Ancestors of Free African Americans of Robeson County


Robeson County Time Line

(of most families today considered to be Lumbee Indians)

1640: Robert Sweat had child by a "negro woman servant" in James City County

1654: Michael Gowen, a "negro" servant, was freed in York County.

1660: Jacob Locklear, a Frenchman, completed his indenture in York County.

1667: Emanuel Cumbo, "Negro," granted land in James City County.

1678: Peter Kersey, a "Negroe" lived in Surry County, Virginia.

1690: Thomas Roberts, a "mollotta" servant was indentured in York County.

1690: Elizabeth Hammon was a "mulatto" daughter of a white woman in Accomack County.

1699: Edward Bass, grandson of a white man and an Indian woman, bought land in Norfolk County.

1700: Gabriel Jacobs, a "Negro" slave, was freed in Northampton County, Virginia.

1710 Elizabeth Conner, a white woman, had a "Mulatto" child in York County.

1711: John Demery, a "Negro," was freed in Nansemond County.

1713: John Braveboy, a freed "Negro" slave, was in Chowan County.

1718: Nicholas Manuel, a "negro slave," was freed in Elizabeth City County.

1719: John Oxendine, a "Mallatto," had a child by a white woman in Northumberland County.

1734: James Brooks purchased his father James Brooks, Sr., a "mullattoe" slave in York County.

1730-1740, Moses Newsom, a white man, had mixed-race children in Northampton County, North Carolina.

1749: Samuel Bell was born in Surry County, Virginia; served in the Revolution; lived in Sampson County, North Carolina; moved to Robeson County in 1807.

1754: Thomas Wilkins was indicted in Southampton County for failure to pay the discriminatory tax on free African American and Indian women.

1760s Randall Branch was a "Black" member of the Northampton County, North Carolina militia.

1767: James Lowery was granted land in present-day Robeson County.

1768: Edmund Revell was granted land in pre-day Robeson County.


Colonial Tax Lists

[Byrd, William L., III, Bladen County Tax Lists, 1768-1774, Volume I]. (Robeson was formed from Bladen in 1797).


1768, pp.4-9,

Mulatoes: Isom Skipper, Arthur Lamb, Simon Cox & Adam Ivey, William Wilkins, Rasses(?) Goen, Thomas Cairsey, Junr., Aaron Drake, Ishamel Chevers & wife, [torn] (note: this is John Locklear) & wife & son William & daughters Sarah & Elizabeth, Cannon Cumbo & wife, James Carter & son Isaac, James Lowery & wife: Jas Harpe (Hunt) & William Jones, Cudworth Oxendine, James Clarke & wife, Cooper Clarke & wife, Jas. Doyal & wife & Arthur Evans, John Wilson, Solomon James, Moses Walker & wife, Thomas Russel, Isaac Lamb & son Needham, Daniel Wharton & wife & Son Richard Wharton, Isaac Johnston, Jacob Lockliar & wife, Joshua Perkins & two sons & wife, William Sweat & son Benj., Joseph Ivey, Major Lockliar, Joshua Braveboy & son Lewis, Solomon Johnston Junr. & wife, Thomas Sweat, Gilbert Cox, Peter Cairsey & son David, Richd. Jones & wife, Thomas Cairsey Senr., Moses Skipper.


p.6, Charles Valentine a free Negroe.

p.6, Thomas Britt an Indian, James Stewart, Senr.

p.7, Charles Oxendine refused to give in (his list of taxables) after he put his hand to the Book & is two years a defaultin before. he is mixt Blood.

p.12, Negro Women: Susanna Freeman; Negro Men: Abraham Freeman, Saml. Freeman, Roger Freeman.


1769, pp.14-17

Mulatoes: [torn]tterage Lockliar, Cannon Cumbo, Arthur Lamb, John Sweat, Charles & David [torn], Simon Cox, James Doyal & wife, Peter Cairsey, [torn] mmon (Hammon), Richd. Jones & wife, Solomon James, Senr., John Wilson, Richd Hammons, William Wilkins, John Russel, David Braveboy, Daniel Wharton & wife, Thomas Sweat, Solomon Johnston & wife & Jacob Braveboy, James Lowry & William Jones, Joshua Perkins & wife sons George & Isaac


1770, pp.24-46

Molatoes: Isaac, Jno., Eliza & Hannah Hayes, John Combow, John Johnston & wife, Titus Overton & wife, John Bullard & Gutridge Lockelier, Benja. Lamb, Simon Cox, Gilbert Cox & James Percey, Cannon Cumbo, James Carter Senr. & Junr. & Isaac Carter, Frederick Goan & wife, John Waldon, Adam Ivey, John Phillips, Isaac & Needham Lamb, Arthur Lamb, Wm Wilkins, Charles Oxendine, Elisha Sweeting, Sarah & James Sweet, Daniel Wharton & wife, David Braveboy, Peter Causey & son David, Joseph Clark, Ishmael Cheeves, James Doyel & Wife, Thos. Groom, John Hammons, Richd. Jones & wife, Solomon James, Solomon Johnston & wife, Solomon Johnston Junr. & wife, Major Locklier, James Lowry & Wm Jones, Jacob Lockleer, John Lockleer & wife & son Wm.


p.26, Free Negroes: Moses Walker & wife

p.44-5, White: Benja. Dees, Thomas Ivey, Joseph Ivey.

p.50, Black Males: Allen Dimry.


1773: A List of the Mob Raitously Assembled together in Bladen County, October 13, 1773:

Captain James Ivey, Joseph Ivey, Ephraim Sweat, William Chavous Clark commonly called Boson Chevers, Richd. Groom, Bengeman Dees, Willm Sweat, George Sweat, Willm Groom Senr, Willm Groom Deas, Junr. Gidion Grant, Thos Groom, James Frace(?), Isaac Vaun, Job Stapbleton, Edward Locklear, Tiely Locklear.

Harbourers of the Rogues are follows:

Major Lockelear, Recher Groom, Ester Carsey.

The Above List of Rogus is all free Negors and Mullatus living upon the Kings Land [North Carolina Archives G.A. 73, Box 7].


1790-1810 "other free" heads of families in Robeson County:

Bass, Bell, Branch, Braveboy, Brooks, Carter, Chavis, Conner, Cox, Cumbo, Demery, Dial, Evans, Gowens, Grice, Hammonds, Harding, Hunt, Irvin, Ivey, Jacobs, James, Johnston, Jones, Kersey, Lamb, Locklear, Lowry, Manuel, Newsom, Oxendine, Paul, Ransome, Revell, Roberts, Scott, Stableton, Sweat, Tutor, and Wilkins.