The early free black settlers in southern Illinois came here looking for opportunity. Many of them found it. Life on the frontier encouraged people to cooperate and work together, despite feelings about racial differences. This attitude worked to the advantage of free African Americans. Slavery ended in Illinois by 1845 and everywhere in the Union after the Civil War. Even at the beginning of the twentieth century, when all men were free, thowever, hey were not treated equally, as evidenced by the following newspaper article in the 28 Sep 1906 issue of The Jonesboro Gazette.

Fred PEACHER and Garfield EASLEY boarded the 9:19 train at Cobden Wednesday and came to Anna then went to Jonesboro, where the latter procured his marriage license. They then returned to Anna and as they proceeded to the depot, met some of the boys and tried to show them the platform was not big enough for all. This of course, aroused the ire of the boys and they at once gave the colored fellows orders to "vamoos." These orders they resented. PEACHER commenced the fight with John KIRKPATRICK, who, by the way, is said to be the leader, got him down and gave him a sound thrashing. When Charley HILEMAN, the depot baggage man, saw KIRKPATRICK getting the worst, he intervened and gave the nigger several blows. EASLEY had been an onlooker until this time, but drew his gun as if to shoot HILEMAN. John BROOKS one of the bystanders saw him and started after him. He ran up the railroad track a short distance, turned and fired his revolver. The effect was instantaneous and BROOKS stopped. The negro was captured a short distance from town and both of them were arrested, PEACHER on charge of assault and battery. His bond was fixed at $40 and was filled by someone from Cobden. EASLEY was charged with assault and battery and carrying concealed weapons and his bond fixed at $80. At the jail he denied shooting at BROOKS and said he had nothing to shoot with. One thing he seemed to regret was that it was to be his wedding night, but instead he must be in jail. The trial was fixed for Saturday.

Fred B. PEACHER married Lillie B. SYLER, who was born about 1891 in Sweetwater, Tenn., and their first-born child, Rosalind B. PEACHER was born 18 Sep 1912, in Cobden, where Fred was working as a mill hand.

Reflecting on the treatment of free African Americans in southern Illinois before and after the Civil War, one might conclude that it was a poor choice for settlement. Yet, at the time, there were no places in America where African Americans could be completely free from racism and discrimination. In fact, in most places in the South and North, laws and social prejudices forbade equal treatment until after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and1960s. As they did everywhere in the United States, free African Americans in southern Illinois confronted these prejudices. Several free African American families, such as the nine mentioned in this study, bought and cleared land for farms, operated grist mills, paid taxes, raised families, established churches and schools and in many other ways contributed to the settlement and taming of the Illinois frontier.



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