Northampton County Court Orders and Minutes, 1654-1795

Northampton County, Virginia Court Orders and Minutes

Relating to Free African Americans and Indians



Deeds, Wills 1654-5, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 4

fol. 35, I Anthony Johnson Negro do discharge John Caser Negro from all service claymed and demanded ___ (?) from ye beginning of this month ___ and do promise ____ 23 November 1654.


p.54, Know all these men by these presents that I Wm Hawley ... Philip Mongom be a free man. 30 January 1648. recorded 29 October 1654.


fol. 56-57, will of Stephen Charlton, my negro Black Jacke his freedom in 1658 or 1659 (?) unto negro Nese? her freedom. 28 October 1654.


fol. 100, I Mrs Jane Eltonhead administrator of Mr. Wm Eltonhead, have hereunto sett my hand that ye aforesd Payne (a negro) shall bee discharged from all hinderances of servitude (his child) or any that doth belong to ye sd Payne. Recorded 9 July 1656.


fol. 138, (film too dark to read) Jno. Gossell negro shall forthwith make payment unto Payne negro ye sum & quantity of one thousand (?) four hundred pounds of ?


Deeds, Wills 1657-1666, p.57 Whereas Capt. Francis Pott, Deceased, declared in his life time that when he departed this natural life ... set his negro Bashaw Free but did not mention ye same in his will, know ye that I doe by these presents sett ye said Bashawe att Liberty, proclaim him to be free from my servitude. William Kendall. 30 May 1659.

I Anthony Johnson negro doe assigne and serender all my right to ye cowe marked, two heifers of a yeares old and two yearling heifers & one calfe to my son John Johnson negro. 31 August 1659, recorded 21 October 1659.

I John Johnson negro bargain and make sale of a black cow unto Edward Martin. 29 July 1658. recorded 221 October 1659.


pp.57-8, These are to certify and declare that I Edmond Scarbrough caused(?) a patent of four hundred and fifty acres of land aadjoining a tract of land of 250 acres granted to Anthony Johnson bounded on the south part at the maine creek ... John Johnson negro whose name being the same as John Johnson joyner still pretends to a right ... has no relation to John Johnson Negro whose patent it is. 2 Jun 1653, recorded 21 October 1659.

p.70, in consideration of ye sum of 4,000 pounds of good tobacco & cask in hand paid, bargained and sold unto William Kendall one negro man called by ye name of William Harman which Negro came properly to be my owne goods & chattel by Marriage with wife Mary ye executrix and relict of Coll. Wm ___ deceased. 13 July 1659. William Smart. recorded 31 January 1659/60.

p.74, Frances Payne of Northampton County Negro have bargained sold & delivered unto Anthony Johnson a mare coult for and in consideration of 2,200 pounds of tobacco and caske. 31 January 1659. Francis (R his mark) Payne. witnesses: Wm Kendall, Edw. Littleton.

fol.106, Emanuell Drigges of the County of Northampton for satisfaction has bargained and sold to _____ (film unreadable) Alexander Wilson of ye ____ (film unreadable) one mare colt. 4 May 1658. recorded 15 May 1660.


pp.174-5, will of Edmond Littleton ... to daughter Joane Littleon & her heirs ... and unto my daughter Edward and Mary Carter negros which are ye son and daughter of Paul and Hannah Carter negros.

I give ___ (?) my wife now goeth with ____ (film not clear) Thomas Carter and James Carter and Anthony George negros which I bought of Jeremiah Robinson. 30 May 1663, proved 26 June 1663.


Orders, Wills, Etc. 1674-1679, microfilm no.27

p.12, 7 December 1674, Nicholas Silvedo being convicted as ye reputed father of a barstard child, for the saving of the parish harmless from which care, was committed to ye custody of Mr. Jno Culpeper late High Sheriff of this County until he should enter into bond to perform the same, and he having escaped out of said High Sheriff's custody, and the said child since kept by Wm Harman negro thirteen months, it is ordered that Mr. Jno. Robins ye present high sheriff detayne 1200 pounds of tobacco and cask in his hands of the late sheriff's and make payment thereof unto ye said Wm Harmon for ye keeping of ye said child. And for as much as ye said Harman desired to be discharged from keeping ye said child any longer, ordered proclamation be amde for any person to take ye aid child till 24 years of age.

(Bound by court to Charles Guildon).

p.15, 29 December 1674, John Parker against Philip Mungon for 800 pounds tobacco & cash being due by balance of a Bill.

p.59, 29 July 1675, Whereas Amey the wife of Wm Gray hath complained to ye Court that her said husband hath made away almost all her estate and also hath in a grose manner beate her & abused her and shee suspects that hee intended to destroy what hee can of that which is left & soe to remove away and leave her upon the parish for relief ... conveyed a mare from his plantation ... sheriff take him into custody.

pp.69-70, 31 August 1675, Difference depending between Col. Wm Kendall and Wm Gray who married Amey ye relict of Francis Paine Negro, deceased, to whome the said Coll. Kendall let a parcel of land & tenements under several conditions which not only shee the said Amey but also the sd Wm Gray havinge failed to perform, therefore ... were by consent of the Court evict the said Wm Gray and Amey his wife from the said land.

p.72, Suit commenced by William Harmon Negro agst. Wm Grey, Court finds no cause of action. Dismissed.

Suit commenced by Philip Mungon Negro & Wm Gray, the Court hath thought fit to dismiss the same, the plt. not appearing legally to prove his act. against the defendant.


p.74, List of Tithables for 1675:

Tho: Vinier

Congo, Sosongo } Negroes

Mrs. Grace Robins for John Archer, Besse Negro, John Gerry} 3

Wm Harman, Jane his wife 2

p.75, Bashaw Fernando, Susan his wife, Hannah Carter } 3

Manuell Rodriggus 1

Tho: Moore, Gilbert L. Moore, Jno Smothes, Jno Camell, Sarah Rodriggus } 5

John Eyres, Peter Beckett, Fran: Rodriggus } 4

Peter George & Joane George, Tho: Carter, James Carter} Negroes at Capt. Piggot 4


p.86, 30 November 1675, Whereas Manuell Rodgiggus beinge returned to the Court by the Sheriff arrested at ye suit of Jno. Coale in an action of debt for 200 pounds of tobacco and caske by bill & failing to appear, Sheriff make payment immediately after next court in case of a nihil dicit of the said Rodriggus there.

p.95, 30 December 1675, Whereas upon information of Phillip Mungon, John Jams was bound over to the Court for hogg stealing of which being convicted by a verdict of a jury & judgment passed agt. him thereupon for payment of two thousand pounds tobacco fine according to Act, halfe of which belongs to the informer. Therefore ordered by the Court that upon the petition of the said Mongon he be paid 1,000 pounds.

p.140, 24 December 1676, Judgment confesse by Phillip Mongum to Coll. Jno Stinger for 2,517 pounds of tobacco & caske the greater part being due per several specialties & ye remainder upon as pclet here of exhibited to the Court.

p.141, Philip Mongom p bill 732 pounds tobacco, p bill 431 pounds, p bill assignes p. Rowland Towers 800, p. bill with Saml Birch 470, June 28 bottle of brandy 40, sugar 32, shott 12 pounds, total 2517

p.181, 30 July 1677, Judgment confessed by King Toney Negro to Col. Jno Stringer for the sum of 480 pounds of tobacco.

p.203, 26 November 1677, This day Mr. John Eyre brought his servt. woman named Sarah Dason to the Court to have their judgment of her age whome they adjudge to be sixteene yeares of age at the date hereof & she to serve according to Act of Assembly.

p.239, 28 February 1677/8, will of King Tony negro was proved.

p.247, I King Tony Negro give unto my grandchild Sarah Driggus the first cow calfe either of my Cowes shall bring ... my steere & one hog bee spent by my Executrix and loving wife at my Funeral when I depart this life. All the rest of my estate whatsoever unto my loving wife Sarah. 6 February 1677. witnesses: Peter x George, Dan'll x Webb.

p.273, These are to give notice that I Philip Mungon have a light bay mare with a starr in the forhead aged about 3 years branded with a shipps hand gone stray about seven months. If any person can give intelligence of the said mare they shall be satisfyed for their care & expenses. 27 June 1678.

p.316, will of John Savage, I give to my daughter Mary Savage the plantation whereon Philip Mongom, Edward Perkinson, and Peter Duparkes live, 300 acres of land. 26 August 1678. recorded 23 December 1678.


Wills, Orders, 1678-1683, LVA microfilm no. 27

p.3, 28 March 1679, Information of Coll. Kendall & other testimony that Wm Driggus negro servt. to ye said Kendall hath contrary to the Law killed a hogg belonging to Thomas Powell, and his wife Alice concealed the same. Sheriff take him and his wife into his custody and see they forthwith receive twenty lashes and his wife 15 lashes as a concealer on their bare backs and said Driggus make payment out of his own estate.

p.4, The punishment remitted on the ingagement of his said master to pay the sum of 500 pounds of tobacco to Thomas Powell and a cow and calfe.

p.34, 28 July 1679, Petition of Anne Johnson ye wife of Richard Johnson for extenuating an order of the Court formerly granted against her to serve four years while she was a servant to Mr. Wm Whittington. It is the judgment of the Court that she serve him according to ye said order & forthwith return to ye service of her present master John Cole and pay costs.

p.57, 5 January 1679/80, Petition of ye Indians of Gingaskin that Mrs. Susannah Kendall, widow, hath fallen trees upon their land, ordered the sheriff forthwith give her notice to be at next court & in the mean time she forbear falling any trees or timber on their land.

p.97, 29 October 1680, the difference between the Indians of Gingaskin and Susannah Kendall ... Indians enjoy ye loggs & timber fallen & remaining within their claimed bounds & for the future they be not disturbed always reserving liberty for ye repairs of ye outward fence in ye woods.

p.148, 29 March 1681, Acknowledgement of Wm Brookes that he in a passion fired a cabbin of Franck an Indian at Gingaskin for which throwing himself upon the mercy and clemency of the Court ... enter into bond with sufficient security to keep the peace during the pleasure of the Court.

Likewise by the said Franck the Indians own acknowledgement & other Indians present that he sustained ye losse of 65 armes length of Roanoke by the firing of his cabin, said Brooks forthwith satisfy 7 pay unto Franck 65 armes length of Roanoke.

p.151, 31 May 1681, Judgemtn confessed by Philip Mongum for ye sum of 1,510 pounds tobacco due p. rest of bill to the estate of John Savage, decd., (besides his allowance of 450 pounds of tobacco for killing ye beefe and dressing of the said Capt. Savage's funeral p. audit of acct. by Col. Jno Stringer & ye said 1,510 to be paid forthwith.

p.236, 29 August 1682, Appears to the Court that Bridget Negro woman, Thomas Early, Hugh Milner, Wm Walter, & Prenedicks Talbott servt's to Coll. Jno Stringer and his son Hillary Stringer have misdemeaned themselves & imbezzled the said Coll. Stringer's goods by confederacy among them several times. Sheriff give Bridget, Milner and Early 29 lashes. Give Walter 21 lashes.


Wills, Orders 1683-1689, LVA microfilm no. 27

pp.6-7, Goods sold of Edmund Perkinson, decd., at an outcry to Philip Mongon 1 cow

pp.15-16, Deposition of John Somers aged 28 years being at ye fire at ye house of William Harman about June 23rd there being present in Company at the said Harman's Mr. Nathaniel Wilkins & Capt. Nathaniel Walker, widow Waterson and many other people, it being harvest day. Being by the fire lighting my pipe did hear Nathaniel Wilkins aske the widow Waterson when shee was married to Capt. Walker. She replyed what was that to him or to that effect. Then the said Wilkins told her he was ashamed that they lived soe like Rogue and whore together and bid she goe and play the whore with hime againe in the straw. After this he many times called her Walkers whore and swore he would prove that. Then the widow was in a terrible rage and bid him go home to whore his wife. 1 August 1683.

Deposition of Margaret Somers aged 28 years, 1 August 1683. Being at the house of William Harman Negro this last harvest in company with several others & did hear Nathaniel Wilkins & his sister Mrs. Frances Waterson at high words & said he was sorry to see how hastily she lived, she & Walker like whore & Rogue together. (She) answered & bid her brother (called him cuckhold) goe home about your business & mind the whore his wife.

1 August 1683, Deposition of William Mellinge, aged 24 being at the home of William Harman Negro heard Nathaniel Wilkins call his sister Mrs. Frances Waterson whore, etc.


p.34, 28 January 1683/4, Whereas Hugh Eggleston a Mulatto slave to Mr. Tho: Teackle hath purloyned his master's goods & cripstly disposed of the same, receive 21 lashes.

p.46, 12 February 1683/4, Mathew Patriche brought his Indian girl Mary to have her age adjudged - ten years.

p.47, Sheriff summons Sarah Dawson servant to Mr. Jno. Eyre for fornication.

p.53, Grand Jury presentments: Sarah Dawson for fornication.

p.59, Whereas Sarah Dawson servt. to Mr. Jno Eyre being summoned to answer the presentation of the Grand Jury for fornication and having by her own confession acknowledged in open court that she had had three barstard maletto chidren by her said master's Negro slave Peter, serve six years & receive twenty one lashes.

p.68, 16 July 1684, Whereas Elizabeth Kettle servt. woman to Lt. Col. Tilney having acknowledged in open court that shee hath a bastard child which her said master's Negro is the father ... receive twenty one lashes and serve her master according to act.

p.82, 3 September 1684, Account of Capt. Walker's estate, to paid Wm Harman for killing and dressing ye funeral dinner 150 pounds tobacco.

p.90, 30 September 1684, Judgment confessed by Susanna Ferdinando widow deft. to Thomas Carter for 3,000 pounds of tobacco and cask for half her handmill owned by her to said Carter and four ells of Scotch cloth of callicoe which she borrowed of him & saith she still hath at home to pay him in kind all which forthwith to be paid and performed with costs.

p.112, 2 March 1684/5, Whereas it appeared to ye Court by the acceptance of Samuel Johnson on ye word of Frances ye daughter of William Harman Negro who often profered her oath that hee is ye father of a Bastard child lately born of her body, sheriff take him into custody until he enter bond to save ye parish harmless from ye said child.

pp.118-9, To ye worhipful her Majestie's Justices of the Peace for Northampton County, submission of I Philip Mongum have rashly & indiscretely also inadvisabley by my wonted most hastly(?) humour, most notoriously abused & defamed my most long friends & neighbors John Duparkes and Robert Jarvis & indeavoured maliciously to defame ye same persons for which misdemeanor by me comitted against them I willingly acknowledge to have insolently & without mature consideration ... through anger comitted and also do oblige my self, my heirs to pay all just and legal charges in the suit brought against me to the Court by ye said John Duparkes and Robert Jarvis. 29 January 1684/5. Philip (his mark) Mongom.

pp.119-20, Will of Francis Pigot ... To son Ralph three Negroes James Carter, Paul Carter and Anthony George. To son Thomas Peter George and Edward Carter Negroes ... unto Daughter Elizabeth Dennis and Anne Harmar Negro woman but my will is that my overseers may sell either of the said Negro women to purchase my said daughter a younger Negro.

I give unto my son Culpeper Wat ye son of Ann Harmar, Jack Piper ye son of Dennis, Mall ye Negro girl & old Tony all Negroes.

My will is that my Negro servant Thomas Carter & Hellenor his wife shall give their daughter Mary to serve till she be 24 years of age to my son Thomas, & Elizabeth his second daughter to my son Ralph to serve till 24 and ye child which Ellenor now goes with to my Daughter Elizabeth to serve the same time. After two full years service after my decease shall be free performing the conditions following. He shall pay 10,000 pounds of tobacco to my heirs in 10 years and after these conditions performed, he the said Carter & Hellenor his wife shall depart this county never more to return. Then my will is ye said Carter shall be free forever otherwise not.

My will is that if Thomas Carter shall & doe faithfully perform ye two years service berfore mentioned after my death, then he shall live upon Culpeper's plantation rent free till ten years be expired. 27 March 1685.


p.150, Account of Coll. Littleton's estate: By Emanuell Rodriggus 374 pounds tobacco, 8 March 1682/3.

To Peter George bill 2000 pounds tobacco.

Years 1679-July 1685: Manuell Rodriggus & John Isaac 6 years rent 1200 pounds tobacco.

Peter George 6 years rent 2400 pounds tobacco


p.176, 29 December 1685, Mr. Andrew Andolus brings an Indian Girl Bettee to have her age adjudged - 3 years old.

Benoni Ward brings his Indian Roben - 5 years old.


p.202, Frances Harman servt. to Jno Curtis has charged Jarvis Cutler with a bastard child, enter into bond to save the parish harmless from the said child.

p.203, Whereas Capt. Jno Custis brought before me Jno. Camell, servt. man to Armstrong Foster, and Wm Rodriggus Negro to Wm Kendall, Jr., and complains that the said Camell and Rodriggus Negro hath broken into his cellar in the night and taken from him out of the said cellar about 200 pounds of sugar, Rume, and a quarter of mutton. Camell confessed that the fourteenth of this month the said Rodriggus came to me and told me that he would goe to the store kept at Capt. Custis' house which I consented to go and when wee came there the sixteen at night following, ye said Rodriggus told me that the store was well made soe fast and lined within that we could not accomplish our designed end. But the said Rodriggus told me that we will go into the cellar for Capt. Custis has always good drinks there. Ordered ye sheriff take said Camell into custody and deliver him to James City County for his appearance at next General Court. Ordered Mr. Wm Kendal, Jr., sens his said Negro Wm Rodriggus at the next County court.


p.217, 28 July 1686, Capt. Isaac Foxcroft sent his Indian girl named Jenny to have her age adjudged - 12 years.

Daniel Neech sent his Indian boy named Terah to have his age adjudged - 5 years.

p.222, 29 July 1686, Whereas John Camell by the sheriff the 3 June last to be delivered to the sheriff of James City County for further trial at the General Court and whereas ye tender of the court's proceedings to ye Honorable Secretary he found ye same erroneous and denyed to issue a venire facias ... sheriff bring said person before the court tomorrow morning for his further examination.

pp.223-4, 30 July 1686, John Camel utterly and wholly denyed to the Court all which he had confessed on his former examination and the goods supposedly stole. Capt. Custis refusing to make oath that the same were positively his, Camell discharged.

p.246, 29 November 1686, Motion of John Tilney that he hath kept a malotto bastard child of his servant Elizabeth Kettle named Kettle Tony, ordered child continue with him till att age according to law for his satisfaction of keeping ye same child.

p.258, 30 December 1686, Judgment granted to Major John Robins against ye estate of Edward Jessop maletto on 386 pounds tobacco attached by the sheriff.


p.262, Deposition of Weasall aged 36 years, happened to come to the house of Edward Jessop and the persons there present were merry and firing guns and the deponent seeing the said Jessop had a gun said it was Major Robins' gun that he had borrowed her to goe mustering with. 30 December 1686.

p.263, Deposition of William Harman Negro aged 50 years or thereabouts, saith about one year or more was at the house of Edward Jessop and did see a musket in the said Jessop's hand and did ask him if the musket was his. He replyed I wish it was. He had but borrowed it of Mr. Robins. 30 December 1686, William (his mark) Harman Negro.


p.280, 30 May 1687, The widow Wilson, Sarah Dawson & Frances Harman were this day presented by the Grand Jury for breach of the one hundredth act.

p.292, 29 July 1687, Sarah Dawson acknowledged in open court the sin of fornication. 20 lashes. Frances Harman ditto.

p.299, 29 August 1687, Complaint of Wm Sterling & Elizabeth his wife against Edward Carter Negro the slave of Mr. Thos. Pigot. Take into custody before the Court tomorrow.

p.300, 30 August 1687, Edward Carter Negro slave to Mr. Thos. Pigot at the instance of his attorney Mr. Charles Holden and his assuming to enter into bond for the said Negro's appearance next court, did then make appear that the said complt. Elizabeth gave the said defendant the first assault before he offered her any abuse.

p.309, 29 September 1687, Elizabeth wife of William Sterling made oath that Edward Carter Negro slave unto Mr. Thos Pigot had insolently abused her striking her several blowes and tore her hood to peeces of her head. Ordered he receive 30 lashes.

p.311, 28 November 1687, William Cowdrey, Wm Baker, Philip Mongom, Sr., & Philip Mongom, Jr., George Corbin bound over to the Court on complaint of John Booker and Anne his wife that the defendants being met together, drinking and rebelling on the Sabbath day. Beat, burned and bruised ye sd complaintant Jno. Booker and also misdemeaned themselves towards the said Anne his wife by throwing her over a fence in assisting her husband. Sheriff take them into custody until they enter into bond to be of good behavior and pay 560 pounds of tobacco fine.

p.313, 29 November 1687, Difference Henry Reade vs. Cesar Goodwin constable for not conveying a runaway Indian girl of the plaintiff's.

pp.320-1, Deposition of John Booker being at the house of Philip Mongom Negro on the 13th instant being Sunday with Wm Cowdrey, Wm Baker, Philip Mongom and his son Philip, George Corbin and wife with several others drinking and carrousing as well without doors as within, they fell to quarreling with this deponent. Wm Baker layd hands on this deponent, thought to fling him in the fire, but by the help of this deponent's wife was prevented. Afterwards the same day Wm Baker and George Corbin thumped & beat him. After this Philip Mongom and his wife fell upon the deponent and surely beat him. 28 November 1687.

Deposition of Ann Booker, aged 52. ... old Mongom after many bad words asked his son for the sword ... old Mongom fetched out his gun and said in please god I will kill somebody immediately. 28 November 1687.


pp.356, 28 May 1688, Matthew Patrick brought his Indian slave named John to be adjudged - 14 years of age.

p.358, 28 May 1688, Presentment of Sarah Dason, Jone Mead, Frances Harman, Ellenor, the three last servants to Col. Custis, & Phillis living at Capt. Foxcroft for having Bastard children. Sheriff summon to the next court.

p.377, The presentment of the Grand Jury for the year 1687: Sarah Dason for a bastard child. Frances Harman for a bastard child.

p.382, 2 August 1688, Sarah Dason for a bastard child, Daniel Neech assuming to pay the fine of 500 pounds of tobacco.

p.386, Whereas a servant woman belonging to my husband named Frances Harman was presented for a bastard child ... fee shall be paid. Tabitha Custis. 2 August 1688.

p.388, 28 September 1688, On petition of Philip Mongom, Sr., and proclamation thrice in open court, he is discharged from standing any longer bound to the behavior, paying costs, ditto for Philip Mongom, Jr. David Evans ditto.


pp. 422-3, Deposition of Margaret Hammond aged 22 or thereabouts saith that Sunday Jane Pike told a story to this deponent's mistress. The deponent's master John Baron asked the said Jane Pike why she did soe & she fell down upon her knees and asked his forgiveness and said the devil possessed her. And the said Jane Pike came to this deponent where she was pounding of syder and bid her goe and dig a hole. This deponent went accordingly and did dig a hole in the old tobacco house and the said Jane Pike picked up hair of hoggs her master had killed which he bought of Thos Tompson into her apron and brought to add them in the hole. 28 March 1689.

p.423, Deposition of Thomas Tyler ... Margaret Hammond said her master killed the hogs but would beat her if she told.


pp. 442-3, 29 July 1689, On the petition of Sarah the wife of Peter Beckett, slave to Mr. John Eyre, ordered that her child is at her own dipose, she finding sufficient security to save the parish harmless from the said child, and also she satisfy the said John Eyre for what shall be reasonably due her from his charge, expenses and trouble of his house about the said child from its birth to the time of her placeing it out. 30 July 1689.



Wills & Orders, book no. 13, 1689-1698, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 27a,

28 January 1689, p.12, There appearing in Court that there is six thousand fifty five pounds of tobacco & caske expended & disbursed by Col. Jno. Custis in regaining three negroes of his & one of Jerom Griffith's Runaway; and for goods & other things carryed with them which were not returned and ninety five days which is doubled make one hundred & ninety in company with Edw. Tallinker? and Joane Meade, white servants, who are obligated by Law to make satisfaction for the same which is the Court's judgment they perform accordingly and also receive ten lashes a peece on their naked shoulders.


pp.26-7, 28 March 1690, Upon the declaration of Margaret Hamond that Joane the wife of John Brewer told her that Mr. ____? gave Col. Custis & Mr. Harmonson three pounds in money a peece that they would not take the said Margaret's evidence in Court concerning her Childe, it is ordered that the sheriff summons the said Margarett Hamond & Joane Brewer to the next court.


p.35, 28 May 1690, This day the widow ODeare, Margaret late servant of Mr. John Barons...and Frances Harman were presented by the Grand Jury for fornication.

p.45, Presentments of ye Grand Jury May ye 28 1690: Margaret late servant to Mr. Jno. Barons for fornication...Frances Harman for fornication.

p.46, We being requested by Mr. Jno. Barons to take ye deposition of Francis Betteley who declareth as followeth. That sometime in October last, being at ye house of Wm. Sterlinge & helping to harrow wheat in company of Harry a Maletto servt. to the said Sterling, which Maletto told ye depont. if I would be silent and not disclose to any person, hee the said Maletto would tell me where Mr. Jno. Baron's his goods & dowlas was hidd...deponent being in company with John Westcott of Northampton Dowlas... found hidd...found 5 pieces of Dowlas, one piece Searge made up four square. March 1689/90.

p.48, Deposition of Jane Broadway aged 23 years. Some time since Christmas last Ellenor ye wife of Thomas Carter Negro exchanged a canvas shift with Elizabeth ye wife of John Westcott for a linen shift of two or three sorts(?). To say sleeves, Dowlace, ye body other linen not well known what to your deponent, the gores ozenbrigg: for this deponent and might have had another shift of Dowlace but old and Dawned about the breast in the roome of that taken but afterwards the said Elizabeth Westcott came to your deponent and would have her pay Mr. Pigot for a bushell of salt which she owed him (into the bargain for scandalizing of her & telling Mr. Barons as she said) that she gave a Dowlace shift for a canvas one which ye deponent never did being to ye best of the deponent's knowledge. 29 May 1690.

p.53, Petition of Col. Jno. Custis & Mr. Thomas Harmonson agt. Margaret Hamond for scandalous words by her owned to be spoke against them as informed of Joane the wife of John Brewer who denying the same upon oath, the sheriff take her into custody and see that she receive thirty nine lashes on her naked shoulder as a just reward for her said offense and pay court charges.

p.58, 29 July 1690, Whereas Frances Harman summoned to the court to answer the presentment of the Grand Jury for fornication which she confessed in Court and Thomas Carter Negro tendered himself security for her fine of 500 pounds tobacco which Major Jno. Robins in the behalf of the lower parish as Churchwarden accepts.

p.58-9, Whereas Esther Odeare & Margaret Hamond were summoned to the court to answer their presentments by the Grand Jury, failing to appear, summons issue.

p.62, 29 September 1690, difference depending between Henry Jackson maletto servant to William Sterling for his freedom, at sd. Sterling's request, referred till next court.

p.64-5, 30 September 1690, Petition of Henry Jackson servant to Wm. Sterling for his freedom (with the concession of ye said partys) the said Jackson is to serv the said Sterling one whole year from this day and he to be discharged from his said master's service with reasonable clothing.

p.82, 28 January 1690, Whereas it appeared to the court that Frances Harman a maletto hath very much scandalized Madam Tabitha Curtis, whose servant she lately was, by very grose and approbrious language all together false and virtue...35 lashes on her naked shoulder.

p.83-5, Deposition of Henry Ashwell, aged 23, did hear Frances Harmonson (should be Harmon) maletto in the time of her service to Mr. Jno. Barons merchant say Mr. Joseph Webb & Capt. Robert Peet had frequently had knowledge of the body of Madam Tabitha Custis which ye said deponent asked the said Frances Harmonson whether the said Joseph Webb & Capt. Peet had fuckt Madam Tabitha Custis and her answer was yes. 29 September 1690.

p.85, Deposition of Joane Brewer, aged 56, Sometime last summer Frances Harman maletto, being at the house of the deponent, did say to me that her mistress, namely Mrs. Tabitha Custis, did bring to her husband a pare of stockings to put on to goe to Church and they being of two colours, he asked her if she intended to make a peddler of him...Frances Harman maletto did tell me her mistress Madam Carter had been the ruin of Capt. Peet and did keep him company and keep him from his wife. 26 January 1690/1.

p.106, 28 May 1691, Difference depending between Peter George Negro plt. and Elizabeth Candlin widow administrator of her husband Robert Candlin, deceased, refer to jury.

Find for plaintiff...defendant deliver to the said plaintiff the cattle and hogs with their increase.

p.115, deposition of Daman Loughland aged 23, saith that since Robert Candlin dyed this deponent heard Hannah Somerset say that there was eight head of cattle of Peter George's. 29 May 1691.

p.115, deposition of Hannah Somerset, aged 21, that about a year after Peter George went away this deponent came home to her father in Lawe's Robert Candlin where there was three cows which were Peter George's. 29 May 1691.

p.116, Deposition of Sarah Driggus, aged about 40 years, saith that in March 1687/8 your deponent heard Peter George say that Robert Candlin told him that there was a Law made that all free Negros should be slaves again but bid the deponent not speak of it for it would ruin the said Robert Candlin if it should be known that he told it. Some small time after your deponent was at the said Candlin's house & probably asked the said Robert Candlin if it was truth that free Negros should be slaves againe, he said it was but he desired her not to speak of it...and that he would advise Peter George to make what haste he could away least hee should be slept. Upon which the deponent went to the said Peter George's and found there Robert Candlin's Cart loaded with goods and heard ye said Candlin tell the said Peter George that if he sent for his estate in his hands he should have it again provided there wa a Black man in company with them but not otherwise. So suddenly the said deponent & Peter George went upwards and ye sd cart went towards the Candlins. 29 May 1691.

p.121, 28 July 1691, difference depending between Sarah Driggus Negro, plt., and Wm Kenny Jur. deft. the Court find no cause of action...non suit granted.

p.125, 3 August 1691, deposition of Richard Heton aged 30 that he heard William Kenny say that he did fetch a warrant for Sarah Driggus, Jr., and did serve it on her but went not before any commissioner with her while your deponent was in these parts and the said Kennie told your deponent that he had her bound for two years & your deponent asked him who were by & he said his son & ye said Driggus sister & he and his wife & none else on which ye deponent asked him for what reason shee was bound and he said to goe to ye southward with him. 14 July 1691.

p.148, 29 January 1691/2, presentment of Grand Jury: Frances Harman for having a bastard child.

p.160, 28 March 1692, Frances Harman acknowledges a bastard child 20 lashes on her naked shoulders.

p.182, 28 July 1692, Doll a Negro woman formerly belonging to William Gascoine late of this County deceased, exhibiting a deed to this court under the hand and seale of her late master for her freedom and manumission from the time of his decease, the same being acknowledged by him in Court and recorded...said deed is good & said Negro woman Doll is free. But for as much as she the said Doll presented one other deed to the Court under the hand & seale of her said late master Wm Gascoine of a former date for the freedom of her and her Negro man Robin her husband after his decease but the same not acknowledged in Court nor Recorded (though proved to be his act & deed by the oath of John Cole (one of the Evidences thereto) as likewise hee having made a deed of gift afterwards perfected the same of all his estate then possessed to be enjoyed by his son Henry Gascoine after his decease without any exception of his said Negro man Robin to be free, then dwell as his wife the said Negro woman Doll. It is therefore the Judgment of the Court that the said former deed is not of force for the said Negro man Robin his freedom, but that he continue still in the same quality as formerly and said Negro woman Doll pay costs.

pp.190-1, 29 September 1692, Upon the information of Capt. William Kendall to Mr. Benja. Nottingham, one of the Churchwardens of this parish, that he had lately a maletto bastard child born in his house on a woman servant named Margarett Hamond on whose as well as the other Churchwardens Capt. Arthur Robins their motion to ye Court for their opinions therein have considered the same and doe find that according to a late law the year 1691 the said Churchwardens forthwith dispose the said woman with her corn & clothes which her present master is to deliver with her: and her child and that the same Capt. Kendall have the benefit of the said Law as informer and that the said Churchwardens bee accomptable for what they shall dispose of the said woman servant for as the said law enjoynes & provides. And that they bring her and her corne and clothes to be answerable to her att the expiration of the time she is sold for: for her said corn and clothes as due at the end of her time she first came into the County for.

p.194, 30 September 1692, Judgment granted Thomas Carter Negro against John Westcott deft. for 1 pound, 6 shillings due p. balance of account.

p.198-9, 20 November 1691, inventory of estate of Henry Gascoine, deceased...negro man named Daniel, boy Peter, boy Benjamin, James, woman Jenny. Elizabeth wife of Daniel Benthall formerly widow and executrix of Henry Gascoine.

p.250, I Thomas Carter Negro of Northampton County give and grant unto my loving friend William Gelding my Daughter Elizabeth, my son Thomas, and my daughter Margaret Carter to serve him and his heirs from the day of my death until they shall attain the age of nineteen years apeace provided the said Gelding doth learn them to read, and as they come to age he the said Gelding to pay them three barrels of corn and sufficient cloaths both linen and woolen a peece. 23 June 1693. Thomas (T) Carter. proved 28 September 1693 by oath of Jerom Griffith and Mr. Ralph Pigot.

p.261, 5 February 1693/4, Petition of Mr. Ralph Pigot, it appearing that Wm Driggus, deced., was indebted to him 800 pounds of tobacco & cask p. bill and for as much as he alledged that Thomas Taylor was indebted to the said Driggus 8 paire of shoes, order is granted him for the same.

p.274, 28 May 1684, By the information of John Brewer and his wife we present Frances Driggus Negro for fornication, John Smith and Doll Negro for fighting on Sunday.

p.279, 30 July 1694, Whereas Frances Driggus Negro servant to John Brewer was presented by the Grand Jury for fornication and having acknowledged her said offence, receive 30 lashes...serve her master two years.

John Smith and Doll Negro woman appearing this Court on their summons to answer the presentment for fighting on Sunday, by their humble submission to the Court it appears they were Ignorantly drawne into the said premisses(?) on a very trivial & slender occasion, they are discharged paying fees.

p.284, 28 September 1694, Whereas a male child of Mary Gale, servt. to Mr. John Kendall, of which Nicholas Silvedo was convicted of being the reputed father, was the seventh of December 1674 placed to Charles Guildon of the County until 24 years of age, said child known by the name of Jephtah, now attains to 21 which also appeared by this County's records, set free.

p.301, will of Benoni Ward. I give unto my youngest daughter Elisha Ward after the decease of my loveing wife Sarah Ward my Indian boy Robin. 1 November 1694. Proved 9 January 1694/5.

p.314, 28 May 1695. Whereas Peter George Negro was arrested to this County by the suit of Daniel Neech as assignee of Capt. Wm Kendall for 680 pounds of tobacco p. bill, who failing to appear, judgment granted against the sheriff immediately after next court in case nihil dicit of the said Peter George there.

p.314, Frances Driggus Negro servt. to John Brewer presented by the Grand Jury for Bastard bearing.

p.320, Major John Custis sent his Indian Girl named Bettee to the Court to have their judgment of her age...8 years.

p.322, 29 July 1695, Whereas Frances Driggus a free borne Negro servant by covenant or indenture to John Brewer was presented by the Grand Jury for bastard bearing...acknowledges her said offence...her said master John Brewer was the only man that knew her... which appearing to the Court soe tender a case would not presume to take her oath, said Brewer being a free born subject of the Kingdom of England and a freeholder of this County and tending his oath that he was nigh a hundred miles from home when his said servant's child was got and never knew her or was concerned with her in such way.

p.324, Judgment granted Daniel Neech assignee of Capt. Wm Kendall agst. Peter George 680 pounds of tobacco.

p.340, 30 July 1695, Deposition of Thomas Duparkes aged 55, Wm Jarvis went downe to Mr. Kendall's house when the Negro Siscoe was sick and Wm Jarvis asked the Negro before his master's face how many hides he had in the fatts of his the said Wm Jarvis and the Negro made answer 20 odd. 10 February 1695/6.

p.352, The complaint of Manuel the Indian by Capt. Isaac Foxcroft on his behalf against Henry Harmonson, the said Indian failing to appear...dismissed.

pp.355-60, 18 March 1691, will of John Custis...wife Tabitha Custis these following Negroes and slaves by name Vizt. Kate, Charles, Jeremy, Rose a child, Jenny, Jenny a child, Jack, Jenny Gabriel's daughter, Betty, Negro Ned, Maria her child Simon a Boy Tom Bell, Long Tom, Gabriel, Indian Jone with all & every of their increase...and it is my will and desire that my slave Gabriel Jacob before herein mentioned to be given to my said wife at the expiration of four years service to her after my decease on imployment in the sloope or otherwise as occasion requires, then to be free and at his own disposal. But if it happens that my said wife should decease in less time than the four years thence forward my said slave afore named to have and begin his manumission and my Grandson John Custis these following Negroes: Jeffery, Bess, a boy child Peter, Mall, Tucker, Sarah, Nancey, young Daniel, Sandy, Gustrea?, Bab & Tom, Sarah to be delivered him with their increase at the age of twenty one. Proved 10 February 1695/6.


p.426, 28 May 1697, Whereas Capt. Obedience Johnson by Precept from Major John Custis returned to the Court by the Sheriff appeared to answer the complaint of Mary Indian Empress Tonyanaquato the mother of Assabe an Indian boy under servitude by indenture to the said Capt. Johnson in composition for a cow killed (as supposed) by the said Indian boy of George Hasleipps which appearing to the court to be perpetuated & done. The said indenture is therefore made void and the said Indian boy freed from any further servitude.

p.427, 28 May 1697, Presentments: Henry Jackson the maletto for driving a cart upon Sunday, Mary the servant of Jonathan Stott for a Bastard child with an Indian.

pp.433-5, will of Judith Patrick. To Mary the wife of Edward Scady and to Doll and Sarah Negros Eleven yards of browne course linen to be equally divided amongst them three. To William Aston and Tom the Indian seven yards of blue linen to be divided amongst them. (p.435) To Sarah Drighouse one Virginia worsted gowne. The rest of my worst sort of dvenry clothes to my Indian slave Mall. To Indian Tom my slave, the gunne he ordinarily shoots and one black heifer of three years old to dispose of as he thinks fit. 12 May 1697, proved 28 May 1697.

p.446 28 September 1697, Whereas Mary Preston servant to Jonathan Stott this day appeared at Court to answer the presentation by the Grand Jury for fornication and having acknowledged her said offence and that she lately had a child by Piney and Indian which child her said master assumed in court to save the parish harmless from but refused to pay her fine, serve her master one year...25 lashes.

p.451, 30 November 1697, Petition of Jonathan Stott, Diana the daughter of his servant woman Mary Prescott is bound by the Court till 18 years of age according to law.

This day Henry Jackson appearing to answer his presentation by the Grand Jury discharged from the same paying fees.

p.461, 28 February 1697/8, Indenture of Thomas Archer son of John Archer.

p.463, Nan a free Negro woman commonly called Black Nanny on her complaint to Major John Custis that she had several goods feloniously taken out of her house and that she had cause to suspect some other free Negroes in those parts...was found at the house and possession of Sarah Driggus and Sarah Landum free Negroes, three blankets of Linen, yarne and a small parcel of flax, the said Black Nanny claimed as part of the goods feloniously taken out of her home...and finding the said Black Nanny capable of making an oath, said Sarah Driggus and Sarah Landum receive 25 lashes.

p.510, 19 September 1698, Whereas Henry Harmonson obtained a warrant to search for a silver spoon marked EB feloniously taken from his house which spoon was found in the custody of free Negro Peter George who was bound over to the Court to answer the same. And he makeing it appear that he bought the spoon of King Tom an Indian which Indian pretending to the said Negro hee had the same spoon of Mr. Living Denwood of Somerset County and since alledging (the spoon being well known to belong to the said Henry Harmonson) that he had it of his servant woman but no manifest there of, ordered the sheriff forthwith take the said King Tom Indian into his custody...receive 20 lashes.

p.521, 1 February 1698/9, Sarah Driggus Negro against Aa(?)on Westbrook for that he is indebted to her 300 pounds of tobacco and cask for curing his arm. Judgment granted.


Orders, Wills, Etc. No. 14, 1698-1710, LVA microfilm no. 27a

p.8, 30 May 1699, Mary Carter Daughter of Ellenor Carter widow was presented by the Grand Jury for fornication. Sheriff summon her.

p.9, Difference depending between Wm Ronan & John Archer, judgment is granted against the said defendant for one sufficient horse mill wheel, ten foot through, according to obligation.


p.18, 28 July 1699, Mary Carter, Daughter of Ellenor Carter widow, appeared, owned to the court fornication, as also charged Daniel Benthall's Negro slave Daniel to be the father of the Bastard child she was lately delivered of. Receive 25 lashes.


p.22, 28 September 1699, Judgment granted to Capt. Joshua Brodbent against Rongus an Indian for the sum of two pounds, seven shillings & six pence current money of Virginia appearing due by balance of account eighteen shillings whereof paid Mrs. Gentle and seven shillings and six pence paid Wm Seers by the said pltf for the said deft. which he is to be saved harmless from and payment of the said 2 pounds, 6 shillings & 6 p further to be made.

p.30, 30 November 1699, Anne Williams, a Maletto child thirteen years of age September or October last, bound to Hamond Firkette till eighteen years of age he assuming in court to pay Esther Warren, the daughter of Henry Warren, deced., 1000 pounds of tobacco at the expiration of the said Anne Williams her time.

p.35, 31 January 1699/1700, Frances Driggus Negro on the oath of Arthur Roberts purloining several goods out of his house, sheriff give her 30 lashes.

p.36, Churchwardens against Margaret Copes for having a Maletto Bastard child, it appearing not to be borne in said parish, she is discharged.

p.36, 28 February 1699/1700, Whereas Frances Driggus, a free Negro, was committed to this county Gaol for feloniously taking a parcel of meat from Charles Trelfo, as made oath by him, the said Trelfo or any other failing to appear to prosecute against her, she is therefore discharged.


p.39, 28 March 1700, Suit commenced by Lt. Col. Nathaniel Littleton as lat & present sheriff against Sarah Driggus Negro by reason of the same plaintiff's inability is referred to the next court.

p.43, 28 May 1700, Judgment granted to Lt. Col. Nath. Littleton against Sarah Driggus Negro for the sum of 683 pounds of tobacco p. acct of public dues and officer's fees.

29 July 1700, Mr. William Harmonson and Mr. Thomas Savage exhibited the sales of the estate of Philip Mongom Negro, deced.

Petition of Wm Harmonson against the estate of Philip Mongom Negro for the sum of 420 pounds of tobacco, granted.

Petition of Mr. Thomas Savage against the estate of Philip Mongom Negro for the sum of 420 pounds of tobacco, granted.

Judgment granted Lt. Col. Nathaniel Littleton, late sheriff, having made oath to his account, against the estate of Philip Mongom Negro 420 pounds tobacco for public dues.

p.53, 28 November 1700, Judgment confessed by Peter George free Negro defendant to Mr. Thomas Harmonson, Sr., plaintiff for 700 pounds of tobacco according to bill.

p.69, will of Jno. Tilney...unto my son in Law John Moore my maletto boy Kettle during my Natural live and if I shall chance to dye between the first of March and the last of November that then he shall quietly possess the said boy till he has finished his cropp and then the said boy to return to my son John Tilney if he be then living to serve out the rest of his time according to order of the court. 6 April 1700, proved 28 May 1701.

p.83, 19 April 1701, Richard Smith of Northampton County and Margaret Copes of the same place. Said Margaret...bind her daughter Tabitha to be and remain with him from the day and date hereof until she attains to the age of 18 years to serve him in all lawful imployment, she being this instant 1 year and 2 months old. The said Richard Smith obliges himself to bring up the said Tabitha carefully, find sufficient dyet, cloathing, washing until she attains the age of 18 and then to let her go free and give her all the cloathing she hath to wear at the time of her freedom. 28 Nov 1701.

p.96, 28 July 1702, Ann Daughter to Sarah Beckett being four years old the tenth of December last (with her said mother's consent) is bound to Mrs. Ann Eyre to serve until eighteen years of age.

p.102, 29 September 1702, Peter an Indian contemned a warrant of Capt. Wm Harmonson, one of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this county, sheriff take said Peter into custody and see that he receive 20 lashes.

Edward and John Harman, Johnson and John Driggus, and Samuel George Free Negroes, on complaint of Robert Gascoigne, the Sheriff is ordered to take them into custody until they enter into bond to appear at next court.

p.106, 28 November 1702, Last will of Capt. Isaac Foxcroft proved by the oaths of John Harper and Margaret Copes.

Appeared to the court by the confession & acknowledgement of Johnson Driggus and Samuel George Negroes that they unlawfully killed a hogg of Samuel French, said Negros pay 2,000 pounds of tobacco, 1,000 to Mr. John Luke informer and 1,000 to said Samuel French.

Appearing to the Court by sufficient evidence and the oath of Robert Gascoigne sub-sheriff that Johnson Driggus, John Driggus & Samuel George Negros having in an insolent manner abused several of her Majestie's liege people as also threatened and menaced the said complainant, Robert Gascoigne, receive 39 lashes on their bare backs.


p.112, I Thomas Harmanson, Sr, of the County of Northampton, Gentleman, aged & weak ... to loving wife Elizabeth Harmonson one Negro man named Daniel during her natural live and after her death the said Negro man shall be at his own liberty he paying an annual stipend of 200 pounds tobacco during his natural live to someone whom my wife shall assign the payment. And if my wife shall depart this life without the assignment of the same ... to my son-in-law Wm Waterson and Isabella his wife. Proved 28 November 1702.


p.122, 29 December 1702, Petition of George Corbin, Jane Mongom a Negro girl daughter of Philip Mongom free Negro deceased, being about nine years of age, with her consent, bound to the said Corbin till 18 years of age.

Frances Driggus Negro was summoned to answer presentment for bastard bearing, failing to appear, sheriff take her into custody.

p.123, Difference between Honorable John Custis, Esq., and Sarah Landman, alias Driggus Negro, plaintiff not ready to prosecute, dismissed.


pp.126-7, 1 March 1702/3, petition of Mary Mongom her grandson Phillip Mongom was bound by the Court to her and her assigns till 21 years being between 12 and 13 years old.

p.127, Action brought by John Custis, Esq., on his case against Sarah Landman als. Driggus, deft., to his damages 50 pounds sterling. Defendant not appearing, judgment granted against the sheriff in case of nihil dicit next court.

p.127, This day Capt. Wm Harmanson assumed in open court to save the parish harmless from the bastard child (it being a white one) of Elizabeth Manley, servant woman to John Wilkins the Elder was lately delivered which she charged to John Vibor.

p.129, 2 March 1702/3, Frances Driggus Negro, presented for bastardy, last court went away through sickness--her contempt is remitted, acknowledged her offence of bastard bearing, ten lashes and detain her until she enter into bond to save the parish harmless from the said bastard child.

p.150, Frances Waterson will ... to my son Wm Waterson my Negro woman Esther...he shall pay black Nanny 800 pounds of tobacco either in cattle or hogs or tobacco to her content. 13 December 1702, proved 4 June 1703.

p.162, 28 August 1703, Grand Jury presentments for the year 1702: Eliz. Manly for a bastard being servt. to Jno. Wilkins.

p.165, Mary Carter, presented for bastard, Jno Odear & Wm Whitehead securities to pay ye fine & care ye parish harmless from ye sd child.

p.176, 30 September 1703, On ye petition of Eliza Leatherbury, order granted her for 2 days attendance as an evidence for Frances Drighouse Negro.

Peter Beckett and Sarah his wife against John Morrine for debt, defendant failing to appear, order passed against the sheriff in case of a N.D. to the next court.

p.178, Frances Drighouse Negro petition, she was formerly bound to Capt. Isaac Foxcroft & before his death was set free by sd Isaac, but since his death his widow hath assigned her over as an indented servant to Thomas Ward & begs the court's advice, ye matter not coming judicially before ye court, would take no farther notice, but advised ye said Drighouse to go home to said Thomas Ward & serve him faithfully, & upon motion of sd Ward, ye indenture is ordered to be recorded.

p.182, 28 January 1703/4, Frances Drighouse petition against Sarah Drighouse, alias Landman, for four days attendance in a difference depending between Col. Jno Custis & aforesaid Sarah Drighouse, aforesaid Drighouse alias Landman forthwith pay her.

p.183, Samuel George petitions the Court against Sarah Drighouse als. Landman for three days attendance in case between Col. Jno Custis and Sarah Drighouse als. Landman. Granted.

Jno Wilkins, Sr., exhibited an indenture wherein Gabriel Manly a Malatto child was bound by ye church wardens to ye aforesaid Wilkins.


p.187, 29 March 1704/5, Whereas Thomas Paramoore by his attorney Andrew Hamilton commenced suit against John West Indian in a plea of debt, ye matter being debated & ye sd. Parramoore not being present, continued next court.

pp.188-190, will of Bridgett Foxcroft, widow, to my kinswoman Eliza Leatherberry two new ruggs, 2 new pair of blankets, 4 pair sheets, one negro boy named Jacob to serve till he attains to 25 years of age, 4 give to my negro woman Betty thirty years of her servitude to begin and commence from ye day of my death until the said 30 years shall be fully ended, and in the expiry of 30 years, bequeath her to my kinsman Severn Eyre & ye sd Betty shall pay ye sd Severn Eyre annually one ear of Indian corn, demonstration and acknowledgement of her subjection. I bequeath Negro Betty one cow and calf, one steere 5-6 years old, her bed and furniture thereto belonging and a board house be built her of 15 foot square with a chimney thereto and ye said house be built on ye plantation where Phillip Fenn now liveth. 13 January 1703/4. proved March 1704.

p.193, 30 May 1704, Grand Jury presentments for the year 1703: Frances Drighouse for having a bastard child. Difference depending between Thos. Parramoore and John West Indian agreed by the parties.

p.205, Whereas Daniel Jacob of the County of Northampton directed to Mr. Wm Waterson, Constable, to search for some goods feloniously taken and suspected to be in ye custody of one Jone Douly in ye County aforesaid and having searched as aforesaid and found part of ye goods in ye said Dauly's possession and having carried her before a justice of ye peace of this county, which justice seeing fit bound ye sd Daniel & Joan over to the Court there to answer each other in ye premices as aforesaid and now appearing to answer ... upon tryal defendant plead not guilty...jury find...that ye sd Joan Dauly forthwith receive on her naked back 20 lashes well laid on and also immediately to return ye sd goods found and made appear taken by her to ye sd Daniel Negro and pay costs.

p.212, 28 November 1704, Joseph Benthall, Jr., commence suit to this Court against John Drighouse Negro, neither plaintiff nor defendant appearing, ye suit is dismissed.

p.213, Whereas Wm Nicholson commence suit to this court against Rongoss an Indian man, ye plt. nor def. appearing, ye suit is dismissed.

p.214, At a court of Levy 29 November 1704, To Mr. Jno Harmanson, assignee of Jeffrey an Indian, seven woolves killed 0700

to ditto assignee of ye sd Indian, killing a wolf 0100

p.215, 29 January 1704/5, Mary Mongong Negro Girl came to this Court and by her free consent bound to one Thomas Roberts of this County until she shall attain to age ... oblige himself to deliver to ye sd Negro girl when she shall have served her time aforesaid one two year old heifer and new clothing.

p.234, 29 May 1705, John Wilkins informed ye churchwardens that his servant woman Elizabeth Manly is free by ye first of June next and prays that before the churchwardens make sale of ye said woman servant for having a Malattoe child, she be ordered by the court to serve this petitioner one whole year for ye loss and damage he hath sustained by her lying in with said child. Keep her till next court, will give final determination.

p.272, 2 January 1705/6, John Harmanson in an action on ye case against Jno. Daniel Indian and being called, neither plt nor def. appearing, ye suit is dismissed.

p.306, 28 November 1706, action of Debt between John Bloxsom and John Drighouse, neither appearing, dismissed.

p.308, 28 November 1706, this day the action of debt between John Green and Dan Francisco deft being called neither plf. nor def. appearing, the suit is dismissed.

p.309, 3 December 1706, At a Court of Levi, To 4 wolves heads killed by John Dan Indian assigned to Hen Harmanson by a certificate granted to John Harmanson, 2 wolves heads 400 pounds tobacco.

To Mr. John Harmanson, for 2 wolves heads killed by Jeffery Indian by two certificates 200 pounds tobacco.

p.320, 28 January 1706/7, Edward Carter Mullato came before the court and made choice of Daniel Jacob Negrow for his Guardian.


p.358, Inventory of Joachim Michael, 3 September 1707, to sold Indian man 3000 tobacco.

p.361, 28 August 1707, Action on the case, Robert Gascoigne and John Drighouse neither appearing, plaintiff pay costs.

Action on the case,Leonard Hall and John Drighouse, neither appearing, plaintiff pay costs.


p.384, 30 December 1707, action of debt by George Harmanson pltf and Oliver Peran Mallato being called and neither plaintiff nor defendant appearing, the suit is dismissed.

p.389, 28 January 1707/8, action of debt assignee of Edward Burrough and assigned for the said Burrough to William Harmon Negrow nd soe assigned from the said Harmon to Flowrance Dunffee who assigned to Jacob Stringer, plaintiff and Thomas Collier deft. neither appearing, dismissed.

p.397, Mary Hitchens of this County summoned by order of the Church wardens of Hungars Parish for a bastard child born of her body, failing to appear, Capt. John Luke sheriff did assume in open court to pay her fine.

p.397, This day Dina Webb and Daniell Webb the said Dina of four years of age and the said Daniell one year and a half of age, two of the children of Jean Webb, both being mallatos are bound by the Court to Capt. Thomas Savage.

p.398, Mary Ballard, servant woman to Mr. Littleton Robins, being summoned to the Court...for having a bastard child born of her body and the said Mary appearing to answer the said summons and the said Mary Bullard declaring in open court upon her corporal oath that Tom a Negrow man and a slave to Mr. Littleton Robins is the true father, This day the bastard child born of the body of Mary Ballard named George a mallato, is bound by the Churchwardens to Andrew Hamilton, Gent.

Ordered Littleton Robins to bring his servant Mary Ballard to the next court to make out his right and title, otherwise she must be sold according to law for having a bastard child by a Negrow man.

p.415, 28 May 1708, This day was presented to this court by MR. George Harmanson an obligation of Oliver Peron made paiable to the said Harmanson for 11 pounds current money of Virginia dated the 28 of August 1706 and sworn in open court by the oath of Lieut. Coll. Wm Waters.

p.416, these presents oblige me Oliver Peron my heirs to pay George Harmanson 11 pounds currency. 28 August 1706. Oliver Peron.

p.417, Deposition of Robert Gascoigne, about 35, saith about August in 1688 that William Harmanson

p.448, I, Peter George Negro, do appoint Robert Howson my lawful attorney to act in my name to acknowledge in Northampton County Court an indenture between me and George Corben, chirgeon, of the county dated 2 March 1705. 28 September 1708. Peter x George. Recorded 29 November 1708.

p.449, Indenture made the 2 March 1705/6 between George Corben and Susannah his wife and Peter George free Negro, said Peter George hath bind as an apprentice unto the said George Corben and Susannah his wife one mallato or negro child called Amarrica George, daughter to the said Peter George and Mary his wife now about one years and two months old until she attains to the full age of twenty one years ... and at the expiration to pay the said Amaricca George one cow calf. George Corben. Peter x George. March the 2d 1705. This day acknowledged by both parties as their real acts and deeds, 29 November 1708. Above indenture acknowledged by Robert Howson as an attorney for Peter George negro.

p.460, 29 November 1709, Action upon the case, Leonard Hall and John Drighouse, neither appearing, plaintiff pay costs.

John Drighouse plaintiff against Josias Cowdrey defendant, neither party appearing.

Action of trespass, William Benham and Philip Harman, neither appearing, plaintiff pay costs.

p.485, 28 July 1709, This day Jean Grimes making her personal appearance to this Court according to the last court order to answer the presentment of the grand jury for bastard bearing, Daniell Jacob Negro assuming in open court to pay her fine.

p.504, 29 November 1709, Court hath bound out Tom Landman Negro to Richard Jacob til he comes to twenty one years of age.

p.515, 28 February 1709/10, Rebecca Basset, a mallato, being summoned by the order of the Church wardens for Bastard bearing, appearing, Mr. John Robins assumed to pay her fine.

p.536, 30 May 1710, Dorothy Sample bound her child Jacob Sample of one year and a half to Richard Smith till he arrive to the age of twenty one.

Action of the case between Edward Burrough and Daniel Jacob, neither appearing, dismissed.


Orders 1710-1716, photocopied by the clerk of Northampton County Court:

p.149, Edward Carter and William Whithead assumed in Court to give bond and security to bare the parish of the bastard child of said Carter's daughter Hannah Carter. William Whithead assumed to pay the said Hannah Carter's fine.

p.165, 15 June 1714, Action of the Case between Dorritty Sample and Rebecca Maddux, administratrix of the estate of Thomas Maddux, decd., plaintiff proving her account, judgment granted for 405 pounds of tobacco.

p.235, Elizabeth Roberts a negro woman came into Court and hath bound out her two children John and William Roberts to Mr. Thomas Preeson.

p.238, 21 December 1715

p.238, 20 March 1715/6

p.244, Grand jury presentments: Hannah Carter Mallato and Ann Beckett for Bastard bearing.

20 June 1716, p.252, Hannah Carter appeared, being presented by ye Grand jury for Bastard bearing, Absolom Satchell assumed to pay ye fine of 500 pounds of tobacco as also to bear ye parish harmless of ye said child.

Hannah Carter with the consent of the Court hath bound out her son Luke Carter to Absolom Satchell, ye child being born ye 8 day of Feb. last.

Ann Beckett appears, being presented by ye Grand jury for Bastard bearing, twenty five lashes.

p.255, Action of Debt between Daniel Jacob and Thomas Carter, defendant failing to appear, attachment granted against ye estate for 1100 pounds tobacco returnable next court.

This day upon petition of Captain Thomas Savage ye Court hath bound out two Malatto children, one named Ann and ye other named Elizabeth, both born of ye body of Jane Webb, ye wife of a Negro man Belonging to Captain Thomas Savage, which ye court hath bound out to ye said Savage.

p.256, 17 July 1716, Action of Debt between Daniel Jacob and Thomas Carter, said Carter confessed that he stood indebted to Daniel Jacob.

Orders 1716-1718, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 46

p.4 Edward Mifflin petitions the Court for administration on the goods and Chattels of Edward Carter Negro and Matthew Moor assieing(?) to the Court that ye said negroe was his Owne and the said Mifflin failing to make it appear the said Negro was a free man, the petition is therefore rejected.

18 June 1717, Action of Trespass upon the Case, Thomas Batson v. Daniel Jacob Negro, jury for defendant.

p.34, 20 August 1717, Hannah Carter a Mallato come into court and by ye consent of ye court hath bound out her son Thomas Carter a Mallato aged four years of age ye seventh day of December last to Thomas Costing.

p.40, 15 September 1717, Action upon the case between Daniel Jacob Negro plaintiff & Charles Loftly, neither party appearing, dismissed at plf costs.

p.55, 21 January 1717/8, Action upon the case between John Robins & Peter Backett (Beckett), neither party appearing, plf pay costs.

p.84, 17 March 1717/8, Elizabeth Francisco, a negro, came into Court and Desired that her daughter Rachell Francisco may be bound to Robert Nottingham and Elizabeth his wife.

20 May 1718, Presentments: Ann Beckett for bastard bearing.

July 1718, p.120, Ann Beckett, Mallato, refusing to pay her fine, 25 lashes.

Orders 1719-21, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 46

p.26, 21 July 1719, Jno. Drumond, Francis Navell Molatto, &Wm Dawson Negro boy brought to this Court by Alexander Bagwell, Isaac Smith and Jno Haggoman upon ye information of Francis Allen on suspicion of being Pirates and runaways, being examined, Jno Drumond boy, charged with forging ye pass of Francis Navill ye Molatto, confesses ye fact upon which ye Court ordered ye sheriff keep ye above Jno Drumond and Francis Navell ye Molatto and Wm Dawson ye Negro During ye Court's pleasure.

pp.26-7, 22 July 1719, Sheriff brought John Nevar under suspicion to have convey away Jno Drumond being therein ye sheriff's custody and found guilty of some crimes, ye Court hath ordered ye sheriff to take into his custody ye body of sd John Nevar till he enters into bond with good security for his appearance next court, Jane Duglace and other evidences.

p.27 This day Francis Nevill a malatto and Wm Dawson Negro being brought before the court for suspicion of being Pirates or runaways confessing no master and finding a counterfeit pass in ye hands of said Nevill which he confesses ... convey to common goal at Williamsburg.

p.30, 18 August 1719, Sheriff to keep in his custody Jno. Navell Molatto & Wm Dawson Negro till next court.

p.31, 18 August 1719, Elizabeth Francisco, a Negro, came into Court and by consent of ye Court bound out her child Sabra Francisco a Negro child to Abraham Bowker.

p.44, 17 November 1719, Presentments: Tabitha Coope & Elizabeth Church for bastard bearing.

p.51, 15 December 1719, Tabitha Cope confessing, 25 lashes.

p.93, 21 July 1719, ... runaways Jno Drummond Negro belongs to Mr. Charles Eaton, Gent. of North Carolina, and Francis Navill to Joseph Van Swearing of Maryland being at least 100 miles from their masters.

10 October 1720, p.95, Action of ye Case between Abraham Bowker and Eliz: Francisco, defendant confessed judgment of 20 bushels of Indian corn.

Tabitha Copes binds her daughter Elishe Copes aged 13 months unto John Marshall.

p.144, 12 December 1721, William Harman negro came before Court and assumed to pay 500 pounds of tobacco to ye Church wardens being ye fine of Hannah Carter for bastard bearing.

p.146, 15 December 1721, William Harman Negroe assumed to bare ye parish harmless of ye Bastard child of Hannah Carter.

p.150, William Brumfield came voluntarily into Court and made oath that he never was Concerned Carnally with Hannah Carter.

p.183, 13 September 1722, Elizabeth Francisco, Free Negro Woman, having been committed by Mr. Jacob Stringer to the common Goal of this County on suspicion of having murdered her child, was brought before the Court and Abraham Bowker and Mary his wife being sworn, were examined, find they are insufficient to charge her with the said murder ... said Elizabeth be discharged on her payment of fees.

p.185, 9 October 1722, Jane Webb v. Thomas Savage, deft. called but by reason of indisposition unable to attend.

p.191, 14 November 1722, Petition of Jane Webb ordered same continued and that Capt. Thomas Savage be summoned to appear next court.

Action upon the Case Abraham Bowker agt. Elizabeth Francisco for 8 pounds, defendant failing to appear, judgment confirmed agt. her & Ralph Pigot, Gent. Sheriff.

pp.192-3, 26 November 1722, At a Court for Propositions and Grievances ... That the great number of Free Negros Inhabiting within this County are great Grievances most particularly because the Negro Women pay no Taxes.

p.198, 13 December 1722, Jane Webb v. Savage, attorney undertaking to appear for Capt. Savage, prays time till next court to answer.

Orders 1722-1729, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 46

p.11, 16 August 1722, Jane Webb for freedom, ordered Thomas Savage, Gent., attend at next court to answer.

15 September 1722, Webb v. Savage continued.

p.41, 14 December 1722, petition of Tom Ferrell a Mulato for his freedom he being now thirty one years of age, Mr. Jackson his master appearing, court being divided, postponed till tomorrow morning.

p.45, 10 January 1722/3, petition of Tom Ferrell, next court, Abraham Bowker security for said Ferrell appearing.

p.46, Petition of Jane Webb for her children Diana, Daniel & Frances, same be dismissed, frivolous.

Upon the information of Ralph Pigot one of the churchwardens, ordered Elinor Jacob be taken into custody.

13 March 1722/3, p.55, Thos Ferrell return to his said master ... have liberty to get his indenture, master allow him 3 days time to procure said indenture.

13 March 1722/3, p.57, Action of case Azaricum Drighouse v. William Taylor, dismissed at deft.'s costs.

p.58, Assault & Battery, Samuel Church v. John Drighouse Negro, dismissed neither party appearing.

p.60, 9 April 1723, Petition of Thomas Ferrell agreed dismissed.

p.64, 10 April 1723, Petition of Katherine Wilson for her children's freedom, next court. Margaret Preeson summoned.

p.70, 14 May 1723, Petition of Katherine Wilson, plf. failed to appear, pay costs.

p.74, 13 August 1723, Major James Forse informing the court that Nanny, a Mulatto Daughter of Catherine Wilson, was left destitute by her mother who now praying the said child may be bound to him according to the request of her said mother.

p.86, 13 September 1723, Petition of John George Fisher & Mrs. Margaret Preeson relating to Mary Westerfor, the daughter of Catherine Wilson, lately illegally departed this Colony, ordered the said child be bound to said Mrs. Preeson.

p.91, 9 October 1723, Ann a Mulatto Daughter of Katherine Wilson formerly Westerfor, be bound out to James Forse, age proved to be two years the 1 June last.

p.98, 14 November 1723, Ordered clerk inspect the records as to the age of Mary Westerfor.

p.124, 16 April 1724, David Stott v. Philip Rosario, pray parlance next court.

p.140, 10 September 1724, Stott v. Rosario, for plf. 4 barrels of Indian corn.

p.144, Deut Gascoign evidence for Philip Rosario, 4 days.

p.145, Oyer & Terminer, 8 October 1724, Brought to bar Cesar (Negro slave belonging to John Armistead of Gloucester County), Thomas Carter, and Alice Cormack. stealing 20 yards of cloth, a knife and fork. Mr. John Robins lost 20 yards and upwards of such cloth as was produced out of his store & he believed it was the same. Tom a Negro slave belonging to Mr. John Robins being charged declared it was a knife and fork produced of the said Cesar told him he bought it across the bay (but John Robins believed it was a knife and fork stolen out of the store). Cesar guilty of felony. Hanged.

p.146, Alice Cormack guilty of a great misdemeanor of harboring & entertaining the said Negro, receive twenty five lashes.

Thomas Carter, a Mulatto man, receive 29 lashes.

p.149, 12 January 1724/5, Rebecca Beckett summoned to Court to shew cause why her son William Beckett should not be bound out.

p.161, 10 February 1724/5, William Beckett bound to John Robins until 21, 10 years old 10 December last.

p.162, 11 February 1724/5, On petition of Mark Freshwater, ordered Rebeckah Becket be summoned to shew cause why her son Mark Becket should not be bound to said Freshwater.

p.164, 12 February 1724/5 Action upon the case, John Sarden v. Philip Mongon, agreed.

Action of Assault, John Coffin v. Stephen Church, agreed.

p.172, 10 March 1724/5, Petition of Mark Freshwater & information of John Robins that Rebeckah Beckett was willing to have her son Mark Becket bound out to the petitioner til 21.

p.17, 11 March 1724/5, Petition of Dinah Webb, Capt. Thomas Savage summoned.

p.174, Stephen Church for his behavior before the court put in stocks for 1 hour.

pp.175, 12 March 1724/5, Action of case Elizabeth Church v. John Haggoman, deft. failing to appear, judgment granted, returnable next court.

p.179, 14 April 1725, Dinah Webb v. Thomas Savage, being born of a Free Mulatto woman, now of the age of twenty ___ (fold) is a free woman and discharged.

p.181, 11 May 1725, Grand Jury presents Elizabeth Lang for fornication ... Mary Mongon for fornication ... Tabitha Cope Mulatto for Bastard bearing ... Hannah Carter Mulatto for Bastard bearing, Elinor Jacob for Bastard bearing ... Lydia Carter for Bastard bearing.

p.186, 13 May 1725, Philip Rosario v. Daniel Clarke, debt, agreed.

p.189, 8 June 1725, Mary Mongong, not appearing, sheriff take into custody.

Tabitha Cope Mulatto, Azaricum Drighouse assumes to pay her fine and keep the parish harmless of her bastard child.

Elinor Jacob, Elias Roberts assumes to pay her fine and keep parish harmless.

p.190, Hannah Carter for Bastard bearing, Capt. Ralph Pigot assuming to pay her fine & indemnify the parish.

Lydia Carter for Bastard bearing, Thomas Costyn assuming to pay her fine & her bastard child being dead ...

p.194, July 1725, Assault & Battery Elizabeth Church v. Elias Roberts, agreed.

p.202, 12 August 1725, Mary Mongong being presented by Grand jury for bastard bearing, court were of opinion that Capt. Thomas Savage in whose house the said woman was delivered, was not liable to pay the fine because he gave due notice she being out of the County.

p.206, 14 September 1725, Petition of Jane Webb, she, Nan and her daughter Dinah be added to the list of tithables.

p.225, 12 January 1725/6, Edward and Jaine Harmon chose Philip Mongong guardian. Philip Mongon made oath that William Harmon died without making any will. Administration on his estate granted.

p.240, 16 April 1726, Azaricum Drighouse committed to stocks for his misbehavior before the court.

p.245, 15 June 1726, Samuel Church & Elizabeth his wife acknowledged deed to John Marshall for land.

p.247, 12 July 1726, Capt. Thomas Savage praying that Licia & Abimileck, children of Jane Webb, might be bound to him. Evidence of Col. George Harmonson and Mrs. Margaret Forse who swore they had seen an indenture Jane agreed to serve seven years & that her children born in the lifetime of her husband Left should serve the said Savage's leave to marry the said Left, his slave, the children to be bound to said Savage.

p.248, 13 July 1726, Jane Webb brought to the bar, wife of Col. Harmonson and Philip Jacob, said Jane declared if all Negros had as good a heart as she had they would all be Free, which being considered by the Court ordered that she receive ten lashes well laid on.

p.252, 13 September 1726, Sarah Morris consented & desired to bind out her son Abraham Morris of the age of eight years last January and John Morris of the age of four years last Christmas to Mr. Arthur Robins.

15 September 1726, Complaint of Elizabeth Lang and Mary Merrick complaining of their master Thos. Dell for barbarous usage. Mary Merrick return to her master's service & he take care to cure her sore leg & Eliz. Lang be whipped petition dismissed.

p.258, 16 September 1726, Bill in chancery brought by Jane Webb against Thomas Savage, ordered Capt. Savage do put in his answer to the complaint at the next court.

Action upon the Case, Thos. Dell v. Daniel Jacob, next court.

p.260, 8 November 1726, Thos. Savage made oath that he never consented the petitioner's husband should be free but that the children born of her body of Left, her husband, during her indenture were to serve him but cannot say for what term of years whereupon the Court doth order that the complainant have her liberty to appear to the next court for what term her children were to serve.

p.265, 14 December 1726, Jane Webb v. Savage, court being divided, next court.

p.273, 14 February 1726/7, Assault & Battery, Azaricum Drighouse v. Jeremiah Townsend, non inventus, dismissed.

p.278, 12 April 1727, bill in chancery Webb v. Savage, Court being divided last court as to Free Negros being evidence are of the opinion that none such ought to be allowed as such and that the same be continued at the deft's cost.

p.279, Azaricum Drighouse v. Fowusend(?) agreed.

1 June 1727, Thomas Dell v. Daniel Jacob, Jury find for Daniel Jacob.

p.283, Philip Jacob attended 8 days evidence for Daniel Jacob.

p.285, 11 July 1727, Petition of Edward Harmon for his part of his father's estate in the hands of Philip Mongong who was willing to pay the same. Ordered he pay costs.

p.287, 11 July 1727, Jane Webb v. Savage, plf failing to appear, dismissed.

p.295, 12 September 1727, Mr. Thos. Dell proved by his wife's oath that Elizabeth Lang was absent from his service 67 days and also that same time of service she hath been delivered of a bastard child and paid 200 pounds of tobacco for taking her up, she further serve according to Law. On Cost of the petitioner Thos. Dell, Clerk ordered that Elizabeth Lang Indian woman in his service be entered in his list of tithables.

p.297, 13 September 1727, Petition of Jane Webb, als. Left, ordered her name be inserted in the list of tithables this year. Petition of Dinah Manly, a free Mulatto, ordered her name be inserted in the list of tithables.

p.299, 11 October 1727, Action upon the case, Daniel Jacob v. Edward Harmon, agreed.

p.303, 14 November 1727, Further inventory of Sarah Roberts, deceased, was presented in Court by Isaac Smith, Sr.

p.304, 15 November 1727, Petition of Dinah Manly agst. Captain Thomas Savage for freedom dues, said Savage deducting what he paid to some justice of the peace after she was free, appeal.

p.312, 9 January 1727/8, Petition of Jacob Waterfield v. Dinah Mongong, summoned to next court.

p.316, 14 February 1727/8, Inventory of the estate of Philip Mongong by Dinah Mongong his executor.

p.317, Jane Harman v. Dinah Mongong, ordered she pay the petitioner her share of her deceased father's estate.

p.326, 15 May 1728, Petition of Churchwardens the constable do take into custody Tom an Indian boy slave lately belonging to Isaac Haggoman, decd., and by him set free and that he bring him to the Churchwardens to be sold at this court as the law directs.

Mary Roberts a free Negro came into Court and made choice of Jacob Waterfield to be her guardian.

15 May 1728, p.327, Peter and Thomas Ferrell are by consent of their mother Ann Ferrell bound out to John Lowry according to Law.

11 June 1728, p.334, Waterfield v. Mongong, dismissed.

p.335, 19 June 1728, Samuel Mapp v. Richd Malavery, plf. failed to file his list, dismissed.

p.354, 9 October 1728, Godfrey Pole v. Mary Stephens, dismissed on payment of costs.

Godfrey Pole v. Stephen Church, deft. failing to appear, indebted 4 pounds ... against the security Elizabeth Church for the same.

p.371, 13 February 1728/9, Petition of Richd Malavery agst. Thos. Jenkins.

p.375, 12 March 1728/9, Hannah Carter v. Thomas Costen, dismissed.

p.377, Azaricum Drighouse v. Jacob Carter, agreed.

p.380, 9 April 1729, Richard Malavery v. Thomas Jenkins, executor of Wm Robishaw, referred to Mr. Wm Scott & Peter Bowdoin to settle.

13 May 1729, p.382, Grand jury presentments: Hannah Carter for (blank).

p.384, Ordered Hannah Carter be taken into custody.

Petition of Richard Malavery agst. Thos. Jenkins, Executor of Wm Rabishaw, deced., for plaintiff 258 pounds tobacco & 976 pounds of tobacco & costs.

387, Hannah Carter summoned to answer Grand jury for Bastard bearing, Col. John Robins assuming to pay fine & keep parish harmless.

Orders 1729-32, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 47

p.4, 10 February 1729/30, Nathaniel Drighouse to be bound to Benjamin Dunton ... ten years of age the first July next.

Johnson Drighouse to be bound to Benjamin Dunton ... two and a half years of age.

p.5, 11 February 1729/30, Susanna Mulatto having been Summoned to answer the presentment of the Grand Jury for bastard bearing, failing to appear, take her into custody.

p.6, Susanna Mulatto appearing and making no defense & no one to pay her fine ... whipt according to Law.

p.8, 12 February 1729/30, In the action of Assault brought by John Cobb against Isaac Mu___ ... 19 September 1729 with force and arms an assault did make ... did beat & wound ... for plf. 17 shillings, 6 pence.

Elizabeth Lang acknowledged an indenture to John Satchell for three years, seven months from 11 April 1729.

p.10, Rebeckkah Collins Mulatto Girl bound to Thomas Jenkins by consent of her mother Susanna according to Law. She was (blank) old the 17 August last.

p.36, 11 August 1730, Action upon the case for Trespass, Assault & Battery brought by John Cobb against Daniel Eshon for 50 pounds current money ... 27 June 1730 did assault ... Judgment granted against sheriff unless the defendant appear in Court ... Judgment his day past to John Cobb against the sheriff for 50 pounds. For reasons of non appearance of Daniel Eshon. Attachment granted sheriff agst estate of Daniel Eshon.

p.37, petition of Lydia Drighouse, an account produced by her against the estate of her deceased husband. Gertrude Harmonson administratrix of the deceased Estate be summoned.

p.43, 8 September 1730, Action of Trespass and assault, John Cobb vs. Daniel Eshon, agreed dismissed.

p.44, Petition of Lydia Drighouse for allowance for the funeral of her deceased husband & further allowance for her trouble on his estate after his decease. Ordered she be allowed 150 pounds of tobacco if so much be in the hands of the Gertrude Harmonson, admx, after her own debt is satisfied.

p.50, 10 November 1730, Grand Jury presentments ... Stephen Church for incontinent living with Elizabeth Church. Elizabeth Church for incontinent living with Stephen Church.

p.53, Isaac Becket age 6 last April and Rachel Becket aged 12, children of Rebeckkah Becket are bound to Thomas Marshall.

p.57, 11 November 1730, Presentment against Stephen Church not being sufficiently proved, discharged he paying no costs. Elizabeth Church for incontinent living with Stephen Church .. he being indisposed, next Court.

12 January 1731, Information brought by Thomas Fisherman against William Priss ... deft. summoned to appear.

On Consideration of the petition of Elizabeth Jeffery against Thomas Fisherman ... defendant be summoned.

p.66, 10 February 1731, Grand Jury vs. Elizabeth Church continued.

p.68, Sarah Morris a Mulatto ... agreed with Arthur Robins to serve him three years after she attains twenty one years of age for the consideration of the said Robins paying the fine and charges of a Bastard child which the aid Sarah has some time since been delivered of.

Fisherman vs. Press continued.

Elizabeth Jeffrey vs Fisherman, plf. not appearing, pay costs.

p.70, Attachment brought by Philip Rosario against William Vawter. Sheriff returned he had attached remainder of Vawter's estate after Darby Marshall's attachments were first satisfied. 1 pd/ 12 shillings. Judgment granted.

p.74, 10 March 1731, Presentment against Elizabeth Church for incontinent living with Stephen Church. Incontinent living fully proved, fined 50 pounds of tobacco. Give security of ten pounds not to cohabit with Stephen Church. John Wilson attended two days in evidence.

Elizabeth Church attended two days as evidence in presentment against Gawton Young for incontinent living with Elizabeth Burd.

p.76, Thomas Fisherman vs. Press. Defendant recover costs. Henry Baggwell evidence two days.

p.77, 11 March 1731, action upon the case between William Mills and William George, next court.

p.78, Information brought by Richard Munlavery against John Knight for not giving himself in as a tithable ... judgment granted for one thousand pounds of tobacco.

John Knight against Richard Munlavery for not giving himself in as a tithable ... judgment granted for one thousand pounds of tobacco.

p.82, 13 April 1731, Bill in chancery. Thomas Fisherman and Charles Williams & his wife Frances. Agreed, dismissed.

p.83, Action upon the case John Wilson and Elizabeth Church dismissed agreed.

p.84, 11 May 1731, Grand Jury ... Lydia Drighouse for bastard bearing ... Abigail Jacob for bastard bearing. William Carter for swearing.

p.85, William Mills vs. William George, deft. not appearing, judgment granted.

p.94, William Carter fined 50 pounds of tobacco for swearing.

case against Lydia Drighouse postponed.

p.95, Abigail Jacob for Bastard bearing ... Daniel Jacob assuming to pay her fine & indemnify the parish.

p.97, Action of trespass brought by Daniel Jacob agst. Jacob Carter agreed dismissed.

Thomas Savage agreed to pay Lydia Drighouse's fine for bastard bearing.

p.109, 10 August 1731, Action of Trespass, John Custis, Gent., agst. Thomas Church agreed dismissed.

pp.116-7, 9 November 1731, Stephen Church for incontinent living with Elizabeth Church by information of Elias Roberts.

p.124, 14 December 1731, Stephen Church for incontinent living ... evidence not sufficient to convict, discharged, he paying costs.

11 March 1731/2, p.138, Action of Trespass & Assault. Azaricum Drighouse vs. Thomas Downs. Agreed, dismissed.

p.139, Upon the information of Capt. Matthew Harmonson that Mary Powell, a free Negroe, dyed possessed of so small an estate that no person will administer it. Sheriff make sale thereof for corn & make return next court.

Ordered that Southy, Daniel, James, Mason, & Littleton Powell, Mulatto's Orphans be bound out by the Church Wardens to Capt. Matthew Harmonson.

p.143, 9 May 1732, Presentment Rachel Jacob for bastard bearing within a year.

pp.143-4, Anne Webb, Negroe, for bastard bearing.

p.145, On Consideration of the Petition of Nanny Webb, Negroe, that she and her two children, Daniel and Abraham, are held in servitude by Mrs. Sophia Savage. Ordered that the petitioner and her two children be at liberty until the next Court, giving security.

Elias Roberts security to Sophia Savage, 20 pounds, that Nanny Webb Negroe do appear.

Orders 1732-42, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 47

p.6, 14 June 1732, Information of Jane Webb against Sophia Savage for not giving her overseer into the list of Tithables ... the information is insufficient. Dismissed.

Information of Jane Webb against Major James Forse for not giving in Elizabeth Webb as a tithable, being informal ... dismissed.

p.7, Petition of Nanny Webb free Negroe woman against Sophia Savage setting forth that the said Sophia illegally detains her two children under pretense of three years servitude due from the said Nanny for three bastard children the said Nanny was delivered of during her servitude. Said Nanny set free recover costs.

p.7, Presentment against Rachel Jacob. Sheriff returned not to be found. Dismissed.

p.8, Grand Jury vs. Anne Webb being illegally presented for bastard bearing, dismissed her paying costs.

Upon consideration of the motion of Nanny Webb that Mrs. Sophia Savage has cloaths and bedding belonging to the said Nanny, said Sophia deliver unto said Nanny.

William Allen having got Sarah Morris with child of a Bastard ... Arthur Robins assuming in court to indemnify the parish.

p.8, Church Wardens informed the court that Nanny Webb, Sarah Morris and Betty Becket have lately been delivered a bastard each.

17 June, p.11, Major James Forse assumed to pay Elizabeth Becket's fine for Bastard bearing.

p.14, 12 July 1732, Nanny Webb fined 500 pounds tobacco for bastard bearing.

p.15, Petition of Nanny Bandy alias Judea Mulatto setting forth that she was born free and is illegally detained as a slave by Clark Nottingham. Summoned.

Church Wardens agst. Sarah Morris. Capt. Tazewell paid fine.

8 August 1732, 0.17 Petition of Nany Bandy ... Evidences were not sufficient ... return to said Nottingham until she can produce better evidence.

12 September, p.21, Motion of Elias Roberts that he has further evidence for the freedom of Nanny Bandy alias Toyer. Nottingham summoned.

p.23, 13 September 1732, Daniel Lang be bound apprentice to John Floyd to learn the trade of Weaver.

p.26, 10 October 1732, Nanny Bandy case continued.

Petition of Ibby Indian Woman setting for that she has been abused by Will Priss Mulatto in such manner that she's afraid to go to her place of abode ... sheriff take him into custody until he give security of five pounds.

p.28, 14 November 1732, Grand Jury vs Sarah Morris for bastard bearing.

13 December 1732, p.35, Nanny Bandy case continued.

9 January 1732/3, p.35, Petition of Wm Custis, William Priss released from bond for good behavior.

p.36, Presentment of the Grand Jury against Frances Justin for Bastard bearing, the said Frances appearing to be an Indian, ordered she be discharged. Sarah Morris not appearing, Sheriff take her into custody.

p.38, 10 January 1732/3, Daniel Jacob presented an account against John Clay, deceased, for 100 pounds tobacco and a side of sole leather. Ordered to be certified.

Action of trespass & assault between Daniel Jacob & Ezikael Warriner, deft.'s motion for an imparlance.

p.42, 13 February 1732/3, Action of Trespass & Assault Daniel Jacob agst. Ezekael Warriner, deft. being dead, dismissed.

Sarah Morris having paid her fine before the presentment. Dismissed.

10 April 1733, p.45, Elizabeth Jacob, relict Daniel Jacob, declared administration on her deceased husband's estate on motion of Gertrude Harmonson, Principal creditor, she making oath that Daniel Jacob departed this life without making any will. She giving security.

p.47, Motion of Elias Roberts on behalf of Nanny Bandy, alias Toyer, agst. Clarke Nottingham. On motion of the plaintiff for dedimus to examine evidences in Gloucester County granted.

p.51, 12 June 1733, Motion of Capt. Matthew Harmonson whether Mason, Daniel, Tamer & Southy, children of Mary Powell decd., are under the Denomination of orphans ... Opinion they are orphans and Instituted to the benefit of the orphan's law.

p.53, Motion of Elias Roberts ... Nanny Bandy upon hearing evidences ... free. Nottingham to pay freedom dues & costs.

p.55, 13 June 1733, Hannah Bevins petition agst. Samuel Baker, dismissed, agreed.

p.57, Mary Mason evidence for Nanny Bandy v. Nottingham.

Abraham Webb, a poor Negroe child, by assent of his mother Nanny Webb, bound to Benjamin Johnson ... aged four years & ten months.

p.59, 10 July 1733, Petition of Anne Toyer agst. William Jacob setting forth that the said William detains her son Solomon in Slavery, he being born free. next court.

p.60, Petition of Anne Toyer against Addison Smaw ... detains her daughter Jane in slavery. Summoned.

Anne Toyer agst. Clark Nottingham detains her daughter Rhodea in slavery ... born free ... next court.

p.64, Motion of Gertrude Harmonson that she's apprehensive Elizabeth Jacob & Isaac Jacob & John Powell or some of them have embezzled some part of the estate of Daniel Jacob deceased whereof the said Gertrude is administratrix. Summoned.

Appraisement of estate of Daniel Jacob by Gertrude Harmonson recorded.

p.65 Petition of Hannah Carter that her son Thomas Carter now servant to William Satchell has not been educated according to law. Summoned.

p.67, 14 August 1733, Toyer case continued.

Motion of Gertrude Harmonson agst Elizabeth Jacob, etc., Plf's motion appearing to be irregular. Dismissed.

p.68, Petition of Hannah Carter, Thomas Carter summoned to answer questions.

Peter Mifflin vs. Daniel Webb Negroe for 18 bushels of Indian corn due by obligation. Deft. confessed judgment.

p.69, Motion of John Kincaid & Margaret his wife that Mary Westerfer set free by an order of the court 12 December 1732 may be remanded back to their service, they having evidence from the record of this county to make it appear she's not free which evidence did not appear in the Petition infer'd for her freedom. Take sd Mary into custody, she give bond to appear.

11 September 1733, p.70, Anne Toyer v. William Jacob. Son Solomon free. Said Anne recover costs.

p.71, Anne Toyer's daughter Rhodea not free. Continue in servitude until age thirty.

Anne Toyer vs Nottingham. Jane free.

Solomon Toyer bound to Elias Roberts, to be turner, aged thirteen years 22 January next.

Jane Toyer bound to Elias Roberts, aged ten the 20 November last.

Motion of William Tazewell in behalf of Gertrude Harmonson that Elizabeth Jacob & Isaac Jacob, Negroes, be summoned ... A bill in chancery.

p. 71, Thomas Costin, summoned to give evidence in the suit Hannah Carter & Wm Satchell, not appearing, take into custody.

p.76, 9 October 1733, Appearing to the Court Mary Westerfer is free. John Kincaid pay costs.

p.76, Hannah Carter vs. William Satchell. Satchell educate sd Thomas according to law and pay costs.

Harmonson vs. Elizabeth Jacob, widow, for special bail, so ordered, for want of which said bail ordered she be committed.

p.82, 14 November, Harmonson vs. Jacob continued.

p.86, 11 December, Judgment granted Gertrude Harmonson v. Elizabeth Jacob. Nihil Dicit.

p.87, Information of Col. John Robins, one of the Church Wardens, that Jane Harmon, a free Negroe, has been delivered of a bastard child. She give security. Elizabeth Webb ditto.

9 January 1733/4, p.88, Petition of Jane Harmon for her estate in the hands of Richard Munlavery. Ordered he pay sd Jane what estate he has in his hands. Court appoints Col. John Robins & Mr. William Scott to inspect the appraisement of the estate of Jane Harmon and to be present when Munlavery pay her Estate in order that she may not be wronged.

p.89, Jane Harmon refusing to pay fine for bastard child, twenty five lashes.

Elizabeth Webb agrees to serve Major James Forse & Margaret his wife three years, one for the trouble of their house and two for her fine of 500 pounds tobacco.

Katherine Webb, daughter of Elizabeth Webb, one year of age 26th Instant, be bound to Major James Forse & wife Margaret.

p.90, Harmonson vs. Jacob continued.

p. 91, 12 February 1733/4, Isaac, poor Mulatto child, bound to Thomas Marshall, Gent. Tab Morris, mother, consents. Isaac two years old July next.

Elisha, a poor Mulatto girl, four years old September next, by consent of her mother Tab Morris bound to Thomas Marshall.

p.92, Daniel Webb, a free Negroe child, by consent of his mother Nanny Week, late Nanny Webb, be bound to William Scott, three years of age the 4 May next.

p.94, 13 February 1733/4, action of Debt, Elias Roberts & Stephen Church, agreed, dismissed.

p.95, Petition Elizabeth Jacob v. Joachim Michael. Sheriff says petition did not come into his hands in time.

p.96, 12 March 1733/4, Thomas Carter, Mulatto, agst. William Satchell ... hearing the evidences, petitioner is free. Satchell pay petitioner his freedom dues, 10 bushels of Indian corn & 3 shillings in money or the value in goods.

p.97, Gertrude Harmonson vs. Elizabeth Jacob. Jury find for plf. two pounds, five shillings. Defendants oppose & file following reasons. Jury assessed damages for the conversion of the whole wheat in the declaration mentioned when by evidence it appeared but a small part thereof was converted to the defendant's use and as the administrator of the estate was not entitled to any of the aforesaid wheat the intestate dyed before the first of March. Argued next court.

p.97, Church Wardens agst. Mary Bibbins, otherwise Bevins, Elisha Webb & Sarah Fisherman. Sheriff take into custody for security.

p.99, 13 March 1733/4, Elishe Jacob v. Joachim Michael. 450 pounds tobacco due by order of vestry. next court.

Complaint of William Tazewell King's Attorney, that Thomas Church lives incontinently with Elizabeth Monk, wife of William Monk.

Obedience Roberts and Elizabeth Church, wife of Samuel Church, summoned ... living with Elizabeth Monk.

9 April 1734, p.102, Church Wardens vs. Mary Bibbins upon evidence appearing to the Court the said Bastard is a Mulatto and the said Mary not tendering the fifteen pounds which by the Law she must pay or be sold ... Church Wardens sell the said Mary Bibbins otherwise Bevins for five years service.

p.103, Elishe Webb for bastard bearing ... twenty five lashes.

Elishe Webb made oath that William Becket is the father of the Bastard child she is lately delivered of ... take him into custody entering into bond of 50 pounds to indemnify the parish.

Complaint of King's Attorney v. Thomas Church ... upon examining the Evidences it appeared to the Court that there is too great a familiarity between him and Elizabeth Monk. Sheriff take him into custody to give bond of twenty pounds not to cohabit or keep company with Elizabeth Monk.

p.107, 14 May 1734, Ann Toyer Mulatto for bastard bearing.

Susannah Collins for bastard bearing.

Elishe Webb having sworn a bastard to William Becket & he a servant of Col. John Robins, Sheriff do take him into custody after his servitude is expired.

p.111, Jury find reasons are not good for Gertrude Harmonson v. Elizabeth Jacob.

p.113, 15 May 1734, Thomas Church entered into bond not to cohabit with Elizabeth Monk.

Elizabeth Jacob v. Joachim Michael, for plf.

Information of James Forse that Rachel Francisco has been delivered of a bastard child. She enter into bond.

p.114, 11 June 1734, Ann Toyer for bastardy, 25 lashes.

p.117 Presentment agst. Susannah Collins for bastard bearing not offering any security ... 25 lashes.

Rachel Francisco ditto.

p.120, 9 July 1734, Bill in chancery Gertrude Harmonson v. Elizabeth Jacob, on motion of plf. dismissed.

p.136, 8 October 1734, Information of John Kendall that Elizabeth Carter Negroe has been delivered of a bastard child, said Elizabeth made oath that William Roberts is the father, take him into custody until he give bond of 50 pounds to indemnify the parish. Elizabeth discharged, paying her fine. John Kendall assumed to pay her fine and costs.

p.137, 10 October 1734, Levy Court, To Joachim Michael being Marlbrough West's tax wrong charged two years he being a Tributary Indian - 111-1/2 pounds tobacco.

p.142, 10 December 1734, Azaricum Drighouse for profane swearing, summoned not appearing, take into custody.

Rachel Collins Negroe daughter of Susannah Collins aged (blank) by consent of the said Susanna bound to Mr. Michael Christian.

p.146, Azaricum Drighouse fined for swearing.

p.153, 8 April 1735, Trespass & Assault. Giles Marriner vs. Thomas Carter, neither party appearing, dismissed.

p.155, 13 May 1735, Grand Jury presentments ... Beck Becket for Bastard bearing ... Abigail Stevens for Bastard bearing.

p.163, 11 June 1735, Beck Becket 25 lashes.

p.164, Abigail Stevens 25 lashes and enter into bond of 50 pounds to indemnify the parish.

8 July 1735, p.167, Rachel Roberts Negroe aged ten years and Esther Roberts Negroe aged twelve years bound to Lydea Luke.

p.197, Sisley Ferril aged two years next Spring by consent of her mother Ann Ferril bound apprentice by the Churchwardens to Savage Bloxam to serve until eighteen.

p.213, 12 May 1736, Didah a Negroe Girl by consent of her mother Ann Toyer be bound apprentice Hannah Roberts.

8 June 1736, p.218, Moses Ferril aged six next August by consent of his mother Ann Ferril bound to Abraham Collins.

p.222, 13 July 1736, Bridget a Negroe girl belonging to Azaricum Drighouse adjudged nine years of age.

p.223, 14 July 1736, Action upon the case, Robert Nottingham, Jr., & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Church, agreed, dismissed.

p.224, Action of Debt brought by Wm Satchell, carpenter, v. Thomas Jeffery, Indian, sheriff returns non est inventus, dismissed.

9 November 1736, p.246, Grand Jury v. Saburgh Roberts Negroe for bastard bearing.

p.255, Information of William Scott, Gent., that Susannah Collins & Rachel Francisco were delivered of a bastard child.

p.259, 13 April 1737, Saburgh Roberts 25 lashes.

p.260, 10 May 1737, Susannah Collins 25 lashes.

p.261, 10 May 1737, Presentment of Betty Becket for bastard bearing.

p.262, Rachel Jacob for bastard bearing.

14 June 1737, p.269, Presentment against Betty Becket for bastard bearing, Thomas Cable assumed to pay fine.

p.270, 12 July 1737, Presentment of the Grand jury against Rachel Jacob for Bastard bearing, John Satchell assuming to pay fine & costs.

Leah Weeks, aged 2 years the 15th this month, by consent of her mother Anne Weeks, bound to Thomas Church.

Esther Weeks, 4 years old the 4th this month, by consent of her mother Anne Weeks, bound to Joseph Toleman.

p.275, 13 September 1737, Harry Negro belonging to Azaricum Drighouse adjudged 12 years of age.

p.279, 11 October 1737, Peter Becket aged three years next February bound apprentice to Samuel Church & Elizabeth his wife.

p.284, 8 November 1737, presentment Anne Hitchens for bastard bearing ... Edward Hitchens for leading of a horse on the Sabbath day by information of John Roberts Constable 6 November.

13 December 1737, p.289, Presentment against Edward Hitchens dismissed, he paying costs.

p.291, 10 January 1737/8, Presentment against Anne Hitchens. Major Hitchens appearing and agreeing to pay fine and costs and indemnify the parish.

14 February 1737/8, p.296, Churchwardens v. Susannah Collins, action of debt, defendant not appearing, judgment granted by nihil dicit.

p.301, 14 March 1737/8, Susannah Collins 25 lashes.

p.302, William Carter who was ordered to prison until he give security for his good behavior, not able to do so, discharged.

p.303, Petition Edward Hitchens v. John Turner, plf. indisposed, next court.

p.307, 11 April 1738, Hitchens v. Turner, for plf. 362-1/2 pence in corn.

p.309, Dorothy, daughter of Sabra a Negroe Servant woman to William Smith, two years old the 10th of last November, bound apprentice to him on his motion.

p.312, 9 May 1738, Grand Jury v. Leah Jacob for bastard bearing some time since Xmas by Information of Benjamin Johnson. Betty Webb Mulatto January last for bastard bearing by information of John Ellegood.

p.321, 13 June 1738, Churchwardens agst. Leah Jacob, 500 pounds tobacco fine, John Satchell assumed to pay fine and costs.

John Fitchet assumed to be security to indemnify the parish from a Bastard child named Anne Jacob begotten on the body of Leah Jacob.

Betty Webb 25 lashes.

11 July 1738, p.325, Trespass, Assault & Battery} Thomas Carter v. Francis Stokely, next court.

p.326, 8 August 1738, Carter v. Stokely, defendant not appearing, judgment against him by nihil dicit.

p.330, 12 September 1738, Carter v. Stokely, next court

Thomas Carter v. Stephen Odear, next court.

p.331, Last will of Azaricum Drighouse by Margaret Drighouse executrix & Isaiah Drighouse executor.

p.334, 10 October 1738, Thomas Carter, Mulatto planter, Assault & Battery v. Stephen ODeer, 20 shillings damages, the Battery being proved.

Thomas Carter, Mulatto Planter, v. Francis Stokely continued.

p.334, Information of Peter Bowdoin, Gent., that Tamer Hitchens, late Tamer Smith, a white woman, has intermarried with Edward Hitchens, a Mulatto man. Sheriff take the said Tamer into his custody, her safely carry to ye County Goal & there to remain six months without Bail ... and to be discharged upon the payment of ten pounds.

14 November 1738, Grand Jury v. Abbigail Stevens for Bastard bearing within 6 months past.

p.338, Thomas Carter v. Stokely, for plaintiff, 15 shillings damages, the Battery being prov'd.

Petition of Anne Weeks agst. Stephen Whitehead for 50 bushels of corn due by account, for plaintiff.

p.339, 9 January 1738/9, Nanny a Negroe Girl being one year old the twenty third day of November last be bound apprentice to Digby Seymour.

13 February 1738/9, p.342, Abbigail Stevens, 25 lashes.

p.352, William Hutton v. Edwd. Hitchens, non est inventus.

10 July 1739, p.364, Action of trespass, assault & battery, William Carter v. Charles Satchell.

Thomas Carter v. Howson Mapp, next court.

14 August 1739, p.366, Carter v. Satchell neither party appearing, dismissed.

Carter v. Howson Mapp, neither party appearing, dismissed.

p.371, 9 October 1739, Edmd. Custis v. Anne Weeks} Petition

for 1 pound, 14 shillings in corn, defendant not appearing, judgment granted.

p.372, 13 November 1739, Grand Jury presents Rachel Becket for Bastard bearing within 12 months, Negro Siss for Bastard bearing within 12 months (she lives with Ann Batson). Elizabeth Bingham for Bastard bearing.

p.373, Hezekiah Roberts by consent of her mother Mary Roberts bound apprentice to Abell Upshur, five years old February next.

p.378, 11 December 1739, Elizabeth Bingham presented by Grand Jury for Bastard bearing and she appearing to be an Indian, ordered the same dismissed.

Grand Jury agst. Negroe Siss for Bastard bearing, 25 lashes.

8 January 1739/40, p.382, Elizabeth webb offered to serve Elizabeth Harmonson sixteen years from the date hereof under Condition that the said Elizabeth will admit her to be married to her Negroe fellow Ezekiel Moses which the said Elizabeth agrees.

p.387, 13 February 1739/40, Abbigail Stevens Negroe declared that she was willing to serve Matthew Harmonson, Gent., twelve years from the date hereof upon condition that said Matthew will admit her to marry to his Negroe fellow Cudgeo which the said Matthew agreeing. Ordered Southy a Negroe child one year old the 4th day last August bound to Matthew Harmonson.

8 April 1740, p.394, Sarah Becket for Bastardy, 25 lashes.

p.395, Petition of Rachel & Esther Roberts setting forth that they are detained in servitude by Jonathan Smith ... ordered set free & recover costs.

Petition of John Wilson setting forth that he has had William Carter a Mulatto and maintained him from his being two years old as he had the said William from his mother Hannah Carter & he's upwards of sixteen years old & then taken away from the said petitioner by the said Mother. Prays relief ... bound apprentice to said John Wilson by the Churchwardens according to Law.

p.396, On motion of Benja. Dunton, Sarah Becket, orphan, bound apprentice to him, 8 years of age.

p.406, 9 July 1740, Attachment brought by Sarah Carter agst. Matthew Warren. Plf. not appearing, next court.

p.405a, 12 August 1740, Account exhibited by Thomas Carter agst. the estate of Benoni Ellegood, decd., it appearing that there has already been an audit on the said estate, dismissed.

p.408, Motion of Sabra Roberts that she's free and detained in servitude by William Smith. Next court.

Susanna Collins, a Negroe, agreed to serve Elishe Stringer 20 years from the date thereof conditioned that the sd Elishe admits the said Susanna to be married to her Negroe fellow Cesar and live with him until she shall be parted by death.

p.409, Petition of Jane Webb to be set levy free, she being very aged & decript., granted.

10 September 1740, Sabra Roberts v. William Smith, ordered she be set free. On motion for freedom dues, court divided, postponed for fuller court.

p.415, 15 October 1740, Sabra Roberts entitled to freedom dues, 15 bushels of corn, forty shillings in money or the value thereof in goods.

12 November 1740, p.423, Trespass & Assault & Battery, William Roberts Negroe v. Howson Mapp, plf. not appearing, deft recover 5 shillings.

10 November 1741, p.462, Petition of Munge Bishop to have Southy Carter bound to him, Churchwardens bind him.

12 January 1741/2, p.467, Appraisement of the estate of Hannah Carter, decd., by Ralph Pigot, Gent.

p.469, 9 March 1741/2, Peter Daniel Call v. Sarah Carter, Plf. recover 30 bushels of corn for a horse & costs.

p.472, 10 March 1741/2, Sarah Carter v. John Hall, Jr., for 50 bushels corn, dismissed, plf pay costs. Thomas Carter an evidence.

p.478, 14 April 1742, Complaint of Sarah Carter v. Thomas Costen, plf. not appearing, dismissed.

p.484, 11 May 1742, Bridget a Negroe Girl 3 years of age September next by the consent of her mother Rachel Cisco bound apprentice to Major Brickhouse.

Phillis a Negroe Girl 5 years of age last March by the consent of her mother Rachel Cisco bound apprentice to John Roberts.

Patience a Negroe Girl 4 years of age next October by the consent of her mother Katherine Anderson bound apprentice to John Nelson.


Orders 1742-8, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 48

p.14, 14 September 1742, James Delpech, Gent., came into court and craved security of the peace against William West, Indian, and Elizabeth West, the wife of William West, Indian ... taken into custody by sheriff until they give bond of 10 pounds.

p.21, 12 October 1742, Action of Trespass &c brought by William West and Elizabeth his wife against Robert Nottingham & Nehemiah Fitchet ... next court.

William West and Elizabeth his wife against Nehemiah Fitchet, next court.

p.31, 9 November 1742, Petition of Samuel Church and Elizabeth his wife praying to be Levy free, they being very antient & in poor circumstances, the same is granted.

p.33, 14 December 1742, Inventory of the estate of Azaricum Drighouse, deced., presented by Mark Beckett who intermarried with the sd widow & Executrix recorded.

Mark Beckett praying a division of the said decedent's estate ... Divide the estate according to the will.

p.36, Solomon Drigghouse Negroe aged fourteen years & six months be by the Church wardens bound unto Stephen Whitehead.

p.38, Jacob Drigghouse chose Mark Beckett his guardian.

pp.39-40, 11 January 1742/3, William West & Elizabeth West against Nehemiah Fitchet ... Jury ... defendant is guilty of Trespass, assault & false imprisonment ... five shillings damages.

William West & Elizabeth West against Robert Nottingham, Gent., and Nehemiah Fitchet ... guilty of sd. Trespass, assault & false imprisonment. Nottingham pay ten shillings damages, Fitchet six pence.

p.45, 12 January 1742/3, Mark Beckett not returning inventory of Azaricum Drighouse, time is granted till next court.

p.55, 8 February 1742/3, Action of Trespass, assault and false imprisonment against Nehemiah Fitchet, court being divided, referred to fuller court ... after hearing several other evidences, Trespass &c was not wilfull & malitious, award no more costs than damages.

p.56, Division of the estate of Azaricum Drighouse by Mark Beckett which was recorded.

p.58, Motion of Henry Gascoigne ordered Amy Stephens orphan be bound apprentice to him, she being six years of age next May.

p.69, 12 April 1743, Inventory of the estate of Jacob Drigghouse was presented in court by Mark Beckett, his guardian.

Motion of Sarah Drigghouse widow of Isaiah Drigghouse, praying the court will appoint men to divide the said Isaiah's estate ... Divide the estate.

p.78, Rachel Roberts Negroe girl being ten years of age the twenty eighth day of June next be bound by the Churchwardens to John Luker & Mary his wife.

p.79, Motion of Robert Nottingham, Gent., a Negroe boy two years of age the fifteenth of this instant be bound to him granted.

p.82, 10 May 1743, Petition of Jonathan Stevens to be Levy free rejected.

Sarah Drighouse not having returned the division of the estate of Isaiah Drigghouse, deced., time is granted her till next court.

p.97, 14 June 1743, division of the estate of Isaiah Drigghouse, deced, was presented in court by Peggy Becket.

p.101, Upon consideration of sundry debts & funeral charges amounting to five pounds, 18 shillings, 9 pence & seven hundred and sixty pounds of tobacco paid on account of the estate of Azaricum Drigghouse, deced., and not allowed, the said Mark Beckett out of the said decedent's estate by the person inventorying the said estate ... deduct proportionately from each part of the division as much as will pay the said five pounds.

Isaiah Drigghouse before his decease having had out of the estate of Azaricum Drigghouse, deced., a suit of cloaths of the value of two pounds, ten shillings, ordered the same be allowed to Mark Beckett out of the said Isaiah's proportionate part of the said decedent's estate.

p.105, 12 July 1743, Action of trespass &c brought by John Fisherman against William West. John by his attorney John Tazewell ... next court.

pp.107-8, 13 July 1743, Bill in Chancery by Mark Beckett & Margaret his wife against Jacob Drigghouse & Leah Drigghouse setting forth that Azaricum Drigghouse, deced., by his last will and testament gave to the afsd. Margaret the decedent's widow during her widowhood a Negroe girl named Bridget & if the said Margaret should marry again, then he gave the said girl to her the sd. Margaret and his two sons Isaiah and Jacob equally divided amongst them wch said girl has now a child named Paul and that soon after the making of the said will the said Azaricum dyed & some time after the sd. Margaret intermarried with the afsd. Mark, then soon after that marriage the said Isaiah intermarried with Sarah Drighouse by whom he had a daughter named Leah and dyed, that the said Jacob and Leah are both infants and pray the said Negroes may be sold and the money arising by the sale be equally divided between the sd. Mark and Margaret, the right of the said Margaret and Jacob and Leah.

Said Jacob and Leah by their guardians specially appointed (Thomas Scott) confesseth the complaint to be true and is willing the court make such a decree in the premises as shall be agreeable to Equity and good conscience. Said Negroes Bridget and Paul be sold at public auction and money arising be divided, but that 30 shillings be paid out of the said Leah's part to Sarah the widow of the said deceased Isaiah as her proportional right of the said Negroes.

p.108, Sheriff expose to sale all the personal estate of Leah Drigghouse orphan, no person appearing to administer thereof.

p.112, 9 August 1743, account of the estate of Leah Drighouse orphan returned by sheriff.

p.116, 13 September 1743, John Fisherman against William West, trespass assault and battery, plaintiff not appearing, defendant recover five shillings and attorney's fees.

p.122, 10 October 1743, Ordered Jacob Drighouse an orphan be brought to next November court by Mark Beckett his guardian.

p.131, 7 November 1743, Presentment against Sarah Beckett for bastard bearing.

p.136, 13 December 1743, On motion of Thomas Scott, Major Guy being security for the estate of Jacob Drighouse and being in danger, estate be delivered unto the hands of said Scott.

p.136, Church wardens against Susanna Roberts, debt for bastard bearing, 500 pounds, refusing to pay, 25 lashes. James Delpeech agrees to pay cost providing she will agree to serve him six months, by consent of said Susanna so ordered.

p.136, Action of debt by churchwardens against Rachel Morris for bastard bearing, for reasons appearing to the court dismissed.

p.138, William Tazewell, executor of Gertrude Harmonson, deced., petition on an account against William West Indian, recover one pound, one shilling.

p.148, 13 March 1743/4, Church wardens bind Jacob Lang a Negro boy unto Halloway Bunting.

p.150, James Delpeech against Harry Stevens, petition on a note of hand, cannot gainsay, recover one pound, nine shillings.

p.162, 12 June 1744, Action of trespass by Jonathan Tilney against Nathan Drighouse being agreed is dismissed.

p.163, Rebacker Beckett an infirmed person praying to be Tax free the same is granted during the Court's pleasure.

Church wardens bind Southy Bingham orphan of two years old to Richard Parrimore.

Church wardens bind Mary Bingham orphan of six years old to James Barisher.

12 February 1744/5, Church wardens bind Esther Weaks, twelve years old the 4 July next, to Ebenezer Toleman.

p.224, 9 July 1745, Sarah Morris ordered to be tax free on her motion.

p.230, 10 July 1745, Elenor Moor & Sarah Drighouse late of the County dying intestate leaving an estate of so small value that no one will administer thereupon, sheriff take said estate and sell by outcry and account for same.

On motion of Mark Beckett his account one pound, 8 shillings against estate of Sarah Drighouse, deceased, be paid by sheriff out of said estate.

p.245, 15 August 1745, Isabell Matthews a Free Negro being presented by Littleton Eyre, Gentleman Church Warden of Hunger's Parish for bastard bearing ... she be summoned.

p.248, 10 September 1745, William Conner v. Major Hitchens, debt, discontinued agreed.

Isabell Matthews appeared, confessed, refusing to pay fine, 25 lashes.

p.255, 8 October 1745, Church wardens bind Dinah the daughter of Sarah Beckett unto Posthumos Core.

Church wardens bind Left and Luke the sons of Betty Moses unto George Kendall.

p.286, 11 December 1745, accounts of sale of estates of Elenor Moor & Sarah Drighouse recorded.

p.300, 11 February 1745/6, Church wardens bind Isaac son of Rachel Morris aged two the 23 day of September last to George Fosque.

8 April 1746, Ordered that Isbell Matthews negro do serve her master John Fathery four Callendar months after her time of servitude to her master shall be expired as reparation for disbursements in recovery ... being a runaway.

p.327, 14 May 1746, Solomon Wilson against Susannah Roberts, petition on a note, dismissed, defendant recover costs.

p.344, 8 July 1746, Church wardens presented Rachell Morris for bastard bearing ... be summoned.

Church wardens bind Rachell daughter of Sarah Beckett to Posthumus Core being 3 years the 25 May last.

p.360, 9 September 1746, Church wardens against Rachel Morris, not appearing, next court.

p.365, 14 October 1746, Rachel Morris for bastard bearing, 25 lashes.

p.373, 9 December 1746, Church wardens bind Lazarus, son of Sabra Morris, unto Peter Rascoe, Junr., said Lazarus being 3 years of age next February.

p.392, 10 March 1746/7, Bartholomew Pettit, merchant, against Henry Stephens discontinued, agreed.

p.396, Petition of Will alias William a mulatoe, Mitchel Scarburgh, Gent., is assigned him as a Counsell to sue for freedom in Forma Pauperis, Mary Johnson, present owner of said Will, permit to attend the said suit.

pp.402-3, 12 May 1747, Presentment against Major Hitchens for Intermarrying or Cohabiting with a mulatoe woman, against Mary Filby alias Hitchens for Intermarrying or Cohabiting with Garrett Hitchens, against Siner Bennett alias Hitchens for Intermarrying a cohabiting with Major Hitchens, against Susannah Johnson alias Church for intermarrying or cohabiting with Thomas Church mulato.

p.410, 13 May 1747, Will alias William Mulato against Mary Johnson Trespass, assault and false imprisonment, defendant prays leave till 9 June.

p.414, 9 June 1747, Church wardens bind Jacob Lang son of Rachel Lang unto Capt. Halloway Bunting, said Jacob being six years of age 19 February last.

p.419, 10 June 1747, Will alias William a Mulato defendant by George Holden her attorney sayeth nothing in Barr or Preclusion of the plaintiff's action ... next court.

p.422, King v. Major Hitchens & Susanna Johnson alias Church discontinued by consent of the ptf's attorney.

King v. Mary Filby alias Hitchens & Siner Bennett alias Hitchens continued.

p.422, Motion of Thomas Church and it appearing to the court that the said Thomas is a white person, ordered that the wife of the said Thomas be tax free.

p.425, Rachel and Adah Morris children of Sarah Morris be bound by Church wardens unto Arthur Robins.

p.427, 14 July 1747, Will a Mulato against Mary Johnson continued.

p.429, Mary Filby alias Hitchens and Susanna Bennett alias Hitchens being presented by the grand jury for intermarrying with mulatoe men, not appearing, next court.

p.444, 12 August 1747, King v. Mary Filby alias Hitchens, presented for marrying a mulatoe, motion of attorney for King, dismissed.

p.445, King v. Siner Bennett alias Hitchens, presented for marrying a mulato continued.

p.451, 8 September 1747, Will a Mulattoe v. Mary Johnson, defendant guilty. one shilling damages.

p.454, Nathaniel West witness for Will a Mulato, 145 pounds of tobacco attending one day and for coming and returning 45 miles and for his ferriages across the bay.

p.457, 9 September 1747, King v. Siner Bennett alias Hitchens for marrying a mulato, discontinued by consent of plt's attorney.

p.463, 13 October 1747, Church wardens bind Sarah Drighouse unto William Holland, orphan being four years of age 11 June last.

2 November 1747, Levy Court, Court doth levy as followeth:

To Thomas Jefferys 200 pounds tobacco.

p.480, 8 December 1747, Mark Freshwater appointed guardian to Leah Drighouse orphan upon his giving security for her estate.

pp.484-5, 9 December 1747, Rhody Toyer Negro against George Holt, petition for freedom, next court.

p.491, 13 January 1747/8, Rhody Toyer against George Holt, plaintiff be freed.

p.518, 12 April 1748, John Twiford witness for Will a Mulatto, 25 pounds for attending one day.


Orders 1748-51, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 49

p.3, Churchwardens bind Leah Becket orphan aged 9 years last day of August next to Richard Hanby.

p.24, 11 October 1748, John Cobb v. Henry Stott.

p.26, Sarah Anderson Negro orphan aged 6 years the 14th of this month bound to John Smaw.

10 January 1748/9, p.37, John Cobb v. Henry Stott, dismissed, agreed.

pp.42-3, Milchel Scarburgh v. Will alias Will a Mulatto } Petition, evidence produced, plf. recover 5 pounds debt.

15 February 1748/9, John Millard v. Jacob Drighouse, dismissed, agreed.

p.53, Petition of Catherine Anderson, prays her child James Anderson may be set at Liberty, rejected.

9 May 1749, Grand Jury v. Thomas Church for profane swearing on 12 April.

13 June 1749, p.95, Thomas Church fined 5 shillings.

p.109, 11 July 1749, John Daniel Indian v. William West Indian} Trespass, Assault & Battery, next court.

8 August 1749, p.112, Daniel v. West, guilty, 18 shillings, 5 pence damages.

p.113, Account of estate of Leah Drighouse, orphan, be recorded by Mark Freshwater, guardian, having heretofore made oath thereto.

p.115, Mary Bevans late of the county decd. dyed possessed of an Estate of so small a value that no one will take administration of the same, sheriff dispose thereof.

p.120, 22 August 1749, Mark Freshwater produced the account of the estate of Leah Drighouse, orphan, recorded.

pp.127-8, 13 September 1749, John Daniel Indian who was well as the King as for himself prosecutes William West, next court.

p.130, Petition of Solomon Drighouse, sheriff summon Stephen Whitehead.

Churchwardens bind William Becket orphan Negro aged seven the 6th August last to Elenor Ellegood.

p.135, 10 October 1749, Account of estate of Mary Bevans by Edward Holbrooke, under sheriff, is recorded.

pp.139-40, 14 November 1749, Petition of Sarah Becket Negro her son Spencer be bound by church wardens to William Bradford, aged 1 year 17 October next.

p.147, 15 November 1749, Solomon Drighouse v. Stephen Whitehead, dismissed for reasons appearing to the court.

p.148, Samuel Grafton v. Abraham Weeks Negro, case dismissed for reasons appearing to the Court.

p.151, Jane Toyer v. John Roberts } Petition. Evidence produced, dismissed, plaintiff paying costs.

p.152, Balmforth Salt witness for John Roberts against Jane Toyer.

12 December 1749, p.157, Samuel Grafton v. Abraham Weeks, dismissed, agreed.

p.197, 16 April 1750, Daniel v. West. Defendant has occupied and tended six acres of the lands of the Treaty Indians residing in the County by the space of one year. Defendant pay 3 pounds current money, one moiety to the King and one for the plaintiff.

p.207, 8 May 1750, Grand Jury presentments: Rhody Toyer Negro, Elizabeth Carter, and Catherine Webb for bastard bearing.

p.218, 10 May 1750, Samuel Grafton v. Jacob Morris, Trespass, discontinued, agreed.

p.228, 12 June 1750, G.J. v. Catherine Webb Free Negro not appearing.

p.230, Rhody Toyer for bastard bearing, confessing, 500 pounds tobacco fine. George Holt security for payment & costs.

Elizabeth Carter for bastardy, refusing to pay, 25 lashes.

10 July 1750, p.241, Catherine Webb for bastardy, confessing, 25 lashes.

p.243, Thomas Marshall, Gent., v. Nathan Drighouse, dismissed, agreed.

p.270, 11 September 1750, Jerom Weeks aged nine years last April, Peter Weeks aged three years 27 November last, and Jane Weeks five years 28 July last, orphans of Anne Weeks, bound by church wardens to John Millard.

Peter Hogg agst. Joseph Jefferys, in debt, agreed by the parties.

pp.271-2, Abimileck Webb, free Negro, who stands bound by recognizance to appear on suspicion of his combining with sundry Negros in a conspiracy against the white People of this county. Divers witnesses examined, guilty, 39 lashes and give security of 100 pounds for good behavior for one year.

272, Sheriff take James Becket, a Negro belonging to Mrs. Katherine Robins, next court to answer touching his Behavior in conspiring against the white people of this county.

p.274, 9 October 1750, James Becket, Negro slave belonging to Katherine Robins, security be given for his appearance next court.

p.281, 13 November 1750, Grand Jury v. Dorothy Allen, Amy Stephens for bastard bearing.

p.283, Ordered James a Negro slave of Katherine Robins receive 20 lashes.

p.293, 15 November 1750, Peter Hogg v. Thomas Francis, dismissed neither party appearing.

p.297, John Daniel v. William Press, Trespass, Assault & Battery, next court.

p.299, 22 November 1750 Levy Court, To Mark Becket for services - 490 pounds tobacco.

11 December 1750, p.306, Presentment of Littleton Eyre, Gent., Church Warden agst. Esther Weeks Mulatto for bastard bearing, sheriff summon.

p.332, 13 February 1750/1, Presentment agst. Dorothy Allen, Amy Stephens, not appearing.

pp.333-4, Sheriff reports Esther Weeks not found.

p.335, Caleb Scott v. John Morris Negro, plf. not appearing, unless he appears next court, judgment shall be given.

p.339, On complaint of Anne Weeks, Peter Weeks aged four years, 27 November last bound to Alexander Kemp.

12 March 1750/1, p.345, Church wardens bind Thomas the child of Elizabeth Bibbins a Mulatto unto Holloway Bunting.

p.348, Church wardens bind Daniel the child of Elizabeth Bingham, aged seven years last December, to Thomas Grice.

p.349, Church wardens bind Elishe Bingham, orphan aged four last day of August last, unto Jacob Abdell.

p.354, 9 April 1751, Daniel v. West, Trespass, Assault and Battery, guilty, six pence damages.

p.363, King v. Dorothy Allen, unless deft. appear next court, judgment against her and Samuel Grafton her security.

King v. Amy Stephens, unless deft. appear next court, judgment against her and Thomas Preeson, Gent. Sheriff.

pp.365-6, Church wardens v. Esther Weeks, dismissed for reasons appearing to the court.

p.366, Caleb Scott v. John Morris Negro, dismissed, agreed.

p.371, Benjamin Scott, administrator of William Scott, decd., & John Stratton v. John Daniel Indian, petition, plf. recover 1 pound, 7 shillings.

p.376, 14 May 1751, p.376, Grand Jury v. Elizabeth Bevans for bastard bearing.

p.377, Comfort Morris granted administration on estate of Jacob Morris, deceased, Garner Crosley & Thomas Drighouse securities for 50 pounds.

15 May 1751, p.387, John Cobb v. Benjamin Darby & wife Rachel in Trespass.

p.392, 11 June 1751, Inventory of estate of Jacob Morris returned by Comfort Morris.

p.393, Richard Haze, William Roan, Henry Gascoigne, and William Westerhouse to divide the estate of Jacob Morris, deceased.

p.398, Elizabeth Bevans confessing but refusing to pay fine, 25 lashes.

p.403, 12 June 1751, King v. Dorothy Allen, debt for having a bastard child, came not, recover against her and her security Samuel Grafton 500 pounds.

p.404, King v. Amy Stephens, Attorney of our Lord the King will not further prosecute.

pp.405-6, Benjamin Darby, executor of John Darby, v. John Cobb, recover 1 pound, 13 shillings.

14 August 1751, p. 425, Daniel Weeks Negro v. Benjamin Scott & John Ellegood, petition, sheriff summon defendant John Ellegood.

Orders 1751-3, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 49

p.7, 10 September 1751, Petition of Rebecca Collins Negro by George Holden her attorney that Alderton Gilding shew cause why he keeps her as a servant ... Gilding allow her to attend her counsel.

p.8, Daniel Weeks Petition agst. Benjamin Scott & John Ellegood for freedom dues, plaintiff recover 10 bushels of corn, 30 shillings in money or goods & one well fixed Musket or Fuzee of 20 shillings value.

p.11, Rachel Lang v. Addison Nottingham, petition, for reasons appearing, dismissed.

p.12, Benjamin Dingly Gray v. John Morris Negro, Debt, for reasons appearing to the court, dismissed.

p.13 Sarah Etheridge witness for Rachel Lang two days attendance.

8 October 1751, pp.18-19, John Cobb v. Benjamin Darby & Rachel his wife, Trespass. Jury returning to render their verdict, Plf called, came not, defendant recover 5 shillings & costs. George Holden, plf's attorney, released unto Sarah the wife of Thomas John Marshall, one of the plaintiff's witnesses, all damages occasioned by taking the canoe in the declaration mentioned.

1 November 1751, Grand Jury v. Elishe Morris, Mulatoe, for bastard bearing November the 9th ... against Edward Hitchens & David Stott not a true bill.

p.35, 13 November 1751, Rebeccah Collins v. Alderton Gilding, Ordered she serve till 1 August next according to an indenture produced into court, deft. pay costs, as to attorneys fees, next court.

p.37, Comfort Morris allowed further time to return division of estate.

p.38, Sarah Etheridge witness for Rebecca Collins 3 days.

11 December 1751, Edward Hitchens witness two days for Edward Foreman v. David Stott.

12 December 1751, p.56, Elishe Morris not being served.

p.57, Comfort Morris allowed further time to return division of estate.

12 February 1752, Benjamin Dingly Gray v. John Morris, Edward Holbrooke became security for deft.

p.70, King v. Elishe Morris, for reasons appearing to the court, dismissed.

p.89, 15 April 1752, Samuel Grafton v. Abraham Weeks, petition abates by death of the plaintiff.

Comfort Morris, administrator of Jacob Morris, decd., petition against Daniel Stephens, recover 3 pounds, 1 shilling debt.

p.90, Division of the estate of Jacob Morris returned & recorded.

p.94, Bartholomew Pettit v. Tabitha Jacob Indian, recover 1 pound, 7 shillings debt.

9 June 1752, p.106, Anne Williams Indian by George Holden her attorney prays leave to sue in forma pauperis for her freedom against (blank). Michael Christian and William Christian do enquire into the pretensions of said Anne relating to her freedom.

p.107, Robert an Indian by George Holden his attorney to sue in forma pauperis against Francis Wainhouse Marshall. William Christian enquire.

p.118, 10 June 1752, Bartholomew Pettit v. John Morris Negro, petition, deft acknowledges debt of 2 pounds, 9 shillings.

p.120, Thomas Marshall, Gent., v. Nathan Drighouse, petition, plf. recover 2 pounds, 10 shillings.

p.134, 15 July 1752, Church wardens bind James Anderson orphan aged 12 years last January to William Wilson trade of Tailor.

p.143, 16 July 1752, Philip Rozario Indian late of this county died possessed of an estate so small that no one will take administration of the same, sheriff dispose thereof.

p.171, 12 August 1752, Michael & William Christian make further enquiry into freedom of Anne & Robert Indians & report next court.

p.173, 19 September 1752, Benjamin Dingly Gray v. John Morris, Jury for plf. 5 pounds, 11 shillings.

pp.186-7, Consideration of the report of Michael & William Christian concerning freedom of Anne Williams & Robert Indians, Court were of opinion they have no right to their Freedom.

p.210, 15 December 1752, William Teague v. Solomon Jeffrey, Trespass, Assault & Battery, dismissed neither party appearing.

9 January 1753, John Cobb v. Benjamin Darby & Rachel his wife in Trespass, not guilty, plf. pay costs.

pp.214-5, Jacob Shores granted administration of estate of Southy Carter, 20 pounds security.

pp.225-6, 13 February 1753, account of estate of Southy Carter recorded.

p.265, 8 May 1753, Grand Jury v. Dido Toyer Negro & Rhody Toyer for bastard bearing.

p.293, 10 July 1753, Catherine Webb negro to answer presentment of church wardens for bastard bearing.

p.305, 11 July 1753, Peter Hog v. Daniel Weeks Negro, petition discontinued, agreed.

p.316 14 August 1753, Catherine Webb acknowledges bastard bearing to be true, 25 lashes.

p.322, Church wardens bind the following Mulattoes unto Thomas Marshall, Gent., George Toby, 11 years last July, Beck Toby 7 years October next, Betty Toby, 4 years September next, Peter Toby, 2 last July.

p.324, 11 September 1753, Upon the presentment of Grand Jury agst. Dido Toyer ... came not, 25 lashes.

Rhody Toyer came not, 25 lashes.

p.325, Sheriff summon Phillis Siscoe to answer church wardens for bastard bearing.

Orders 1753-8, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 49

11 December 1753, p.28, Charlton Cross and Mary his wife Indians, who stands charged with stealing a gimlet belonging to Michael Richard Tatham, was examined with the circumstances of the fact. On consideration thereof, the court were of opinion that the said Indians ought not to be tried at the General Court. Discharged.

p.51, 12 February 1754, John Custis Matthews, petition v. Henry Stephens (Negro), deft. acknowledged debt of 3 pounds, 16 shillings.

p.67, Arthur Robins v. William Ailor (Negro) petition, agreed, dismissed.

p.68, John Webb v. John Goffigon, for detinue, dismissed.

p.86, 14 May 1754, Mary Jacob for bastard bearing.

15 May 1754, p.100, John Wilkins, Sr., v. Emmanuel Harmon, dismissed, agreed.

p.114, 10 July 1754, Mary Jacob for bastardy, 25 lashes.

pp.129, 10 September 1754, Daniel Stephens be allowed 30 shillings for maintaining the orphans of Jacob Morris, decd., Isaac Morris, Jacob Morris and Esther Morris.

Church wardens bind Abraham Morris aged eight years unto William Galt.

11 September 1754, p.138, Daniel Weeks Negro v. Thomas Speakman, Trespass, Assault & Battery, dismissed, neither party appearing.

11 December 1754, p.172, Church wardens bind Joshua Becket Negro aged six the 5th Instant to Ralph Batson.

14 January 1755, p.178, Amy Stephens Negro serve her master Henry Gascoyne the space of two years to commence 1 day March next.

p.180, Church wardens bind Abraham Morris aged eleven years 1 March last unto Thomas Dolby.

11 March 1755, p.199 John Daniel Indian v. Stephen Jeffery Indian, discontinued, agreed.

11 June 1755, p.218, Church wardens informed the court that Dido Toyer hath lately delivered of a bastard child, acknowledges to be true, refusing to pay fine, 25 lashes.

pp.218-9, ditto Phillis Sciscoe.

p.219, ditto Elizabeth Carter.

Sheriff summon Dolly Allen.

p.219, Church Wardens bind Elishe Webb seven years, also Bridget Webb four years last August to Stratton Caple.

pp.219-20, Church Wardens bind Joshua Becket, 6 years last December, unto Ralph Batson.

13 August 1755, p.236, Church wardens v. Dorothy Allen (free Negro).

p.243, Catherine Webb (Negro) v. John Ellegood & George Scott, petition, sheriff summon.

Ordered Gardner Cresley pay unto Daniel Stephens 30 shillings out of the estate of Jacob Morris Negro orphan in his hands for maintaining the said orphan one year.

p.248, 9 September 1755, Petition of Catherine Webb Negro, was formerly bound to John Ellegood now deceased, but her time expired of servitude some time past in the service of John Ellegood, son of the decedent, entitled to recover her freedom dues, not only refused but obtained an indenture from her for further service of five years & sold her to George Scott ... Petitioner recover 3 pounds, 10 shillings her freedom dues & costs & discharged from service.

p.251, Church wardens bind Isaac, son of Catherine Webb Negro, aged 3 years October next to George Scott.

p.315, 11 May 1756, Grand Jury v. Elizabeth Laylor, otherwise Webb, Dido Toyer, Sabra a free Negro, Amey a free Negro ... bastard bearing.

p.320, 12 May 1756, Churchwardens bind Solomon son of Dido Toyer four years old next August unto Samuel Williams.

p.328, Littleton Daniel & his wife Frances v. John Daniel & Sarah his wife, Trespass, Assault & Battery, next court.

8 June 1756, same case, defendant agrees that the plf. has sustained damages by occasion of the Trespass, Assault & Battery 16 shillings, 18 pence.

p.330, Dido Toyer acknowledges bastard bearing, refuses to pay fine, 25 lashes.

ditto Catherine Webb.

p.331, Presentment agst. Sarah free negro dismissed for reasons appearing to the court.

Amey free Negro acknowledges bastard bearing, 25 lashes.

p.339, 13 July Sabra free Negro acknowledges bastard bearing, 25 lashes.

p.354, 10 August 1756, Church wardens bind Peter the child of Jane Toyer unto Henry Tomlinson.

p.355, 14 September 1756, Church wardens bind Major Drummond, orphan Indian aged 12 years old 20 June last to John Floyd.

15 September 1756, p.361, Daniel Weeks Negro v. John Smaw, Trespass, Assault & Battery, next court.

p.373, 14 December 1756, Weeks v.Smaw, plf failing to prosecute, non-suit, 5 shillings for defendant.

p.384, 11 January 1757, Ann Weeks v. John Frazer, petition discontinued, agreed.

p.400, 8 March 1757, John Daniel Indian v. Solomon Jeffery Indian, Trespass, Assault & Battery, next court.

John Daniel Indian v. Solomon Jeffery Indian, Trespass, next court.

p.406, 12 April 1757, Daniel v. Jeffery discontinued, agreed.

p.415, 14 June 1757, Church wardens present Peggy Weeks for a bastard.

p.422, will of Thomas Drighouse, decd., recorded on motion of Jane Becket (free Negro) the executor.

pp.431-2, 13 July 1757, Peggy Weeks not appearing, 25 lashes.

pp.433-4, Mitchell Scarbrough v. John Daniel Indian, petition, defendant not appearing, 1 pound, 8 shillings.

p.437, 9 August 1757, Inventory of Thomas Drighouse returned by Jane Becket free Negro.

14 December 1757, p.471, Abraham Weeks v. Caleb Scott, Trespass, Assault & Battery, discontinued, agreed.

p.477, 14 February 1758, Church wardens bind Comfort Becket Negro orphan aged four last December to Caleb Scott.

p.482, 15 February 1758, George Powel v. Solomon Jeffery, petition, defendant not appearing, plf. recover 1 pound, 7 shillings. Devorax Godwin evidence.

p.489, Leah Becket free Negro v. Richard Hanby, petition, next court.

Minutes 1754-61, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 50

p.147, 5 February 1758, James Anderson Negro serve Jonathan Savage 4-1/2 months after his time by indenture for absenting himself from service & six pence of retaking him & costs.

p.151, 11 April 1758, Anderson v. Phaben for freedom dues, dismissed, neither party appearing.

p.156, Church v. Roan, dismissed for reasons appearing to the court.

Ordered Jane Harmon free Negro be tax free.

11 July 1758, Nottingham v. Jeffery, jury for deft.

p.158, Peter Weeks orphan aged seven the 8th December next be bound to Robinson Savage, Jr.

p.160, 24 July 1758, A petition of George Powell &c. for sending free Negros out of this Colony & finding any Persons that should suffer such to settle on their lands or laboring there was presented and ordered to be certified.

p.165, 9 August 1758, House v. Jeffery, agreed.

Drighouse v. Pettit, N.G. & issue.

p.166, 12 September 1758, Indenture from John Cobb to Littleton Ward was proved by said John.

p.167, Drighouse v. Pettit, Jury for deft.

p.167, Ordered James Anderson Negro do serve James Peterkin six months after time by indenture & former order of Court be expired for absenting himself from his master's service 32 days & the expenses of retaking him.

p.168, Toney a Negro the son of Amy Stephens aged two years last December be bound to Daniel Luke.

Toyer v. Jeffery, dismissed, neither party appearing.

14 November 1758, p.170, Grand Jury v. Dido Toyer Negro for bastard bearing.

p.174, 12 December 1758, Mason Teague Toby a negro girl aged 2 years be bound to Thomas Marshall.

p.175, King v. Toyer, find for deft.

p.187, 10 April 1759, Jacob the child of Dido Toyer, free Negro, aged 2 years this month be bound to John Parkerson.

p.201, 11 September 1759, Jacob Weeks orphan of Ann Weeks be bound by the churchwardens to Nath. Stratton.

p.202, 9 October 1759, Dan'l Weeks negro son of Anne Weeks be bound to Azariah Hunt.

p.205, 18 November 1759, John Becket negro son of Sarah Becket be bound to Zerobabell Downing, being 3 years old last September.

p.206, Grand jury v. Susannah Lunn for bastard bearing.

p.210, 12 December 1759, Peter Toyer negro aged 11 years last March be bound to John Holland to learn the trade of blacksmith.

p.211, Susannah Lunn confessed to bastard bearing.

p.223, 10 June 1760, Examination of Immanuell Harmon free Negro on suspicion of feloniously receiving stolen goods of the Estate of Benja. Stratton from Will a slave belonging to the estate of said decedent, knowing them to be stolen by the said Will, to wit one Basson, etc. Pleaded not guilty. Ought to be tryed at the next General Court. Moses Cox, Edward Homes, John Ellegood evidences.

16 June 1760, Church wardens v. Collens, confesses, to be whipped.

p.230, 12 August 1760, Scarburgh Bingham orphan be bound to Rev. Henry Barlow.

p.230, Abraham Morris son of Elishe Morris, ten next December, bound to Henry Gascoigne.

Isaac Becket son of Betty Becket, thirteen the 25 November last, & Solomon Andrews, son of Catherine Andrews free negro, 12 the 14 May last, bound to Thomas Bell.

p.232, John Powell orphan aged 11 the 15 November last, bound to Edmund Core.

p.235, 14 October 1760, Bob a mulatoe aged 4 years the 16 November next be bound unto John Westcote.

p.259, 16 July 1761, Jeffery v. Daniel, dismissed, neither party appearing.

p.261, West v. Jeffery, imparlance.

p.265, 11 August 1761, Ordered Job Weeks Negro aged 3 the 23 March last, bound to Thomas Widgeon.

p.270, 9 September 1761, West v. Jeffery et ux, agreed.

p.274, 13 October 1761, Complaint of Isaac Morris Mulatto against Elishe Dowty, sheriff to summon.

p.275, 10 November 1761, Church wardens bind Isaac Morris son of Elishe Morris 18 years the 3 October last to Elijah Mears.

Minutes 1761-1765, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 50

p.4, 12 January 1762, Scarburgh Bingham Indian 12 years old the 1 Day of this month, bound to Savage Cowdry.

Jacob Stevens Negro aged 3 years bound unto John Thomas.

Philip Rosario Indian bound to Thomas Barlow.

p.17, 10 March 1762, Major v. Weeks, judgment for debt & costs. Moses Gillett witness for plf.

p.23, 11 May 1762, Grand Jury v. Mary Stephens bastard bearing.

12 May 1762, p.28, Peg free Negro daughter of Rhody Toyer 12 years old, bound to Josiah Dowty.

Isaac Web Negro aged 18 last August bound to John Ellegood.

p.30, 8 June 1762, Mary Stephens fined paid, dismissed.

Moses v. Jeffery, alias cap.

p.35, 14 July 1762, Mary Jeffery Indian having taken the oath of the peace against her husband Solomon Jeffery (Indian), he be taken into custody until he give security for the peace in the sum of 20 pounds.

p.37, 10 August 1762, Fanny Sunket, aged 4 years last January, bound to Laban Belote.

p.41, 15 September 1762, Moses v. Jeffery, Jury find for plf. 10 shillings.

p.42, Moses v. Daniel.

9 November 1762, Claim of Levan Eyre, Esq., for 4 pounds, 10 for Ferriages of the Gingasken Indian Cross the Bay.

9 November 1762, p.44, Tabitha Sunket Indian aged three last May bound to Reubin Giddings.

15 December 1762, p.51, Moses v. Murrough, petition, continued at defts. costs.

12 January 1763, p.56, Moses v. Murrough, judgment on the fiddle or 40 shillings & costs, Wm Johnson witness for 4 days.

Murrough v. Stephens, for deft. & costs.

p.61, 12 April, James Anderson Negro serve his present master Nath. Savage, Jr., 3 years after his service by order & former order of court be expired for absenting himself for 18 months from his master's service.

p.65, 10 May 1763, Grand Jury v. Sarah Savage for having a Bastard by a Negro.

p.67, Aron Webb Negro be bound to John Stripe, Jr.

p.71, 14 June 1763, Phillis Sciscoe Negro ... for Bastard bearing.

p.73, 15 June 1763, King v. Savage, Presentment & judgment by default & failing payment, she be sold according to Law.

p.77, 9 August 1763, John Savage, child of Sarah Savage, aged 4 months, be bound to Harman Gascoyne.

p.82, 14 September 1763, p.82, Church wardens vs. Sciscoe, presentment dismissed.

p.85, Church wardens v. Jane Weeks, whipped.

10 January 1764, p.95, Isaac Webb, aged 11 last September bound to John Wilkins, Sr., Gent.

p.98, 11 January 1764, Aubery v. Becket, petition, agreed.

p.108, 13 March 1764, Joshua Becket Negro, aged 14, bound to Sarah Batson.

p.110, 10 April 1764, Anthony Stephens Negro aged 7 years last December bound to Jane Luke.

p.110, Fanny Sunket Negro aged 7 January last bound to Anne Belote.

Phillis Sciscoe Negro aged 5 years last December bound to Baily Scott.

p.113, 8 May 1764, Sarah Liverpool Negro for Bastard bearing.

p.119, 13 June 1764, King v. Liverpool, confessed, whipped.

11 September 1764, p.132, Mary Bevans, child of Betty Beavans Negro, aged 10 years, bound to Robinson Savage, Jr.

12 September 1764, p.135, Batson's executor v. Weeks, petition, debt proved & judgment by default.

p.141, 14 November 1764, Peterkin v. Becket, petition, debt proved, judgment by default.

p.150, 12 December 1764, H. Guy v. Collens, attachment, debt proved by judgment & condemnation in the hands of Thos. Spady. Bed, bolster & pillows, 1 sheet, spinning wheel & chair also in the hands of Nathl. Stratton 84 shelves of flax & in the hands of Wm Freshwater 17-1/2 yards of Virginia linen.

J. Guy v. Collins, proved by judgment for 4 pounds, 11 shillings & condemnation of attached effects.

p.159, 13 February 1765, Hemphill v. Abraham Weeks for debt by default.

p.160, 12 March 1765, Freshwater v. Collins attachment, dismissed, nothing being attached.

p.168, 10 April 1765, Daniel v. Clay, debt proved. Judgment proved by default & John Stripe the plf. witness.

p.172, 15 May 1765, Complaint of Lucretia Bingham against her master John Waterfield, Sr., & Honour Mapp for ill usage.

p.173, Toyer v. Holland, complaint heard, ordered back to her master's service.

p.179, 10 July 1765, Henry Carter, 10 last month, bound to John Storpe, to learn taylor's trade.

Minutes 1765-71, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 50

14 August 1765, p.6, Bingham v. Waterfield, Complaint, agreed.

p.8, James Carter negro aged 6 the 15 February last, bound to Thomas Pettit.

Robinson a negro boy aged 15 the 12 April last, bound to Walter Hyslop.

James Weeks negro bound to Savage Cowdry.

11 September 1765, p.11, Daniel Nuts a Mulattoe aged 4 years last December bound to Major Joyne.

p.19, 8 October 1765, Susanna Web, aged 9 years last August, bound to James Ellot.

p.24, 10 October 1765, Daniel v. Jeffery, agreed.

p.26, Henry Stephens negro be bound to Richd. Hewett, aged 5 years from to Day to learn the trade of shoemaker by his Negro fellow.

p.35, 9 April 1766, Betty Moses a Negro orphan be bound to Savage Cowdry.

p.37, Andrews v. Becket agreed.

p.39, 13 May 1766, Grand jury v. Dinah Becket, Tamar Stephens, and Leah Becket for Bastard bearing.

p.46, 10 June 1766, Peter Becket, 14 years old in August next, Betty Becket 16 in March last, be bound to Thomas John Marshall, Gent.

p.47, Dunton v. Church, petition heard, dismissed.

p.54, 12 August 1766, Brit Sunket Indian son of Elishe Sunket, 5 years old next January, bound to Benjamin Dixon.

p.57, 13 August 1766, Eyre & Co. v. Stephens, Judgment confessed, to be discharged by payment of 17 shillings, 7 pence.

Eyre & Co. v. Becket, debt proved; Judgment by default.

p.59, 14 August 1766, King v. Dinah Becket, by default, whipped.

King v. Stephens, Leah Becket, dismissed.

p.64, 9 September 1766, Eliza Bingham, aged 15 August last, bound to William Scott, Sr.

p.68, 11 September 1766, Sciscoe v. Roan, non assump. & issue with leave &c.

p.76, 12 November 1766, Petition of James Sciscoe, free Negro, ordered Wm Roan, Sr., be summoned.

p.78, will of John Cobb proved by Major Joyne, executor.

p.79, 13 November 1766, Sciscoe v. Roan, dismissed

p.90, 15 January 1767, Tompkins v. Jeffery, agreed.

p.98, 11 February 1767, Sciscoe v. Roan, for freedom. Indenture in the petition mentioned is illegal & void. Plf. be discharged from further service & recover his costs.

p.100, 12 February 1767, Barlow v. Becket, Wm. Ronald special bail.

p.107, 14 April 1767, Levin negro son of Sarah Morris, 3 years old the 29th September last, bound to Caleb Scott.

p.124, 9 June 1767, Rachel Cobb, widow of John Cobb, decd., declared she would not accept the Legacies given to her by the will of said John.

p.133, 11 August 1767, Inventory of Sarah Carter's estate recorded.

p.154, 12 January 1768, John Collins be bound to Guy Grimes.

14 January 1768, p.161, Moses(?) v. Roberts, verdict for plf. 3/6/3.

p.162, Peter Toyer aged 7 last December, bound to Walter Hyslop.

p.178, 12 April 1768, Major Joyne made oath to an account of sales of the estate of Joshua Cobb, orphan.

p.197, 11 May 1768, Baker v. Fisherman, dismissed, neither part appearing.

p.206, Waters's executors v. Webb, petition, judgment confessed.

Same v. Anderson, dismissed, no place of abode.

p.212, 13 July 1768, Rachel Cobb acknowledged her indenture to Bartholomew Pettit.

p.243, 11 October 1768, Levin Morris, aged 5 the 3 September last, bound to David Stott.

p.275, 13 January 1769, King v. Morris, judgment by default.

King v. Drighouse, judgment by default.

King v. Morris, judgment by default, 25 lashes.

King v. Weeks, 25 lashes.

King v. Sciscoe 25 lashes.

p.276, Andrew v. Becket, continued

p.277, 14 February 1769, Gabriel Weeks, 3 years the 1 June last, bound to William Floyd.

Jacob Toyer, 4 next May, bound to William Floyd.

p.284, 17 February 1769, Andrew v. Becket, debt proved, judgment by default, 2 pounds, 2 shillings.

p.292, 12 April 1769, Petition of Bartholomew Pettit praying an order for person to lay off the Dower of Rachel Cobb, widow, purchased by the petitioner, rejected.

p.294, 13 April 1769, Church wardens v. Press, dismissed, paying costs.

p.300, 15 June 1769, John Toyer Negro, aged 5, bound to Edmund Glanville.

p.306, 8 July 1769, Rachel Siscoe, 9 years, bound to Elizabeth Scott.

p.311, 10 August 1769, Waters's executors vs. Lang, ordered deft. and Bail.

Same vs. Press, alias cap.

p.312 Same vs. Fisherman, Judgment confessed.

p.323, Waters executors v. Press.

Same v. Church

p.328, 14 November 1769, Jacob Savage, son of Sarah Savage, formerly bound to John Stott, decd., Mary his widow, decd., bound to Arthur Simpkins, executor to the said Mary for benefit of decd. children.

p.329, Bowdoin v. Becket agreed.

p.344, 11 January 1770, King v. Atha free Negro, dismissed.

King v. Cobb, judgment by default, whipped.

p.353, 15 February 1770, Webb v. Dixon.

p.357, Kendall v. Carter, petition heard, judgment 3 pounds, 12 shillings.

p.364, 14 March 1770, Carter v. Kendall, petition heard, judgment for 2 pounds to be discounted out of the former judgment by deft. against plf. Richard Hanby & Sarah his wife witnesses for eft.

p.365, Isaac Stephens, 7 years next July, bound to Wm Gascoigne.

8 May 1770, Grand jury v. Patience Stephens Bastard bearing.

p.370, 9 May 1770, Southy Cobb, orphan, aged 10 years next June, bound to Thomas Rose.

12 June 1770, p.372, George Morris, 15 the 28 April last, bound to John Upshur.

p.372, Isaiah Carter, 12 last March, bound to Thomas Bullock.

p.382, 15 August 1770, Nathan Drighouse Negro aged 3 years the 10 May last, bound to Francis Costen.

p.392, 13 September 1770, Toyer v. Polk, issue.

p.392, King v. Stephens, continued.

p.394, Oharra v. Bingham agreed.

p.399, 14 November 1770, Grand Jury v. John C. Matthews for not listing Joshua Becket. Isaac Clegg for not listing Abraham Weeks.

p.403, 15 November 1770, King v. Stephens, dismissed not being found.

p.415, 13 December 1770, Andrew v. Webb, recover 1 pound, 6 shillings.

p.433, 13 February 1771, Jane the daughter of Anne Collins, aged 9 the 15th next month, bound to Eyre Stockley.

p.464, 10 July 1771, Kemp v. Fisherman, continued.

p.466, John Press who was committed at the suit of Thomas Cowdry and remanded to prison 20 days and upwards came and brought a schedule of his estate and took the insolvent debtor's oath. Discharged.

Minutes 1771-1777, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 50

p.3, 13 August 1771, Litey Collins free negro, aged 4 the 30 July last, bound to John Tyler.

p.10, 11 September 1771, Kemp v. Fisherman, continued.

p.12, Waters's executors v. Morris, proved, judgment by default, 2 pounds, 5 shillings.

p.15, 8 October 1771, Rachel a Mullato aged 2 the 12 December last, bound to Joseph Lawrance.

p.19, 9 October 1771, Robins v. Lang, agreed.

p.27, 13 January 1772, Susanna Collins daughter of Rebeccah Collins, aged 13 last July 31st day, bound to Robert Warren.

p.29, Brit Sunket bound to Sarah Dixon, Nanny Sunket Daughter of Elishe Sunket, bound to John Stott.

14 April 1772, p.44, James Sciscoe, aged 4 years July last, bound to Robert Henderson.

Collins v. Stockley, agreed.

p.47, 15 April 1772, Robins v. Toyer, Judgment in default.

p.52, 12 May 1772, Church Wardens bind Phyllis Siscoe to David Stott and Leah his wife.

p.58, 13 May 1772, Grand Jury v. Amey Stephens & Tiney Jacob Bastard bearing.

p.62, 9 June 1772, Kemp v. Fisherman, abates by supposed death of plf.

p.69, 11 June 1772, Collins v. Warren, issue.

King v. Jacob dismissed.

p.70, King v. Amey Stephens, judgment by default, 20 shillings & costs.

T. Jacob, judgment by default. 20 shillings & costs.

p.72, Jeffery v. Chapman, dismissed.

Fisherman v. Chapman, dismissed.

11 August 1772, p.77, Church wardens bind Armistead Webb negro, 10 years 1 day of last March.

p.82, 12 August 1772, Collins v. Warren, Jury for plf, pounds or that the Goal be removed, which appearing to be irregular, is set aside.

p.94, 8 September 1772, Jacob v. Toyer, agreed & Edmd Glanville by consent to pay the costs.

p.97, 9 September 1772, Collins v. Warren, Dismissed, the Court being of opinion the action would ... not lie and ordered that the defendant pay costs of the first trial. Susanna Fitchet, plf witness 2 days the other trial & 2 days this trial. Samuel Clegg deft. witness 1 day last Court & 2 days this Court. William Freshwater 2 days last Court & 2 days this Court.

p.117, 13 January 1773, Daniel Toyer bound to Samuel Atchison.

p.129, 9 March 1773, David Eshon administration of estate of Mary Jeffery.

p.137, Bloxom v. Becket, by default, 3 pounds, 5 shillings.

p.142, 8 June 1773, Leah Weeks, 4 years old, 23 March last, bound to Isabella Dunton.

p.148, 9 June 1773, Atchison & Co. v. Morris, deft. default, 1 pound, 7 shillings.

p.151, 10 August 1773, Thomas Jeffery bound to William Wood.

p.154, 11 August 1773, Inventory of Mary Jeffery recorded.

p.156, Jessee Jefferys, son of Joseph Jefferys bound to Adiah Milby, to learn the art of Marriner.

p.165, Kendall, assignee of Taylor, v. P. Weeks, judgment by default.

p.177, 16 September 1773, Daniel v. Jacob, dismissed. Peggy Toyer the plaintiff's witness was called but made default.

Daniel Samples v.Stephens, payment and issue.

p.189, 14 December 1773, Samples v. Stephens, in favor of plf. 1 pound, 9 shillings.

p.193, Press v. Jefferys, petition heard & dismissed.

16 December 1773, p.194, Whitehead v. Anderson, judgment by default.

Hyslop v. Jeffery, als. cap.

p. 219, 8 February 1774, account of sales of Mary Jeffery.

p.225, 9 February 1774, Thomas Bevans free Negro v. Edmund Scarbrough for his freedom, sheriff summon.

p.228, 10 February 1774, Jeffery's adm. v. Hall, for plf. 12 pounds, 19 shillings.

Same v. Savage.

p.231, 8 March 1774, T. Robins v. A. Weeks, confessed 8 pounds, 8 shillings.

12 April 1774, p.240, Thomas Bevans free Negro, court was of opinion that the said Beavans ought to serve his master till he is thirty one years of age.

p.247, 13 April 1774, Jeffery v. Johnson, dismissed for want of acct.

Same v. P. Weeks, judgment by default, 2 pounds, 15 shillings.

T. Robins v. George Becket, by default 4 pounds, 8 shillings.

p.251, 10 May 1774, Levin Webb, 3 years old last February, bound to Mark Beckett.

p.254, Grand Jury v. Sally Roberts for Bastard bearing.

p.269, called court for examination of Abraham Lang (free Negro) for suspicion of murdering Thomas Fisherman Indian late of this County 14 September 1774. He ought to be tried at the General Court.

p.277, 10 January 1775, Ephraim Stephens son of Amey Stephens bound to John Tankard

p.284, 11 April 1775, Churchwardens v. John Daniel for swearing two oaths.

p.298, 14 November 1775, Grand jury v. Nanny Weeks for entertaining slave Negros in her house. Jenny Weeks for the same.

pp.303-4, Court called for examination of Betty Carter on suspicion of felony the 24th day of November 1775. Not guilty.

12 December 1775, p.305, Elizabeth Carter discharged from recognizance for good behavior.

p.357, 11 March 1777, Nanny Weeks free Negro aged 11 last October, bound to Luke Smaw.

p.370, 13 May 1777, Grand jury present Phillis Sciscoe, Rachel Roberts for bastard bearing.

10 June 1777, p.372, Daniel Sciscoe, 5 years the 19 August last, bound to William Roberts, Jr.

Minutes 1777-1783, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 50

p.2, 8 July 1777, Betty Moses free negro about 10 years old, bound to Esther Davis.

9 July 1777, p.2a, Commonwealth v. Sally Roberts, dismissed.

p.3, Commonwealth v. Daniel, judgment for 10 shillings.

p.3a, Same v. J. Weeks, judgment by default.

p.4, Same v. P. Sciscoe, judgment by default.

Same v. B. Roberts, judgment by default.

p.5, Meeting of the Magistrates at the courthouse on Wednesday the 23 July 1777 for the purpose of Considering what steps would be most advisable relating to the family of Dido Weeks (free negro) one of her children broke out with the small pox ... remainder of the family ought to be inoculated ... permit Doctor Wm Foushee to inoculate them ... family unable to pay ... Magistrates agree to see the Doctor paid.

p.15a/ 31, 9 December 1777, Wm Roberts, Sr., on suspicion of felony, witness not appearing.

15 December 1777, not guilty.

p.33, 13 January 1778, James Carter negro bound to Anne Pettit, widow, for the use of the decedent's estate.

p.43, 20 March 1778, court for examination of Isaac Webb and Margaret his wife on suspicion of felony. Isaac and Margaret his wife ought to be tried at the Supreme Court of Oyer and Terminer. Remanded to Goal.

p.54, 12 May 1778, Lang & wife & others v. Devorax Godwin (on an information, summons issue.

9 May 1778, p.62, Robins v. Morris, abates by plf.'s death.

p.65, Hyslop v. Lang, alias cap.

10 June 1778, p.98, Toyer v. Taylor, agreed.

p.102, 8 September 1778, Adah Toyer, 7 years old this month, to Richard Savage.

Moses Bingham, 4 years old 28 December last, bound to Spencer Wilson.

p.113, C. Matthews v. Drighouse, agreed.

p.125, 8 December 1778, Supplied by the Vestry of Hungar's Parish to soldiers' widows & children who dyed in the Continental Army: John Cobb's children.

p.144, 10 February 1779, Jacob son of Caleb Thompson, 5 years old, bound to Littleton Upshur.

Daniel son of Peter Weeks, bound to Mr. Christian.

p.148, 14 April 1779, Mark Webb, aged 10 the 11th June next, bound to William Roberts, Sr.

11 May 1779, p.153, Collins v. Bingham, issue.

p.160, Webb v. Stratten, agreed.

Press v. Stripe, issue.

Daniel v. Powell, issue with leave.

Daniel v. Roberts

p.167, 8 June 1779, A. Collins v. S. Bingham, for plf. ten pounds. Peter Becket and Mary Jeffery, plf's witnesses.

p.186, 14 July 1779, Daniel v. Spady & Co., judgment confessed.

Swift v. Toyer

Jeffery v. Bingham, J. Harmonson, Sr., special bail.

p.188, John Daniel v. Nath. Powell and Edmd. Ross, for plf. 2 pounds 10 shillings.

John Daniel v. William Roberts & Abraham Lang, for defts.

p.196, 15 September 1779, James Weeks aged 4 this month, bound to James Smith to learn the shoemaker's trade.

p.200, 12 October 1779, Littleton Stephens, son of Amey Stephens, six last Spring, bound to Hezekiah Belote.

p.202, 13 October 1779, Swift v. Toyer, judgment confessed.

p.207, 9 November 1779, Grand jury v. Sarah Sunket for bastard bearing.

p.220, 8 February 1780, Daniel Scisco bound to Abel Garrison.

p.233, 12 April 1780, John Swift v. Jacob Toyer, 50 pounds.

Nathl. Brown v. Sol. Toyer for debt.

p.237, 9 May 1780, Grand Jury v. Smart Andrews for having a Negro child. Adah Becket ditto.

p.244, 14 June 1780, Griffith v. Lang, dismissed

Brickhouse v. Moses, C.O. is deft. & Bail.

p.245, Commonwealth v. Sunket, judgment.

Webb v. Ritcheson, dismissed.

Stevenson v. Lang, p. judgment for 3 pounds 15 shillings.

p.248, Weeks et ux. v. Becket dismissed.

p.250, John Daniel v. Spady, dismissed.

p.252, 11 July 1780, Mary Jeffery v. Scarbrough Bingham for plf, 30 pounds. Nanny Jeffery, witness for plaintiff one day.

p.254, Betty Weeks, daughter of Ann Weeks, four years last September, bound to Wm Cable.

p.267, August 1780, Gibbs v. Toyer & Valentine, als. cap.

p.268, Brickhouse v. Moses, judgment confessed & writ of enquiry.

p.278, 13 September 1780, Southy Bingham, son of Scarbrough Bingham, aged 6 next November, bound to John Elliot.

p.278, 10 October 1780, Rachel Lang v. Thomas Stripes, commission awarded to take deposition of Smart Stringer.

p.281, 11 October 1780, Melvin v. Sampson (free Negro) dismissed.

p.290, 15 November 1780, Peggy Collins, daughter of John Collins, aged 4 last June, bound to Thomas Lunn.

p.298, 13 December 1780, Zerobabel Weeks, son of Barbara Weeks, 8 years last August, bound to Thomas Bullock.

p.304, 13 February 1781, John West, son of Reubin West, 12 years March next, bound to James Williams to learn trade of house joiner & cabinet maker.

p.308, 14 February 1781, Daniel v. Holland, agreed.

Toyer v. Holland, agreed.

p.310, 17 March 1781, trial of Joe Blew, negro slave of William Kendall, Sr., & wife Nancy, for stealing 3 knives the property of Wm Roberts, Jr., guilty, burnt in hand and given 39 lashes.

p.315, 8 May 1781, Rommell v. J. Carter, agreed.

p.327, 15 August 1781, Anne Roberts v. Smart Stringer, abates by defendant's death.

p.331, 13 November 1781, Sheriff summon Thomas Speakman to answer complaint of Southy Webb, orphan.

p.336, 12 February 1782, Edmund Nutts, aged 7 last Christmas, bound to Margaret Addison.

p.341, 12 March 1782, Becket v. Becket, dismissed for want of appearance.

Webb v. Smith, imparlance.

13 March 1782, p.345, Toyer v. Toyer, dismissed.

10 April 1782, p.350, Webb v. Haggoman, for plf. 20 shillings.

p.364, 12 June 1782, Sam (free Negro) v. Godwin, dismissed.

p.367, Southy Webb & Drake Drummond bound to Major Brickhouse.

p.374, 14 August 1782, Webb v. Smith, for plf. 1 pound.

p.379, 8 October 1782, Waltham v. Lang, agreed.


Northampton County Orders 1783-1787, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 51.

9 July 1783, Adah Collins v. Joseph Milhas } petition

discontinued, dismissed.

p.51, 12 November 1783, Samuel Bibbins, son of Mary Bibbins aged eight years last December be bound to Thomas Bullock.

p.88, 14 April 1784, Ordered Col. John Robins be allowed 10 shillings for money paid Dido Weeks for nursing a man in the smallpox.

p.97, 11 May 1784, Joseph Rammel agst. Reubin Reed, Trespass, assault and battery, dismissed.

p.113, 13 May 1784, Anne Jeffery against Thomas Lewis, Trespass, assault and battery.

p.116, 8 June 1784, John Michael, Senr., agst. Jack Beckett, dismissed.

p.126, 9 June 1784, Isaac Webb agst. Kendall Goodwin, Trespass, guilty 12 pounds.

12 August 1784, Isaac Smith agst. Peter Toyer.

p.157, 12 August 1784, Anne Jeffery agst. Thomas Lewis, Jury find for plaintiff, 2 pounds.

p.181, 11 November 1784, Isaac Smith agst. Peter Toyer, judgment confessed for 7 pounds, 7 shillings.

p.187, 11 November 1784, On hearing a complaint against Joseph Rammel, free negro, for selling liquor contrary to Law, fined 10 pounds or 21 lashes.

p.210, 15 December 1784, Commission appointed on behalf of Gingaskin tribe of Indians John Stratton, John Harmonson, Littleton Savage to make enquiry of all such persons as may be residing on the lands appropriated to the use of the said Indians contrary to Law.

p.246, 13 January 1785, Commission made report. Another commission to take their care & management the said Indians' lands and to rent & dispose of them in such manner as they concur will be most to their advantage.

p.284, 10 May 1785, Isaiah Scisco, son of Phillis Scisco, aged nine years the first of the month to be bound to Robert Rodgers.

p.285, John West, son of Reuben West, be bound to Robert Brickhouse to learn the trade of cabinet maker.

p.293, 14 June 1785, Jacob Morris, son of Beck Morris, aged seven years next January, bound to Henry Abdeel.

p.356, 15 September 1785, Hannah Carter agst. Thomas Jeffery, trespass, assault and battery. 1 pound, 10 shillings damages.

p.370, 13 December 1785, John Evans agst. Southy Bingham in case. sheriff returned not found. Alias capias issue.

p.379, 14 December 1785, Isaiah Beckett, son of Mark Beckett, twelve years last month, bound to Peter Bowdoin.

p.421, 14 February 1786, John Evans agst. Southy Bingham, defendant not appearing, unless he appears next court, judgment issue against him and Ephraim Stevens his bail.

13 June 1786, Thomas Suttie agst Ephraim Stevens, 5 pounds & costs.

p.501, 11 July 1786, Catherine Webb agst. Charles Floyd, petition. 2 pounds, 10 shillings. William Wingate witness for pltf.

p.542, 16 August 1786, John Evans agst. Southy Bingham, defendant did assume upon himself 1 pound, 10 shillings damages. Dismissed on defendant's motion not more than 5 pounds. John Pepper and Thomas Spathy witnesses for defendant.

p.684, 13 June 1787, Thomas Stringer agst. Beck Collins.

p.691, 14 June 1787, John Collins v. Jacob Moor, 5 pounds with interest from 25 August 1786. 55 shillings costs.

p.694, Anthony Donjeux v. Abraham Lang, petition. 2 pounds, 8 shillings debt.


Orders 1787-1789, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 51

p.20, 17 August 1787, Southy Bingham v. John Brickhouse, Senr., administrator of Harmonson Joyne, deced., plaintiff has not sustained damages.

p.42, 11 September 1787, Thomas Stringer v. Beck Collins} judgment for plaintiff 1.12.04

p.43, Reubin Reed v. Rose Baker & Edward Williams } for plaintiff 1.17.9

p.45, Peter Becket, son of Mark Becket aged 13 years the sixth day of next January bound to Peter Bowdoin.

p.46, 12 September 1787, Robert Hewat v. Reuben Reed, dismissed plaintiff pay costs.

p.63, 18 October 1787, examination of Adah Toyer a free negro woman for feloniously stealing a quantity of corn from the property of Mr. Isaac Smith ... pleads not guilty. No witnesses appearing, discharged.

p.64, 13 November 1787, Grand Jury presentments: Joseph Milhas for tending Indians lands, William Roberts ditto, Ephraim Stephens ditto. Adah Collins for bastard bearing. Robert Hewat for unlawfully living with Adah Collins.

p.79, 11 December 1787, Susanna Weeks daughter of Dida Weeks, bound to Peter Bowdoin.

12 December 1787, p.84, John Upshur assignee of John Bingham v. John Brickhouse, Sr., continued.

p.127, 13 May 1788, Isaac Smith, surviving partner of Bowdoin, Eyre & Smith, against Edmund Press, continued.

p.143, 14 May 1788, overseers of the poor bind Bob Weeks son of Jenny Weeks, aged eight years the first November next, to John Graves, Sr. Littleton Weeks, son of Nanny Weeks, aged three years bound to John Graves, Sr.

p.144, Sue Collins, daughter of Beck Collins, aged seven years last May be bound to John Evans.

p.156, 9 July 1788, Thomas Suttie v. Abraham Lang. debt. Judgment for plaintiff 1.15.09

Thomas Suttie assignee of Reubin Reed, v. Abraham Lang, 1 pound, 10 shillings with interest from 15 November 1785 till paid.

p.157, William Satchell v. Peter Toyer & Reubin Reed. Summons not having been served on defendant Reed, new summons issue. Judgment against Toyer 2 pounds, 10 shillings.

p.160, Thomas Suttie v. Peter Becket, defendant pleading the act of limitation of actions & appearing the articles charged in the plaintiff's account are of longer standing than six months. Dismissed.

p.162, Robert Hewat v. Isaac Webb 3 pounds, 18 shillings.

p.173, 14 August 1788, Isaac Smith surviving partner of Bowdoin, Eyre & Smith v. Edmund Press, dismissed being agreed between the parties.

11 November 1788, Presentment against Joseph Milhas for tending the Indians' land. Richard Sanders, Ephraim Stevens for ditto. Southy Bingham ditto. Solomon Liverpool ditto. Robert Hewat for living unlawfully with Adah Collins.

p.229, 11 February 1789, Jonathan Stevens and Tobias Stevens be by the overseers of the poor bound to learn the business of planter.

Nicholas House an orphan Mulatto boy be bound by the overseers of the poor to learn the trade of a barber.

p.269, 13 May 1789, Isaac Webb v. Solomon L. Pool} motion to have case redocketed continue tomorrow.

p.270, 14 May 1789, Isaac Webb v. Solomon L. Pool} motion continued.

p.272, 15 May 1789, Isaac Webb v. Solomon L. Pool} This suit having been instituted upon a note which was delivered from a certain John Purnall for the payment of a debt but on which no assignment was written and the action having been dismissed at the rules, by the direction of the plaintiff, the said Purnall by his attorney to have the cause redocketed which the court rejected.

p.285, 9 June 1789, Ordered Esther Drighouse, daughter of Betty Drighouse, aged nine years the 15 August next, be bound to William Simpkin, Jr.


Orders 1789-1795, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 52

9 September 1789, Nathaniel Beavens, executor of Mary Beavans, v. Isaac Smith, for plaintiff 2 pounds, 2 shillings, six pence.

pp.16-17, 10 November 1789, Overseers of the Poor against William Smith on a replevy bond. On motion of the pltfs. and it appearing that legal notice had been given the defendant, it is considered by the Court that the plaintiffs have execution against the said defendant for 13.8.9 the debt in the said bond mentioned and the costs of this motion on behalf & for the use of Matilda Justice, but this judgment to be discharged by the payment of 6.14.04 with interest from 12 February 1788.

p.25, 9 December 1789, Antony de Donjeux against Reubin Reed, 3 pounds, 8 shillings.

Antony de Donjeux, assignee of Thomas Littleton v. same defendant, 2 pounds 6 shillings.

p.56, 8 June 1790, Robert Hewat for living unlawfully with a free negro woman and against Peter Warren for the same offence.

p.81, 14 September 1790, Jonathan Stevens, son of Ritter Stevens, be bound to Custis Haslop till lawful age.

p.82, Solomon Beckett agst. Reuben Westerhouse, petition continued.

p.83, Stuart Holt agst. Ephraim Stevens, continued.

John S. Harmonson v. Frank Sample, petition continued.

p.85, William Sisco, son of Silla (Sitta?) Sisco, aged six years last August be bound to Robert Rodgers.

p.96, 15 December 1790, Stewart Holt v. Ephraim Stevens, abates by pltf's death.

p.98, 11 January 1791, Harry Stevens orphan be bound to Robert Rodgers to learn the trade of wheel wright.

p.107, 8 February 1791, John Stroughton Harmonson v. Frank Sample, defendant not appearing, judgment for 5 pounds.

p.108, complaint of Ritter Stevens against Austin Haslop for ill usage of her son Jonathan Stevens on hearing complaint & sundry testimony, ordered said Jonathan removed.

p.119, 10 March 1791, Thomas Suttie v. Reubin Reed } debt. defendant saith the writing is not his act and deed. Trial.

p.133, 13 April 1791, Overseers of the Poor bind Peter Beckett, son of Adah Beckett, aged 11 years to Hezekiah James.

p.139, 10 May 1791, Solomon a negro slave belonging to John Martin, Peter Nuts a negro slave belonging to Robert Haggoman and James a negro slave belonging to Lucy Still be tax free by reason of age & infirmity.

p.147, 9 August 1791, Walter Hyslop v. Reubin Reed, by consent of the parties, all matters referred to Isaac Smith and Bowdoin Kendall to determine.

p.150, 10 August 1791, Thomas Suttie v. Reubin Reed, Jury find writing is not the act & deed of defendant. Plaintiff pay Robert Hewat 375 pounds tobacco for attending 15 days.

p.183, 10 January 1792, On Motion of the Overseers of the Poor for Matilda Justice against Isaac Smith. continued.

p.184, 11 January 1792, Overseers of the Poor bind Richard Sunket aged 11 years last Christmas to John Scott.

p.193, 14 March 1792, Commonwealth against Richard Sanders for tending Indians' land. Smith Snead, Esquire, who prosecutes for the Commonwealth, confirms he will not further prosecute. Commonwealth against Ephraim Stevens ditto. Nolli Prosequi. Southy Bingham ditto. Robert Hewat ditto.

p.197, Henry Guy v. Mark Moses. Defendant withdrawing his former plea, plaintiff recover 6 pounds.

p.211, 9 May 1792, Ellison Armstead v. Abraham Lang, abated by death of pltf.

p.212, 11 May 1792, Examination of Reuben Reed, a free negro, for feloniously plotting a conspiracy to rebel and murder the white inhabitants of this County, said he was not guilty ... several witnesses heard. He ought to be tried at the next district court to be held for Accomack and Northampton ... to be remanded to Goal. Henry Guy, Hillary Clegg & Zerobabel Jones witnesses.

p.213, same charges against Luke the slave of George Savage, not guilty. Same charges against Caleb, slave of William Simpkins. Same charges Somerset slave of John Stratton, Sr. Same charges Barnaby, salve of James Lyon.

p.254, 11 September 1792, Milly Weeks, eight years of age 10 January last be bound to John Graves.

p.257, 9 October 1792, Peggy Collins bound to Smith Griffin.

p.265, 12 December 1792, Overseers of the Poor bind John Press aged 13 years the 15 day of March last to William Roberts

p.271, 9 January 1793, Overseers of the Poor of the lower district bind Thomas Collins, son of Sue Collins, aged eleven years the 7th day of last May to John Evans.

Ordered that George Bingham aged eleven years be bound to George Teackle.

p.274, 19 January 1793, trial of James Blue a negro man slave the property of William Kendall, Sr., on suspicion of felony. Not guilty. Discharged. But appearing circumstances are suspicious, receive 39 lashes.

p.276, 13 March 1793, Catherine Webb v. Mr. Peter Warren, trespass, dismissed.

p.284, 10 April 1793, Complaint of William Roberts, Sr., against Edmund Press and Rachel his wife for breach of the peace and the Court having read the testimony, it is ordered that the said Edmond and Rachel be bound to the peace for the space of three months in penalty of 20 pounds principle and 20 pounds security.

p.285, 11 April 1793, Edmond Press and Rachel his wife, John Eyre and Griffin Stith acknowledge themselves indebted to the Commonwealth in the sum of 10 pounds each.

p.289, 11 April 1793, John Stringer v. Isaac Thomson (free negro) plaintiff recover 5 pounds debt.

p.296, 9 July 1793, Aaron Webb son of Leah Webb aged eight next Christmas bound to Charles Webb.

p.302, 14 August 1793, Scarbrough Bingham v. William Dixon, abated by pltf's death.

Adah Collins v. William Fisher, Trespass assault and battery, guilty, 5 pounds, 17 shillings. John Core, Thomas James & Joseph White witnesses for Fisher. Hillary Stringer, Michael Dinton, Seth Powell and John Lewis for Collins.

p.311, 19 August 1793, Nancy Collins v. William Willis, dismissed, agreed.

p.317, 11 September 1793, William Roberts, Sr., v. Edmond Press, discontinued agreed.

p.331, 16 November 1793, Thomas (a negro man) agst. Edward Roberts} Replevin. The law is for the defendant.

p.334, 10 December 1793, Overseers of the Poor bind Adah Reed to George Mekolloms.

p.346, 13 May 1794, Ephraim Stevens v. Lighty Collins, dismissed, agreed.


p.348, Edmund Reed v. John Stevens, Sr.

p.349, 14 May 1794, On motion of Charles Webb a free Negro & native of the County, it appears to the Court that the said Charles is a free man, ordered that he be registered.

p.354, 10 June 1794, On motion of Jerome Weeks, Jacob Weeks, James Carter, Isaiah Carter, George Anderson Pool, Mary Beavans, Hannah Sample, Catherine Rummage, Nancy Weeks and Henry Bingham free Negroes and Natives of the County, It appearing to the Court that they are free people, ordered that they be registered.


11 June 1794, On the motion of Ephraim Stevens, Lear Stevens, Isaac Becket, Ralph Collins, Betty Carter, Comfort Anderson Pool, Isaac Webb, Peggy Webb, Adah Collins, Barbara Carter, Sarah Weeks, Ritter Stevens, Abigail Stevens, Amey Stevens, Esther Collins, Solomon Liverpool, Betty, Catherine, Charles and Nat children of Solomon and Bridget his wife. Isaiah Becket Sarah Liverpool, Josiah & Daniel Liverpool, Christian Jacob, Peggy Jacob, Nanny Becket, Betty, Esther and William Drighouse, Isaac Reed, Levi Harmon, Daniel Scisco, and Jacob Thompson free Negroes. It appearing to the Court they are free people, ordered that they be registered.


p.358, 12 June 1794, Motion of Betsey Weeks, Solomon Lewis & Peggy his wife, Thomas Lewis, Dinah Becket, Grace Webb, Catherine Webb, James Weeks, Rachel Weeks, Bridget Drighouse, Amey Stevens, Sarah Stevens, Littleton Stevens, Harry, Southy and Isaac Stevens, Leah Drighouse, Tamar Bingham, Kesiah, Tamar, Sarah, Mary and Betsey Thompson, John Francis, Henry Pool, Kesiah Pool, Samuel Beavans, Moses, Beavans, Mary Wilson, Rebecca and Peggy Becket, Bridget Melvin, Esther Briant, Nanny Collins, Jenny Weeks, Esther Weeks, Aice Morris, Polly Weeks, Jenny Collins, Betty Collins, Sarah Morris, Johnson Drighouse, William and John Weeks, Dilly Drighouse, and Babel Weeks. It appearing to the court that they are free people. Ordered that they be registered.

p.363, 13 June 1794, Tamar Stevens agst. Isaac Reed for slander. Agreed at the defendant's costs.

p.364, Motion of Betty Scisco, Rachel Scisco, Cellar Scisco, Sarah Scisco, Moses Scisco, Nanny Morris, Ben Lewis, Rebecca Collins, Ritter Collins, Dido Tawyer, James Weeks, George Drighouse, Jacob Drighouse, John Collins, Rachel Collins, George Tawyer, Esther Morris, Frank and William Sample free Negroes. It appearing to the Court that they are free people. Ordered that they be registered.

p.367, 14 June 1794, Motion of Bridget Liverpool, Absobeth and William children of the said Bridget, Sally Stevens and William Webb free Negroes and Natives of this County. It appearing to the Court that they are free people, ordered that they be registered.

p.369, July 1794, Overseers of the Poor bind Abraham Becket son of Comfort Becket aged twelve years to Ephraim Stevens.

p.387, 9 September 1794, Indenture Rose Collins to Southy Spady.

p.412, 11 February 1795, Littleton Bingham aged thirteen years be bound to Hillary Stringer.

p.413, John Morris bound to James Floyd to the age of twenty-one.

p.436, Myer Derhaim v. Isaac Stevens, Judgment for 2.13.3 & costs.

Myer Derhaim v. William Stevens, judgment for 2.6.3 & costs.

p.469, 11 June 1795, Elijah Carter v. John Graves.

p.476, 14 July 1795, Christopher & William Satchell Executors of William Satchell, deceased, v. Joshua Becket, judgment for 3.17.4

p.482, 10 August 1795, George L. Fulwell & Victor Fulwell executors of Jno. L. Fulwell, deceased, against Lazarus Morris, acknowledges plaintiff's action for 7 pounds, 6 shillings.

12 August 1795, Solomon Reed & Mary Reed v John Kellum executor of Zerobabel Kellum.

p.490, Elijah Carter (a black man) v. John Graves, Trespass, assault and battery, guilty 3 pounds.

p.490, 13 August 1795, Benjamin Lewis (a black man) v. John Graves, Trespass, assault and battery, not guilty.

p.507, 16 September 1795, Overseers of the Poor of the second district bind John and James Webb, sons of Grace Webb, deceased, to Isaac Webb.