Chapter 7


Nancy HOCKENS (or HALTING) was born about 1795 in South Carolina and married before 1820 _____ BRYANT, who is thought to have died before 1840.

Nancy is the head of a household in Walker Co., Ga., in the 1840 census, in which her name is recorded as Nancy BRYAN. She is listed as white and there was one male slave, age 55-100 in the household. One researcher believes the slave to be Frederick CHAVERS, who was the father of Catharine, one of the children of Nancy.

Nancy is on the 1850 census of Union Co., Ill. (household 360). She and her children were all listed as mulattos, although her sons, Joseph and George W. took a white identity as an adult. Within the family, it was told they were Indian.

Living next to Nancy BRYANT and her family in the 1850 census is the family of Sophia TRAXLER, born about 1790 in North Carolina (household 358). Living with Sophia were Caleb (born about 1832 in North Carolina) and Margaret TRAXLER (born about 1839 in North Carolina). In household 359 were John (born about 1827 in North Carolina, and his newly-wed wife, Mary Ann, born about 1830 in Illinois. The TRAXLERs are all listed as mulattoes and may be related to the BRYANTs. Sophia is listed as Sophia TRUCKSLER in the 1860 census of Clinton Co., Ill.

The record of the third marriage of Catharine, a daughter of Nancy BRYANT, states she was the daughter of Frederick and Nancy HALTING CHAVIS. Catharine's fourth marriage license states she was the daughter of Frederick and Nancy HOCKENS CHAVIOUS. Frederick CHAVIS is probably the same person as Frederick CHAVERS, who was born about 1786 in Georgia and was on the 1860 census of Williamson Co., Ill. (household 540) living with Hannah LITTLEJOHN BRYANT, who is thought to be a daughter-in-law of Nancy BRYANT.

George Washington BRYANT, a son of Nancy, stated in the 1880 census that his father was born in South Carolina. In 1900, he told the census taker that his father was born in France. The French ancestry was the public explanation given by his family for their dark complexions and black eyes. Within the family they whispered of an Indian heritage.

1. _____ BRYANT married about 1839-40, probably in Walker Co., Ga., Hannah LITTLEJOHN, who was born about 1810 in Georgia.

Mrs. Hannah BRYANT married on 23 Dec 1862, in Williamson Co., Ill., John STEWART.

He was also married and on the 1860 census of Williamson Co., Ill., (household 131) John STEWART and his family appear as mulattos. He was born about 1833 in Tennessee and his wife (?), Polly STEWART was born about 1841 in Illinois. His children were: Dilly, born about 1852 in Tennessee; Letha, born in 1854 in Tennessee; Dorthula, born about 1856 in Tennessee; Parthena "Mollie," born about 1859 in Marion, Williamson Co., Ill. (married 29 Mar 1881, in Union Co., Ill., Peyton ROWLAND, who was born about 1858 in Mattamoras, Mexico, or Edenborough, Texas, son of Richard "Dick" and Matilda (JACKSON) ROWLAND. This was his second marriage. He was a shoemaker in Cobden and the marriage license states he was part African and Mexican. Peyton's brother, Matthew ROLAN's marriage license says he was part Indian and African. Peyton was a teamster in Cobden on 14 Feb 1880, in Union Co., Ill., Mrs. Fannie GRANT, who was born about 1850 in Clarksville, Tenn., daughter of Zack and Silva (Hill) Willis. Parthena married 2nd on 8 Jan 1885, Williamson Co., Ill., Sylvander TABURN son of Dawson and Elmira EVANS TABURN). Parthena's marriage licenses list her parents as John and Cis SCOTT STEWART. There is a marriage license for John STEWART and Hannah A. SCOTT in Adams Co., Ill., on 18 Mar 1852, but it is not known if this is the same John STEWART of Johnson Co., Ill..

Also listed last on the 1860 census in the household ofJohn STEWART is Polly STEWART, who was born about 1849 in Tennessee, perhaps a sister of John STEWART.

In 1860, John STEWART lived only a few houses away from Theophilus TURNER, whose daughter, Clementine Guretta married John William BLACKWELL in 1875. Also on the 1860 census of Williamson County (household 1606) is the family of Joel STEWART and Aggy (TABORN) STEWART, who may be related to John, and Sutton OVERTON (household 132), whose daughter, Ferebey, married Irvin F. ALLEN, a son of Johnson ALLEN of Saline County.

On the 1860 mortality schedule of Williamson County was Polly STEWART, who was born about 1800 in Virginia and died in April 1860 of pneumonia. She was listed as a mulatto and perhaps was the mother of John STEWART.

There are several families of free blacks named STEWART living in Wilson Co., Tenn. They are thought to have settled there from Wake Co., N.C., where William STEWART is on the 1790 census with 11 free persons of colour in his household. The TABURNs, another free black family in southern Illinois were also from Wake County.

They are on the 1880 census of Johnson Co., Ill., (household 417). John STEWART was born about 1820 in Tennessee. Living with them were: Lucinda STEWART born about 1862-65 in Williamson Co., Ill., (married on 22 Sep 1885, in Union Co., Ill., George A. ALLISON, who was born about 1866 in Union Co., Ill., the son of Huston and Isabell (CUSTER) ALLISON) , Josephine STEWART born about 1863, Carthena STEWART born about 1860, Lydia Ann STEWART born about 1866, Henry STEWART born about 1867, Charley STEWART born about 1869, and Susan STEWART born about 1872; all born in Illinois. John STEWART was a farmer and the race of his family is reported as white.

Hannah's daughter, Susan's 1901 marriage license gives her mother's maiden name as Ellen LITTLEJOHN.

Hannah may be related to Samuel LITTLEJOHN, perhaps of Cherokee ancestry, who died in Union Co., Ill., in 1834 (Probate Box L-187). His widow was Frances LITTLEJOHN, who is on the 1835 state census and 1840 federal census of Union Co., Ill. (page 74). She was born about 1805 in South Carolina and was living in the household of Harman F. WHITACRE in 1850 (household 367). Listed next on the census (household 368) was Charles LITTLEJOHN, who was born about 1821 in Alabama, probably a son of Frances, who preceded her in death. Mrs. Frances LITTLEJOHN died 8 Sep 1858, in Union County (Probate box L-190). Her heirs were: Nancy (born about 1819 in Alabama) married 19 Mar 1841, Franklin STRAWMATT; Elizabeth married 30 May 1844, Carroll GRAMMER (son of John GRAMMER) and married 2nd 21 Feb 1847, Elijah McGRAW; Charity (born about 1834) married 6 Apr 1855, John L. PRITCHETT; and Lucinda (born about 1841) married 16 Aug 1860, Richard PARRISH.

a. Martin Van Buren BRYANT born about 1841 in Georgia, married on 4 Jul 1867, in Williamson Co., Ill., Mrs. Cynthia Elizabeth "Sinth" (TURNER) WATSON, who was born about 1838, a sister of Theophilus TURNER. Cynthia was previously married on 25 Feb 1857, in Williamson Co., Ill., George W. WATSON.

(1) Minerva J. BRYANT born 1867 in Union County, who married Nov 1885, in Union Co., Ill., John W. McKINNIS, who was born 1859 in Davidson Co., Tenn., son of Thomas and Claricy (OLLER) McKINNIS.

(2) Charles BRYANT born 18 Aug 1872, died 19 Oct 1945, in Chicago, Cook Co., Ill., and was buried in Elmlawn Cemetery in Dupage Co., Ill. He married on 14 Dec 1897, in Union Co., Ill., Margaret Jane BURKLOW.

(a) Emma Edna BRYANT born 4 Sep 1898, in Alto Pass, Union Co., Ill., died 25 Jul 1992, in Melrose Park, Cook Co., Ill., and was buried in Cobden Cemetery. She married 6 Jun 1915, in Cobden, Union Co., Ill., George Washington TREECE.

b. Silas BRYANT, who was born 1845-47, married 2 Aug 1877, in Williamson Co., Ill., Malinda Jane CHAVIS was born about 1860 in Johnson Co., Ill., the daughter of Noel J. CHAVIS (see Chapter 5).

c. Amanda J. BRYANT born about 1847 married Nathan CHAVIS, who was born about 1844 in Illinois, the son of Thomas and Dicey CHAVIS (see Chapter 5).

d. William M. BRYANT born about 1849 in Illinois

e. John A. BRYANT born about 1851 in Illinois

f. Frances I. BRYANT born about 1857 in Illinois

g. Susan BRYANT born in December 1860 in Elvira, Johnson Co., Ill. 1860 in Illinois and married on 6 Jan 1876, in Union Co., Ill., John Nathan F.M. ALLEN was born in1856 in Illinois, son of Nathan and Emily (BASS) ALLEN (see Chapter 1).

h. Although he was not listed on the 1860 census, another son of Hannah is thought to be Edmond BRYANT, who married on 23 Jun 1867, in Williamson Co., Ill., Emaline ALLEN.


2. Susannah Sarah BRYANT, born about 1814-1822 in Georgia, married about 1838 in Georgia, Andrew SCOTT was born about 1813 in Tennessee. Andrew is on the 1840 census in Walker Co., Ga., as the head of a household near Nancy BRYAN, Susannah's mother. Andrew, Susannah, and their daughter, Nancy, are all listed as free persons of color, but living with them was one white male age 20-30. They are on the 1850 census of Williamson Co., Ill., (page 51, household 415/426). Andew SCOTT is also on the 1860 census of Williamson County.

a. Nancy SCOTT born about 1839 in Georgia

b. Polly SCOTT born 1842 in Illinois. Polly may be the same person as Mary SCOTT, who married on 30 Sep 1858, in Williamson Co., Ill., Joseph STEWART.

c. Wiley SCOTT born about 1846 in Illinois, married on 10 Nov 1867, in Williamson Co., Ill., Mrs. Armilda (FITZGERALD) CHAVERS, born about 1842 in Illinois. She was married on 31 Dec 1857, in Williamson Co., Ill., Noel J. CHAVIS, who was born about 1834 in Tennessee, the son of Thomas and Dicey CHAVIS (see Chapter 5).

Wiley and Armilda are on the 1870 census of Williamson Co., Ill., (page 72 # 40) . All are listed as white. On the 1880 census of Williamson Co., Ill., the same family is listed as black (page 279 #173/187).

Armilda is perhaps a daughter of Washington FITZGERRALS, who is on the 1840 census of Monroe Precint, Gallatin Co., Ill., as a free person of color.

(1) Delilah SCOTT born about 1865 in Williamson Co., Ill.

(2) Henry SCOTT born about 1870 in Williamson Co., Ill.

d. James SCOTT born about 1852 in Illinois. He may be the same person as James SCOTT, who married on 24 Aug 1873, in Williamson Co., Ill., Adaline SHOOK.

e. Eliza SCOTT born about 1853 in Illinois married on 25 Aug 1873, in Williamson Co., Ill., Henderson TAYBORN.

f. Sarah SCOTT born about 1858 in Illinois

g. Missouri A. SCOTT born about 1858 in Illinois married on 12 Dec 1878, in Williamson Co., Ill., Francis M. MOSELY. There is also a marriage for Missouri SCOTT in Saline Co., Ill., on 11 Dec 1873, to Burrell ELLIS. It is uncertain if either of both of these marriages are for the daughter of Andrew SCOTT. The children of Missouri ELLIS are listed below.

(1) Melissa ELLIS born about 1875

(2) Hattie ELLIS born about 1878, married Henry SHERMAN

(3) Robert ELLIS born June 1880


3. Joseph BRYANT born about 1829 in Georgia married about 1855, probably in Alexander Co., Ill., Lizzie ESTERS (or ESTES), who was born in Missouri. They are listed in the 1870 census of Clear Creek Township, Alexander Co., Ill. (household 68, page 126). The family is listed as white. Living in the family is Mary WINGATE.

a. Mary J. BRYANT born about 1855 in Jonesboro, Union Co., Ill., married on 17 Mar 1878, in Union Co., Ill., Quint WHITE born about 1855 in Indiana, son of Quint and Mary (CRAYTON) WHITE.

b. Hyrum BRYANT born about 1857

c. Celia Ann BRYANT born about 1858 in Clear Creek, Alexander Co., Ill., married on 27 Jan 1878, in Union Co., Ill., Levi KEITH born about 1854 in Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., son of Nathaniel KEITH. They are in the 1880 census of Alexander Co., Ill. (household 142) in Township 14 (page 28). Living with them were Stephen and Clarinda BRYANT, Celia's brother and sister.

(1) Alonzo KEITH born in March 1880

d. William BRYANT born about 1861

e. M.J. BRYANT born about 1863

f. Stephen BRYANT born about 1866

g. Clarinda BRYANT born about 1871


4. Mary Ann BRYANT, born about 1832-34 in Georgia. Clementine stated in 1910 that her mother, Mary Ann BRYANT TURNER was born in Indian Territory. By this she must have meant that her mother was born in that part of Georgia that was Cherokee Territory before the Trail of Tears in 1838-39. Mary Ann could have been of Cherokee ancestory.

Mary Ann married on 15 May 1853, in Union Co., Ill., by William N. HAMBY, a Methodist Episcopal minister of the gospel, Theophilus TURNER.

Theophilus TURNER was the son of Susan TURNER, who was born about 1803 in South Carolina, according to the 1850 census of Williamson Co., Ill. (household 883). She moved to Illinois from Tennessee about 1839. Her known children were: Theophilus "Ofles" born about 1832, Mary born about 1836, Cynthia born about 1838 (married Martin V. B. BRYANT, son of Hannah BRYANT), Amanda born about 1840 and Elizabeth born about 1844. The family was listed as white on the 1850 census.

Off and Mary Ann lived in Union County for a short time and Theophilus TURNER was a purchaser at the estate sale of John GRAMMER Jr. in 1853. They are on the 1860 census of Williamson Co., Ill. (household 127). Theophilus was born about 1835 in Tennessee. Next to them is Susan TURNER (household 128), who was born about 1807 in North Carolina, the mother of Theophilus. Living with her were her daughters, Mary TURNER and Elizabeth TURNER. They were all listed white on the 1860 census of Williamson County.

Theophilus TURNER moved his family to White Co., Ill., and appears on the 1880 census there (household 224).

a. George W. TURNER born in 1852-55 in Illinois married married on 27 Mar 1873, in Saline Co., Ill., Mrs. Susan Christina "Sueky" (MITCHELL) ALLEN, who was born about 1850 in Illinois. She was first first married to Asberry "Berry" ALLEN, who was born about 1822 in Tennessee on 21 Apr 1862, in Saline Co., Ill. Asberry died 28 Nov 1869, in Saline Co., Ill. He is buried in Lake View Cemetery in Saline County. Zachariah TABORN was appointed administrator of Asberry's estate and made $1,200 bond with John ALLEN and Sueky ALLEN as securities (Box 5-32). George and Christina are on the 1880 census of White Co., Ill. (household 453). Lazarus ALLEN, born about 1873, and Penny ALLEN, born about 1864, stepchildren of George TURNER, and James MITCHELL, born about 1863, a nephew of Christina, was living with them.

Christina died 2 Aug 1881, in White Co., Ill.

b. Clementine Geretta Claire TURNER was born 4 Aug1857, in Williamson Co., Ill., died 7 Sep 1945, and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery. Since she was only 16 when she married, her father, "Off" TURNER gave his consent. She married on 1 Apr 1875, in Williamson Co., Ill., John William BLACKWELLwho was born about 1820 in Rutherford Co., Tenn.

BLACKWELL was earlier married on 5 Mar 1846, to Sarah "Sallie" ALLEN, the daughter of Arthur and Patience (HAWLEY) ALLEN (see Chapter 1).

Clementine married on 31 Dec 1880, in White Co., Ill., her stepson, George W. BLACKWELL, who was born in March 1857 in Illinois. They lived in White Co., Ill., in 1880 and 1887. G.W. BLACKWELL was taxed $2.17 for personal property in township 12 south, range 1 east, worth $95. The tax collected wrote in the margin that he was "insolvent" and couldn't pay his taxes.

On 24 May 1883, George W. and Clementine BLACKWELL sold to William J. JINNETT for $250 their interest in the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter and the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 23, township 12 south, range 1 east, 80 acres (Book 39 pages 33-34).

George, Clementine and children are on the 1900 census of Independence Township, Saline Co., Ill. (household 166). George was a farmer and owned his own farm. Clementine stated that she was the mother of seven children, of whom six were living.

George W. BLACKWELL died 12 Feb 1940, in Carrier Mills, Saline Co., Ill. Clemiten BLAKWELL died 7 Sep 1945, in Carrier Mills, Saline Co., Ill.

(1) Stephen Andrew BLACKWELL was born 18 Feb 1878, in Mt. Pleasant, Union Co., Ill. (Birth Register 1 page 9), and lived in White County in 1887. Stephen's birth record states that he was his mother's second child. He was living in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., Ill., when he married there on 28 Sep 1901, Alice SHAW, of Murphysboro. She was born about 1881 in White Co., Ill., the daughter of Cyrus and Penny ALLEN SHAW. Witnesses to the ceremony were Mary DORSEY and Robert BLACKWELL. Stephen was living in Carmi when he sold his interest in the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 23, township 12 south, range 1 east, on 3 Mar 1898, to W.J. JENNETT of Mt. Pleasant for $50 (Book 46 page 403). He was single and living with his mother and brother in Saline Co., Ill., in 1910. His occupation was recorded as coal miner.

(2) William Thomas BLACKWELL was born in May 1880 in Illinois. He died before 1887, as he was not one of the heirs of his brother, John W. BLACKWELL Jr.'s estate.

(3) Robert BLACKWELL was born in January 1879 in Illinois. Robert's age was taken from the 1900 census, however, it is probably wrong. On his marriage license he stated he was born about 1876 and was the son of William B. and Tenn (TURNER) BLACKWELL. His mother was married to John W. BLACKWELL until his death in June 1880. She did not marry George W. BLACKWELL until December 1880.

Robert married on 25 Feb 1904, in Saline Co., Ill., Nellie ELLIOTT, who was born about 1883 in Eldorado, Ill., the daughter of S.T. and _____ (RUSSELL) ELLIOTT.

(4) Albert BLACKWELL was born in December 1882 in Illinois. He was a coal miner and was living with his parents in 1910.

(5) Claud BLACKWELL was born in January 1887 in Illinois. He was a coal miner and was living with his parents in 1910.

(6) John William BLACKWELL was born in February 1890 in Illinois. He was a coal miner and was living with his parents in 1910.

(7) Altha Joane BLACKWELL was born in April 1893 in Illinois.

(8) Loumeta BLACKWELL was born in June 1894.

c. Martha A. TURNER born about 1859 in Williamson Co., Ill.

d. Amanda Jane "Mandy" TURNER born 23 Nov 1862 (or 24 May 1861), died 22 Apr 1937, in White Co., Ill., and married on 19 Mar 1882, in White Co., Ill., Alonzo SHAW, who was born about 1860, the son of Cornelius and Sarah SHAW SHAW. Alonzo's brother, Cyrus SHAW married Penny ALLEN in White County in 1880. Mandy married 2nd on 17 May 1888, in White Co., Ill., Albert Lafayette "Lafe" CHAVOUS, who was born in June 1861, son of John and Patience (ALLEN) CHAVIS (see Chapter 1).

(1) Iola SHAW was born in August 1883 in Illinois married on 30 Apr 1910, in White County, Marion ELLIOTT, who was born about 1888, the son of Arnold and Fannie STEWART ELLIOTT. Iola is on the 1920 census with her mother as Ola SHAW. Arnold ELLIOTT was the son of Aaron ELLIOTT, who married on 8 Dec 1830, in Gallatin Co., Ill., Polly PRATER. Aaron died in Saline County and Peter ELLIOTT was appointed administrator of Aaron's estate in 1853 in Saline Co., Ill. (Box 6-9).

(2) Harry W. CHAVOUS was born in May 1895 in Illinois.

(3) Clarence CHAVOUS was born about 1902 in Illinois.

e. William N. TURNER born about 1867

f. Mary TURNER born about 1871, married 2 Jan 1890, in White Co., Ill., Joseph H. STEWART of Indiana, born about 1864, the son of H. and D.A. HUSTON STEWART.


5. Lewis BRYANT born about 1834 in Georgia


6. Celia Emeline BRYANT born about 1835 in Georgia married 8 Apr 1852, in Union Co., Ill., Daniel KNIGHT, who was born about 1827 in Kentucky.

a. John KNIGHT born about 1863

b. Mary KNIGHT born about 1859 married on 14 Aug 1876, in Union Co., Ill., David KNIGHT. Mary's father gave his consent.

c. William S. KNIGHT born about 1859 in Jackson Co., Ill., married on 27 Feb 1883, in Union Co., Ill., Mrs. Mary SESSIONS, born in Union Co., Ill., Daniel and Nancy (HAIRE) CARAKER.

d. Margaret KNIGHT born about 1863


7. Catharine BRYANT (or CHAVIS) born about 1839-42 in Georgia. She married on 9 Jan 1855, in Williamson Co., Ill., Green A. WILSON. Her name was recorded as Catharine CHAVIS on the marriage license. She married on 30 Dec 1875, in Saline Co., Ill., Zachariah TABORN, who was born about 1811 in North Carolina. They were both residents of Douglas Precinct when they married.

Zachariah TABORN died 16 Nov 1881, in Saline Co., Ill. (Estate Box 62-6 and 67-31). In addition to his widow, Catharine, and his daughter, Maglitha, his other heirs and children named were Edmond TABORN, Camielle TABORN and Lethia Ann TABORN. Solomon TABORN, born about 1854 in Illinois, is on the 1880 census with Zachariah and was also a son, but must have died before Zachariah, as he is not listed as an heir (household 129). Zachariah is buried in Lake View Cemetery and his grave marker reads, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, and I kept the faith."

After Zachariah died, Catharine married on 31 Jan 1884, in Saline Co., Ill., Joseph ROUSE, who was born about 1832 in Tennessee, the son of James and Mary HILL ROUSE. This is perhaps the same Joseph ROUSE who was married on 6 Nov1875, to Susan BLACKWELL, but she divorced him in 1880 in Saline Co., Ill., stating he had committed adultery with Eliza LEE and driven her from their home and made her seek shelter with her parents.

Catharine married 4th on 13 Jan 1889, in Saline Co., Ill., at McCaleb TABORN's house, George W. LEE, who was born about 1835 in Kentucky, the son of James and Leona ANDERSON LEE.

a. Jennie WILSON, born about 1866. There is a marriage for Jennie B. WILSON on 8 Mar 1883, in Saline Co., Ill., to Joseph H. BLACKWELL, but the license states Jennie's parents as George and Susan WILSON.

b. Daniel WILSON, born about 1868. This may be the same person as Daniel WILSON, who married on 23 Dec 1898, in Saline Co., Ill., Evaline SCOTT.

c. Ann WILSON, born about 1873. This may be the same person as Annie WILSON, who married on 21 Sep 1898, in Saline Co., Ill., Robert ALLEN.

d. Maglitha "Letha" TABORN, who was born 21 Aug 1872, married 18 Apr 1893, in Saline Co., Ill., William A. CHAVIS was born in June 1856 in Union Co., Ill., son of John and Patience (ARTIS) CHAVIS (see Chapter 1). Maglitha stated her parents were Zachariah and Catharine (CHAVOUS) TABORN on the marriage license. However, she was born three years before they married. She may actually be the daughter of an earlier wife of Zachariah, although Catharine was the only mother she knew.


8. George Washington BRYANT born 8 Sep 1840, in Walker Co., Ga., died 15 Sep 1908, in Stoddard Co., Ill., married on 1 Jun 1865, in Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., Nancy Elizabeth JAMES, who died 26 Jan 1871, at Clear Creek Landing, Alexander Co., Ill. He married on 30 Apr 1871, in Alexander Co., Ill., Rebecca Elizabeth VANWINKLE, who was born 26 Mar 1852, in Warrick Co., Ind., died 3 Feb 1916, the daughter of Simeon and Berlinda (HINTON) VANWINKLE.

He enlisted in Co. A, 15th Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War. He was 5'5", with black hair and black eyes, and a dark complexion. He later received a pension.

Information on this family was provided by Doug POWERS.

a. Ella BRYANT born 21 Aug 1867

b. Mary Ann BRYANT born 1 Feb 1872, died 16 Apr 1947, married on 5 Sep 1895, in Aquilla, Stoddard Co., Mo., George Washington PATTERSON born 28 Nov 1867

c. George Washington BRYANT born 27 Nov 1875

d. Emma Berlinda BRYANT born 29 Aug 1877, married on 1 Aug 1898, in Stoddard Co., Mo., W.R. HIGHFILL.

e. Henry Levi N. BRYANT born 12 Oct 1879

f. John C. BRYANT born 9 Sep 1881, near Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Mo., died 10 Mar 1959, near Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Mo.

g. William Marion BRYANT born 27 Nov 1883, near Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Mo., died 30 Mar 1968, in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., Mo., married after 1906 Ora CHESNEY. He married 2nd Nettie Lorinda WELCH, who was born 15 Oct 1886, in Marble Hill, Bollinger Co., Mo., died 3 Nov 1966, in Sikeston, Scott Co., Mo., daughter of Josiah Bartlett and Lorinda Josephine (ROBERTS) WELCH.

(1) Wilma Gladys BRYANT born 17 Nov 1906, in Bloomfield, Mo., died 21 Jan 1990, in Cape Girardeau, Mo., married on 24 Sep 1924, in Parma, Mo., True Victor POWERS, who was born 24 Jul 1905, in Parma, Mo., died 27 Jan 1997, in Cape Girardeau, Mo., son of John Washington and Nebraska (STRATTON) POWERS. Wilma was described as 4'9", with jet-black hair even well into her 80s, very dark complexion and black eyes.

(a) Lenora POWERS born 21 Mar 1926

(b) True Victor POWERS Jr. born 12 Jun 1927

(c) Margie Lou POWERS born 11 Dec 1928

(d) Marion John POWERS born 24 Jan1930

(e) Doris Jeanette POWERS born 26 Jun 1932

(f) James Charles POWERS born 8 Apr 1934

(g) Dwight POWERS born 21 May 1937

(h) Doyle Edwin POWERS born 24 May 1938

(i) David Dalton POWERS born 1 Apr 1941

(j) Chester Douglas POWERS born 25 Dec 1942, in Swinton, Mo., married on 10 Aug 1962, near Swinton, Mo., Patsy Imogene SWALLOWS, born 10 Mar 1942, in Puxico, Mo., daughter of William Anderson and Ines Irene (PATTERSON) SWALLOWS.

aa. William Douglas "Doug" POWERS.

bb. Larry Scott POWERS.

cc. Patrick Lee POWERS.

(k) Roger Lee POWERS born 23 Apr 1946

h. Cora BRYANT born 4 Dec 1885

i. Ara E. BRYANT born 15 Nov 1887, near Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Mo., died 18 May 1888, near Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., Mo.

j. Dora BRYANT born 11 Mar 1889

k. Harrison BRYANT born 23 Jun 1892

l. James C. BRYANT born 22 Dec 1894