Jefferson County Personal Property Tax List 1802-1820

Jefferson County Personal Property Tax List


Library of Virginia microfilm no. 186



frame 27, Titus (Negro) 1



frame 57, Saul a negro 1

Solomon 1 negro 1


frame 76, Gowin, Jason 2, 2 horses


frame 101, Allstott, Daniel (Bob Baly free negro)

frame 103, Butler, Charles a free negro 1,

Basil a free negro at Bonds 1

Brooks, James a free negro 1, 1 horse

Frame 104, Conn, Thomas free negro 1

Frame 105, Drake, Joseph a free negro on Turners Land

Frame 106, Faug, Hamilton Molatto 1, 2 horses

Frame 107, Gowens, Jason 2, 4 horses

Frame 110, Hatter, Frank a free negro a Robinson 1

Homes, Bartlett a free Molatto on McPhersons land 1,

Frame 115, Peterson, Thomas a black man on Watsons land 1, 2 horses

Frame 116, Presley, Gregory a free negro 1

Parson, John a free molatto at Jno Griggs 1,

Frame 119, Sellers a free negro at E Griffith 1, 1 horse

Frame 120, Wood, Rubin a black man on James Watson land 1, 1 horse

Frame 121, Young, James & Timothy a black

York a free negro 1, 2 horses


Frame 135, Goings, Jason 2, 1 horses

Frame 131, Bolin, John (black man in S. Town) 1, 2 horses

Frame 155, A list of free negroes

Benjamin Grimes at Fairfax

William Bridgman on Williss land

Charles Butler in C Town

James Hogan in C Town

James Punch in C Town

John Cunningham in C Town

Richard Jackson at McPersons

Joseph Fox at H Turners

Robert at Mrs. Griffiths

Sellers at Ditto

Jesse Burwell at T. Atwells

Farg Hmilton at T. Watsons

Joseph Doram at Killenburgers

Thos Kirk on Saunders land

Peter Jackson on Boleys land

Ned a negro

Basil at Ransoms

Frank Hatter free negroe

Jack Wood free black

James Brown(?) free negroe

Jason Goings on Shirley’s land

John Parsons at J. Grigg’s

Bartell Holmes free negroe

Dafney Negroe woman on Striders land

Grace free Negroe woman

Lotty free Negroe woman keep house

Rachal free Negroe woman

Jonathan Butler free man

Thomas Sprigg free man

Thomas Conn free man

Linder a free woman

Lucy a Davenports free woman

Lucy free Negroe woman

Rachal free Negroe woman

Grace(?) free woman a Brown

1807A, List of taxable property which was omitted in the commissioners book but which I have taken in obedience to a court order for the year 1807

frame 161

Jack Wood Negro 1

1807 B,

frame 167, Butler, Charles Negro 1

frame 172, Gregory, Presley Negro 1, 2 horses

frame 173, Holmes, Bartlet (Negro)

frame 174, Hogan, James (negro) 1, 1 horse

frame 175, Jackson, Peter (Negro) 1, 1 horse

frame 180, Parsons, John (Negro) 1, 1 horse

frame 181, Sturt, Alexr (Negro) 1

Saunders, Jesee (negro) 1

Frame 182, Sands, York (negro) 1, 2 horses


frame 196, Berry, Dennis (Free negro) 1, 3 horses

frame 197, Brooks, James (a free man) 1,

frame 201, Dutton, Davy freeman Living on Wm McPhersons Land

frame 204, Grimes, Samuel (Free Negroe) 1,

frame 205, Holms, Richd (Free Negroe) 1

frame 207, Homes, Berkley (Freeman 1,

Harris, George Freeman Living near Frys Constable 1,

Frame 208, Jones, Walker (Free Negroe) 1

Frame 209, Jackson, Peter (Freeman) 1, 2 horses

Frame 214, Moore, Dick (freeman 1, 1 horse

Frame 216, Orman, Samuel (Freeman 1

Peters, Thompson (freeman 1, 3 horses

Frame 221, Sands, York (free Negroe) 1, 2 horses

Frame 224, Thompson, John (freeman 1,

Frame 225, Wood, Rheuben (free Negroe) 1, 2 horses

Williams, John (free man 1,

Frame 226, Webb, Thomas (freeman 1,


frame 263, A list of free negroes which are considered Taxable

Benjamin Bradford 1, 2 horses, Blacksmith living near Ricksmill

Jonathan Robertson 1, laborer Do Besters Mill

Benjamin Day 1, Do Do Downy’s Mill

Berkeley Holmes 1, Do Do at Danl McPhersons

Davy Smith 1, 1 horse Do Do on Wm McPhersons land

Dick Moore 1, Do Do at Jno Haynes

Jerry 1, Do Do at Gabl Greefield

Alexander Stewart 1, Do Do at henry Gants

Jason Gowing 1, Do Do in Chas Town

Gasper Thompson 1, Do Do at Moses McCormicks

Thomas Thompson 1, Do Do at Nathan Haynes

Locks Elick 1, Do Do at Jno Locks

Solomon 1, Do Do at Nathan Haynes

John Thompson 1, Do say Shoemaker Do by Sinclair

William Hatter 1, 1 horse, Do D at Mr. Atwells

Peter Jackson 1, 2 horses, Do Do near Throgmortons

Basil 1, Do Do at John Clarkes

Henry Parker 1, Do Do in Chas Town

Ned Ransom 1, 4 horses, Do Do near Godfrey Shepherds

George Harris 1, Do Do near Jno Granthums

Dick 1, Do Do near Jno Granthums

Fergeson Hamilton 1, Do Do in Smithfield

Abraham Throgmorton 1, Do Do at Jos Bells

Jim Brooks 1, 1 horse, Do say B Smith Do at Jno Griggs

Sellers 1, 2 horses, Do say Blacksmith Do near Craighills

Robin 1, 2, horses, Do Do Do

Warner 1, Do Do l. with Doct. Wood

Daniel 1, Do Do with T. Fillett

James Gowins 1, Do Do in Chas Town

George Ware 1, Do Do near Chas Town

Frank 1, Do Do in Do

Jacob 1, Do Do nat D. Palmers

Jese Burrel 1, Do Do at Ransoms

Jams Hogin 1, Do Do in Chas Town


Frame 292, A list of free Negroes chargeable with Tax

James Banks 1, laborer living with Danl Eversole

Peter Marlor 1, Do Ditto Jno Ingram

Samuel Grimes 1, Do, Ditto Henry Strider

Negro James 1, Do, Ditto Thomas Wilson

Thomas Sprigg 1, Do, Ditto at Harpers Ferry

Charles Lett, 1, 4 Horses, Farmer Ditto on Jno Wagers land

Reubin Wood 1, 2 horses, Do, Ditto Henry Striders land

Joseph Negroe, 1, Laborer, Ditto with Striders

Jno Butler, 1, Do, Ditto Ditto

Topson Williams 1, 2 horses, Farmer, Ditto on Isaac Do land

Henry Negroe 1, Laborer, Ditto with Taylor

Isaac Gilbert, 1, Shoemaker Do in Charles town

Jason Gowins 1, Laborer Do in Do

James Hogin, 1 Do Do

Robert Binker, 1, 2 horses, Do, Do at Cave farm

Frank Hurst 1, Do Do in Charles town

Solomon Dunbar 1, Do Do Jno Haynes

Richard Moore, 1, Do Do

Warner Webb 1, Do, Do Doctor Woods

Locks Elick 1, Do Jno Locks

Gasper Thompson 1, Do Do T. Fairfax land, say Mr. McCormick’s

Dennis Berry 1, 2 Do, Do T. Fairfaxes land

Sellers Tolbott 1, 3 horses, Do Do Cave farm

Jno Macky 1, Do Do R. Christia

Frame 293,

Jonathan Robertson 1, 1 horse, Laborer living with J. Velravin

Cephes & Samuel 2, Do, Do Saml McPherson

Berkeley Holmes 1, Do, Do Do McPherson

David Smith 1, 1 horse, Do Do Will McPherson

Thomas Thompson, 1 Do Do N. Haynes

Ben Thompson and Gabriel Tool 2, Do Bound to Danl Collett

Harry Thompson 1, Do Do living with Saml Mendenalls

Baker Moore and Joel Moore 2, Do Do on Jno Lock’s land

Frank Webb 1, Do Do Jno Throgmortons land

Peter Jackson 1, 2 horses, Do Do Do

Ned Ranson 1, 2 horses, Do Do S. Mendenalls land

Baso; Brown 1, Do Do Mrs. Leshells

John Thompson 1, Do Do Sinclairs

Jesse Burwell 1, Do Do B. Wesher

Thomas Kirk 1, 1 horse, Do Do Jno Granthums

William Hollins 1, Do Do Harrwood

James Willis, 1 Do Do Smithfield

John Bowlin 1, Do Do

George Harris 1, 1 horse, Do Do Abigail Frys

Hamilton Forg 1, Do Do Smithfield

Francis Underdunk 1, Do Do S. W. Striders

Leonard Giles 1, Do Do Jno Allstotts

James Brooks, 1, 1 horse, Blacksmith, Do Jno Griggs

Norman Hollis, 1 Laborer, Do Do McPhersons land

Alexander Stewart 1, Do, Do


Frame 327, List of Free Negroes chargeable with Tax

Gabl Tolls and Benjamin Johnson 2, Bound to Danl Collett

Billy Carrell 1, Baker at Jno Wilsons

James Gowins 1, Laborer Chas Town

Isaac Gilbert 1, Do, Do

Evon Briscoe 1, Do Do

Samuel Johnson 1, Do, Thos Neels

Walker Jones 1, Do Chas. Town

Frank Webb 1, 1 horse, Do J. Bonds

Bazel Brown 1, 1 horse, Do, W. Clarks

Negroe William _ Do Do

Thompson Thompson 1, Do N. Hanes

Jesse Burwell 1 }

Johnson Burwell } Rd Wilcher

Samuel Coxson 1, Do G. Stushers

Hanor Negro Girl __ Do Do Cowans

James Hogin and Hired man 2, Do, Chas Town

Sarh Nash _, Do Do Cowans

Henry Parker 1, Do Do

Jack Macky 1, Do Do Ridenhouse’s

Frame 328,

David Smith 1, 2 horses, Laborer at Wm McPhersons

Gasper Thompson 1, Do W. Camerons

Richd Moore 1, Do Jno Hanes

William Hatter 1, Do W. Camerons

Henry Thompson 1, Do Do

James Brooks 1, 1 horse, Blacksmith John Griggs

Bristo Smith 1, Do F. Clippers

Peter Jackson 1, 1 horse } Laborer S. McPhersons

Cephas Johnson 1, }

Leonard Giles 1, Do Jno Sinclares

Jacob 1, Do Jas Locks

Dennis Berry, Nelly, Ananers(?) and Julia – Berrys family } 1/ 3 horses, Do F. Fairfax land

David Thomas 1, Do Chas Town

Alexander Stewart 1, Do Do

Locks Elick 1, Do near White House

Baker Moore 1, Do Do

Thomas Kirk 1, 1 horse, Do J. Granthums

Jeffery 1, Do Do W. Granthums

George Harris 1, 1 horse, Do Do

Joe Moore 1, 1 horse, Shoemaker Baker Moores

Solomon Dunbar 1, Laborer N. Hayns

Frederick 1, Do Danl Hayns

Jack Stump 1, 1 horse, Blacksmith Jno Throgmortons

John Thompson 1, Shoemaker Do Youngs

Jonathan Waters 1, 1 horse Laborer Wm Clarks

Hamilton Fargoson 1, Do Smithfield

Francis Hurst 1, Laborer Chas Town

James Willis 1, Do Smithfield

Anthony 1, Do on the mountain

Francis Underdunk 1, Do near J. Hellers

Lettice anad five childring Lucy, Lett, Anny and three childring } Wm Taylors and Jno Marks

Charles 1, Do Moores

John Williams 1, Do Capt Kerneys

Berleley Homes 1, Do Brinns Land

Thomas Spriggs 1, Do Harpers Ferry

John Wood 1, Do Do

Thomas Conn Sr 1, Do Do

Thomas Conn Jr. 1, Do Do

John Conn 1, Do Do

John Lanthern 1, Do Do

George Butler 1, Do Do

Thomas Sprigg 1, Do Do

James Banks 1, Do Do

Benjamin Grimes 1, Do Henry Millers

Isaac Harper 1, Do F. Moores


Sampson Blackson 1, Do Striders farm

Frame 329,

Samuel Grimes his wife Fanny and 2 childring 1, Laborer Henry Striders

Samuel Bell, Fanny and 3 Childring Do Sheds. Town

Nancy and 2 Do } Subject to Taxation

Beky and 4 Do }

Harriott and 2 Do }

Beky and son }

Thomas 1, Laborer Levi Martin

Benjamin Bell 1, Do Harpers Ferry

John Butler 1, Do Keepteyst Furnace

John Clayborn 1, Do S. Annin Ferry

Molly Johnson _ , Harpers Ferry

Andrew Reed 1, Do Do

Moses McCubins and wife 1, Do H. Striders



Frame 363, List of Free Negroes in the County of Jefferson Subject to Taxation

Names, No. of free Blacks – Males, Females, No. of Horses, Their Occupation and Residence

Billy Connell 1 FB, Baker Charles Town

Jason Goings 1 Labourer Do

James Goings 1 Do Do

David Thomas 1 Shoemaker Do

Isaac Gilbert 1 Do Do

Molly 1 Female, Cook, Chas Gibbs

Warner Webb, 1, Labourer, Chas Town

Walker Jones 1, 1 Horse, Do Do

Bazil Brown 1, Do M Clarks

Lucy Swainy 1 Female, Weaver, Chas Town

Fanny Swainey 1 Female Do, Do

Nancy Goings, 1 Female, Do, Do

Hannah Swany, 1 Female Midwife, Do

Jenny 1 Female, Spinster, Do

Frame 364,

Westly Goings 1, Labourer, Chas Town

Henry Parker 1, Do, Keys’s

George Ware 1, Do, Do

Frank Summers 1, Do, Brecenridg’s

Grandison Ware 1, Do, Do

James Hogan, 1 Do, Chas Town

Sarah Hogan, 1 Female Do, Do

Grace Peace, 1 Female, Do, Do

Patty, 1 Female, Do, Do

Dennis Berry, 1, 3 Horses, Labourer, Fairfax

Nelly Berry, 1 Female, Housekeeper, Do

Beverley Cosly, 1, Waiter, Chas Town

Jesse Burwell, 1 Labourer, John Bawly’s

George Mason, 1, Do, Chas Town

Nace Burwell, 1, Do, George Slushen’s

Samuel Coxan 1, Do, Do

Frank Joe 1, Do, Saml Swayne’s

Daniel 1, Do, Shanandoah

George, 1, Do, Do

Gabriel, 1, }

Abraham, 1 }

Charles, 1, }

Billy, 1, } Do, Do

Charles, 1, Labourer, Shanandoah

Fanny 1 Female, Spinster, Do

Fanny of Betty, 1 Female Do, Do

Lydia, 1 Female, Do Do

Jake Freeman 1, Labourer, Mountain

Polly Redman 1 Female, Spinster at James Fultons

Betty Redman, 1 Female, Do Do

Old Jake Freeman 1, Labr, Mountain

Anthony Freeman, 1, Do, Do

Polly Freeman 1 Female, Spinster Do

Esther, 1 Female, Do, Meltons Farm

Fanny Bores 1 Female, Do, Mrs. Swany’s

Johnson Burwell 1, Labourer, Capt. Hammond

Billy Halter 1, Do, Thomas Atwells

Henry Thompson, 1, Do, Wm Carmon’s

Gasper Thompson, 1, Do, McPherson’s

Thos Thompson, 1 Do, Nathan Haines’s

Gabriel Tooles, 1 Do, Thos Hietts

David Smith & Wife 1, 1 Female, 2 Horses, Do, Wm Mc Phersons

Else Smith, 1 Female, Spinster, Do

Nelly, 1 Female, Do, B. Muses

Frame 365,

Eve, 1 Female, Spinster, B. Muses

Brister Smith 1, 1 horse, }

Dean Johnson 1, 1 horse } Blacksmiths, John Dorsey’s

Peter Jackson, 1, Cooper, Saml McPherson’s

Beverley 1, Labourer, Jno Allstotts

James Brooks, 1, 2 horses, Blacksmith, Richd Washington’s

Baker Moore, 1, Labourer

Joseph Moore, 1, 1 horse, Do }

Judith Moore, 1 Female, Spinster }

Richard Moore, 1, Labourer }

Winny Moore, 1 Female, Spinster } Near White House

Peggy Moore, 1 Female Do }

Lucy Moore, 1 Female Do }

Maria Moore 1 Female Do }

Thomas Kirk & Hannah his Wife 1,1,1 horse, Labourer & Spinster, Jno Granthams

George Harris Nancy his wife 1,1, 1 horse, Do Do, Swearingin’s Mill

James Willis and Polly his wife 1,1, Do Do Smithfield

Hamilton Forge 1, Do Swearingin’s Mill

Lucy Adams, 1 Female, Spinster, J. Shauls

Sarah Cullember 1 Female, Do Smith field

Ephraim Adams 1, Labourer, J. Shauls

Orange 1, 1 horse, Do McSherry’s

Rachel Vanhorn 1 Female, House Maid, Jas McCaughtry’s

Mary Vanhorn, 1 Female, House Keeper Smithfield

Jack stump 1, 1 horse, Blacksmith, Jas Brooks

Old Curry 1, Labourer, above Washington’s

Benjamin Grimes, 1 Do, Henry Miller’s

Samuel Grimes 1 Do Furnace

Winny, 1 Female, Spinster, Jno Mark’s Land

Harry 1, Labourer, Joseph Hites

Ned Newton 1, Do, Furnace

Charles Backies 1, Do, Danl Eversoles

John Butler 1, Do, H. Ferry

Joseph Grimes 1, Do, P. Hoffmans

Moses Cubbins 1, }

Charlotte 1 Female, } J. Strider’s

Titus Gates & Nancy his wife 1, 1, Labr. & Spinster, Do

Sarah Grimes 1 Female, Do Do

Reuben Wood & Lucy his wife 1, 1, 1 horse, Do Do Furnace

Samuel Blackburn 1, Do, H. Ferry

Thomas Conn, his 2 Sons & Airy Conn his Wife 3, 1, Labr. & Spinsters H. Ferry

John Conn 1, Do

Evans Briscoe 1, Do H. Striders

John Lanthern 1, Do Do

Frame 366,

Tom Duckett, 1, Labourer at Strider’s

London Hegins & Lucy his Wife } 1, 1, 2 horses, Do & Spinster H. Ferry

Joseph Ween 1, Do Joseph Hites

Tully 1, Do, L. Ranamuz’s

Gabriel Douglas 1, Do, H. Ferry

Jeffy Corlile & Caty his Wife } 1, 1 Do, Do

Peter Manley 1, Do, Jacob Allstott’s

Dick, 1, Do, Do

Winny, 1 Female, Spinster, S. Town

Fanny 1 Female, Do, Do

James Banks 1, Labourer, S. Melvins

Miles Wheeler 1, Do, H. Ferry

Ann Owens, 1 Female, Spinster, Do

Mary A. Cubbins, 1 Female, Do, Do

Rebeckah A. Moudy 1 Female, Do

Timothy 1, Labourer, Jas Young’s

Rebeckah & her son Top, 1, 1 Female, Do, Spinster W. Bakers



frame 401, North District, List of free Blks

Samuel Grimes 1 Laobourer Furnace

Henry 1, do do

Ned Newton 1, do do

Charles Baker 1, do Ferry

John Butler 1, do do

Joseph Grimes 1 do Furnace

Moses Cubbins 1 do Striders Mill

Titus Yates 1, do do

Ruben Wood 1, do Furnace

Samuel Blackburn 1, do Ferry

Thos. Conn & 2 Sons 3, do do

John Conn 1, do do

John Lanthern 1, do do

Thomas Duckett 1, do do

London Higins 1, 1 horse, Do do

Joseph Ween 1, do J. Hites

Tully 1, do L. Ronimous

Gabriel Douglass 1, do H. Ferry

Jeffry Corlile 1, do do

Peter Manly 1, do J. Allstotts

Dick, 1 do do

James Banks 1, do J. Striders

Miles Wheeler 1, do H. Ferry

Timothy 1, do Jas Youngs

Frame 421, South District

List of free Blks Subject to Taxation,

No. of free Blks, No of Horses, Occupation and residence

Francis Underdunk, 1, Labour Chas Town

Grace Gilbert 1, Shoemaker do

David Thomas 1, do do

William Carrell 1, Baker do

Frank Summers 1, Laborer do

James Hogin, 1, do do

James North 1, do do

Jason Goings 1, do do

Basil Brown 1, do do

Orange Coleman 1, do McSherrys

Solomon Dunbar 1, do Harris Mill

Richard Moore 1, do J. Myers

George Ware 1, do Shanandoah

Henry Barker 1, do Mrs. Collins

Grandison Ware 1, do Chas Town

Frank Webb 1, do do

Jesse Burwell 1, do do

John Burwell 1, do do

Samuel Johnson 1, do Washington’s

James Goings 1, do Chas Town

Daniel Wilinson 1, Tanner Chas Town

Sawny 1, 1 horse, Carpenter W. Throgmortons

David Shedzick 1, 1 horse, Laborer Rock Mill

Evan Conns(?) 1, Tanner M. Griffiths

Beverly Wilkinson 1, Laborer Allstotts

Bowlin Jack 1, 1 horse Blacksmith Washingtons

Thomas Kirk 1, 1 horse, Laborer, G. Shepherds

John 1, 1 horse, do, T. Smith

Joe Moore 1, do, Myers

Johnson Burwell 1, do, White house

Thomas Thompson 1, do, N. Hanes

Harris George 2, 1 horse, do, Jos Bells

Jams Brooks 1, 1 horse, B. Smith, Slaughters

Hamilton Foy 1, Laborer, Smithfield

James Willis 1, do do

John Thompson 1, Shoemaker, D. Persys

Titus 1, Laborer, Swayns



frame 466, List of Free Negroes between 16 and 45 years Old

Evan Briscoe, 1, Near McPhersons, Farmer

John Thompson, 1, Do Harris, Shoemaker

James Brooks (to Old) 0 tithes, 1 horse Do Atwells, B. Smith

Basil Brown, 1, Do C. Town, Laborer

John, 1, Do, Sinclares, Shoemaker

Thomas Thompson 1, Do, Hanes, Farmer

Richard Moore 1, Do Locks, Shoemaker(?)

Joe Moore, 1, Do Do Shoemaker

Alexander 1, Do Do Laborer

Gabriel Tolls 1, 1 horses, 1 cattle, Do A. Bells Do

Lewis Tolls 1, Do Groovers Do

David Thomas 1, Do C. Town Shoemaker

Harry Thompson, 1, Do, Jno Hanes, Laborer

Johnson Burwell 1, Do, B. Davenport

Jesse Burwell, 1, Do, Atwells, Do

Beverly Wilkinson 1, Do, Allstotts Do

Doctr(?) Wilkinson 1, Do Do Do


1815, North District

Frame 500, A list of Free male Negroes of 16 years old & under 45 years old

Names, place of Residence & occupation

Becka Hite & her Son 1, 1 horse, 1 cattle, Walter Bakers Laborer

Charles Backhouse, 1, Widow Striders Ditto

Jeffrey Carlile, 1, H. Ferry, Ditto

George Butler, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Thomas Spriggs, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Jacob Branger, 1, Thos Thornburys, Ditto

Samuel Grimes, 1, Old furnace, Ditto

Lotty Richardson, 0 tithes, 2 horses, 1 cattle, William Taylors

Thomas Conn, 3, 1 horse, 1 cattle, H. Ferry, Ditto

John Buttler, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Jack Wood, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Thomas Duglas, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Mires Wheeler, 1, 1 horse, Ditto, Ditto

John Conn, 1, Ditto, Ditto

John Lanern, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Sampson Blackburn, 1, Ditto, Ditto

Henry Parker, 1, Widow Collins, Ditto

Thomas Robertson, 1, Old furnace, Ditto

Francis Parker, 1, Heatwoulds, Ditto

Ely, 1, Same neighborhood, Ditto

Thomas Howard, 1, Saml Williams, Ditto

Isaac Wilsheare, J. Allstotts(?) Ditto

Peter Manly, Hall Town, Ditto

Daniel Hull, Alstolds, Ditto

Grandison Ware, Heatwoulds, Ditto

James Banks, S. Williams, Ditto



Northern District

Frame 554, List of Freemale Negroes of 16 years Old and upwards

No. Free Black above 16, no. Horses, residence & occupation

James Banks, 1,

Thomas Manley, 1, Harpers Ferry, Ditto

Peter Manley, 1, Do, Ditto

Rubeon Wood 1, 1 horse, Old Furnace, Ditto

George Butler, 1, Harpers Ferry, Ditto

John Butler, 1, do, Ditto

Evin Brisco, 1, do, Ditto

Thomas Conn, 2, 1 horse, do, Ditto

Mires Wheeler, 1, do, Ditto

Jack Wood, 1, do, Ditto

Samuel Grimes, 1, Herny Striders, Ditto

Samuel Ogleton, 1, Harpers Ferry, Ditto

Thomas Spriggs, 1, do, Ditto

Jeffrey Carlile, 1, do, Ditto

Charles Conn, 1, do, Ditto

Samuel Bell, 1, Shephers Town, Ditto

John Brown, 1, do, Ditto

Orst, 1, do, Ditto

Sampson, 1, Harpers Ferry, Ditto

Harry Thompson, 1, C. Ridenhouse’s, Ditto

William Fisco, 1, do, Ditto



Frame 594

Beverly Wilkinson 1, John Lock’s, Labourer

Alexander 1, John Lock’s, Ditto

Daniel Wilkinson, 1, ___, Ditto

Billy Baker, 1, Abram Bell’s, Ditto

John Thompson, __, Farmer

Basil Brown, 1, Charles Town, Labourer

James Brooks, (too old) 1, Smith Slaughter’s, Blacksmith

Cato, 1, Samuel Wright’s, Labourer

Solomon Dunbar, 1, John Haines’ Mill, Ditto

Harry Cook, 1, Adrian Davenport’s, Ditto

Forg, Hamilton, Joseph Bell’s, jr., Ditto

Lewis Tooles, 1, Ditto, Ditto

London, 1, John Sinclair’s, Ditto

Richard Moore, 1, Mrs. Swayne’s, Ditto

Joseph Moore, 1 , John Lock’s, Shoemaker

Philip, 1, Jno McPherson’s, Labourer

Gabriel Tooles, 1, 1 horse, Joseph Bell, jr., Labourer

Thomas Thompson, 1, Nathan Haines’, Ditto

David Thomas, 1, Charlestown, Shoemaker

Jonathan Burwell, 1, ___, Labourer

Jesse Burwell, 1, ___, Ditto

Dean Johnston, 1, ___, Shoemaker

Henry Parker, 1, Mrs. Collins’, Labourer

1817, Northern District

Frame 638, List of Free negroes & Mollattos in the northern district

(all Labourers)

Sam 1, widow Bryant’s

Thomas Manly, 1, James Moore

Thomas Howard, 1, Samuel Williams

Henry, 1, Henry Miller’s

Jerry Blackburn, 1, Harpers Ferry

Tully, 1, Lewis Ronomoss

Rubeon Wood, 1, 1 horse, Old Furnace

John Butler, 1 Ditto

Sampson Blackburn, 1, Ditto

Samuel Grimes, 1, Hery,Stryders

Myers Wheeler, 1, Harpers Ferry

Thomas Sprigs, 1, Ditto

John Conn, 1, Ditto

Samuel Lewis, 1, Phillip Engle

Henson Conn, 1, Old Furnace

Top Hite, 1, Walter Bakers

Moses McGubbins 1, Isaac Strider

Thomas Con 2, 1 horse, Harpers Ferry

George Ware 1, Ditto

Bill Wood, 1, James Colbert

Jacob Branon, 1, Thos. Thornbery

Isaac Wilshear 1, Harpers Ferry

Tim Armstrong, 1, Walter Bakers

Jeffrey Carlile, 1, Harpers Ferry

Geo. Bulter 1, Ditto

Jack Wood, 1, Ditto

Pattrick Ogleton 1, Ditto



Frame 713, List of Free Male negroes

Davy Thomas 1, Charles Town

James Thomas 1, 4 horses, near Charles town

Orange Coleman 1, Charles Town

Hogan James 1, Do

Beverley Wilkison 1, Do Hefflebours

Thomas Thompson 1, Nathan Haines

Solomon Dunbar 1, Jno Haines

Hatter James 1, do

Cato, 1, Hz. Nadenboush

Billy Baker, 1, 1 horse, Smithfield

Jeremiah Harris, 1, Brian Davenport

Harry Cook, 1, Do

Reuben Wood, 1, Old Furnace

Norman Williams, 1, Do

John Butler, 1, 1 horse, Do

Conn Thomas 2, Head the Canall

Conn John 1, Old Furnace

Joss Hite, 1, Jno McGarry’s

Moes McCubbin, 1, Isaac Striders

Payne John 1, Headwalds & Coles

Charles Backus 1, widow Striders

Thomas Douglass 1, Harper’s Ferry

Patrick Ogleton 1, Do

Thomas Spriggs 1, Do

James Keith 1, Do

George Butler, 1, Do

Jack Wood, 1, Do

Jessee Carlile, 1, Do

Bill, 0,0, Do at Bakers

Sampson Blackburn 1, near Mudfort

Isaac Wiltshire 1, Do

John Robbison 1, Shepherdstown

James Mott 1, Cyrus Richardson

Cyrus Richardson 1, 5 horses, near McMurrans

Isreal Peters 1, old Furnace

Branegin Jacob 1, Thoas Thornburghs

Tully, 1, Ronimus

Mires Wheeler, 1, Harpers Ferry

Henson Conn 1, Old Furnace

Dean Johnston 1, Downeys Mill

Isaac Gilbert 1, John Allstarts

Jesse Burwell 1, Th. Atwells

Harry 1, Musselmans

Jake __ Ditto



Frame 745, List of Free negroes & Mullattos

William Curtis 1, at Phillip Engles

Moses McCubbins 1, at Isaac Stryders

Ben Carter 1, at Cahal & Redenours

Sam 1, at Widow Obryans place

Top Hite 1, at Walter Bakers

Titus 1, at Aaron Jewets place

Henry James 1, at Henry Millers

John Butler 1, at old Furnace

Rubeon Wood 1, at Old Furnace

Israel Peterson 1, at Old Furnace

Israel Wiltshear 1, at Old Furnace

Sampson Blackburn 1, at Old Furnace

William Wood 1, at Peter Kearneys

Jaco Branegin 1, at Thomas Thornbergs

Cyras Richardson 1, near Joseph McCubbins

Jefrey Carlile 1, Harpers Ferry

Thomas Spriggs 1, Harpers Ferry

George Butler 1, Harpers Ferry

Harry Hollinger 1, at R. G. Hites

William Pipsico 1, at Daniel Muselmans

Rolley Pursley 1, at Richard Morgans

Soloman Dunbar 1, at John Hayns

James Hatten 1, John Hayns

Thomas Thompson 1, at Nathan Hayns

John Procter 1, at Docter Davies

Davey 1, Charles Town

Billy Baker 1, at Smithfield

Ephraim Adams 1, at Smithfield

Dean Johnson 1, Bulskin

John Thompson 1, Bulskin

Nicholas Wilkeson 1, at Hicsllebours(?)

Samuel Gray 1, at R. Worthingtons

Orange Coalman 1, Charles Town

Davy Thomas 1, Charles Town

James Thomas 1, near Charles Town

Henry Thompson 1, at Thomas Atwells

Jessee Burwell 1, at Thomas Atwells

William Gurrier 1, at Seth Smiths

Soloman 1, at William Groves

Adam Gray 1, at Thomas Likens(?)

Jack Freeman 1, mountain

George 1, T. R. Hamonds

Isaac 1, Mrs. Hardings

Cato 1, Robert Fultons



Frame 773, List of Free Negroes and Mulattoes

Jesse Burwell 1, Thomas Atwell’s

Soloman 1, to be paid by Wm Grove

Henry Robertson 1, Benjamin Bulen’s

John Thompson 1, near Sinclair’s

Dean Johnson 1, ____

Jim Brook 1, Smith Slaughton

John 1, Jacob Hartman’s

Adam Gray 1, To be paid by T. Likens

John Proctor 1, to be paid by Doctor Davis

Dave 1, To be paid by Saml Howell

Harry Thompson 1, at William Cameron’s

Cato 1, at Robert Fulton’s

Soloman Dunbar 1, at Daniel Fry’s

Billy Baker 1, Smithfield

Ephraim Adams 1, Near Mrs. Bell’s upper farm

Sam Gray 1, R. Humphreys

John Reed 1, John Allstadt’s

Jacob Freeman 1, Mountain

George Redman 1, at James Melton’s

Joseph Goings 1, Saw Mill

Jacob Branigin 1, at Thos. Thornburg’s

Benjamin Curtis 1, At F. McKinney’s

Charles Backhouse 1, At Mary Strider’s

Henry James 1, At Henry Miller’s

Top Kite 1, at At Francis McKinney’s

John Johnson 1, At Harper’s Ferry

John Lantorn 1, ditto

John Butler 1, ditto

Larence Dade 1, ditto

Isaac Jackson 1, ditto

Mark Lewis 1, Harper’s Ferry

Thornton Warner 1, ditto

Warner William 1, ditto

Samuel Mulliong 1, ditto

Jeffrey Carlile 1, ditto

Thomas Spriggs 1, ditto

Ben Bell 1, ditto

Moses McCubben 1, at Isaac Strider’s

Israel Peterson 1, at Old Furnace

Ruben Wood 1, ditto

Bill Curtis 1, at Robt Fulton’s

Cyrus Richardson 2, 5 horses, near McMunnin’s

Peter, 1, near S. B. Harris’es

Solomon 1, near Harper’s Ferry

Isaac 1, at Mrs. Harding’s

Orange Coleman 1, Charlestown

David Thomas 1, ditto

James Thomas 1, ditto