Deposeth on the Holy Evanjelist that about fourteen or fifteen yeares agoe he had the papers of Mrs. Johannah Hodgson in his hands amongst which was an assignment Written in These Words: a Negroe Girle Slave and an Indian Boy for the Time he had to Serve also further it was Written in the assignment neither Warranting nor Defending and further this Deponent saith not. Whereupon the Whole Matter in Controversie between the Partys aforesaid by the Court here being fully heard seen understood and Maturely Deliberated. Therefore it is Considered that she said John Williams be free from the said Richard Hodgsons service


11 March 1706/7

p.301, We of the Grand Jury do present Martha Bedworth for having a Mollatto Bastard Child by information of Richard Essix Constable


p.307, Martha Bedworth confesseth ... and her Mollatto Bastard Child to be sold to serve according to the act ... Came Thomas Coleman offered 15 pounds sterling for the said Bedworth and her child.


10 June 1707

p.326, Whereas John Birke a Mollatto servant Belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkins into Court in his proper person and Desires that he May be Free Being twenty one yeares and produceth for Evidence Mary the Wife of William Elliot formerly the Wife of Henry Brawner who Sold the said Mollatto to Mr. Henry Hawkins Decd. Whereupon It is the Opinion of the Court the said Mollatto is Free at Twenty One yeares of age.

9 September 1707

p.373, We the grand jury do present Sarah Swann a Mollatto hired woman servant to Col. Hoskins for having a bastard by a Negroe.

9 March 1707/8

pp.433-4, This indenture indented and made by and between Elizabeth Edelin of Charles County spinster being a free woman do on my owne free will and consent being poore and needy and having a female child named Kate or Katherine the which was begotten of my body by a Negro slave in St. Maryes County ... John Nicholls of Charles County and Bathshebah his wife haveing been extremely kind ever since my being brought to bed with my base begotten child ... for about two years since my being given to the said John Nicholls by my master Mr. Edward Turner of St. Mary's County ... child ... until the age of thirty years and one ... now two years new years day last past ... signed 26 February 1707.

p.448, Grand jury presents Elizabeth Procter for having a Mollatto bastard liveing at William Boremans Junr. by the information of John Simpson constable.


8 June 1708

p.467, In a matter depending between John Hanson and John Glover a Mulatto continued till next grand jury returns their presentments and are allowed four hundred pounds of tobacco

pp.469-70, on the Ninth day of March in the year 1707/8 was presented Elizabeth Procter servant to Mr. William Boreman for having a Mollatto child ... confesseth the fact ... serve seven years according to the act of assembly in such cases ... said Mollatto bastard sold to the said William Boreman to serve until itt shall arrive to the age of one and thirty years.


11 January 1708/9

p.552, Capt. William Harbert presents an Indian youth the Son of an Indian Captive Woman taken at the Susquehannock Fort and Desires to have the Courts Opinion whether he be a servant During live as his Mother was or not. It is the opinion of ye Court that he is a slave During life.


8 March 1708/9

p.565, Grand Jury presents Martha Beder for having a Mullatto bastard child by information of William Rouse constable the said Beder living now at Thomas Coleman's.


14 June 1709

p.580, Was presented Martha Beder for having a Mollatto bastard child (she having before offended in the like kind) ... confesseth the fact ... Thomas Coleman her master offers five pounds sterling or one thousand pounds of tobacco for the said Martha Bedder and her Mollatto child


13 June 1710

pp.766-7, The petition of Jupiter a free Negro formerly freed by Mr. Robert Henly humbly sheweth that the aid Henley by his last will gave to petitioner his freedom after six years service to one Thomas Harris ... the said six years duly served your petitioner indented to serve the Honorable Col. John Courts for seven years as a waiting man after which time expired your petitioner bound himself to the late Honorable Col. John Contee for five years ending the seventh day of April last, but before the expiration thereof viz. at or about last Christmas (being above three months before expiration of the last term as may appear by the indenture) Madam Mary Contee Continued by indictment to draw your petitioner into another contract by which she still detains your petitioner contrary to law ... the said negro be free ... Mary Contee appeals to Provincial Court June next


Court Record 1710-1713/4, Liber D, no.2

13 March 1710/1

p.62, Grand Jury presents Elizabeth Day for having a Mollato Bastard living with John Sanders at Mattawoman.


p.66, Jupiter a free Negro being by the Sherr. Brought here into Court Which aid Negro was Committed to his Custody (p. mittimus) on suspicion of Hogg stealing which said matter being had before the Grand Jury which said Jury were not Indicted by the Evidence produced to them to find any presentment agst the said Negro Where upon the said Negro prays that according to the Custom of the Court here upon and approved that he may be Cleared by Proclamation... the said Negro acquitted


p.70, Elizabeth Day ... haveing the Mallato Bastard ... confesseth the fact ... sayes that a Negro man named Quasey belonging to the master John Sanders begott on her body the said Mollato Bastard ... serve two whole years or pay 1600 pounds of tobacco to the said Sanders for trouble of his house ... serve seven years more ... child serve until 31.


10 June 1711

p.126, Whereas Elizabeth Fitzgerrald who being a Free Mollatto was placed with Daniel Murphey for maintaynance ye last year being grievously troubled with convulsions, fitts &c. as made for the court here ye widow of ye said Daniel Murphey and replaced ... for ensuing years.


p.136, Present Jane Addison Servt. to John Warren for having a Mallato Bastard Child.

Present Martha __ Servt. to Thomas Coleman for having a Mallato Bastard Child.

Wee aloe Doe present a negro man who goes by the name of Sawcey Jack and Jane Addison for Incontinent Living, Both servants to Mr. John Warren

p.137, Elizabeth Fitzgarrald a Free Mallato Comes Into Court and moves the Justices (that being Grievously Troubled with fits to Take some care of her by Binding or other way, as their worships think fit & Whereupon the said Mallato is become with her own Consent with Daniell Murphey foreman until this day twelve month, he obliges himself to take Care of her and find & provide for her during ye tyme meal Drink and Clothing necessary and Customary


14 August 1711

pp.195-6, Jane Addison Servant to John Warren for having a Mallato Bastard Child .... is guilty submits herself ... twenty five lashes serve two whole years ... such unnatural copulations .. child sold till 31 to John Warren. ... she sold for seven years to John Parry for 1500 pds tob.

pp.196-7, the Queen vs. Martha Beder ... 12 June last presented Martha Beder, Servt. to Thomas Coleman, for having a mollato bastard ... saith that she is guilty and humbly submits herself ... twenty lashes ... serve Thomas Coleman two whole years for trouble ... also serve seven years ... child till 31.

p.198, the Queen vs. Sawcy Jack a Negro ... and Jane Addison Incontinent liveing ... submit themselves to the mercy of the court ... Jack 34 lashes ... Jane five lashes


Court Record 1711-1715

13 November 1711

p.2, Grand Jury presents a Negro man called by the name of Sawcey Jack belonging to Charles Jones of Benedict Leonard Hundred for concealing the murder of a living infant of Jane Addison the 2 August 1709.


p.4, John Hanson Junr. presents his servant man a Molllato named John Glover to be adjudged for runaway time eighty days confessed ... serve his said master 800 days and four hundred pounds tobacco expended ... serve four months.


11 March 1711/2

p.50, Our Sovereign Lady the Queen agst. Sawcy Jack a Negro } Murder ... for concealing the murder of a living infant of Jane Addison's ... to the Provincial Court at Annapolis in April next.


12 August 1712

p.152, Elizabeth Pratt a mallato girl petitions the court that whereas Major Thomas Truman by his last will in writing duly executed did declare that Dido (who was mother of the said Elizabeth) should after ten years service from his decease be free and that the said Dido did compleat the said time of servitude with a certain Richard Southeron in the time of which service the said Elizabeth was born and that notwithstanding se being arrived to the age of eighteen years is still delayed as a servant by ye widdow & relict of John Southeron ... considered by the court that the said Elizabeth Pratt be discharged.



March 1712/3

p.207, Grand jury present Elizabeth Day servant to John Sanders for bastardy by a Negro by information of said John Sanders.


p.209, Elizabeth Fitzgerrald a Mallato girl who is diseased and troubled with falling fits ... placed with Thomas Austin for one year ... year expired ... Henry Franklin obliges himself to provide

p.214, Jupiter a Free Negro petition


9 June 1713

p.250, Grand Jury presents Isabella Ray servant to Capt. Benoni Thomas for Bastardy by a Negro per information of Joseph Harrison constable.

p.250, Martha Baddoes servt. to Thomas Coleman of Benedict Hundred for Bastardy per information of Charles Jones Constable.

p.215, Grand jury present Anne Willis of Portobacco Parish for bastardy.

p.255, Queen vs. Isabella Ray } Mallato Bastardy ... says she is guilty serve two years for trouble ... master Benoni Thomas deliver her to court ... sold for seven years ... child serve to 31.


11 August 1713

p.301, Grand Jury presents Eliza. Day for having a Mallato Bastard by information of John Sanders.

p.303, Martha Baddoe binds her son James Baddoe being four months old to Thomas Coleman untill he comes of age.

p.303, Queen vs. Isabella Rey } Mollato Bastardy .. servant of Benoni Thomas ... confesseth the fact for trouble of his house serve two years and at expiration of service ... deliver her to the County and as for the child ... sold to said Benoni Thomas.

p.304, Queen agst. Elizabeth Day } Mallato Bastardy Convict ... says the she is guilty and likewise as by information to the Court she said Day having had another Mallato Bastard which she likewise confesses ... serve her present master for the trouble of his house three years ... after the said Day shall be free from his service he to deliver her to court to be sold ... one of the children being dead the other three weeks old ... sold to said Sanders for 600 pounds of tobacco.


10 November 1713

p.320 Kennet Mackenzy brought into court a Mallato bastard left at his house of Ann Willis and for his trouble of looking after and maintaining it being a female child the court gives it to him to serve according to law.


8 June 1714

p.397, Grand Jury presents Sarah Swan Malatto servant to Col. Hoskins for having a bastard child.

p.402, The Lady the Queen versus Sarah Swann } Bastardy, vide presentment fol. 397 ... Sarah Swann Malatto servant to Col. Hoskins for having a bastard child ... says she is guilty ... pay 600 pound fine, serve her present master four compleat years in consideration of the scandal and trouble ... Hoskins to pay her fine.


9 November 1714

p.469, Grand Jury presents Jane Dawson for having a Mallatto Bastard by information of John Dodson constable and Willm. Midelton and Elizabeth Midellton evidences.

p.480, Squirrel heads: George Pangoe an Indian - 64.


8 March 1714/5

p.483, grand jury presents Esbell Ray for having a malatto bastard by information of Mr. Thomas Stone.


14 June 1715

p.499, The Lord the King vsus. Isabell Raye} Malatto bastardy, fact confessed ... vide fol. 483 presentments ... says she is guilty ... serve master Thomas Stone one year and a half for trouble ... after completion of her service ... deliver her to the court to be sold ... child sold to said Thomas Stone for 500 pounds of tobacco.


Court Record Liber I, no.2, 1717-1720

11 March 1717/8

p.57, Richard Lewellin versus Negro Jupiter assumpsit p.500 Toba. p. memorandum Countermanded


12 August 1718

p.104, Sarah Swann Bastardy } Convict by Confession ... 10 June last past then held for ye county presented Sarah Swan for having a bastard Child ... she was guilty fined or suffer corporal punishment cannot prove? any one to Discharge ye fine imposed by ye ... 12 lashes so that ye blood appear ... Jacob Miller of Charles County Inholder became security to ye several officers of ye Court here for their fees.


11 November 1718

p.142, William Hoskins by his Petition to ye Justices of ye Court her Sets forth That one Sarah Swann a mollatto woman Lately a servant to him During her servitude was Delivered of a Bastard Child in his house for which he had no reparation & thereby Prayed Satisfaction which after mature Deliberation had by ye Sd Justices It was by ye Court ordered that ye same petition be rejected.


10 March 1718/9

p.188, We of the Grand Jury for the body of Charles County ... present Ann Ranner for having a malatto bastard by information of Jno. Payne Constable (for Portobacco Hundred)

p.189, We also present Isabella Rey for having a malatto Bastard by Information of Thomas Stone Senr.


9 June 1719

p.223, Drus Properus versus Isabel Ray malatto bastardy Fact Confest ... serve seven years ... master Thomas Stone ... bought ye said malatto bastard for 500 pounds tobacco


11 August 1719

p.242, John Lemaster by his Petition Setts forth to ye Court here that ye Constable of ye hundred in which he resides hath returned without his Directions as Taxables Two melatto women being born of a white woman & having no longer to serve than till they arrive to the age of twenty one years & prays relief in ye premises whereupon for that ye allegations in ye same Petition are by ye sd Petitioner sufficiently proved & made appear to be True It is ordered by e Court her that ye sd mallatto women pay no more Levies and that the sd Lemaster her refunded to him whatever he has paid for them by allowance in ye adtl.? Levy.


8 March 1719/20

p.310, present Sarah Swann for having a bastard child by information of Thomas Matthews

p.311, present Ann Ryney for having a maletto bastard child by information of Francis Adams Constable


14 June 1720

p.335, On ye Petition of Alice Macdonald a Malatto Girl Aged abt. Thirteen years daughter of Grace Macdonald now Dead or removed out of this County she is bound unto Thomas Howard & Elizabeth his wife whereupon he promises to give her at ye expiration of her time a decent suit of cloaths.

p.338, John Hayes a negro by his Petition sett forth to ye Court here that he come in a servant to Capt. Crabb with indenture out of England for seven years & that giving his Indenture time to his master to keep could never get it again. Suggesting he has intrigued it to keep him a slave ... Elizabeth Crabb ... Thomas Crabb deced. ... frivolous and altogether groundless

p.340, Lord Propry vs Sarah Swann bastardy convict by confession ... 12 lashes


Liber K, no.2, Court Record 1720-1722

9 August 1720

p.3, present Jane Vaper for having a bastard child by information of George Elgin constable (of Durham Upper Hundred).


13 June 1721

p.126, We present Jane Napire for having a Melato Bastard Child by information of Thomas Stone.

Margaret Strickland for having a Bastard Child by information of Francis Adams constable of Port. Hundred West side.

pp.127-8, Lord Propry vs Jane Napier ... Convict by Confession Mallatto Bastardy ... servant of Thomas Stone ... child being a girl about 12 months old sold to Mr. Charles Hasletine for 2,200 pounds of tobacco


p.194, Samuel Hanson vsus Sarah Swann ... Sarah Swan of Charles county spinster ...plea of Trespass 10 June 1721 was indebted ... 489 pounds of tobacco


Sarah Swan

To Mr. Contees Aty.fees 297

To Mr. Lewellin pd Do 600

To anest her ads ps. .35

932 pounds tobacco

455 Due to Dalt?

It is therefore considered that the said Samuel Recover agst the sd. Sarah her Dama. by occasion of the nonperformance of the promise p. assumption afsd to four hundred eighty nine pounds of tobacco also 264 pounds costs ... Thomas Osborn her security


p.201, Lord Propry vs Anne Reyny Malatto Bastardy


13 March 1721/2

p.232, Isabella Ray for having a malatto bastard child by Information of Thomas Barton and Robert Taylor

p.236, James Russell a Mallatto belonging to Mr. Notley Rozier by his petition to ye Court sets forth that he was born of a white woman & conceives himself to be above the age of thirty one years & ought to be free ... ordered that the deposition of Mary Semmes be taken & lodged with the clerk ... makes oath that a Mallatto named James belonging to Notley Rozier was born some time before her son Edward Anderson who is thirty one years of age sometime in August next ...

p.241, Ordered take Margt. Strickland to the whipping post and give her fifteen lashes for falsely accusing Francis Goodrich Senr. of begetting on her body a bastard child.

Drus Propus. vs. Margt. Strickland } bastardy convict by confession ... master Leonard Green ... says that child was begotten by Francis Goodrich, Senr. ... twelve lashes

p.307, Lord Propry vs Isabell Ray } Mullatto Bastardy Convict p. confession ... says she is guilty ... Thomas Stone, Gent. present master security ... serve eighteen months ... child sold to Stone.


Court Record 1723-1724, Liber N, no.2

13 November 1722

p.2,  Negroe Called Poplar Jack appears his recog. Daniel Jenifer & Edward Maddock

p.4, A Mallatto Bastard Daughter to Margaret Strickland is by the Court her sold to Rando. Morris (he being the highest bidder) for 200 pounds of tobacco said Bastard Child to serve said Morris acc. to law


12 March 1722/3

p.30, We also do present Sarah Swann Servant to John Lambeth Constable (crossed out) Mattw. Stone Foreman ... begetting a bastard child by information of John Lambeth Constable


11 June 1723

p.89, Sarah Swann in Court here binds her Daughters (Amey Eliza) to Jno Neale until they respectively Come to ye age of Sixteen years

pp.92-3, Sarah Swann bastardy convict by confession ... cannot pay or percure any person to be security 12 lashes Jno Neale innholder became security


August 1723

p.122, Jane Napier (a servant woman belonging to Mr. Gerrard Fowke who was formerly in this Court Convicted of Mallatto bastardy is by the Court her sold to the said Fowke to serve him according to Law &c Judt. of the court on the Conviction afsd for which the said Fowke is to pay 1500 pounds of tobacco pvided the said Jane survive p. fourth day of November next yt being the expiration of time of service now due to her said master


November 1723

p.156, Sherf. Take Jane Napier to the Whipping post & give her Tenn lashes on the bare Back for her unjust Complaint agst her master Mr. Gerrard Fowke and that she immediately return to her said master's service ... fifteen lashes on the bare back for her Contempt of the order of court above mentioned


10 March 1723/4

p.217, Isabella Ray thrice convicted in this court of Mallatto Bastardy sold for 2,210 pounds of tobacco


9 March 1724/5

p.439, present Mary Raper Servt to Mr Richard Tubman for having a bastard child.

pp.454-5, Lord Propry. vs. Mary Rapier } Bastardy convict p. confession ... for having a bastard child saies she is guilty cannot pay or find security ... 6 lashes committed into custody until she give security ... Whereupon Richard Tubman of Charles County (to whom she is now servant) gives security ... render up and Deliver up the sd Mary at the expiration of her time of service now due according to act of assembly in those case made provided

p.456 Lord Propry vs. Richard Magrah Negroe & Dimbo convict felony one ewe sheep ... goods of a certain Ignatius Luckett


Court Record 1725-1727, Liber P, no.2

8 June 1725

p.1, grand jury present a Mullatto woman Servt. to John Lemastre named Jane for having a Bastard Child by information of Justinian Dirck.


14 June 1726

p.236, Peter Fitzgerrald a Mallatto about Eighteen years of age formerly in the possession of Cleborn Lomax appearing to the Court to belong to the County he being born of a white woman is by the court here sold to Thomas Harris (he being the best bidder) for 500 pounds of tobacco said Mallatto to serve said Harris to thirty one years of age

Ordered that warrant issue directed to George Thomas Constable to bring here a certain Mallatto child called Sam held in possession of Cleborn Lomax, Senr., (to whose service the court conceives the County to have a right) in order to be disposed as the court shall think agreeable to Justice, and that the sd Cleborn have notice to appear to defend his claim.

pp.257-8, William Hoskins versus Sarah Swann } Judgment ... Sarah Swann of Charles County widow was attached to answer unto William Hoskins of a plea of trespass upon the case. Whereas the said Sarah the 10 October 1725 was indebted to the aforesaid William in 1918 pounds of tobacco ... hath not paid ...

December 20 th 1720 Sarah Swann Tobacco

To your rent 1721 -  800 pounds

To Daniel Bryant order on you 150 pounds

To your rent 1722 800 pounds

To your rent 1723 600 pounds

To your rent 1724 600 pounds

To 14 months dyet & cloaths for your daughter 1200 pounds

Total 4150 pounds

By 1 hhd tobacco 400 pounds

By bring of Betty to bed twice 150 pounds

By 1 hhd tobacco 462 pounds

By a piel of tobaccco 170 pounds

By 1 hhd tobacco pd Mr. Govan 550 pounds

By 5 hogs 500 pounds

Total 2232 pounds

Balance due 1918 pounds

... considered by the Court here that the aforesaid Wm. take nothing by his writt aforesaid but that he and his pledges of prosecuting be in mercy &c. The said Sarah go thereof without Day &c. ... recover against the said Wm. 1,021 pounds tobacco for her costs and charges by her about her defence


8 November 1726

p.344, Ordered that bench warrant be renewed against Mallatto Sam Returnable to Messrs. John Fendall & George Dent.


14 March 1726/7

p.409, We present Martha Atkins for having a Mallatto Bastard Child she living at Capt. George Dent by information of Col. John Fendall

p.411, Ordered that bench warrant issue to the constable returnable before Col. John Fendall and Capt. George Dent against Alice Macdaniel a Mallatto woman to whose service the court conceives the county to have a right.

p.411, Ordered that John Bruce be summoned to appear here the next Court and to bring with him a Mallatto Girl named Mary Scott to whose service the Justices here conceive ye County to have a right.

pp.411-2, Memo that pursuant to the order of last court bench warrant issued against a certain Mallatto Sam returnable before the worshipful John Fendall and George Dent. The aforesaid Sam into court here comes with his main pernor John Cox and it appearing to the court that the aforesaid Mallatto was born in this County of Ann Penny a white woman ... the said Mallatto is now about the age of twenty six years he is by the justices of the Court here sold for the term of five years to John Cox (he being the best bidder) for the sum of three thousand two hundred pounds of tobacco.


13 June 1727

p.481, William Coody and James Penny of Charles County, planters, ten pounds each security in April past for a Mallatto named Alice McDaniel to appear in court. Abel Wakefield and John Ashman her securities to appear in next court.

p.494 Lord Propry versus Martha Atkins } Mallatto Bastardy Convict p Confession ... sayes that she is thereof Guilty in manner & form as by the presentment do become a Servant for the space of seven years and the Bastard Child afsd likewise a Servant it shall arrive to the age of 31 ... be sold to Major Robert Hanson he being the best bidder


Court Record 1727-1731, Liber O, no.2

14 November 1727

p.42, A Mallatto slave Commonly Called John Dove belonging to Doctr. Gustavus Brown being Brought before the Court on Suspicion of felony Burglary is Committed into the Custody of the Sher. namely John Howard Gent. to be by him safe kept .. next court


13 August 1728

p.147, nine bills of presentment - against Jack Jupiter, Jack Dove, Negro Sookey, Negroe Jenny and Negroe Pompey

wee also do present a Certain Margrett a Mallatto Liveing with Wm Boarman for having a bastard Child by information of William Chapman Constable

pp.148, John Hayes a Negroe belonging to Mr. Randolph Morris by his petition to the court here sets forth that he was brought into the country from old England anno 1703 and has ever since been kept in slavery tho indented to serve but seven years ... petitioner has formerly been heard in this Court ... rejected.


13 August 1728

p.153, Memo: that on this second Tuesday in August afsd Alice McDaniel appeared here according to her recognizance last court tuesday in June ... Whereupon it appears to the Court that the afsd Alice is a Mallatto Born of a white Woman within the Jurisdiction of this Court and that she is twenty two years of age the eighteenth of March next serve to the age of 31 be immediately exposed to public sale to Mr. John Howard highest bidder 3750 pounds tobacco

Mary Scott als. Flemer a Mallatto Girl under same Circumstances is Likewise adjudged to serve to the age of 31 years ... sold to John Bruce (with whom she has been brought up from a child) for 3350 pounds of tobacco

pp.155-7, Lord Proprietary v. Negroe Suckey felony convict & verdict } present Jack Jupiter of Charles County Labourer the proper slave of Daniel Jenifer of Charles County Gent., Jack Dove of Charles County labourer the proper slave of Gust Brown of Charles County Gent. Negroe Suckey of Charles Count spinster and Negroe Jenny of Charles County spinster the proper slaves of Anne Dent of Charles County Widow 16 June 1728 at Charles County with force and armes &c 30 shillings goods of a certain Collin Mollison ... take Suckey and put her on the pillory for space of six Minutes and then take her to the whipping post and six lashes well laid on Negro Jenny ditto Jack Jupiter and Jack Dove ... severally convicted of capital crimes ...


12 November 1728

p.196, Lord Proprietary agst. Margaret Yates a Mallatto } ... says she is guilty ... fifteen lashes ... give security for fees William Boarman her security


11 March 1728/9

p.229, Wee also do present a certain Alice McDaniel for having a bastard Child by Information of George Thomas Constable

p.231, Captain Joseph Douglass presents a Mallatto Servant of his named Thomas Fountain to be adjudged of his runaway time and thereupon John Scregen makes oath in Court that the said Servant absented himself from his masters service thirty days ... nine months besides the thirty dayes 450 pounds of tobacco takeing him up serve ten dayes for each of his runaway time


9 March 1730/1

p.469, present Mary a Mullato Woman for having a bastard Child by information of Richard Roby?

Pegg a Mullato woman Servant to Pryor Smallwood for having a bastard chid by information of John Franklin Constable


8 June 1731

p.518, Lord Proprietary vs. Mary a Mullatto servt. to Courts Keech ... begat by a negroe admits guilt serve 18 months after the expiration then serve seven years

p.519, Memo that the Mullatto bastard Child aforesaid named Francis & now about five months old is by the Justices sold to Courts Keech till it arrives to age 31 years highest bidder

p.520, Lord Propr v. Pegg a Mullatto woman servt. to Pryor smallwood ... begat by a negroe serve 18 months and seven years and child sold to highest bidder Pryor Smallwood

p.521, Joan Grace servt. to Wm Penn ... Mullatto Bastardy ... by a Negroe ... saies that she is guilty serve 15 months and seven years ... three months old sold to William Penn highest bidder 550 pounds of tobacco.


Court Record 1731-1734, Liber R, no.2

9 November 1731

p.41, A Mullatto Bastard Child named Benjamin Bates is by the Court here sold to Peter Harrant (he being the highest bidder)


13 March 1732

p.288, We also present Joan Grace a servant woman of Willm Penns for bearing a Mullatto bastard by Information of Willm Caze Constable

p.289, A Mullatto bastard Child named Eleanor about five days old born of a Mullatto woman called Mary now a Servant to Courts Keech is by the Justices her sold to said Keech until it arrive to the age of 31 years

pp.297-8, Lord Propry Joan Grace Mullatto bastardy Convict by confession ... servant of William Penns ... Mullatto bastard ... saies that she is guilty ... serve seven years ... Mullatto bastard child named William Grace born 6 November last bound to William Penn 31 years


Court Record 1731-1734, Liber R, no.2

13 June 1733

p.331, Be it remembered that on this day to wit the second Tuesday in June aforesaid George Williams (a Native Indian) presented in the court the following petition: To the right Honble. Charles Absolute Lord and Proprietor of the province of Maryland and Avalon Lord Baron of Baltimore the petition of George Williams son and heir to William who intermarried with a Pamunkey Indian Queen named Elizabeth of Prince George's County Humbly Sheweth: the right Honble. Lord and proprietor .. grandfather to your Lordship had given and granted to your petitioner's ancestors .. a certain neck of Land then lying in Charles County but since his Ldshps. decease is called Prince Geo. County for which your petitioners ancestors by a Mutual agreement of the Indians afsd their part to your petitioners father and his heirs forever. Since which time your petitioner has forbid a certain Walter Pye of Charles County Merchant Henry More of Prince Geo. County and Mr. Edward Neale of Charles County Gent not to settle nor make away any Improvements upon your petitioners neck of land but notwithstanding they have settled and say that this fall they as well as others will settle perhaps the whole which your petition can prove as your petitioner has received the holy sacrament of baptism according to the rights ... of Church of England ... John Ward aged 75 deposeth that he has known George Williams a Native Indian from his infancy ... son of the Queen of Pamunkey who was wife to an Indian called Mc William the father of the said Geo. Williams ... neck of land commonly called Cornwallis' Lying in Prince George's County ... (supports his claim that others had settled on it)

p.332, Mary Dempsey 58 years deposes she knows William etc. ... John Franklin 63 deposes that 31 years ago George Williams and his parents lived where Frans Payne now lives. ... Henry Brewer deposed about Gorge Williams forewarning George Cook Servant of Mr. Walter Pye not to cut down timber in Cornwallis' neck ... John Garner deposed the Indians were forted in Cornwallis' neck about fifty years ago and continued there till they were cutt off by the Senora Indians.

August 14 1733

p.378, Peter Fitzgerald a Mullatto on his petition to the Court here held on the second Tues March set forth that he is the son of a white woman and the age of 25 years yet detained as a servant by ye widow of Mr. Thomas Harris said Elizabeth by Saml Young her attorney ... petition rejected


13 November 1733

p.400, We also present a certain Mullatto Mary for bearing of a bastard child by the information of Doctr. Alexr. Adair

p.443, Lord Propry. vs. Mullatto Mary Servant to Alexdr. Adair } Bastardy convict by confession ... Saies she is guilty 12 lashes ... serve one year for trouble of his house


13 August 1734

p.503, Wee also present a Certain Mullatto Woman Called Pegg liveing at Bayne Smallwoods for having a Bastard Child by information of John Franklin

p.505, Lord Proprietary vs Margrett a free negroe Bastardy discharged paying fees James Murphy Secy for fees

p.542, Lord Propry vs Mullatto Pegg Servt to Bayne Smallwood } Bastardy Convict having a bastard child ... was begat by a Negroe serve seven years and the child serve till 31 years ... sold to Philip Key Gent


Court Record 1734-1739, Liber T, no.2

11 March 1734/5

p.1, We the Grand Jurors of the Body of Charles Count do Present Sarah Fortune Mullatto for Bastardy Living at Widow Ann Fooks by information of John Hughson Constable.

We also present Eleanor Fugate Living at Barton Smoots for bearing a Mullatto Child by information of George Thomas Constable

p.2, Present Joan Grace for bearing a Mullatto Child ... servant to William Penn

p.6, Lord Proprietary vs Eleanor Fugate Servt. to Barton Smoot by confession says she is guilty serve 7 years ... son Henry about the age of 3 months sold to Philip Key Gent. for 350 pounds


10 June 1735

p.30, We also present Christian Robison for having a Mullatto bastard by the information of John Hanson Junr. Constable.

pp.37-8, Lord Proprietary vs. Joan Grace } Mullatto Bastardy by confession ... servant to William Penn. for having a Mullatto Child confesses serve 7 years ... child named Thomas about three months sold to Philip Key

pp.45-6, Lord Proprietary vs. Christian Robson srvt to John Hanson Junr. } Mullatto Bastardy Convict by confession ... serve 18 months and 7 years ... child serve 31 years ... named Jane Robison sold to John Hanson Jr. ... born 26 March last


9 March 1735/6

p.142, We also present a certain Mullatto Moll for bearing a bastard child at the house of Courts Keech by the information of Jacob Miller constable.

We also present a certain Mullatto Pegg for bearing a Bastard Child at the House of Bayne Smallwood by information of Richard Speake

p.143, Ordered that Thos Coleman who is now Present her in court bring before the Justice in June next Martha Bedoe a Servant to the said Coleman & Eleanor a Mullatto Daughter to she sd Martha to whose service the county is presumed to have a Right


8 June 1736

p.188, Lord Proprietary vs. Mullato Pegg } Mullatto Bastardy by confession servt to Bayne Smallwood says she is guilty begot by a Negro serve 12 months for trouble ... sold for 7 years.

Lord Proprietary vs. Mullatto Moll servt to Courts Keech } Mullatto Bastardy by confession says she is guilty begot by a Negro ... serve 12 months & 7 years.


10 August 1736

p.220, Whereas Joan Grace .. several times convict of Mulatto Bastardy delivered up to the Justices ... space of 21 years sold to said William Penn 10 pounds 15 shillings

p.221, Ann Floyd a free Negro Woman who is very Antient & Infirm on her Petn. allow'd fifty shillings Current Money for her support till next November Court


pp.228-9, Lord Proprietary vs Thomas Thompson Mullatto} Felony Non Cus. p. verdict Jurors present that Thomas Thompson lat of the County afsd Planter the 13 July 1736 at Charles County did with force and arms 250 pounds of tobacco of the value of 5 pounds current money of the Goods and chattels of a certain Mary Anchoram then and there being found then & there feloniously did steal take & carry away ... says he is not guilty ... be acquit and thereof go without Day & Timothy Carrington of Charles County planter became pledge and security for the afsd Thomas to pay the several fees arisen ... Memo: that Thomas Thompson Mullatto appears here this Day according to the Tenor of his Recognizance .. and his Main pernor James Glascock from the force and Effect of the same Recognizance are acquit ... Gilbert Sympson, Mary Ancrum and Ann Williams appear here this day ... Recognizance against Thomas Thompson


9 November 1736

p.263, Isabell Hambleton for Bearing a Molatto Bastard living at Coll. Geo. Dent's by information of George Thomas Constable


8 March 1736/1737

p.287, Jane Thompson for Bastardy living at Benedict Town Hundred by Information of Cornelius Norton Constable

p.290, Jupiter a free Negro on his Petition is set levy free


9 August 1737

p.363, We also do present Mullatto Pegg living at Mr. Bayne Smallwood's for bringing a Bastard Child by Information of John Frankling Constable


8 November 1737

p.382, Present Mullatto Moll living at Courts Keech for Bastardy by information of Richard Roby Constable

Present Scotty a Mullatto Woman of Mrs. Sarah Bruce's by info of Geo. Hatton for Bastardy

pp.397-8, Lord v. Mullatto Pegg servt. to Bayne Smallwood Bastardy by confession ... whipping post 12 lashes & serve 12 months

pp.412-3, Thomas Crompton vs Thomas Thompson Memo Ralph Shaw Junr. Spl Bail, Nonpross. ... Plea of Trespass upon the Case ... 745 pounds of tobacco being sundry articles lying properly in account ... Philip Key Attorney of the afsd Crompton confesses to the Court here he will not any further Prosecute for the afsd Crompton ... Crompton take nothing by his Writ .. pay Thompson 225 pounds costs


14 March 1738

p.432, Lord Proprietary vs. Mullatto Moll at Courts Keech's } Bastardy ... discharged from presentment. Ordered that the Clerk of Indictments prefer a bill against her for Mullatto Bastardy.

Same vs. Scotty a Mullatto Woman at Sarah Bruces.


13 June 1738

p.459, We also do present a certain Mary Scott for having a Malatto Bastard Child by information of George Hatton.

p.474, Lord Proprietary vs. Edward Butler, a Slave belonging to Francis Hamersley 2 March 1738 break and enter a Storehouse belonging to Richard Gildart Merchant 15 yards of Cotton holland Linnen of the value of 375 pounds of tobacco 8 yards gingham 220 pounds tobacco 45 yards sheeting Linnon 650 pound one cotton gown 160 pound 20 yards of Irish Linon 300 pound, twenty yards of Plain Dimathy of the Value of one hundred & eighty pounds of tobacco and fifteen yards of Colored Dmathy of the Value of two hundred pounds of tobacco ... set him on the Pillory for the space of 1 hour and thence to Whipping post 39 lashes

p.492, We also present Mullatto Moll at Courts Keech of having a Mullatto Bastard by the oath of Richard Roby

p.493-4, Lord Prop. vs. Mary Scot Servt to Sarah Bruce Molatto Bastardy ... one Male Mullatto Bastard Child ... saies that she is not Guilty ... Say that the said Mary is not Guilty

pp.498-9, Lord Proprietary vs. Mary Scot Srvt. to Sarah Bruce } Molatto Bastardy judgment p. acquittal ... saies she is not guilty ... Jurors say she is not guilty


14 November 1738

p.520-1, Lord Proprietary vs Mullatto Moll Servant to Courts Keech } Mullatto Bastardy Convict p Confession ... Bastard Child afsd being a Male named Stephen now about 14 months old do Serve until he arrive to the age of 31 ... sold to Keech for 5 pounds current money

p.522, Memo that Thomas Thompson appears here ... acc to recogn. taken before Bayne Smallwood Gent. the 27 Sept. last 20 pounds together with his main pernor Thomas Hawkins ... Nothing appears against him .. and the said Thompson from the court is dismist paying fees.


12 June 1739

p.561, We also present Sarah Stapleton for having a Mullatto bastard by information of Jno. Thomas constable.

p.562, We also present ___ Peg belonging to Mr. Bayne ___ a bastard child ___ formation of Saml. Gray constable.


Court Record 1741-1743, vol. 39

(starts at page 219)

11 August 1741

pp.246-7, Lord Prop vs. Mullatto Margaret Servt to Bayne Smallwood Bastardy Convict & Confession ... 12 lashes & serve 2 years for the trouble etc. the Bastard Child by the consent of his mother bound to said Bayne Smallwood until it comes to age


9 November 1742

p.450, present Ann Parrat Living at Richard Gambras for bearing a Mullatto base born Child by Info of Richard Gambra Constable

p.451, present Mollatto Mary belonging to Courts Keech for bearing a base born child by info of James Keech

p.461, John Hayse a Negroe belonging to Wido. Morris his Petition Concerning his freedom is by the Court hear thought frivolous and therefore Rejected.

p.461, Mary Jackson a free Mullatto her Petition to the Court here to be Exempt from paying Levy is Rejected

p.471, Lord Proprietary vs. John Gray Junr. Information concealing a taxable convict p confession .. was a part of the said John Gray Junr. s' Family and above the age of 16 years .. 500 pounds tobacco

p.515, Lord Prop vs. Mullatto Mary Servt. to Courts Keech ... guilty of bearing a base born Mullatto Child ... serve 7 years ... child bound to Courts Keech (sold to) till 31 years.

14 June 1743

p.563, Margaret Gates a free Mulatto Woman being infirm and Distempered on her Pet. is exempt from paying Levy for the future.

pp.627-8, Lord Proprietary vs. Margaret Cannon } Molatto Bastardy, convict p. verdict ... Margaret Cannon ... spinster, the servant of a certain Isaac Smoot, a white woman on 10 November 1742 did suffer herself to be begot with chid by a Negroe ... a female Mullatto bastard did bare ... says she is not guilty ... Jury say she is guilty ... serve seven years ... child named Nelly about five months old serve till 31 years ... said Margaret serve Isaac Smoot eighteen months for trouble. ... child sold to Smoot for 1400 pounds tobacco.


13 March 1743/4

p.690, present Eleanor Beddor for bearing a bastard chid living at Francis Gutricks by information of Walter Dodson constable.


Liber Y no.2, Court Record 1744-1745

12 June 1744

p.25, Lord Propr. vs. Eleanor Beddor } Bastardy Convict p. Confession ... Eleanor Beddor for bearing a bastard child ... whipping post 12 lashes, serve six months ... binds her Child named James to Mr. Edward Goodrich till 21 years


August 1744

p.74, We also present Mullatto Pegg for bearing a bastard child and living at the house of Bayne Smallwood by Information of John Franklin Constable


13 November 1744

pp.193-4, Lord Propr vs. Mulatto Pegg } Bastardy by confession ... at the house of Bayne Smallwood ... 12 lashes serve one year for trouble.


12 March 1744/5

p.246, present Bridget Ray for bearing a base born child by info of John Clash Constable


p.327, present Mulatto Mary living at Courts Keeches for bearing a Bastard Child by information of Walter Dodson Constable


11 June 1745

p.360, Lord Proprietary vs. Bridget Ray } Bastardy convict p. confession ... 12 lashes ... serve master William Hanson two years for trouble of his house.


13 August 1745

p.388, present Mulatto Mary living at Courts Keeches for bearing a Bastard child Walter Dodson Constable.


November 1745

p.480, Lord Proprietary vs. Mulatto Mary Servt of Courts Keech } bastardy by confession ... 12 lashes, serve six months for trouble of his house.


Court Record 1746-1747, vol. 41

10 March 1746/7

p.23, Lord Proprietary vs Molatto Prymus Bastardy Convict by confession ... cannot pay fine ... 12 lashes.


9 June 1747

p.84, Anne Fowke Prefers to the Courthouse the following Petition Vizt. That Sarah Ray (a Mallatto Servant to your Petitioners) was Presented about twelve years ago for having a base born Child Since when your petitioner hath omitted to have her adjudged for the Trouble of the house, your petitioner therefore begs it may be done Now Also (if it be a Practice of Court that Mary Ray the child may be bound to her ... Sarah Ray serve her mistress Ann Fowke 2 years the trouble of her house


10 November 1747

p.179, Mary Jackson Molatto Woman by her Petition to the Court here is Set levy free for the future.


March 1747/8

p.297, Mollatto Prymus Servant to Elizabeth Morris who was Convicted of Bastardy in March Court 1746 is adjudged to serve her said mistress 2 years for the trouble of her house


Court Record 1748-1750, Vol. 42

13 June 1749

pp.350-1, Lord Proprietary vs. Catherine Proctor } Bastardy convict p. confession ... saith that she is thereof guilty ... twelve lashes ... Thomas Reading planter security to pay fees ... serve her master one year and a half in consideration of the loss of time and trouble of his house.

p.351, Mollatto Pegg belonging to Mr. Smallwood } Bastardy, non est inventus


8 August 1749

p.412, Present Ann McFarthing for bearing a Mullatto Bastard, in the Opinion of this Jury Witness.

p.412, also Present Monica Baggott for bearing a Mulatto Bastard by Information of a Certain William Presly.

p.413, James Heap motion to the Court about a Mollatto Child Named John Hews, Whereupon the said Heap is allowed three hundred pounds of tobacco for maintaining the said Child till Novr. Court Next.

p.414, Ordered by the Court to take the Depositions of Richard Edelen, Mary Ruthorn, Mary Jameson and Thomas Osborn to be Used as Evidence for William Neale at suit Edward Butler on his Petition for freedom on giving due Notice to Opposite Party and the Petition Cont. to Novr. Court.


14 November 1749

p.509, present Thomas Rustain, Slave of William Neale of Portobacco, for stealing & taking a horse of Wm Maddox's by information of Matthew Byrn & Thomas Fountain.

p.537, Lord Proprietary vs. Mollatto Pegg belonging to Mr. Smallwood } Bastardy Non Est Inventus

p.539, Lord Proprietary v. Ann McFarding Bastardy } NEI

p.540 ditto v. Monicoe Baggott Mollatto Bastardy } Non est inventus


13 March 1749/50

p.603, Bridget Ray Melatto for bearing a Base Born Child by Info Henry Barnes Constable.

p.604, Present Frances Easter for bearing a Melato Bastard and by Information of John Frankling Constable (lower part of Durham Parish).

p.609, Lord Proprietary vs. Thomas Rustain } Felony conviction ... Thomas Rustain Labourer the slave of a Certain William Neale, Gentleman, did feloniously take and lead away a certain gelding of the price of five pounds sterling being the goods of William Maddox ... saith that he is not guilty ... Jury says he is guilty ... be hanged by the neck until he be dead.

p.615, Lord Proprietary vs. Mollatto Pegg belonging to Mr. Smallwood } Bastardy N.E.I.

p.616, Lord Proprietary vs Ann McFarding Mollatto Bastardy NEI ditto Monica Baggott Mollattoe Basty. Non est inventus

pp.630-632, William Hunter & Com. vs. Jonathan Curtis } Jonathan Curtis late of Charles County Planter was attached to answer William Hunter and Company of a plea of Trespass upon the Case & so forth - 18 November 1746/7 at Charles County was indebted to the said William & Co. sum of 5 pounds six shillings and three pence currency the value of 10 pounds twelve shillings and seven pence Maryland Currency for divers articles lying Properly in an account by the particulars etc. ... promised the said 5 pounds six shillings and three pence ... afterwards towit the 9 August 1749 and then afterwards at Charles County to pay ... Damage to the same William Hunter and Company 10 pounds 12 shillings and seven pence Virginia currency of the value of 21 pounds Maryland Currency


Jonathan Curtis a free Negroe to William Hunter:

shoes, rum, 2 yds , 2 doz buttons, pocket book, sheeting linen, rum, shoes, buckles, rum, ribbon, bedcord, handkerchiefs, 2 yards linen, stockings, calico, rum, buttons, sheetings, thread, pocket book, broadcloth, padlock, sheeting,

dates from October 1746 to November 18, 1747

William Hunter in Spotsylvania County at the time ... Samuel Luckett of Charles County becomes security for Jonathan Curtis ... Jury find for the pltf., plus 202 pounds tobacco costs


12 June 1750

p.720, The Mollatto Child Named Frederick, that Ann McFarding is this Court Convict of about 12 Months old is set up at Publick Sale to the Highest Bidder. .. Samuel Lewis 1125 pounds toba

The Mollatto Child Named John that Frances Easter is this Court Convict of about four Months old is set up at Publick Sale to the Highest Bidder ... Mr. Bayne Smallwood for 825 pounds

p.726, Lord Proprietary vs. Mollatto Pegg to Mr. Smallwood } Bastardy

Same vs. Monico Baggott Mollatto Bastardy } Non est inventus

Lord Prop vs Bridgett Ray } bastardy convict by confession ... William Hanson of Charles County Gentleman Master of the afsd Bridget security... serve 2 years for the fine fees and trouble of his house.


Charles County Court Record 1750, Vol 44.

12 June 1750

p.37, Lord Proprietary vs Ann McFarding Mollatto Bastardy Convict p Confession serve her master Samuel Lewis one year & six months for the trouble of his house ... return to the Court after the Expiration of her time to adjudged according to Law

Memo: the Mollatto Child named Frederick bound to Samuel Lewis 1125 pounds tobacco

Lord Proprietary vs Frances Easter Mollatto Bastardy Convict p Confession. serve her Master Bayne Smallwood one year and six months for the trouble of the house and return after the Expiration of her term Memo: Child named John sold to Bayne Smallwood 825 pounds of tobacco.

p.59, Lord Proprietary vs. Monico Bagggot Bastardy NEI Struck off

Lord Proprietary vs. Mollatto Pegg belong to Mr. Smallwood Bastardy NEI


13 November 1750

p.140, We also present Mary Cunninghame, now living at John Kinsmans for bearing a base born Mullatto Child Test. Alexander Macpherson Junr. Constable

Present Robert Rustin slave of William Neale, Ned Boy, also slave of William Neale and Negroe James Slave of Ledstone Smallwood for Breaking and entering the Storehouse of Hugh Mitchell on the 29 October last and stealing thence one silk handkerchief 1 pair stript Holland sheets 1 p Scotch plaid Blankets one pair mens Gloves, one pound gun powder, 3 quarts Rum, one pair single Channeld mens pumps two yards and seven Eights of yards of Indiana & nine yards of Check Linnen, the property of the said Hugh Mitchell ... wit. Negroe Charles slave of Alexr Hawkins, Negroe Violetta and Phillis Slaves of Charles Courts and Venus slave of John Hanson


p.151, Lord Proprietary vs. Ann Harris Mullatto Basterdy Convict by Confession ... serve seven years ... Ann Harris sold to Jacob Andrew Minitree for the space of seven years to commence from the expiration of her present time of servitude and the child called Alice is by the Court here sold to Jacob Andrew Minitree till she arrives to the age of 31 now six months old


Court Record 1752-1753, Liber B, no.3

9 June 1752

p.60 Ann Harris her said Master Jacob Andw. Mintree after her present time 15 months for expenses in taking her up when she runaway, 24 days for the 24 days she was runaway

p.65, Lord Proprietary vs Eliza Macdaniel Molatto Bastdy. NEI.

Same vs Mary Clarke Molatto Bastdy NEI.


11 August 1752

p.119, We present Neck Rustain Slave to Mr. Willm. Neale for braking into the Warehouse st Chandlers Point and feloniously stealing and bearing away one bottle of rum by the information of John Haisty.

p.134, Lord Propry vs. Eliza Macdaniel Molatto ... Struck off.


November 1752

p.217, Martha Beddoe by her petition to The Court here is allowed 500 pds tobacco for her support

p.228, Lord Proprietary vs. Mary Clarke Molatto Bastardy Struck Off


Court Record 1753-1754, Liber D No.3

14 August 1753

p.75, Present Edward Butler Junior for feloniously Stealing and bearing away one Broad ax the property of Miss.s Benjamin Fendall and Robert Gates by Information of Thomas Skinner.

Present Ann Harriss for having a Mollatto Bastard Child by Information of John Smoot Constable

p.82, comes Edward Butler Junior of Charles County Planter according to a certain recognizance ... 60 pounds ... together with William Parker his main Perner ... his appearance.

p.82, William Hanson in the sum of ten pounds for a certain Bridgett Rays appearance to answer ... bearing a Mollatto Bastard child.

pp.84-5, Lord Proprietary vs. Edward Butler, Junr. } Felony convict by verdict ... Edward Butler Junior Labourer one broad ax the value of 200 pounds tobacco the proper broad ax of Benjamin Fendall and Robert Gates ... Jurors do say guilty ... stand in the pillory one hour and to receive thirty nine lashes.

p.94, Andrew Monroe vs. John Butler } trespass upon the case ... judgment by verdict (did not return heifer which strayed) damages two pounds.


13 November 1753

p.149, Present Susanah Scarlett for Bearing a Molatto Bastard Child by information of Henry Davis Constable.

Present Jane Repwith for Bearing a Molatto Bastard Child by information of John Sanders constable

p.166, Lord Prop vs Sarah Adams Mollatto Bastardy NEI

p.186, William Neale vs. Susan Butler } trespass upon the case 1631 pds tobacco agreed.

pp.220-1, Lord Prop vs Ann Harris Mollatto Bastardy Convict by confession ... serve seven years ... and serve her master Jacob Andw. Minitree one year for the trouble of his house ... the Child sold to Jacob Andrew Mintree 5 pounds 4 shillings till age 31 Child Named Joseph Harris this Instant six months old

p.221, Lord Proprietary vs Susanah Scarlett Molatto Bastardy Convict by Confession ... serve seven years master Robert Dade for one year for the trouble of his house sold to Robert Dade for 3 pounds four shilling child named Lawrence Scarlett

Lord Prop vs Jane Rapworth Molatto Bastardy Convict by Confession ... serve seven years ... master John Cornish one year for trouble of his house ... child name Mary Rapworth sold for 3 pounds 5/6 until 31 years being six months


12 March 1754

p.307, Lord Propry vs Sarah Adams} Mollatto Bastdy Non Est Inventus


June Court 1754

p.325, Sarah Adams Molato Basty. Non Est


13 August 1754

p.363, John Lewis a Servant of George Keech and negroe Dick (The slave of Charles Courts) for feloniously breaking and Entering the meathouse of William Parker the 5 July 1754 and stealing 178 pounds of Bacon

pp.368-9, John Butler Vs William Parker for Freedom Petition Granted & Petitioner adjudged free with costs ... your Petitioner is Entitled to Freedom not with standing which a certain William Parker of said County detains your Petitioner as his servant your Petitioner therefore prays yr. Worships ... Whereupon all and singular the Premises being by the Court here seen heard & fully understood. It is Therefore Considered by the same Court that the said John Butler be Free. It is likewise further Considered By the same Court that the said John Butler do Recover against the said William Parker One hundred and Two pounds of tobacco for his Costs and Charges by him about his suit in this Part laid out and Expended on his assent by the Court here adjudged.

p.369, Joseph Butler vs William Parker Petition for Freedom ... is entitled to Freedom notwithstanding which a certain William Parker of said County detains your petitioner as his servant ... Joseph Butler be free ... 116 pounds toba costs

p.373, George Keech Jurat to 5 days attendance as an evidence for Susan Butler at suit of William Parker for which he is allowed 110 pounds tobacco.

Summons ordered for Geo. Keech to test. for Susan Butler at suit William Parker.

Same for John Parker, Masom Butler & Mary Mahall to test. for Wm Parker vs. John Butler.

Same for Susan Butler to Test. for the Propry. against Robert & William Parker.

p.378, Sarah Adams Mollatto Bastardy. Non Est Inventus

p.389, Lord Proprietary vs. William Parker & Robert Parker } presented William Parker and Robert Parker for a breach of the peace on the body of Susan Butler ... fined the sum of five shillings.


Court Record 1755-1756, Liber E no.3

21 April 1755

p.90, We the Grand Jurors for the assize Court do Present Ann Nellson Servant to William Brawners for Bearing a Mollatto Bastard Child by Information of John Woodard Constable


10 June 1755

p.127, Present Maria Newman (Servant to Thomas Maggottee, for bring a Mollatto Base Born Child by the Oath of Thomas Maggottee

Elizabeth Love (Servant to John Slye) for bearing Base born Mollatto Child, by the information William Compton Constable

pp.130-1, commission to examine bounds of land called Court's Choice ... William Parker ... about thirty one years also upon oath saith that he hath heard the said Courts Keech say ...

p.179, Lord Propr vs. Ann Nelson Molatto Bastardy. Judgment Child sold at an Assez Court of oyer terminer and Goal Delivery held at April Last Past Presented Ann Nelson for Bearing a Molatto Bastard ... Saith that she is Guilty ... (confesses) serve her Master William Brawner six months for the trouble of the house ... child called Joseph now of the age of five months sold to Timothy Carington 31 years for 750 pounds.

p.180, Lord Proprietary vs Moria Newman Molattatt Basterdy ... Convict & Confession Child sold &c ... in her proper person comes ... saith that she is guilty ... serve her Master Thomas McAtee six months for the trouble of his house ... child called William now four months sold to the aforesaid Thomas McAtee till he arrives to the age of thirty one years for the sum of Nine hundred pounds of tobacco.


12 August 1755

p.223, Adam Clinkscales who has had a Molatto Child in his Possession one month for which and keeping the said Child till next November Court he is allowed 400 pounds of tobacco

p.223-4, Lord Proprietary vs Elizabeth Love Molatto Bastardy ... Convict p. confession ... saith that she is guilty ... serve seven years ... child called Joshua about four months old is this day sold to Ignatius Sims for 950 pounds tobacco


9 March 1756

p.382, Present Molatto Pegg Living at Mr. Bayne Smallwoods for Bearing a base born Child by information of Hezh. Speake Constable

We also do Present: Susanah Scarlet Servant to Eliza. Dade Widow to Robt. Dade for bearing a base born Molatto Child by information of John Butrige Constable

p.398-9, Edward Smoot vs. Mass Butler } trespass upon the case ... sum of 1466 pounds of tobacco for sundry goods

9 March 1756

p.423, William Parker vs Susanah Butler Judgment p. Convict Actionem ... Charles County vs. Susanah Butler late of Charles County Spinster was attached to Answer unto William Parker a plea of Trespass upon the Case and So forth. And Whereupon the same William by Thomas Clark his Attorney Complains that whereas the said Susanah on the Ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty five at Charles County afsd. was indebted to the said William in the sums of sixteen hundred and sixty two pounds of Crop Tobacco & one pound Seven Shillings Currency for divers articles Lying properly in an account as by the Particular Account thereof herewith into court Brought may appear and the said Susanah being so thereof Indebted the afsd. Susanah in Consideration thereof afterwards to wit the day and year afsd. at the County afsd. upon himself Assumed and the said William then and there faithfully promised that the said Susanah the said sums of Sixteen hundred and sixty two pounds crop Tobacco one pound seven shillings Currency to him the said William would well and truly content and pay when thereunto afterwards she should be requested. Nevertheless the said Susanah her Promise and Assumptions afsd. not Regarding but minding and fraudulently Intending him the said William in his Part Craftily and Subtelly to dewe(?) and defraud the said sums of sixteen hundred and sixty two pounds of Crop Tobacco and one pound seven shillings Currency or any Part thereof to the said William hath not paid or him for same in any sort Contented all tho the said Susanah was afterwards to wit on the first day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty five afsd. and often before and since at the Count afsd. by him the said William Requested but the same to him neither to so pay or him for the same in any sort to Content hath hither to Altogether Refused and Still doth Refuse to pay the same to the Damage of the said William Three Thousand Three hundred & Twenty four Pounds of Crop Tobacco and Two pounds fourteen Shillings Currency and therefore suit is Brought & so forth.

1755, May 9th Susanah Butler (Molatto)

To paid Thos. Clark Esqr. for you 1500 Pds. Crop Tobo. & 1 pistole 27/ Cur. 1754

To Tobacco Lent you 1486

To paid Wm Scott p. yr. order 425

To paid the Sheriff for yr. present fees & Convict Charges 1103

To Thos. Thompson St. Marys 60

To paid Robert Horner 117

To Ballance due you in Trans. Toba. 1400

(Total) 3113

By 2 Cows & Calves sold for you 800

By Cow do 300

By 2 small steers do 400

By 7 shotes about six months old do 350

By 1 sow & 5 pigs abt. do. 200

By 1 old Lennen Bed do 300

By 1 old Jugg do 50

By 2 small potts do 150

By 51 pds. poork @ 3 pds tobac. p. do 153

By 1 Barrell Indian Corn do 70

By 2 small Pewter Dishes Do 70

By a parcel of Earthen Ware Do 120

By 1 Bushell of Wheat Do 30

By 1 Do of Beans Do 20

By 50 pds of old Iron Do 50

By 3 ps. of old wooden wall Do 40

By 2 old sifters Do 10

(total) 3113

By the Ballance of Trans. Toba. 6 p. Currt.(?) 1324 Crop

Balance Due W.P. in Crop Toba. 1622 & 1/7/0

Errors Excepted p. William Parker

Charles County ss. on the 9th of March 1756 William Parker before me made oath on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God that the within Account is Just and True, and that he hath not to his knowledge directly or Indirectly received Either Part of Parcell Security or Satisfaction for the same more then Credit given.

... And the said Susanah by John Hall her Attorney ... saith that she Cannot deny the Action afsd. ... also 185 pounds of tobacco .. Costs


March 1756

p.497, John Semple & Company vs John Butler } docket no.62


Court Record 1756-1757, Liber F, no.3,

8 June 1756

pp.2-3, Lord Proprietary vs. Thomas Rustin } Indictment, felony ... Grand Jurors at the Court of Oyer and Terminer for the County do Present Thomas Rustin slave of William Neale for feloniously Taking and Carrying away an hatt of the value of Ten shillings Current money the property of Thomas MacPherson ... guilty ... Lord Propr. vs Thomas Rustin, Indictment, felony, Convict & Verdict ... 39 lashes and be put in the pillory & there to be kept one hour.

p.13, Margaret Betto By her Petition is Alld. 400 pds tobacco for her support till Next November Court to be then Levyed

William Gammell vs. Thomas Rustain ... late of Charles Count planter ... the sheriff that he should take Thomas Rustain Late of Charles County planter and him safe to keep ... not to be found ... said Thomas on the 13 October 1754 was indebted to said William 1,003 1/2 pounds tobacco issue against the goods Chattels and Credits of the said Thomas


10 August 1756

p.117, We also do Present Christian Anderson a Servant to a Certain William Breuner for bearing a Mulatto Base Born child

pp.117-8, We also Present Thomas Rustain Junior (Slave to William Neale) for stealing and bearing away one mans saddle on the 13 August 1755 the property of a Certain James Carroll

p.124, Lord Prop vs. Molatto Pegg Bastardy Convict p. Confession fined 30/ Cur. presented second Tues March last .. comes Bayne Smallwood Security ... serve two years

p.144, William Gammell vs Thomas Rustain Condemn. as p. schedule for 1003 1/2 pds crop toba. & 100 pds Trans. Toba. ... attachment of goods p.145

p.161, Susanah Butler vs. William Parker Tr. Ca. Nonpross ... Susanah Butler of a plea of Trespass upon the Case and so forth and that he should have then and there that Writt &c. by Henry Damall her attorney afsd Confesses to the Court here that he will not further Prosecute for the Said Susanah against the said William in the pleas afsd. .. take nothing pay costs 127 pounds Tobacco


November 1756

p.201, Lord Proprietary vs. Negroe Thomas Rustain } Indictment Felony ... do present that Molatto Thomas Rustain Late of Charles County Labourer the slave of a Certain William Neale ... one man's saddle value of 2,000 pounds of tobacco Proper goods of James Carroll ... not guilty

p.205, Lord Prop. vs Susanah Scarlet Molatto Bastardy ... Convict by confession ... serve seven years and another 12 months for trouble

p.220, ... John Grays Englishman

p.297, Charles Rae Molatto By his Petition in the Curt here has his Wife Bridget, Discharged from Paying a Levy for the future.


8 March 1757

p.323, Lord Proprietary vs Jacob Chapman & Negroe Sam convict & verdict Jacob Chapman and Negroe Sam of said county Laborer the slave of a certain Philip Edelen of the said count planter ... one hog ... 31 lashes each and stand in the Pillory a quarter of an hour

p.404, Susanah Butler vs William Parker ... confesses that she will not prosecute ... pay 183 pounds tobacco costs

p.465, Lord Proprietary vs Christian Anderson Molatto Basty. Convict p. Verdict ... 6 April 1755 at Charles County did suffer herself to be Got with Child by a Certain Negroe Man ... and on the 6 January 1756 was delivered of a Base Born Molatto Male Child ... serve seven years ... child Henxey ... sold to Robert Horner till 31

p.466, To the Worshipful Justice petition of Christian Anderson humbly showeth that she sometime ago bound herself to a Certain William Brawner to serve five years in Consideration that her said Master Should answer for all fees she should be subject to for Bearing a Base Born Molatto Child, that your Petitioner finds she is Liable for the penalty of the Act of assembly and therefore Prays your Worships will take the Case into Consideration and give her such relief ... said William Brawner appears gratis and consents that the said Christian Anderson should be discharged from her Servitude and ... adjudged free.

p.489, Lord Prop. vs Ann Nelson Sept. 24 1756 was Convicted of Bearing a base born Child Came Ann Nelson and William Nelson & Recognized in Common form the said Ann 6 pounds ... said Ann pays her fine and fees


Court Record 1757-1758, Liber H, no.3

8 November 1757

p.1, Present Thomas Rustain Slave of William Neale for Striking Richard King sometime in September Last.

We also present Ann Nelson Servant to William Brawner for having a Mulatto Bastard Child

Jane Acron Servant To Edward Maddox for having a base born Mulatto Child


14 March 1758

p.117, Present Eleanor Beddow for breach of the peace on Mary Ann Thompson

p.149, It was commanded take Susanah Butler late of Charles County widow ... to answer William Parker


13 June 1758

p.320, Lord Proprietary vs. Eleanor Beddow } Convict & submission one shilling for breach of the peace on the body of Mary Ann Thompson John Biggs security

pp.407-8, Lord Propry The Jurors ... Present that Charles Butler junr. late of Charles County afsd. Labourer the Slave of James Campbell of Charles County merchant on the Thirteen day of January in the year of our lord one Thousand Seventeen Hundred and fifty Eight in the county afsd. with force and armes the store House of Andrew Buchanan & Company feloniously broke and Entered the said Store House not being Contiguous to or used with any mansion House of Twenty Seven yards of Sagothy of the value of four pounds Current money, Ten yards Irish Linnen of the value of one pound Ten shillings Current money, Two yards of Broad Cloth of the value of one pound Ten shillings Current, money Two Ornies(?) of nuns thread of the value of Three Shillings Current money, sixteen yards of Harns(?) of the value of Sixteen Shillings Current money and seven yards of Striped Holland of the value of one pound five shillings Current money of the proper goods and Chattels of Andrew Buchanan & Company in the same Store house being then and there found then and there feloniously stole tooke and carried away against the Peace of the said Propry his good rule ... Says he is not guilty ...Jurors ... Charles is Guilty of the felony ... lead to the Place of Executions & to be hanged up by the neck until he be dead


9 November 1758

p.565, we also Inform the court that Elizabeth Pile Suffers Negroe Jack Slave to the said Eliz. Pile to keep an horse or horses as his the said Jacks Property by the oath of Michael Dent

p.566, Present Susanah Scarlett for Bearing 2 Mullatto Bastards born of her the said Susanah body at one Birth

Inform the Court that William Neale hath Suffered Thomas Rustin Slave to the said William Neale to keep an horse or Horses as the Property of the said Thos Rustin as also the said Neale hath suffered George Rustin Slave to him the said William Neale to keep and horse or horses as the Property of the said George Rustin Contrary to an act of Assembly in such cases ...


Court Record 1759-1760, Liber I, no.3

13 March 1759

p.21, Carrisa a negroe foundling Child is by the court here bound to Anguish McCoy till it Comes to 16 years of Age who being Present Accepts thereof and agrees to give it a decent suit of apparel when free alld 800 pds of Tobacco for keeping said child to this time to be leveyed next November Court

Ordered that Anguish McCoy Deliver up to Jacob Andrew Minitree a negroe foundling now in Possession of said McCoy


12 June 1759

p.175, We also present Ann Smith Servant to John Fendall Esqr. for melato Bastardy by information of Mr. John Fendall

p.177 Thomas Russtin by his Petition to the court is set levy free for the future


13 November 1759

p.358, We also Present Mary Upton for Bearing a Molatto Child by the information of Notley Dutton Constable.


11 March 1760

p.425, Present Sarah Garner Servant to John Dent Nanjumoy for Bearing a Base Born Mollatto Child by Information of John Elgin Constable.

We also present Margaret Helen Grant Servant to James Elgin for Bearing a Base Born Mallatto Child by Information of John Elgin Constable

p.426, Summoners to Grand Jury: William Smallwood Senr. Negro Will, Thomas Ruston, Will, Will George Godfrey Negro Betty


Court Record 1760-1762, Liber K, no. 3

12 November 1760

p.88, We also present Charles Proctor for begetting a base born Child on the body of Jean Robinson by Information of said Robinson ... We also present Jane Robinson for bearing a Base born Child by Information of John Hanson

p.90, The Court adjudges that Jane Robinson serve her master John Hanson Senior one year for the trouble of his house and fine and fees the said servitude to begin after her present time is expired.

p.90, Misses Ann Dent brings into Court her servant Sarah Garner ... trouble of their house one year and three months.

p.99, Lord Proprietary vs. Sarah Garner } Melatto Basty. appears & confesses ... serve seven years ... child called Dennis Garner sold to Walter Hanson for 2,170 pounds tobacco till 31 years.

p.131 Sam Hanson vs. John Butler p.131 NEI November 1760 no.62


11 March 1761

p.145, Present Catherine Langsdon for Bearing a Base Born Melatto Child by Information of John Elgin Constable

p. 156, Lord Proprietary vs. Charles Proctor } Bastardy appears & submits, fined 30 shillings ... saith that he is thereof guilty Thomas James Boarman Junior of Poecomos Security to pay fees.


9 June 1761

p.229, Lord Propry. a. Catha. Langsdale } Melatto Bast. Confession ... presented for Melatto Child in March ... She is thereof Guilty seven years ... child called Samuel sold to James Ratcliff sec. 1000 pounds serve till 31 years

p.275, Catherine Langsdale serve Francis __ pay one year for trouble of his house.


November 1761

p.628 John Fondall vs. Eleanor Beddow, 23.2.2 June 1762 no.36, NEI


Court Record 1762-1764

2nd Tuesday November 1763

p.351, We also Present Jane Rapitt for Bearing a Base Born Mulatto Child by Information of Leonard Milstead Constable

p.352, We the Grand Jurors for the Body of Charles County do Present Margaret Caine Servant to Benjamin Phillpott for having a Base born Mullatto Chid by Information of said Phillpott

p.378, William Swann vs. Notley Luckett } 2,000 pounds of tobacco debt by note

p.402, Hancock Lee's Executors a. Arthur Savoy } Debt 5 pounds, 11 shillings ... Arthur Savoy planter cannot deny that he owes.

p.475, Lord Propry. vs. Margaret Caine } Mulatto Bastardy Convict by Confession ... says she is guilty ... serve 7 years ... also serve present master 6 months, sold to Benjamin Philpott for 7 years, child Daniel Caine sold to Benjamin Philpott till he arrives at the age of 31 years.


Court Record 1764-1766

p.36 Buchanan & Simson Case against Eleanor Beddow August Court Dockets 1764


12 March 1765

p.181, grand Jurors of the body of Charles upon our oath do Present Eleanor Grant for bearing a Base born Molatto Child by Information of John Moran Constable


10 June 1766

p.772, grand Jurors do present Catherine Lands for bearing a Base born Melatto Child by Information of John Barker Constable.


Court Record 1766-1767, Liber P, no.3

10 March 1767

p.262, present Margaret McPherson for bearing a Base born Mulatto Child by information of Daniel McPherson Constable


November Court 1767

p.687, Samuel Hanson v. Leonard Proctor } Leonard Proctor late of Charles County Planter was attached to answer unto Samuel Hanson of a plea of trespass upon the case and so forth and Whereupon the same Samuel by Robert harrison his Attorney Complains that whereas the said Edwards on the 23 February 1765 at Charles County was indebted unto him the said Samuel the sum of 1,350 pounds of tobacco for divers articles lying properly in an account as by a Particular Account thereof of herewith unto court .. said Leonard in consideration thereof afterwards ... faithfully promised would pay Richard Edelin posted Bail that he should pay all. Leonard prays until June Court ... then August ... then November .. judgment for Hanson.


Court Record 1767-1770

November 1767

p.39, Samuel Hanson vs. Benjamin Procter docket

p.60, Elizabeth Thompson Presentment for bastardy.


8 March 1768

p.60, present Elizabeth Thompson but since married James Gates.

pp.60-1, present Sarah Linkins (Lenkins?) for bearing a base born child by information of Daniel McPherson Constable

p.241, John & Jas. Jameison a. Charles Proctor Jr. } Case, June Court 1768: docket: Countermand


13 August 1768 Court

p.246, We the Grand Jurors for the body of Charles County on oath do present John Butler Molato for Concealing a tax by Information of Daniel McPherson Constable.

p.304, August 1768 docket Hanson vs. Benjamin Procter debt no return


Court Record 1767-1770

2nd Tuesday, March 1769

p.405a, Present Leonard Swann for Begetting a Base born child on the body of Sarah Linkins by information of said Linkins.


13 June 1769

p.434, We the Grand Jurors do present Dorothy Harrison for bearing a Base Born Mulatto Child by the information of John Saragin?

p.470, Hanson vs. Benjamin Procter } June 1769 docket 1250 pds crop no sat.


13 March 1770

p.612, John & Jas. Jamieson against Will Procter NEI


Court Record 1770-1772, Liber T, no.3

12 June 1770

p.2, present Margarett Tuson upon information of Catherine McQuaker? and Rachael Barrett for an assault and Battery Committed on the body of Elizabeth Ross.


August 1770

p.126, Samuel Hanson v. Benjamin Procter debt

p.126, John & Jas. Jamieson a. Charles Proctor } debt NEI

p.126, ditto a. William Proctor


13 November 1770

p.128, we the grand jurors do present Elizabeth Gibbeth for bearing a Base born Mulatto Child by information of John Robey Constable

p.130, we do present William Gray Mulatto for Killing one unmarked Hog the property of John Butler by Information of said Butler and John Stone son of Edward

p.216, Samuel Hanson agst Thomas Thompson & Benja Davis (index says Benjamin Day) } agreed

p.217, Richard Edelin a. Leonard Proctor


12 March 1771

p. 234, we the grand jurors on our oath present Hannah Gray wife of William Gray for an assault and Battery Committed by the said Hannah Gray upon the Body of James Fernandis by information of said Fernandis

p.254, Lord Proprietary vs. Elizabeth Gibbeth } Bastardy, Non Est

p.358, Samuel Hanson against Benjamin Proctor } Nola. Bona. docket, 1250 pounds tobacco


13 August 1771

p.382, Lord Proprietary a. Hannah Gray } breach of the peace on the body of James Fernandis ... fined twenty shillings.

p.391, Lord Proprietary vs. Elizabeth Gibbeth Bastardy, Non Est

pp.444-5, William Gray & Hannah his wife a. William Jones } assault & battery Nonpross.

pp.447-8, William Gray and Hannah Gray v. Josiah Reiley did with force and arms upon her an assault and did make her the said Hannah did beat bruise wound and evilly treat so that her life was despaired of and other harms ... take nothing pay costs

pp.454-5, William Gray & Hannah Gray a. James Fernandis } assault & battery, Nonpross.

p.471, Samuel Hanson a. Benjamin Proctor, 1250 crop tobacco costs 1000 pds tobacco, vide return.


12 November Court 1771

p.491, do present Ann Dick servant to Benjamin Smallwood for Bearing a Base born Mulatto child by information of Thomas Smallwood son of Thomas

p.492, Mary Thompson, daughter of Thomas for Bearing a base born child by information of Thomas Cooksey constable.


March 1772

p.591, William Swann allowed 600 pounds tobacco for keeping Charity Swann a Child in November Court next to be then Levied


Court Record 1772-1773, Liber U, no.3

11 August 1772

p.2, We the Grand Jurors ... present Thomas Webster for not giving in his wife (a Slave hired to him) as a Taxable by information of Thomas Smallwood Constable.

p.9, Ann Dick servant to Benjamin Smallwood is by the Court here ordered to serve her said Master one year for the Trouble of his House in bearing a base born Child and for fine and fees

p.31, Proprietary vs. Ann Dick bearing a base born child admits guilt 3 pounds fine Benjamin Smallwood her security for payment

p.97, Richard Edelin v. Leonard Proctor } Nonpross ... Plaintiff and defendant on 16 June 1770 accounted together divers sums of money before that time due and unpaid 4 pounds 14 shillings ... Richard by his attorney he will not prosecute ... therefore pay defendant's costs


10 November 1772

p.156, November Court James Swann Junior and James Swann Senior do Confess Judgment to James & Robert Buchanan for forty nine Shillings and Ten pence half penny Debt and cost of warrant

pp.156-7, Aaron Gray and Henry Gray do Confess Judgment to Joseph Wilson for one unit & ten pence Currency Debt and two shillings and six pence cost which sums were recovered by said Joseph Wilson against Aaron Gray on the 29th of October 1772 before me the subscriber

p.157, Aaron Gray and Henry Gray do Confess judgment to Anthony Biting for one pound three shillings and seven pence recovered against Aaron Gray on 29 October 1772 before me the subscriber

p.169, Lord Proprietary a. Mary Thompson } Bastardy, appears and submits, fined 30 shillings. Thomas Thompson her security.

pp.169-70, Lord Proprietary a. Jane Hand } Bastardy, appears and submits, fined 30 shillings ... William Moland security.

p.171, Thomas Webster fined 500 pounds tobacco for concealing a tithable

p.173, dockets: Lord Proprietary vs. Elizabeth Gibbeth Mullato Bast.

p.174, Same vs. William Gray

Same a. Mary Thompson, Daughter of Thomas Thompson } Bastardy, Struck off


9 March 1773

p.378, Leonard Proctor a. Richard Edelen } said Richard is convict hereof for 791 pounds of tobacco costs


10 August 1773

p.577, Samuel Hanson a. Thomas Thompson & Benjamin Day } Debt 4020 pds. Crop tobacco & fifty two pounds nineteen shillings currency, plaintiff agrees to take common money & releases the penalty on payment principal and interest & costs ... Thomas Thompson and Benjamin Day planters on 15 November 1769 ... they cannot deny.


9 November 1773

p.598, We the Grand Jurors present Ann Hungerford Molatto for Bearing a base born child by information of John Robey Constable

pp.606-7, Negro Luke presents to the Court here the following petition to wit - your petitioner entered into an Indenture with a certain Ignatius Middleton on the 25 day of August 1770 to serve the said Middleton five years from the first of January then last past he the said Middleton complying with his part of the said Indenture, that the said Ignatius Middleton afterwards assigned your petitioner & the said indenture to a certain Daniel Hobart ... went to serve the said Hobart but now so it is that Daniel Hobart beats, abuses and maltreats your petitioner ... order by the court that summons issue for Daniel Hobert returnable immediately.

p.614, Lord Proprietary a. Daniel Hobart } Recognize in 20 pounds security for Daniel Hobart's good behaviour to Negro Luke during his servitude.


Court Record 1773-1774, Liber W, no.3

November Court 1773 dockets

p.60, docket no. 178, William Cunningham & Co., surviving partners of Alex. Cunningham v. Thomas Thompson Mulatto NE

pp.61-2, George Lee Sheriff v. John Barnes and Thomas How Redgate } Case, Judgment for attachment. Whereas the Honourable the Lord Proprietary hath delivered to the coroners of Charles County his writ ... take John Barnes and Thomas How Redgate Merchants ... before the Justices ... to answer unto George Lee Sheriff a plea of trespass upon the case ... in August 1773 George Lee .... returned to the Court here Non Est Inventus. George Lee produces the following account to wit:

1772 Messrs. Barnes and Redgate in account with George Lee:

to William Proctor 30 (pds tobacco)

to Charles Ray 60 pounds tobacco


18 March 1774

p.77, We the grand juror for the court of Charles County on our oath do present John Acton son of John for begetting a base born child on the body of Ann Hungerford by information of said Hungerford

p.77, March Court 1774, we the grand jurors present Sarah Penny for bearing a base born chid by information of Richard Nelson.

pp.85-86, Evidences Jurat to Attendance:

Leonard Proctor Jurat 8 days attendance for Sarah Middleton vs, Joseph Hagon ... Middleton pay Leonard Proctor 180 pounds tobacco.

p.98, Lord Proprietary against Ann Hungerford Mulatto } 2nd tuesday in November past 15 jurors presented Ann Hungerford for a bastard child she is guilty in manner and form as by the presentment 30 shillings fine ... give security for fine and costs comes Heneritta Meddleton of this county widow to pay the fine and fees


8 August 1774

p.389, Lord Proprietary vs. Jane Thompson } Bastardy ... saith that she is thereof guilty ... fined three pounds ... Thomas Thompson (Mulatto) Planter security for the aforesaid Jane Thompson to pay the fine and fees.

p.519, Thomas Thompson vs. James Gates } case agreed

p.579, August Court 1774 Dockets: no.241, Oliver Burch vs. Basil Proctor } Case, Non Est.


7 November 1774

p.695, William Cunningham & Co. surviving partners of Alexr. Cunningham vs. Thomas Thompson (Mulatto) } Damages 12 pounds, 6 shillings.

pp.736-7, Rogers Stone & Fendall vs. Charles Ray } Debt 49 pounds 7 shillings current money ... Charles Ray Planter

pp.736-7, Rogers Stone & Fenall vs Charles Ray } Debt 9.7.6 Current money ... in November last keep him safe ... saith he cannot deny that he owes full and just sum of 49 pounds August 1774 ... November 1774 to answer Charles Rogers planter pleas that he render unto him the full and just sum ... damages to the value of 49 pounds 7 shillings money and costs and 368 pounds of tobacco costs.


13 March 1775

p.1, grand jurors present Mary Swann for a base born child by information of Burr Barnes.

p. 45, Isaac Smallwood Middleton vs Ann Hungerford } Case Henrietta Middleton Special bail Judgment by BJ for 4/15/6 Current money Execution three years Plaintiff agrees. Cost 285 toba.