Prince Edward County List of Free Negroes


A List of Free Negroes & Mulattoes in Prince Edward County

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1801 [A List of Free Negroes and Mulattoes in the lower District of Prince Edward County in the year 1801]

Rhody Evans a Mulattoe Woman living with John Grayham, spinning and house business

Betty Ferguson ditto, washing, serving and labour in the Field

Lucy Richardson a Mulattoe Woman living with Curtis Haynes, needlework

Jack Evans a Mulattoe Boy living with his Mother at Jno Grayhams

Dick Ferguson a Mulatto Boy ditto

Betty Ferguson a Mulattoe Girl Living at Jno Grayham's with her Mother

Peter Ferguson a Mulattoe Boy ditto

Hambleton Evans a Mulattoe Girl living with John Grayhams, House business

Rhoda Epperson a Mulattoe Woman living with Abraham B. Venable, any house business

Lewis Flood a Mulattoe Man living with William Flowers, Laborer in the Fields


1801 [List of Free People of Colour, 1801, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

District of Thomas Green (Upper District)

James Smith a male at Holcombe's Old Ordinary, a carpenter

Patty Smith a female Do housework

Daniel Smith a male do a farmer

Samuel Bartlett, a male, do a farmer

Josiah Smith son of James do

Billy Smith son of James do

Macy Bird a female do housework

Rhoda Smith, daughter of James, do, do

Patsey Bartlett, a female, do, housework

Polly Bartlett, a female, do, housework

James Epperson, a male, itinerant, a carpenter

Isham Smith, a male, near Woodson Allen, a blacksmith

Jack Ferguson, a male, near the same, a farmer

Jethro Ferguson, a male, near Elizabeth Hariss's a farmer

Betty Ferguson, Jethro's wife, with him, housework

Sampson Ferguson, Jethro's son, with him, farmer

Peter Ferguson, Do Do

Stephen Ferguson Do Do

Shadrack Ferguson Do Do

Isaac Ferguson Do Do

Polly Ferguson Jethro's daughter, with him, housework

Patty Ferguson Do Do

John Evans, a male, near William Bennett, a farmer

Philip Evans, his Son, with him, Do

Judy Evans, his daughter, with him, housework

Claiborn Evans, his grandson, with him

Charles Evans, a male, near the upper end P.G.C., a farmer



[A list of free people of colour taken in the year 1802 by Thomas Green, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

James Smith, a male at Holcombe's Ordinary a carpenter

Patty Smith a female do housework

Macy Bird a female do do

Patty Bartlett Holcomb's Ordinary, house work

Polly Bartlett do do

Josiah Bartlett a male child, do, house work

Frederick Smith, male, at Jas Thompson's keeping a stud horse

Chs Evans male by Wm Tyrees, a farmer

Phill Evans ditto

Jethro Ferguson male by Elizabeth Harris's farmer

Elizabeth Ferguson female do, house work

Chs do farmer

Peter do

Stephen do

Shadrick do

Jethro do

Isaac do

Polly Ferguson housework

Patty Ferguson do housework

Jas Dunge by Richard Dowdy's farmer

Absalom, John, Beckey housework,

Suckkey Dunge female do

Jas. Epperson a male at Jno Johnson's carpenter

Isham Smith by Woodson Allen's Black Smith



{A List of Free people fo Colour taken in the year 1802 by Jno Nash Commr, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Benjamin Bartlett, Blackman, Thomas Molloy's Estate, Shoemaking

Samuel Bartlett, Black man, Thomas Molloy's Estate, Farming

Davy Bartlett, Blackman, Thos Molloy's Estate, Farming

Rhody Evans, Mulatto, John Grayham's, Spinning &c

Jack Evans, Mulatto, John Grayham's, child

Hambleton Evans, Mulatto, John Grayham's child

Rhoda Epperson, Mulatto, Abrham B. Venables, House business

Francis Fisher, Black, Charles Nash's, Spinning

Betty Ferguson, Mulattoe, John Grayham's, Farming

Peter Ferguson, Mulattoe, John Grayham's, child

Betty Ferguson, Mulattoe, John Grayham's, child

Lewis Flood, Mulattoe, William Flowers, Farmer

Tempy Holms, (blank), Elizabeth Ligons, Spinning &c

Milly, Sally, Mira, David Holms, Mulattoes, Elizabeth Ligons, children of Tempy

Milly Holms, Mulattoe, Martha Waltons, Farmer

Archer Holms, Mulattoe, Martha Waltons, Farmer

Lucy Holms, Mulattoe, Martha Waltons, Farmer

Nathan, Abby, Sukey Holms, Mulattoes, Children of Lucy

Sukey Holms, Mulattoe, Daniel Wades, Farmer

Dick, Stephen Holms, Mulattoes, Daniel Wades, Children of Sukey

Alcy Jennings, Mulattoe, John Grayhams, House business

Gilly Richardson, Mulattoe, John Nash's, Spinning &c

Lucy, Crinna, Temer Richardson, John Nash's, children of Gilly

Anderson Richardson, Mulattoe, Curtis Haynes, Taylor

Aggy Stith, Mulattoe, Charles Nash's, Spinning &c

Frederick Smith, Black, John Purnall, groom to Horse


1803, [List of free Negroes, 1803 July 16th, 1803, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

T. Green

Burrell Bartlett at George King's a farmer

James Dungee do on his own land do

John Dungee do with Jas his father do

Becky Dungee a female do

Polly Dungee do do

James Smith a Male at Holcombe's Old Ordinary, a carpenter

Josiah & William his sons with him

Patty Smith his wife housework

Patsey Artis a female at Jas Smith's housework

Macy Bird do do do

Polly Smith do do

Caty Smith do do

Polley Smith a little girl do do

George Smith a little boy do

Daniel Smith a male at Jas Smith's a boatman

Charles Evans on his own land a farmer

Sarah Evans his wife with him housework

Benjamin Evans their son with them

Phill Evans male at do do

Claiborne Evans do a to do

James Epperson a male at Colo. Woodsons a carpenter

Isham Smith on his own land a blacksmith

Jethro Ferguson a male on his own land a farmer

his sons Sampson, Peter, Stephen, Shad, Simon & Isaac

Betty Smith his wife do housework

Polly & Patty their daughters, housework


1804, List of Free Negroes & Mulattoes

[A List of free negroes in the lower district in Prince Edward County in the year 1804, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA]

Rhody Evans Mulattoe at Jno Grayhams a spinner

Jack Evans do do child

Hambleton Evans do do do

Giley Richardson Mulattoe John Nash's spinner

Lucy Criner Tamer Richardson do John Nash children

Betty Ferguson Mulattoe Jno Grayham's farming

Betty, Peter Pheby Ferguson Mulattoe Jno Grayhams children

Frederick Smith, Black Man, at Sath. Venables, carpenter

John Nash Commissioner



List of free Negroes retd by [Thomas] Green 1804, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Burrell Bartlett, George King's a Tanner

Charles Evans, near Wm Tyre's, farmer

Benjn Evans, do, do

Salley Evans, do, House work

Philip Evans, Charles Evans's, a farmer

James Dungee, near Martha Dowdy, a farmer

Assey his son, do

John his son, do

Beckey his Daughter, House Work

James Epperson, by Colo. T. Woodson's, carpenter

Jethro Ferguson, by Wm Bennett's, farmer

Sampson his son, do

Peter, do, do

Stephen, do, do

Shadrack, do, do

Simon, do, do

Isham, do ,do

Betty his wife, housework

Polly their daughter, do

Patsey, their daughter, do



[List Free People in T Green's District in 1805, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Jethro Ferguson near John Fielder's a farmer

his wife Elizabeth with him housekeeper

Their sons Peter, Jesse, Shadrack, Isaac with him farmers

their daughter Patty with him housekeeper

Charles Ferguson itinerant carpenter

Charles Evans by Wm Tyree farmer

Philip Evans with Charles farmer

James Epperson near Colo. T. Woodson carpenter

Patty his wife with him housekeeper

Jancy their daughter do

Henry Goff with Epperson carpenter

John Moss by James Black shoemaker

his wife do housework

James & Suckey their children with them

Anthy & Jas Jenkins with John Moss shoemakers

Patty Parker & sister with John Moss shoemakers

Patty Bartlett in Farmville no occupation listed

her sister with her do

Samuel Bartlett in do a boatman

David Bartlett in do do

James Dungee by Martha Dowdy a farmer

Assey, John, Becky, Polly his children with him


1805 [List of Free Negroes in John Nash's District in the year 1805, 1805, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

lower district in Prince Edward County in 1805

Rhoda Bartlett Farmville washer & c

Billy, Betty & John Bartlett Children do

Betty Chavers, Farmville washer & c

Becky Chavers, a child Farmville spinner &c

Betsy Ferguson, Court House, spinner &c

Peter, Betsy & Pheby Ferguson children, Courthouse

Alcy Jennings Jno Graham's decd seamstress

Nancy Hambleton Jno Grayham's spinner

Charles Ferguson John Grayham's carpenter

Mary Ferguson John Grayham's spinner

Sally Ferguson a child John Grayhams

Rhoda Ferguson John Grayham's weaver etc

Jack & Henry Ferguson, Children at John Grayham's

Gilley Richardson, John Nash Senr. spinner

Tamer & Cloe Richardson, Children, John Nash Senr.

Lucy & Crina Richardson David Holt's waiters

Rhoda Epperson Abraham B. Venables, seamstress


1806 [List free people in T. Green's District 1806, 1806, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Godfrey Richardson Mulatto at F. Wallthals, shoemaker

James Dunge Mulatto near Mrs. Dowdy's farmer

his sons

Assa, James John, daughter Beck & Polly do do

John Moss Mulatto by Jas Black's shoemaker

Elizabeth Moss his wife do do

their children James & Suckey do do

Anthony Jenkins do with Jno Moss shoemaker

James Jenkins do do

Patsy Parker do do housework

Patsy Moss do do

Jethro Ferguson Mulatto, by Nathl Morton's farmer

Elizabeth his wife do with him

their children Peter Stephen Shadrick Isaac Jesse, Polly

Charles Evans do by Wm Tyres farmer

Philip Evans with him

James Epperson do by Genl Woodson's carpenter

Patty his wife their daughter Fanny do do

Henry Goff do do carpenter


1806, [List of people of Colour 1806 from the office of Jno Booker Comr, 1806, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Lower District, by John Booker:

Gilley Richardson, John Nash's, Spinner &c

Turner & Clary Children of G. Richardson do

Lucy & Crinner Richardson, David Holt's, farmers &c

Betsy Forguson, Court House, Cook & Washer

Besty, Peter, Pherby, Children of B.F. do

Nancy Hambleton, a small girl, John Grayham's, waiter &c

Samuel Bartlett, do, Carpenter

Rhody Forguson with Two Small Children, John Grayham's, spinner

Charles Forguson, John Grayham's carpenter

Isaac Smith, Walthall Holcombe's Carpenter

David Bartlett, on the road near Farmsvill, plantation work &c

Patsey Bartlett & three Children: two girls one boy, do, spins Weaver, &c



1807 [List of Free Negroes 1807 retd by Thomas Green Cmr 1807 African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

John Moss Elizabeth his wife their children James Sucky, Betsy, Lyle, near William Cook shoemaker housework

James Jenkins do, shoemaker

James Dungee near Martha Dowdy, farmer

his children Assey, John, James, Betsey & Polley

Joe Bartlett near Wallthall Holcombe, apprentice with shoe maker Benjamin Short

Richard Ferguson do, do

Susan his wife do housework

Jethro Ferguson near Thomas Shepherd's farmer

his sons Stephen, Shadrick, Jessee & Isaac with him farmer

Elizabeth his wife do housework

their daughter Patsy do do

Charles Evans near William Tyree farmer

Phillip Evans with him farmer

Allen & Benjamin Brothers with him do

James Epperson near Gen. Woodson carpenter

wife Patty with him housework

Their children Fanny & a small child


1807 within the lower District by John Booker

[List of Free Negroes John Booker's District 1807, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Rhody Epperson Abraham B. Venable's house keeper cook etc

David Bartlett on the road near Farmsville farmer

Patsy Bartlett & one small child do spinner etc

Patsy Bartlett Junr. do do

Alcy Jennings at John Grayham's place do, weaver & spinner

Rhody Evans do weaver & spinner

Hambleton Evans do do

Charles Ferguson at Molloy's place sawyer etc.


Patsy Ferguson do spinner& knitter

Lucy & Crinner Richardson on David Holt's & Bound to him


1809 [List of Free People of Colour in the District of Thomas Green, 1809, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

James Epperson on Genl Woodson's land, carpenter

Patty his wife do, house work

Branch & Fanny Epperson their children

Anthony Jenkins on Majr J. Morton's Land, Shoe Maker

John Moss farmer

Lucy his wife househork

their children Jas & Sucky

James Dungee on his own land, farmer

his children Absalom,Jno, Jas, Becky & Polly

Peter Ferguson at Thos Shepherd's farmer

Jethro Ferguson on his own land, do

Elizabeth his wife house work

their children Shadrick & Jethro

Claiborne Evans at Wm Walker's carpenter

Daniel Evans do do

Charles Evans on his own Farm, Farmer

his son Benjn

Phill Evans ditto ditto


1811 [A List of Free Negroes and Free People of Colour with the District of Thomas Green Commnr in Pr. Edwd County the year 1811

Anthony Jenkins shoemaker at Robert Venables

Phill Boman at Robert Venables a boatman

Benjn Short his wife, his appts: Dick Forgason &Josiah Bartlett on Walthall Holcombs land

Jethro Forgus his sons Peter & Jethro on his own land farmer

Philip Evans & Chs Evans on his own land farmer

Claiborne Evans at Jno Sweeney's carpenter

James Dungee on his own land farmer

James Epperson at Genl Woodson's farmer


1817 [A List of Free People of Colour 1817 Thomas Green

Edmond Young Hustee F.C's(?) land Farmer

Betsy Forguson Phebe William Jourdan and Selina

James Dunge & Family his land Farmer

John, James, Beckey Polly

James Fears on Wm Fears's blacksmith

James Moss John Cunningham's, thatcher

Susannah & Elizabeth " H.W.

Polly Brandum & children Randolph & Nancy on Phil White's land

Phill Bowman Wm Albert's(?) farmer

Branch Epperson Wm Bryant farmer

Mariah Epperson Chs Woodson's H.W.


Jethro Ferguson his land farmer

Children, Elizabeth

Patty, Betty, Sally and Peggy

Charles Forguson ditto ditto

Sally his wife (Children Joshua John, Judith, Polly, James

Peter Forguson S. Sweeney's Farmer

Shadrack Forguson Peter Fore's' farmer

Jesse Forguson & Stephen } anywhere carpenters


1818 misnamed [List of Free Negroes 1817, 1818, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA]. list of Thomas Green

Archer Richardson at Jacob Price's farmer

Mary Ann ditto do housework

Betsey Richardson Josiah Rices' housework

Nancy ditto Sarah Watson's housework

William Dunge wife Nancy & son Richard Ro. Land's farmers

James Dunge & Family John James Beckey, Polly & Absalum his land

Absalum Blacksmith

John Moss & Susannah and Elizabeth on John Cunningham's farmer

Branch Epperson Wm A Allen farmer

Mariah Epperson Chas Woodson's h. work


Henry Evans & Phill Bowman at Robert Venables farmers

Patty Epperson John Faris' h. work

Jethro Ferguson &Family on his land farmer

Betty, Sally & Peggy

Charles Ferguson & Sally do

Davidson & Jas & Jack do

Polly, Judy Joshua Fergusons do

George Anderson Joel Summers farmer

Edmond Young on British land, Oyster man

his family: Betsey Forguson, Phebe, Salina and Bill

Nancy Hamilton & her children Eliza, Nancy, Jourdan & Ceily Ferguson. all on British Land, house work

at end of list:

Polly Brandum & her children Ralph, Nancy, Henry farmers

Jethro Forguson about his father's carpenter

Peter Forguson ditto farmer

Shadrack Forguson ditto

Stephen Forguson carpenter anywhere [List Free Negroes


1819: [List of Free People of Colour 1819, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA]. (upper district, by Jno P. Green)

Edmund Young .. Hustee, Thos. Lound, farmer

Betsy Forguson (children) Phebe, Salina, Betty, Jourdan, Jessee & Peggy ditto ditto (farmer

James Smith, S. White's Boatman

wife Betsy & her son Jno Dandrdige, housework

Isaac Smith, S. White's, Boatman

Joe Bartlet & wife Nancy, S. White's, Boatman

her children Henry & Randolph Brandum

Mariah Epperson, Wm Bryant's, farmer

& John

Branch Epperson, Wm Bryant's farmer

Phil Bowman, Ro. Venable's, farmer

George Anderson, Jeh. Simmons', farmer

Jethro Ferguson on Jno C. Owen's land farmer

Betty & Sally

Charles Ferguson & Family on P. Fore's farmer

Sally Davidson, James Forguson, Jack, Polly, Judith & Joshua

Peter Forguson Wm Moon's waggoner

Jesse Forguson P. Fore's farmer

Stephen Forguson Carpenter

Elizabeth Dunges' Family: John, James, Becky, Polly, Absalum her land farming

John Moss, Jno Cunningham's shoe

Susan & Elizabeth " H.W. (house work)

James Jenkins Alexr Legrunds, shoemaker

wife Susan & John Jenkins

Charles Smith, Albert Patterson's


1820: [List of free people of colour within the upper district of Prince Edward County

Edmond Young on British land farming

Betsy Forguson & her children Phebe, Salina, Bill, Jourdan, Jesse, & Peggy

Scissily Forguson ditto farming

Stephen Forguson on Abs. Fear's estate carpentering


Jethro Sr.

...Jethro Forguson J___ ?Betty fs land carpenter

Dick Forguson ___ Wm Jones farming

James Fears & John Dungee Wm Cooks blacksmiths


1821 [List of Free Negroes 1821, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Edmund Young, Hustee & Buchanan, Farming

Betsy Forguson & her children Salina, Billy, Jordan & Jesse, Peggy & Ceily Forguson do, do

Polly Young do

Phebe & Betsy Forguson, R. Venables, House Work

Rhody Evins & her children Elcy & Rhody, Jos. Watson's

Betsy Richardson, Jos. Rice's, House Work

Archer & Maryann Richardson, Jacob Price's, farming &c

Nancy Richardson, Sarah Watson's, House work

John Moss, John M. Cunningham's, shoemaking

Susannah Moss & children Betsy & James do, h. work

Elizabeth Dunge's (Children) Absolum, John, Polly & James, Eliz Dunge's, farming

Stephen Forguson, Ab. Fear's Est., Carpentering

Patty Bartlett & Polly, Betsy, Parthena, Catherine, Rody, on her land

Nancy Smith & Mary &

Jane Bartlett, Farmville, House work

Sam Bartlett & Geo Bartlett, Farmville, Boating

Henry Bartlett & wife do do

Polly Betsy Bartlett & Woodson,

Sam, Ben, Daniel & Eliza do, House work

Davy Bartlett & wife, do, Boatman

Patsy & Nancy chd. Priscilla &

Henry Bartlett do H. work

Isaac Smith, Farmville, Boating

Joe Bartlett & wife, Farmville, Boating

Polly (her children, Nancy Henry

Randolph Brandum & Martha Bartlett do, House work

William Smith do, House work

Peter Forguson, John Boaright's, Carpentering

Charles Forguson & wife, Wm Jones', carpentering

Sally (Ch, Joshua, Jack, Judith, Polly, Jesse, Jim, do, House work

Claiborn Evins & wife, do, carpentering

Jincy & (Ch, Peggy & Allen, do. House work

Daniel & Lucy Smith, Charles Woodson's, farming

Henry Evins, Farmville, shoemaking

Branch Epperson, William Bryant's, Farming

Patty Epperson & son William, John Faris, House work

Mariah Epperson, Wesley Wilkerson's, House work

Jethro Forguson & wife Sally & son Wm, Wm Overton's, farming

James Jenkins & wife, Peter Fore's, shoemaking

Claibourn Humbles, Alexr Paterson's, farming

John Evins, A. P. Miller's, shoemaking

Robert Evins & Drury Evins, do

Patsy Evins & Anthony William Rosey & Ann do, House work

Mariah, Eliza & Polly Evins do, do

Denis Evins, Tho. Haskins, mill-keeping


1822: [List of free negroes 1822, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

List of free people of Colour inhabitants of Prince Edward County

Edmond Young, Hastee & Buchanan's, farming

Betsy Ferguson & her children Salina, Billy, Jourdan, Jesse, Peggy & Ceily Ferguson, do, do

Phebe & Betsy Ferguson, Rd Venables housework

Rhody Evins & her children}, Jos Watson's, do

Eley & Rhody }

Absalum, John & James Dunge, Eliza Dunge's, farming

Polly Dunge & child, do, do

Stephen Forguson (his chdn}, Ab. Fear's land, carpentering

Peter, Joseph & Charles}

John Moss, John M. Cunningham's shoemaking

Susannah Moss & Chd Betsy & James, do, H. work

Nancy Richardson, Sarah Watson's, do

Dick Goff, John Boatwright's, carpenter

Peter Forguson, do, do

Claiborn Evins & wife, Wm Jones, shoe making

Jincy (chdn Peggy, Allen & Hannah, do, H.W.

Charles Forguson & wife Sally, Jas B. Morgan's, carpenter

chdn Joshua, Jack, Judith, Polly, Jesse, Jim & Elizabeth, do

Mariah Epperson, Sarah Wilkerson's, do

Branch Epperson, Wm Bryant's, farming

Betsy Richardson, Jno Rice's h. work

Archer & Mary Ann Richardson, Jacob Price's, farming

Sam & George Bartlett} Nat E. Venables, Boating

Betsy W, Sam Ben, Daniel}

Eliza & Henry Bartlett & wife Polly}

Davy Bartlett & wife Patsy, Farmville, Boating & house work

Nancy, tho. Priciller & Hy Bartlett do do

Isaac Smith do, boating

Patty Epperson & child Billy at Jno Faris', house work

Claibourn Humbles, Alex Pattison's, farming

John Evins, Th. Clay's land, shoemaking

Mariah & Eliza Evins, do, H.W.

Denis Evins, Tho. Haskins, Milling

Patsy Richardson, Bolen Dunavant's, H.wk

Tamer Richardson, Sam Homes, Jno Clark's, shoemaking

Morton Richardson, Mary Geer's, carpentering

Thomas Bowman, Wm. F. Ellington's, ditching

Polly Richardson & Chdn Louisa}, Jesse Johnson's, house work

Beverly, Susan & Matthews }

William Smith & wife Tamer, Sam White's (a free person of color on the list), farming

Jane Evins on Titus Gibb's land, farming

Peter Voluntine & wife Jane, Sam White's, boating &c

Sukey, Priciller & Jane White, do, do

Patty Bartlett (Chdn) Polly}, on her land, House Work

Betsy, Parthena, Catherine & Rhody}

Mary & Jane Bartlett, Francis Smith's, House work


1823 [List of Free negroes 1823, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Stephen Forguson & his children}, Wm Jones' land, Carpentering

Peter, Joe, Charles & Polly }

Absalum, Polly James & John Dunge, Eliza Dunge's, farming

John Moss, John Cunningham, Shoemaking

Susannah Moss & children Betsy & James, house work

Archer & Mary A. Richerson, Jacob Price's, Framing &c

Betsy Ritcherson, Jos. M. Rice's, do

Nancy Richardson, Sarah Watson, House Work

Edmond Young & Family, on British land, Farming

Betsy Forguson, & children: Salina, Billy, Jourdan, Jesse, Peggy, & Ceily Ferguson & Polly Young

Phebe & Betsy Forguson, Rd Venables, H. wk

Rhody Evins & children Elcy & Rhody, Jos. Watson's, H. wk

Mary & Jane Bartlett, Fr. Smith's, farming &c

Patty Bartlett & Betsy, Parthena}, on her land, farming &c

Catherine, Rhody & Ben }

Henry Bartlet wife Polly & child Henry, Patty Bartlett's, farming

Patty Epperson, Billy & James, Wm. Molley's, house work

Mariah Epperson, Chs. W. Wilkerson's, ditto

Charles Forguson & wife Sally} James Wilkerson's, farming

& children Joshua, John, Judy }

Polly, James, Jesse, Betsy }

and Sally }

Jethro, Peter & Betsy Forguson, John Hubbard's, farming

Jesse Forguson & wife Sally & } Stephen Childress', farming

children William & Suky }

Isaac Forguson, do, do

James Fears & wife Becky, Wm Cooks, Forging &c

Mary Dunge do, do, H. wk

Milly Richardson, Gideon Glenn's, H.wk

John Evins, Tho. Mohan's, shoemaking

Mariah Eliza & Polly Evins, do, H.W.

Morton Richardson, Mary Stirs', carpentering

Tamer Richardson & Sam Homes, John Clark's, shoemaking

Denis Evins, Tho. Haskins, milling

Tamer Smith, Sam White's, Farming &c

Peter Voluntine & wife Jane, Ch.}

Suky, Pricilla & Jane White } Sam White's