Slaves named in Wills: Halifax County, North Carolina, 1758-1854; King George County, Virginia, 1721-1804


Slaves Named in Wills

Halifax County, North Carolina, 1758-1854

King George County, Virginia, 1721-1804


Halifax County Will Book Volume 1, 1758-1774

p.1, I George my son John Huling one Negro fellow named Jerry and a Negro boy named Dick...Daughter Elizabeth Huling one Negro fellow named Frank(? writing faded) and a negro woman named Agge & her child Ben...1759.


pp.9-10, Benjamin Sherrod...son Benjamin a tract of land in Northampton County...his choice of all my negroes that is to say one negroe and one iron pot, one bed three cows and calves and five head of sheep...son Richard land in Johnston or Dobbs County containing 100 acres and all the stock of cattle living there on and their future increase, one negroe his choice, one bed, one iron pot, five head of sheep...all the rest of my personal estate of what kind or nature to be rent by my executors for the use of my wife Patience and support of my children...5 June 1759. (signing). June Court 1760.


pp. 17-18, Martha Davis 20 November 1760...I give to my cozin Nathan Whithead 5 shillings... cozin Lewis Lewis...iron tools, cart and wheels, cart horse. To my cozin Sarah Whithead living with me my Negro Woman Rose, my looking glass, one smoothing iron... September Court 1760.


pp. 28-9, I Joshua Williams...give to my Eldest son Thomas Williams Five negroes that is to say Abraham, Isaac, Jenney, Betty & Judith with their Distill, one horse called Derick, a sorel mare colt, one bed & furniture also three sows & twelve shoats also 200 acres also one gun.

To my daughter Temperance two negroes named Peter & Nanny, one mare called Jenney and a woman saddle, eight head of cattle, one bed & furniture, one trunk.

To my daughter Sarah, two negroes named Cezar & Amey, one horse called Prince & four pounds five shillings to buy her a saddle, eight head of cattle, a black walnut chest.

To my son Elisha Williams the plantation where I now live with all the land...four negroes named Nan, Jacob, James & tom, one mare & colt, a young horse named Parrot, one bed and furniture, one horse called Blase.

To my daughter Martha one negro called Hager.

To my loving wife one negro named London during her life of widowhood, also one bed and furniture, seven cows & calves and a three year old stear, one gray mare called Jenney & a horse called Diment, two dishes, four plates, two basons and one desk.

To Celea Dickens one negro called Cezar which she is to be possest of when she arrives to the age of twenty one years...but she dieing before she comes of age the negro to fall to my son Elisha Williams...the negro to be hired out and the money converted to the said girl... Joshua Williams. Proved October 1761 court, Sarah Williams widow


p.31, Barnaby McKinny, Jnr, parish of Edgecombe lend to my Beloved wife Ann during her natural life a negro woman called Moll and three negro children to wit Chesser, Gibb and Juno and after my wife's decease I will that my wife's son Isaac Ricks have the afsd negro named Gibb to negro Woman Moll afsd to my sister Patience McKinnie...the negro called Juno afsd to my wife's daughter Mary Ricks...the negro called Chesser afsd to my sister Martha McKinnie...(other bequests of cattle etc.) 15 March 1761.Barna McKinnie (signed)


p.32, James Vaulks...lend to my wife Mary the land whereon I now live During her Widowhood together with the negros and stock household stuff...provided she shall take care to raise & maintain my children. I give to my son Daniel the land where on I now live and three negroes to wit Will and Nan and Sall after my wife's decease or negro man and my negro woman named Cate and her increase may be equally divided among my daughters after my wife's decease. My land in Virginia to be sold at publick sale. 10 January 1761. James Vaulx (signed)


p.33, William Dugliss gives tracts of 275 acres, 375 acres, 50 acres, 200 acres, and his plantation and tract of land to several persons, divides his estate between his brothers and sisters but does not name any slaves. William x Dugliss. June court 1761.


p.41, I Robert my well beloved Mother Barbery Ronard one negro woman slave known by the name of Frank during her Widowhood and if she should Marry or decease the said slave to return to my brother James Ronard...I likewise lend to my Mother Barbery Ronard two negro Boy slaves one Samson and the other Jack during her Widowhood and if she should Marry or Decease then the two Boys Samson and Jacob (sic) to return to my brother William Ronard...10 February 1757. Robert Ronard (signed). September court 1761.


p. 43, I Henry Haws...I give and bequeath to Henry Haws Tucker and all my negros in General with my land and plantation and all my stock Hogs, Cattle and Horses and that his Mother Sarah Tucker have the Labour of the said negros and the use of the plantation and stock to help her raise her children as long as she lives a single life...Anne Tucker 25 pounds...Dianah Tucker 25 pounds...Mary Tucker 25 pounds. 10 March 1761. Henry (H) Haws. September Court 1761.


p.44, I Benjamin Merrit of Edgecombe County...I lend to my Loving Mother Mary Merrit my Negro Man Dick and also my Moveable Estate to be Possessed by her and used at her Decretion...after her Deceas to be Equally divided Between my two Brothers Nathaniel and Ephraim and my two sisters Sarah and Mary...9 July 1755. Benjamin (B) Merrit. September Court 1761.


pp.45-6, I James Jackson, Senr., ...lend to my daughter Lucy one Negro Girl Named Sue During her Natural live and the afsd Negro Girl shall be raised upon my Estate till such time as my afsd Daughter shall think fit to take her to her self and after her decese the afsd Negro and her increase should be Equally Divided amongst her children...Lend to my Dear Wife Ann Jackson all the remainder of my estate Real and personal...if my wife Ann Marries or my daughter Elizabeth Jackson a Negro Boy Named my son Richard Jackson a Negro Boy namd Davie. 9 February 1761. James (J) Jackson. September Court 1761.


p.47, I Barnaby McKinnie of Edgecombe land and plantation to my nephew William Coupland...and all my Negro slaves, Segar and Sarah two Negro slaves excepted and undisposed be sold to pay debts. 9 November 1761. Barnaby (his mark) McKinnie. December Court 1761.


p.49, I William Andrews...son Henry Andrews...twenty shillings...daughter Jean Bryant twenty shillings...daughter Amey Bailey twenty shillings...son William Hill Andrews twenty shillings...son Abrm Andrews twenty shillings....son Isam Andrews twenty shillings...son Micajah Andrews 240 walnut Desk, one feather Bed and furniture...six cows and calves, one Bay Horse called Pompey...daughter Sarah Andrews four cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture, Black Mare which is commonly called her Mare, two ewes and lambs one black Walnut Chest and twenty shillings. To my loving Wife Catherine Andrews the use of my plantation and all my stock of Horses, Cattle Hoggs sheep & household furniture that is not given in Legacies and one Negro Man named Charles during her Natural life...20 October 1761. William Andrews (signed). December Court 1761.


p.50, John Waller...lend to my loving wife Ann Waller during her natural life three Negroes as follows Charles, Pocorvan Jack, and Lucy & after her decease then Charles to return to my son Hardress other two...after my wife's decease they & their increase to be equally divided between all my children...I give to my Loving Wife & her Heirs for Ever as followeth Sam, Pheby, Ned & Linder & their increase for ever...(further disposal of household goods and instruction on raising his children) Negro Man Goliah or Long as is called that is now hired to my Brother Robert Waller in Norfolk Town shall be kept in his possession if he chuses to keep him until his Wages pays him what I'm in debted to him & if he refuses to keep him then my son Hardress to take him in possession and hire him out until he raises the Money & that to be added to my estate for the Children. Then I give him to my son Hardress...20 January 1762. John Waller (signed).March Court 1762.


p.54-5, I John my Loving Wife Keziah Corlen the use of my several dwelling houses which are now on the plantation...son Philip Corlen a piece of land on the south side of Quanque Creek...and also give him my Negro Mann called Billey over and above what I have already given to him...son William Corlen the land I now live upon on the north side of Quankey Creek...bed & furniture, four head of Black Cattle, 27 head of Hoggs, one iron Pott & two pewter basons, one half of my crop of corn & tobacco & also together with my Negro Mann Call'd my daughter Elizabeth Jackson...other lower half of my land on Quankey Creek...also my Negro Man Called Paul over & above what I have already given her. All the rest of my goods and chattels not already mentioned to be sold in order to pay my debts...Surplus to be divided between my children. 27 October 1761. John Corlen (signed). March Court 1762.


p.57, I Drew Smith...lend to my Loving wife Elizabeth Smith five Negroes (to wit) one Fellow Named Dick another Named Mingo, another named Jacob, one Wench Nam'd Rose, another Namd'd Hannah, during her life & then they and their increase to be equally divided among my four my Daughter Millea the land whereon Nathan Marley now Negro Girl Nam'd my Daughter A__ the plantation where on Francis Besthel Haynes now lives...also I give to my daughter Ann one Negro Girl Named Olive...22 February 1762. Drew Smith (signed). March Court 1762.

p.62-3, 26 February 1759, Thomas Matthis Senr. my Grandson Charles Matthis one hundred acres of land...Beloved son Thomas my Fellow Named Peter & my part of the Water son Thomas Matthis my Negro fellow Named Cork. James (J) Matthis. March Court 1762.


p.64, I Thomas my Son Amos Pope the plantation where on I now live and all the land belonging to it & the Still...the residue of my estate to be sold to the highest Bidder for six months credit that is my Negro fellow & every thing else within. 7 March 1762. Thomas Pope (signed). March Court 1762.


p.70, 3 January 1762, I James Smith...lend to my Loving Wife Francis Smith during her life or Widowhood the land I now live on two Negroes Ceasar and Pris, two White Mares, to wit, Benny and Jenny, half the Black Cattle, Hoggs and sheep, two feather beds & furniture, one Brandy Still, Worm & Tub, two Iron Potts one Bras Kettle, one half the pewter, the new gun, one large pine chest, six chairs, two axes, four hoes, six knives & forks, one frying pan, one Butter Pot, one case of Negro Girl called Aggy, one Black Walnut Table all the spinning wheels & cards, one cart and John Smith son of James Smith one Negro woman called Rachel, one gun...and the bed whereon I now lie with a silk Mary Norwood wife of Samuel Norwood one Negro girl called James Killingsworth son of William Killingsworth a Negro called Pris after the death or marriage of my wife...unto Sarah Spann wife of John Spann one Negro man named James Smith son of John Smith after the decease or marriage of my said Wife Frances, my Negro Man called Ceasar and the great Looking glass...James (J) Smith. June Court 1762.


p.72, William Taylor (gives over a thousand acres of land to children) son Thomas Teackle Taylor the following Negroes (to wit) Ceasar, Cudgo, Nan & her child named Boatswain & a Negro Boy Named son Joshua Taylor one Negro Boy Named Jacob...son John Taylor one Negro Boy Named Jeffrey...Daughter Elizabeth Negro girl Named Patt & her increase and one Negro Boy named George...Daughter Ester Taylor one Negro Girl Named Lid and her increase...Daughter Catherine Negro child named Diner and her increase...Daughter Mary Taylor 25 pounds sterling...Lend the rest of my Negroes...25 March 1762. William Taylor (signed). June Court 1762.


p.75-6, I James son James Lovell five Negroes, to wit, Will, Murron, Ralph, Nan and Cato. to my son William Lovell two Negroes Philip and Nathaniel and all the rest of my slaves I give to my four youngest children Elizabeth Lovell, Jane Lovell, Malachi Lovell and Ann Lovell all the rest of my slaves and not to be Divided only as they Marry. 16 November 1761. James Lovell (signed). June Court 1762.


p.83, I Barnabas Lane...lend to my Dear and wife During her Natural life the plantation whereon I now live with all the land...also lend the Labour of my Negro Wench Rachell to my Loving Wife During her life and also the Labour of my Negro fellow Mingo until my son Martin Lane shall come to full age and then the said Negro fellow and all the Increase of the Negro wench aforesd to be equally divided amongst all my children. 30 May 1762. Barnabas Lane (signed). September Court 1762.


p.85, I Winefred my Loving Brother Jesse Pope my Negro Girl Vilate and my Negro man Peter & one small chest...17 February 1762. Winefred (her mark) Pope. September Court 1762.


p.90, I Samuel Gaines...(gives plantations and cattle to his children)...Leave my Negro Woman Sue to Labour for my three children...8 January 1763. (signing) January Court 1763.


p.92, I Jordan Thomas...(gives use of plantation to wife Ann Thomas and other plantations to sons) my son John one Negro Boy & one Negrra girl when he shall attain to age of twenty one to each of my daughters that is to say Nanney, Mary & Susanah each of them a Negro girl such as my wife shall think Negro man Mingo & Negro Woman Patt be at their Liberty to chuse either my wife or which of the children they think fitt for their master or mistress & the children to accept them as so much toward their part of their estate. 23 June 1762. (signing). January Court 1763.


p.98, 21 June 1763, I James son William Bynam one feather bed & my Grandson John Bynam son of William Bynam one Negro man Named Daughter Agnes Whitney five son Nicholas Bynam one feather bed and grandson James Bynam son of Nicholas Bynam one Negro wench Named Daughter Mary Dill wife of Philip Dill one Negro man named samul...James (his mark) Bynum. April Court 1763.


p.101-2, I Joseph executors sell 400 acres in Cumberland County in Virginia...Daughter Sarah Butler one Negro Woman named Easter with her Increase...Daughter Jude one Negrra Girl named Easter and her increase...Daughter Annice(?) Butler one Negrra Girl named Amey with her increase...Daughter Mary Ann Butler one Negrra Girl named Jenny with her increase...Daughter Elcie Butler one Negrra Girl named Milley with her increase...Daughter Susanna Butler two Negrra boys Daniel & James...son Samuel Butler one Negrra man Named Harry...son Joseph Butler one Negrra man named Jack ...son Stephen Butler one Negrra boy named Loving Wife Dolathy Butler during her life...all my Negrras to which is not already Given and all my stock of all kinds...30 October 1760 (signing). April Court 1763.


p.119, I Mary m two sisters Ann and Marget Lattimore My Negro girl Grace and her increase to be equally divided between them. My other Negro Girl sue and her increase I give to my friend Jeane Crooker. (her mark) 3 July 1763. January Court 1764.


p.121, I James my loving son William Martin one Negroe Girl known by the name of Nanny...Loving Daughter Susannah the now wife of John Goodloe one gold ring of the price of twenty my loving son James Martin one Negroe girl known by the name of Winney...Daughter Mary Martin one Negroe Girl known by the name of Violet...son Henry Layne Martin one Negroe Girl known by the name of Judy...loveing son Patrick Martin one Negroe Girl known by the name of Rose...loving Daughter Lucy Martin one Negroe girl known by the name of case any of the Negroes Bequeathed as above mentioned should happen to die before the time of the Division of my Estate then my Meaning is that such son or Daughter to have another Negroe out of My estate of the value of the one Deceased. My Negro Man Toby to be hired out till the Division of my Estate for the support and education of my children. My tract of land in Culpeper to be my loveing wife Mary Martin the use of my Dwelling house and lott...and one Negroe Girl named Lilly...loveing son James Martin one Negroe Boy Called Hamp shire...Remainder of my Estate to be sold...1 October 1763. Jas Martin (signed). January Court 1764.


pp.125-6, Henry my son Peter my Negroe man Tom...two cows and one feather Bed and furniture and my Bay horse Colt and my smooth Hand Daughter Suckey the land and plantation whereon I now live Negroe wench my son Henry my plantation on south side of Mush Island Negroe Boy Dick...two cows and my rifled feather bed and furniture...8 May 1763. (signed). January Court 1764.


p.129, 15 March 1764. Robert Williamson...unto my Son George Williamson my Negro Boy Brutus and three pounds my Daughter Frances Williamson two Negroes, Hannah and Judah...lend to my Daughter Susannah Hackett my Negro Girl called Lucy...after Susannah's decease to my Granddaughter Elizabeth Hacket...and if the said Negro girl should have issue...her second child should descend to my grandson Thomas my Son John Williamson my Negro fellow called Willm and a Negro man called Frank and a Negro Girl called Sillah...(signed). June Court 1764.


p.131, I Jane Williams...My Negro woman Bandy be sold at public sale and I give the money that shall arise to my son William Williams. 4 September 1761. (signed). July Court 1764.


p.136, I George Goodwin...lend to my loving Wife Martha Goodwin one third part of my plantation also one Negroe Man Jack & 80 my dutiful son Josiah Goodwin all my tract of land with two Negroes namely Robert & hired out for the schooling & Maintenance of my my dutiful Daughter Molly two Negroes namely Freeman & Hagar also twenty pounds...7 March 1764. (signed). April Court 1764.


p.144, I Henery my loving wife Tabitha Pope one Negroe named Joe and all my household furniture, all my livestock and all my debts due to my oldest son Burrel Pope one plantation...209 acres & also one negroe Girl named younger sons Willis, John, Henry Austin and Wiley Pope all ye rest of my lands & negroes not bequeathed before. 2 January 1764. (signed). April Court 1764


p.146, 16 August 1764, I Thomas my loving wife Sarah Kearney three Negros that is Sharper, Didchers & Fennll as also ten cows, six sows, two of the old Work Horses & half of all my household furniture...loving Son Edmund Kearney four Negroe Fellows nam'd Scipio, Cato, Pompey & Lowil(?) which he has now in his possession and also two Negroe Girls nam'd Sarina & son Philip Kearney six Negroes Viz Jack Brutus Kingall(?), Trusa(?), Cyrus & Anakil that is now in his possession as also all the Negroes that is at the home plantation that is not already bequeathed, all my stock of cattle and hogs...(signed). April Court 1764.


pp. 153-4, I Thomas Davis...(bequeaths thousands of acres of land) my Nephew Dioclecian Davis son of Lewis Davis one Negroe Girl named Tolar her increase...Daughter Sally Davis one Negroe nam'd Pink and her increase...the use of four Negroes to Wit Dick & David, Rose and Clary to my loving wife during her natural life also the use of the increase of the said Negroes...all the rest of my personal estate not before disposed of may be kept together and...profits applied to support of my loving wife and maintenance of my children. 16 September 1764 (his mark). January Court 1765.


p.156-7, October 15, 1764, I Thomas my son James Mathis my Negroe fellow my son Isaac Mathis my plantation...Benjamin Mathis 150 acres...loving wife three Negroes Cook, Rachel and hannah during her son Isaac I give Dinah and Daniel after my wife's son Benjamin I give Nell and David after my wife's decease...(his mark). April Court 1765.


p.158, 26 January 1765. I Jennings my beloved son William Hackney all and singular my lands, messuages and tennements also five Negroes known by the names as followeth: Viz. George, Cato, Lucy and Jude and all my stock of cattle Hoggs & also my household furniture. (signing). April Court 1765.


p.159-60, Robert my Beloved wife Tabitha Hill the use of three Negroes to wit Sambo, Sarah and Bess...I also lend her six cows and calves and all the household goods...two my son William Hill a Negroe girl called my son Green Hill a Negroe called Simon that he is now possessed my son Sion Hill the plantation ...also two Negroes one called Toney the other called son Abner Hill a Negroe called Peter and a girl called Daughter Tabetha Chapman a Negro fellow called Jammy that she is now possessed with...Daughter Agnes Arrington a negroe called Jack that she is now possessed with...Daughter Ann Steel a Negro girl called Tuggy...Daughter Mary Bryant a negro girl called Daffeny that she is now possess'd with and also I give her a negroe wench called Jenny...Daughter Milbry my plantation...two Negroes one Named Hannah the other named Barbey and all the cattle I have given her. 18 June 1762. signed. April Court 1766.


p.162-3, I William Whitehead...son Lewis Whitehead one cow and calf I also give to my daughter Sarah Mariott one cow and will is that all my stock of what kind soever be sold. I give all my Negroes, my Still and all the rest of my estate to be equally divided Between my wife Abby Whitehead and my children...executors to sell estate and divide. 24 January 1765. (his mark). April Court 1765.


p.166, I Joshua son Christopher Tatum plantation containing 150 negro Girl named Tamar and one Negro girl named Abigail...son James Tatum 230 acres...400 acres...likewise one Negro boy Taby(?) and one Negro boy son Joshua Tatum three Negroes Vizt. one Negro woman named Kate one negro girl named Pegg one negro boy nam'd Jack...Daughter Elizabeth Tatum one Negro Girl nam'd Patt one Negro girl Jenny likewise one bed and my loving Wife Amey Tatum two Negro men Jimmy and Dick likewise all the rest of my estate both real and personal...12 April 1765. (signed). July Court 1765.


p.168-9, 10 February 1765, John Heath...(bequeaths land, horses to sons) my Daughter Mary Heath my Negroe Boy Named Jack...a feather bed and Daughter Elizabeth Cureton My Negro Boy named my Daughter Sarah Heath my Negro woman Cloey and her increase...sons James Heath and Moses Heath my Negro woman Pat and her increase to be equally divided among my said two my wife Elizabeth Heath my Negro woman (sic) Joe...and use of my Negro woman Hannah and her increase. (his mark). October Court 1765.


p.171-2, Joshua Tatum...son Christopher Tatum plantation...150 Negro garl named Tamar & one Negro garl named Abigal...son Joshua Tatum three Negroes Vizt. negro woman named Kate, one Negro garl named Pegg, & 1 negro Boy named Jack...Daughter Elizabeth Tatum one Negro garl nam'd Patt, one Negro garl named Jenney, & one bed & furniture...loving wife Amey Tatum...two Negro men namly James & Dick...12 April 1765. July Court 1766.


p.174-5, I Henry Andrews...unto my loving Wife the plantation whereon I now live & all the negroes, stock of cattle, Horses, hoggs & sheep & also my household furniture. 9 April 1762. October Court 1765.


p.179-80, 18 May 1765, Francis Williams...unto my loving Wife Sarah one Negro man Called York & her riding saddle...son Charles Williams 200 acres...all other goods and chattels to be equally divided. (signed). July Court 1766.


p.182, I George my loving wife Ann Smith during her life one Negroe man named Joe and one Negroe Boy named Ben, one Bed Bedstead and furniture, one bed chest...unto my Daughter Rachal Smith one Negro woman named Pegg and her increase...son George Smith one Negroe man named Joe and one Negroe Boy named Ben after my wife's decease. 4 May 1766. July Court 1766.


p.185, I William my son Benjamin Foreman Parker plantation and 200 acres of land...75 acres...60 acres...200 acres and three Negroes and three work Horses and four cows and calves and fifty head of Hoggs...28 March 1765. (signed). July Court 1766.


pp.196-7, I William my son George the first child my Negro girl Lett has to be delivered to him when the child is one year of my son John the second child that the said Lett has to be delivered to him when the child is one year of my son James the third child the Negroe Lette has to be delivered to him when the child comes to one year of my son William the forth child that the said Lette brings to be delivered to him when it comes to one year of Daughter Ann after the above said four Negroe children is Delivered the said Negroe Lette and all her other increase she has after she has paid the four Negro my son George my Negro man brister after the death of my wife. 2 August 1762. (signed). July Court 1766.


pp.200-1, I Henry my son Jacob my negroe man Butcher and my negroe girl my son Samuel my negroe Girl Dafney and one feather bed and my son Negroe Boy my son Bentin my negroe Boy my son Joseph my negro girl Esther and feather bed and my daughter Fanny my negro girl Nell and her future increase...and also give her son(?) my son Ambrose my negroes Sam and old Judy and young Judy and Cate (provided he give 18 pounds to my grandchildren) my son Henry my negroe woman Called Lett and my Still and one feather bed and furniture. 15 September 1765. July Court 1766.


p.206, I John Moreland...(land to sons and daughter Jane)...Daughter Mary my Negro fellow named Dick...remainder of estate equally divided. 28 October 176_ 4? (his mark). July Court 1766.


p.208-10, 20 June 1765, I Elias son Jesse Fort my negro man Peter and other things to the value of fifteen son Micajah Fort the plantation where on I now live and my negro man Tom and all the rest of my estate that is not here in before mentioned or given in legacies...(his mark). July Court 1766.


pp.221-2, I Rhoderick Easley...lend unto my dearly Beloved wife Elizabeth Easley the use of five Negroes Named Sambo, Peter, Jack, Bess and Nan dureing her my son James Easley a tract of land 430 negro Man named Buck one negroe Woman named Briget, one Black Mare Called Patty Spanio(?), ten head of Black Cattle one feather bed and furniture and five pounds Virginia money and after my wife's death one Negroe Man named my son Daniel Weldon Easley the plantation I now live on, one Negroe man named Joe, one negroe girl named Frank, one bay mare called Suckey harrison, ten head of Black Cattle, one feather bed and furniture and five pounds Virginia money...after my wife's death one negro man named son Samuel Easley one Negroe Man named Sampson, two Negroe Boys named Sam and Jubo, one negroe girl named Bett, ten head Black cattle, one feather bed and furniture and five pounds Virginia son Rhoderick Easley one negroe Woman named Moll one Negroe girl named Tamer, two negroe Boys named Dick and Robin, ten head of Black Cattle, one feather bed and furniture and five pounds Virginia son Benjamin Easley one Negroe girl named Nanney, thirty five pounds current money of Virginia, ten head of Black Cattle, one feather bed and furniture...13 June 1766. (signed). May Court 1768.


p.225, 27 July 1767, I Isaac Mathis...(land to sons) my son Robert Matthis a Negro Girl Patt and a Negro Boy my son Peter Mathis one negro Girl named son Samuel Matthis one negro girl name my beloved Wife Mary Matthis dureing her natural life one Negro Wench named Cube and her increase...the said Negro Wench Cube after the death of my wife to be equally divided between nine of my children...(signed). August Court 1768.


p.227, I Joshua Nelms...I give to my loving wife Sarah the land and plantation on which I now live and all my other estate rail & personal excepting only of two negroes to Wit, James & Jude and the land I own in Bute County...two negroes I give to the child my wife now is with child of. 14 August 1768. Joshua Nelms, Junr. (signing). November court 1768.


p.232, I George my Brother Josiah Grudip the plantaion wheron I now live with 250 acres...all my stock consisting of cattle, Hoggs, Horses, and geess. I also give to him five negroes Namely Jack, Bett, Joe, Ishmael and Fereby...21 March 1764. (signed). July Court 1764.


p.249, I Joshua Nelms...I lend to my Beloved Wife Sarah Nelms the plantation and tenements where on I now live during her natural live and at her decease to my son Parismus Nelms...and I lend to my Beloved wife Sarah Nelms all my perishable estate and negros to enjoy without any interruption during her natural life and after her death I leave all my Negroes and perishable estate to be equally divided between Jeremiah Nelms, William Nelms and Parismus Nelms and Milly Nelms. 20 August 1769. (signed). November Court 1769.


p.250-2, I Blake Baker...negros may be sold on credit...176_. (signed). November Court 1769.


pp.256-7, I Thomas my Loving Wife Sarah Davis twelve Negroes as follows Lisbuon and her four children, Lesof(?), Mingo(?), Cary & Harry and Jewno, Cudger, Hogfilding(?), Mingo, Bobb, Harry and little Daniel also three feather beds and furniture...ten cows and calves, ten sows and sixty pigs, one hundred barrels of corn and 1500 wt of good pork one horse called Pace on sadle and bridle one young roane Horse, pewter, china, (etc.). 20 November 1769. (signed). February Court 1770.


p.259-60, 1 June 1769, I Thomas Staton...(land to his children) of my land shall be sold and my Right of the Negroes that is in Penselvania Likewise my right of land that is in Maryland...equally divided among my children. (his mark). February Court 1770.


p.262, I John Negro peter be sold with all my crop of corn or so much as my loving wife pay my just debts...3 September 1769. (signed) May Court 1770.


p.264-6, I Walter my son Hard Pitts 320 acres and one Negro called Bobb & one Ballfaced mare that he has in his possession and one feather bed and furniture and two cows and calves, my Whip saw, carpenters and copes tools & ten pounds...son Mark Pitts 400 acres of land and two Negroes the one named Sam and the other named Philis and one feather bed and Furniture and one Blaze faced mare that is called his & two cows and calves and ten son Lewis Pitts 309 acres of Negro called Tom and twenty pounds and also ten pounds to be paid in gold...son Henry Pitts the remaining part of the land I have given my son Lewis Pitts, two negroes one called Peter and the other son John Pitts one Negro called Ben and my daughter Tamer Pitts two Negroes called Lidd and one called old Lidd and my sorel pacing mare and one side sadle and Bridle and ten pounds, one feather bed, two cows and calves... Daughter Silvia Pitts two Negroes the one called Aggy and the other call'd Mol(?) and one Black horse and one side sadle and Bridle and one feather Bed & furniture and two cows and calves and ten pounds...Daughter Celia Pitts two negroes the one called Titus and the other Deannee and ten pounds...Daughter Patience Pitts one negroe called Barbary and also ten pounds...the child that my wife goes with now one negroe called Beck and also ten pounds...lend to my Beloved wife Martha Pitts the manor plantation and my negroes Amey and Jenney and Jack and Nan and also lend her my Negros Sip and Badlam...10 February 1770. (his mark). May Court 1770.


p.268, I Joshua my Beloved wife Patience Joyner during her natural live my manor plantation with one hundred acres land also my negro girl Jude, my Horses, cattle & Hoggs likewise my plantation my Beloved Daughter Mary Joyner my Negro girl Jude with her increase...after decease of my wife all the rest of my estate to be divided amongst my children. 27 February 1768. (his mark). May Court 1770.


p.269, I Nathan Jasper...(bequests to sons) my son Joshua Joyner one negro girl named Beloved wife Ann Joyner the one half of the manor plantation During her Natural life as also the use of all my Negroes, Horses, cattle, Hoggs, sheep and plantation tools...23 February 1770. (his mark). May Court 1770.


pp.271-2, I Solomon Powell...unto my Beloved Wife Rebacker Powell one Negroe fellow named Dick one Bay mare, one fether Bed and furniture and likewise one half of the stock of cattel and hoggs...19 April 1767. (signed). August Court 1770.


pp.273-4, I John Joyner...after wife's decease plantation to my Beloved son Henry Joyner...four negroes Vizt. Tudy(?), Jack, Willis, & Lucy likewise a feather Bed and furniture my Riding saddle and my beloved Daughter Martha Joyner five Negroes Vizt. Rachel, Duches, Anssy, Vilit & Cmmbrig also a feather Bed & my loving wife Martha Joyner three Negroes Vizt Nancy, Padan, & Hagar to her forever and likewise one Negroe Vizt Ramoth...18 February 1768. (signed). August Court 1770.


p.276, I John Taylor...unto my Loving Wife Ann Taylor two Negroes Hannah and Charles...Likewise all my Personal Estate...2 September 1769. (signed). August Court 1770.


p.277, I Solomon Williams...unto my son Charles Williams the plantation whereon I now live with all the land and two Negroes named Dick and Jude likewise a horse name my son Elisha Williams a certain tract of land containing 486 acres...two Negroes named Jim and Adam and one Mare called my Daughter Lydia Williams two negroes Ben & my Daughter Menia one negroe named negroe Wench Cate shall be sold & the money to go towards paying just demands...lend to my Daughter Lynea Barrow one negroe Girl Venus...15 August 1770. (signed). November Court 1770.


p.282, I William my well beloved wife Sarah Purkins my negrow fellow Joe & one feather Bed and Furniture...also my negrow fellow benjamin dureing her widowhood if she can pay my just debts and if not I desire the said fellow Benjamin may be sold...5 August 1766. (his sign). February Court 1771.


p.284, I Thomas Steel...unto my Daughter Elizabeth Steel ten Negrow slaves Vizt Phill, Juner, Nann, Hannah, Will, Poll, George, Jacob, Limus, & Penny and their Future feather bed & furniture, one Horse Cal'd Ball & a executors do sell as much of my other estate not mentioned above Vizt my Crop, stock, Household furniture & also negrow Bob, Rose, Patt, Lisbon, Davy, Ben, Aggy, Jean and pay my just debts. 10 October 1770. (signed). February Court 1771.


pp.291-2, I Michael Wallace, Senior, my Negroe wench Dinah may remain and Continue as she is till my youngest children come to age and the to be sold by the Executors to the hiest Bidder six months credit and the money she sells for to be Divided amongst all my children...1 March 1771. (his mark). November Court 1771.


p.294, 9 October 1771, I Hening my Grand Daughter Pegg Reddick my Land in Nancimond...also one Negroe girl Named Edey and one Dozen silver table spoons...(signed). November Court 1771.


p.296, I William Negroe fellow Sip shall be sold for ready of my estate real and personal to be sold and twelve Months Credit Given for the payment...(his mark). November Court 1771.


p.299, 26 November 1768, I John Mary my Dearly Beloved wife the plantation whereon I now live...lend my Negroe Girl Named Winnie and her my friend Micajah Mayo the plantation whereon I now live and the first Girl Child that my Negroe Girl Vinor bears after my wife's decease...I give Vinor my Negrow girl and the rest of her increase to Julin Mayo my Doctor. (signed). November Court 1771.


pp.301-2, I Thomas son James Green one Negroe Girl slave named Agey & one Negroe Boy slave named bob Negroe Wench Kisisah should be sold at the Discretion of my Executors to discharge my just debts. 4 December 1771. (signed). February Court 1772.


pp.309-11, 11 January 1769, I William son John Cox my Negroe Boy James and son Presley Cox one Negroe Moll and my Negroe Boy Negroe wench the death of my loving be sold and the money so arising to be equally divided amongst my three Children...(his mark). May Court 1772.


p.317, I William Harris...lend to my Daughter Prudence Pope who is now living in Virginia my Negroe Girl slave named Jeney during her Natural life and after her death she & her increase to be equally divided amongst the rest of my children...5 January 1772 (his mark). May Court 1772.


p.320-1, I William Pope...lend to my Loving wife Martha Pope the plantation where on I now live together with two Negroes namly Jack and Bed and furniture, one Desk, one Walnut table, one large son John Pope the plantation and tract of land I now live on...also two Negroes Jack and Edy...reserving their use to his Mother during her son William Pope 370 acres and one Negroe boy Named beter...son Benjamin Pope plantation and tract of land...and two Negroes Namely Ned and Mille and one feather Bed and furniture...unto my Daughter Ann Pope two negroes Namely Jude and Grace, one feather bed and furniture and fifty pounds...residue of estate to be sold...8 March 1772. (signed). August Court 1772.


p.322, I Hezekiah my son Joseph Spears a Negroe boy Adam when he shall arrive to the age of twenty one...unto my Loving Wife the use of my Neggo Girl Hannah and if in Case she breeds the use During her life & then the said Negroe Wench and her Increase to be equally divided between my two children...17 September 1770. (signed). August Court 1772.


p.324, I John Smith...unto my son John Miles Smith one Negroe Girl Named Rose also one Buckanear Gun...Daughter Betsey Smith one Negroe Girl named Jewd(?)...if each Childs part shall amount to more than the Value of Each Negroe Given to my two youngest children at the time it shall be divided that they shall have an Equal part...24 November 1771. August Court 1772.


p.325, I Ann my Daughter Sarah Blunt my Negro fellow Robin and my household Goods and all the rest of my Estate...17 March 1764. (her mark). November 1772.


p.327, I William my son Joel Walker one hors cald Dove and two Negroes Named Qursh and my son William Walker three Negroes Named Lucy, Ned and Frank and the plantation whereon I now live and Still and my Desk likewise one Negroe Gall named Dafney and fore horses Named Prince, Sorrel, old Sorel Mare and one horse cald daughter Siceley Walker two Negroes Galls named Morear and benor and one young Rone mare Cald my daughter Winnefred Walker ore negroes named Dick Pat and Isaac and Sarah and one Sorel my Grandson William Hackney one Negroe wench named Len...3 July 1772. (his mark). November Court 1772.


p.330, I Lydia Williams...lend my mother Elizabeth Williams one negroe boy named my sister Lucy Williams one Chest... one Negroe Girl Venus to be sold to the highest bidder & what money is left of the sail of the said Negroe after my just debts are paid I give to my sister Jemima Williams. 17 October 1772. (her mark). February Court 1773.


pp.331-2, I Thomas my son Richard Heath one Negroe boy named Negroe fellow named Minick one feather bed and furniture...two cows and calves...Daughter Ann Heath one Negroe Girl named Lidia...also one Negroe Girl named Fanne...also one feather Bed and furniture...Daughter Mary one Negroe Boy named Will and one Negroe Girl named Beck...also one feather bed and furniture one my son Adam Heath one Negroe boy named Ned also my plantation...and one Still and one Black Horse also one Sorel rifel gun, bed and furniture...and one Negroe fellow named Jack...and one Negroe boy named Negroe Wench called Old hannah and one Negroe Wench called Hannah...13 June 1772. (his mark). February Court 1773.


pp.334-5, I Tobias my Loving Wife one Negroe Fellow Nam'd Simon and one Negroe Wench Named Dinah and one Negroe Wench Named Nan...third part of my household furniture, my black riding mare and side saddle, one Sorel Horse, 5 Daughter Mary Whitehead one Negroe Wench Nam'd Beck and her Daughter Elizabeth Whitehead one Negroe fellow named Sam and one Negroe Girl Fereby and her increase...Daughter Sarah Whitehead one Negroe Boy named Bray and one girl named Jude and her Daughter Penelope Whitehead one negroe fellow named Jack and one Wench named Lucy and her Daughter Ann Whitehead one Negroe Boy nam'd Jim and one negroe girl named Molley and her my Daughter Catherine Whitehead one negroe Wench named Linder and one negroe girl nam'd Linder and her increase...17 June 1773. (signed). May Court 1774.


pp.343-4, I John Mary my Dearly Beloved Wife the land and plantation I now live on and the Mill& one Negroe wench named Peg also my stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs and household my son negro fellow named Buster...unto my Daughter Sarah Mills one Negroe Wench during her life and her name is Tamer and I give the first live child she Brings to my Grand daughter Elizabeth Fenell and the Wench and her increase I give to Sarah Mills Daughter Mary Doyel one Negroe Boy named my Daughter Ann Clake one Negroe Girl Named my Daughter Susanna Elmore one Negroe girl named Selve during her life and then I give her and her increase to her my Daughter Frances Ellis one Negroe girl named Suck, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and my Daughter Jane Ellis one Negroe Wench Named Pegg, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and my son John Ellis one Negroe boy named George and 250 acres...21 January 1772. (signed). May Court 1774.


p.345-8, I John my well Beloved Wife Dinah Hardy nine Negroes, Vizt Joe, Pink, Peg, Lucy, Sarah Alice, Dick, Jim and Haustn with their future increase...(horses, cows, sheep, etc.) my Grand half of all my household and kitchen furniture, on half my horses, Cattle, Hogs and Sheep and all the rest of my Negroes which I have not Given to my said Wife...1 August 1771. (signed). Codicil: 27 July 1772...Benjamin Greebs my Brother in Law...shall have the Negroe Woman Called Patience during the natural life of said Greebs and his wife and at their decease...the said Negroe woman and her increase if any be sold at a Publick Vendue and the money divided. (signed). May Court 1774.


p.356, I Lewis Robertson...14 December 1772...(money to children) my loving Wife...the plantation and the Labour of my Negroes and the use of all things thereon...22 November 1773. (his sign). May Court 1774.


p.359-60, I Jacob Williams...son John Williams 120 pounds, one Negroe Boy Named Lewis & one Negroe Girl named Cloe, land in the County of Southampton in Daughter Sarah Williams one Negroe Woman Named Hanah and 40 Negroe man Mingo to be sold after my wife's decease and the money given to my Daughter Sarah my wife one Dark Bay Horse known by the name of the Bricklayer, two Cows and calves, Piggs, and one Negroe man named Mingo one Negroe Wench named Hanah...(signed). May Court 1774.


p.361, I John Dearly Beloved Wife Sarah Ivey one Negroe Called Nick, one Sorel Mare and saddle and bridle, three cows and calves, one heifer and two stears, two beds and furniture...(land to children)...7 April 1773. (his mark). May Court 1774.


p.366, I Wilson Williams...after the Death of my Beloved Wife Anne Williams I give to Mary Hill my Negroe Boy Ben and my Best Bed and furniture and one weaving of estate equally divided..16 September 1771. August Court 1774.


pp.369-70, 25 November 1773. I Joseph Negroe Wench Beck may be sold if she ever gets Well...(his mark). August Court 1774.


p.371, I Richard Freear...unto my Daughter Margaret Haynes one Negroe Girl Called Lydda and a Bay my Beloved wife Winnifred all the residue of my estate...executors may sell and dispose of what part of my estate they may choose...4 October 1774. (signed). November Court 1774. (22 November 1774 inventory names slaves Joseph, Jinney, Liddy, Sarah and Tom).


Halifax County Will Book Volume 2, 1775-1779

[The writing in this volume is very badly faded].

pp.1-2, ...Unto my daughter Susannah Mathews one negro fellow named Pompey, one negro wench named Sall & one negro girl Sarh...son Richard Mathews one negro fellow Ceasar and one wench named Joan...grand daughter Delilah Mathews one negro girl named Patt...2 November 1773. signed James Mathews. February Court 1775.

p.4, I Frederick Knight...when my son John comes to age he may have my negro boy Ned...4 September 1774. February Court 1775.


to be continued

Halifax County Will Book Volume 3, 1781-1824


p.1, I Joseph Daughter Martha Whitehead at the age of eighteen a Negroe Wench named Beck likewise to my Daughter Elizabeth Whitehead and the child my wife now goes with a negro girl and her increase and the negro girl Avey...when the boys John & Tobias come of age that my whole living shall be equally divided between them and my wife Phereby...7 February 1781. (his mark). November Court 1781.


p.3, I James Leslie...wife Mary Leslie the Negroes Colerain, Halifax, Liverpool, James, Sucky, Julias & Clarinda, furniture, plantation in Northampton, Horses, Colts, Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, grain and plantation tools...23 September 1781...(signed). November Court 1781.


pp.5-6, I Richd wife Sarah Merritt all my estate until my children come of age...son Ephraim Merritt all my piney woods land also two negroes Kate & Sam, one featherbed & furniture..daughter Mary Merritt one Negro woman named Jude and if not recovered it is my will that she have the worth of her...Daughter Amy Merritt one negro woman named Easter...Daughter Sarah Merritt one negro boy named Robert if not recovered it is my Desire that she should have the worth of him...Daughter Uradice Merritt one negro boy named Jack & if not recovered it is my desire that she have the worth of him...Daughter Anne Merritt one negro boy Peter & if not recovered...the worth of him. Also one negro girl to be bought (about five years old) with money out of my estate to be delivered to her at the age of eighteen...loving wife Sarah Merritt one negro girl named Jane to do as she thinks proper to her...after my wife's widowhood all the rest of my estate that is not given away is to be sold and the money equally divided...26 March 1781. (his mark). November Court 1781.


pp.6-8, 16 March 1780, I James son James Allin a tract of land in the County Prince George & state of Virginia...also 266 in the County of Halifax...son William Allin 230 acres...son Taylor Allin...tract of land...son John Allin all the land where I now live containing 300 acres...Daughter Mary Allin 201 acres...residue of my estate be sold part of the money to be laid in purchasing four negroes equal in value to negroman by the name Watt which belongs to my son James Allin and the said Negroes to be equally Divided among my four children. (signed). August Court 1781.


p.8, I William soon as my son Charles shall arrive to the age of twenty one or married my land shall be sold and my negroes and their increase and all rest of my estate and the money divided between my wife and all my children...31 August 1774. (signed). August Court 1781.


pp.10-15, I Joseph John my son John Fishing in Chatham County...all the negro slaves which I have heretofore possessed him with as also one other negro man named Luvey and one other negro man named Joseph which is now in my possession...unto my son Philip Alston all the negro slaves which I allotted for him being in his possession...I have already given my Daughter Patty Merony the several negroe slaves which I allotted for her son William Alston all the negroe slaves which are now in his possession excepting the following negroes Hanah, Hagar, Silva, Nancy, Pris, Boatswain, Musery, Rose, Rachel & Sam which I lend until his children shall arrive to lawful age, then I give the then negroes and their increase to be equally divided between my son William negroe fork Ban and his wife Pris...son Willis Alston all the negroes slaves which I have already possessed him with as also three other negroe men called Simon & Pocoson Bex(?) as also Frank...grandson Jos John Alston one negro boy named Jim son to melato Pegg & one negro girl named Jude daughter of Penny...all the slaves which I allotted for my son Henry I have already possesest him with and the same I do give him as also negroes Hester, Peters Daughter, Jacob, a melatto boy young Boccorall, Dyner & increase Subiner & Davy...I have already given my Daughter Mary Palmer the Negroe slaves which I allotted her...unto daughter Uphan Wilson Cooper the use of the following negroes during her natural life: Sall, Toby, Will, Roger, Anne, Salls children, Creas, Beck, nann, Adam, Crease's Children Nan & Will, Cate's Children Charles & Edie, Peggs Children Jubiter & Abraham, old Joe's negroe woman Lucey the cook wench shall enjoy her liberty after my decease in the same manner as a free born person for and dureing the space of thirty five years to commence immediately after my decease, she the sd Lucy yielding and paying to my executors the annual sum of one shilling and after the term of thirty five years the executors to sell the sd Lucy and the money arising given to my son Jos my son Jos John Alston all the remainder of my Negroe slaves and all my estate both real and personal which is not heretofore bequeathed by me...5 January 1780. (signed) August Court 1781.


p.15, I Mary Read...unto my son in law James Read Four Cows and Four Calves or yearlings, one large Bible also one wheat Riddle & sifter...unto John Windom one Negro man named Mingo, one Feather Bed & Furniture & one chest...unto Amy Harrison one negro woman named Pegg, one Feather Bed & Furniture, one Chest, Three Cows & Calves or yearlings...Beloved Daughter Lydia Barker on e Negro boy named Fed & one Horse...13 March 1778. (signed). August Court 1781.


pp.16-17, I Francis Davis of Halifax Town...Daughter Ann Davis my negro boy Essix...Daughter Frances Davis my negro boy Phil...Daughter Sarah Davis my negro boy Sam...Daughter Mary Davis my negro girl Clarissa...Daughter Rebecca Davis my negro wench Hannah and her future increase...9 October 1780 (his mark). August Court 1781.


p.18, I John Young...unto son Thomas Young the plantation whereon he now negro man named Ben, one negro woman named Jude...Daughter Elizabeth House one negro woman named Lucy one negro boy Allen...Daughter Sarah Land negro girls Little Amy & Sylvia...Grandson William Young negroe girl named Nanny and twenty pounds my Executors 623 acres of land and Negroe Peter to be by them sold to satisfy a legacy of 200 pounds to my son Marmaduke Young...25 August 1777. (signed). August Court 1781.


p.20, I James Hogun...wife Ruth Hogun my negro man Ceaser and boy Sam, my negro woman Hanah and old Bridg with one half of my stock of all kind and household furniture after her decease I give the negroes to my well beloved son Lemuel Hogun...I give all the rest of my negroes, stock and furniture to my son Lemuel...1775 (signed). August Court 1781.


p.24, I James Hinton...unto my son Robert Hinton two negroes Lucy and Clouths one feather bed and furniture, my sorrel Janus mare, my saddle and bridle, two sows and piggs, two cows and calfs, two ewes & lambs, one large iron pott...Daughter Sally Jones Hinton one negro girl named Nancy, one feather bed & furniture...all the rest of my estate of what nature or kind so ever I leave to be sold...1 April 1781. (signed). August Court 1781.

p.30, I Rapes wife Salley Matthias one negro fellow Willa and one negro wench named Pink and three horse kind, and all my stock of cattle, hogs and sheep...25 February 1781. (his mark). August Court 1782.


p.31, I John Rorie, Senr...If my son William Rorie is a friend to the United States of America, Than and in that case I give him 200 acres of land and two negroes Peter, Dinah...if not then to grandson Zachariah Rorie...Daughter Sarah Brantly provided she claims title to my negro fellow Cato one negro wench Pat...unto grandchildren James Brantly, Nancy Brantly and John Brantly, heirs of my daughter Mary Brantly, one negro fellow named Edom (& him to be sold at my decease to be equally divided)...lend to my Daughter Jane Hood & my son in law Edward Hood my negro wench Dol & her increase...unto son in law John Womack one negro wench named Lydda & her increase...unto son John Rorie the remainder part of my land and two negroes Cato & Jane...


[pages 32-34 not microfilmed].


p.35, I Lucy Williams...loving Brother Lawrence Williams one Negro Wench Silvia, one bed & furniture & Elisha Williams one horse called Spark...Brother Charles Williams one negro wench called Doll...23 December 1782. (signed). February Court 1783.


pp.38-9, I John Hobgood...wife Frances Hobgood my dwelling house & mill & four acres of land, half the fruit that is made in the orchard, lend her a negro wench named Jude...29 November 1782. (signed). May Court 1783.


p.40, I Tabitha my son Jesse Goodwin the following negroes and other Moveables Agg, David, Laury & Mingo...Daughter Sarah Goodwin negroes Ginney, Sley(?), Lisbon...son George goodwin one negro by the name of Zack...daughter Sookey Ann Pulliam negroes Bob & Rose and apply for them but if my daughter should not apply in son Samuel Goodwin should take charge of the said negroes...24 March 1783 (her mark). May Court 1783.


p.42, I Nathan negro girl Rachel to my Daughter Susanna Turner...leave all my moveable estate to be equally divided between my wife & four sons & one Daughter...14 October 1781. (signed). May Court 1783.


p.43, I Temperance Harris...daughter in law Pheraby Harriss one negro boy named Isaac, one horse, one bed and furniture...daughter Mary Harriss one negro boy named John, one horse, saddle, and bridle one bed and furniture...daughter Sally Harriss one negro girl Esther, one horse, bridle and saddle, one bed and furniture...daughter Elizabeth Harris one negro girl named Chaney, one horse, bridle and saddle, one bed and furniture...son James Harriss all the rest of my estate...1 February 1783. May Court 1783.


p.46, I Lucy Trougton...Daughter Lucy Martin negroes Violet, Jacob, bash(?) & Sue, one bed & furniture, one desk, china plates & two dishes, one dozen silver tea spoons, half a doz. tea cups & saucers, a large called Dobbin...If my son Henry Line Martin should never return to this state I further give my daughter Lewcy a negro Boy Called Joe...Daughter Susanah Bullock one Negro Girl named Clo, one piece of calico & a gold ring, grand daughter Mary Martin, Daughter of my son James, one small Negro girl named James Martin four head of cattle...son Patrick Martin the residue of my estate...10 April 1780. (signed). August 1783.


pp.50-1, I Ignatius my son Ignatius Hall one Negro Woman named Barbary only and her increase to Distributed amongst my children in the manner & form following: Her first born Daughter Elizabeth I give & bequeath to my Daughter Mary Hall...Daughter Eleanor Rawlings the second born child named Barbary also one Negroe woman named Filliss, one feather bed and furniture...son Thomas Lane Hall the third born child of the above Negro woman my Daughter Rebeckah Hines the fourth Born child...Daughter Elizabeth Cox the fifth born child...son Robert hall all the land in my possession...son Ignatious Hall one negroe fellow named Frank and one feather bed...Daughter Mary Hall one negroe...31 December 1779. (signed). November Court 1783.


pp.52-3, I Peter my well beloved wife one mare by the name of Stockings, one bed & furniture, two Cows & Calves, one pott, one negroe wench by the name of Hannah during her life & then to belong to my son Peter...Daughter Ann Huson one Negroe girl named Sook, one mare named Sweep Stakes, two yews & lambs...all the remaining part to my son Peter Morgan...11 December 1781. (signed). February Court 1784.


p.54, I William Merritt...Richard Merritt my son Four Negroes Jude, Jeen(?), Rodger, & Jack...Thomas Merritt my son Three Negroes Mingo, Sippio & Absalom Merritt my son the plantation where I now live and land belonging to Grand son Thos Turner One Negroe named Hannah...10 August 1778. (his mark). February Court 1784.


p.55, I Amy Smith...Daughter sarah Rollins negroe girl named Lillie...son Howell Tatum one negro woman named Kate & one bed with half the bed furniture I may be possest of...Daughter mary Smith one negroes boy Anthony, one bed with the remainder part of the bed furniture, one walnut chest & drawers & new womans' saddle and bridle...son James Tatum one negroe fellow named Jemmey...20 January 1784. (her mark). February Court 1784.


pp.57-9, I Jno Whitaker...wife Oaron Whitaker two feather beds & furniture, two mares both called Pleasant, six pewter plates, two dishes , one iron pott, third part of my stock of cattle, sheep & hogs, two negroes Rodger & Judah, my desk & large Bible...Grandson Jordan Whitaker son of Hudson Whitaker one negroe boy Jacob...Grand Daughter Olive Taylor Josey Daughter of Peggy Josey, one negroe girl Lucy...Grandson Joseph John Williams son of my Daughter Olive Chambers Williams one Negro boy Deemers...son Samuel Whitaker three negroes Gunney, Selah & Figures...son Thos Whitaker three Negroes Little Rodger & Bett & Scotland...Daughter Martha Whitaker Negroes Madge, Peter & Jinney and after my wife's decease negro girl negro wench Bess should be at Liberty for the space of thirty years being under the direction of my Executors...sons Samuel & Thos Whitaker after my wife's decease negroe fellow Rodger, one desk, large bible and all the rest of my estate...26 August 1781. (signed). February Court 1784.


pp.59-60, I Joshua Elisha Bell Negroes Jacob, Cate & Phillis...Brother Shadrack Bell three Negroes Frank, Hannah & Nancy, 200 acres, 1000 pounds...sister Lucy Bell three Negroes Mingo, Siller & Lucy...sister in law Penelopy Atherton two Negroes Luke & clem...20 November 1783. (his mark). February Court 1784.


p.61, I John Cone...wife Winney Cone all my lands, household furniture, stock of cattle, sheep and hogs and horses, except my mare Honders Filley...Leave my Negroe man Dick to my loving wife during her life and then to be equally divided...11 June 1780... (signed). May Court 1784.


p.62, I Thomas Jackson...8 January 1777...wife Mary Jackson Negroe Girl Chery together with every other thing be it of what Nature so ever that my wife owned at the time I married of estate equally divided among my three children...(his mark). May Court 1784.


pp.63-4, I Joseph Taylor...unto my beloved wife...lend her my two negroes Tom and Jeney...three cows & calves the black mare, two bason & four plates, all my plantation tools...after her death Tom to my son Siros Taylor and my negroe woman Jeney to my daughter Mary Taylor...6 February 1784. (his mark). May Court 1784.


p.66, I Thomas my Beloved wife Phebe Smith the land whereon I now live and after her death to son Burrill Negroe Man known by the name of James and one by the name of Arthur and one Negroe Woman by the name of Kate, with all my stock and Household furniture...25 September 1784. (signed). August Court 1784.


pp.67-9, I John Alston...wife Ann Hunt Alston during her life 400 acres of land...600 acres...& after her decease to my son Robert West Alston...also to my wife the following Negroes Old Gibb, Hardey, Fredrick, Isom, Crees, Hagar, Amey and their Increase also Old son Jos John Alston 1200 acres land...eight Negroes Lucy, Davy, Darby, Stephen, Anneca, Little Hagar, Little Amey & Breading Mare called Chucklehead, one Bead & Furniture & all the stock on his plantation with one young Mair & a bay horse now in his possession also the Lawyear Colt...son Gideon Alston 800 acres of land on the South side of Fishing Negroes Nead, Little Lewcy, Mathew, Lydia, Little Siller, Beck with their increase, one bead & Furniture also all the stock of Cattle & hogs on his plantation with four head of Horses (viz.) Daniel Padey, Flaxen & Polley Harpene...son Willis Alston tract of land where I now live on the north side of Fishing Creek...also six Negroes (viz.) Joe, Jobian, Bob, Hannah, Ben, Dinah with their increase, one bead & Furniture & three head of Horses (viz.) Snelling mare & colt and one Sorrell colt together with five cows & calves...son Robert 600 acres...400 acres I left my wife also seven Negroes (viz.) Jude, Ned, Lucey, Fanny, Little Aggay, Ferrey, & Peter, bead & furniture also one mare & colt called Roxan...unto my beloved Daughter Priscilla Jones Alston four Negroes (viz.) Patt, Redick, Charity & Bettey, one bead & furniture...Daughter Anne Hunt Alston four Negroes Sukey, Penney, Jeney, & Chaney also one bead & in Chatham County sold to pay debts...overplus given to my son Willis except fifty pounds which I leave to Elizabeth Chancey Seawell to buy her a little Negroe...15 April 1784. (signed). August Court 1784.


pp.71-2, I William Bennett...lend unto my loving wife Frances the plantation whereon I now live & my Negroe Boy Peter & two work Horses & three Chests & one Table & my Negro Girl Judah & three Beds & Furniture...daughter Susannah the remainder part of my land & my Negroe woman Hannah & my Negroe girl Sillah together with all the rest of my estate after her mother's death...19 April 1768. (signed). November Court 1784.


pp.72-3, I Peter beloved wife Charity Bird my land & plantation whereon I now live & my negroe fellow James, one bed & furniture, two cows & calves, three sows & pigs, one mare by the name of Bonney...after the death of my wife to my son Peter Bird...son Allen Bird my land...two Negroes named Pleasent & Pollepus, one bead & furniture, one mare called by the name of Fly, two cows & calves & two sows & Mary Bird my Daughter two Negroes by the name of Grace & Mannaca, one Bed & furniture one horse by the name of Sorrel, one cow & calf & two sows & pigs...Daughter Nancy Bird three Negroes by the name of Prymas, Nell & Keziah, one bead & furniture, 20 pounds in money, one cow & calf & two sows & piggs...20 February 1784. (his mark). November Court 1784.


pp.74-5, I John Cox...7 May 1784...beloved wife Elizabeth Cox all my estate during her natural life...son Charles 250 acres...son Joseph Cox my Manner plantation...son Charles one Negro man named Daniel, one horse colt...son Joseph one negro boy named Moses &one horse colt that came of a mare called old Speedwell...daughter Mary Cox one Negroe Woman named Lidda & one mare, bridle & saddle...Daughter Ann Cox one Negroe named Dorcas & one young mare & a saddle & bridle...Daughter Phebe Cox one Negroe boy named Sharper & one young Mare & saddle & bridle...wife Elizabeth one Negro Woman named Elinor...(signed). November Court 1784.


p.75, I Patience Joyner...son John Joyner a negroe girl called Jude...5 September 1780. (Her mark). February Court 1785.


p.80, I William Martha Joyner one Negroe called Jack and 20 pounds for a horse & one good saddle & 10 pounds...Eaton Haynes the son of Mary Haynes one Negroe girl called Jude & the land...Mary Young the daughter of Dice Young one Negroe Girl named Hannah and all the land...& one horse of twenty pounds & William Doles son of Sarah Doles one Negroe girl Named Fanney & one Fellow Called Old Sam & 100 acres...Daughter Lucy Williams Daughter of Mary Williams the plantation whereon I now live...1 November 1784. (signed). February Court 1785.


p.81, I Stephen Barker...wife Mary Barker one Negroe Woman called Nan & all her my three children...after the death of my wife...3 February 1785. (signed). February Court 1785.


p.83, I Henry Eelbeck...Father Montfort Eelbeck land...son Montfort Eelbeck land whereon I now live in Northampton County...all the residue of my good & chattles, Negroes, stock of all kinds, money be equally divided between my wife Jane (and) my three Children...6 December 1784. (signed). February Court 1785.


pp.84-5, 3 May 1784, I William Sumner of Nancemond County in the state of Virginia, Gentleman...Luke Sumner, Junr, son of Josiah Sumner my Roanoak Plantation in Halifax County...James Sumner, Junr son of Josiah Sumner my land lying in Nancemond Jethro Sumner one Negroe fellow named Jim & his wife Peg & all her Seth Sumner, Senr, one Negroe wench named Jude & all her James Sumner, Senr, my Negroe wench Poll & a boy named Nathaniel Griffin one Negroe fellow named Benn & my horse Called James Sumner, Junr, Luke Sumner, Junr, David Sumner, Junr, & Ball(?) Brown Alias Sumner all the remainder of my slaves to be equally divided among them...(signed). February court 1785.


pp.89-90, I Needham my two children nancy Bryant and Nicholas Bryant the remaining part of my estate...purchase one Negroe man for them...11 February 1785. (his mark). May Court 1785.


pp.90-91, I Henry Cotton...Daughter Elizabeth Cotton one Negroe girl called Darcase, one Negroe woman called Amie...wife Sarah Cotton one Negroe woman called Rose...11 March 1785. (signed). May Court 1785.


pp.92-4, I William my son Samuel Pass one negro girl named son William Pass one negro woman named feather bed & furniture, one round oval table, case of bottles, box of razors...son Willis Pass one negro girl named case he should die without any children the said Negro girl with her increase to be sold at public vendue...son Nelson Pass one Negro Boy named Isaac...if he should die without children...the said negro boy shall be sold in manner daughter Nancy one negro girl named Fann, one Negro boy named Sie, one negro girl named Lydia, my best bed & furniture, one square walnut Table, one large looking glass, one chinese bowl...18 March 1784. (signed). May Court 1785.


pp.102-3, I Thomas Moye...unto Willie Waller my Negro boy Negro wench Eve...unto William Waller Two negroes Dinah and her son Penny Waller Two negro girls Jude & Easter...unto Rebeckah Waller my horse called Ranson...Daughter Elizabeth Moye the land and plantation whereon I now live and all the remainder of my estate...10 June 1784 (his mark). February Court 1786.


pp.103-4, I William Edmonds...lend unto my Beloved Wife Elizabeth Edmonds all m y Negro Slaves and that there be no division until my said wife or one of my children marrys or any one of my children arrives at age...22 December 1783. (signed). February Court 1786.


pp.106-7, I William Lane...22 January wife during her life one Negro man named Tom, one Negro man named Jack and one named Mingo and one Negro woman named Jude also a girl named Africa, one large Bay mare, four Cows and Calves and two Stears, four sows and shoats and fifteen year old hoggs one fourth part of my household and kitchen furniture also my stock of geese...daughter Jane Eelbeck one Negro Boy named my Daughter Patty Battle all that I have given in her possession and their increase...Daughter Ann Flewellen all that I have given her and their increase...Daughter Elizabeth Hill Four Negros to witt Harkless, Herod, Ramouth and Easter and also three cows and Calves and 1 Stear and one by mare named William Lane, Joseph Lane and Tabitha Lane the remaining part of my Negros together with all the negros my Father Benjamin Lane have in possession to Come in at his death to be equally divided...(signed). February Court 1786.


p.108, [film faded] I James Bryan...lend my wife Lucy Bryan three negroes Rachel, Philis(?) Phebe(?), & Pompy(?) the death of my wife they and their increase to be equally divided between my daughters Sarah & Mary Bryan....also lend my wife negroes Jacob & Jack til my son James comes of age...Jim, ?, and ? should be hired out for four son James Bryan negroes Jacob, Jim Isam, Fan, & of my negroes not named to be equally divided between my daughters Sarah and Mary Bryan...14 May 1784. February Court 1785.


pp.112-3, 28 December 1784, I William Fluellen...son Alexander Fluellen one negroe boy named Scott & one negroe girl named Silvia likewise one bay horse called Mountain, one feather bed and furniture, one chest, two cows and calves, one sow and pigg...son Abram Fluellen the plantation whereon he now negroe boy named Levay(?) my daughter Nancy Fluellen one negroe woman named Lucy and negro boy named bromfield(?), one negro girl named Sarah, one bed and furniture, one chest...two cows and calves...son Shadrick Fluellen the land and plantation whereon I now live...negroe man named Richmond after the death of my wife, saddle, one feather bed and furniture, one chest, one desk, two cows and calves, sows and piggs...wife Betty Fluellen the use of three negroes during her natural life Cald, Winne, and Richmond...(signed). August Court 1786.


pp.116-7, I John Bass...loving wife Ann Bass...the land and plantation where of I now live...negroes Tom & Nan his wife, Little Tom his child, Feby, two bedds and furniture, two sows and piggs, two yews and lambs, two cows and calves, two potts...executors shall sell all my estate that I do not five away and equally divide it among all my brothers and to brother Isaac to brother Jacob Bass...4 October 1786. (signed). November Court 1786.


pp.118-9, I William Barrow...lend wife Olive Barrow the labour of six Negroes as she may make choice of, also all my stock of every kind, household and kitchen furniture, plantation whereon I now live...daughter Mary Barrow my negro girl named Chancy, also my Eclipse Colt...daughter Sarah Barrow my negro girl named Charity also my Chatham Colt...if the money arising from the sales of my lands before mentioned should be insufficient to pay my just debts and legacies to my two sons that my executors sell so much of my estate as...will satisfy them....after my loving wife deceases the six negroes lent her with their increase if any be equally divided between my seven children...6 November 1786. (signed). February Court 1787.


pp.120-1, I Thomas Thrower...daughter Desdemona Thrower one feather bed & furniture, two cows & calves...Cattey Etheridge one feather bed & furniture, two cows & calves...son Benjamin Thrower land whereon I now live & a negro named Amos...Son Baxten Thrower 20 specie...son Henry Thrower one negro named Shade...son Jesse Thrower the remainder of the land joining Mason Thrower and one negro named Green...son Leon Thrower land & plantation where I now live & one Negro named Luke...wife Elizabeth Thrower Negroes Jack, Bet and Patience, household furniture, stock of all kinds, plantation utensils...22 March 1784. (signed). February term 1787.


pp.122-3, 25 March 1786, I Ambrose Pitman...Selah Pitman twenty shillings, two cows & calves...Daughter Miller Pitman my Negro girl Grace, one bed and furniture, two cows & calves one chest called hers, one pewter dish...daughter Zilpha Pitman one negro girl named Junior one feather bed & furniture, two cows & calves, one pewter dish...son John Pitman the land and plantation whereon I now live 320 acres, my still, my cooper & carpenters tools, one feather bed & furniture, one iron pot Rack & pestle, two pewter basons, two plates & three spoons, my two negroes Chelse and Agg, my cart & wheels...(his mark). February Court 1787.


p.124, I Margaret Hilliard...son John Hilliard one negro man named Tom...Daughter Christian Gudge one Cow...daughter Sarah Thrower one Bed & furniture...son William Hilliard all the property, Land & negroes and household furniture, stock of all kind after purchase of one hunting saddle for Charlotte Thrower...22 July 1786...(her mark). February Court 1787.


pp.125-6, I Esbell Griffin...son James Griffin one Sorrel horse and the second choice of my beds & furniture...Daughter Mary one negro woman named Luce and one girl by the name of Phillis also my loom and Geer...Daughter Winnifred one Negro girl Rose and her increase, her first choice of beds with the furniture, two cows & calves...son Michael one negro girl Nancy and her increase...son Brinkley one negro woman by the name of Sabinah...son Eli one negro man named Dick...15 November 1786. (her mark). February Court 1787.


p.127, I George Wallace...wife Seley Wallice the third of my land and a child's part of my moveable estate...daughter Viley Wallice 200 acres at Jumping Run, one feather bed & furniture...Daughter Mary Wallis my Negro girl named Lucy...Remaining part of my Estate to be equally divided between my daughter Elizabeth and Ann Wallis and my daughter Sarah Wallis and my son Enoch Wallis and my son Elijah Wallis...27 December 1786. (signed). February Court 1787.


pp.127-9, I Christopher Haynes...wife Lucy Haynes my Black mare and Sorrell Colt named Gibson, her riding Saddle, my Negro woman called Nancy and my Negro girl Chowie(?), and all the debts due me: likewise my Horse call'd Jack...lend my loving wife the plantation...and negro woman Milley and her child Lewcy, two beds and bedsteads, one cow & calf, two sows six pewter plates...Negro Boy Peter...4 March 1787. (signed). May Court 1787.


p.129, I James Wyatt...lend wife Sarah Wyatt the plantation whereon I now Negro man Harry, one Negro man named James, one Negro woman named Dilsey, one by Horse...son James Wyatt one negro man named James after the death of my wife, one feather bed and Bay Barney Mare she and her increase...Daughter Christian Wyatt after the death of my wife One Negro woman named Dilsey she and her increase, one sorrell Filley and one bed and furniture...daughter Sarah Wyatt after the death of my wife negro man Harry, one Roan Mare with fold she and her increase, one bed and furniture...200 acres in Nash County to be sold the money arising from the same to my Daughter Elizabeth Wyatt and that the money arising be laid out for a Negro at the discretion of my executors, one feather bed and furniture...16 February 1787. (signed). May Court 1787.


pp.134-5, I James Josey...lend wife Peggy Josey three negroes named Zeana, Roger and Toney, household furniture, stock of all kind...son Robert Josey the plantation whereon I now live and the Negroe boy named Frank...two sons James and John Josey plantation and land over the mill...son James one negroe boy named Dick...son John Josey one negro boy named Jacob...Daughter Olive Josey one Negroe girl named Annaca...Daughter Sarah Josey one Negro girl named Millea...daughter Mary Josey one Negroe girl named Betty...Daughter Peggy Josey one negroe girl named pay my debts my Negroe Wench Named fillis should be sold...if the said Negroes should increase so that my Daughters have more than one a piece that the equally divided among my sons...25 October 1785...(signed). August Court 1787.


pp.136-7, ...wife Martha Cobb Green the House and lot where I now live in the town of Halifax...the Carriage Phaeton with the wife and my son Allen Jones Green all my slaves to be equally divided between them agreeable to their value at the time of their case of my son's death before he arrives to the age of twenty one years or marriage I do hereby give and bequeath all the negro slaves and their increase which I received with my wife from the Honorable Allen Jones to my wife Martha and the rest of my Negroe slaves unto my brother Furnifold Green...2 January 1786. signed James West Green...5 May 1784. August Court 1787.


pp.140-2, I John Bradford...13 April 1787...lend to my loving wife Elizabeth During her natural life Negroes Guss, Phillis and Nann and all their future the decease of my wife the said negroes and their increase go to my son William...lend to my wife Negroe Agnes...Daughter Elizabeth Negroes Chester, Pender and Anneca, one feather bed and the usual furniture and one bay mare and colt and loom and Geers...Daughter Tabitha Crowell Negroes Kitt and all her children Cloe and Warwick...daughter Francis Wootten Negroes Lenis and forty pounds money...son Thomas Bradford 350 acres on Fishing Creek...blacksmith tools, half dozen of silver spoons, and Negro ?...son Joseph John Bradford my land and plantation...side of Burncoat Swamp...Negroes Ploughman, Jacob and Winney, one feather bed and furniture, one brandy still, silver watch, bay mare...Richard Henry and plantation...Negroes Wilks, Tom and Ned, one bay horse called the Eclipse colt, one pair of sugar tongs, half dozen silver teaspoons...daughter Miriam Crowell Negroes Lucy, Darcus and Maryan, two cows and calves, one Prayer Book, a treatice on Christian perfection, one small china bowl, one young Sorrell Horse and one large Bible...all the remainder of my negroes to be divided among my four youngest daughters...friend the Reverend Henry John Burgess be Guardian to my son Richard Henry until he arrives to lawful age. I do authorize and impower him in case he shall think it necessary at any time hereafter to sell and dispose of any part of the lands, Negroes or other Estate bequeathed to my son in order to finish his education and support him till he comes to age. (signed). November Court 1787.


pp.143-4, I John Ricks...wife Elizabeth Ricks my land and plantation whereon I now live also the use of five Negroes Old Hercules, Bess, Jenny, Seney and Creecy the last two to her and her heirs forever, one feather bed and furniture, Horse called little michael, and my oldest bay mare, three cows and calves, three sows and pigs, five ewes and lambs...son Abraham Ricks half of my land and plantation likewise four Negroes Carney, Desdimoney, Jacob and Ben, two cows and calves, three sows and pigs, five ewes and lambs, my bay mares colt, one bed and furniture and one five gallon pott...son Robert Ricks the other half of my land and plantation likewise three negroes Cletion, Cleone and little Hercules, fifty pounds in money, two cows and calves, three sows and pigs, five ewes and lambs and a bed and furniture...daughter Sarah Ricks...four negroes Minerin(?), Sley, Joe and my youngest boy called Mingo...two cows and calves, three sows and pigs, five ewes and lambs...daughter Elizabeth Ricks four negroes Diogenes, Shina, Annecca and my oldest boy called Mingo...two cows and calves, three sows and pigs, five ewes and lambs, one bed and furniture...Daughter Mary Ricks four negroes Lathan, Hannah, Arnald and China and one bed and furniture...the remainder part of my negroes with my horse called Janus and my young bay filly with my gunns be sold to pay my just debts...2 May 1786. (signed). November Court 1787.


pp.145-6, I Gideon Harris...two sons Warren and Benjamin each have a horse, bridle and saddle, 100 pounds in money...all the remainder of my Estate be left to the Management of my Executors to sell or dispose of as they may think best...loving wife Henrietta in lieu of her Dower one Negroe Woman named Esther, one Negroe man Jacob, one bed and furniture, and the mare...24 March 1787. (signed). February Court 1788.


pp.147-9, I William Martin...loving wife during her natural life my plantation in Granville called Mitchell's, the use of six Negroes such as she may choose of all my Negroes, such choice not to be so made as to part man and wife...two of my curtain beds and furniture and two plain beds and furniture she making her choice out of all I have, two yoke of oxen, two cows and calves, twelve Ewes and one Ram, fourteen hair bottom chairs, two four foot walnut tables, one chest of drawers, one large looking riding chair...Daughter Susanna my land in Halifax, one negro girl Sally, one Bed and Furniture...Daughter Lucy my land in Warren County, one negro girl Sebina and one Bed and furniture...Daughter Ann Maria the lot whereon I now live, one negro girl named Fanny...all my negroes not herein before mentioned and bequeathed to all my children equally to them...they be hired out and the money arising go to support and education of my children...the use of the plantation and the six negroes given to my wife be for and in lieu of her dower to all my other lands, lots and houses...12 March 1788. (signed). May session 1788.


pp.152-3, I Joseph Burt...beloved Son John one Negro Girl Diler...beloved son Joseph...200 acres also one Negro boy Simon also one Bay mare, one cow and Calf, one Sow & pigs & all the other things I have given in his possession to him...beloved son Stephen one negro man David also one bay Horse called Barny & one Feather bed & furniture...beloved son William one Negro Boy named Ned & one Bay Colt called Sparrow...beloved son Jesse one Negro man named Sam, one black Colt...beloved son Zacheus one Negro man named Negro girl named Jude to be sold by my Executors & a young Negro to be bought with the money which negro I give to my beloved son James...beloved son Richard one Negro girl Millia...beloved Daughter Sally Fluellen one negro woman named Millia & her child Essex...beloved daughter Elizabeth a negro Girl named Hannah & one Sorrel mare...beloved Daughter Mary one Negro named Kitz...beloved wife Elizabeth two negro women Syd & Surprisor during her natural life also the land whereon I now the death of my wife...the two negro woman Syd & Surprisor & their Increase & all my Land except that which I have given to my son Joseph Burt shall be equally divided between nine of my children...20 June 1788. (his mark). August Session 1788.


pp.154-5, I Thomas Gill...26 March Judah Vinson one Bed & furniture also my Horse bridle & Saddle & my Negro woman Let...(his mark). August Session 1788.


pp.158-9, I Martha Applewhite...unto Martha Whitehead Daughter of Joseph Whitehead decd two Negroes by the names of Sall and Hannah and one bed and Furniture, one blue chest, one Horse that is called Hern and my side saddle and bridle, one woollen wheel and one linen ditto that is called mine, also one Tobias Whitehead one Negro boy named Freeman and one iron pot also one pewter dish and three ditto plates and one Table oval form, also one Horse the value of ten Betsy Whitehead one Negro Girl named Nan also one linen wheel and one yellow chest and two pewter Basons and three ditto plates, one bed and furniture, one woolen wheel, one Iron pot and six new Joseph Whitehead one Negro boy named Demey and one gun, one Horse to the value of Ten pounds and one iron pot...unto Martha Gainer one Negro Girl named Molly...5 April 1788...(her mark). November Session 1788.


pp.165-6, I Lacy Simmons...Daughter Barsha Young two Cows & calves & three shoats...Daughter Ann Simmons one Sorrel Mare, Saddle & one Bed & furniture, one pair of flat irons...Daughter Martha Joyner a Mare of a Sorrle Coular...Daughter Mary one Negro fellow named Arthur, a Bed and Furniture & desk...Daughter Sarah a bed & furniture & other necessaries which she has in possession at this time...23 April 1789. (signed). May Session 1789.


pp.166-7, I Israel West...give unto my beloved wife Pricilla W. West: Tom, Silva, Jesse, Tim, Tom the younger, Rose, Stephen, Nell, Arthur, Chane & Lodwick and their increase...lend unto my beloved wife Pricilla: Dianna, Winna, Davie, and Amy also all my Lands...19 February 1789. (signed). May Court 1789.


pp.167-8, I John Brickell...lend unto my beloved wife Nancy my Land and Plantation containing 422 acres...son in law Parcimus Tillery when her arrives to the age of twenty one prime Negro which Negro his mother is to choose for him out of the Stock of Negroes if she lives until he arrives to the age of twenty one, if not, one be allotted to him at the first division of the Negroes amongst my Children...remainder of estate be kept together with all my children and worked together for the support of my wife & children until my first comes of age then my Estate to be divided between my beloved wife & my Children...29 March 1789. (signed). May Court 1789.


pp.168-9, I James Moore...beloved wife Ann one Negro Man Peter, one Negro woman Jinney, one Negro girl Chance (Chanie?), two Beds & furniture, all my stock of cattle, Horses and Hogs & all my other household furniture and all my plantation utensils...son Richard Negro woman Pleasant, one negro Boy Willie...30 December 1788. (signed). May Court 1789.


pp.169-71, I Arthur Smith...loving wife Ann Smith all my stock of horses, cattle, Hogs & Sheep, crop of corn...the plantation whereon I now live...six Negroes Simon, Rachel, old Beck, Ishmael, Quash & Buck...daughter Molly Hogun ten Negroes Old Jack, Jeney, Clary, Peter, Burt(?), Charity, Bob, Sid, Rody, Nan...son Drew Smith tract of land...eleven negroes: old Will, Neroe, Ben, Sue, Edny, Forman, John, Jo, Jone, Sarah & Anneky...son Arthur Smith part of the tract of land...nine negroes: Abraham, little Will, Sarah, Hannah, Pink, Charity, Dial, Cofe, & Rose...Daughter Martha Smith Ten Negroes: young Jack, Tiller, Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac, Quash, Tom, Fanny, Pat, Cate and their increase...son Robert Ruffin Smith part of my plantation...nine Negroes: Moses, Charles, Kit, old beck, Aggy, young Beck, Moll, Pey, Isakiah(?)...Daughter Ann Bennit Smith Nine Negroes: Guy, Simon, Rachel, Savory, Luke, Joel, Lijah, Druce & Bo...son William Ruffian Smith the plantation whereon I now dwell...Fourteen Negroes: Lewis, Hannah, Luce, Zilfrah, Davy, Daniel, George, Lazarus, Jacob, Demce, Trece, Rhoda, young Jeny, Luce...7 February 1789. (signed). May session 1789.


p.172, I Robert Hulme...daughter Ann Hulm my Negroes Daniel, Virgil, Sylvia, Appa, Jack, Amey, Edith and Dulsey...loving wife Mary Hulme my Negroes Jery(?), Sam, Arthur, and the(?) Sam I bought of Hance Bond also Nan, Hager and Pat...30 January 1788...(signed). May Session 1789.


p.173, 9 April 1789, I James Daniel...beloved son West 200 acres in Nash County...beloved daughter Patsey Daniel one Negro girl named Cherry also one Sorrel filley...Beloved Wife Elizth Daniel Phill & Priss during her natural life...also Duke & Jeffery...also lend all the rest of my estate...(signed). August Session 1789.


to be continued...

Will Book Volume 4, 1825-1854

p.1, I Rebecca B. my father Robert Smith my Negro fellow Will, one horse, 1 silver watch and one Walnut Table...16 November 1818. (signed). July Court 1825.


p.2, I William Adams...give to my mother Sally Higgs one Negro Woman named Grace, one negro boy named Nathan and one negro boy named Justin...September 12, 1822. (signed). August Court 1825.


p.3, Arthur wife keep all my property for the use of her and my Children...all my children receive from my Estate...on their arriving to lawful age Five Hundred Dollars Value of Negroes or cash. (signed) 20 February 1824. August 1825 Court.


p.3, I Rutha Shelton...28 my Grand Children...all my negroes namely Leivy, Peggy, Cloe, Kinchen, Hardy, Harwood, Nelson and Jerry and their increase to be equally divided among them when they become of age...(signed). August 1825 court.


p.4, I Elizabeth John Bishop son of Bolin Bishop my planation where I now live also one Negroe girl named Siller...unto Elizabeth Bishop one Negro woman named Annakah...6 February 1818. (her mark). August Court 1825.


pp.4-5, I Martha Bustin...4 May 1820...unto Martha Jones two Negroes Beck and Nancy and their my son Thomas Three Negroes Mourning and her child Bill and Mary and their increase...daughter Mary Jones two Negroes Amos and Judith and their increase...daughter Sarah Turner one Negro girl Fanny she and her increase...all the rest of my estate which I have not given away be it of whatsoever nature or kind whether of Negroes or land and all my perishable sold...and equally divided among my children...(signed). August Court 1825.


p.7, Thomas my Wife Martha in trust for the use of a negro girl Eliza Commonly Eliza Fails the tract of land on Marsh the death of Eliza to go to her children if she has Mary Shine wife of Wm E. Shine the tract of land where I now live and a Negro man named Ben...lend to my wife Eliza the Negro man Ben and the aforesaid Negro girl Eliza Fails the last of whom is to be emancipated at the death of my wife together with the Children she may have at that time. I direct that my man Billy alias Hannibal a bricklayer by trade be emancipated after my death...10 October 1824. (signed). August Court 1825.


pp.9-10, I Isaac son John...387 acres...son Turner 387 acres...son John 100 my loving wife during her life four Negroes Atimore(?) Rhoda, George and Alston and after her be equally my son John the following Negroes and their increase Vizt Tom, Temp, Guilford, Burkett and son Turner the following Negroes Charles, Jenny, Harry, Joe, Mary and daughter Susanna...Caroline, Peter, Bashaba, Fanny, Edny and Cynthia and their remaining living children hier their Negroes equally. 4 June 1825. (his mark). November Court 1825.


p.11, James Whitaker, son of my daughter Nancy B. Simmons my Negro Girl Sibby and her increase also my negro man my daughter Elizabeth my negro man Ned and his wife Esther also their son my three sons the following negroes old Bob, long Bob, old Sam, Sarah and Jeny all which they can divide between themselves. I have heretofore given my son Eli B. a horse named son John a Sorrel son James a horse called Jack...I give my five sons the following Negroes old Amey, Jenny, Malissa her daughter, David her son and Sam the son of old my daughters the following negroes old Venus and Mingo her son, Judah and Young Viney her daughter also young Ammy and Caroline daughter of old Amey...November Court 1825.


p.12, I William Taylor..14 September 1825...I also give to my sisters Sally & Rebeccah during their lives Pherebe, Billy and Phillis...(signed). November Court 1825.


p.13, I Thomas Jones...lands in Virginia to be rented negroes in N. Carolina shall be hired out ...20 May 1824. (his mark). November Court 1825.


p.14, November 5, 1825, Robert my beloved wife Mary K. Blick...the whole of my estate real and personal Consisting of lands, Negroes, stock of every description...signed. November Court 1825.


p.16, I Archibald Green...beloved wife Mary Green all my lands and plantation and two Negroes one negroe Woman named Betty and one Boy named Harry and their increase...and all my stock of Horses, Cattle, hogs and my daughter Mary Green one Negroe boy named Sandy...daughter Rhody Green one negro Girl named Leucreasy and her increase. (signed). November Court 1825.


p.19, I Penelope Negro Girl named Mary may be lent to Fanny Duberry during her Negro Girl Elisabeth I lend to Elisabeth Duberry...I give my Negro Woman Dinah and her child Eliza to Fanny Duberry...the balance of my property I wish to be sold to pay my debts. 2 December 1825. (her mark). July Court 1826.


p.20, I John Patrick...all my property both real and personal together with every other species of property except negroes Lucy and Sucky be sold...lend negroes Lucy and Sucky to my daughter Elisabeth M. Gee...28 August 1824. (signed) May Court 1826.


p.20, I Thomas Pitts...11 October my brother Henry Pitts all my personal and real property Consisting of my Right title & claim to a share in the tract of land left by our interstate Father Henry Pitts, decd, also Negroes namely Dilce and her two Children Mourning and Handy with their increase also one negro boy by the name of Ned also my mare and colt and one desk and one bed and furniture...(signed). May Court 1826.


p.22, I Williams brother Jeptha Pritchett take my blacksmith James into his possession and keep him until he works out Fourteen Hundred dollars and then the said Negro James for his Merritorious services to be as free as the law of this land will allow him...13 January 1820. (signed). 1819 paid $94.66, 1820 paid $113.75, 1821 paid $108.43, 1822 paid $123.68, 1823 paid $80.59, 1824 paid $139.05 of the above Sum.


p.22, I Williams Pritchett...20 July my brother Jeptha Pritchett my negro man Jim which said Jim...shall be set free for meritiorious services done by him after he has earned a certain sum of money named in a former instrument of my sister Mourning the following negroes Israel, Beck, Dilsey, Abner, Mary and Mariah...sister Polly Pritchett my man Dave Aggy and Alfred. (signed). May 1826 Court.


p.25, I Joseph Ward...unto my wife Delpha Ward the use of the land and Negro woman named Lucy, one mare Called Fan, two feather beds and furniture, two cows and calves...residue of estate to be equally divided...12 September 1815. (signed). August Court 1826.


p.26, I Cannon Jenkins...3 October 1826..unto my daughter Rebecca Jenkins one small Mulatto girl by the name of Patsey....son William Simpson Jenkins one small Mulatto girl by the name of Polly...unto my beloved wife Sarah Jenkins one Negro woman by the name of Peggy. I also loan her the whole of the balance of my estate both real and personal that is to say one Negro woman by the name of Susanna, one negro boy by the name of Sam, the land where I now live & stock of every discription...(his mark). November Court 1826.


p.27, I Charles King...24 July my son William King one feather bed and furniture, one chest, one hundred acres of Negro girl Lezeth and her my son Micajah $ feather bed and furniture one desk, one Negro boy named my son Drew King 227 acres, bed and furniture, one chest, one case of bottles, one Negro boy named Nathan, one horse my wife Ruamouth feather beds and furniture, two feather beds and furniture, one Negro man named Joe and a negro woman Jenney, one negro boy woman's saddle, one linen wheel...two horses, hogs, cattle and sheep...(signed) November Court 1826.


p.28, I William my wife Elizabeth I give three Negroes named Clara, Prissey and mahogany Bureau, dressing table, two feather beds...13 July 1826. (signed). November 1826.


p.29, I Mary W. my sister Ann K. Slatter six Negroes vizt Lucy, Chloe, Virgil, Eady, Henry and household furniture and wearing brother John B. Slatter five Negroes vizt Reuben, Penny, Clarissa, David, Liddy and her increase...3 October 1826. (signed). February 1827.


p.31, I Edward Crowell...10 March daughter Nancy Pittman the following Negroes Messia and Fanny also the Negroes I let her have... I give to my son Thomas Crowell all my Negroes, Lands, Household goods, kitchen furniture, stock of all kinds...(signed). March Court 1827.


p.33, I Benjamin Sally Matthias three Negroes to wit Nancy Cherry and Cary and their increase also one riding Chair one harness and horse Chanticleer and half a dozen silver table James Avent two Negroes to wit Dublin and Big Charles and the tract of Thomas Avent two Negroes to wit David and Allen also my Parrum tract of Benjamin Avent two Negroes to wit Isaac and Bob and my Priscilla Kimbell two Negroes Eady and Mourning and their increase and one Gray Elizabeth Hazelwood four Negroes to wit Chany and Child Sarah and Juda and child Isaac and their Nancy Wright five negroes to wit Penny and her Children Warren & Charity and Abby and Child Lucy and their Francis Avent two Negroes to wit Patience and little Charles and their increase also one tract of Fanny Avent three Negroes Billy, Polly and Ned and their John Ward one Negro man Harry and all my right and interest in the Polly Negro Silvey. I also give her son Benjamin Avent one Negro boy Joe and their Nancy Jones one Negro boy Abner...10 December 1823. (signed). August 1827 Court.


p.36, I Richard my daughter Mar Eliza Williams $350 with interest from this time till paid to remunerate her for a Negro woman by the name of Betty which was also given her by Mrs. Mary Davis and which I was compelled to sell in consequence of her being a notorious rogue and drunkard. 2 June 1817. (signed). Proved 27 October 1827.


p.37, I Dorothea M. Anna Maria Jane Penton daughter of M.T. Penton my slaves Davy, Peggy, Sally and Hannah with their future increase and the children of Hannah and their increase, all my household furniture and wearing apparel, my watch, guitar and diamond William Penton Mary and her Thomas Burgess Penton Charity and her present and future John Henson Penton William and Mand, the children of Peggy and their future nephew Mungo T. Penton Patty and the land I live on...28 August 1827. November Court 1827.


p.38, I Thomas Watson, Senr...10 July my son William W. Watson two tracts of land, one which I purchased of Mark Murry and the other I purchased of David Winborun...110 acres...(Both Murray and Winborn were free African Americans)...son John Watson the land I have already given him...and one Negro man by the name of Lemuel, one shot gun, the beanpot in the house, one feather bed and furniture...daughter Easter Alsobrook one negro woman...Cherry and all her Polly Manning my negro girl which she has in her possession Runsey...daughter Dolly Watson one negro girl by name of Charlotte and feather bed and furniture...daughter Temperance Watson one Negro woman by name of Cherry and her child Mary and one feather bed and furniture...daughter Jean Caroline Watson one negro girl by the name of Sarah, one feather bed and son Henry H. Watson one Negro boy by the name of Luke one feather bed and wife Sophia E. Walker one negro Woman by name of Penny...(signed) November Court 1827.


p.39, I Sherrod Bobbitt...lend to my beloved wife Sally Bobbitt the land and plantation where I now live also Negroes Stephen and beca(?) household and kitchen furniture, one horse called blaze one steer, two cows and calves, sows and pigs, and cart...daughter Mary Browning have Negro Arca(?), all the other property lent my wife...8 November 1827. (signed). November Court 1827.


p.39, I Sherrod Bobbitt...lend to my beloved wife Sally Bobbitt the land and plantation where I now live also Negroes Stephen and beca(?) household and kitchen furniture, one horse called blaze one steer, two cows and calves, sows and pigs, and cart...daughter Mary Browning have Negro Arca(?), all the other property lent my wife...8 November 1827. (signed). November Court 1827.


p.41, I David Crawley...23 Jany negro Woman Rose and her daughter Gilley, her son Clayton and her daughter Marthenia be sold together on a Credit of six months together with as much of my other perishable estate as may be sufficient to pay all my just my son Sandy Crawley one negro man named my grandson Marion Sandy Crawley one negro girl named Peggy...all my other property of every description that is not already will'd away should be sold...(signed). July 1828 Court.


p.42, I John Baker...23 February my grandson James Baker...negroe woman Holley...two negroe boys Stephen and Peter, tract of land, stock of horses, hogs and cattle....(his sign). February Court 1828.


p.43, I Benjamin Crowell 10 August 1824...son Richard H. Crowell my Negroes, big Tom, Ginny and her children and Grand Children also Harriet and her child Lucinda Henry Willie Jordan Joshua and Emmaline and the future increase of all of them also one Bed and its my son John Negroes Jo. Dorcas and her children and Grand Children Jone and her children and her children Dina, Cherry Sam and Martha Bethiah and Jacob and the future increase of all of them also my small still and one bed and its appurtances...son William Negroes little Tom, Gilford, Annaca and her children and Bethea and Delah and child and the future increase of all of them and one bed and its appurtances, my large still, my carpenters tools...Daughter Dorothea Miriam Negroes Polly and her children Harry Penelopy, Rosetty(?), Lasurus & Zacharia also Addeline and Louisa Mary and her children Chany Dusty Sterling Lucy China Levena and the future increase of all of the also $500 and one Bed and my Daughter Anna Maria Negroes Willis Allen Dick Scillar and her Children and Phillis and her children and the future increase of all of them and two Beds and their appurtances, gig and two horses...(signed). May Court 1828.


p.46, I Willis Daniel...daughter Harriette one negro boy Hark and one negro girl my beloved wife Judith Daniel all my lands and Negroes, plantation utensils, stock and all my perishable personal property during her natural life of widowhood...children as they come of age draw their part of the Negroes...and a horse...8 June 1828. (signed). August 1828.


p.47-8, I James Harris...unto my beloved wife W.W. Harris my negroes Israel, Great Fanny, old Ned and great Lucy, my carriage and carriage horses...(each child to have share of estate at 21)...10 June 1828. (signed). November 1828 Court.


p.47, I Lewis executors should sell my land and perishable property (the Negroes Excepted) and the Negroes valued by men chosen by me executors and the whole amount arising from the value of the Negroes and the money arising from the sale of the land and other property added together and two thirds of the whole amount equally divided between my Daughters Eliza Jane, Adaline, Mildred Smith and Sarah Ranie(?) and third part of the money arising from the sale of the property (Negroes excepted) to be laid out in Negroes...will be divided as follows, they haveing been valued, my daughters will draw two thirds equally my son Thomas after giveing off my daughters their proportions will draw one part of the remaining part of my property, the balance to be divided among my three them full permission to permit the Negroes which may fall to my daughters to be removed out of the State...16 November 1828 (signed). Codicil (his mark). November Court 1828.


p.49, I Martha Davis...unto son Archibald Davis all my stock of Cattle and their increase and my riding Gigg together with all my right title and interest in the stock of my Negroes present and future...14 October 1822. (her mark). February Court 1829.


p.51, I William Purnell...unto my loving wife Mary E. Purnell the following negroes to wit Tim, old Davy, Maria and Melinda together with three beds and furniture first choice, three first choice of trunks, two cows and yearlings....1 April 1829. (signed). May Court 1829.


p.53, I Mary Executors take into their possession all my Lands, Negroes and a sufficiency of stock and provision for the same and to carry on the Farm as they think proper for the benefit of my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann Harwell. (signed) November Court 1829.


p.54, I David Day...unto my Son William H. Day all the lands I half of my Negroes, all my stock of every description...unto my Grand daughter Eliza Bradley one half of my Negroes...25 October 1822. (signed). November Court 1829.


p.55, I David Clark...appoint my brother William M. Clark my friends James C. Johnston & Gavin Hogg and my nephew Colin Clark executors and guardians of my children...not to sell the rest of my real Estate and Slaves unless some important change in the affairs or trade of the Country or the Laws of the daughters...each of them five slaves, said slaves to be my executors to be of an average value with the slaves undivided at the time of the executors to see that my slaves be treated with Kindness and indulgence that they may have an ample allowance of provisions, clothing and bedding that they may have comfortable Houses to live in and when sick all needfull Medicine and nurseing: that each labouring slave may have ground laid off to him or her to Cultivate for his or her use and that half of every Saturday be allowed such slave for Cultivation. I also request my executors to restrain those in immediate authority over my slaves from all wanton unnecessary or severe punishments, and I direct that all disorderly slaves who will not do without punishment be sold. I direct that old Ned for his Honesty and fidelity be discharged from all Labour but what he may choose to do and that his comfortable support be provided for out of my Estate by a yearly allowance of Provisions, clothing, &c...10 May 1828...(signed). November Court 1829.


p.60, I William Gary...8 November my beloved wife Rebecca one negro woman named Mariah and her two Children Mary & Peter, two Beds and furniture, one Bureau...two cows and calves, 1 young steer one heifer...also lend her my negro man Davy...son Henry W. Gary one negro woman named Seedudy(?) and her boy child and one girl Cynthia with their increase...son Rhoderick B. Gary one negro man named Vincent and woman Fanny...son Robert Gary 1 negro man named Anthony and woman Edy & her increase...lend to my daughter Ann S. Richards the following property: negro woman named Charlotte, woman Judy & her child, Tom, Boy nelson, Hark, Anthony & Girl Jinney...son George W. Gary one negro man named Wyatt, woman Betty & two children Alley & child name not known and boy Adam...(signed). February Court 1830.


p.62-3, I Arthur Green...25 April my beloved wife Eleanor Green during her natural life all my land & plantation including hogs, cattle, sheep and all & every other stock...together with all the corn fodder wheat & all the Negroes to wit Esther, Frank, Edey & her child Louisia, Elizaer, Jim, Moses, Amie, Agnes, David, Allen, Jacob, Tom, Esther the 2d, Harriet and Polly, the above property remains as above stated except that which of the same may herein after be trusty negroes Ben & Nancy for their long faithful and meritorious services should at the death of my wife be liberated and freed. It is my desire that the aforesaid should at the death of my wife have a part of the tract of land which said land I purchased of John Sheppard the part that lies on the north side of the road leading from Halifax Town to Marsh cow and calf, 1 sow & pigs & a Bay mare called Jin...(signed). May Court 1830.


p.63-4, I Ann Pitts...Daughter Nancy Weldon the Lands and Plantation whereon she lives and the following negroes viz. Adam, Daniel, fanny, Amy, Charlotte, Dorcas, and Sandy & their increase...Daughter Silvia Lanes three children the following negroes viz. Isaac, Eashter, Eliza & her two Children Hannah and Willis and Edey and her child Haywood and $300...son Walter Pitts the following negroes viz.: Tom, Sarah, Green, Menervi, Clanton & Rose...son John Pitts the following negroes viz.: Harry, Prince, Frank, Simon, Mariah & Sally & their increase...all the rest of my negroes together with all the rest and residue, be it whatsoever value or kind, be sold by my equally divided between my children...(signed) May 1830 Court.


p.66, I John Gary...23 December 1829...unto my beloved wife Mary the land on which I at present reside also the Kelly tract, one negro woman named Chana and one negro girl named Chana and their increase, two head of Horses & one Head Cattle, one negro fellow named Rochester & Savory & Child and after her death to be disposed of as may be thought Daughter Mary Johnston, one negro fellow Peter...remainder of estate to be equally divided among my grandchildren...(signed). August Court 1830.


p.66, I Ezra Pryor...unto my beloved wife Mildred Pryor the following property viz. all my negroes, all my stock of Horses, Cattle, sheep & Hogs, likewise all my carriages and all my plantation utensils of every Kind...tract of land...I loan to Negroes George & Grace the tract of land on which they now live adjoining the lands of Charles Isles & others during their natural lives and then to be equally divided among their children...September 6, 1830...(signed). November Court 1830.


p.69-70, I Elizabeth Long...unto my friend Benjamin Lang the following property viz. back lot in the Town of Halifax, my negro man Mack, my negro woman Esther, my negro girl little Patience, two beds and bed steads, my desk and Looking glass, my fancy chairs...unto my daughter Louisa shall rent or lease the said land to my son Richard H. Long, my negro woman big Patience, my negro girl Mary, my carriage & Horses...all my clothes with a request that she will give big Patience & Esther some of the commonest earnest request that my heirs at law will give big Patience & Esther Ten dollars each annually as long as they live...4 December 1830. (signed). February Court 1831.


pp.70-2, ...I bequeath all my negroes to be equally divided among my children Phereby, Joseph, Faithly, Edward, William, Mary wife of Nelson Sessums, Nancy, Benjamin, Turner & Charlotte...17 August 1826...(his mark). Codicil 17 August 1826. that part of my will which devises to my son Edward and daughter Mary equal part of my negroes I hereby revoke...I give to my son Edward two negroes Martha & Charles and to my daughter Mary two negroes Lucy & Jack...Three negroes Edy, Esther & Rosenu having fell to me since the annexed will was be equally divided among my children except Edward and Mary...19 January 1829...Benjamin Whitehead (his mark). February 1831.


p.73, I Martha Shearin...son William Creth Shearin my negro man Brister...balance of my property sold...equally divided amongst all of my living children...1 January 1831. (her mark). February Court 1831.


pp.74-5, I Mary Fenner of the Town & County of my grandson Robert Fenner my negroe Slave Joe...Grandson John H. Fenner my negro Slave my sons John & Dixie C. third part of my negroes not heretofore bequeathed in trust for my son Robert Fenner of the state of Tennessee...the remaining two thirds of my negroes to be divided among them...20 February 1830. (signed). May 1831 Court.


p.77, I Josiah my wife Mary four negroes during her life namely Mourning Tom, Rena and my daughter Nancy...the following negroes Rose, Alfred, Caroline, Jacob, Henry, Amanda, Adeline, Permelia, son Jeremiah all the rest of my Negroes...November term 1831.


p.78-80, I Gideon Alston...19 October my daughter Betsey C. Alston the following negroes Rose, Fed, Dred(?), Easter, Belinda, Aggy, & Eady, Aggy's Child and Isaac...My daughter Temperance being dead I give to her son Gideon Alston Harris the following negroes Buck, Daniel, Mariana and her child Elizabeth & their future her son Stephen Bobbitt the following negroes Ned & Sarah & their future increase...Daughter Maryan Bobbit the following negroes Martin, Sarah, Lydia, Nancy & my daughter Frances the following negroes Daniel & Louisa with their future my daughter Arrabella the following negroes...Minerva & my daughter Ammarella the following property...the land I purchased of Zachariah Pulliam & William Brinkley...also the following negroes Brandy & Hagar with their future my son Jessee A. Alston...lands...and the following negroes Wiley, Seth & Barbary & their son Erasmus Alston...the following negroes Henry, Beck(?) & Bridget...daughter Matilda the following negroes Violet, Felisha, Jemima, Senr, Cinthia & Camela(?), Lucy, Eupphama & George...daughter Polly C. Alston the following negroes Grace & Bowers with their increase...balance of my negroes to be divided among my daughters Frances, Arrabella, Ammarella and Polly...(signed). November term 1831.


p.80, I Wade W. my father Wm M. West my negro man two negro men Surry & Len(?) to be sold...25 July 1831. (signed). November term 1831.


p.82, I Richard Hamlet now of Burke Co. formerly of Halifax much of my property sold to pay my just debts...reserving my negro fellow Abram for my dear Mother, if possible...(signed). November term 1831.


p.82, I Sarah Shield...unto my three sons William, Littleberry & Hardaman Abbington and my three grand children William, Sally and Clarinda one fourth part of my property, Viz. three bed...bed steads...candlesticks, one hackle, my stock of cattle, desk, table, chest, four sows, six pigs, half dozen windsor chairs, one negro man Jack, one boy named Short, one Woman Phillis & four children to be equally divided...10 March 1826. (signed) November Court 1832.


p.84, I James Hunter, Senr...I leave my wife Martha the following on the west side of the road from Gum Swamp to Fishing Creek...negroes Will, Dick, and his wife Pat and Pat's children except Zach, all my household and kitchen furniture, ten head of cattle, all my sheep, twenty head of my daughter Elizabeth Whitaker the following negroes to wit Joe, Milly & all her children...unto my daughter Sarah Coffield the following property to wit negroes Shiney & her children except Davy & five hundred dollars...unto my son James Hunter the following property to wit the tract of land known as Wyatts...negroes Davy, Harry Gill, Patience & Ned...son Zach, Jeffrey & his wife Amy and her two children Bitha & Halli...son William Hunter the property Ben, Sook, Nat & Charles, a rideing Horse bridle and my daughter Mary the following property to wit Scrunly(?), George, Malissa & her child Emily, Maria & Sein(?) & $800. (signed). 11 November 1831. February term 1832.


p.86, I George Peebles..23 October 1831...son William one negroe Woman named Rose and Harriott and their increase also one bed & trust with son John Peebles, negro Woman Rhoda & her three Children with their increase to be kept by or disposed off, agreeable to the wish or direction of my daughter Martha daughter Martha Drake one bed and furniture and one negro boy named Anthony...leave in trust with my son-in-law Cullen Powell the following negroes, (viz.) Clary & three children & their increase...negro Peter shall be disposed of...and negroes managed for my daughter Mary son John one tract of negro named Allen and one named Chana one bay filley and one bed and daughter Sarah Powell one negro named Hannah and her increase one bay named Guilford & their increase and a bed and my daughter Judith one negro boy named Sam & one woman named Mary & her child & their increase, one bed and furniture and one bay mare named daughter Rebecca one negro woman named Tilley & her two children & one boy named Henry & their increase, one bed and furniture and one Sorrell filley...daughter Priscilla one negro man named Claiborne and two girls Fanny & Silva & their increase, one bed and furniture and one Bay filley...daughter Lucy the following negroes (Viz.) Jacob, Davie, Creecy & their increase also one bed and furniture, one grey colt and one cow and calf. (signed) May term 1832.


p.87, I Benjamin two grand daughters Martha G. Whitaker and Wilmouth M. Whitaker take into their possession in trust for my daughter Bethsheba Whitaker the following property, to wit, the tract of land whereon she now lives, also the following named negroes Sam, Ruth, Harriott and Canda also twenty barrels corn, 500 weight of tobacco, one cow and my Grand daughter Martha G. Whitaker one negro woman named Chloe and all her children that she now has or may have my Grand daughter Wilmouth M. Whitaker one negro man Gabriel also one Gig & my Grandson Drury Nevill one tract of negro man named my Grand daughter Malissa Nevill one negro girl named my Grand daughter Mary G. Nevill one negro woman Anarchy & her daughter Grand daughter Susannah Nevill one negro named Viny(?)...Grand daughter Margaret Nevill negro girl named Maria...10 October 1831...(signed). May term 1832.


p.88, I Jeremiah my beloved wife Nancy Vaughan the land whereon I now live...four negroes, to wit, Old Peter, Jacob, Nat and my daughter Patsy E.R. Vaughan two negroes to wit Fanny and young Peter and their future my grand children four negroes to wit Milley, Amy Rody and Leatha...three feather beds and furniture, six windsor chairs, two tables, six cows and son James J. Vaughan land...two negroes Isham and four of my grand children...three negroes Chany, Handy and Aggy and their future increase to be equally daughter Lucy H. Newsom two negroes Julia and Isaac now in the possession of her husband Jas. M. Newsom...daughter Sally B. Fox two negroes Rachel and Plummer now in the possession of her husband Wm. my four daughters Rebecca T. Vaughan, Nancy F. Vaughan, Amarilida W. Vaughan and Elisa I. Vaughan six negroes Renar, William, Harriet, Henderson, Mary Ann and Anthony to be equally divided...The negroes that I have lent my wife after her death I give to my four daughters to be equally divided with the exception of Jacob which is my wish for him to live with which of my children he chooses for his meritorious services...26 March 1832...(signed). August Court 1832.


p.91, I Richard Doggett...I wish my wife to have the part of my estate to which she is by the laws of the state entitled...all the property I possess (after she has received her part) be equally divided among my children...invest my Executors with power to sell any part of my stock and any other articles on my farm which they may think proper...any lands...any of my slaves and to employ them in this state or any other state as they think proper...14 March 1832. (signed). August Court 1832.


p.94, I Joseph jno. plantations be kept and the negroes worked thereon...until my children come of age then to receive an equal part of my Estate...all my negroes and property of every equally divided between my wife Mary K. Williams and my four children Mary Elizabeth, John Henry, Lucy Eugene and Thomas Calvin Williams, but in the division it is my wish that my wife Mary should have the following negroes at a fair valuation, namely, Old Harry and wife Pol, Turner and wife Easter and her children, Tom and wife Salina and her children and Amarillus and her child...13 April 1833. (signed). May Term 1833.


p.95, I Margaret Executor take my negro woman Frankey and child and her further increase, at valuation, and pay over the money as bequeathed...6 Febry 1833. (her mark). May Term 1833.


p.97, I Marcus Bishop...25 May my affectionate wife Priscilla Bishop during her life all the land I die seized & possessed of, all my stock of horse, cattle & hogs, and the following negroes viz: man Called Callow, Woman Venus, Woman Amy, man Lewis & woman Hannah and two beds and my Grand daughter Lucinda dawson one negro girl or $275 as my executor chooses...daughter Lucinda Atkinson, negro girl Fanny and negroe boy Dick...son Arthur Bishop one negro man named Dennis...son John Bishop one negro man named Willis...son Asa Bishop one negro boy named Jacob and one bed & furniture and the tract of land I now live on...(signed) May term 1833.


p.98, I Dolly my sister Mrs. Polly Cotton one half my river negro woman Viney and her children with their future increase, my gold watch, all my wearing apparel and my desert Ann E. and Mary T. Peete daughters of Dr. Thomas Peete my negro woman Black Beckey, reserving the sue of the said negro to their mother Miss Peete for my friend Thomas Burges my negroes Elijah Cobb & White Becky and her daughter Betsy and my tea spoons...November 1831. (signed). Codicil I revoke the legacy of Black Becky to Mrs. Peete and daughters and desire she may choose her master and mistress at fair my servant Becky my pongee dress purple striped ginghams & laced cape. 6 May 1833. May term 1833.


p.100, I Henry Bradford...November 1829...unto my daughter Martha Judge the following negroes (to wit) Sam, Mary and her three children and their increase and at the death the said negroes be equally divided between her four Executors shall have full power to sell as many of said negroes as will be sufficient to pay claims...(signed). August term 1833.


p.101, I Joseph Whitehead, Jr., my loving wife Sally all my lands and the following negroes Avy, Cherry, Mima, George, Old Willis, young Willis, Hardy and Allen, six cows and calves, 6 sows and pigs, household and kitchen land be equally divided between my sons Joseph, Edwin and Willey and the negroes given my wife...daughter Patsey three negroes Easter and her child Lucy and a boy named Reuben, also a good feather bed and furniture...daughter Betsey and her children a negro girl Mahala Beckwith and her increase under the following conditions: the negro girl nor her increase are ever to be sold from my daughter Betsey or her children only as they dispose of them for their own use or other heirs...17 February 1832. August term 1833.


p.102, I Thomas W. Lassiter...unto my wife Harriett Lassitter the land whereon I now live...negroes Mary , Henry, Dick, Jeff, Joe, Mack, Edy, Bash, Dicey, Harriett, Maria, Phill, and crop and stock of every kind...negroes Davy, Abram, Luke, Sary, Clary with the request that she lend the same to his proper use to my brother Joseph J. Bell during her life...20 July 1833. November term 1833.


p.105, I John Knight...negro Lemuel(?) and his wife and children shall go to my niece Martha R. Brinkley and that Rincher and his wife and children shall go to my niece Mary G. Powell and the remaining part of my negroes shall be so divided as to make my two nieces as equal...sister in law Elizabeth Jones the following negroes Maryan Pherby and Peggy their mother and their increase...December 1833. (signed). February Term 1834.


p.106, I Edmund wife Sally until my Grand son John Morecock comes of age my negro Ben...said Sally five negroes Amos Pherbe, Chloe, Easter and Caroline and after her death to my natural daughter Mary A. E. my said Grand son John one negro slave named Arnold. (signed). February Term 1834.


p.108, A lawful Jury find that Betsy Alston did make a non cupative will as follows: 18 February 1833...she wanted everything she had to support Erasmus in genteel style...Amerilla have Belinda (pointed her finger to a little negro)...Gideon Harris have Fed, my carriage & horses I wish Amerillus and Frances to have...I have six more negroes...I believe I will let them stand as they are. February term 1834.


p.109, I Ann Zollicoffer...son James Zollicoffer four negroes Henry, Isham, Virgel and Horris and all my crop of corn, fodder and wheat and all my stock of horses, cattle and hogs...26 October 1827. (signed) May Term 1834.


p.109-10, I William Perkins...daughter Martha two negroes Peter and Anthony, one bed and furniture and one horse, her choice of my stock...5 October 1815. (signed). May Term 1834.


p.112, I Jacob Pope...grandson George W. Lock one negroe girl named Winney...balance of my property to be divided among all my surviving children...son William...the three negroes I have given him...2 March 1833. (signed). November Term 1834.


p.113-4, I Blount my wife Elizabeth my house and land...the following negroes and their increase Viz: Ceasar, Anthony, Milley(?), Edy, Phereboe, Maria, Mourning, Penny & my daughter Alice Blount my Piano fortie & the following negroes & their increase Step, Albert, Milly, Nan, Phillis, Matilda, Jude & Hannah & one fourth part of all my stock of cattle, Horses & Hogs son Thomas in Scotland Neck...all my lands are to be worked by my negroes given to my my son Thomas the following negroes Viz: Jim, Abram, Bob, Jourdan, Ben, Harty, Lucy, Zeney(?), Fanny & Jack and their increase, one grey horse & one fourth part of all my stock of horses, cattle, sheep & my daughter Polly Bryant one Piano fortie...and the following negroes & their increase Viz: Reuben, Turner, Randal, Chancy, Susan, Charity, Caroline, Sook & fourth part of my stock of horses, cattle, sheep & hogs...25 July 1831. (signed). November 1834.


p.116, I Joel H. McLemane...the following property to my friend Henry Doggett in Trust for the support and maintenance of my daughter Mary Eliza Avent viz: Austin, Senr, Synthia, Emanuel, Daniel, and Chaney...21 March 1835. (signed). May Term 1835.


p.117, I Priscilla my son Kinchen Harris one negro by the name of Anthony...also lend him one negro by the name of Alfred during his natural life then to his son John Winnefred Harris daughter of Kinchen Harris one negro boy by the name of my son Thomas Harris one negro boy by the name of Dick also one negro girl by the name of my grand son Lewis Harris one negro girl by the name of Charlot she and her grand son Thomas H. Harris one negro girl by the name of Huldy she and her my daughter Nancy Came(?) one negro boy by the name of Ritchmond during her life and after to go to my grand daughter Martha Kinchen Harris one negro woman by the name of Milly and after his death to go to his son John Henry Harris. 20 January 1835...(her mark). May 1835.


p.119, I Milly S. Dicksan...3 December son Marmaduke land...negro boy Ellick, girl Sall, woman Lucy, boy Kindred, woman Prissy and child Sam...son William negro boy General, boy Jacob, girl Creasey(?) and child ?ite, girl Harriet and boy Ben, child of girl Treazy(?) and $ my daughter Emily woman Mary and two children named Nancy and Prissy, girls Fanny and Hannah, boys Ned, Ishmael and boy named Washington and girl Molly and $500 (her mark). May term 1835.


p.124, I Sarah Thrower...2 December 1834...son Jhn H. Thrower one negro girl named Hester and her increase, $100, one Brandy still, ond bed & furniture, one horse named my daughter Mary Pritchard one negro girl named Pink and her my Grand Children the children of Elizabeth Sturdivant one negro girl named Eliza and her increase it being the the negro girl John Sturdivant carreid with him from Halifax County to the state of Georgia. (her mark). February term 1836(?).


p.126, I Thomas Shield...unto my wife Sally all the tract of land where Littleberry Abington formerly lived and five negroes (Viz) Jack, Short, Charles, Phillis and Tince, one bed and furniture, one desk, one walnut table, one press, two cows and son John the tract of land whereon he nwo lives, one negro boy by the name of Nelson and all the property that he has in his possession. I lend unto my Grand son Robert T. Shield one negro boy by the name of son Joseph negro boy by the name of son Charles Shield one negro boy by the name of Jim and all the other property he has in his son George W. Shield one negro boy by the name of Ben, one Horse called Dolphin, two cows and calves, two sows and pigs, one bed and son Samuel D. Shield one negro boy by the name of Frank, one horse that is considered in value with the one I gave George W. Shield, two cows and calves, two sows and pigs and one bed and Daughter Eliza one negro woman by the name of Husty and her youngest child and one bed and the balance of my negroes not given I give my four Daughters Mary, Nancy, Sally and Eliza. But to make an equal division among my daughters the negroes to be sold by my Executor...19 January 1829...(signed). February term 1836.


p.130, I Shadrack my daughter Priscilla two Negroes (Viz.) Bob and Lettice together with her increase...daughter Elizabeth one negro woman by the name of Rose and her two children Austin and Penny...daughter Rachael four negroes Chany, Jenny, Edy and Fill...daughter Bethany four negroes Lucy, Loudon, Essex & Sarah...lend unto my daughter in law Rebecca Merritt one hundred acres of land wheron I now negro girl my grand son Ethington J. Merritt two negroes Cary and grandson Shadrack Merritt two negroes by the name of Moses and grandson Robert Merritt two negroes by the name of Luke and Isaac...I lend unto my grand daughter Mary L. Randolph four negroes Nelly and her three children Eliza, Emeline and Adaline and also her sucking child Anthony during her life and then to be divided among her children...unto my two daughters children Rachel and Bethany one negro woman Patience and all her children except Arnold to be equally divided...9 December 1834...(his mark). May Term 1836.


p.132-4, I Thomas nephew Archibald Alexander Austin...$10, two slaves Old Doct Miles and Allen Carter the bricklayer, my bay horse called Toby, my single gigg and harness, saddle and bridle...lots in town of Halifax...But he is to permit Bythea who now resides on the land to remain there as long as she chooses or this devise is to be considered void. It is my wish that my house girl Maria should remain with my wife so long as they can agree and the said Maria be at all times treated wtih utmost Kindness and humanity to carry into effect as fare as practicable my intents and towards this servant to whom I feel myself under very great obligations for her constant and devoted attention to me and all my afflictions. I give her to my Executors in Trust to permit her at any time to select the person to whom she will be hired or sold as she may perfere: and the money arising from her hire or sale to be applied to the credit of my estate. I likewise direct my executors to pay her $25 on my death...I wish my slaves to be well fed and clothed and be made to work. But as there may occasionally be some unruly and ungovernable ones I desire that my executors should sell my aforesaid nephew A. A. Austin as a special legacy the following slaves namely Hery Hannon his wife & children Peter, Jacob, Primus, Simon, Caty, and her son Jack and Betty a house girl given me by Mr. Hawkins...30 December 1834. (signed). May term 1836.


pp.135-6, I James son James B. Simmons one negro man Jack after the death of my wife, likewise my stud cow and calf...20 January 1830. (signed). May court 1836.


p.140, I John Dew...unto Sally Alsobrook $300...Higgs negro man by the name of Vise Whitehead tract of land where I now live...three negroes Midas, Hannah & Mary...16 January 1836. (signed). August Court 1836.


p.141, I Martha E. Mantford...22 October my nephew James Munford, son of my my brother James negro niece Narcissa Munford negro girl Dorcas...unto my niece Martha Ann Elizabeth Munford negro girl nephew William Munford son of my brother James negro boy Aaron...unto Edward Alexander Taylor negro Ellick and my grey mare...unto Susannah Taylor negro girl Martha Taylor negro girl Jesseky and one bed...unto my niece Elizabeth Andrews negro woman Betty...unto my nephew Sidney Munford son of my brother James negro boy Enoch...unto my nephew Robert Bettingford son of my brother James negro boy Jordon...unto brother James Munford negroes Chance, Andrew, Edinborough and Suckey and hereby injoin my brother to indulge Chance as much as circumstances will admit...(signed). November session 1836.


pp.142-3, I John Shield...provided my wife and sons cannot manage Nelson, for him to be hired out...12 January 1833...(signed). November Court 1836.


pp.143-5, Guilford in Halifax and Nash counties containing 1200 or 1500 acres...unto my son Thomas W. Nicholson my man George also Ceasar and henry...unto my daughter Eveline E. Nicholson my negro woman Maurning and her three children Charlot and her boy Gundy & her girl Caroline also two feather bedsa and furniture also $500. I wish my blacksmiths or my half of them either to be sold or kept at work for the benefit or to be divided between my grand children Sarah Ann Hardiman Martha M. Yelloly Thomas N. Nicholson and Eveline E. Nicholson that is to be sold or kept at work as my executors may choose...unto my son Thomas W. Nicholson and daughter Eveline Nicholson all the negroes I own or possess in North Carolina to be equally divided except the negroes I have already given them and the blacksmiths...I give unto my two daughters Sarah Ann Hardiman and Martha M. Yelloly all the negroes I sent a few weeks past to Mississippi, nine in be equally divided...26 February 1834...(signed). November Court 1836.


pp.149-50, Willis Alstons will made this 21 January 1835...unto my beloved fee simple the following negro slaves Old Beck, Keziah and youngest child, Peggy, Lucy, Milly (calld big Milly), Philis, Penny, Tom, Georgia, David (Johnston), David (the Cooper), little Albert, George, Rhemus, & Cassious, carriage and four horses, three mules, stock of cattle, work steers, and hogs...son Charles Julian Peydrus my tract of land...negroes Dinah, Fanny (Little), Mary, Dicey, Amy, Tempy, Kibly, Lizza (little), Martha, Ann, Edmond, Jeff, Jacob (little), Washington, Arther, Adam, Romulous, Austin (little), Davy (son of Kibley), Synthia, and Charity, such of my stock of Horses & Mules and Cattle and hogs as his mother may think proper to give him. My daughter Ariella I give all my lands adjoining...stock & tools & the following negroes Fanny, Becky, little Sally, Emily, Mary Jane, Nancy, Jacob, Kinchen, Aaron, Bob, John Gee, Shadrac, Ezechal, (Big) Cary, Julian. To my son Leonidas...tract with one half the stock of horses, all the other stocks, tools...negroes Aggy, Milly (ugly), Brittania, Jane, Eliza (Ann), Harriet, Lizza little Charlott, Jesse, William, Sterling, Major son of Milly and big Albert. To my daughter Missouriania Mexicana Florade I give all my lands on the head of Bear Swamp, all my stock and tools and the plantation and the following negroes Dilsey, Sally, Susan, Amerilus, Annette, Olive, David, (Hudson) Isaac, Solomon, John, Phil, Nelson, Toff, Warde & Sylvia daughter of Sally. To my son Edgar I give all my land called Gretna Greud(?) half my stock of horses at the etc. also the following negroes Charlotte, Sylvia, Petely(?), Scilla, Maria and her child, Austin, Ned, little Zechal, little David, Locky, Cornelius, William Edwards, little Ann and little Tom and if any negroes are not given I give them with their mothers...(no signature). May Court 1837.


pp.151-2, I Sally Higgs...18 June 1836...unto my daughter Polly McWilliams two negro slaves namely Yellow Austin & Sylvia & increase & whereas I am security to a note to my son Willie for my daughter Polly aforesaid for about $300...should my daughter fail to pay...aforesaid negro slave Sylvia to be sold to pay the said my son Joseph negro slave Cealy & her increase...Winney & her son Reuben the following slaves Delila & her children Preston and Nancy and in trust for my daughter Sally Whitehead a negro woman slave named my son Reuben in trust for my daughter Sally a negro slave named my son Jacob two negro slaves namely black Austin & Charles, two cows and calves, sows and pigs, ewes and lambs...(signed). May Court 1837.


p.153, I Arthur Pittman, Senr...26 December my daughter Elizabeth Shield one negro man by the name of Ephraim...(signed). May Court 1837.


p.155, I Mary Allen...14 January daughter Sarah Bobbett a negro girl Meraudy & a tract of 50 Marcus A. Allen a negro boy Dick, to Mason G. Allen a negro boy Nat, to James Allen a negro man Bob, to Evaline Johnston one negro boy Peter & a negro girl Siller also the four hundred dollars that I have paid for her land & to my son Albert G. Allen one negro girl Mariah...(her mark). August Court 1837.


p.156, I Robert Grimmer...15 March 1837...granddaughter Pensy Alsobrook a negro girl named Jenny...(his mark). August Court 1837.


p.157, I Joel Atkinson...26 December beloved wife Lucinda Atkinson loan 225 acres...all my negroes, namely, Lewis a man, Dick a boy, Fanny and her child Perery a negro girl, Maria and their increase, my shot gun, household furniture...have the power and right at any time to sell the two first named negroes Lewis and Dick...(signed). November 1837 Court.


p.158, I Abigail Crawley...I give my property herein mentioned in five equal parts to my son Jesse Bradley, son James D. Bradley, 1/2 of 1/5 to son John D. Bradley, 1/2 of 1/5 to Mary Lancaster and part to my daughter Martha Norwood, 1/2 of 1/5 to my nephews Robert and James Hines, 1/5 to my son William S. Bradley. My property consists of the following property: one double gig and harness, one beadstead and curtains, four bed covers, 1 gig whip, 1 pr. Tongs, Shovel, 1 pr. andirons, 1 lot knives and fork, 1 Doz. plate, 1 sett Tea china...dishes, plates, trunk...$100 due me from my son Jesse Bradley for money loaned him and $50 he is to give me for the hire of my negro man Charles...24 February 1837. (her mark). November Court 1837.


p.161, I Mary Powell...unto my beloved sons Jesse H. and Joseph J. Powell the following negroes Lewis, Davy, Luther and Grandison to be divided between them...unto beloved daughter Margaret Ann Wimberley the following negroes Phebe, Mary, Ben and bed and furniture, six silver spoons, and my family Bible...son Joseph J. W. Powell two negro slaves Lorainey and her child Esther...a bonafide value to be set upon said negro slaves and 1/2 paid to my grand daughters...I am unwilling that my negro woman Lorainey should be separated from her husband or connexion or her child from her father...unto my grand daughters Amana L. and Louisa A. Wimberley a negro slave named Nancy and her increase...(signed). February term 1838.


pp.163-4, I Wood Jones Hamlin...give to the children of my daughter Martha Powell by her former husband Blake Baker the negroes which I have heretofore loaned my said daughter being three in number to be equally divided among them. I give to the children of my daughter Mary Pearson...all the negroes...which are now in her possession to be equally divided among them. To the children of my daughter Eliza Williamson all the negroes that are now in her possession divided among them...son Charles Hamlin negroes Moses and Frank, the land he now has...all the rest of my estate to my wife Fanny...13 December 1837. (his mark). February Court 1838.


pp.165-7, I Fanny my son William A. Hamlin one equal share of all my estate and all the estate I am authorized to dispose of by the last will & testament of Wood J. Hamlin, Decd, estimating however as part of said share all advancements made to said William by said Wood J. Hamlin in his lifetime of negro slaves to be valued as at the time they were put in the possession of said my daughter Mary equal share & all the estate I am authorized to dispose of as part of that share the slaves bequeathed to them by said last Eliza Jane Williamson my daughter one equal share as well as the property I am empowered to dispose of by said James S. Pearson for the sole use of my daughter Martha from all control of her husband...all the slaves at the son Charles Hamlin one equal share...estimating as part of said share all the shares he has received from hi father...I direct the following slaves be allotted to him Henry, Caroline, Linda, Sandy, & our favorite old servant John to be under his care and direction & to belong to daughter Euphana W. Hamlin one equal share...all the property I am authorized by the last will...the following valuation...Betsy & child Norman, Polly & Emanuel & his wife Ussa & her son Randolph & girl Amette & old Lucy to be under her care and belong to her...unto Robert Hamlin one equal share of all my property and the property I am authorized to dispose of...

Codicil: the two negroes Hardy and Anthony heretofore received and constituting a part of my son William A. Hamlin portion of my estate be considered as a legacy in consideration of his receiving no my said son one negro boy named Lafayett. 25 February 1838. (signed). May 1838.


p.168, I Richard my affectionate wife Ann Mariah B. Smith the following negroes Man Lymus, Woman Miranda and her six children and girl Caty with all my household & kitchen furniture, all my stock of Cattle, sheep and hogs...I wish my farm in Florida to be kept up, the Negroes, Horses, etc. &c to remain on the farm...7 November executors sell at their discretion my negroe woman Caroline & her child Margaret Ann and that the money arising from the sale be applied to the payments of my debts...(signed). August 1838.


p.170, I William W. Thorn...whole of my estate be kept my beloved wife the tract of land...where I now live...her share of negroes to have her choice at valuation...16 July 1838. August Term 1838.


p.171, I Lumford Smith...3 June 1838...dear and only daughter Maria my two slaves Betsy and Eliza and all the property I die possessed of except my slave be sold & the money arising to be appropriated towards the expense of maintaining and educating my daughter Maria...(signed). August term 1838.


p.172, I Samuel Thorne...dearly beloved son William W. Thorne all of negroe slaves (Thirty five in number) together with all my property goods and effects which I have not heretofore given away...17 June 1835...(signed). August term 1838.


p.173, I Carter Arrington...son Joseph Arrington two negroes Madison & Hagar...son Benjamin negroes Cato & Leak...son Carter negro Ceasar one girl named little Lucy and dearly beloved wife one negroe Man named Isham, Sally and her two children Mariah and Diley also I lend her old Peter...22 August 1838. (signed). November Court 1838.


p.173, ...I John Powell give to my beloved wife Mary G. Powell six negroes Jim, Kinchen, Nelly, Zollar, Daniel & Berry. I also lend to my beloved wife till my oldest child arrives to twenty years of age three negroes namely Jesse, Susanah & Sylvester...also loan to my beloved wife negroes Mary & her two children Wiley & Emily...horses, cattle, sheep, hogs...the balance of my money and slaves to John Powell in trust for the benefit of his present wife my daughter Mary G. Powell...August 1838. (signed). November Court 1838.


p.175, I Mary nephew Henry M. Purnell negroe man Davie and Jim and my Bay Archie(?) niece Mary E. Purnell my negroe woman and three Children (namely Eliza, Bray & Essex) to Mary M. Purnell daughter of John Purnell, Jr., one negroe girl Malinda and one bed and my niece Catherine Read (daughter of my sister Dolly Read) one negroe man named Jim...nephew William D. Purnell one China press, my curtain bedspread, bed and furniture, bureau, one sorrell horse, 25 old negro Milly with a request that he take care of her as long as she lives and that he receive from my estate $100...18 August 1835. (her mark). November term 1838.


p.178-80, I Joshua Cole...son Charles Cole five shillings together with all the property I have given him in negroes & my daughter Charlott Overstreet Five Shillings with all the property I have given her during her...including negroes & my daughter Elizabeth Crowell the following negroes Prissy, Eliza, Guilford & five shillings. I wish my servant Mary & her offspring set free & liberated which I particularly request my executors to see accomplished agreeable to these laws of the state. I wish all the rest of my negroes to be sold by my executors. 8 January 1839. (signed).


(earlier will)

son Charles Cole one negro man named Wilson, two horses, cows and calves & cash with property he has received and sold the negro man to Wm. daughter Charlotte Overstreet one negro woman named Matilda & Jordon & Hanna which negroes was sold to pay Overstreet's debts the negro woman he sold before his death and negro girl remains named Abigail...I give Charlotte Overstreet one negro named Clary. I give Elizabeth Crowell negroes named Clary, Prissy, and Guilford, Dilsey, & Eliza to be sold if the law suit goes against her. I give to William Cole 150 acres...crop of corn and fodder, stock of all kind, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, household & Kitchen furniture to be sold at the discretion of my executors...negroes Allen, Henry, Doll, Elizabeth, Barbara, Susay & Evaline & negro woman named Lucy, Willey & Caroline all to be sold at the discretion of my executors...son Joseph Cole one negro man named Henry which negro he carried with him to negro man named Daniel and $150 out of the product of the sales...grandson Joshua Piggott one negro lad named Gabriel, one negro girl named Aggy $300 to be paid by my executors from the product of the sales...William Cole $300...negro girl Mary shall be liberated & go free to be in the care of my executors till she shall arrive to the age of twenty one...(signed). February Court 1839.


pp.181-2, I Dancy Adams...8 November 1837..lend to my beloved wife Martha all my land, stock of all kind, household & kitchen furniture, plantation utensils, and four negroes which she is to choose...daughter Clarinda A.N.P. Adams negro girl Louis and the rest of my negroes I give to my six children & George Adams heirs Caroline and John D. Adams. Heirs of George Adams are to pay $200...before they draws any of my negroes (signed). May Court 1839.


p.183, I Allen my wife Mary the following negroes Antoinette, Louisa & will that negroes Ben & Dick together with all my perishable estate not disposed of by this will shall be sold for the purpose of paying my just debts...grandson Leonidas $100...I lend negro woman Silvia to my wife after the death of my wife it is my will that Silvia be sold & that she be permitted to choose her master...4 August 1839. August term 1839.


p.185, I Thomas Warren...Whereas I bought Sucky and her child Ned and did take the bill of sale in my son Thomas Henry Warren's name and she has since that time had several children (and it is more than I can give any one of my other children) I give him in addition thereto one feather bed and furniture and it is to be a bar of his receiving any more of my estate. All my stock of horses cattle hogs and sheep household and kitchen furniture be sold and the money...divided between my wife Rosanna and my children...all my negroes are to remain on the plantation whereon I now live until my daughter Elizabeth arrives to the age of eighteen. The land to be sold subject to my wife's dower and the money arising therefrom with all my negroes are to be equally divided between my wife and children (Thomas H. Warren excepted). 10 September 1834. (his mark). November Court 1839.


p.188, I Jane Johnston...16 August son Benjamin Johnston take possession of the negro woman Dindy and her daughters Rebecca Kearney and Elizabeth Crawley have all the residue of my land and negroes, all my money, bonds, notes and accounts, my stock of horses, hogs and sheep...(signed). August Court 1840.


p.190, I Jeremiah Brinkley...23 April 1838...unto my beloved wife Martha Brinkley the following the negroes that I got from John Knight's Estate, $3,000. (signed). November Court 1840.


p.192, I Nancy Bradley...lend unto my beloved son John H. Bradley four negroes Austin, Haisty, Joshua and Jack...Negro Polly and her son Willie together with all my household and kitchen furniture be sold...28 May 1838. (her sign). February Court 1841.


p.193, I Thomas Harris...lend my beloved wife Cloe Harris all my property say two negroes names as follows woman by the name of Viney and her child Cherry and all of my household furniture, Horses Cattle & hogs and crop of corn & fodder and my sheep. After the death of my wife Martha Young shall have the negro girl Cherry...16 September 1841. (signed). May Court 1841.


p.194, I Temperance Barnes...18 May to my daughter Lavinia Dorathy Hill during her natural life my tract of land in Northampton County...I also loan her...not only the old stock as hereafter mentioned but likewise their increase Viz. Dick, Bob, Alfred, Henry, Davie, Willie, Kinchen, John, Ben, Godfrey, Junius, Liberty, Crese, Suky, Hamill, Eliza, Easter, Fanny, Malvina, Laura and William together with all my household and kitchen furniture not herein otherwise disposed my grand daughter Rebecca Norfleet Hill the following negroes Sophina and her two children Quiliany and Wade. (signed). May Court 1841.


p.195, I George Powell...13 July 1834...lend my beloved wife Sally all of the lands I now have in possession, two negroes of her own choice, one Horse, two cows, two beds & furniture...grand children William Zachara Powell & Rebecca Jane Powell one small negro girl named Milley & her increase...(his mark). February court 1841.


p.197, I Martha Wamack...15 July 1836...all the negroes that I have or may have at my death should have such masters or owners as they may choose of their own choice and for to carry that wish into effect I do hereby appoint & order my Executor to value my negroes separately and to sell said negroes either whole or separately at said valuation to whom they may choose. Should any person or persons refuse to take said negro or negroes then and in that case it is my wish and further order at two thirds of the valuation made by said committee...all land and negroes to be divided in eleven equal divisions...(her mark). February court 1841.


p.198, I Benjamin Crawley...daughter Harriet M. Johnston negro Penny & Aggy and the articles which she has received. son H. D. Crawley one negroe boy Crusoe and all other articles he has received...son Wade J. Crawley negro boy Rhodain and 200 acres of land...daughter Mary Jane Broom negro man Jerry & woman Chany & all other articles which she has received...six children the following property Viz. negroes Lot, Rachael, Louisa, Quansa(?) beloved wife Elizabeth land...for ever negro Tim barouch & Harness to horses Jacks straw & Jinny ribbon, two cows & calves, two sows & pigs, one bed , bedstead and my two youngest children Albert & Levi, Aaron, Leah & child Newton Gilly Isham Tom & Dempsey to be equally divided between them...10 May 1841. (signed). August Court 1841.


p.200, I Eleanor John Thomas Webb my horse called two slaves Ben and Nancy his wife to Martha Ann Webb...20 August 1841. (her mark). November Court 1841.


p.201, I Mary Gray...1 December 1840...unto my son Josiah J. Gray one Horse one feather bed, two quilts, three sheets, two blankets, my negrow man Jesse, all of the stock of Hogs, one chest, all of my corn and fodder...(her mark). November 1841.


p.202, to my sister Sally Turner at her own disposal which will include my perishable estate also personal embracing negroes, horses, household & kitchen furniture and stock of all kind this 29 July 1840. Thos. Burtin. February Court 1842.


p.209, I Patrick McDaniel..unto my two sons James and Arthur McDaniel all my estate of lands & negroes stock and other property I die possessed of to be equally divided...1 January 1836. (his mark). May Court 1842.


p.210, I Amos beloved wife Elizabeth Worrell a certain part of land...all my negroes Rose, Milley, Blount, Joe, Tempy, Sam, Charles and Binum, Siller. Also three feather beds and furniture and one half of my household furniture, farming utensils, one half of my stock of horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep...whereas it appears that I have an interest in a parcel of negroes on the Yadkin River in North Carolina my desire is that the whole of that property when received by divided between my two daughters Nancy Gammons and Milly Davidson...May 13, 1838. (his mark). August Court 1842.


p.211, I Eliza Emeline my niece Sarah Ann Hardiman my slave Caroline and her increase. My niece Bethenia Hardiman slave Betsy and her increase. To my niece ? C. Hardiman slave Luvenia and her my brother Thomas W. Nicholson all the residue of my negroes in this state except slave portion of the slaves in Mississippi be divided into equal lots to be equally divided between the children of my sister Sarah A. property in the state of Mississippi except my slaves be sold by my executor and the money arising therefrom together with my portion of the proceeds of the sales of three slaves sold by James B. Yellowley in the state of Mississippi which slaves belonged to my brother Thomas and myself shall be divided into equal portions and the interest annually paid over to my sister sarah A. Hardiman...the other lot of my slaves in Mississippi and the other equal portion of my money aforesaid together with slave Sabra now in this state shall belong to my sister Martha Yellowley...25 August 1841. (signed). August Court 1842.


p.212, I Margaret Evans of Pitt County...26 June my nephew Peyton R. Turnstall $1,000. To Mary B. Armstead one negro girl named Ana Peyton R. Atkinson one negro boy named William P.R.M. Atkinson one negro girl named Martha Ann...(signed). August Court 1842.


p.216, I John my wife Penelope Lee one negro woman Canda...2 August 1839. (his mark).


p.218, I Nancy my son Hardy Weldon the following slaves boy David, boy Fed, boy Ned...daughter Mary Herbert...woman Penny girl Chany, boy Bob, Girl Edy, girl Luiza, man Peter, woman Polly Herbert...son Matthew Weldon man Adam, girl Amy, girl Rhoda, and Girl Fanny also 200 acres of land. 25 October 1842. (signed). May Court 1843.


p. 219, I Edward King...unto son George King one negro man named sons George G. King & Lunsford King in trust for my daughter Emeline Merritt one negro girl named Mary, one bed & furniture, two cows and calves, two ewes & lambs & their increase...the above property is not to be under the control of her husband Robert J. Merritt...18 February 1842. (his mark). May Court 1843.


p.220, I Lucy my friend Saml W. Branch in trust for my niece Eliza Lewis wife of Blake Lewis all of my household & kitchen third part of my land, negroes & other property that I may own at my death...unto my nephew Samuel W. Branch one third part of my estate...nephew William Branch one third part of my estate...28 January 1843. (her mark). May Court 1843.


p.221, I Matilda Daniel...unto my mother Margarett Daniel negroes Becky, Lucinda...unto my sister Emily from the control of her husband negroes Candis & Newton & also my interest in negroes Harrison & Oliver...unto my sister Eliza Skelton...negroes Charlotte & her children Penny & Winny...unto sister Maria Daniel negro Clinton...unto sister Martha negro Diane also my interest in the carriage now in possession of the family...unto sister Amanda negro Jim...5 November 1842. (signed). November Court 1843.


p.222, I Mourning Etheridge...13 January my daughter Julia A. Higgs 100 acres of land...and one negro girl Mary & her my daughter Sarah Frances Debrule two negros Chloe & Little Lettuce & their increase...If my children David M. Etheridge Julia A. Higgs Sarah F. Debrule pay my just debts as they promised to do, I give my said son David one negro girl Winny & her my daughter Sarah F. Debrule Old Lettuce & Ishmael. (signed). May Court 1843.


p.223, I Lucy negro man Billy be sold...satisfy debts and the balance to be equally divided...29 June 1841. (signed). August Court 1843.


p.224, I Ann K. Slatter to my Brother Solomon Slatter all my negroes, namely, Lucy, Cloe, Venus, Merina, Adeline, Mary, Dorcas, Sam, Cambridge, Nelson, Virgil, Henry & Demsey, all my household and kitchen furniture and $175...2 August 1842. (signed). November Court 1843.


p.225, I Nathan Baker...19 August 1839...unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Baker my estate of land, Negroes & stock...during her natural life...after to be divided between my surviving German Baker one negro boy named Cornelius and a bed and John C. Baker a negro woman named Sucky and her increase and a negro girl named Nancy...William Baker all my stock of horses, cattle and hogs, household and kitchen Rebecca Dobbins 210 acres of land, a negro boy named George. signed. November Court 1843.


p.226, I John Alston...29 September 1843...for the purpose of paying all my just debts negro fellow Cudge, negro boy Mack & negro girl Milly to be sold...also my right & interest in the negroes held by the children of John Crawley to be sold if my beloved wife Dolly all my property real & perishable in fee simple...(signed). November Court 1843.


p.227, I William D. sell my Marshall & Mead tracts likewise my negro man Davy however if the land cannot be sold for a fair price, I invest my Executor with full power to sell any other property...all the rest of my property to my wife Mary Eliza during her widowhood...28 July 1840. (his mark). February Court 1844.


p.228, I James R. Binford...6 March 1839...give to my nephew James C. Johnson my negroe Susaner...wife Mary G. Binford all my property...(signed). February Court 1844.


p.228, I Asa Powell...5 August daughter Margarett all my property, land and Negroes, stock of all kinds, household & kitchen furniture. (signed). February Court 1844.


p.229, I Mary my son Benj. W. Cotton the following negroes Jim, John, Lucy (Zavy?), Cynthia & daughter Emily A. Dickson negroes Vina, Daniel, Nathan, Henry...I leave in the hands of the trustee I shall appoint negroes Nancy, Arthur, Matilda for the benefit of my daughter Mary Peebles...amount of hire to be annually paid over to her...I also wish my son B.W. Cotton to take care of my old woman Tamer...15 May 1843. (signed). February 1844.


p.230, I Bolin Bishop...unto my sons Reuben & John Bishop negro woman Charlotte & her four children negroe girls Hannah & Francis & their increase to be held in trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Elizabeth Brantley during her life and after her death I bequeath to my grandson Benjamin Franklin Brantley Negroe girl Hannah and all her my grand daughter Winefred Brantley negroe girl Frances after the death of her mother and the increase of said negro....after the death of my wife Winefred Bishop to my sons Reuben & Bryan Bishop my negroes Mary & Matilda (except Hannah & Frances) said negroes to be equally divided between said Reuben & Bryan the part of said negroes which may be drawn by said Bryan to be held in trust by Reuben and John Bishop...all the property which I have not already willed away shall be sold...April 21 1841. (signed). February 1844.


p.232, I Charles whole estate both here & in Mississippi be kept together as it is now until my son William becomes of age except man Peter, Austin & girls Antoinette & Marina I wish sent next fall to my Plantation in Mississippi...after my son William becomes of beloved wife Felicia shall first choose out of my negroes a male & female for herself & then the balance of the negroes to be equally divided between my wife Felicia & children William Henry Felicia Ann, charles E, Olivia Jane & James G. Shields...24 March 1844. (signed). May Court 1844.


p.233, I James G. Jones...lend my beloved mother Elizabeth Holt all of my land also my Negroe man Dennis during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between my two children Robert Jones & Willie Jones...18 January 1844. (signed). May 1844.


pp.234-6, Whereas by the provisions of a marriage contract made and entered into on the 1 December 1835 previous to my intermarriage with my present husband T. Ponton Esqr. I am execute my power of disposing of said property in the form of a will...I Harriet Ponton do hereby make this last will...I my niece Elizabeth R. Ponton slaves Henry, francis, Joe, $400 to be laid out in slave property, my carriage & harness, my mahogany dining my niece Harriet T. Shine negro girl mary and to my niece Mary W. Shine negro girl Isabella and to both of my last mentioned nieces slaves Harriet, Jeff, Dick and Abram with all their increase...I bequeath and appoint that the following slaves with all their increase as may be born after this date shall be emancipated and sent out of the state to Liberia or to one of the settlements on the coast of Africa where person of their condition are usually transported, to wit, Hardy, Jack, David, Luke, Dicey, Sarah, Chloe, Phill, Maria, Bash, Margaret & her two children named Thomas & Jennett and Mack. If the colonization society will not receive the said slaves and provide funds for their immediate embarkation my Executor is directed to hire them out previous to their emancipation till sufficient funds are raised for their transportation...or such of them as are willing to be sent...if any shall refuse...he or she shall record his or her dissent in the superior court of Law of this county...and bed divided as slaves among my three nieces...21 February 1844. (signed). Codicil 21 February 1844: Whereas I have directed that certain slaves named in the ninth clause of my will shall be emancipated...whereas I am advised and believe that said clause is calculated to seriously embarrass my Estate. Now therefore I do hereby annul and make void that portion of the ninth clause...still it is my will and desire if said slaves or any of them can be emancipated without expense or any responsibility on my executor or estate that they be so emancipated...11 March 1844. (signed). August Court 1844.


p.237, I Thomas Tillory...all my land negroes and stock of every kind shall be equally divided among my six children Edward, William, Thomas, John, Mary Eliza and Wade Hampton...25 July 1844. (signed). August Court 1844.


p.238, I Sally Avent...15 June my son Thomas one tract of land...two negroes Hannah & Daniel which I value at $ my son Benj. W. Avent four negroes Anthony, Bridget and her two youngest children Amy and Edward which I value at $1000...son Francis Avent four negroes Jackson, Rose and her two children Robin & George...which I value at $1600...the whole amount of my property should be equally divided between my seven living children...and do not wish to separate my negroes...(her mark). August Court 1844.


p.239, I Albrittian Jones...the whole of my estate to remain as it is until any one of my children shall arrive to the age of twenty one then to receive an equal share of the negroes at valuation...I leave it discretionary with my wife & son William H. Jones either to hire out a part of the negroes or to continue them on the farm...11 January 1845 (signed). February term 1845.


p.240, I Absolum B. negroes in Florida had better be hired out at private sale that is if my executors think it best to sell my lands reasons for wanting them hired out private is that they may be treated well, as to old Ben he can come back again to his Mistress if he should want to come if a chance should offer. I give my wife the following negroes Tom, Mingo, James. I lend to her during her widowhood the balance of my negroes here that is Willis, Amy and her children Oliff and her children...and the following horses Billy, Henry, Reuben, Zana and the young colt...30 November 1839...(signed). February court 1845.


p.242, Edward R. Pierce codicil...all the remainder of my estate not heretofore disposed of including all my negroes and other property of what nature or kind so ever be sold...24 February 1845. (signed). February Court 1845.


p.244-6, I Wm R. Smith, Senr...16 December 1844...I lend to my affectionate wife the following negroes, Man Starlin & wife, Milly & child, old Clarisa, man Tom Webb, man Henry, man Ned, old George, woman Sophia & all her children woman Clarisa and children, Sam & Barcia & old woman Rodey, on sixth part of my horses, mules & cattle, one sixth part of my farming utensils...and $ son William R. the negroes he now has in possession & the following in addition, man Buck & wife Mary and all Mary's children, man miner (the blacksmith), man Harry & man Sam after the death of his mother and $5000...daughter Sally Ann the negroes she now has in possession and the following in addition woman Sall & all Salls children & grandchildren, except woman Anekey and her children and $5, my old man Daniel the privilege of choosing his owner among my children & not valued at my son Richard H. the negroes he has in his possession, in addition, I give him man Davy (son of Fanny) man Colus & boy Charles (son of Cleareah) and $9,500...sons William & Richard $13,500 and the following negroes man Clinton & wife, Livy & all Livys children, man Jess, man Jess and his wife mourning and all mourning children in trust for the following purpose to keep the money in interest and hire out the negroes the net proceeds to my son Robert...son James N. man Jacob & wife Rachel and all Rachel children, man Ging(?) and wife Peggy and all Peggy children, old man Demsey(?) & wife Leah, woman Caroline and all Caroline children, man Tom Webb, old man Buck, old man Peter & wife Cely, Hogfinder Peter & Peney his wife and all Penys children & $ sons William & Richard $4000 in trust for my daughter Elizabeth...the following negroes man Abram & wife, Sabry & all Sabry children, woman Agness and all Agness children and after her mother's death woman Sophia and all her children, woman Clarissa & daughter Barcia, man Starlin & wife Milly & all Milly children, also man Washington and enough of the balance of my negroes to make her part equal to my son$5000...negro girl Louisa now in the possession of Doctor A. S. Hall in trust for my granddaughter Emily Hall...(signed). August Court 1845.


p.249, I Leah W. Shearin...all the money that is due me from the sale of Julius, Betty & Major & the interest I have in the negroes that my late husband Thomas Smith left in the state of Louisianna to be equally divided between my daughter Mary Smith and my two sons Edward H. Shearin and Abner S. Shearin...2 April 1844. (signed). November term 1845.


p.250, I Mary sister Susanna West should have all that belongs to me duering her life. Which consists of negroes, household and kitchen furniture and also all the plantation utensils and all the stock of all kinds consisting of horses, sheep, hogs and cattle...after the death of my sister William M. West son of Wade W. West deceased shall be sole heir to my negroes except Samyra I give to her husband Burgess Bowser [a free African American]...if William West should die without an heir the negroes be sold...Mary Hardee (signed) March 26, 1844. August Court 1846.


pp.252-3, September 21, 1846...I Micah negro bill shall be hired out to assist in paying my Debts and after that I give to my wife Patsy the said negro to dispose of as she pleases...(his mark). November Court 1846.


p.253, I Elizabeth Joyner...beloved daughter Alice B. Watson the following negroes and their increase Maria, Tincey, Mourning, Ben, Hilliard, Bonaparte, and Anderson...beloved daughter Mary B. Ferrall my tract of land...all of my stock of horses, mules, cattle, hogs and sheep, my still, my sofa and safe, also the following negroes and their increase Ceasar, Jim, Willis, Alfred, Hannah, Edy, Pherby, Aga, Matilda, Celia, Rebecca, Lucy...20 August 1846. (her mark). November court 1846.


p.256, I Turner my beloved wife Qunintina all my right and interest in the tract of land on which I live, negroes John, the elder, Winny, Nelson, Fed and John, the younger, and their increase, all my household and kitchen furniture, all my stock of horses, cattle and sheep, all the corn, fodder and cotton on Sarah Threewits all my right and interest in negroes Nathan and Boyd which negroes are now in the possession of William Threewits...all my negroes not named to be sold by my executors and the money applied as follows, all my debts...Polly Pully to have $150 and Bess the daughter of Turner Bass to have $150...remainder to wife...25 March 1845. (his mark). February court 1847.


p.256, I Joseph negro man Ephraim be sold to James H. Walker for $ go to my nephew Charles J. P. nephew Charles my negro man Paddy and any other pieces of property of which I may die possessed...23 December 1846. (signed). February Court 1847.


p.257, I Penelope Cawley...all my negroes that shall be free and conveyed to some free state, viz. Rebecca, Stephen, Rosetta, the increase of Rebecca, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and Celey and her future increase and also Mary Henny and John the increase of Harriet decd. All of my personal property I will to go to the payment of the above named negroes and to convey them to some free state and if it is not sufficient to carry them away I will that they be hired out until such hire sufficient be made for that purpose & also direct and authorize my executor to cause to be emancipated the above named negroes. June 17, 1846. (Her mark). May Court 1847.


p.259, I Isham Matthews...son Thomas P. lands on the Southwest side of Fishing Creek...negroes Charles, Jordan and Joe, Fanny and Mourning with all the children they now have or may have during my the death of my wife...I bequeath unto my son Thomas all my lands and the following negroes Miller George and his wife Alesey, my Black Smith Jack and his striker Wiatt with all their tools also my two negro Women Edy and Brance with all their children also m y two negro boys Hilliard and two stills, apple mills, and all my cider casks...half my stock of horses, oxen, and cattle, hogs and my grand daughter Mary E. Ward my two negro girls Prissy and Easter and bed & furniture...2 April 1845. (signed). November term 1847.


p.260, I Turner Brewer...24 November to my mother Frances Brewer the tract of land I now live on, my two negro girls Adeline and Harriet, all my household and kitchen furniture, one cow and calf and sow and pigs and sheep...(his mark). November 1747.


p.264, I Elizabeth Nelms...2 August 1834...unto my grand daughter Virginia Steptoe one negro girl by the name of my brother James W. Cotton in trust for my daughter Ann W. Steptoe...tract of land which I now live on...& one half of all my estate except negro girl Matilda. (signed). August session 1848.


p.266, I George son Jesse Green receive at his intermarriage 120 acres land, bed & furniture, cow & calf & some household furniture & I wish my negro man Harry to be sold and the money to be equally divided among the heirs of my said son...give my son George Green at his intermarriage bed & furniture, cow & calf, horse, bridle and saddle...200 acres & one negro man named Anthony...daughter Sarah one cow & calf, bed & furniture & one negro woman named Lucy...daughter Elizabeth received at her intermarriage with John Phillips one cow & calf, bed & furniture, negro girl named daughter Frances received at her intermarriage with David Morris a cow & calf, bed & furniture, negro girl named Kissey(?) daughter Leucrecy received at her intermarriage with Egbert Lewis one cow & calf, bed & furniture negro boy named Daniel...daughter Mary received at her intermarriage with Asbery Smith one cow & calf, negro girl Maria...I give to my son Elisha Green a Negro boy named Tom & a woman by the name of Sophia & her two children James & Mason...wife 200 acres negro woman named Chaney ad Negro boy John with all my horses, cattle sheep, hogs...I wish negro woman Chaney to be sold at the death of my wife and the money equally divided between my daughter Nancy Nevelle, Elizabeth Phillips & the living heirs of Leucrecy Lewis & I leave Negro John at the death of my wife to be sold and the money divided between all my children...28 November 1843. (his sign). November term 1848.


p.270, I John my beloved wife Mary C. Young the following negroes and other property (viz.) Bounaparte, Carey, Harry, Peggy, Charlotte, and Soock(?), all my household and kitchen furniture, her choice of one horse, two cows and calves, two sows and piggs and one years provision. I give to my executors the following negroes Milly, Mommia, Romeo and Jim in trust for the use of Julia Savage (wife of John P. Savage) John Young Savage (son of John P. & Julia) land...negroe Boys Andrew & my niece Sally A. House(?) negro man Molly Carey Savage (daughter of John P. & Julia) Negro Victoria Savage Negro Benjamin Savage Negro boy Stuart...20 November 1847. (signed). February Court 1849.


p.271, I Henry Sledge...lend to my beloved wife Sarah Sledge during her natural life any three of my negroes which she may prefer, $200, a bed and furniture...remainder of estate sold...after death of my wife the three negroes sold...17 April 1847...(signed). February Court 1849.


p.272, I William Harper...everything to wife Eliza Harper...Negro Ned will be hired out but upon no rail roads or rivers...4 March 1849. (his mark). May term 1849.


p.273, I Winefred daughter Mary M. Harrison my slave Mary and her youngest child named Pherebe, my Forte Piano, one bed & furniture...son James Nicholson my slave Quining & increase, sorrel horse, be, bed stead & furniture, one dozen silver tea spoons...son Blake B. Nicholson my slave Virgil, one bed & furniture, 1/2 dozen silver dessert spoons...son Samuel Nicholson my slave William, be, bed stead & furniture 1/2 dozen silver dessert spoons...daughter Laura Nicholson my slave Cora and increase, bed, bed stead & furniture, seven large table spoons (silver)...remainder of my property of every pay my debts & $200 legacy to my daughter Laura...consisting of three slaves Taylor, Clara and ___1848. (signed). May term 1849.


p.274, I Mary A. Lewis...all my real & personal estate to be sold & the money arising...divided...Martha L. Savage $1,050...Mary Ann Whitehead...$150...balance divided...16 March 1849. (her mark). Mary term 1849.


p.275, Martha John Hudson my land...devised to me by my late husband Thos. Hudson...two negroes young Mariah & her daughter Elizabeth R. Ponton during her lifetime...the following slaves man Wiatt, boy Richard, woman Combbrush(?), and her children William, Hardy and Nancy...September 1845. (signed). May court 1849.


p.276 I Sugar my friend Thomas P. Matthews in trust for my daughter Mary Lain(?) and her children slaves old Nat, old Jacob, Elisha, Stepney(?), Blake, Tom, little Jacob, Netty, little Winny, Pris, Maria, Fanny, Gideon, Aggy, Ginny, Hasty, Charity & Peasett(?)...these slaves be hired out annually by my daughter Mary Snow...forty slave Betsy and her three children Jack Aaron & Leach(?) my friend Doctor M. C. Whitaker in trust for my son Doctor Shadens Davis Morris tract of land and slaves blk. Bill, Reuben, Anthony, Ned, Yellow Sarah, Pink, Penny, Margaret, Peter, Shack, old George, Winny, hooping Bill, Anaca, little George, and Eaton her children, Haly and her children, Albert and John and son Thadeus is to have whole & sole use & management of the above named negroes and lands for the benefit and use of himself and his children but he is not to sell any part without the consent of my trustee. I lend unto my daughter Elizabeth Johnson slaves Sawyer, Jacob, Bob, Matt, Owen, Jack, Arnold, Attmore, Adeline, Harriet, Mourning & her children, Harmey(?), Patience, Rose, Pegg, wild Mary & child, Joe, little Mary & her children, Jane, Henry, Chaney & Lucinda...1 March 1849. (signed). Jury find it is not the will of the said Sugar J. Davis and that he died intestate.


p.278, I Thomas Allen...lend to my wife Frances negro man Preston, one negro woman Eliza, two feather beds & furniture, chest of draws...children of my son Elisha Allen I give Preston and old my son Hamblin I give negro boy Henry and girl Martha Sarah and at the death of my wife my son Thomas negro girl Mary and to son Sterling negro boy Levy, to my daughter Elizabeth negro girl Caroline. To my daughter Ann negro girl Susan...The negroes I have given to my children and the children of my son Elisha Allen I wish to be valued by three disinterested persons and whatever difference there may be in their valuation I wish to be equalized by the payment of the difference from one to the other...25 May 1849. (his mark). August Court 1849.


p.279, I Dolly M. Cotton...5 February my brother James Cotton negroes Peter, Austin, Alfred, Guilford, Violet, and Beck...two beds & the death of my brother the negroes to be allowed to choose their be sold and the money applied to the uses I will mention house girl Sally daughter of Charity Tootle (a free African American) one bed and furniture and $100. To boy Lafayette son of Charity Tootle $100...after paying the legacies each negro shall receive the sum of $50 out of the money arising from the sale of such negroes. (signed). August court 1849.


p.280, To my daughter Emily slaves Becky, Ned, Mary and her two children Susan and Eliza Skelton my negro slaves Granderson, John, Diana, Milbry and her two children Isaac and Priscilla and also Fanny and Amanda Batchelor Rosetta and her two children Louis and Adelade, Nancy, Lucinda and Margaret. Margaret Davis. 8 March 1848. August Term 1849.


p.282, I Martha B. Turner of Northampton County...unto my grand daughter Martha Turner Cross daughter of Cyprian Cross one negro girl of my estate to my executor for the use of my daughter Martha wife of Cyprian Cross...2 December 1848. (signed). November Court 1849.


p.283, I Dolly Applewhite...son Henry Applewhite negroes Davie & grand daughter Sarah Applewhite one negro girl named Eliza, one feather(bed) and Kinchen H. Webb negroes Jack, Wilson & Jane to be held in trust for my Grand son Napolean Josey...(her mark). November Court 1849.


p.284, I Randolph my beloved wife Harriet negroes Joe, Maria, Jim, Toby & old Cely to dispose of in any manner she wishes...I loan to my beloved wife negroes Alice & Emeline...8 August 1849...(signed). November term 1849.


pp.285-7, I Elijah Pope...lend wife Mary land...lend to grandchildren Martha, Benjamin & Adeline Critchens children of my deceased daughter Olivia the following land and negroes...Chany, Fany & her child, Clarisa & her child Jim...the land and negroes valued and my grandson to have all the land and my grand daughters to have each the same valuation in negroes, the remainder of the negroes to be divided among all three...all my negroes not named above I wish divided into eight shares. I give to my wife Mary one share...each of my three daughters one share...negro man Charles to be valued at $500...the negroes of Albt E. & David A. Pope to be thrown together as common stock and settled by their guardian on their land the profits arising from the farm to be equally divided between each of my four boys arrives to the age of 21 he is to take possession of his property...when the time arrives for the division of the property of Albert E. and David A. I wish their guardian to put up negro Charles for sale and allow no person to bid except the two boys...7 November 1847. (signed). November term 1849.


pp.287-8, I Richard H. my beloved wife Mary A. Mosby a negro girl named Chaney in fee simple...19 September 1843. (signed). November term 1849.


pp.288-9, I Edward that my executors cause to be emancipated and sent to some free state or country as may be desired my servants Fanny and Rose and all the issue of them living at my death the expenses to perform which I charge on my whole my executors...I give the whole of my estate, first to raise the money mentioned in the foregoing items and in the second place for the use and benefit of my two daughters Emily E. Davis & Maria L. executors are herein empowered and directed that should any of my slaves become unmanageable so that the interest of my estate shall so require, to sell the said slave or slaves to hold the proceeds subject to the trust or to buy others as they may deem most prudent...15 June 1849. November term 1849.


p.290, I Stephen Pepper...5 February to my beloved wife Lucy Pepper the balance of my land, Negroes, Stock and household and kitchen furniture...after the death of my wife all my Negroes, Stock of every and Plantation items be sold and equally divided among my seven children...(signed). February term 1850.


p.291, I Benjamin Davis...13 August beloved wife Margaret W. Davis the following slaves Stephen and his wife Molly and their daughters Emily, Charity and Caroline...and Peter and his wife Minerva and their eight children Nelson, William, Amanda, Frances, Betsey, David, Da Napthali and Robert likewise Man Virgil and woman Fanny...unto Josephine Webb slaves Hortense and her child Margaret, Pauline and her child Rachel, Rosetta and her eight children, viz. John, Holland, Daniel, Charles, Homer, Primus and Jane...all the rest of my slaves I give to Ann N. Dupree and Wilson Dupree...(signed). May Court 1850.


p.292, I Solomon Slatter...lend to Martha W. Nichols wife of Thos. B. Nichols twenty nine negroes and their increase: Liddy, Lucy, Penelope, Clarisa, Cloe, Venus, Charity, Marina, Louisa, Adeline, Mary, Dorcas, nancy, Abraham, Emily, David(?), Dempsey, Dobyzham, Benjamin, Tom, Cambridge, Edward, Nelson, John, Peter, Reuben, Henry, Virgil, Harry & Sterling...lend to Lucy Anthony wife of John H. Anthony four negroes Luke, Homer & Hester and I give her the right to dispose of said negroes to her children...I give to my negro girls Clarisa, Cloe, Penelope and Lucy each a feather bed, one bed stead and bolster, one pillow, one blanket, one counterpane & two sheets for their own proper use. I give to Clarissa one bed quilt in addition. The balance of my clothing to be equally divided between Venus, Charity, Marina & Louisa. I give to my girl Clarissa all of my sister Nancy's trunks, band boxes, looking glasses with all her wearing apparel to be distributed as she may think proper...18 October 1848. (signed). May Court 1850.


p.296, I James W. my wife Mary all my household and kitchen furniture, my Carriage & Harness & Pair Horses also 100 acres of land where the Mansion house now her boy Henry & a woman to cook also Riah during her life also $500 from the interest that may be due me when I daughter Martha Batchelor two Negroes Minerva and child Addilade...son Littleberry the tract of land whereon he now lives and the two negroes I have already given him...2 March 1848. (signed). Codicil 17 October 1850. November term 1850.


p.301, I Warwick Hockaday...son John Hockaday tract of land...the following negroes Ned about twenty five years old, Anthony about twenty three years old, Enoch nineteen years old, & Charlotte & her two youngest children, also my black called Betty, yoke of oxen & ox cart & one cow & my son William Hockaday tract of negro woman Maria & her children and negroes now being in the possession of my said my son Warrick Hockaday & to my three daughters Fanny, Judy & Tempy all the negroes and other property that I have advanced to them...26 October 1847. (his mark). February Court 1851.


p.302, I Thomas Harrison Pritchett my Negro Woman Biny & her child Francis...balance of property sold...14 March 1851. (signed). August Term 1851.


p.303, I Frederick my wife Phebe land...stock of the children of said Phebe...Negroes John, Obidianer, & their increase except Girl Martha who is herein disposed daughter Sally Negroes Darcass, Benjamin, Nancy, Dempsey, and Margaret & all their increase..and in case of her death without a lawful heir I bequeath the said property to my son my son Alfred Negroes Solomon & Martha & their increase...2 March 1850. (his mark). May Court 1851.


pp.304-6, I Wilson C. my wife Agnes A. Whitaker all my household & kitchen furniture, all my books, carriage horses, carriage and the following negroes Spier, Thomas, Henry, Patsey, Willie, Albert, Allen, Louisa, Robin, Molly, Jessee, Winny & two children (viz.) Rachel, Delha, Mary, Winny & my son Montgomery the following Negroes Peter, Austin, Lavenia, Pink & her children namely Reddick, Susan, Sabera, Felcia, twelve head of sheep, two cows & my son Ferdinand 671 acres...Negroes Charles, Kinchen, Chloe & her children (viz.) Laura, Haywood, Daniel, Essix, Turner & John Anthony also the oxen and cart horse cart & wheels, horse called Gary, two mules called Cate a big Mule & Pall, six cows & calves, twelve head of sheep, eight sows & son Thaddeus E. Dick, Alfred, Nancy & her following children William, Quining, Judge, Mahala & Sylvester also my my son Theodore S. Whitaker the tract of land...Negroes Jackson, Rose & her children (viz.) Benja, Elias, Eli, Peter & Minerva...daughter Ann O. Whitaker Negroes Isaac, little Eliza, Silvy & her children (viz.) David, Martha, Rhoda, Temp & Jonas...daughter Sarah P. Whitaker negroes Louis, Penny & her children (viz.) Adaline, Fransina, Emma, Nelly, Isabella, Jo, George, Ellison & Don...Barrach & Cato may be sold so as to be with their wives if they wish it. The residue of my negroes I give to my children so as by valuing those given to them by name & those yet to be divided will make each lot as nearly equal in value as possible...May 1850. (signed). May Court 1851.


p.308, I Elizabeth Jones...daughter Maria Jones the following negro slaves Tempy, Angeline, Hartwell, Jeremiah & Dinwiddie, one half my household & kitchen furniture, one half my stock of horses, hogs, sheep and cattle and plantation my daughter Rebecca J. Jones the following negro slaves Peg and child Ned, Kissy and children Elizabeth & Fanny, the proceeds of the sale of two negroes now in her possession, one half my household & kitchen furniture, one half my stock of horses, hogs, sheep and grand daughter Charlotte E. Harris the following negro slaves Susan & children, Joseph, Mary, Augustus and Julia...grandson Benjamin Oscor Harris negro slaves Mary Ann & children Alice & Rebecca, Cornelius & Peter. 9 June 1851. (signed). August Court 1851.


p.309, I Wade J. beloved wife Maria should have out of my estate four negroes of her own two children William & the infant who it appears does not heir from Albert Arrington decd.'s will should be made equal out of the residue of my estate (after the negroes given to my wife is taken out...20 July 1851. (signed). August Court 1851.


p.313, I Whitmel H. negroes be equally divided among all my children and that in the division the following slaves be allotted to my daughter Mary Eliza as a part of her portion: Titus & his wife Nancy & their children (viz.) Antoinette, Annabele, Caroline, Margaret, Sam, & Alonzo...23 May 1847. (signed). November Court 1851.


p.315, I Jesse R. Clanton...all my property that may remain after the payment of my debts including my negro slaves and such other property as by law I have a right to bequeath to my uncle Robert Clanton of Sumpton County Alabama...should any of my negro slaves prove to be evil disposed and not easily managed the said Clanton is authorized to sell such slaves...empowered to remove all the slaves and other property bequeathed in trust to him to the state of Alabama. 1 October 1851. (signed). November Court 1851.


pp. 316, I Francis Jones...should one or more of my children desire a division in the negroes they shall be at liberty to do, drawing their share at valuation with this understanding that my daughter Penelope Ridley shall if she desires it, have allotted to her girl Caroline & her increase at valuation...7 June 1849. (signed). November Court 1851.


p.317-8, I Thomas Watson...the negroes that came by my wife Elizabeth sahll be divided into four equal parts & she Elizabeth shall take her choice of the four son William F. Watson, Mary F. Harrell & John T. Watson shall share and share alike the lots of negroes that came by wife Elizabeth...I give to my son William F. his lot of negroes in fee my daughter Mary F. Harrell her lot of Negroes in fee simple.... so son John T. Watson his lot of negroe in fee son John & wife Eliza shall take care of my three old negroes Phillis, Alice & York...6 May 1851. (signed). November Court 1851.


pp.320-4, I James my son Alfred...also $200 as half the value of negro man son Edwin Moore...negro man Exum valued at $400, negro girl Jane at $350, negro girl Phebe valued at $200, negro boy Daniel at $ daughter Betsy F. Dickens negro girl Lettice valued at $ grandson James Richard Henry Moore...negro Lucy (now dead) valued at $50, negro woman & child run(?) off $350, negro man Luke $500...son Bartholomew F. Moore...negro man Joyrux(?) valued at $350, negro Lucy (Dead), valued for $200, negro man Cary valued $500...negro Jane valued at $233, negro girl Rose $350, negro Jordan value at $ daughter Sally Hester Anne Powell I give negro girl Mariah valued at $350, negro man Kinchen valued at $400 negro man Luke valued at $500, negro girl Susan valued at $ Thomas G. Moore...negro woman Patience & two children & Renda valued at $550, boy Solomon $250...those who have received over and pay to those who have received negroes valued at the same rates...1 October 1840 (signed). Codicil: son Edwin must account for the negroes I left him when in hire cost & money viz. negro man Willie $600 woman Franky & child $600 & man Cy(?) a further codicil...the sum of $800 be charged against the share I have given to my grandson Richard Moore...for a girl named Bet...February Court 1852.


p.324-5, I Pompey Jones (a free African American head of a 1830 Halifax County census of "free colored" man over the age of 55 and 2 female slaves over the age of 55 [p.355]) 30 acres for the support of my son Andrew during his natural life...after his death to my executor...1 horse, 2 cows & calves, 2 sows & pigs...two children Charles & Eda $100 each to be raised out of the sale of such property my executor shall sell. As negro Wilkes & Eda have been good and faithful servants my will is that my Executor settle them on the Drake plantation containing 50 acres & see that thy are comfortabley supported during their life & at their death the land to go to my executor. I give unto my friend and neighbor B.R. Wilkins the land on the south side of the road leading from Enfield to Drapers commencing at the land lent to Andrew...containing 75 acres to him and his heirs forever. Lastly as Sally Wilkins (Sarah Wilkins was a "Mulatto" nurse listed in the 1860 census in the household of D.D. Bryant, a hotelkeeper [household no. 215]) has lived with me for number of years & been a good and faithful servant I give unto her forever all the land...containing 100 acres...also 1 horse 1 cow & calf & one sow and pig. I give unto my friend L. H. B. Whitaker (a white man)...forever 210 acres...friend L.H. B. Whitaker executor. 6 May 1850. (his mark). February Court 1852.


p.327, I James Raper to my esteemed sister Martha negro woman Mariah and her two children Arabella and Lurretta(?)and their increase...Brother Joseph H. Roper my negro man John and negro woman Aggy and her increase...Brother William C. Roper my negro boy Robert, my Gold watch and chain and all that he is indebted to me...31 July 1851. (signed). May Court 1852.


p.328, I Asail Joliff...wife Mary all of my property consisting of land, negroes, money, bonds, accounts, crop, stock, household and kitchen furniture, plantation utensils or any other kind of property...1 March 1852. (his mark). May Court 1852.


p.329, I Tabitha Bridges...balance of my property consisting of two negroes Lucinda and her child Don Quixotte & there placed in the hands of my executors who shall pay out annually for the support of my daughter...12 January 1847. Codicil: ...the negro girl Rachal which I bot some few years ago...remain in the hands of my Executors ass the other negroes...(signed). May Court 1852.


p.330, I Willis my grandsons Henry Webb and Benjamin Davis Webb negro woman Silvey & her increase. I lend to my son Richard Henry Webb all the balance of my property of every kind & description...reserving also a wheel & cards & Loom for my negro woman Tamer. It is my wish that my son Richd H. Webb shall work my hands on the lands as I have done during his life and at his death I give all the above bound property to each of his old woman Tamer shall remain where she is & have her things to herself & be well provided for by my Executors...24 May 1852. (his mark). August Court 1852.


p.331, I Lazarus my son Thomas Lewis in trust for my daughter Nancy Duncan...(land) and a negro girl named Mary(?) aged about ten years and her Thomas Lewis one negro girl Eliza and her increase...son Lewis Lewis one negro girl Tilly and her increase. 9 February 1838. (his mark), August 1852.


p.367, I Joseph my wife...the following property both real and personal the one third of the tract of land on which we now reside containing 100 acres my negro woman Martha and child and their increase...Her choice of two cows and calves, two sows and pigs, the beds with the steads & furniture, one horse, one yoke of oxen...August 1853 (his mark). August 1854 term.


p.369, I John W. wife Martha S. Pierce plantation...and land...all the balance of my estate after my just debts are paid to be equally divided between my wife and daughter, that is to say, my negroes to be valued by three disinterested persons and she is to take her choice of the same according to valuation together with any other articles of my property she may desire...26 September 1854. (signed). November Court 1854.


Slaves Named in King George County, Virginia Wills

1721-1752, 1780-1804

Will Book A-1, 1721-1752, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 62


p.14, I Humphrey Quisenbery...wife Mary the Negroe William Bets the best bed and furniture, oldest son John tract of land...

[pp.15-22 missing].


pp.23, Negroes Sarah to her son Thomas 12 October 1724. (signed John Pratt). Proved 1 January 1724/5.


pp.27-9, I Patrick my only child & daughter Elizabeth White all my estate real and personal 800 acres, one Negro called Dick, one riding horse, one mare and colt, two cowes, one heifer, & five yearlings, 50 shillings. 19 February 1724/5. (his mark). no probate date.


pp.29-31, Charles Grace my dearly beloved wife my two Negroes Kate and Ross dureing her natural life and after her decease the Negro Boy Ross to descend to my daughter Elizabeth. All the rest of my estate except one cow and calf which I give to my grandson James to my wife to be disposed of among my children. 19 June 1725. (his mark). Proved 6 August 1725.


pp.37-8, I John Jones...wife Ann two feather beds, rugs, two iron pots...three cowes & calves...son John 152 acres all my smiths tools...son George one Negro man named Tom...son Richard my dwelling plantation and land...a negro man named Sambo and a feather bed...Daughter Barbary Webster one negro woman named Judy & her daughter Rose...26 April 1724. (his mark). Proved 1 April 1726.


pp.40-1, I William Strother, Senr...sons William and Francis & Daughter Margaret deceased have received their parts...son Benjamin three Negros named Peter, Cate & Sarah & all her increase...son Anthony three Negros named Tom Bess and Hanah with all her increase...son George three Negros named Adam, Nanny and Doll with their increase...(if) my son George decease before he hath heir then the Negro girl Doll to go to my grandson John Strother, son of Francis & in case either decease before they have heir, the Negro to be equally divided amongst all my survivors. 7 April 1726. (signed). Proved 1 July 1726.


pp.42-3, I William Miller...last day of March 1726...wife Mary plantation during her lifetime after to descend to my son Simon...son Benjamin plantation...all my household furniture and my cattle, hogs, horses, sheep, Negros equally to be divided among my dear wife and all my children Except Negro Jamie and Philles and their issue I give to my son Simon. (his mark). Proved 1 July 1726.

pp.48-51, I Francis Thornton...sons Francis & Rowland tract of 800 acres...son Rowland one half of 1000 acres...wife Ann the other half of 1000 acres...George Riding son of my wife Ann 170 acres...grandson Francis Pomeay one Mulatto girl Bess...George Riding five slaves named Mulatto James, Negro Dick, Negro Jane, Negro Nanny & a Negro boy named Samuel...Margaret Riding, daughter of my wife Ann, six slaves Negro Charles, a girl named Peggee, a girl named Frank, Negro Susan, Negro Billy, a boy Mulatto Jacob. The rest of my negroes I give to my loving wife Ann to be equally divided by Equal portions between George & Margarett Riding. 10 May 1726. (signed). Proved 7 October 1726.


pp.51-3, I Morgan my beloved wife all my Negros & Goods, stock, & Chatalls during the time of her Negros shall be divided amongst my children to each of them one as far as they will allow and if it should happen that the negro woman shall increase so far that there shall be Each of them one by the time mentioned...the increase of Negros shall be allowed in the aforesd division the oldest of my sons to make choice first & after him every one of them to make his or her choice according to their Bearthright...23 June 1726. (his mark). 7 October 1726.


p.55, I Waugh Darnall...son Jeremiah tract of land where I now live... a tract divided between Daughters Anne & Margaret five negroes with their issue to be equally divided between my wife & children. 2 June 1726. (signed). 7 October 1726.


pp.56-7, 20 June 1726, I John Jones...son John 100 acres...son George 73 acres, smiths tools, three heifers...son Thomas seventy three acres, gun and 3 heifers...son James Jones three heifers and a sute of good cloths & the home plantation after the decease of his mother...daughter Mary one Negro named Bess & her increase, a cow & calf...Daughter Catherine one cow & calf, daughter Sarah one cow & calf. (his mark). Proved 5 November 1726.


pp.59-60, I Richard Jones...cousen John Brown two young cows & ten shoats...Mary Herring twenty four yards of wefted stuff(?)...Mother in law Ann Jones four sheep...Mark Jones one heifer & Red Steer...William Herring my Polack Horse...John Coburn my new colt bridle & saddle...sister Catherine Jones one Gold John Jones one negro boy named Tom & two cows & calves, feather bed and furniture...all the rest of my personal estate, goods & Chatalls to my loving brother Edward Jones only ye negro Sambo excepted if my brother should die before the said negro then for Mark Jones to have him. 28 June 1726. (signed). Proved 5 November 1726.


p.62, I John my dearly beloved wife Mary all and every of my Estate both real and personall that is to say all my lands, Negros, stock & household stuf during her natural life Except a tract of land...which I give to my son Arthur together with seven slaves Long Jack, Jockey, Jammie, Little Harry, Little Jack, Poll, Mulatto Bess, Bridget...10 August 1727 (sic). (signed). Proved 6 July 1727.


pp. 63-4, 6 April 1726, I Henry Gollop...cousen Mary Elkens the plantation where I now live and one Negro called Cill and one heifer to her daughter Elizabeth...Cousen Anne Gollop one plantation and one negro called Tom and one feather bed and furniture. (his mark). Proved 6 July 1727.


pp.64-5, I William lands and all my negroes to my son William...should the children die without heirs my hole estate land and negroes & whatsoever there is besides to the mantanence of a free scool. 27 December 1726. (signed). Proved 1 December 1727.


p.66, I John William Wood land...loving wife Mary parcel of land whereon my home dwelling plantation personal estate my two slaves & all other moveables I give unto my wife. After my wife's death my two slaves & other moveables be equally divided amongst all my relations...26 February 1727. (signed). Proved 3 May 1728.



pp.69-70, I Richard Tutt...All my Negroes & the rest of my personal estate to my loving wife Mary she giving to every one of my children a negro as they my Sons arrive to the age of twenty one years & to my daughters on the day of case either of my two daughters die before they marry my surviving daughter have the two Negroes. 27 February 1728/9. (signed). Proved 7 March 1728/9.


pp.71-6, I Isaac Lee late of Rappahonock River in America but now of the parish of Stepney in Honorable mother Sarah Lee of America widow one of my best negroes such as she shall choose...Brother Richard Lee of America the next Best Negroe such as he shall choose...brothers John and Harwick Estates such as land and houses in America. All the rest of my Negroes, Goods, Chattels and Effects of whatever kind or value sold in America I give unto my brothers and sisters John and Hannah Lee, Anne Eustace and Elizabeth Lee to be equally divided. 19 November 1726. (signed). Proved 8 March 1728/9.


pp.77-8, I John Executor to purchase deed to me from Thomas Harwood two Negroe wenches for Mary Taliafero & Elizabeth Taliafero the two daughters of my sister Elizabeth my sister Elizabeth Battaley as much money as will buy her a young negro man or woman at her choice. 6 February 1728/9. (signed). Proved 6 June 1729.


p.82, I Jonathan Gibson...son Jonathan my Negro boy called daughter Sarah Gibson my negro man Eugene, my negro woman Cate & her child Plato, my negro man Dick my Negro woman Lang & her son Ned & their increase...Daughter Alsee Gibson twenty two pounds Sterl to buy her a Negro...daughter Rachell Gibson my negro woman young Viner & Judy, Harry, Peter, & Tony & all their increase...All the rest of my Negro's with their increase, all my corn, tobacco, cattle & estate whatsoever to my wife Elizabeth...of the negro's so Left as before to my wife my will is that negro Sarah & her son Job & her increase be to my wife & at her disposal for ever so that it be to any one of my children the rest of the negro's here left to her are to go to my son Jonathan after her decease...30 day of 7 ber. (signed). Proved 5 December 1729.


pp.87-8, I Mark negro man Sambo to my aunt Barbary Webster wife of Charles Webster of Stafford County all the rest of my estate to be equally divided between my aunt Barbary and my good friend John Higden...27 July 1731. (signed). Proved 3 September 1731.


p.92, Elizabeth Gibson...well beloved son Francis Conway land, three cowes & calves, three breeding sowes...well beloved daughter Sarah three cows & calves three sows & six piggs & a gold ring...well beloved daughter Rachel three cows & calves & my riding mare, bridle and saddle...well beloved daughter Alice all my wearing cloths...well beloved son Jonathan eight Negroes by name Will, Frank, Jone, Vemen, Sarah, Joseph, Luce & Charles. 14 November 1732. (signed). Proved 2 February 1732/3.


p.96, I Samuel Wharton...oldest son John 100 acres, my coat & 1 shilling...son Samuel 100 acres, a negro wench named Judy & her increase, pistols & holsters & a sword & feather bed & furniture...son William plantation & land, one stallion named Fortune, the rest of my wearing cloths divided between William and Charles one mare colt to William one gun & saddle...son Charles land...don Joseph & Zachariah all the rest of my land to be divided after the death of their mother...30 November 1732. (signed). Proved 6 April 1733.


pp.98-9, I Henry Long, Senr...daughter Martha Wharton & John Wharton one negro boy called Sharper & one feather bed & youngest daughter Mary Tankersly & her husband George Tankersly all my land & appoint them executors & do give all the rest of my estate, Negroes, goods & chattels & other comodities that shall be termed or called my estate. 3 December 1732. (his mark). Proved 7 September 1733.


pp. 99-100, I Joseph Ammon...son Thomas lands...daughter Margaret the Negro girl Sarah & her increase...two beds, chairs, pewter, a horse called Sparrow, two cows & calves, two heifers...13 June 1731. (signed). Proved 3 November 1733.


p.101, I William Grant...all my goods & Chattels upon my own planatation to my son John Grant...plantation whereon I now dwell to son William...and whereas I have formerly by deed of gift given to my son John two negroes named George & Harry & an Indian slave named Jo. To my son William two negros named Mall & Sambo. To my son Daniel two negroes named Peg & Jenny & all their future increase, one negro man named Tony which his brother John bought of Anselem Bennett...son Daniel two feather beds & sons William and Daniel all my stock of chattels, hogs upon my son Daniel a servant woman named Elizabeth Vendinancher with all my wearing apparell...24 January 1726/7. (his mark). The last will of William Grant...the labor of my two negroes Jemy & Sarah shall be for the maintenance of my son William Grant's two children...nuncupative codicil. Proved 1 February 1733/4.


pp.114-5, I Robert Strother...son John plantation whereon I now live 100 negro girl named Joan with all her future increase...son Robert plantation one hundred and eight acres, likewise one negro boy named Tobia...son Enoch one negro girl named Phillis with all her future increase...wife Elizabeth one negro man named Tom and one negro woman named Sary. 14 May 1735. (his mark). Proved 7 November 1735.


p.115, I John Naylor...Daughter Hanah Naylor my land whereon I live...desire that she lett her sister Elizabeth Naylor's negro work on the plantation for seven years...remainder of estate to wife and two daughters. 30 October 1734. (signed). Proved 5 December 1735.


pp.118-21, I Richard my three Sons John, William, & James 398 acres in the County of Prince William...300 acres in the County of King George...Daughter Barbary a negro Man named Sarah my Daughter a negroe Man named Pomp...son John a negroe Man named Ned...son William a negroe man named Harry...son James a Negroe Woman named Pegg & her increase...son John a Feather Bed, one Rugg a pair of Blankets...Daughter Barbary one feather bed, one Rugg a pair of blankets...Daughter Rachel one Feather Bed...after the decease of my wife all my estate be equally divided amongst my children...wife Sarah executrix...12 June 1735. (his mark). Proved 5 March 1735.


pp.122-4, I Daniel French...Daughter Margaret French my land also the stock of Hoggs & Cattle likewise Two Negroes at my plantation in Prince William County called Little Nan & a Boy called Tom, also Three Feather Beds & Furniture, Two mares & a mare called Exr shall buy for my said Daughter Three young working negroes with the cash I have...six head of real and personal in Prince William County to my son Daniel...all the rest of my estate to my wife...23 March 1734..(signed). 5 March 1735.


p.132, I Thomas Harper...Dear and well beloved wife Margaret Harper all and singular my Estate both real and personal moveable and immoveable and during the term of her natural life and after her decease my land to be equally divided among my children Thomas, George, Daniel, John and Samuel...Daughter Mildred one negro girl named Bibiana...Daughter Mary one cow and calf all the remainder of my estate after my wife's decease to be divided among my five sons...2 October 1733. (his mark). Proved 1 April 1737.


p.133, I Thomas my Loving wife Elizabeth and her Daughter Mary one Negro man named Peter & one Negro Woman named Dengia...Daughter Elizabeth Finch one negro man named Bob...son Thomas one negro Boy named Frank...Daughter Sarah one Negro Boy named Jammy...son George one negro Woman named Febey...son Thomas parcel of gun & one horse called of estate be equally divided between my wife and children...6 January 1737. (his mark). Proved 3 February 1737.


p.135, I Henry wife Elizabeth my shear of the crop made last year...William Thornton (for whom I was overseer) my wearing cloths & bed with furniture, small grey mare saddle & bridle...Daughter Ann Lock my Negro Woman named Winny with future increase also five head of Cattle & a chest...she shall be at liberty to dispose of her self her negro & the above mentioned five head of cattle as she shall think fit...13 October 1737. (his mark). Proved 7 July 1738.


p.137, I Joseph Minton...give to my sons Thomas and Joseph ten pounds each & to my Daughter Mary ten pounds & a side saddle. And all my cloths to be divided between my said two sons & to my son Thomas my riding horse Jack & my saddle & bridle. And to my son Joseph a yearling mare colt. I give to Martha Taylor my little box & what is in it &five hundred pounds of tobacco. I give to my son John all my lands...and the rest of my state Negroes & what else I have to be equally divided between my sons John & Daniel & my Daughter Elizabeth...26 June 1737. (his mark). 3 November 1738.


p.138, I George White...Daughter Ann Jett one pistole to buy her a ring...son George one Negro Will & a pistole...all the rest of my estate equally divided between my well beloved wife & her children...6 April 1738. (signed). Proved 3 November 1738.


p.139, I Christopher Ederington...son William one Negro woman named Jenny, one negro girl named Nell one negro boy named Bob...son John all my lands and one negro man named Bambo, one Negro girl named Bess...Daughter Hester Ederington one negro girl named Moll, one negro girl named cow & calf one feather bed & likewise to my sons William & John each of them a feather bed...loving wife Mary one negro woman named Beny one Negro man named Harry one negro girl named Pegg together with the rest of my estate...December the last 1737. (signed). Proved 2 February 1738.


p.141, I William Dodgin...unto Hanah Head one negro man named Tabra, I lett two negro slaves to Henry Head for one Thousand pounds of Tobacco per annum...21 March 1738/9. (his mark). The two Negroes let out for a year to Henry Head are not to be taken from the said Head untill called for by the heirs of William Dodgin nor anything taken for their service. I give to Henry Head a negro man named Quaterara for ever. (his mark). Proved 6 April 1739.


pp.144-5, I Ann Glendenning...loving son John Glendenning ten pounds...Daughter Margaret Grant my Negro named Sarah & her increase during her natural live and after her decease to her son James Grant...loving Daughter Elinor Armstrong a Negro girl named Nell During her natural life and after her decease to her son Joseph Armstrong also a Negro Boy named Chirmo...loving Daughter Jael Seale one Negro named Jack...loving son in law John Armstrong all my stock of Cattle & hogs...all the rest of my estate divided between my three daughters...16 September 1733. (her mark). Proved 6 June 1740.


pp.147-9, I Rowland Thornton...son Francis Thornton land in Spotsylvania County as also land lying in King George County...loving wife Elizabeth the following Negroes Frank, Robin, Peter, Casor & Bess...the use of my two Negroes Joe & Jemmy during her life & after her decease...Daughter Elizabeth have Negroe Jemmy and Daughter Alcey have Negro Joe. I also give my loving wife her first choice of thirty head of cattle...together with all my stock of hogs as also all my household goods both in Virginia & England...Daughter Elizabeth Negroes Tom, Kate, little Bess, Stephen, Sias, Hannibal, Judy, Grace, Moll alias Poll, Ben, Ralph & Phillis...30 pounds Sterling, feather bed, a Black horse called Button, a mare called Phenix and her next choice of eight head of cattle after her mother. I also give (her) Negro Jemmy after my wife's Decease...Daughter Alcey the following fourteen Negro's Casser, Flor, Frank, Nan, Milly, Ester, Bristol, Sibby, Jeffery, Harry, Titus, Mariah, Davy & Jenny...her choice of eight head of the remaining part of my cattle with one good feather bed & furniture. I also give to my daughter Alcey Negro Joe after my wife's decease...son Francis the Remaining part of my Negroes not herein Bequeath'd and fifty pounds sterling together with the remaining part of my cattle and also my new gun, pistolls, holsters, scimeter a new trooping saddle...21 September 1741. (signed). Proved 5 March 1741.


pp.151-2, I William Robinson...Dear Grandson 1000 acres of land also the tract of land I now live on, the following Negroes Judah, Kate, Great Jemmy, Joe, Frank, Mol, Mucco, Betty, Peg, Nanny, Tom, Moses, Will, David, Sue...Dear Grand Daughter Frances Robinson the following Negro's Old George, Ben, Harry, George, Vennam, Charles, Phillis, Jenny, Nell, Milly, Pender...15 August 1742. (signed). Proved 3 December 1742.


pp.153-4, I William Thornton...unto Frances Robinson my grand Daughter the Following slaves Punch, Venus and her child Lucy, Hannah, Primus, Cato, Mingo, Jack and Dafney...all that tract of land in Prince William County containing 500 acres...grandson William Robinson the following slaves Dick, Winney, Milley, Jolly, Dick, Edinborough, Plat, Phill, and Sambo...1500 acres in Prince William of my estate to my Dearly Beloved Wife Frances and my only son William in due proportions as the law shall direct...3 November 1742. (signed). Proved 4 March 1742/3.


pp.156-61, I Augustine Washington...unto my son Lawrence plantation in Prince William County 2,500 acres and all the slaves cattle & stocks of all kinds whatsoever & all the household Furniture whatsoever...son Augustine lands in the County of Westmoreland, 25 head of neat cattle, 40 hogs & 20 sheep and a Negro man named Frank besides those Negroes formerly given him by his mother...(also) three young working slaves to be purchased for him out of the first profits of the Iron Works after my Decease...son George land I now live on...& ten Negro slaves...son Samuel land at Chotank in the County of Stafford 600 acres...son John land in the County of Westmoreland 700 acres...son Charles land adjoining son Lawrence's land also land in the County of Prince William 700 acres...all the rest of my Negro's be equally divided between my wife & my three sons samuel John and Charles & that Ned, Jack, Bob, Sue & Lucy may be included in my wife's part which part after her decease I desire may be equally divided between my sons George, Samuel, John & Charles & intend to be in full satisfaction & liew of her Dower in my Negro's. But if she should insist notwithstanding on her right of Dower in my Negro's I will & desire that so many as may be wanting to make up her share may be taken out of the Negro's given hereby to my sons George, Samuel, John & son Lawrence all the Right I have to in or out of the Iron Works in which I am Concerned in Virginia & Maryland Provided that he do & shall out of the profits raised thereby purchase for my said Augustine three young working slaves as I have herein before directed...unto my Daughter Betty a Negro Child Named Mary Daughter of Sue & another named Betty daughter of Judy...11 April 1743. (signed). Proved 6 May 1743.


p.166, I Robert Doniphan...loving son Robert two Negro girls dinah & Truelove and likewise a Negro Man named Sam and two feather beds & furniture...beloved wife Ellen Doniphan Three Negro's Edinborough, London & Kate also a white servant woman named Isabella Gordon...23 October 1743. (his mark). Proved 2 March 1743/4.


pp.167-9, I William Thornton...lend unto my Honoured Mother Frances Thornton slaves Ceaser and Jenny...after her decease to my dearly beloved wife Mary...wife Mary the following slaves Old Tom, Great Jack, Daphney, Bristol, Judy, Lettice, Glascoe, Phillis, Rose, Frank, Tom at the Marsh, Harry, Sarah, Belfast, Bess, Mingo, Juno and Pompey, all my household furniture together with half my stock sheep, Horses, and Daughter & only child Lucy the rest of my slaves with their increase...half my stock...17 October 1743. (signed). 2 March 1743/4.


p.174, I Mary Brock...Grand daughter Ann Deane Negro girl Isabell...remaining part of my estate real and personal to m y grandson William Deane...21 January 1743/4. (her mark). 1 February 1744/5.


p.177, I Sarah Stanton...Lawfull Son William Scott my two Negro Men Harry & Ned, Mare & Saddle, Tartan Gown & petticoat, all my Cattle & Hogs, Corn & tobacco, Chest, Pewter, Kettle & pott & six pounds current money...22 December 1744. (her mark). 3 May 1745.


pp.179-82, I William Duff...Loving wife Elizabeth all my lands in the Countys of King George & Westmoreland with all my household goods & stock of what kind so ever & likewise all the Negro's & Servts and after her decease I lend it to my kinsman Wm Duff of Virginia and John Duff of Ireland & to the Monthly meeting at West River in Maryland called Quakers...and also to do their Endeavour towards keeping good the Stock of Negro's upon the sd my kinsman Duff Green after the decease of my wife my plantation on broad run together with the Stock of Negro's Cattle &c that belong thereto...1741 (his mark). Proved 2 August 1745.


p.183, I George Payne...loving Son William Payne my Negro Man named my loving wife Martha my servant boy John Gaddis & my Grey Horse called Credit in Consideration of her Thirds of my sd Negro Toney...Remaining part of my Estate or what kind so ever to be equally divided between my loving wife Martha & my loving son William...William Jett to have the Care of my son William & his estate until he arrives to the age of Twenty Years & that if he think fit out of his part of my Estate to buy him a young Negro girl at the Risque of my sd son...12 September 1745. (his mark). Proved 4 October 1745.


p.184, I Ann Edmonds...Daughter Susannah Davenport during her natural life the land & plantation whereon I now live also my lott of land in Leeds Town and at the day of her death the lott to my grandson Birkett Davenport...Grandson Birket Davenport my two Negro's Named Jammy and Pegg...grand daughter Ann Davenport three Negro's Simon Sarah & Mary...Grand daughter Susannah my two Negro's named Nan & Bess...17 August 1745. (her mark). 1 November 1745.


p.185, I James Micou...loving Wife land & all my Negro's during her natural life, one of my Negro's a Woman named Judy & her increase for ever...18 October 1745. (signed). Proved 5 November 1745.


p.186, 19 November 1745, I Giles Carter...son William Carter a Negro Girl called Nann and a Dutch Spinning Wheel...son Giles the upper part of a parcel of land, a Negro boy called Jemmy and a Negro girl called Moll...three sheep and my gun...son John the residue of my Land and a Negro boy called George & a Negro Girl called Bess likewise a bed & Grand daughter Mary Garrard a Negroe girl called Jenny the sd Negro girl to be in the care of my Son John until the sd Mary Garrard be Married...but if the sd Mary dies before she arrives to Capacity to enjoy it, then sd Negro to be valued & the value to be equally divided between my three sons. (his mark). Proved 7 February 1745/6.


pp.187-8, I Thomas my son Thomas my Three Negroes Phillis Frank and ___ a boy...all my stock of Cattle Sheep Hogs & Horses except one Cow & Calf & Roan Mare...son William the land & plantation whereon I now live & my Negro's Tom & Jemmy also one fifth part of my stock of Cattle sheep & hogs & household goods, my riding horse & the old Roan Mare in Stafford...son John my Mulatto Man Toney & my negro boy Ben now in Stafford...& a fifth part of my stock of Cattle Sheep and Hogs & household goods & one Grey horse unbroak...son Andrew my Negro Man Named Sam & my Negro boy Will...& a fifth part of my stock & one Sorrel mare Colt...Daughter Sarah my Negro Lad Named Cirous (now in Stafford) & my Negro Woman Winney & Negro George...a fifth part of my Stock...& my Roan pacing Mare...Daughter Mary my Negro woman named Nell & Negro George a Boy and Foe a Man...and a fifth part of my stock...grandson Daniel Monroe my Negro boy named Joe...June 1746. (his mark). Proved 3 October 1746.


pp.188-9, I William Wofendall...uncle Francis Wofendall my horse Figure & my riding saddle...wife Tabitha my Horse Pickett & her new saddle & furniture besides what the law allows her...son Jemmy Wofendall my large black walnut table & my little Japan folding table...Richard Drake my gun...Thomas Clater a bed & a gun...son Jemmy Wofendall all the remainding part of my Estate of what kind so ever, but if my said Son should die before he comes to Age James Drakes two sons John & James have each of them two Negro's & jane Wofendall One Negro & James Clater son of Thomas & Sarah Clater one Negro & the remainder of my Estate to my Wife during her life...26 October 1746. (signed). 6 February 1746/7.


p.190, I Thomas Monteith...beloved wife Phillis one Negro Man named Will & one Negro Woman named Judy...Daughter Magdalane land. It is my will that all my Negro's be kept together for the Support & bringing up of my of my lands to my sons James and John to be equally divided further my desire that my Negro's be Equally divided among my children when they come of age...1 December 1746. (signed). Proved 6 March 1746/7.


p.191, I Isaac Pitman...son William Pitman Jacob son not to take the said Jacob from his Mother till he comes of age...well beloved son Isaac a Negro called Will on the same terms as hi Brother William hath Jacob...all the rest of my Estate I do give unto my well beloved Wife Margaret then to be equally divided amongst my Wife & all my children...12 January 1746/7. (signed). 6 March 1746/7.


pp.192-3, I William Deane, Junr...Loving Brother John Deane my plantation...loving Mother Anne Deane one Negro Woman Sarah...Loving Brother Charles Deane one Negro boy named George...loving brother George Deane one Negro Male Child not above five or six years old & has no name but born of the Negro woman I gave my Mother...sister Anne Deane one Gray Mare Colt...(his mark). Proved 3 July 1747.


p.196, I William Rosser...loving brother James Rosser one Negro Man Named horse saddle & Bridle...4 May 1747 (signed). Proved 7 August 1747.


p.201, I Charles Deane...son Charles one half my land...son George Deane the other half of my said land, a Negro fellow named Jack, a Negro girl Named Sarah...son John Deane a Negro girl named Sarah...son John Deane a Negro Girl called Lucey but in case my son John should die without heirs lawfully begotten of his own body my will is that my surviving sons Charles & George should have her and her Negro Wench Cate & her Child Incey should be sold next April or May to the Highest bidder for Ready Cash...Loving wife Anne all the rest of my estate...25 September 1747. (signed). Proved 5 February 1747/8.


pp.202-3, I Richard Bryan...son Richard the Plantation whereon I now live...son Anderson land...remainder of estate be divided between my Wife & my two sons Richard & Anderson & if it shall happen that there are any Negro's belonging to my Estate at the Decease of my Wife my will is that they be Equally divided between my two sons Richard & Anderson...18 January 1747. (signed). Proved 1 April 1748.


pp.203-4, I James Hackley...Loving son John land in Essex County...equal share of my land in Prince William with my other five sons...loving sons Joseph, Lott, Richard, James & Francis all my land in Prince William Loving wife Elizabeth have the use & advantage of all my labouring Negroes Captain, Dinah, & Pender during her natural life and after her decease them and all the rest of my Negro's to be equally divided...wife have the use of my stock of Hogs, Cattle, Sheep upon both my plantations...horses and to the Ready Cash which I have by me with which I intended to buy two young Negro boys, I desire it may be put to the same use by my executors & executrix...2 November 1741. (signed). Proved 6 May 1748.


p.205, I John Glendining Senr...son James two Negro's named Frank & his Son a Negro girl named son John the plantation whereon I now live likewise two negro's Caesar & Jerry...Daughter Margaret one Negro Girl named Lizey...three daughters Elizabeth, Sarah and Elinor all the rest of my Negro's to be Equally divided in Quantity and Quality. 14 March 1747/8. (signed). Proved 6 May 1748.


p.206, I Thomas Bartlett...Daughter Elizabeth Cameron 10 pounds...Daughter Mary Marshall one Negro girl named Phillis...Daughter Sarah Call one Negro boy named feather Bed & furniture, one Cow & Calf...All the rest of my Negroes & Estate I give to my loving wife during her natural life & after her decease to be equally divided between my Daughters...24 August 1748 (signed). Proved 7 October 1748.


p.207, Mary Jennings will} 16 July 1745, I Mary Ginnings...plantation whereon I live to John Willis the son of Charles Willis during his natural life and after his decease to my cousin Frederick Coghill, John Willis one Negro man Adam and two Negroes he has in my cousins Susannah Miller and Mary Hawes & Sarah Samuels each a ring ten shillings my Brother Frederick Coghill four Negros & their Increase during his Natural life and then I give them to my Cousins Thomas Coghill & Frederick Coghill, Junr...(her mark). Proved 7 October 1748.


p.209, I Margaret Richards...Daughter Frances Richards all my lands, four Negroes Bermico, Rose, Codric, Mingo also a horse called Cocrall...Daughter Elizabeth Bunbury one Negro Man called Breeches, a Negro woman called Ann, a Negro girl called Deborah...14 November 1748. (her mark). Proved 6 January 1748/9.


pp.210-11, I Edmond Donahoe...Daughter Abigail Hudson one shilling...Daughter Margaret Donohoe one shilling...Daughter Mary Appleby one shilling...son John land I now live on and one shilling...son Joshua my servant Man Timothy Fenully and one black horse...Daughter Ann my Sorrel Mare...28 November 1748. (his mark). Proved 6 January 1748/9.


pp.212-3. I William Marshall, Senr...son William the plantation and tract of land whereon he now dwells...son Benjamin the Plantation and tract of land I bought of John England...Loving Wife Ann the Plantation and tract of land whereon I now dwell during her life...Loving Daughter Eliza Marshall a Mullato girl named Sarah with all her future increase...24 July 1746. (signed). 3 February 1748/9.


pp.215-7, I Daniel White...son Daniel White on Lusty young Negro Man called Samson and one good feather bed...son Thomas White one young Negro Wench called Lucy and her future increase and one good feather bed...son William one Negro girl called Phillis and her future Increase and one good feather bed...son James one young Negro girl called Doll & her future Increase and one good feather bed...Daughter Agatha Triplet one little Negro girl called Dinah and her future increase and one good feather bed...Daughter Ann a young Negro Boy named Will and one good feather bed...Beloved Wife Ann do keep and retain my three oldest Negroes Will, Brister and Dinah during her natural life and two best feather beds and when it shall please God that she dies those three Negroes be sold at Auction and the money equally divided between my four sons...21 November 1748. (signed). Proved 3 February 1748/9.


p.218, I Arthur God son Ausine Brockenbrough son of Wm the following Negroes Ned, Aaron, Charles, Jenny, Grace, Judith and all my tract of land called Poplar Neck...all the rest of my estate both real & Personal to my brother Wm...6 January 1748/9. (signed). Proved 3 March 1748/9.


pp.224-5, I Charles Holdsworth...Dear Wife Elizabeth my young Horse named James Kay all my land he paying my Debts and 25 pounds currency to my wife the 20 April 1750 and 25 pounds 20 April 1751 and if James Kay refuseth, Robert Strother may have James Kay's death the land may return to my sister Elizabeth servant Fellow Richard Morris may be free if he behaves himself well to his mistress at the time he came in for if not to serve for his runaway time...11 July 1749. (signed). Proved 11 July 1749.


pp.226-7, I Joshua Ferguson...Daughter Mary Pitman two sheep and to my beloved Grandson William Pitman one Negro boy named Gim...Beloved Daughter Ann Ferguson one Feather Bed & Furniture and one Negro Boy named Ceasor also her mother saddle to be paid her after my decease...Beloved son John Ferguson one hundred & fifty acres of Negro girl named Kate & her Increase...after a number of years son Joshua should take upon the sole executorship with three Negro's Jack, Sue & Dick & one feather bed and furniture, leaving him his choice to pay my Daughter Peggy & my Daughter Sarah Ferguson 25 pounds a piece current money or divide the Negro's Between him & the two Daughters...15 November 1749. (signed). 5 January 1749/50.


pp.227-8, I Stephen Bowen...Loving son Mathew Bowen One Negro Women Named Fillis and one Negro girl named Jenney...Loving son William one Negro boy David and one negro girl named Frank...Loving Daughter Susana one young horse about three years of my estate equally divided between my two sons Matthew & William...25 August 1747. (his mark). Proved 5 January 1749/50.


pp.228-9, I Jeremiah Bronaugh...son Samuel my negro woman named Cate and all her Increase...son Jereh my negro woman named Jude and all her increase...son David my negro woman Jean and all her increase, my land and plantation whereon I now live 150 acres, my negro Caffe and all my other Estate not before given...14 April 1736. (signed). Codicil: having formerly given my son Jeremiah my Negro Woman Named Jude and he being dead I do now give the sd Negro woman named Judee to his two children Katheren and Benjamin...29 February 1747/8. (signed). Proved 5 January 1749/50.


pp.236-7, 5 January 1749...I Abraham Kenyon...dear Daughter Sarah Carter one negro Man named Jerey & one Negro woman named Jeney...dear Daughter Margarete Pollard two negroe Men Bob & George...Dear Daughter Elizabeth Kenyon one negro man named Mingo and one negro woman named Suckey...dear Daughter Ann Kenyon two negroe men Will and James...dear Daughter Frances Kenyon two negro boys Frank and Nathan & one negro girl named Winne...Dear Daughter Million Kenyon two negroes Boys John & Charles & one negro girl named Judy...dear Daughter Frances 450 acres the place where I now live on...(signed). Proved 2 March 1749/50.


pp.241-2, I Edward Hoyle...well beloved wife Margaret all my real and personal Estate excepting a negro man named Peter if the child my wife now goes with be a son it shall be to him & a daughter to be equally divided with the rest of the estate...Brother Samuel a horse...child my wife now goes with the land & plantation, 180 acres, provided it be a son, if a Daughter land to go to my wife during her life and after her death to my brother Samuel...4 December 1749. (signed). Proved 1 June 1750.


p.242, I Daniel White...sister Ann White a gray horse & a gold ring...beloved mother a gold ring...beloved Brother Thomas one Negro man named Samson...19 May 1750. (signed). Proved 7 September 1750.



pp.243-5, 16 May 1748, I Henry son Joel one negro called Moll, one negro Harry and Tony...Henry Berry my son one negro called Ben & Bacchus & Sam...son Enoch 10 shillings... son Benjamin one negro Nanney, Zachry and Tom...son George one Negro Called Tom & Viney & Dinah & Gloster...unto William Berry one negro called Bess and Toby & Liza...Daughter Ann Berry one negro called Frank and one negro called Anacha to Eliz: Bronaugh her Daughter...daughter Mary Berry one negro called Grace(?) Cesar...Daughter Elizabeth Berry one negro Called Rose and Robin...Daughter Sarah Berry one negro called Dick & wife Sarah Berry one negro Arrah to be at her own disposing. (signed). Proved 8 September 1750.


[pp.247-8 missing].


p.249, Thomas and Kibbee Wren 50 pounds or each a young Negro and the rest in cash to make up to fifty pounds each...Daughter Leannah Wren a Negro girl called Luce and a Horse and side saddle and as soon as it can be raised by the profits of the Estate another young negro or Cash to make Luce equal to fifty pounds...Daughter Betty Wren a young Negro girl called Sarah and as soon as it can be raised from the profits of the estate another young Negro or Cash to make Sarah equal to fifty pounds...daughter Anne Wren a young Negro girl the first that is raised at her coming of age or day of marriage and as soon as it can be raised from the profits of the estate another young negro girl or cash equal to fifty pounds...the negro's is to keep on the land untill the young Children are raised up & after every child hath his or her Legacy then what Negro's is let to be divided between my son William and James Wren...(signed). Proved 2 November 1750.


p.250, I Henry my wife four Negro's during her life Dick, Neaton, Betty and James and one fourth part of my personal estate...7 October 1750. (signed). Proved 7 December 1750.


p.251, 20 October 1750, I John Berkley...son William one Negro man named John together with one feather bed, Bedstead and furniture, one cow and calf and one Great Bible...wife Elizabeth may have the use of my Negro woman named Sue as also the one half of the Remainder of my Estate during her natural life...son Henry one Negro woman named Sue and her future increase, but if she brings andy children after my decease but before he is possessed with her I desire that he my satisfie my wife for the trouble that she takes in Raising the sd Children...(his mark). Proved 1 March 1750/1.


pp.256-7, I John Payne...son Meredith all the tract of land whereon I now live with 100 Negro woman named Bess...Grand daughter Jane Payne, daughter of Meredith, one Negro girl named Frank...son Richard Payne one Negro man named Tony, one Negro woman named Winny, one negro girl named Grace, one Negro Boy named Edinburgh...son George the following Negro's Sam, Nan, Joe & Lucy...son Daniel the following Negro's Judy, Milly & Charles...3 December 1750. (signed). Proved 5 April 1751.


pp.260-1, I Benjamin Stribling...dearly beloved wife Margaret all my estate during her life...Daughter Margaret Baxter after her mother's decease Negro named Nan...Thomas Baxter 200 acres in Prince William County...John Baxter, Junr, my Grandson, remainder of that land of mine in Prince William County...Grand daughter Catherine Bronaugh land in Stafford...unto Catherine Bronaugh, my grand children Mary, Ann and Elizabeth Baxter each of them a Negro out of my Estate...8 August 1850. (his mark). Proved 7 June 1751.


pp.264-5, 2 September 1748, I Elizabeth Thornton...son Francis my Negro fellow named Frank, all my chairs and tables as also 30 pounds money...Daughter Alce Fitzhugh my two Negro's Caesar & Bess and what money I have at my death also all my wearing cloaths and my Grey horse called Baldwin...(her mark). Proved 5 September 1751.


King George County, Virginia, Will Book 1, 1752-1780

Library of Virginia microfilm reel no. 59


p.3, [left side of page is missing] ___Turner...wife Elizabeth a Negro girl called Sarah She brought with her to be at her own disposal. I also give my said Wife Elizabeth a full third part of my personal __also 800 pounds money provided she will accept of the same __ of her full Dower and thirds of all my Lands & negroes...should it so happen that my son Thomas Turner depart this life without leaving lawful issue...all my land and Negroes in the County of __ to my brother Thomas Turner's son Charles Turner___the County of lands & Negroes in Prince William County or elsewhere pass to my two Nephews Harry Dixon & Turner ___ be equally divided...Proved 2 June 1752.


pp.5-8, I Samuel son Samuel tract of land together with all the Negroes and Stocks of every kind thereon...son Thomas two tract of land...with the Negroes & Stocks of all kinds...son John after the decease of his mother the land whereon I now live also tracts which adjoins...with a Prince William County...together with all the Negroes and Stocks of all kinds thereon...son George tract of land at the Sigmut with the Negroes & Stocks...son William tract of land...24 January 1752/3. (signed). Proved 6 February 1752.


pp.10-11, I John wife Elizabeth a Negro boy named Tom also a feather bed and furniture, two cowes and Calfs Eleven head of hogs, two pewter dishes and a half dozen of plates...son Aaron my land on Muddy Creek when he shall arrive at 21...after my mothers decease a Negro woman named Judy...son Abraham the rest of my land on Muddy Creek...a Negro boy Called Cain...12 February 1744/5. (his mark). Proved 5 March 1752.


p.15, I William Executors Negroe Boy and one Negroe Girl about twelve years old. I give to my two sons Francis and William the two Negroes...Daughters Elizabeth Rose and Lucy Rose one Negroe Child a piece in Case my Negroe Wenches should have Children...son Francis one Cow and my four children all the rest of my estate to be equally divided between them when my wife Dies or Marryes...2 June 1752. (signed). Proved 6 August 1752.


p.16, I John Wren...beloved wife Ann Wren all my lands Negroes and other personal estate during her widowhood...if she marries my son John Wren to have the tract of land and my Negroe Boy Robin & the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between my loving wife and two Dasters...2 April 1751. (signed). Proved 6 August 1752.


pp.17-8, 1750, I Francis Settle...son Francis Settle one Negro man called Tom and to my Daughter Anne one Negro Wench called Sarah...(his mark). Proved 14 September 1752.


pp.18-21, I Jeremiah Murdock...loving wife Jane Murdock have the use of one third part of my estate during her life and at her Decease the Negroes with their increase to be equally divided between her two sons John & Joseph...daughter Peggy Fauntleroy 100 pounds & one negro girl named Nan & her increase now in her possession...son John 527 acres in Prince William County...also a tract of 500 acres in Stafford third part of my Negroes & their increase...son Joseph plantation and Prince William Westmoreland County...together with one third part of my Executors convert my Debts into Cash as soon as they conveniently Can & that they purchase lands & Negroes with ye same be equally divided between my said sons...what cash I may have by me at me decease be laid out in land and Negroes...12 December 1750. (signed). 5 October 1752.


p.27, I Hugh McLain...son Daniel my Negro Man Toney...son John a Negro man Harry...loving wife Charity Negro Woman also my riding horse, a side saddle...Angus McCloade and Nicholas Feneley should be sold as soon as opportunity permits all the rest of my estate I give to be equally divided...1 May 1753. (signed). Proved 4 April 1754.


pp.29-30, I John Howell...son William one Negro Man Named Dick...4 February 1754. (signed). Proved 4 April 1754.


pp.32-3, I William lands to my Eldest son William. Secondly all my Negroes to be equally divided between my three children William, Elizabeth and Alomon Doggen...23 April 1751 (his mark). Proved 1 August 1754.


pp.34-5, I Charles Bruce, Senior...Estate for the use of my wife during her my son William one Negro Boy named Richard which is now in his possession, 20 shillings money...son Charles one Negro Boy named James & 10 pounds money, one cow and calf and all my wearing five daughters Susanah Fickling, Elizabeth Bruce, Frances Bruce and Margaret Bruce seven Negroes named Harry, Abel, Pegg, Venas, Ben, Frank & Lucy to be equally divided among them...if any of those Negroes die before a division of the estate then each of my children to contribute to the loosser out of their estate...16 April 1754. (signed). Proved September 1754.


pp.36-7, I John Baxter...Beloved Wife Margaret one Negro woman named Jude and one Negro girl named Lettice forever...Beloved Son Thomas one negro Boy named George...Beloved son John one negro woman named Heagor and her increase...Beloved Daughter Mary Tebbs one feather bed and furniture...Beloved Daughter Ann Baxter one negro girl named Bess and her increase...Beloved Daughter Elizabeth one negro boy named James...1 November 1753. (signed). Proved 8 November 1754.


pp.38-9, Henry Carryer and Ann Sullivant made oath that James Butler called (them) and desired them to set down by him and to take notice that he was then doubtfull that he should soon die...gave his negro Boy Joe to Mary Butler his wife to do with as she pleased, she should live her life in the land whereon he lived also he gives her a third part of his moveable estate. He also gave to his son Willm a Negro Boy called Peter and a Negro girl called Milly when he came of age also he gave his Daughter Ann a negro wench called Frank and a girl Frank...6 July 1754. Proved 8 November 1754.


pp.41-3, I Thomas Richardson...loving Brother James Richardson one Negro Boy named Moses...5 October 1754. (signed). Proved 3 April 1755.


pp.46-7, I William Ammandale...14th Instant at his son Thomas one cow and calf, to my daughter Mary one cow and calf and as much money to William Meath as will buy him a negro girl of his own age all the rest of my estate I leave to my loving wife. March 15, 1755. Proved 6 June 1755.


pp.47-8, I Mary Edington...son John Edington my two Negroes Hary & Ben...Daughter Susanah Hails my negro woman named Pegg and the child she now has named George with this express proviso that she pay to my daughter Mildred Triplet at some convenient time not exceeding six months 22 pounds current my grand daughter Mildred Edington a black pide Heifer and her increase. son William 10 shillings...25 June 1754. (her mark). Proved 5 February 1756.


pp.49-50, I Margaret my friend Ann Amandale my Negro wench named Frank and what money is in Mrs. Ann Pratts hands belonging to Negro Robin to be maintained out of my Personal Estate during his life at the discretion of my Executor...friend Alexander Thomas my negro Boy named Cliford & one negro wench named Rose...23 January 1756. (her mark). Proved 4 March 1756.


pp.53-5, I John Courtany, Senr...beloved wife one third part of my moveable son William 184 acres including the plantation whereon he now lives...residue of said land to my son John which includes the plantation my said son John lives on...son John my Negroe Boy Frank in consideration he shall pay my beloved wife 400 pounds of tobacco so long as she shall continue a widow...Daughter matthew one feather bed with the best Furniture when she shall marry or come of age then to be paid her as also my wife's thirds after her Decease...son James my Negro boy Tom as also the rest of my estate in consideration pay 400 pounds of tobacco to my wife yearly...2 April 1754. (his mark). 4 November 1756.


pp.58-61, I James Peed...beloved wife Ann during her widowhood all my Negroes, Household Goods, stocks...for the support and education of my young children...1 February 1756. (his mark). Proved 3 March 1757.


pp.63-4, I Grace Berry...loving Grandson John Thronly one Negro Man Named Jocky, one feather bed & Furniture. All the rest of my estate Negroes with all & singular my whole personal estate to my loving son in law Joseph Strother & loving daughter Margaret Strother...20 January 1755. (her mark). Proved 2 June 1757.


pp.65-8, I Christopher Threlkeld...Dear & Loving wife Susanah have my dwelling plantation & all my other Estate during her natural life and after her my Loving son Henry one Negro Boy named Charles now in his rifle son John one Negro Woman Named hannah & all her increase after the division of my old Loving son Moses, the Plantation whereon I now live...Loving son Thomas one Negro man named Roger...Loving son Elijah one Negro wench named Nan & all the increase she hat after the division of my estate...Loving son Daniel one Negro Boy named Killis & one Negro girl named Jude...daughter Susan wife of James Payton one Negro man Named Robin...Loving Daughter Mary Vaughan the wife of Cornelius One Negro Boy Named Frank...Loving Daughter Elizabeth one Negro girl Named Dinah & all the increase she hath after the division of my Estate...if any of the Negro Wenches Increase before the division of my Estate that then such of my children as have not a Negro left them by this will shave one of the increase, the Eldest taking first choice & if there is no Increase at the day of the Division sufficient that each of my children may have one then the children that have a Negro left them by this Will shall make up & pay the sum of Twenty five pounds to each of the children who shall have no Negro...if any of the Negroes shall happen to die before the division & there be sufficient Increase after each child to whome no Negro is left has one, that they may have one of the Increase in the stead of that which shall happen to die and if there be more Increase it is my Desire that the same be appraised by Two of the Neighbours & that one may take the same paying each of the children a proportional part according to the appraisement...19 October 1756. (signed). Proved 2 June 1757.


pp.70-4, I John Tyler...4 November beloved wife Mary the use of all my estate during her her death to my Grandson Tyler Waugh my plantation whereon I now live in King George & Stafford Countys 500 Tyler Waugh Negroes Nan & her son Ben with her increase after this time, old James, Betty & Hannah with their increase also Charity & old Harry, my still, two feather beds with furniture, twelve plates, dishes, pots, my gun...Grandson William Waugh Negro Joe & Young James, my chest, one great and one little pott & pothooks...Grandson Thomas Waugh Negroe Emmanuel & Judy with her Increase, my walnut chest, a three gallon pott & walking stick...Grand Daughter Pricella Waugh Negro Daniel & Patt with her increase, my largest & least Trunks...Grand Daughter Nilion Waugh Negro James & Jacob, my middleing Trunk, Double locked chest, oval table & a five gallon two Negroes Dick & Young Harry not already given away I leave in the hands of my executors for the use of my Daughter Margaret for her Support During Life and the profits arising from the said Two Negroes to be given her out the discretion of my executors...If Tyler sues his sister Pricella & Recovers her Negro Daniel then my will is that she shall have her choice of all Tylers Negroes...(his mark). Proved 2 June 1757.


p.76, James Kerby Chisreldine...Daughter Elizabeth one Negroe Wench called Lucy and two of the best cows, one Horse or mare and all the sheep, six head of Hoggs and all the pewter, one Bed and Beding...Daughter Margaret one Negroe Wench called Winny, two head of Cattle, one Bed and Beding and one horse or mare...Daughter Francis one Negro Boy called Dick at the death of her Mother...Daughter Susanah one Negro Wench called Bess at the death of her mother...son Zachariah one Negro Fellow called Jack at the death of his mother...son William the first negro child that comes of any of these three negro Wenches Bess, Frank & Winny...(signed). Proved 1 December 1757.


pp.80-1, I Mark Talbot of Leeds Estate consisting of one half part of the Houses in which I Live, three Negroes, white Servants, Household furniture, cattle, Horses, Stocks & sold by my Executors and that the Produce thereof be equally divided between Gulielmus Hillard and Nancy her Daughter...(signed). Proved 6 April 1758.


pp.82-8, I Thomas Turner...son in law Capt Edward Dixon my two lotts in Port Royal...tract of land in Caroline County 2818 acres during his natural life together with the use and Profits of all the Negroes and Stocks of all kinds that I shall leave thereon at my decease which said Land, Negroes and Stocks after the Decease of the said Edward Dixon I give to my Grandson Harry Dixon...and 2970 acres adjoining...with the use of all the Negroes and Stocks of Cattle, Horses, Hoggs and Sheep...and after his (Edward Dixon) decease the 2975 acres do descend to my Grandson Harry Dixon and that the Negroes and Stocks be Equally divided between my Grandsons Harry Dixon and Turner son in law Capt Edward Dixon 843 acres in Caroline County together with the use and Profits of all the Negroes and after his Decease to my grandson Turner Dixon...also to Turner Dixon my Cobler Mountain tract of land...3000 acres also 3068 acres on the branch of Deep Run and land in Fairfax County 1025 acres and all my Negroes and Stocks that shall be at my Elk Run Plantation in Prince William Negro Carpenter Will together with my House Wench Negro Judy with all her increase...whereas I have Fifty Pounds Current Money in my hands, it being part of Eighty Pounds I received...for a tract of land lying in Essex County belonging to my neice Ann Wren and She having agreed with me that the said money should be disposed of for young Negro Girls to be settled on her children as near Equally as may be and I having settled two Negro Girls one named Frank to one of her daughters and the other named Fanny on another...for providing for a tutor...the house be finished on the top of the hill near where Ann Marshall now be furnished with Necessary Household Goods such as beds tables and chairs...and three handy Negro Wenches and one Boy be appointed to serve up there...Thomas Jett have full liberty to live on my Dwelling plantation...and the use of my Man Frank...19 February 1757. (signed). Codicil: gd son H.T. the lands I hold in K.G. & Westmorld County 1180 acres together with all the Negroes and Stocks of every Daughr Sally Turner my Negroe woman Mariah with all her Present and future increase to be delivered to her on the day of Marriage but on no other term. also my House Girl Betty. Proved 4 May 1758.


p.93, I George Tankersley...all my estate of what sort soever be equally divided amongst my children Dorcas, Reubin, George, Mary, Sarah, Richard & John...wife Mary one third part of all my Negroes & Personal estate...after the decease of my wife the Negroes be equally divided...1 July 1758. (signed). Proved 7 September 1758.


pp.98-100, I Thomas Randall...loving wife Jean my Five negroes Sam, Kate, Sarah, Hannah and Nann and all the rest of my whole estate...son Francis my negro boy named Will...son Thomas my negro boy named Harry, one bed & furniture, one cow and calf & my mare and colt...son Robert my Negro boy named Philip, one bed & furniture, one cow and calf & my white horse called Teizer...son one bed and furniture and one cow and calf...Daughter Henrietta Sanford my negro Girl Lydia...Daughter Susannah Delozier my negro boy Moses...Daughter Winnefred Short my negro Girle named Judea...Daughter Jean Randall my negro Girle Kate...Daughter Anne Randall my negro Girle named my four daughters the first four Children that my Negroe women shall bare after the date hereof and in case there should not be so many born before the decease of my wife, they be paid 12 pounds...4 September 1758. (signed). Proved 3 May 1759.


pp.102-3, I John Negro Wench Juda be sold at public Auction to the highest bidder and the money equally divided between Joseph Crouch and John Crouch junr..4 March 1759. (his mark). Proved 6 September 1759.


pp.105-6, I Lincfield Negroe Woman slave named Nann be sold to raise money to discharge my debts...son Thomas land and plantation whereon he now dwells...three Negroes Hannah, Rachael and Dinah...sons Lincfield, John and Benjamin six Negroes with their future increase Jude, Phillis, Rose, George, Abigal and Going to be equally divided...Daughters Mary Sparks, Sarah Burbridge and Frances Daniel after the decease of my wife Four Negroes James, Bess, Sarah and Charles to be Equally divided...24 March 1758. (signed). Proved 1 November 1759.


pp.107-8, I Frances Newgent...son Edward my Negro man named James & one cow...Daughter Anne my Negroe woman named Hannah together with her future increase & one cow...26 March 1759. (his mark). Proved 6 December 1759.


pp.109-10, I John Moore...wife Rebecca my Riding Chair and two Horses known by the name of Buck and Swallow and one third part of my stocks of cattle, Hogs, sheep and one third part of my household furniture together with Five Negroes the most valuable or such as she shall think fit to chose...which said Respective Articles and thinks I give unto my wife forever...Daughter Jane Taylor one Negro Fellow Called Moore...150 pounds current money...29 July 1758. (signed). Proved 6 December 1759.


pp.110-11, I Isabella Triplett...Grandson John Nichils my negro boy George...Grandaughter Isabella Nichols my Negro Girle Sarah...Grandaughter Susannah Triplett my Negro boy Sam...son John Triplett my negro Man Peter. I Give my negro Girle Moll and my Personal Estate to my son John Triplett to pay off my Children the Remainder of their estate...17 April 1758. (her mark). Proved 6 March 1760.

pp.112-3, 9 October 1759, I Thomas Smith...son Thomas my Negor Named Harry...son Samuel one Negro Named Grace...son Stephen two Negroes Named Bits & Juda...Son William my Still...each of my sons two Cowes and Calves...Small Smith two beds and furniture, two Ewes a mare colt, a gun and my Mobby also two beds to Stephen Smith...also my horse and Sam Smith one Red hors and to Thomas Smith one Red horse the remaining three Cattle to William and Thomas also my hogs to be Equally divided between sons William, Thomas and Samuel...remainder of my sheep to be equally divided among my daughters...(signed). Proved 6 March 1760.


pp.115-8, I Rebecca Moore...Whereas my late husband John Morre did my his last will 29 July 1758 give me his riding chair...stocks...five Negroes...I made choice of the following Negroes Phil, Ben, Sawney Sarah and Judyth and whereas Judith was big with child is since delivered of a boy called Billy...the rest of the Negro's I have chosen I give to my son William Moore when he reaches twenty one and my Grand James Maddison junr when he attains Eighteen years to be equally divided between them...son William my third part of the silver spoons left me by my late husband and his Father, also a Mourning Ring...son Francis Conway and Sarah his wife a mourning Ring...Daughter Nelly Madison a morning ring, my wearing apparel...son in law James Madison and my son William my two executors my chair and horses also my third part of the stocks...son in law James Madison and my Daughter Nelly his wife shall have the whole legacies I have bequeathed my Grandson Jas Madison, jr, until he attains the age of eighteen at which time he shall take possession of the whole legacies with the increase of the said Negroes...if the above child Billy should fall to my Grandson James Madison jr and my son William shall refuse to make him a good title to the said Negro Billy within one year after he comes to lawfull age, the said Legacies which I have bequeathed to William shall then go to the person whom the said Negro Billy shall be recover'd in lieu thereof...6 November 1759. (signed). 6 March 1760.


pp.123-4, I John Hackley...Loving wife Judith the use of my whole personal Estate, Negroes &c...Estate be kept together for eight years to enable my loving wife to discharge my debts and after the expiration of eight years my estate be equally divided amongst my wife and children as they come of age...if my wife can't discharge my several debts without selling my Personal Estate or Negroes that she shall have full power to sell and dispose of my land in King George County...the money put out to interest or laid out in buying slaves as my sd wife shall think fit which said slaves I give to my sons forever to be Equally divided amongst them at the decease of my wife...8 August 1760...(signed). Proved 4 September 1760.


pp.125-6, I Anderson Doniphan...loving wife Magdaline all my real and personal estate whatever during her widowhood she keeping together my children Gerrard, Roseanna, Mary, Elizabeth & Lucretia...if the said Magdaline shall live to receive the part of Negroes her property of her Father Thomas Monteerth's Estate left her by his last will that Negro Ben, Negro Will and Negro Abigel be sold for money & distributed Equally between my three daughters...4 December 1760. (signed). Proved 5 March 1761.


pp.128-9, I William Johnstone...Daughter Anne Johnstone one Negroe Fellow named Harry and one Bed & furniture...Daughter Margaret one Negro fellow Anthony & one Bed & furniture...Daughter Mary one Bed & furniture...loving wife Elizabeth one walnut table, two chests, five head of cattle & three horses...15 April 1755. (his mark). Proved 7 May 1761.


pp.130-1, I Robert Johnstone...Daughter Elizabeth Watts three Ewes with their increase...Daughter Sarah Ship a Cow & Yearling and feather bed and furniture...Daughter Anne a cow and Yearling, feather bed & furniture...son John one large Breeding Mare...loving wife Mary all the rest of my Personable Estate but the legacies hereafter mentioned in case she does not suffer her Daughters or any former children to live along with her...lends her during natural life one Negro man named Simon...son John after my wife decease the Negro man Simon...son George one horse colt called Jack and my wearing Cloaths...son Benjamin the fold as my Bay mare Bonny is with...22 November 1760. (his mark). Proved 2 April 1761.


p.135, I George Strother...loving son John the plantation I now live on, one Negro Girl Pegg...loving son George the lower plantation, one Negro Girl call'd Jude and a Molatto Girl call'd Betty Jordan...13 November 1761. (signed). Proved 3 December 1761.


pp.136-7, I Richard Strother...two pounds to John Strother, two Negroes Harry and Rachel and to William Strother one horse called Darby and Saddle and Bridle...22 November 1761. (his mark). Proved 3 December 1761.


pp.137-8, I Ann White...Daughter Ann one bed and furniture...son Thomas one negro wench nam'd Dinah and one negro Boy nam'd David and all my personal estate...4 November 1754. (her mark). Proved 4 March 1762.


pp.138-40, I William Jett...son Francis Jett three negroes George Harry and Genty...son Thomas four David, Moll now in his possession and Moses and Ben...son William Twenty Shillings...son Birkett land and plantation I now live on with five negroes Mirfy, Winny, Tom, Jammy and Abson...loveing wife Anne during he lifetime six negroes Will, Sue, Jack, Jammy, Famus and Milly not to Debar of her thirds of my Land my Riding Chair and two Horses a Feather Bed and furniture and at her death I give my son Francis the two negroes Will and Sue, the two negroes Will and Sue to my son Thomas, the two negroes Jack and Jane to my son Birkett, the two negroes Famus and Winny I give to my son Thomas, my couch, feather bed and bedstead, four cows and calves...old negro wenh Frank to sever either of the four She Pleases...10 February 1761. (signed). Proved 4 March 1762.


pp.145-6, I William Porch...sister Sarah Berry 15 pounds and a cow and calf and a young gray mare...Benjamin Berry, son of my sister Sarah, one negro Boy named Cupit...William Berry, son of my sister Sarah, one negro girl nam'd Lettice...William Kitchen son of my sister Mary Kitchen all my land...James Kitchen and his wife three negroes by name Phillis Jane and Winny...4 June 1762. (signed). Proved 1 July 1762.


pp.146-8, I Daniel McDonald...loving Daughter Ann McDonald a young negro wench nam'd Hamer and her future increase...loving Daughter Mary a young negro wench nam'd young Pegg the Daughter of a negro wench call'd Pegg and her future increase...loving Daughter Jenny a young negro wench nam'd Dinar also a young negro Girl named Jaele...loving Daughter Helena a young negro Wench nam'd Winne...loving son Daniel all my land in the County of Fauquier...remainder of my Estate into three Division, one third to my wife Ellen and the other two thirds equally divided among my aforesaid children...9 September 1762. (signed). Proved 4 November 1762.


pp.152-4, I Joseph Strother...Daughter Elizabeth whereon I now live...wife a tract of land in this County...two thirds of my estate, excepting my negroes, be pay my debts...24 December 1762. (signed). Proved 3 March 1763.


pp.154-7, I John Champe...son William have all my lands in Prince George County...together with Twenty Slaves or Negroes to be part of those now working on the said Land and all the Stock of every kind on the said Lands at the time of my Death...son John Champe Junr all the remaining part of my Lands in King George County...with Twenty Slaves and all the stock of every kind that shall be on the said Lands at the time of my Death and all the rest of my Negroes in King George County to be in the Possession of my Wife during her life and after her death divided between my Son William and John...All my Lands in Prince William County and Slaves be equally divided after my Wife's Death Between my sons William and John...all the Lands in King George County above Poplar Swamp, Negroes and Stocks be & remain in Possession of my Wife as also the Lands in Prince William County, Negroes and Stock be in her possession and Disposal during her life for the Support of herself and Family...10 December 1759. (signed). My negro woman Nell I give my Daughter Betty after my wife's Death to her and her heirs forever also Daffney and her Children I give to my Daughter Lucy Champe. (signed). My wife have Twenty Negroes to dispose of after my Death as she pleases over and above her thirds of all during life these being intended as a Gift to her & her heirs forever or to any Person that She Please to leave 'em to and their future increase. Names as Followeth: Prince, Ralph, Benn, Bess, Cloe with five of Bess' children and four of Cloe's with all said Bess's and Cloe's future increase from this time, Agie a woman Nell and her child, Dick and his wife Judah, Sam the Gardner and if any should die before my Wife she is to have as many out of my estate as will make her Number 20 good. (signed). Proved 3 March 1763.


pp.159-60, I Richard Owens Senr...Son John Owens one negro Boy named Robin and one feather Bed...Daughter Sarah Grigsby one Oval Land & Negroes and all other of my Personal Estate to my beloved wife Mary during her natural life and after her Decease my Land, Negroes and all other of my Personal Estate Hoggs, Cattle, Horses and household Goods to be sold and equally divided amongst the rest of my five Sons and three Daughters...22 January 1763. (signed). Proved 2 June 1763.


pp.161-3, I Esdres Theador Edzard...wife Frances two negroes by name Naney and Fanney that was hers when I Married her...chairs, tables, feather beds, furniture, iron ware...two feather Beds and Furniture eight leather chairs, one Desk, one Cart and Horse and one large Looking Glass, one Cow and Calf, two Negroes by name Janney and Fener all these last articles I give one half to my wife during her life and at her Death to my Brother James Ezard and the other half to my Brother James Edzard...15 March 1762. (signed). Proved 7 July 1763.


pp.163-5, I James Hewitt...son Francis all my of my Estate such as Negroes, Stocks of all kinds, Household Goods and money may be Equally divided amongst my Wife and six Children...none of the Negroes should be Sold nor any part of my Estate unless my Executrix should think proper to Sell some of the Stock but all brought to appraisement...if there should be Negroes enough that each of my children should have two a peice according to their Valuation...4 April 1763. (signed). Proved 1 September 1763.


pp.166-7, I Enoch Grand Children by my Daughter Winnifred Berry 200 pounds to be equally divided...also two negro Women nam'd Rose and Nell and all their the children come of age or Marry the Negroes be divided into four Equal parts and the child that is first of age or Marrys to have choice and the other three parts to be put into one common Stock 'till the next child come of age or Marry...24 October 1763. (signed). Proved 1 December 1763.


pp.169-210, I Charles Carter...Esqr...Daughter Betty Churchill now wife of William Churchill Esqr 2,000 pounds current money...the two negroe women call'd Betty and Portia and their increase born and to be born given by me to my Daughter Betty and now in the Possession of her husband shall not be reckon'd as part of the said Legacy...Daughter Mary now wife of Charles Carter of Corotoman Esqr 2,000 pounds...the two negro women call'd Pallow & Carthegena and their issue given by me to my Daughter Mary and now in the Possession of her husband shall not be reckon'd as part of the said Legacy...Daughter Judith Carter 1,000 pounds and one negro woman Slave call'd little Nan...another negro girl be Purchas'd for her by my executors not exceeding the value of Thirty pounds...Daughter Ann Carter 1000 pounds and one negro woman Slave nam'd Diana (sister to Robin Mingo)...another negro Girl be Purchas'd for her not exceeding Thirty pounds...Daughter Maria Carter 1,000 pounds...two negro girls be Purchas'd for her not exceeding sixty pounds...Daughter Lucy Carter 1,000 pounds...two negro girls be purchased for her not exceeding 60 pounds...Daughter Jane Bird Carter 1,000 pounds...two negro Girls be Purchas'd for her not exceeding the Sum of 60 pounds...Daughter Sarah Carter 1,000 pounds...two negro girls not exceeding the sum of 60 pounds...Daughter Carolina Carter the sum of 1,000 pounds...two negro girls Purchas'd for her not exceeding 60 pounds...sister Judith Banks 500 pounds, one hundred pounds, part of which has already paid in the Purchase of two negro men Peter and Mingo and sundry accounts charg'd in my books...Notwithstanding the money given her negro wench Phillis and the two men Bought with her at the same time...give unto my said Sister Banks the use of the plantation whereon her Negroes now work with 100 acres thereunto adjoining during her widowhood and care of my children...son Charles Carter over and above the Negroes I have already given him, Danbo, Sawny, Frank, Putney, Nan, Winney, Sue, Jenney, Hagar, and the girl Lucy (that waits on my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Carter) and their increase belonging to my Wormley Creek Plantation, also Osmyn, Joe, Jemmy, Mucco, Prince, Dinah, Sarah, Lucy and their increase now at my Lancaster Plantation call'd the Brick House...son John Carter all my slaves and their increase on my Manor of Cleve & the lands annexed except such slaves as I shall hereafter give by name to my Sons in which number are included the slaves of my Saw Mill...son John Carter Slaves settled on my hay Field Tract...son Landon Carter all my slaves on my Manor of View Mount and all my slaves settled on my broad Run Tract...all my slaves at the several following Plantations: Hampstead Poplar, Horse pen, Mount Pone, and Normons Ford Quarters...two negro Boys Joe & Isham, son to my man Sam and his wife Slaves may be treated with Humanity and supply'd with necessary Food, Cloathing and beding and in case sickness or other misfortunes, I desire they may be properly attended...if it should happen that my son should attain the age of twenty one years before the Legacies & Debts are discharged my Son John shall be put in possession of my mansion house of Cleve with 400 acres and ten choice slaves to be worked thereon for the said John's Benefit...if my son Landon should attain the age of twenty one years before the Legacies and debts are discharged...(he) shall be put in Possession of my mansion at View Mound with 400 acres and ten choice slaves to be work'd negro man Benjamin Boyd may be well used and maintain'd with good cloaths and Sufficient Meat and Bread and be employ'd as an Overlooker in repairing my Mills, Machines and Buildings of my Manor of Cleve and in consideration of his great Fidelity, that he be paid annually during his life 5 pounds current money...Whereas there may be a considerable increase by Birth of my slaves before my son John comes of age which may exceed my intention, in favour of my sons John and Landon (to wit) to give John 130 slaves to be chosen out of the negro's before given him, by himself, and likewise 100 to my son Landon to be chosen out of the negroes given him by himself, the overplus of my slaves to be apprais'd by three persons chosen by my executors and sons which said slaves my sons to be left at liberty to take them at their appraised value and pay their sisters each a thousand pounds and make them equal in fortune to their sisters Betty and Mary to whom I gave 2,000 pounds the overplus of the said slaves be equally divided between my two sons...10 September 1762. (signed). Proved 7 June 1764.


pp.210-4. 9 May 1762, I James Jones...son Evan Jones one Molatto Girl nam'd Elizabeth also one negro Girl nam'd Prue(?) also the gun he has now in possession and all my wearing Cloaths and if ever Jane is got again, my Will is that She be sold & the money divided between Mary Jones, Daughter of Evan Jones and Hannah Jones, the daughter of James Jones...Son James Jones one Molatto Girl nam'd Mary and her increase...for want of heirs shall be divided among his Brothers and Sisters and they shall enjoy them forever also one Molatto Man nam'd Jeffry forever...Daughter Hanah Ballard and Benjamin Ballard one negro woman nam'd Susanah, one negro girl nam'd Catherine...the Plantation I now live on 150 acres, one walnut table...cow and Heifer and one Steer yearling...son Charles Jones one negro woman named feather bed, furniture, two Ews and Lambs, two Sows and Piggs, the remainder of my land...son Thomas Jones one negro woman nam'd Judah, 200 acres of feather bed and furniture...All my moveable Estate not herein mentioned I leave to be equally divided between James Jones Junior and Benjamin Ballard, Evan Jones and Charles Jones and Thomas Jones. Signed James Jones Senr. Proved 5 May 1764.


p.217, I Sarah Drake...child John Drake...all my Lands and negroes or whatever other Effects I may have...11 September 1764. (her mark). Proved 7 March 1765.


P.218, I William negro man nam'd Peter one negro man named Evan I leave to my Wife Catherine during her life and at her decease the said negroes to be sold and the money equally divided amongst all my Children...29 December 1763. (signed). 8 March 1764.


pp.221-4, I George Morton...son John Morton plantation...son George Morton plantation...son Robert Baylor my tract of land in Orange County...150 pounds raised out of the profits of my estate to be laid out in Land which I bequeath my son Joseph Morton...son John one Seventh part of my Slaves...Daughter Frances Hedgeman one Seventh part of my Slaves, one Feather Bed...Sons George, Robert and Joseph all the residue of my Slaves to be equally divided...Loving wife Lucy shall keep my whole estate except my Daughter's part. Viz. Land, Negroes, stocks and every kind whatever till two of my sons derive to the age of 21...8 July 1765. (signed). Proved 7 August 1766.


pp.224-6, I William Threlkeld...Loving son James Negro man named Dick...Loving son William One Negro Woman Named Cate...if the said Negro Cate bears a child after this Date that my Daughter Elizabeth Humphrey have it but provided there is no child then all my Children Bare an equal part to rase the sum of twenty five pounds to be paid to my Daughter Elizabeth...Loving son George a Negro Boy named Charles...Loving son John a Negro Boy Named Jo...Loving Son Benjamin one Negro Boy named Dick...son Stephen one Negro Boy named George...Daughter Suckey Bell a Negro Girl named Murrer...Wife Ruth one Sorrel Mare, desk, feather bed and furniture, two Cows, two Ews...daughter Jemima Humphrey a Cow and Calf...17 January 1766. (signed). Proved 7 August 1766.


pp.228-9, I Joseph Strother...son Thomas tract of land whereon he now Lives with household goods, stock of Cattle, Hogs & Sheap now on the Plantation with three Negroes Robin Sarah and her son Davy...son Nicholas the plantation whereon he now lives with all the household goods, Stock of Cattle Hogs and Sheep now on the Negro woman name Grace and there be raised out of my estate 100 pounds to be paid to him as he is not to have any part of my Negros nor Estate at his Mother's her death all my Estate to be equally divided that is to say all my Negros not Disposed of with all my Household goods and Stocks of Cattle and Sheep and Horses Between my Son Joseph and my Daughters Mary Wren, Margaret Canniham and Dorothy Walker...15 October 1761. (signed). Proved 7 August 1766.


pp.230-1, 28 January 1766, I Thomas Hord...Grandaughter Bettey Hord after the Death or Marrage of my Wife one Negro man Named Sippio...Grandson John Hord after the Death of my wife a negro man named Parrish...son James A Negro man named Hampton now in his possession..Daughter Bettey Withers after the Death of my wife a Negro Man named britten...son Jesey a young mare and saddle...Daughter Bettey Withers & son James Hord 20 pounds to Each of them or a Negro a peace to that Value out of my Estate after the Marrage or Death of my Wife...Son thomas 5 pounds & the Negroes before given him. The Rest of my Negroes & Personable Estate I leave to my Wife During her life to be equally divided amongst my five Children...(signed). Proved 4 September 1766.


pp.232-3, I Francis Jett...After my loving Wifes Decease I give my Daughter Nanney Jett one Negro Girle cal'd Ginty and to my Daughter Betty one Negro Girl Cal'd Winney and to my Daughter Catey one Negro Girl Cal'd Jude and to my Daughter Frankey one Negro Girl Cal'd Charity & their increase...(signed). Proved 4 September 1766.


pp.234-5, I William Wren...her thirds of my parsonable Estate Except Negroes be sold to pay my Debts if not sufficient to pay all that one of my Negroes be sold, Sall by Name a to son Nicholas Wren...whole estate equally divided among my children...5 October 1765. (signed). 4 September 1766.


pp.237-9, I William Fourlong...John Wharton son of Ann Wharton a Negro Girl Named Jenny...William Calvin Son of Susanna Calvin a Negro Boy Named Frank also a Negro Boy Named Bristol...Sarah M. William one cow...William Boon son of John a Negro Man Named Harry...said Harry have his Liberty and Freedom paying Annually to the said William the sum of four Pound. I give & Bequeath the said William Boon Four Negros Named Judy, Fanny, Morgan and John forever...17 September 1766. (his mark). Proved 2 October 1766.


pp.241-3, I Francis Triplet...son William Triplett 300 acres...son Francis land whereon I now live...Daughter Rachel Butler one Negroe Man named Will...Daughter Betty one Negroe Boy named Anthony, one feather bed and furniture and two Cows and Calves...sons Reuben and Daniel all the rest of my estate...sons Reuben and Daniel as soon as Daniel arrives to the age of twenty years one Negroe a peace about the age of eight or Ten years...should either of my two sons Reuben and Daniel die without heir that then the survivor should inherit the deceased estate only paying my Daughter Betty Triplett one Negroe twelve or fourteen years real and personal should be kept in the Hands of my Executors untill 1772 in order to make up the three Negroes for which I have become bound unto my son Simon and should they fail to make up that sum then each to contribute their proportional part towards making up that sum...27 April 1765. (signed). Proved 5 March 1767.


p.244, I Charles Wharton...Daughter Sarah Wharton one Negroe Boy named Moses upon condition she pays 5 pounds cash to my estate...if the Creditors come upon the Executors that a Negroe nam'd Luse should be sold to pay my beloved Wife Sarah all the rest of my her Death to be divided between Delilah Wharton and Reuben Wharton Nanne Wharton and Caty Wharton...13 November 1766. (signed). Proved 5 March 1767.


pp.245-6, I James Glendenning...son James my Lands...wife Margaret her full third part of my whole estate. I also give to my son John Glendenning Sarah and her increase...the black stallion...all remainder to be divided among all my children...21 October 1766. (signed). Proved 5 March 1767.


p.247-50, I Jane Champe...Daughter Betty Champe the five following Negroes Nell and her child Violet, Rachel, Suke and Chloe the Daughter of Ralf with all their increase...Grandson Henry Willis a Negroe Boy (Princes son) named Bob...son William my Negroe Man named Sam who works in the Garden...son John my negroe woman Aggy and her increase from the tim e she becomes his and my Negroe Man Dick but he dying without my son William or his children but in default of them I leave Dick to my Grandson Charles Carter and my wench Aggy to my Granddaughter Jenny Taliaferro...amongst all my Grand Children born at this time the following named fourteen Negroes Prince, Ralph, Ben, Bess, Chloe, Mary, Prince a boy, Narry a boy, Winny, Primers Daughter, Sarah Chloes Daughter, Sarah at Prince William Quarter, Kate the Daughter of Aggy, Hary the son and Jinny the Daughter of Bess and for as much as I would willingly avoid all cause of dispute about the sixth Devise I desire and request the parents or executors of my several grand Children at my Decease may divide the Negroes so as to give General satisfaction and I think the best method to procure that will be to chuse indifferent person of credit to do it dividing them into many parts as to equal the number of Familys concerned, the Gentlemen chosen shall on oath say the Difference in value of the parts, being made as near as possible, and the difference shall be paid immediately by him who got the best by lot to him who got the of less value for I would not have the Negroes sold...Grand Daughter Nancy Taliaferro a Negroe Girl named Sylvia Nanny's Daughter in lieu or for the girl Grace one of my Twenty who died... 25 July 1766. (signed). Codicil: amongst all my Grand Children two Negroe Boys named Sampson and Harry the sons of Aggy (who is disposed to my son John) to be disposed of as the fourteen...4 October 1766. (signed). Proved 2 April 1767.


pp.251-2, I Samuel Owens...well beloved Wife Margaret all my Stocks of what kind so ever and all my Household Furniture during her Natural life, Negroes Sheperd, Phillis & Harry...son Reuben the Plantation and land I now live on and one Negro lad named Robin...son Ephraim one Negro Boy Named Dick...if any of the Negroes given to my wife be alife at the time of her death, I leve them to my son Ephraim...27 September 1765. Proved 1 August 1766.


pp.253-8, I Michael Wallace...wife Elizabeth during her life the Land I now live on & the use of one seventh part of my slaves & other personal estate which slaves & Estate after her death be equally divided among all my children...all my lands & all the residue of my Slaves & personal Estate except what was before given to my trust executors may dispose of my unnecessary plate and what other part of my personal estate they think can be spared and all the money remaining after the payment of my just debts may be laid out in the purchase of Negroes and settled on some of the best of my lands and the negroes divided as the others before mentioned...8 July 1766...(signed). Proved 4 June 1767.


pp.262-4, I Francis Thornton...son William in Fauquier...son Francis a tract of land...all my Negroes, Stock Cattle Horses Hogs & other Personal Estate that may remain after paying my debts & my Wife in Fauquier County...6 June 1766. (signed). Proved 2 July 1767.


pp.266-7, I George be equally divided amongst my three Children all my whole Estate consisting of Negroes, Stocks of every kind...15 January 1768. (signed). Proved 2 June 1768.


pp.267-9, I James Turnbull...Daughter Betty my Negro woman named Tena...Son George my Negro Boy Jack and my Negro Girl Sarah...15 November 1764. (signed). Proved 6 October 1768.


pp.272-4, I John Herndon...loving Wife Jane during her widowhood the entire use of my whole Estate exclusive of the specific Legacies herein...whereas I am doubtful that it will be in the Power of my wife to manage two of my Negroes named Nann and Nell, if the said Negroes or either of them should behave amiss...may be lawful for my Executors to sell or otherwise dispose of them...1 July 1768. (singed). Proved 6 April 1769.


pp.278-82, I Dekar Executors shall sell my two Lotts in Palmouth and three Negroes I am possessed of...Five hundred pounds Sterling may be laid out in the purchase of land and four working Negroes Stocking and Seating a Plantation the yearly profits of which I give to my Brother Henry Thompson...Executors shall make a purchase of Land and Negroes or any thing else the my Judge most proper to the value of Five hundred pounds Sterling to my natural Daughter Ann alias Nancy the Daughter of Guilelma Hilliard of this County...23 December 1768. (signed). Proved 6 April 1769.


pp.284-5, I John James...Mary Douglas one Negro Woman named Isabell Jett one Negro Woman named Jane and her child named Cary...James Triplett my land with four Negroes named Peter, Ben, Will and Jude...10 November 1767. (signed). Proved 7 May 1769.


pp.288-90, I John Steward...loving Wife the Negroes following, Peter, Coffee, Dinah and Luce with all my moveable Estate during her life and then to my son Price...Son Jeremiah One Negro man Ross...son John one Negro Wench named Sook...Son Benjamin on Negro Woman named Judy...son Thomas Negro Boys named Phill and Jupiter...son James Negro Boys Scipio and Aaron...Grand Daughter Rosey Stuart one Negro Child named Violet...(signed). Proved 5 October 1769.


pp.295-7, I Martha eldest Grand daughter Ann Pitman my Negro girl named Kate, a feather bed and best black Walnut Desk...23 August 1768. (her mark). Proved 1 March 1770.


pp.298-300, I Mary Doone...Grand Daughter Mary Alexander one half my tract of land in the County of Culpeper...the following slaves with their increase Congo, Rose, Hannah, Rose, Congo, Glasgow, Violet the Elder, George, Frank, Billy, Ned, Phillis the Elder, Judy the Elder, Patt, Juno, Jack, Sawney and Bett, all my Household and kitchen furniture, one half of all my Stock of Horses, Hogs, Cattle & Sheep...Grand daughter Lucy Alexander the other half of my tract of land in the County of Culpeper...Slaves Jupiter, Lett, Jane, Jupiter, Violet the younger, Peter, Lett, John, will, Judy the Younger, Bob, Tom, Lett, Bess, Bristol, Nelly, Bristol & young Phillis, the other half of all my said stock of Horses, Hogs, Cattle and Sheep...Grand daughter Sarah Alexander one Negro girl named Daphney...Grand Daughter Frances Alexander one Negro Girl named Violet...Grand Son Philip Thornton Alexander one Negro named Tom...Grand Son William one Negro Boy named Bob also one dozen silver Table Spoons and a Soop Spoon and a Negro named Scipio...Daughter Lucy Alexander one Negro Girl called Phillis...June 1769. (signed Mary Donne). Proved 5 April 1770.


pp.303a-f, John Morton Jorden...wife lotts in the City of Annapolis...and all m Domestick Servants, Excepting my Negro Man Phill...6 June 1771. (signed). Proved 3 October 1771.


pp.304a-305 a, I Francis Martin Senr...Dearly beloved Wife Jean during her life Negroes: man Tom, George, Negroe Woman named Hannah, and one Negro Boy Will and after the death of my wife I leave Negro Tom to my son Charles also Negro George, to my Daughter Margret Bery, also Negro Hannah to my Son Francis also Negro Will to my Daughter Jemima Brown...Granson George Martin son to Charles Martin One Negroe Girl named Charity...30 May 1770. (his mark). Proved 4 October 1770.


pp.305a-7, I Samuel Skinker...son John three tracts of land...son William Eight Negroes Titus, Ben, Scipio, James, Fortimer, Jenney, Winney and Pegg...7 July 1770. Proved 4 October 1770.


pp.307a-9a, I Daniel White...well beloved Wife to have the use of my Negroe Woman Bet, While She Raises three Children fit to be Raised without the Breast, then the said Negro Bet to Return to my son Daniel White...son William one of the Children before mentioned is Born named Dinah if he lives to have an heir, if not to be sold and Equally Divided between his Sister Mary and brother George...Daughter Mary the next Child my Negro Bet raises to be Divided in the same manner if she dies...Son George the third Child the Said Negroe Woman Raises...14 July 1770. (signed). Proved 4 October 1770.


p.319a, I Birkett Jett...wife one third part of my Lands, Slaves and other Estate during her Natural Life and after her Decease I give her thirds of my Land to my son William...also the remaining two thirds of all my Land...I Give all my slaves including the Dower Slaves of my Wife to be Equally Divided Between my Daughter Nanny, Son Birkett and my Daughter Betty...30 December 1770. (signed). Proved 4 July 1771.


pp.320-1, I Robert Peck...son Thomas the Plantation whereon I now Liveth...also a Negro Girl Named Hagar & five pounds...Daughter Verlinda Gough Ten Pounds...son Joseph my Mill with the acre of land on each side and a Negro Girl Named Clarey and Ten Pounds...Grand Son William Peck, son of Samuel, One Negro Boy named Newton and Ten Pounds...Gran Son Robert Peck, son of William, One Negro Girl Named Lizy and Ten Pounds...13 August 1771. (signed). Proved 3 October 1771.


pp.321a-2, William Underwood, 21 November 1771...son John all my Estate but if he should die without issue before he arrives to the age of Eighteen...a Negroe Girl whose name was changed from Hannah to Rose with all her future increase shall go to Reuben Berrey...all the other Negroes (as they are originally the Gift of Mrs. Margaret Strother to my Deceased Wife) if the said Margret is Living shall return to the said Margret to Dispose as she pleases...(signed). Proved 5 March 1772.


pp.324-5, I Frances Edzard...well beloved Cousin James Mason Two Negroe Wenches, one Named Tenor the other Nancy...Godson William Hewit one Negroe Girl Named Fanny and her increase...18 October 1765. (her mark). Proved 7 May 1772.


pp.325-7, I Thomas Hungarford...well beloved son Thomas One Negro Boy that I have in Maryland named Charles and my Fiddle and a Horse named Hunter...well beloved son John Pratt Hungarford One Negro Boy Named Tom and one Horse of Eight Pound Price and a new Saddle and Bridle...Well beloved Wife Ann shall Possess all my Estate both Real and Personall in Virginia and Maryland till my two sons comes to the age of Twenty years and then for it all to e Equally divided...14 January 1772. Proved 4 June 1772.


pp.327-328a, I William Stone...George Payne my Negroe Man Bobb...Loving Daughter Margret a Negro Man Named Tom and a Negro Woman Named Kate...Loving Daughter Mary my Negro Girl Winny and a Negro Boy Bristoe...Loving Wife Mary the Three Negroes remaining Blander, Jane and Joe which I give to her During her Natural Life be Equally divided between my Daughters Margret and Mary and my two Grand Children William Scanrell Stone and Isaac Stone...Loving Daughter Margret the Right I have in Milly Hillard...the Right I have to Lucy Hillard to my Loving Daughter Mary...Daniel Hillard remain with my Loving Wife and after her Decease to be Divided as her Legacy is to be...16 November 1771. (his mark). Proved 6 August 1772.


pp.328a-29a, I Sarah Wharton...Son Thomas one Negro Boy Named Moses which was left to me by my Father's Will, one Fether Bed and furniture, my silver buckles and one Gold Ring but if my son should die before he arrives to full age, Negro Moses to be sold...Negro Boy Moses shall be hired out to maintain my son...1 November 1771. (her mark). Proved 3 September 1772.


pp.330-2, I Stephen Hansford...after the death of my wife all my Negroes Harry, Daphney, Phillis and Joe and their increase and my stocks of every kind and other personal estate to be divided into five equal parts: Daughter Ann Tutt(?), Daughter Alce Hansford, Grandson William Hansford, son Alexander, grand daughters Mary Armstrong and Lucy Elkins...10 June 1772. (signed). Proved October 1772.


pp.341-2, I David Bronaugh [too faint to read]...Daughter Mary Threlkeld(?) one Negro Woman Cate and her Children...[too faint to read]...13 December 1773. (signed). Proved 1 September 1774.


pp.345-6, I James Courtney Senr...[mostly too faint to read] lend to my wife Christian during her widowhood all my land, Negros and their increase...after her decease equally divided among my sons John, James, Charles, George, Thomas(?), Enos(?), William, Joseph, Beverley, Daniel...lend son in law and my daughter William Butler and Rosannat Butler One Negro Wench named Moll(?)...Grand Daughter Nancy Butler the choice of one of the said Wench's Children...23 October 1774...(his mark). Proved 4 May 1775.


pp.346-8, I Jno Champe...wife Ann all my Estate during her natural life...have totally at her disposal such slaves and other things as I shall hereafter mention: diana, Sydney, Rob, George, Patt, Levinia, Peter, Petida, Cheshire, Davy, Polly, Anthony, Milford, London, Robert, and Jane...Nephew Henry Willis the following Negroes: Richard, Rose, Tom, Sarah, Clarissa, Sam, Thomas, Jerry, Judy and Niece Ann Taliaferro the following Negro's: Susan, Rachel, Jane, Ruth, Lydia and London her son and sister Elizabeth the following Negro's Agathy, Cate, David, Harry, Violet child of nephew Jno Taliaferro...tract of land...with such Negroes as shall belong to the above tract at my Decease...(signed). Proved 4 May 1775.


pp.354-7, I William Brother Moses the use of the Land & Plantation & Grist Mill where he now lives & the use of the following Negro's: Prince & Dinah with their Children Moses, Winny, Betty, Nan & a very young child a Man named Ned & a Boy named Charles & the use of the increase of the said female slaves with the use of all the Stocks & Utensils during his life [then] to my sister Ann my sister Ann Marders the following Negroes Old Tom and Patt & their Child Battaley also Moses now in her possession, one good bed, bed James Armstrong land..with the following Negro's Nan & her three Children Charles, Susannah & Sarah with their future increase also a Moiety of the Stocks and Utensils belonging to the said George Armstrong a Negro named Dick if he should return to this my wife one hundred weight of Pork yearly untill she can raise stocks sufficient for herself...twelve sheep...110 pounds cash and a Negro named little Harry Elizabeth Armstrong wife of Thomas the land and plantation where she lives & a Negro named my Executors for the use of William Armstrong during his life two Negroes named James & Sam...unto Samuel Marders land together with one Negroe named Jockey & Lucy & her children Moses & Hanna...Aaron Marders Negro Nell & her Daughter Bett...Moses Marders Negro Yambo (Nell's son)...Jane Owens the wife of Richard Owens the use of a Negro named Cain, son of James Davis the land and plantation where he lives and Negro's James, Jude and little George...unto Mary Florence forever the Negros Lettice and Mary(?)...and whereas I sold to Jos Smith a Negro Woman and two Children for whom he promised to pay me 90 pounds which is still Letice Wishart and Catherine Taylor the Wife of Capt Richard Taylor the forty six Negros following: George and Grace & their four children Martin, Jack, Daniel, Milly, Harry and his two Children Reuben & Gerard, Ben and Betty and their three Children Jane, Lydia and Tamar, Scipio & Rose and their Children Docia(?) and Peter, Rachel and her child Rose, Tom Precher(?) and little Nell and their five Children Baldwin, Gerard, Ben, Tom & Lucy, Lucy and her child Sinah, Glasgow and Jenny & her seven children Sucky, Esther, Aaron, Solomon, Juley, David & Lucy, Great Will, Frank, Tom, Harry, Cheshire & Dinah and their two Grand Children Cheshire and Sarah...equally to be divided share and share alike...11 May 1774. (signed). Proved 2 June 1774.


pp.358-9, year 1774, I John Wishart...all my slaves and personal Estate to be equally divided between my sons William and Sidney and my Daughter Willelmena(?)...(signed). Proved November 1774.


pp.360-400 too faint to read.


pp.401-2, I Gl(?)adis Jett...County of Westmoreland...loving son Peter Jett two negroes Dick and Dick to mind the mill...son in law William ____ my negro boy Titus(?)...the value of the said negro in cash...grand son John Jett the son of Peter one negro girl Called Winney...(mark).


pp.403-4, I Thomas Ficklin...Grandson Lewis __(?) one young my daughter Margaret Jenkins one young negro, forty pounds, one feather bed & furniture, one cow & calf, one sow and pig, one dish, six plates...daughter Elizabeth Ficklin one young negroe, seventy pounds cash and one feather bed & furniture...daughter Lucy Ficklin one young negro, eighty pounds, one feather bed & son the residue of my negroes, stocks of horses, cattle, sheep & hogs...year 1778. (signed). Proved 3 December 1778.


p.405, I John Jordan...beloved wife Elizabeth all my estate...after her death son Thomas shall have one negroe woman Eve...son Laurence one negroe man Sambo...two youngest sons Francis & George all my molattors to be equally divided between of my estate divided between my five sons...16 September...(his mark).


pp.406-410 too faint to read.


pp.413-414 too faint to read...the negro wench is to be sold to some lady in the neighborhood...


pp.416-7 too faint to read.


King George County, Virginia, Will Book 2, 1780-1804

Library of Virginia microfilm no. 59


pp.1-3, I Francis Thornton...tract of land I now live on to my nephew Francis Thornton...(and) my negro waiting Man Daniel the rest of my Negros be equally divided between my said nephew, my nieces Sukey Courts, Elizabeth Thornton and Ann Thornton...2 October 1780. (not signed). Proved 7 December 1780.


pp.9-12, I Andrew Grant...sister Mary Grant the following slaves Betty, Packer, Daphne her daughter & Aaron her son which are all that do now survive of the Slaves which were my fathers (Andrew Grant) at the time of his Decease...Sister Ann Mary Grant a negro girl called Nann Daughter of the before mentioned Daphne and negro girls called Syla the Daughter of Rachel who is now dead. both which slaves Nan & Syla have been born since my Father's decease of Negro women who were his property when he said sister a yellow boy called Jack whome I purchased from William Scott...unto my wife all my Slaves those only excepted which I have already disposed of...if any of the female Slaves which are disposed of should bear any children or child between the date of this my will & the time of my Decease, that such child or Children shall pass to the Person to whom the mother of such child or children is devised...22 January 1781. (signed). Proved 5 July 1781.


p.14, I Benjamin Thomas...wife Catherine one Negro girl named Jude & her increase...remainder of Negros to be equally divided between my children when the youngest comes to age...16 June 1781. (signed). Proved 5 July 1781.


pp.19-21, James Cash...son John tract of land...also the following Negro's Patrick, Ann, Solomon, and Elijah...son James the Tract of Land whereon I now live also the following Negroes Harry, Moses, Rachel, Winny and her Child...son Archibald my land in Prince William County also the following Negros Phebee and her children and Mary ...daughter Margaret Rawlins the following Negro's Phillis and Charlote and their Present and future increase...daughter Mary Johnson Tract of land...also the following Negro Caroline & her increase...grand Daughter Margaret Stone one Negro girl named Judith...loving wife the following Negros Benjamin & Dublin after her decease they should be sold & the money equally divided amongst my children..1 October 1780. (his mark). Proved 7 February 1782.


p.22, I Horatio Dade...son Robert Townsd Dade the following slaves Bomeco, Cawdery and her two children Rose & Charity also one feather bed and furniture, two cows and one horse or mare...residue of my estate real and Personal of what kind so ever, I give to my beloved Wife Mary...8 October 1781. (signed). Proved 4 April 1782.


pp.25-6, I John Washington...loving wife my riding Chair & harness and the two roan horses forever, also I give her the use of Willis during her natural life (over & above her dower, after her death I give Willis to my son Harry...Son Henry all the land I now live on...all the rest of my estate to my children Betty, Ann, Henry, Nathaniel, Mary, John, Baily, Laurance, John, Butler, Mildred and William to be equally divided amongst them by my executors as they arrive of age...If Betty does not marry, after her decease I give the slaves as may be allotted to her & increase to my son Henry...after the decease of my wife her dower slaves to be divided equally between my surviving children...old fellow Will a Carpenter be in Henry's part & that he use him well, he behaving accordingly...1 October 1779. (signed). Proved 5 September 1782.


pp.27, I Mary Tankersly...son George a negro wench called Milly...son John negro Boy called Ben and a negro Girl name Lucy also a feather bed, bolster, pillows, blankets & Quilt...daughter Dorcas a negro wench call Rachel...Grand daughter Sarah, the child of my daughter Dorcas, negro Girl named Clary...daughter Sarah McWilliams the use of a negro Girl named Venus till my Grand daughter Mary McWilliams is of age or marries. I give the Property of the said slave Venus to my said Grand daughter Mary McWilliams and she is to take possession at either of the Periods aforesaid...Grand daughter Jane Murdock a negro Boy named bob...1 May 1773. (her mark). Proved 7 October 1782.


[pp.28-9 not photocopied]

p.31, I George beloved Wife Margaret my whole estate during her life and after her decease the land whereon I now live be equally divided between my sons John and George Jones...after my wife's death my Household Goods & negro or negro's be divided between James, Thomas, Richard, Edward, Mary, Catherine...14 January 1768. (signed). Proved 6 March 1783.


pp.32-6, I Seymour Hooe...(after my youngest son attains the age of twenty one) my land equally divided between my son Alexander Seymour Hooe and the child with which my wife is now big if the same shall happen to be a slaves I desire may be equally divided between my son Alexander Seymour, my Daughter Lucy Thornton Hooe & the child with which my wife is now big subject also to the dower of my wife, which dower slaves after my wife's decease may be divided between my said children, my stocks of horses, cattle, sheep & Hogs...the slaves I received from my fathers estate & their increase may be divided between my Brother Gerrard & my Nephew John Storke...4 January 1783 (signed). Proved 3 April 1783.


pp.37-41, I William beloved wife the use of my Mansion house and yards, gardens, 40 acres, firewood, sue of my stocks of Cattle & Sheep, the use of all my household and kitchen furniture...the use of four of my Slaves that she may choose and the use of two female Slaves she may choose till they arrive to fourteen years of age...and if any of the Negroes she shall have chosen shall die or when the two negroe Girls shall have arrived to the age of fourteen my Executors Suffer her to choose others in their place except such as may be employed as house Servants by either of my Children...all my Negroes & Mulattos be divided in the following manner Son Richard all the negroes & their increase which came by his Mother together with one half of all such as I should in my own Right which were not the property of either of my wives upon my Marriage, but the said Richard is to bring into the general Division such negroes as I have already given him...Son William I give all the Negroes and their Increase that came by his Mother together with the other half of such as I hold in my own Right...recommend to my Executors & to my two sons particularly, that they take care that Sally Ecls who waited upon their Brother in his last sickness should not fall into distress, but that they supply her as long as she lives with at least five pounds per annum and more if circumstances should require it...12 March 1782. (signed). Proved 4 May 1738.


pp.41-3, I Thomas to my estate in Virginia...after my wife's decease that the residue of my Estate after paying my Daughter's fourtunes be equally divided between my four sons Charles Alexander, Thomas, Robert Rose & Alexander Hodge...impower my executors with the consent of my wife Molley to sell & dispose of my Land, Slaves or any thing else that I have & buy others...13 April 1774. (signed). Proved 4 May 1783.


pp.44-7, Henry Fitzhugh...wife during her widowhood the use of my mannor Plantation including all my Lands adjacent to it; Also one third part of all my other lands and one third part of all my include one third of the land & Slaves which I hold in her third part of my Chattels or personal estate forever...shall have the liberty to chose such Slaves and articles of personal estate in part of her thirds as she may fancy. But these bequests to my wife are on this express conditions...she shall release all her right & title and interest to my lands, Slaves & other estate which she claims as her proper estate, to the sole use of the Legatees in this my will...son John Battaile Fitzhugh all my lands & all my wife's land in Caroline and Orange Counties...son William Tract of Land in Fauquier County now possessed by my said son...son George Tract of Land in Fauquier being in the Possession of my said son...son Thomas Tract of Land in Fauquier, 800 acres...lands in Fairfax County to my five youngest sons Nicholas, Richard, Mordecai, Battaile and Giles...Grandson & heir of Henry Fitzhugh all my lands in King George & Stafford Counties...all my Slaves and Personal estate except one third of the personal Estate before given to my wife, to my nine sons & Grandson & to my Daughters Susannah Dade & Mary Stuart...every Slave or Slaves heretofore given shall be considered as part of such Legatees twelveth according to the value of such slave or slaves when given...each of the twelve Legatees may receive a twelveth part of the Chattels or personal estate perfectly as nearly as can be equal...Willis, Daphne, Jonathan Slaves are pert of my Grandson's Twelveth...25 June 1782. (signed). Proved 5 June 1783.


pp.49-54, I Charles Ashton...son Burdit Ashton the Tract of Land and Plantation whereon he now lives together with a Negro Man Slave called George at this time in (his) possession...Grandson Charles Augustine son of my son Burdit the Plantation and Tract of Land whereon I now live together with the following slaves Tom, Tom, Scylla, Jane, Lettice, Suke, Davy, George, Peter, Jacob, Cary & Frank...all the household and kitchen furniture, stocks of Horses, black Cattle, Hogs & Sheep which I shall have on my said Negro Wench Lydia to my Executors to continue the said wench upon my said Plantation to take care of the young Negro's and the House & Garden until my Grandson shall attain the age of eighteen at which time I give the said negro Lydia the privilege of choosing a Master & Mistress for the remaining part of her life provided always she do confine her choice to one of my children or Grand children. I do devise the said Lydia & all and every child or children which she shall bear from and after my said Grand son's attaining the age of eighteen forever, but if she doth bear any child before said Grandson doth attain eighteen, such children may pass to my said Grandson Grandson Charles Ashton, son of my son John Ashton, the following Slaves: Adam, Nance, Joan, Easter, Kate, Jonathan, Charity, Martin, James & Mary forever...Grandson Henry Ashton son of my son John the Negro Winny now in his Father's Possession...son Laurence Ashton all the Slaves and other estate which I have heretofore given him together with whatever Children or Increase they may have had since the said Slaves were delivered to him...moreover I give him Ben, Isaac, Rachel and her Daughter Sarah...10 May 1778. (signed). Proved 7 August 1783.


pp.55-6, all my estate real and personal to my beloved Wife Virlinda during her natural life and after her death the land whereon I now live to my son Langhorn...Daughter Sarah Taliaferro and Ann Stith I give the Negro's they now have in their Possession...each of my Daughters Behethelem Birch and Jane Yates two young Negro's to be appointed them by my Wife and delivered as my wife shall think fit...Daughter Elizabeth four Negro's on the same terms...son Langhorn five Negros in the same manner...all the rest of my slaves be equally Divided between my sons Baldwin and Townshend in the same manner...14 August 1782. (signed). 4 September 1783.


pp.57-8, I Philip Thornton Alexander...6 March 1783...wife Lucy one third part of all my estate during her natural live...son John Lewis Alexander all my Lands in the Counties of King George and Stafford...all my Slaves and Stocks that are on my Mannor Plantation...all my Slaves & Stocks that are on the Fauquier Slaves & Stocks that are on my Plantation in Stafford County to the Child I suppose my wife to be big with provided it be a son. (signed). Proved 4 December 1783.


pp.60-1, I Francis Thornton...son John Tract of land on which I reside...son William Tract of Land in the Neck...all my Negro's, Stocks of every kind and household furniture be equally divided between my two sons John and beloved wife...executors furnish with a Chair and two horses and a Servant, a Maid to wait on and 6000 pounds Tobacco annually...8 August 1782. (signed). Proved 2 September 1784.


pp.63-4, I Margaret little child may be Christained by the name of my little child my Negro Boy Randal & all the rest of my Estate...16 December 1780. (her mark). Proved 2 May 1782.


pp.66-7, I Samuel White...son Charles after the decease of his Mother all my Land & one Negro boy named James also one Mare Colt Called Parrot, saddle and Bridle and one feather bed and furniture...Daughter Linney two young Negro's by the names of Dinah & Jack, one Mare colt called Pleasure, one feather bed and furniture...Daughter Hannah two young Negro's by the names of Ben and Keziah, also one Mare Colt called Bonny also one feather bed & furniture. All the rest of my Estate I give to my Wife during her life and then to be equally divided among all my children, but in case any of the Negro's above mentioned should die before they are given up it should be made good out of the remaining part of my Estate before it is divided...20 June 1783. (signed). Proved 4 December 1783.


pp.68-9, I Thomas Bunbury...Daughter Dulley Owens now wife of John Owens four Negro's Suck, Millia, Agga and Moses...Grandaughter Dulley Berry daughter to Dulley Owens two Negro's Harry and Tillace...Grandaughter Sarah Berry two Negro's David & Winny...Grandaughter Ann Conway two Negro's Charles & Tom...Granson John Conway two Negro's Dick & three daughters Caty, Jane and Sarah the following slaves: David now in the possession of Ann Fowke, Tillace & Winny to be equally divided between them...Granson Francis Scott a Negro wench called Fander and her former & future increase...Grand sons John, Henry and Thomas Bunburry's the following Slaves Bob, Phill, Peter, Beck, Daniel Scillah, Bett, Winny, Judy, Daphnee and Ann to be equally divided between them...Grand Son William Bunbury the Tract of Land I now live on together with the following Slaves Ben, Charles, Bob, Milley, Sarah and Ben, all my Household furniture and Stock of what kind so ever...6 October 1780. (his mark). Proved 4 December 1783.


p.70, I William loving wife Sarah the Tract of land whereon I now live to her forever...five of my Negro's Bob, Nell, Harry, Sarah & Sue...Elizabeth Gray Dudley daughter of Elizabeth Pittman Dudley my Negro Boy of my Estate to my loving wife...11 August 1783. (signed). Proved 1 April 1784.


pp.77-8, I Peter Jett...Daughters Mary Hemstead and Ann Conely my Negro Woman named Rose & the Lease of Land I now live on containing 100 acres and my two horses...2 May 1784. (his mark). Proved 5 August 1784.


pp.80-1, I Richard Bernard...loving wife Ann the plantation whereon my Mother in Law now lives together with the Plantation my Grandfather purchased of Robert Washington, together with eight working Hands, exclusive of Servants employed in the House which House Servants I also give her...also the Stocks of Horses, Cattle, Hogs and Sheep...and any two servants she may choose...all my Mulattoes & Negros be kept together with Stocks and all kind of personal Estate may be equally divided between my two Executors after my death purchase two young Negro's a Boy & Girl, or choose them from my Negro's & give them to William Suttles son of Sarah Suttles...15 October 1783. (signed). Proved 3 March 1785.


pp.83-4, Mr. Thomas Oliver of Marlsborough in Stafford Dear Wife Elizabeth in full possession of all my Worldly Goods without enumerating particulars...animated & Inanimated...least I should not be fully understood...all things I die possessed of whether Land, Houses, Slaves, Stocks of all species, Cash, Grain becomes her Private property. 2 September 1777. (signed). Proved 4 August 1785.


p.85, I Thomas Wilkerson...son Thomas 100 acres, a Negro slave Named Jacob...son Suttle 105 acres, a Negro Girl named Rachel...son Augustine 105 acres, a Negro Girl Named Anna...Daughter Jemima Wilkerson a Negro Slave named Syrus after her decease to her son Bernett, a feather bed & furniture...Grandson Bernett a Gray Mare Called Mouse...Daughter Catherine a Negro boy called Charles, a feather bed and furniture...Daughter Judith Suttles one Negro woman named Hannah...Daughter Linney Sullivan 30 pounds cash...6 April 1785. (his mark). Proved 5 May 1785.


pp.87-9, I George Marshall...use of the Plantation whereon I now live to my beloved wife Ann and at her death to my son my loving wife during her natural life five Negroes Matt, Leah, Solomon, Rodger, and Bett and after her death the aforesaid Negro's and their increase to be equally divided between my sons James and George...beloved daughter Negroes Scipio, Ben, Darkas, and Matt the younger, I also leave her the use of a Negro Girl named Celia and after her death Celia and her increase to my Daughter Bettey Ford...Daughter Mary Guy Negro Alice, Joe, Aaron, Lydia and Lucy...beloved son James all my other lands, grist mill, one Negro man named Dick and all the blacksmiths tools to make lands as equal as I can...son George Negro Isaac and Reuben...son James Negro Jacob and Harry which he is now in of my Estate to be equally divided between James and George...20 October 1784. (signed). Proved 6 October 1785.


p.92, I James Rawlins...loving wife Margaret during her Natural life my Negro woman Jane & my Negro Girle Winny and at her death they and their increase divided amongst my surviving Brothers...loving wife Margaret all my Household Furniture and Stocks of Black Cattle, Hogs, Sheep & my two Horses one called Thomson and the other Father & Mother during their natural lives Negro's Judy, Frank, Reubin and Jane then to my surviving Father Joseph my two Horses Ball and Lady...14 October 1785. (signed). Proved 3 November 1785.


pp.95-6, I William Chapman...Brother Joseph my Negroe fellow Tom...23 September 1773. (signed). Proved 7 October 1773. Further proved 7 September 1786.


pp.98-100, I John beloved wife...the use of my plantation and tract of land whereon I now live with the following slaves Charles, Will, Williams, Milly, little Frank, Linney, Paris, George & Charity also the use of the Stocks of Cattle, Hogs and Sheep, Plow horses and croping utensils upon my said Plantation, my chariot and chariot horses forever...Daughter Mary Walls Ashton one Negro Girl Nancy and her increase...Daughter Sarah Washington one Negroe Girl Charlotte and her increase forever...Daughter Peggy one Negroe Girl Lydia & her increase forever...Daughter Hannah one Negroe Girl Sarah and her increase forever...son Henry one Negroe Boy Ben...son Richard Watts Ashton one Negroe Boy James Cox forever...son Laurence one Negroe Boy Edmund...son West one Negroe Boy Tom Peyton forever...son John the plantation and land whereon I now live, one Negroe Boy Charles. I give the residue of my Slaves with their increase and whatever part of my Estate may not be comprehended in the above Devises be equally divided amongst my eight children...Negroes, Stocks & Furniture devised to my Wife be at her death or Marriage also equally divided...13 October 1787. (signed). Proved 7 February 1788.


p.101, I Mary Grant...Brother John Matthews my Mansion House, Plantation and tract of land given me by my late husband Andrew Grant...Niece Ann short a Negroe Girl named Winney daughter of Venus & her increase, one feather bed & furniture, six silver tea spoons...Niece Mary Matthews Daughter of my brother John one Mahogany desk, tea table, gold John Matthews & his daughter Mary all my Slaves & their increase except the one I have already disposed of in this my last will...18 June 1785. (signed). Proved 7 February 1788.


pp.102-4, I Anne Short...nephew Thomas Short son of my Brother Thomas a Negroe man called Sister Margret Mattews a Negroe Wench called Lucy also 1000 pounds of tobacco...Niece Sarah Bunbury Daughter of my sister Elizabeth Bunbury one Negro Girl called Winneford...Niece Anne Bunbury a Negroe lad called Tom and a Negroe Girl called Doll also six silver tea spoons...22 October 1787. (signed). Proved 7 February 1788.


pp.106-7, I Susanna Alexander...Negroes George, Moses, Siby, Winney, Nancy and Louisa to my three sons Robert, Thomas and William, the said slaves to be equally divided between them...13 September 1788. Proved 4 December 1788.


pp.108-9, I Thomas Jordan...beloved wife during her natural live the full use and profits of all my Slaves except as shall hereafter be immediately devised together with all my Stocks of every kind whatever, household and kitchen furniture and Plantation Utensils...Grand Daughter Susanna Wilkerson my negroe wench Sal and her two children Milly and Ralph and their future increase...Negroe Girl Jenny and her increase forever, and a horse of 12 pounds value...18 September 1788. (his mark). Proved 5 February 1789.


pp.116-7, I Jariot Wilkerson...son Jesse all my lands with a negroe Girl named Rose...Daughter Lavina one Bed and furniture...2 May 1789. (his mark). Proved 1 October 1789.


p.119, I Tabitha Strother...son John one horse called Dreadnot, two cows, one feather bed and furniture one desk, one table...son George the following Negroes Windred, Dinah, Daniel, Isaac, Clary, James, Happy, William and Ben also all the rest of my estate...4 February 1788 (her mark). Proved 1 July 1790.


p.126, I Rose Berryman...son Reuben one negro girl known by the name of Mary with all her increase, one feather bed...3 November 1785. (signed). Proved 3 February 1791.


p.128, I Calvert Jones...nephew Nathaniel 100 pounds, half my Cattle, Hoggs & Horses...sister Frances Jones bed and furniture...I set my Melato boy John Luckus free at my Death [from his indenture?]...nephew Charles Grigsby Jones use of my land during his life...29 August ____. (signed). Proved 7 April 1791.



pp.129-30, I Benjamin Edelen...200 pounds Maryland currency to be laid out in lands for the use of my wife Sally and my three children during her natural life...loving wife Negroes Ben and Betty and their increase during her life and after her decease divided between my three children...Daughter Elizabeth Edelen Negroes Sam & Edie & their increase forever...son John Negroes Nace & Winny...loving wife four horses Ball, Star, Peg & old Derry...daughter Elizabeth one colt call'd Polly Grymes...17 November 1790. (signed). Proved 7 April 1791.


pp.133-40, I William Fitzhugh...wife her choice of eight of my slaves, male or female or both, excepting tradesmen and those which I shall hereafter particularly devise together with my gardener Charles and the choice of a cook...twenty well fatted hogs, two good muttons, four lambs & two veals, ninety barrels of corn...eight milch cows...unto son John all the negroes which I have hither lent him during his life...son Philip all my estate real and personal which shall remain after the payment of my legal debts, the support of my wife & the payment of legacies herein bequeathed, provided that within the expiration of two years after he shall come to the possession of said estate he give to my son McCarty a good plantation containing 600 acres of land and ten working hands exclusive of a negro fellow named Jonny otherwise called "carpenter Jack's son" two sons Daniel and Theodorick two negroe fellows in trust for my son William Beverly...3 March 1789. (signed). Codicil: the ten slaves devised to my wife return with their future increase to my son Philip at her death or marriage. 4 March 1789. Proved 2 June 1791.


pp.141-3, I Robert Stith...loving wife Mary the cook wench called Sarah also Nanny & Milly and Jack each of them now in the house during her natural life, my Coach and the four black horses...young riding mare...household and kitchen furniture...have the use of one third all my Negroes during her life...son Putnam 450 acres...son John the remaining part of my plantation containing 664 acres...daughters an equal division of my slaves with my sons (including those now in my aunt Stith's possession at her death) also my wife's thirds at her death as each of the daughters marry to be set apart for them by disinterested persons, they to make choice of a negro girl from the whole as a waiting maid to be counted as one of their proportion also the same proportion of cattle and sheep. The residue of my estate to be divided between my two sons...executors sell as much property of any sort except land to pay the debts before any division...14 May 1788. (signed). Proved 6 October 1791.


p.144, I John Bunbury...daughters Pamelia Bunbury and my youngest daughter Mariah all the residue of the money arising from the land that I sold in the State of Maryland after my debts are paid...son Thomas the tract of land whereon I now negro lad named Dick...residue of my estate be kept together for the support of my wife and children...15 February 1791. (signed). Proved 1 December 1791.


pp.147-8, I Sigismund Massey...son John Short Massey all the land that I possess...oldest daughter Elizabeth Short Massey one Negro girl Sarah...son John one negro boy James...daughter Sarah Short Massey one Negro girl Grace...all my slaves shall work as formerly they have done all together on my plantations after all my debts are paid, then it is my will that there be an equal distribution of all my slaves that is not yet mentioned, stocks of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs and household furniture between my daughter Elizabeth and son John and daughter Sarah...14 November 1790. (signed). Proved 5 January 1792 and 5 April 1792.


pp.149-51, I Jeremiah Kirk...son Jeremiah the land I bought of Charles Carter in Stafford County and a Negro man called Harry and the stock and household goods of what kind soever he has had and their increase...daughter Sarah Balthrop's children a negro wench called Win and a boy called Tom and a girl called Jude...son Hezekiah land...a negro man called Peter and the stock and household goods of what kind soever that he has had & their increase...son Jesse a negroe man called Jack and a Negroe Woman called Hannah and her increase, and the stock and household goods...beloved wife Ann all the remaining part of my land and a negro man called Adam and a negroe woman called Jude and a negro girl called Agg and her increase and all the remaining part of my stock and household goods...18 February 1789. (signed). Proved 5 July 1792.


pp.153-4, I Ann Thornley...all the negroes belonging to the estate of John Thornley deced. in my possession be equally divided between Aaron, John and Epaphroditus Tornley...12 August 1790. (her mark). Proved 6 December 1792.


pp.159-61, I Daniel Edrington...son Edmund the plantation and tract of land whereon I now live, but my wife shall during widowhood have the use of said plantation...the following Negroes shall be left on my plantation during the widowhood of my wife Tom, Anthony, Jack, Cate & Jacob and at the marriage or death of my wife to go to my son Edmund...daughter Elizabeth my negro boy Dick...daughter Frances my negro woman Rachel and her child Barbara...daughter Catharine my negro girl Nancy & negro man Charles...son Edmund my negro woman Winny...grand daughter Mary Degge Ashmore my negro girl Caty...nephew Lovel Harrison my negro girl Kizzy, but if I should think property to dispose of the said girl by sale, I do not mean that my said nephew shall come in for any other part of my estate in lieu thereof...the negroes which I have devised to my daughters Elizabeth, Frances and Caty shall not by any means be removed off my plantation during the single state of my said daughters...11 January 1792. (signed). Proved 7 February 1793.


pp.165-6, I Settle Wilkerson...daughter Jean one negro girl named Rachel and one bed and furniture and one young mare and one cow and calf forever...son Newman one half my land, one half my personal estate of whatsoever kind...son William Slaughter Wilkerson the other half of my land and the other half of my personal estate...wife Jemimah my whole estate during her widowhood...19 August 1792. (his mark). Proved 5 September 1793.


p.167, I Joel Anchorom...niece Sarah Davis old Nan...niece Mary Owens old James...niece Jane Asbury one negro girl called Alice. The residue of my estate I give to my loving wife Susannah to dispose of as she may think proper. 18 December 1790. (signed). Codicil 18 December 1790 in lieu of my negro Nan devised to Sarah Davis that she be paid 20 pounds & that the said slave be vested in my executrix & so in like manner the two slaves old James and a negroe girl called Alice...22 September 1791. (signed). Proved 5 September 1793.


pp.171-2, I Ann relative John Minor one negro boy named friend William Minor all my work stears...likewise two negroes James and Lucy during my brother William Grigsby's natural life and at his death it is my desire they both be set free...sister Margaret Foster one negro girl named Pat...18 September 1793. (signed). Proved 2 January 1794.


pp.174-5, I Nathaniel Jones...loving wife [Molley Jones] all my whole estate real and personal during her life...son John my mansion house and plantation...son Charles Wesley Jones tract of negro fellow James shall be free man from my estate forever. I give the said James my old black mare and three barrels of Corn...6 November 1793. (signed). Proved 2 January 1794.


p.176, I Price Steward...loving wife shall have the use of my negroes and all my personal estate during life and at her death to be equally divided between my seven children...31 July 1793. (signed). Proved 2 January 1794 and 3 April 1794.


pp.177-8, I Humphrey Francis Toye Fitzhugh...all sales of Negroes and other property made by my husband George Fitzhugh be valid and effectual and that the purchasers remain in quiet possession of the said property and free from any claim which might be derived under me by value of a marriage contract bearing date November 24, said husband all my right and title to all my estate...17 June 1788. (signed). Proved 1 July 1794.


pp.180-1, 1794, June 27, I Stephen Bailey Junr...well beloved sister Elizabeth Bailey all that tract of land which was given to me by my grandfather's will, 140 acres, likewise a negro man known by the name of Dick also one negroe woman named Esther, also one negroe boy named samson...well beloved sister Nancy Bailey one negro girl named Fanny...(signed). Proved 4 December 1794.


pp.184-6, I William Boon senr...son William all my tract of land whereon I now live and the tract joining...son George Green Boon my negro man John and the black smiths tools...lend to my loving wife all my estate until my son George arrives to the age of twenty one and then to be divided as shall hereafter be mentioned...daughter Molley who married Richardson Harrison three negroes Guley, Ben & Hannah with cash and other goods to the value of 60 pounds...when my son George or my youngest child arrives of age then my estate except the land and one third of my other estate which I lend to my wife during widowhood be divided between my children William, Jenny, Betsey, Nancy & George G. Boon...17 February 1792. (signed). Proved 5 February 1795.


pp.198-200, I Samuel Dishman...son Samuel all the tract of land given to me by my Father together with sundry Negroes with their future increase conveyed by gift to my said son as will appear by reference to the records of the Court also all my moveable estate that my said son has in his possession...son William shall have during his natural life the full use of my slaves following and their future increase Hannah and her children Lidia, Mary, Nat, Reubin, Sampson and Anna, William & Moses...son James the tract of land whereon I now live also my slaves following Jack, Harry, Mathew and boy Cox, Kezia and her Children George and Henson with her future increase...daughter Frances the following Negroes Joseph, Martha and her child Winney, girl Sarah and Boys Solomon, John and Joshua...Daughter Mary the following Slaves Peter, boy Williams, Girl Peggy, Fanny and her Child Leonard, boys David & Thomas...I have heretofore given unto my daughter Elizabeth decd into her actual possession who intermarried with Thos Muse an equal share of my Grand Daughter Betsy Butler Dishman one negroe girl named Carey...26 December 1793...(signed). Proved 5 May 1796.


pp.209-10, I William Hudson...son Obediah Hudson & son William Hudson my land 334 acres in the State of Kentucky...son Obediah to have my Roan riding horse, William one sorrel mare...loving wife Frances one bed and furniture, four chairs & all her pewter, one spinning negro woman named Judith should be hired out untill my daughter Janey arise to the age of eighteen & the money applied to her use in case the said wench Judith should have a child it should go to my Daughter Nancy and the next child the sd wench should have to my daughter wench Isabel of not willing to go to Kentucky be sold to the highest bidder and the money equally divided between my wife & my son Obediah, William, Mildred Wilkerson, Nancy Hudson & Senny Hudson...remaining part of my estate be sold...10 May 1797. (signed). Proved 7 September 1797.


pp.211-2, I Robert G. Estate be kept together in the possession of my wife till my son Robert arrives to the age of twenty lots in Port Royal with the land I possess in Caroline County lying on Portobacco be immediately sold & the monies arising there from to be laid out in Slaves to be divided equally between my children...4 March 1797. (signed). Proved 5 September 1797.


pp.213-4, I Anthony Price...son Thomas my Plantation whereon I now live and a negro Girl Susan now in the hands of Benjamin Roach, my son in law...son Buckner one Negro Girl Sharlott...son Bennett one negro Girl Milley...son Willis a negro boy named Tom...son John a negro man named Jiles and a negro boy named Adam...all my household furniture and stock to be equally divided between my five sons...18 January 1795. (his mark). Proved 1 February 1798.


pp.215-6, I Thomas Short...loving wife Frances my whole estate during her life for the support of her and my Children...oldest son John Cuthbert Short my Mansion house and part of my land...a molatto negro boy Named Colling, my Gold watch, six silver Table Spoons...son Thomas the remaind of my Tract of land, a negro boy named Phill son of Nan, my china face silver watch, six table spoons, six tea spoons...Daughter Ann Stith Short a negro girl called Sarah Daughter of Nan, my old silver watch and my mourning ring...Daughter Frances a Molatto negro Girl named Harriet Daughter of Abigail and five pounds to buy her a mourning Slaves, stock & furniture at the death of my wife be equally divided among my Children...20 June 1796. (signed). Proved 1 February 1798.


p.219, I John nephew John Skinker Junr all my several tracts of land and Negroes (except such as I shall hereafter mention)...Nephew William Skinker Junr all my Lands & Negroes in the County of Fauquire...Caty and Sally Bowie my nieces each two young Negroe Girls not to exceed ten years of age the said Negroes to be taken out of my whole estate at the discretion of my Executors. 26 October 1790...After my Debts are all paid I desire my Mulatto Fellow James have his freedom & a suit of Cloaths. Shd Ben, Betty or Joe ever be got again I desire they may be immediately sold...I give Antony a negroe now in the possession of my Brother William Skinker to him...19 January 1790. (signed). Proved 5 April 1798.


pp.222-3, I Thacker Washington...unto my dr Wife during her natural life my dwelling house, furniture, my kitchen and its furniture...exclusive of her dower. Whereas William P. Flood esqr did for and in consideration of a certain sum of money due me make and execute a deed of Mortgage for a certain Tract of Land lying in King George County called Crabcove and did also by virtue of a bill of Sale dated 3 February 1798 sell and convey to me certain negroe slaves in fee simple to wit Tom, Harry, Davy, James, Sarah & Child Agga, Lydia and Molly together with their present & future increase I do hereby bequeath all interest & claim which arises to me by virtue of the Mortgage and slaves to my Wife and my friend John Rose to hold in trust for my daughter Nancy P. Flood...Subjected to the above legacies all my estate of what kind soever unto my two sons Henry Thacker and Warner...2 June 1798. (signed). Proved 5 July 1798.


pp.225-8, I William Stuart...son David my land on the south run of broad run...and my land in Fairfax together with all the slaves and stock of every kind on the Elk Run tract when he took possession thereof, a boy among the slaves called Will to supply the place of Simon who now waits upon my son William...having given to my son William my land on Cedar Run whereon he resides together with a full proportion of my slaves and stocks of every kind, I hereby confirm the same to him...son Richard my land at the Leathercoat mountain reserving to my four unmarried daughters the liberty if they chuse it of working their slaves or some of them thereon. I promised Mr. William Mason previous to his marriage with my daughter Ann ten slaves and 100 pounds which promise I have performed Mr. Richard Foote who has intermarried with my daughter Jane a sixth part of my slaves, a girl named Flora and the superannuated ones being first set aside & those already delivered to him to be included in his number and 100 pounds and one feather bed and furniture...four unmarried daughters the use of my manour plantation...granddaughter Sarah Dade a negro girl named Flora. all the rest of my slaves to be equally divided between my son Richard and his four unmarried sisters my three carpenters and Jacob to be included in his part & a maid a piece to be included in each of third horses and stock of every kind to be equally divided between my son Richard and his unmarried sisters, his horse and mare to be included in his part and my carriage horses in their part...1 January 1796. (signed). Proved 6 December 1798.


pp.230-3, I Hannah Fitzhugh...daughter Anna during her natural life the service of my negroe girl named Betty which I purchased of my son McCarty and at the decease of Betty to my dear granddaughter Lucy Campbell...2 November 1798. (signed). Proved 7 February 1799.


pp.239-40, I Benjamin Baber...son Francis a small tract of land in Caroline County he paying to my three other children Henry Bomberry, Thomas & Sally Bombury Baber 30 Eleven Slaves Patty about 35 yrs of age, Hannah about 25, Sukey about 18, Betty about 14, Wilson 12, Frank 12, Nancy 10, John 10, Anny 8, Kitt 6, Paul 4 with all my other Estate in Stock, money debts & fairly divided between my four children...5 April 1799. (signed). Proved 4 July 1799.


pp.241-3, I John Cleft...lend to my loving Wife Anne the whole of my Estate for the term of six years to commence 1 January next...[and] one negro boy named Harry in trust for the support of my son James...if my negroe woman Eve should have any Children in the six years, they be equally divided between my following children: Peggy, John Usley & two negroes Adam & Eve at the expiration of the six years to be Equally divided between my following children William Cleft Robert, Benjamin, Mary, Call, Reuben & Hannah Carver...they paying my debts at my decease, but if they should not be willing to pay my Debts, my Negro woman Eve should be sold to pay them, but should Eve die before me, my negroe man Adam be sold to pay them...5 October 1795. Proved 5 September 1799.


pp.245-9, I Thomas Smith...son Caleb 450 acres also two negroes now in his possession named Isa & Clary together with what property I have heretofore given him...son Nathan tract of land...also two negroes Moses & Fanny formerly given to him together with such other property as he may heretofore have received...son Seth tract of land also two negroes Randolph now in his possession & Dinah together with what property I have heretofore given him...son two Negroes Charles and Cynthia together with what property I have heretofore given him...Daughter Frances Carter during her life two Negroes Airy, Spencer together with their present and future increase now in her her death to the children of said Frances...Daughter Winny Thornley two negroes Gooley & Reuben, the said Gooley being now in her possession...daughter Tabitha Johnson two negroes now in her possession Edy and George...daughter Jane Moxley two negroes Mary Ann & Anthony with sundry other property now in her possession...granddaughter Patsey Sneed one negroe girl named Phebe & her increase...grandson Abner Carter one negroe girl named Sarah and her future beloved wife Mary continue to live and occupy my mansion house...residue of my estate continue in the possession of my dear wife and at her death to be equally divided excepting negroes Giles and my wife's death negroes Giles & Hannah be set free...bequeath to my son Caleb in trust as a plantation for the said Giles and Hannah to live on 50 acres...11 November 1799...(signed). Proved 2 January 1800.


pp.257-9, I William brother Mason Bennett of Berkley County the following slaves Tiller, Harry & Wench Tander with her child Lewis...nephew Owen Bennett negro boy Davy...neice Catherine Bennett daughter of John Bennett girl Rachel...wife's sister patty Monroe my riding of estate to be sold...4 February 1800. (signed). Proved 3 July 1800.


pp.259-61, I John Pollard...son Joseph one negro boy named Lewis(?)...daughter Elizabeth one two-year riding ____(?) a sorrel the boy living with me Henry Miller 25 pounds...sons Thomas, Abner and Joseph 1500 acres in Kentucky...son Thomas all my Negroes & Stocks of every kind and all other my estate of every kind & species whatsover...3 August 1798. (signed). Proved 11 September 1800.


pp.262-3, John Mifflin...[too faint to read]...son Charles girl Lucy [too faint to read]. (his mark). Proved January 1801.


pp.269-70, I John Thornley...daughter Piety one Negro boy named Isaac...daughter Pegg one Negro boy named George...son John my watch and guns...21 March 1795. (signed). Proved 7 May 1801.


pp.271-2, I James Dishman [too faint to read]...Daughter Elizabeth Negro Jane her daughter Milly, Aaron, Wiet(?) and Lucy...Daughter Sarah Baker Negros Lydia, her children Ned, Frank, Anthony & Grace...Daughter Mary Dishman a Negro girl named Cr___(?)...25 November 1790. Proved 1801.


[pp.276-283 too faint to read].


pp. 291-4, I William G. Stuart...two thirds of my slaves & personal estate to be kept together and managed by my executors at the death of my wife [Mary]...her dower slaves & personal estate be equally divided between my her death my slaves and personal estate be equally divided among all my children...[too faint to read]...26 January 1796. (signed). Proved 7 September 1797 and further proved 2 December 1802.


pp.297-8, I John Marquess...loving wife Elizabeth during her natural life the tract of land where I now live, also one negro Girl slave named Rachel...after the death of my Executors sell my land and the money arising divided among my children...appraisers do value negro Rachel...if it is found that said Negro does not amount to a child's proportion of my estate that then my executors do make up the deficiency(?) to my daughter Elizabeth White...3 August 1802. (signed). Proved 2 December 1802.


pp.303-7, I Michael Wallace...wife Elizabeth during her life the land I now live on...the use of one seventh part of my slaves and other personal estate which slaves and personal estate after her death be equally divided among all my lands and all the residue of my slaves and personal estate except what was before given to my wife in trust to the revd Richard Brown of Maryland, the revd Mr. James Scott, Mr. James Douglass and Mr. Cuthbert Buttell of Prince William for the support of my wife and maintenance and education of my executors may dispose of my unnecessary plate and what other part of my personal estate they think can be spared and all the money remaining after the payment of my just debts may be laid out in the purchase of Negroes and settled on some of the best of my lands and the negroes divided as the others before mentioned...8 July 1766...(signed). Proved 4 June 1767, 7 July 1796, and 1 September 1803.


p.310, I Ann loving Grand son William Beary a negroe gairl named Beet...12 April 1803. (her mark). Proved 1 September 1803.


pp.311-2, I Benjamin Wilkerson...son Stephen and daughter Margaret all that tract of land...son Weedon all the remaining part of my lands...two negro boys named George & Davy...daughter Margaret one negro girl named Lucy...daughter Clary Jones one Cow and Calf...26 June 1803. (his mark). Proved 6 October 1803.


pp.313-4, August 5, 1801, I John Waugh...son Laurence Lewis Waugh the whole of my land and four negroe boys Tom, Indian Billy, Richard & James and if the balance of my negroes number twenty or more when my daughter Mary Stuart Waugh arrives at age or marrys, son Laurence have the one fifth part of the same and if in that time my negroes do not amount to that number my daughter Mary Waugh possess the whole...(signed). Proved 6 October 1803.


p.315, I John Lewis Alexander...all my whole estate to my brother Philip Thornton Alexander and his two negro slaves named Mingo and Jack be manumited and set free by my Executors...11 May 1802. (signed). Proved 1 December 1803.


pp.348-9, 13 February 1804, I William Bunbury...daughter Nancy Blackburn a negro girl nam'd Lucy...daughter Elizabeth Bunbury one negro girl named Kitty...son William one negro boy Peter...son John Short Bunbury one negro boy Dick...all my negroes not before named be divided among my wife Elizabeth shall keep and enjoy the use of the whole of the above negroes during her natural life...(signed). Proved 6 December 1804.


King George county wills 3 1804-1846



p. 1, I Mary Smith widow of Thomas cook woman Hannah being entitled to her freedom at my death and it appearing probably she may be rather helpless and infirm...she have the services of her daughter Caroline during her live or she may choose to be superintended by my son Austin during her life...after the death of the sd Hannah the said Caroline and her increase to go and descend to all my children and their heirs equally. 6 July 1802. (her mark). Proved 4 April 1805.


pp.6-8, I Catharine Stuart...nephew Townsend S. Dade one negro boy...niece Matilda Stuart one negro boy or negro girl...niece Celia Jane Stuart Foote one negro boy and one negro girl...Jane Stuart Park the daughter of my niece Sally Park one negroe girl...sisters Sally and Helen all the rest of my negroes. 19 September 1803. (signed). Proved 5 September 1805.


pp.8-10, I Polly Richard Stuart the following negroes Waggon John, Julia, and Milly's son Jacob. The use of my Maid Fanny unto my sister Sally Stuart for her life then my sister Helen should have her and her increase...nephew Townsend S. Dade a negro Boy or Girl of the age of from six to nine...niece Jane S. Park a negro girl of the age of six or eight years...nieces Catharine Matilda and Ann Elizabeth Stuart daughters of my Brother William Stuart a Negro Girl each of the age of from six to ten...the children of my sister Jane Foote, one half of all the rest of my negroes which are not disposed of hereby...the other half to my sister Helen. 10 January 1805. (signed). Proved 5 September 1805.


pp.11-2, I John Wilkerson...unto my Grand daughter Nomey Poats the first child that my negro woman Anne may two natural sons Enoch Prentice Rose & John Prentice Rose the above mentioned Anne and the remainder of her increase to be equally divided when they come of age until which time she is to be hired out...all my household furniture together with my stock of every description and my negro woman Jane all of which household stuff, stock and negro Jane to be sold...17 February 1805. (signed). Proved 5 September 1805.


pp.13-17, I Sarah Hooe...son Abraham Barnes Hooe the following slaves Great Peter, George, Humphrey, Jim, Madge, Carpenter Tom, Mimy, Esther, Mary, Yellow Judy, Black Judy, Jenny, Guss, Sam, Peter, Aaron, and Moses...which slaves I permitted him to make choice of at the age of eighteen...and confirm to my said son title to the following slaves Jack, Kate and her son Burdett, Nutly and John which said slaves I have heretofore purchased with money by me considered his property...different stocks of horses, Mules, Cattle, Sheep, Hoggs and all the Household and kitchen furniture and plantation utensils with the Ferry boats &c...daughters...the rest of my estate...daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann Barnes Graham the following Negroes Will, George, Bettey, Sarah, Harry, Letty, Anthony, Phil, Mary (and her two sons Will and James) Philis (and her three children George, Matilda & Jeremy)...daughter Sarah Barnes Mason Frank, Will, Jim, Polly, Jenny and her four children James, Joe, Anna and Lucy also a negroe woman named Lucy and her two children Milly and Pompey...20 February 1805. (signed). 5 September 1805.


pp.22-3, I John Acred...son Laurence one negroe man slave named Yambo and also 20 pounds cash...daughter Dully Acred one negroe man slave named Anthony and 40 pounds cash...13 January 1806. (his mark). 6 February 1806.


pp.25-7, I Robert negroe man Batley be free immediately after my death and I give my negro man Batley my bay mare, a heifer called old Brindles Heifer, my Smiths tools and my wearing apparel...sister Nelly Mastin forever a negro girl named niece Mary Mastin a negro woman named Frank forever...nephew Robert Mastin a negro Boy named Dade forever...loving wife forever Martha and all the children which she now has except Dick and all those which she may have hereafter to be disposed of as she pleases. All of my negroes and all the rest of my personal estate I give to my wife during her natural life and after her death I give to my friend Townshend Stuart Dade Dick the son of Martha forever...nephew Dade Cord a negro Boy named George forever. After the death of my wife to my niece Caroline Mastin a negro girl named Sarah. After the death of my wife to such of my sister Nelly Mastin's children as are not herein named James a negro man forever. After the death of my wife neice Betsey Yates a negro girl named Cate and her increase. After the death of my wife my negroe woman named Lucy be entirely free and that she receive from my executors every year the sum of four pounds for her maintenance...should it be necessary for the payment of my debts to sell negroes that they dispose of a negro man named Giles for that purpose. 1 August 1805. (signed). 1 May 1806.


pp.28-9, I Richard Wingfield Hooe...nephew William Hooe landed Estate mill, Distillery &c as also all and singular my personal Estate, &c due & subject to the following to his brother Richard Hooe Winter and his sister Elizabeth Winter 500 pounds currency in money, negroes or &c by valuation...I have several negroes that I would liberate but in the course of my practice as a Physician the dire distress I've seen among such wretches deter me from it if they could be freed young & bound to some trade or culture of the Earth The affairs would be different I trust that the man herein nominated to own them will make them love and fear him and not deal with flesh and blood Tyger like. 6 November 1804. (signed). 3 July 1806.


pp.30-4, I Henry Alex: Ashton...son Henry all the Negroes now in his possession: Hannah, Betty, Frances, Matilda, Winny & her child, Joshua, Jim, Billy & Scipio also the stock of horses, cattle and sheep together with the plantation utensils...son George Dent tract of land whereon he now lives 790 acres...all the Negres now in his possession: Jane, Rosalin & her children Peggy, Jane, Violetta, Frances, Tom & Jack Grace & his children Elisah and Eliza, Hago and her child Charles, Nancy, Jack, Elisha & John also the s(t)ock of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Hogs together with the plantation utensils...Daughter Elizabeth Dent my tract of land in Loudoun County 1000 acres...six negroes Violetta & her children George & Anna also Harriot, Jane & Naney also the three sorrel mares that have been generally called hers and the furniture in her dear wife Mary during her natural life the land lying in Loudoun County...the negroes on the plantation I now live: Nan, Molly, Flora & her children Sukey, Congo, Cloe and Ealsy, Winny and her child Matilda, Ealsy and her children Jerry and Jane, Clarissa & her child Thornton also Jacob, Aaron, Daniel, Jesse & Ben likewise the stock of Cattle, Sheep, Hogs & horses on ye sd plantation likewise the household furniture and plantation utensils...2 April 1805. (signed). 3 July 1806.


pp.34-5, I Thomas Wilkerson...all the crops & stock, household furniture & plantation utensils be sold to pay my debts and if there should not be a sufficiency, my executors dispose of my negro man Jacob...son Thornton after the death of my wife the plantation whereon I now live and one negro boy named Buddy and one negro man Jacob also whatever may be remaining of my stocks, crops, household and kitchen furniture, plantation utensils...Daughter Fanny Jones after the death of my wife plantation 19 acres also a negro woman named Selah...1 March 1806. (his mark). 4 September 1806.


pp.39-40, I Townshend Dade, 30 december 1806, son Townshend S. Dade my brick home plantation including the land, subject to my wife's thirds, four negroes which he is already in possession of also eight head of riding horse a bed and furniture...son Cadwallader Jones Dade tract of land on which I now live but subject to my wife's thirds, also two negro men, two negro boys one called Loyd which he is now in possession of & one negro woman betwixt sixteen & twenty five years old, also a bed and furniture, also six head of cattle...son Battaile Dade tract of land, two negro men, two negro Boys, one called Carter, and one negro woman between the age of sixteen and twenty five, also six head of Cattle, one bed and furniture. My daughters who are married, Sarah Park, Susannah Winston, Elizabeth Fendall & Sarah B. Fitzhugh, having already had their parts of my negros, I give them no more. All the rest of my negro's I give to my unmarried daughters & my son Langhorne (with this difference) that said son have four more negros than my sd daughters, but not of the most valuable kind...My son Langhornes and my daughters negros may work on my sons lands or may be hired out as my Executors may think best...My executors may sell one of my son Langhorns negros to compleat his laying of my wife's thirds she shall chuse such house negros as she may think proper, also my fellow Braxter & his wife Lettice be laid of in her thirds. (signed). 7 May 1807.


pp.44-5, I Peter Jett, 29 June 1807...son Stephen a young negro man called Foy, the negro man Bob he hath had the use of for hire is to return to my estate to be disposed of by Trustees as my other slaves...son Francis one negro boy called George...when he arrives to the age of twenty one the slaves be equally divided between my son Stephen Jett and my daughters Ann Jett and Catherine son John Jett a small piece of land in Westmoreland County where old Adam lives...(signed). 3 December 1807.


pp.48-9, I Nathan negroe girl Scirsa be set free at my death...21 June 1801. (signed). 3 February 1803. Further proved 4 February 1808.


pp.50-1, I Charles Hitton estate together will all the Stocks of Negroes, Horses, Cattle, hogs, sheep & plantation utensils be kept together for the use and support of my daughters while they remain single...whereas by the will of the late Jacob Wray my two daughters Betsey & Helen will inherit at my death all the slaves which the said Wray gave me during my life & being desirous that there should be no disproportion in my daughters fortunes do will that if either my daughters of their husbands claim any benefit which they may be entitled to under the said will, the claimant shall forfeit for every fifty pounds worth of Wray's negroes thus claimed, one hundred & fifty pounds worth of Negroes which they would be otherwise entitled to out of my estate...6 March 1807. (signed). Codicil: delivered to James Edmonds of Brunswick County who intermarried with my daughter Elizabeth Eight negroes valued at 462 pounds. Proved 7 July 1808.


pp.57-8, I James Dishman...nephew James C. Dishman all my land; I give him Kezia. I give to my nephew John Bryan George and my nephew Lovel Bryan negroe William...nephew William Dishman Richard & Jacob...nephew William Bryan Wallis...nephew James Baker Charles and Judah...neace Jane Dishman a negro girl Hannah and her mother Sue...Mary Weadon Baker Moses and James Grayer Chloes son Nance...neace Mary Massey Lewis son of Sue...Ann Monroe Massey Matilda...Mildred Rallings a negroe girl Lydia...13 June 1808. (signed). 1 September 1808.


pp.59-64, I John Alexander Stuart...each of my daughters Ann Wray & Frances Maria two Negro girls & 1,000 pounds...31 October 1807. (signed). 6 October 1808.


pp.67-8, I James wife Catherine two beds, five head of Cattle & one negro girl named Fanny brought by me of William Shropshire's estate which came by her, as her dower of personal estate...Grand children George Bullard, Reuben Bullard & mary Rowley my negro man named Ben in equal Grand children James Doniphan, Joel Thompson Doniphan, George Doniphan, Alexander Doniphan, Mott Doniphan and Mary Doniphan all the rest of my negroes & other estate of every equal proportions...1808. (signed). 6 October 1808.


pp.69-70, I Ann Stith...unto Elizabeth Stuart daughter of Colonel Charles Stuart a negro girl daughter of Lidia called Sarah and her increase...unto Helen Wray Stuart daughter of Colonel Charles Stuart a negroe girl daughter of Lidia called Esther & her increase...nephew George Wray Peter & John sons of Lidia...niece Mary Washington Stuart Lidia & her children forever except the four above named also my velvet cloak & Cloths...20 August 1806. (signed). 6 October 1808.


pp.71-3, I William Hooe...grandson Wm H. Hansbrough one negro boy named Lewis...son Wm H. Hooe my neck plantation & the following negroes Joshua, George, General, Felda(?), Charlotte, & all her children together with five mules, Pegassus & ye bald mare & her colt...2 7ber 1807. (his mark). 2 March 1809.


pp.74-5, I Lawrence Washington, Brother Needham S. Washington all my estate...niece Ariana Washington my old Negro woman Hannah because it was her wish...4 February 1809. (signed). 6 April 1809.


pp.77-8, I Elizabeth Bunbury...Relation Frances C. Dade two negroe girls named Mary & Betsy Eldest daughters of Deborough...16 May 1808. (signed). 5 April 1810.


pp.83-4, I Anne Jett...sister Catherine Jett all the negroes that may fall to my lott when a division of the same may take place agreeable to the will of my late father Peter Jett, deceased, also one Bed and Furniture and one small walnut Desk...Brother Francis Jett one Negro lad named Dick allotted to me in the division of the estate of my Brother John Lett...niece Nancy Lett Daughter Stephen Jett one Negro Girl named Letty which Girl was alloted to me in a division of the Estate of my late Brother John Lett...28 May 1810 (signed). 6 September 1810.


pp.86-7, William Dishman...All the rest of my property of every description, Negroes, Stocks &c, I give equally between the children of my Brother James: Susanna Greer, Kitty D. Greer, Nancy Jane Greer & Ann Monroe Massey...25 October 1810. (signed). 6 December 1810.


pp.87-8, I Mary negroe boy called little Charles & my bay colt to my son forever...19 December 1810. (signed). 7 February 1811.


pp.89-92, I Archdell Cash...son James Frederick Cash all my books, negroe Mary and her increase with what I have already given him also my wearing apparel...dutiful daughter Margarett Stone all the moveable property I gave her when she married and negroe Violet and her increase and $5...13 January 1803...(signed). 4 July 1811.


pp.95-102, I Landon Carter...12 July 1811...In addition to the estate she holds by right of dower in the estate of her former husband and that she will be entitled to out of my estate I give and bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth the following perpetuity in the property of part of that dower Vizt General & his wife Beck, Cook Harry and his wife Betty, Judy and her five children Jack, Nelly, Absalom, Christian, and Alfred; Lewis & Sam sons to her decd maid Clara and as far as depends on my right to the girl Winey formerly the property of Landon Carter, Esqr Sabine Hall, which said twelve slaves and my interest in the thirteenth (as far as to allow the said Landon Carter in the a/c of his father's legacy 75 pounds) I give to the said Elizabeth...The tract of land around the mansion I will revert with it to my son S. Leger Landon Carter & the supernumerary negroes after my sons Thomas Otway & Edward shall be equalized with their brothers as I propose doing in the course of this writing & other appropriations. I appoint as a fund for the maintenance of my daughters Eliza Fanny & Nancy as long as they continue unmarried in the following proportional rates; Eliza to have $250 annually. Fanny and Nancy shall have $200 annually and $20 each annually to support them in board & lodging...I offer to my sons to take the above supernumerary Negroes and to pay the said annual sums to my daughters and he or they who will be willing to do so shall have a property in the said negroes to be liable as in case of rent to be distrained for to pay the girls to them or to him or to his heirs and assigns forever, but if none of them will be willing to do so then the property shall be to them the said daughters...I confirm to my son Robert Charles Carter and my son S. Leger Landon Carter the land and Negroes which I have heretofore conveyed to my daughter Mildred Ann Bird Lewis...the mulatto woman named Betty Lambert, the woman named Charlotte formerly maid to my decd daughter Sarah & the woman Kesiah together with their issue...daughter Lucy Landon Minor the woman Clarissa a maid she carried away when she married...daughter Eliza the girl Celia should she be sold meantime a girl to her choice from among my slaves...& the boy James...daughters Fanny & Anna a negroe girl to be chose from among my slaves. (signed). 2 January 1812.


pp.106-8, I Laurence Ashton...having heretofore (given) to my son Charles the twelve slaves following Ben, Davy, James, Willis, Grace, Lucy, Sal, Judy, Betty, Lydda, Cary & child & also about $1200 in bonds...grand daughter Helen Ashton a negroe girl named Polly & also $100...grand daughter Lucy Ashton daughter of my sd son Charles, one negroe girl named Amy & also $150...grandson Alexander Ashton son of Charles one negroe boy named Joe & also $100...grandson not yet christianed one negroe Boy named Seymour and also $100...22 December 1811. (signed). 2 April 1812.


pp.109-11, I Susannah brother in law William Rogers negro Jacob durin his natural life...pass and descend to his son Benjamin...also to Benjamin negro George with the reserve that the said negroes have to themselves and for their own use every Saturday...niece Susannah Hall negroes Alice and her two children Bob and Melia subject to the same reserve and favours...sister Mary Wren during her life negro Suckey to descend to my niece Susannah Hall also under the same Langford Harrison during the occupancy of my land the use of my household furniture and plantation utensils...the use of my stock for the purposes of aiding in support of my slaves or such as he may hire during his hireing them...My negro man Gray being old and executor appropriate his use and support annually $12, 4 barrels of corn, 200 weight of pork and two suits...4 November 1811. (her mark). 7 May 1812.


pp.112-4, I Ann two daughters Mildred and Ann shall so long as they remain single have half the house I now live in & the liberty of working their negroes on any part of my land with the negroes of my son William Burditt...daughter Ann Stewart negroes Winney which was purchased of John L. Alexander with Tobacco...together with her present children by name Armstead, Patsey, Ann & Everliny as also her future increase, two feather beds and furniture and the residue of my Household & kitchen furniture as also all my live stock of every description...the rest of the negroes be divided between all my children John, William, Burditt, Wesley, Mildred, Ann & Henry...21 August 1812. (signed). 1 October 1812.


pp.116-7, I James Diggs Dishman...the slaves which I die possessed of be hired out at the most convenient places for and during the natural life of Polly Reynolds and after her death to be emancipated agreeable to the laws of the state...after the death of the said Polly Reynolds my executors pay over to my slaves so much money as shall be necessary to remove them to any other state in case it be necessary for the enjoyment of their freedom and the laws of this state prevent their remaining in it. 2 April 1813. (signed). Codicil: executors provide servant Winney comfortable food and raiment during her life out of the hire of the slaves...executors shall place negro Ben together with his wife Winney whenever he is unequal to his own support in such a situation as shall be necessary to render him comfortable and easy...each of my negroes receive $10 annually out of their hires as soon as collected...8 April 1813. (signed). 6 May 1813.


p.119, I Samuel Baker...son James Baker all my land and one Grist mill....daughter Mary Baker three negroes to wit, one negro woman named Milly, a negroe girl named Caroline and a negroe boy named George...10 March 1813. (his mark). 6 May 1813.


pp.121-2, I Benjamin Suttle...sisters Priscilla and Sarah Suttle my five negroes Edward, Matilda, Martha, George & Lucy together with all my household furniture, three horses and the remainder of my stock...8 January 1811. (signed). 1 July 1813.


pp.127-8, I Sarah Stuart...all the negroes I hold under the Will of my late sister Catherine Stuart to the children of my sister Jane Foote of Fauquier (excepting Bob whom I give to my brother William Stuart, and I give a negroe boy between four and ten years of age to be selected by my executors to Henry Foote in the room of Bob herein given to my brother William...nephew Townshend Stuart Dade a negroe boy called Joe and I give to Jane Park the daughter of my niece Sally Park one negroe Betty. I give to my neice Ann Eliza Stuart the daughter of my brother William four negroes and order Emma if living to be one of them. I give to my neice Catharine Matilda Stuart three negroes and give to my neice Sally Jane Stuart the eldest daughter of my brother William one negroe girl...all the rest of my negroes particularly including Daphne I give to the children of my sister Helen Gibbons Foote...9 November 1811. (signed). Codicil: neice Ann Mason the daughter of my sister Ann a negroe girl called Nelly the daughter of Daphne. 7 October 1813.


pp.133-4, I William Chadwell...son George Chadwell's daughter Anne Duff Chadwell one negro girl named Delphia...10 September 1813. (signed). 6 January 1814.


pp.141-2, I Robert Mildred Bruce a negro girl named Salley and her Increas...all the ballance of my Estate of every description, to wit the Negros Deborah, Kertenah, Hethey, Abraham, Tarasa, Metolda, Philip, George, Rose and their increase together with my household furniture and stock of horses and cattle and hogs of every description to my deare beloved wife Lucy...22 June 1814. (signed). 1 December 1814.


pp.142-6, I Michael Wallace...Caroline Wallace a negro girl named Lett, the daughter of Nan...Fenton the daughter of Fanny Skidmore and reputed child of my son Gustavus...a negro girl named Rachael the daughter of brothers William B. Wallace, John Wallace and Thomas Wallace value all the slaves now in the possession of my sons Gustavus B. Wallace and Michael Wallace and in my own possession or the possession of others for many of the slaves now in my possession or the possession of others be allotted to each of my sons as will give to them an equal share in addition to those heretofore given to them...24 September 1813. (signed). no probate date.


pp.146-7, 152, I John Carver...negroes Isaac & Soky & also a good feather bed & furniture if there be any one on the plantation & also two good head of Cows...negroes Sharlot and Thacker and Amy to my daughter Sally Jones...son Elzy Thornton Carver all my lands & also the following negroes Benjamin, John & George...three shall be no division of my estate until my son is sufficient educated or arrives of age...all the lands be kept inclosed as it is this day if there be negroes enough on the land if not it would be right to rent some out & if there is more stock than is needed it shall be equally divided & all profits divided betwixt my two daughters & son after his schooling & it is my desire that my children clothe & feed my negroes well...30 January 1815. (signed). 2 March 1815.


pp.155-7, I John S. negres & personal Estate be kept together until my children come of age or marry...then the same be divided between my wife & children...11 February 1815. (signed). 4 May 1815.


pp.166-9, I Mary in Charles County, Maryland to Thomas Matthews...and whereas by the eternal and immutable laws of nature, man was born free & independent, evidenced by that unconquerable desire for liberty implanted in the human breast, and as I have always considered the state of Slavery in which the Blacks are held by the laws of Virginia & Maryland as incompatible with Justice & humanity, I will & desire all my slaves both in Virginia & Maryland, in whose handsoever they may be, be emancipated by my Executors so soon after my death as possible, & that they be retained in slavery under no pretence whatever, but may be permitted to enjoy their liberty in as high a degree as if they had by the laws of the land been born free & I further will and desire that my Executors shall bind out such of my infant slaves that may be incapable of maintaining and supporting themselves--the males until they come to twenty one years, and the females until they come to eighteen years of age, if their mothers should be unable and unwilling to maintain and support them; and that the executors of my estate shall support & maintain such of my slaves as at the time of my death from age or infirmity are incapable of supporting & maintaining themselves; and if the slaves which I own in Virginia & Maryland by the laws of sd States cannot remain in said States respectively, & enjoy their freedom, then it is my will & desire & do hereby direct that such of my slaves as cannot remain in the said State respectively and enjoy their liberty, be removed to any of the United States by my executors, which my executors may think best at the expence of me estate; I give and bequeath unto my negro man named Hendley, my negro woman named Sarah & my negro maid Clarissa the sum of fifty dollars each...6 July 1809...(signed). Codicil: my inferior cloathing to my house maids and I give my maid servant named Camilla the sum of fifty dollars. Proved 1 December 1814.


pp.170-1, I Lewis servant woman Clarissa be emancipated by my executors who must pay her fifty dollars out of my executors pay out of my estate to Emilly the daughter of Clarissa one hundred dollars in such sums and at such times as they may see fit & proper...all the residue of my estate...equally divided between my two Brother John Waugh's children the negroes which I bought the dower rights to from my said Brother's widow & her second husband...8 February 1808. (signed). 1 September 1808.


pp.178-9, I Sally Brother William Dade a negro fellow called George...grand neice Ellen Aserton the following property: five young negroes Johnson, betty, Matilda, Hotha(?), and Harry also a bed and blankets, two pr. sheets, two counter panes tow pr. pillow cases my bureau and dressing glass also my small pair of pearl nephew John B. Aserton a negroe boy called Henry and my bed nephew Lawrence Aserton one negroe boy called James and my annually to negroes Mima & Matilda ten dollars each as a memento of my regard for theirs faithful services to me...25 February 1814. (signed). 6 February 1817.


p.180, I Mary Flemming of the Town of Alexandria, District of Columbia...son William D. Simmons a negro woman named Charlotte, her son Lewis, another son named Sam and a small boy not Christianed intended to be called William Alexander Otto Bowie a negro girl named Mary and another girl Pearcey Bowie another son of Theophilus Bowie a negro woman named Clessor(?) and her child Harriott...Theophilus Lewis Simmons Bowie one negro man Lawson...(her mark). Proved 24 January 1815 District of Columbia. 1 May 1817 King George County.


p.182, I Butler negro woman Amika I liberate free from the control of all & ever person whatever. One negro boy by the name of William the property of Mary Loman(?) of Caroline County I hereby direct to be bought and liberated provided the price of sd boy does not exceed two hundred and fifty Executors shall give to Amike from my estate $1000 when she is liberated...17 February 1816. (signed). 1 May 1817.


p.183, I Samuel Dishman...son John the following negroes Moses Anthony, George, Chrssiah, Hannah and Nutty(?)...Ann E. Dishman wife of my son John, Mary Ann the daughter of Hannah...daughter Polly F. Blackburn negroes Sal, Sampson, Lydia & her children Eliza, Eletha, Dick, Rheuben, Gabriel, George, Anny and Emmalina and also Patience with their increase. Likewise my chamber bed & tis furniture and dressing glass & table...17 March 1817. (signed). 5 June 1817.


pp.184-5, I David Jones, wife Mary for and during her natural life the land which I live 225 acres with my stocks of all kinds household furniture & plantation utensils and all my slaves except my negro man salve Sam which I wish sold...and 1,050 silver negro man slave named Sam be sold and the money divided between my wife, my son David and my Daughters Milly, Susan and Sally the balance of my slaves, stocks, furniture &c to be kept together as it may be at my death for the support of my wife...after the death of my wife I Give unto my son David the choice of my slaves, the other slaves as well as all my stocks, household furniture and property of every kind...1 June 1817. (his mark). 7 August 1817.


p.186, Susannah Dade relict of the late Townshend Dade this 17 May 1817...Daughter Mary T. Dade my negro woman Dianna...the rest of my negroes except Carter & Rachel, vizt. Betsy, Amanda, & William to my daughter Frances T. carriage horses & servant Carter be given my three single daughters Milly, Mary & Fanny as long as they remain single...then (to) my son Cadwallader J. stock of cattle, sheep horses as well as furniture, plantation utensils be equally divided amongst my sons Cadwallader & Langhorne & my single woman Rachel may have her choice in selecting a master or mistress among my three daughters or son Langhorne. (signed). 2 October 1817.


pp.187-8, I Thomas wife Sarah her full thirds of my estate during her natural life...and a negro woman named Milly aged fifty five years to be held by her during her natural life and then to revert to my daughter Harriot Byron Pearson Mason...beloved son William Alexander the following personal property a negro man called John Shanklin fifty two years old and peggy a girl of twelve years old also his choice of a negro man called John Lions or a boy called Ben...also one of my best feather beds well furnished also all the cattle with their increase that he now holds also his choice of two of my best milch cows and his choice of one of my horses also the cart and four steers...remainder of my personal estate be divided into two equal parts, the one to be equally divided Between the three children of my eldest Daughter Ann Pearson Sedwick deceased, and the other half to be give to my youngest daughter Harriot B. P. Mason.14 October 1817. (signed). 4 December 1817.


pp.189-90, ...beloved Brother Langhorne Dade all my right in the estate which hour mother now lives called Albion...all the rest of my possessions I mean the land I purchased of Massey as well as my negroes I give to my brother John B. Dade of Culpeper County...I wish Langhorne to purchase Loyd(?) of Jack as he may not wish to go to Culpeper...22 August 1814. Signed Cadw: J. Dade. 3 January 1816. Proved 4 December 1817.


pp.194-6, I Margaret Pratt...Grand Daughter Elizabeth Quisenberry negroes Nancy and her son Bryan, who have been sold, and which sales I confirm and Charlotte and Anne in lieu of Agnes and her son Thomas, Milly and Nelly before given to my Grand Daughter Lucy Lewis. To my Great Grand Daughter Ellen G. Ashton a negro Girl named Lucy...Great Grandson Feilding Lewis a negro child son of sd Agnes named James...11 April 1818. (her mark). 3 December 1818.


pp.199-200, I Thomas Pursley...daughter Leanna Pursley my Negro woman Cairey and one feather bed and furniture...infant daughter Martha S. Pursley my negro girl Lucy...25 December 1818. (his mark). 4 February 1819.


pp.204-5, I Mary Edrington...Grand Son Edmond G. Edrington a negro girl named Winny and her increase with all my stock of every description with my household & kitchen furniture my bonds and all other species part or parts or my property...11 December 1813. (signed). 7 September 1820.


pp.207-9, I Aaron Thornley...son William all the upper or back part of my land embracing the land on which he lately lived...near my negroe quarters...son Thomas Berry Thornley all the rest of my blacksmith Tom together with his tools also Milly and her children and one small bay mare. As a provision for my wife and in lieu of her dower I devise to her during her life the tract of land I purchased of William Boon containing 390 acres, also the gig and harness she has usually driven, a loom and one third part of all the live stock, household and kitchen furniture and plantation utensils at Poplar Grove and one third part of my negroes during her life in lieu of dower including the negroes in our marriage contract...daughter Lucy Monroe the woman Mary now in her possession also to Clarissa Greer one woman Suckey also to Louisa Thornley one girl Dinah also Helena White one negro girl Malinda...daughter Mary Matilda Riding one negro girl named Amy one boy named Simon one man named Solomon and one man named Sampson...12 February 1820. (signed). 3 August 1821.


pp.210-1, I Francis Fitzhugh...wife Lucy and her heirs all the slaves I now possess which were her property at the time of Our intermarriage together with the following slaves: Moses, Ralph, Aaron & wife Dundie, Dinah & her children & Cate...wife Lucy during her natural life Bristol, Senr, Milly & her children, Clarissa and her son Nasey and after the death of my wife my will is that Bristol Senr & Milly be emancipated & I give Milly's children & their increase to John Taliaferro, Junr forever & I give Charity & her son Nasey to my niece Lucy Fitzhugh (daughter of my Brother Thomas)...22 October 1798. (signed). Codicil: to Edwin Conway at the death of my wife my slaves Iverson & Limus. The following slaves Tom, Peter, Richard, & edmond I request that my wife will give to Alexr Seyr Hooe at her death or sooner if she thinks proper. My slaves old Bristol, little Jenny & her son Edwin shall if practicable in a way satisfactory to them, be emancipated at the death of my wife. In case they or any of them cannot be emancipated, any of them remaining in slavery by their own choice shall be at liberty to make choice of a master or mistress who are to pay nothing for said slaves--It being my desire to leave the said slaves at the death of my wife in as comfortable a condition as possible. 10 February 1817. (signed). 5 April 1821.


p.215, I James my mother all my estate during her natural the death of my mother I give to Lucy Randal Ned & Jeaney and her increase...sister Nancy Randal Jack & George to do as she pleases. 4 June 1821. (his mark). 2 August 1821.


p.216, I William Hudson...son George Stork Hudson all my lands also one negro boy named William Henry one bed bedstead & furniture, one desk & book case and one horse saddle & bridle...7 April 1821. (his mark). 2 August 1821.


pp.224-6, Laurence Berry...13 September 1814...the whole of my estate to the trustees for the support and maintenance of my dear wife and children...impower them to sell or change any part of the property hereby devised either slaves, lands &c if they shall think the situation of my family requires it...13 September 1814. (signed). 5 September 1822.


pp.228-9, George Lewis...son Samuel one third of all my Western land with one third of all my negroes including those already given him...son third my Western Lands also one third of all my negroes after his mother death including those already given him...daughter Mary W. Willis at my death one third of all my land in the Western County and at the death of her mother one third of all my negroes including those already given her...19 March 1819. (signed). 6 February 1823.


pp.332-4, I McCartey Fitzhugh...all my negroes to be equally divided among my five children John Thornton & Francis to take their part at the age of Twenty one...13 April 1823. (signed). 5 June 1823.


p.236, John Ashton...son John W. Ashton all the negroes he now has in his possession also Mildred and her children & Nell's son son Burdett the remainder of the negroes I possess...all my stock of Horses, Hogs, Cattle and Sheep also all my plantation utensils, furniture...11 August 1810. (signed). 5 June 1823.


pp.237-9, I Richard Potts, Senr...son Richard the following slaves: Sriva(?) & her children Travis and Lucys son James also my surveying instruments...son George C. tract of bed, bedstead & furniture, a Horse, a cow and calf, 3 head of sheep, half m stock of hogs, half the crop on the plantation and the following slaves Osmond & the daughters of Lucy called Hannah &

Daphne...youngest son Hezekiah my Mansion house and all the land attached thereto, together with all my household and kitchen furniture, plantation utensils, stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs with half the crop and the following negroes Ben, Lucy's daughter Nelly & child Hannah and Milly and their increase...children of my daughter Winifred Owens one man slave named Randall having heretofore given their mother Patty & Grace which negroes shall be equally divided among them...children of my deceased daughter Elizabeth Johnston the following slaves Ginta, Hulda, Limus, Jack and William Washington...Whereas when Joseph Enover(?) of Stafford intermarried with my daughter Fanny I loaned her the following slaves Rose and Thornton which slaves it was my intention to have devised to my daughter Fanny's children...they shall be equally divided between my children...sister Ann Barrett during her life the following slaves Lucy & Sophia & her child Sally together with a room upstairs in my mansion house, one acre of land, firewood &c for the land and her room, one cow and calf...15 April 1823. (signed). 7 August 1823.


pp.240-4, I James Edwards...son John A. Edwards a tract of negro boy named Willoughby, one named Thomas & one named Isaac and after the death of my wife one negro man named Benjamin and a negro girl named Ann...son Enoch Edwards tract of negro man named Jacob one negro boy named Charles, one negro boy named Lewis and one negro girl named Rachel and after the death of my wife one negro man named Burdett and one named Christopher...sons John A. & Enoch Edwards the following negroes Eliza, Lucy & her children (Lewis, Simon & Henry) with their future increase in trust for the benefit of my daughter Elizabeth A. Baker and which are now in her my sons one negro girl named Betty, one negro girl named Patty, one negro boy named Moses and one negro boy named Spinar in trust for the benefit of my daughter Lucy Deatley and also after the death of my wife one negro girl named Mary & one boy named my sons as aforesaid one negro girl Matilda, one boy named Thornton, one boy named George which they will receive in trust for the benefit of my daughter Rosy Jones and also after the death of my wife one negro named Lewis and one negro woman named my sons as aforesaid one negro boy named William, one negro girl named Alia and one boy named Henry in trust for my daughter Susan A. Jones also after my wife's death one negro man named James and one negro woman named Nelly...Grandson Joseph E. Moxly one half tract of land...also one negro boy named John and one horse saddle and bridle...Granddaughter Lucy Moxley the other half of the tract of negro boy named George (Nelly's son), one bed and furniture, one Cow and Calf...lend unto my beloved wife Rosy the following negroes Lewis and Milly, Benjamin & Ann, Burditt and Christopher, Mary and Ned, James and Nelly during her natural life...22 February 1823. (signed). 4 September 1823.


pp.249-50, I John William J. Dishman all my land in King George County likewise the following negroes Old Winny, Harry, Ralph and Emanuel, six head of sheep & two cows also twelve barrels of corn to be left on the plantation for the support of his John Dishman, Jr., one negro woman named William J. Dishman my old cook woman Fanny with a request that he will treat her humanely and keep her so long as she may live...28 May 1824. (his mark). 7 October 1824.


pp.255-7, I Theodosius my son Jefferson Hansford the following articles of personal property: one negro man named Peter, Varle's map of the United States, one marble slat, six silver table spoons and one old gun...son Edwing the following articles of personal property: one negro woman named Polly and one mulatto boy named Squire also one bed bedstead and furniture, one run short gun, one silver watch and six silver spoons...daughter June Hansford the following articles of personal property: one negro man named Charles one mulatto girl named Evelina also one bed bedstead & furniture...daughter Laura Hansford the following articles of personal property: one negro man Gabriel and one bed, bedstead & negro woman named Fanny and her youngest child named Thornton and all the residue of my estate be sold by the administrator...2 May 1824. (signed). 2 December 1824.


pp.259-60, Meriwether servant woman Sally and her children and their increase if any have their freedom at my death should I not have it in my power to Emancipate them previous to that event. I give to the said Sally and her children $2,000 (to be paid out of my estate), two mules or horses a yoke of oxen, a milch cow, two beds and furniture including all my Blankets, all the meat on hand...the existence of a cruel law of this state may render it necessary to seek for those unfortunates some more friendly quarter and hence the lattitude to my Benjamin Franklin (a son of Sally) who I have already emancipated $500 to be paid out of my estate, his choice of any one of my negroes and one mule or horse...residue of my estate to a child living with my overseer and whom I recognize as my child by Ann faithful old man Servant Ben have his freedom at my death and fifty dollars. 1 December 1818. (signed). 7 July 1825.


pp.261-2, I George C. Potts...Brother Richard Potts the tract of land adjoining my said brother also my negroes Daphne and Orsmond the said negroes in trust to my brother Richard until (his) daughter Jane Potts arrives to lawful Hezekiah the tract of land given me by my father in his will...also my negroes Hannah and Lucy in trust till my said brother's daughter Frances Jane arrives to lawful brothers nor any other person is not to sell the said negroes as it is my desire the should remain in their families...10 February 1825. (signed). 4 August 1825.


pp.263-4, I Augustine loving wife Jane my hole estate during her living unmarried...the choice of the beds & furniture, James, Fanney, Daniel, Matilda and their (increase) to dispose of Benjamin Jones's three children Mariah, Luisa & Benjamin Betty and the death of my nephew Samuel Attwell the plantation I now live on and Dinar, Abriham and Charles after the death of my wife by paying my nephew Bernit Wilkerson's son Robert Wilkerson $150...4 April 1824. (signed). 1 September 1825.


I William Sebastian...son William a negro man Joe aged about 25 years and a negro boy named Andrew about 12 years old...2 horses an Oxe cart a pair of oxen a cow & Calf six hogs, two Ewes & all my plantation utensils also the bed I sleep on bedstead & furniture my two chests and my my son William a negro man named Aaron in trust for the use and benefit of my son John...daughter Betsey a negro woman named Rachel also one bed & furniture...daughter Joanna Catharine a negro girl named Nancy about ten years old also one bed & furniture...daughter Ann Weedon a negro girl named Anman about 8 years old also one bed & furniture...Julia and Harriot two mulatto children daughters of Rachel be emancipated and in as much as it cannot be conveniently done in this state, I request my son William whom I appoint executor that when both of them shall have attained the age of fifteen years he convey them to some state in the union where they can receive & enjoy this blessing and for the more effectual securing it to them I hereby appropriate $50 to remain in the hands of my executor for the expences of their transportation...24 July 1824. (his mark). 6 October 1825.


pp.267-8, I John Mary N. Settles all the lands deeded to me...all the remainder of my property of every description be equally divided between my nephew William J. Dishman and my two nieces Francis A. Harvey and Susan B. Dishman. In the division of my negroes I will and desire that it be so managed that none of them be sold to effect a negro woman Winny be excepted from the division of my estate that she be at liberty to live with whom she may think proper and be supported from all my estate. (signed). 8 November 1825. (signed). 5 January 1826.


p.269, I Patsey nephew Thomas Sorrel the following negro slaves Dudley, Henry, Daniel, Aromith, Phil, and Dangerfield also one feather bed and all my bed clothing...Mrs. Mary W. Suttles negro woman Cecilia and her youngest child...neice Betsey Dixon negro Nan and her child Albert...10 November 1825. (her mark). 5 January 1826.


pp.271-2, I Burditt Brother John W. Ashton one half my land in King George...Eleanor and all her children and half of my horses and one third of my other stock of every kind except some horses which has generally been considered my bother Charles Henry Ashton' half of my beds and furniture all my plate with a mahogany dressing table & Charles Henry Ashton the remaining part of my negroes, live stock, furniture, farming utensils...1 October 1824. (signed). 6 April 1826.


p.273, I Langhorne John B. Dade the estate whereon I live called Albion with every other species of property I may die possessed of. 1 March 1826. (signed). 7 April 1826.


p.275, I Elizabeth Price...son Alexander G. Price two slaves William & Barnett, one small colt and after the death of my son Alexander the negro man William, my stock of cattle and a small pr of drawers to my son Thornton A. Price, also one feather bed and furniture...11 November 1825. (signed). 6 July 1826.


pp.276-7, I Mary W. Stuart widow of John A. son John Stuart having had by my consent the entire management of said estate...and whereas my son John has with my approbation and consent sold some slaves of his Father's Estate and with the proceeds thereof purchased others, which so purchased slaves were brought into the division lately made of his father's estate, between him and his sister Frances W. Stuart and were considered as a part of his father's estate. I do hereby confirm said sale and division. Whereas by the death of my son William G. Stuart intestate after he arrived to the age of twenty one years I became one fifth part of his estate and in the above mentioned division I agreed with my children that I would relinquish to them all the interest I might have in the slaves of my said deceased son, if they would consent that I should give and dispose of the following slaves: Milly, Winny and Sibby and their present and future increase and in consequence of which I give Winny & Sibby together with their then and future increase to my nephew Jacob W. Stuart...the above named woman Milly and her increase to my son John Stuart for the use of my daughter Frances Maria W. Stuart...1 September 1824. (signed). 6 July 1826.


p.278, I John Brown...son Anthony a negro girl named Lauvinda(?)...13 July 1826. (his mark). 3 August 1826.


pp.279-81, I William M. Rogers...friends...sell all my earthly goods...lands, houses, tenements, like manner dispose of all my perishable estate...purchase the following slaves, being a portion of the slaves belonging to Mrs. Sarah Thornton of the estate of Edward Oldham, decd: William Rogers, Betsy Rogers, Correll Rogers, Peyton Rogers, Jane Rogers, Ludwell Rogers, Thacker W. Rogers or so many of them as the funds of my estate may enable them to purchase retaining in their hands so much of the said estate as shall be sufficient to enable to dispose of the said slaves as hereafter directed, but should the said funds be found insufficient to purchase the whole of the said slaves and my sd friends be of opinion that my hiring out such as they may purchase for a term of five years or less, they will be thereby enabled to purchase the remainder, it is my will that they hire them for that purpose...after they have obtained the above named slaves dispose of them in the following manner...bind the boys to humane masters of such trades as they may make choice until they attain the age of twenty one and the girls to such mistresses as they may choose until the age of eighteen...and desire that my friends give them safe conduct to such of the non slave holding states as they may select, but should the funds arising from the sale of my estate be too nearly exhausted...a sufficient fund be raised by hiring each one as they become free of their indentures until enough money is obtained to defray his or her expences. Should there be a surplus of my estate after purchasing the above be equally divided among the said slaves...friends retain during the life of negro woman Kizzy the following property for her use...all my household and kitchen furniture my house where I now live together with the land in the field around the house and timber from the most convenient part of the land, one choice cow & calf, one choice bredin sow and fattening hogs and three barrels of Indian corn, upon the death of the said Kizzy, my friends dispose of the above property and remit to such of the before mentioned slaves as may be heard of within eighteen months...16 October 1824. (signed). 5 October 1826.


pp.284-6, I William S. my beloved wife the affectionate partner of my life my servants Sharlotte and Anna and her child Tom...(signed). 7 June 1827.


pp.286-8, I Elizabeth Skinker of the County of Caroline...daughter Mildred Skinker 100 pounds in money for the loss of a negro fellow called Guy...18 June 1822. (signed). Codicil 21 July 1823. 3 January 1828.


pp.291-2, Joanna Sebastian nuncupative her daughter Catharine Sebastian one bed and furniture also a sufficiency of money to purchase out the interest of her other children in a negro girl called Ann, all her sheep to her sons John and William Sebastian...9 April 1828. 5 June 1828.


pp.293-304, I John Tayloe of Washington in the Territory of Columbia (formerly of Mount Airy in Richmond County, Virginia)...beloved wife Anne during her life all that portion of my estate which she would be entitled by law and over and above that $2,000, twelve house servants such as she may choose out of my whole estate, the books which have been purchased for her, my coach and travelling carriage, my dwelling house in the City of Washington wherein we at present reside...also the use of my farm called Petsworth with all its stocks, slaves, utensils of all sorts with its other appurtenances thereunto belonging...son Benjamin Ogle Taylor my Najemoy plantations in Lewis's neck in Charles County, Maryland also the estate called Windsor, South Hill and Society Hill in King George County and direct that my son William Henry Tayloe shall release all his right in every of these estates to the said Benjamin...son William Henry Tayloe my plantation and house called Mount Airy in Richmond County and all the out houses and buildings with all the lands thereto joining...son Edward Thornton Tayloe my plantation in King George County called the Hop Yard including the plantation called the Dogue adjoining...son Henry Augustine Tayloe all that estate in King George County called Oakenbrow and so many of my lots in Washington as will make the property devised equal to the value of the property devised to my son Charles...son Charles my plantations in the County of Prince William commonly called Neabsco, Deep Hole and the Farm...grand son John Tayloe Junior my estates in Charles County, Maryland, called Wellington & Waterloo except 100 acres of woodland I devise unto my son Benjamin Ogle Tayloe...I give to him out of the slaves that are therein Twenty working hands of both sexes also five children in lieu of Alfred, Emanuel, Martha, Becky and George--children slaves at Mount Airy which I formerly gave him But from my aversion to separate families of slaves, I now give him five children corresponding in ages and sexes...It is to be understood that in the various devises which I have made to my sons, they are each to take all the stocks, slaves, utensils, tools, implements, furniture and plate commonly used and enjoyed with the plantation...and to prevent any misunderstanding as to my meaning my son William is to surrender with the estates called Windsor South Hill and Society Hill the slaves, stocks &c which I have let him have, to his brother Benjamin O. My vessel belonging to Nebsco and the Potomack with all her tackle, hands and appurtenances I give to my son Benj. all my sons in joint tenancy my Brunswick and Clover dale estates in Botetourt County including the Iron works, plantations, lands, slaves, stocks, utensils, tools and implements of every all my sons all my tradesmen and mechanicks of every description such as Smiths, carpenters, joiners, wheel wrights, Ship carpenters, Masons, shoe makers to be equally divided amongst them--laying them out in lots as equally as may be in value and number and the lots so arranged to be chosen by my sons according to seniority, the oldest to have first choice...the millers employed at the respective mills are to with the Mills and the Mills are to be considered as parts or appurtenances of the plantations to which they belong...For the payment of my debts and legacies the following estate is constituted and devised as a fund set apart for that purpose to be sold or otherwise disposed of by my executors...all my estate real and personal at Middlebrook, Menokin, my property at the Village of Occoquon, my houses and Lotts in the City of Washington (including my dwelling house after the death of my wife) the furniture at my said dwelling house, my farm called Petsworth with all the stocks, slaves utensils and the body Servant Archy may be liberated and may be allowed $100 per annum during his life. My motive for liberating him is his long fidelity, especially since I have been in bad health, and upon one occasion, he was the means under the direction of providence of saving my life...As my wife is by a preceding clause of my will entitled to dower in the real estate directed by other clauses of this will to be sold, the better to ascertain and settle the value of my wife's interest for her life in the said real estate or in any slaves which may be sold, it is my will that whenever there shall be such sale, my wife shall nominate one impartial person and my executors another...who shall estimate fairly and impartially the value of my said wife's dower interest in such land and slaves so proposed to be sold...21 July 1824. (signed). 14 March 1828 District of Columbia. Codicil: I devised to my son George Plater Tayloe the plantation called Gwynfield with all the stocks, slaves, utensils &c commonly used and enjoyed with said plantation. He has however lately expressed his wish to take my Clover Dale estate with the furnace and the Madison tract and the stocks, slaves, utensils, &c upon those estates...He is to take this property...with conditions to pay the difference in value in annual installments...son Henry Augustine Tayloe to make his election whether he will take Gwynnfield with the property appurtenance or will take the estate called Oakenbrow...December 1827. 14 March 1828 District of Columbia...5 June 1828 King George County.


pp.318-9, I Matthew four eldest daughters Winifred, Eleanor, Mildred, and Mary all my land on which I now live to be equally divided, and also my slaves Winny, Milly and all her children, George and Ellen the daughter of Fanny...daughters Martha, Lucinda, and Elizabeth Alice my servants Vergin Willis, Bob and Maria and their household & kitchen furniture, my stock horses, cattle, sheep and hogs farming utensils &c be equally divided among all my children...8 October 1828. (signed). 4 December 1828.


pp.329-32, I William Potts...son William parcel of land whereon he now lives...executors in trust for my son Bailey B. Potts the balance of my land, one half the negroes, one half my stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs together with all my household and kitchen furniture & plantation utensils...son William one half of the negroes...Grand Daughter Polly Lunsford my negro woman Eliza to be held in trust for my son William...20 July 1829. (signed). 5 November 1829.


pp.340-1, I Nehemiah H. Mason...mother Eleanor Massey a negro child called Ann Elizabeth, such furniture as is usually kept in her room, one cow and calf & one horse during her natural wife Jane Ellen every thing real & personal that I may die possessed of...the slaves which I have in Maryland in right of my wife Jane E. Mason should go to my sd wife...19 November 1828. (signed). 6 May 1830.


pp.343-8, I Lucy Fitzhugh...all the crops of every description and my household and kitchen furniture with the exception of my beds and bed clothing and silver plate sold and if the money arising from the sale should not be sufficient to discharge my debts...the following slaves sold or so many of them as will be sufficient: Jupiter, Dundes, George...dearly beloved Sarah Ann Beverly my adopted daughter during her life the following slaves: Moses, Bob, Hannah, Violett, Rose and her children David, Letty, Alice Mary Ann, John, Betsey also Charles a servant purchased of Moor beds, bed clothing, and silver plate and such of my furniture as she may wish to Lucy Maria Beverly Daughter of Sarah Ann Beverley the following slaves and their future increase Latitia and her children Ann Maria, Matilda, Joe, Billey, and Daphney. To Ellen A. S. Beverley Daughter of S. A. Beverley the following slaves and their increase Daphney and her two children Harriott & Emmilay, Big Jenny(?) and Winny & Daphney...nephew A. S. Hooe slaves Peter, Richard and Edmund...nephew William C. Posey slaves Fanny & Gerard...Henry M. P. Beverley son of my niece Sarah Ann Beverley slaves Betsey, Parker, Tom Parker, Juddy, Milley, James, Limus, Sarah Ann & Frank...16 November 1827. (signed). 1 July 1830.


pp.349-53, I William F. Grymes...executrix & executors to obtain on loan money sufficient to discharge a debt to Nathaniel H. Hooe for which he has a lien on my land and negroes to secure the payment of which they are authorized to give a lien on my land...son Robert C. N. Grymes at xmas next my negroes Henry, Daniel and Delila to be accounted for him "at their value when goten possession of" at the future distribution of my estate, should death interpose between this time and the obtaining of said negroes, he is then to have choice of such as he may think of similar value...daughter Virginia Washington negroes Patsey, Kett, Ben Kett, Charles (son of George), Lucy and her infant son William together with two mules and a yoke of oxen which he has in possession, the negroes to be accounted for at their present value in the future general division...son Richard Montgomery Grymes my two negro boys Tom son of Eliza and George son of Betsey to be accounted for by him at the general division of my estate at their valuation when he gets possession of them...31 May 1830. (signed). August term 1830.


pp.356-8, I Henry Fitzhugh...wife Elizabeth C. Fitzhugh during her widowhood all my land lying to the north...near the main road from Hooe's Ferry to Hamstead...with all the negroes and stock of every kind now on the said Land except what may be herein given away, the carriage and horses, household and kitchen furniture...all my land on the South side to be equally divided between Henry S. Fitzhugh and Francis C. Fitzhugh, Henry to have the part he now holds with all the negroes and stock on it and Francis the other or north part with the like number of negroes and stock, I give Henry, viz., one man one woman a boy 12 years old, two girls 12 or 13 years old and four oxen the negroes to be accounted for at the division at my wife's death or marriage, but not their increase from the date of this will...three daughters Louisa, Sally Battaile and Ann May when they come to age or marry all my lands in Stafford County also four negroes--one man, one woman and two children not over 12 years old and a maid that they may choose not over 13 years old...all the negroes, stock, household and kitchen furniture, plantation utensils at my wife's death to be equally divided amongst all my children...12 August 1825. 2 September 1830.


pp.361-4, I Frances Hooe...daughter Ann Frances Hansbrough during her life one half of my negroes which I hold as dower and one half of those which I own devised to me by my son William, two tracts of land...I confirm to my Grandson William Hansbrough the right in the negro boy now in his possession named George...daughter Elizabeth Bernard during her life one half of all the negroes I hold as my dower and one half of all such as were bequeathed to me by my son William, the plantation whereon I now live...Grand daughter Fanny Margaret Bernard a negro Girl named Charlotte independent of the proportion of the negroes before devised to her mother...9 May 1827. (signed). Codicil: my meaning respecting the division of the dower negroes between each of my daughters is that each shall be entitled to one moiety of such as were purchased by my son William from his brother N. H. Hooe. (signed). 7 October 1830.


pp.376-7, I Henry Mustin...beloved wife Lucy my whole estate, my land and slaves, stock, household and kitchen furniture and every other description of property...25 March 1828. (signed). 2 February 1831.


pp.379-80, I Benjamin White...wife Margarett remain in full and entire possession of all my estate during her life and at her death my lands be divided between my three daughter Elizabeth shall select for herself from among my slaves either one she may chose and my daughter Tabitha M. White select from the balance of my slaves either one she may choose...all the residue of my estate real and personal which have not been already devised after the death of my wife be equally divided between my three daughters...10 June 1830. (signed). 2 August 1832.


pp.384-5, I William Brown...daughter Ruthy Kendall pay to my daughter Sally Bullock $50. Should she comply I give her the following negroes a man named Billy, a girl named Maria and a boy named Thornton...grand daughter Alixe B. Quisenberry a negro woman named Charlotte the children that she now has and her future increase and a bay mare called "fellis"...grandson James S. Quisenberry a negro boy named Henry...grand Daughter Sarah Ann Quisenberry a negro woman named Phillis her sons George, Charles & Robinson...Grandson John S. Quisenberry a negro boy named Simon...4 September 1826. (signed). 4 December 1832.


pp.389-90, I Frances Turner...son William Watkins Turner one negro woman called Betsey & her two children Jery and William...daughter Betsey one negro woman called Susan and her children Courtney, Martha & Mary Jane & one old woman named Lucy (who has been a faithful servant & whom I commend to my said negro man Richard shall be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds divided between my aforesaid children...13 March 1832. (her mark). 6 November 1834.


pp.391-4, I Richard Stuart...son Richard lands in King George County...Daughter Margaret Roberson Lomax the use and engagement of the old Mansion House Cedar Grove in common with her Green Hill which I purchased of Doct: Benjamin Johnson called Hitton...all my personal property of whatever nature except what may be herein excepted be equally divided between my two dear children Richard and Margaret...the following named servants with any others that my children may mutually agree on be placed in their allotment or division having respect to one condition: as common servants only. In Margarets allotment or division Cook Nacy, Coachman Phil, Thornton, Guardner William Junr, Seamstresses Sucky, Brenda and Sarah Ann, Blacksmith Bill and carpenters Nacy, Absolum & Henry. In Richard's division or allotment, Cook Cupid, Scott, Guardner Billy Senr, Blacksmiths Willice, and Carpenter Mingo, Henson West and little apprentice Dear little Grand Daughter Roberta G. Lomax her mother's choice of a servant girl and a bed and dear little Grand Son Richard Stuart Lomax his mother's choice of a servant boy...4 September 1834. (signed). 2 April 1835.


pp.395-8, I Nedham L. Washington...all estate to my dear wife S. A. Washington as long as she remains a the marriage or death of my wife I bequeath my golden headed cane and spy glass which were bequeathed to my Farther in law Washington Senr by his friend Genl George Washington to my son Nedham H. Washington also my clock imported by my father, also one good bed and bedstead with furniture also one riding horse and briddle and saddle bags, also one negro boy second choice and a moiety my Books, my Real estate called Waterloo with all its appurtenances...daughter Jane Wray Washington my Golden spectacles which were presented to my Farther by Genl George Washington, my ebony table...all the rest of my personal estate not heretofore devised to my son, viz: all my slaves, stocks, furniture, household and kitchen, boat and plantation utensils...I also leave to my wife S. A. Washington my slaves should she remain a widow to dispose as she may chuse, but should she marry I leave them to be sold in families or divided in families among my nephews and nieces...if sold the money to be divided...15 October 1833. (signed). 2 April 1835.


pp.401-2, I Price Underwood...Grand Daughter Sarah Anne Greenlaw Negroes Suckey & her three children, Reubin, John & Matilda...Having heretofore given my daughter Sarah Anne Greenlaw certain negroes & other property I herein confirm the same...all the rest of my estate to my wife Molly...May 1835. (his mark). 4 June 1835.


p.414, I Jane Holliday...14 January 1835...grandson Richard Randall a negro woman that I purchased of Mr. William Cons(?) of Culpeper County by the name of Lilly and her increase namely Lilly Charles and Matilda...daughter Nancy Randall the ballance of my estate as follows: Sharlot, Mary and their increase and also their future increase Harry Willis and Saryann and also my stock of horses, cattle, sheep & hogs and household and kitchen furniture and all my farming utensils...(her mark). No probate date.


pp.415-7, I William Greenlaw to my beloved wife the plantation I now live on with the slaves that may be on it at my decease and stock of all kinds sufficient to keep the farm up...son William the farm called Yellow Hill, the farm called Lees Ville on which he resides and a tract of 92 to my daughter Fanny Purkins & my son in law Thomas Purkins the use of one third part of my personal estate in the following manner: Betty & her Four children, Taliaferro, Jim & Hellen which they now have in their possession...5 February 1834. (signed). 1 June 1837.


pp.428-9, I Hosea Rogers...daughter Polly all my Lands, negroes, stock and property of every description...14 January 1838. (signed). 1 March 1838.


p.430, I Sally Park...daughter Jane park my negro boy Richard and my negro woman Dolly...son James my negro boys Tom and Peter...23 March 1835. (signed). 1 November 1838.


pp.431-2, I Thomas N. Berryman...grand daughters Sarah F. Berryman & Christianna Berryman all of the negroes I am in possession of at my death...2 August 1838. (signed). 1 November 1838 and 7 February 1839.


pp.433-4, I Behethlem Rogers...niece Susanna Jones now the widow of David R. Jones the whole of my the death of my said niece to the four daughters of my said the division of my personal estate the eldest of said girls shall take my servant Benjamin at valuation and that the next oldest of the said girls shall take my servant Milly at valuation and should there not be a sufficiency of personal property remaining to make their parts equal the two girls receiving slaves shall pay their sisters such amounts as to make all their legacies precisely the guard against a sale of my slaves...13 December 1837. (her mark). 1 November 1838.


pp.435-7, I Bennett Price...nephew Abner B. Price the Indian town tract of land with all its appurtenances and also to William B. Price the oldest son of the said Abner a negroe fellow Lewis and to Almira daughter of Abner a negroe girl Mary...nephew Buckner Price my plantation whereon I now reside likewise all my household & kitchen furniture and plantation utensils...likewise negroes Armestead, Sally and her four children...Thomas K. Price my nephew all my houses and lots at Hampstead with all the improvements and appurtenances likewise negroes Suckey and her two children...nephew William Roach the following namely Winny and Nancy...nephew John Roach my negroe woman Milly...balance of cattle and horses be equally divided between my nephews...9 May 1839. (his mark). 6 June 1839.


pp.446-8, I Richard Potts Sr...son Morton W. Potts fifty acres of land I also give him Siny, Manuel and their future increase...nephew Richard Potts jr for the use of my daughter Jane E. Lunsford, Daphne and her children Nancy, Susan, Margaret and executors with the consent of my daughter Jane sell Daphne and put the money on interest or replace her with Grand daughter Juliet Lunsford Winney's daughter Jane...daughters Elizabeth T. Potts, Ellen Potts and Louisa Potts the ballance of my negroes to be equally divided...(signed). Proved 2 December 1841.


pp.451-2, I Margaret Edmundson...loving nephew all my personal property namely one negro woman named Mary and her daughter Caroline, all of the furniture which I possess...22 January 1835. (her mark). 2 June 1842.


pp.458-77 (461-9 not used by clerk), I John Stuart...after the death or marriage of their mother the whole of my estate is to be divided as herein directed among my slaves shall be held in their present state of servitude only until such time as my children shall be educated & such disposition of their respective portions of the remainder of my estate can be put in that condition (under the power & authority herein given to the Executors & Executrix & trustees by & with the consent of all parties interested) as will afford to them the best income from the same, but it is also my will that my Executors & Executrix & trustees have power to liberate any of sd slaves any time for good conduct provided they can be transported to the African colonies & they also have full power to sell unconditionally any & all who prove troublesome or ungovernable & invest the money in others to be finally disposed of as is herein directed: after the attainment of the object & purposes above specified, all & every slave then in possession of my Executors shall be liberated on condition of their also going to the African Colonies, but if any of them prefer to remain in slavery, they are never after to be liberated but may be disposed of by my such masters as they may select & such investments of the monies...with no power however to sell sd negroes without their consent where they prefer to remain as slaves to my children...21 October 1842 (signed). 5 January 1843.


pp. 476-7, I William Thos my negro woman Winney and her daughter negro woman Nancy and her daughter Sarah...25 January 1843. (his mark). 2 March 1843.


pp.480-1, I Ann Yiffey of Westmoreland the event of my bearing a child or children I give such child or children my negro man Lewis, but if I die without issue I give to my Mother said Lewis...(ditto) my negro woman Cloe and her present and future increase...(ditto) my half of negro Polly and her present and future increase...(ditto) my silver and furniture and old Milly to my Mother...7 January 1830. (signed). 6 July 1843.


p.483, I Thomas Berry...all my property to be equally divided between the children of my deceased brother John servant shall not be sold or separated from his family...13 October 1843. (signed). 2 November 1843.


pp.488-9, I Jane Wilkerson...niece Susanna W. Jones my servant man Daniel...niece Elizabeth White my servant man James...6 May 1836. (signed). 4 January 1844.


p.490, I Elizabeth Quisenberry...beloved daughter Ellen G. Dade my negro woman Sharlotte...Lucy P. Berry my servant Anna also my two servants Carter & Beverly and all my household & kitchen furniture with every article of other property I possess to my two daughters Lucy P. Berry and Ellen G. Dade. (signed). 4 October 1843. 4 January 1844.


pp.492-3, I John Dishman...dear wife Ann E. Dishman during her life or widowhood the whole of my estate both real and personal. After the death of my wife...daughter Lucy Harriot one negro girl named Annah...daughter Mary Frances one negro girl named Betty...daughter Ann Elizabeth one negro girl named Louisa...all the remaining slaves including those in possession of my sister Mary F. Arnold as also my personal estate to my five sons...6 September 1843. (signed). 7 February 1844.


pp.496-505, I Nathaniel Harris executors dispose of my perishable estate in King George County only excepting such as they may deem necessary to retain on the different plantations for the supplies of the slaves...until the plantations are sold...I loan to son William Dangerfield Hooe if he lives on it my pine Hill Estate...also Jim Dick & his wife Rachel, Carpenter Moses, Anthony hired now to Charles Taylor, Letty, Black Patty, & old Sarah...& Fanny now in his possession also $300...contingent he yeald up & surrender to my executors all the slaves I loaned him & their increase except old Fanny above mentioned...grandson Nathaniel all the land & the moneys & the negroes, the accounts, the goods of whatever kind that his father William A. Harrison has purloined & cheated me Elizabeth Magee my one sixth interest (bought of George Hudson) in the Matthias Mahorner the one half of all the ready money he may have in his care & one half of all the debts due me in the states of Mississippi & half the cotton crops growing or that may be hearafter be made during the stay of my slaves under his care...I further give (him)...the following named negroes Henry & wife Nancy now at Tetoum(?), Ellis & wife Winny, Robin & wife Aggy Cook...I give to my man Willis & his son George Henry when they start for Affrica $100 each besides a full share with the others of my slaves for their better conduct. To Old Lymons & his sister Sharlotte, old Ambrose at Tetotum & old Sally at the Neck I give to them their freedom as far as I can & the tenement where Oliver now lives, near Edge Hill to live in during their lives & to be fed & cloathed by my Exers: during their lives & a cow to milk. Miller Joshua & his wife Alice if she is my property to remain at the mill until she is sold & to receive ten dollars a year & cloathes & after the mill is sold to have the same priviledges as the above Lymons &c. I do by this my last will emancipate & set free to all intents & purposes all my slaves in Virginia King Geo: Cty excepting those designated by name in devises & those set free to be sent to Affrica by my Executors may keep at their discresion as many slaves on the farms untill the farms are sold to keep the farms from going to waste...I do further emancipate all my slaves in the possession of William D. Hooe which I loaned to him if he yealds them up to my Exors:...if the slaves are sent to Affrica to each & every head of a family on their landing & discharge to be paid twenty five dollars & to adults having no families $10 & to each of my slaves I give decent cloathing before they start for their home in Affrica. I do also emancipate and set free each one of my slaves in the state of Mississippi...I also emancipate all my slaves loaned to William A. Harrison if I recover them...Should Blacksmith Bill, Billy Monroe & Bill Beverly be unwilling to go with the others of my slaves to Affrica, they may be sold by my Exors. to the highest bidder...17 May 1844. (signed). 7 November 1844.


pp.507-515, I Gustavus B. Wallace...wife Fanny during her life the use of my slaves Arianna, Maria, Delila, Henry, Darker, Stephen, Lewis, Maria's son, Henry Call, George, son of Arianna and Jenny Darker, my Carriage and harness and a pair of Carriage and harness and a pair of carriage horses such portion of my household and kitchen furniture he may select, portion of my stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs and farming utensils as she may slaves Dick and Charity whom I have lent to my daughter Fenton Turner to Robert Wallace in trust for my said daughter...23 January 1841. (signed). Codicil 13 October 1842. (signed). 6 March 1845.


p.517, I John man Thornton to be sold and the money applied to the payment of my debts...30 March 1845. (his mark). 3 April 1845.


pp.522-4, I Frances Davis...daughter Ann Catherine Davis my negro girl Ann & her future bed, bedstead & furniture also my best cow...the above named negro girl Ann may not be sold out of the family but be kept in the family to be hired out and the proceeds to be equally divided...(her mark). November Court 1845.


pp. 527-9, I William Minor...son Thomas J. the land I negro man by the name of Dick with one fether bed & furniture and my cart & four stears & one hors. I have giving unto my daughter Caroline Jenkins some years ago four negroes by name Pat, Tom, Molley & Hanner with all their increase and one beast(?) but as some of these negroes has been aflicked, I will give her at my death one negro man by the name of Charls with one feather bed & furniture. I have giving unto my daughter Mary Ann Lee four negroes Batley, rittey, Priss & Eliza with all their increes except for two of Eliza's which is by name Elen & Austan, with one feather bed & furniture, one beast, one cow & calf. I have given to my gran son James Rollins one negro woman by name Meria with her increes from the time he receives her. I have giving to my gran daughter Ann Rollins one negro girl by name Milley with her increes from the time she received her. I have giving to my gran daughter Martha Rollins one negro girl named Carelin with her increes. I will give to the three children of Lucy Rollins decest a littel negro by name Elen. I direck that the littel girl shall be valued and any one of three children may have her by paying the other two...the little girl may not be sold to any one out of the family. I gave my daughter Nancy Helm soon after she married three negroes by name Nutley, Elen & Milley with all their increes with one bed and furniture & one beast with several sums of money...son Thomas J. Minor shall have my littel negro boy by name Austan at a reasonabel valuation as he has raided him. I do wish the little boy to remain in the of my estate to be sold...3 May 1845. (signed). 2 April 1846.


pp.531-2, I Gideon dearly beloved wife Nancy all my estate including Land, negroes, cattle, hogs and household and kitchen furniture...17 August 1841. (his mark). 5 November 1846.


King George County Wills, No. 4, 1847-1901

pp.1-2, I gave unto Dixon Bradley's son Gideon F. Bradley the entire tract of land which I reside Boy John & Girl Milly and Boy William, I Gave unto my woman Venus my Loom & Gear and after her death I gave the said Loom unto Ann E. Bradley. I gave Ben unto Ann E. Bradley with the understanding that he is to wait on his mother during her life and then Ann E. Bradley is entitled to him forever. I Gave unto Sarah White my two Girls Polly and her daughter Maria. I Gave to Nancy Jane Ryals Sharlott & Charles. I also gave unto Nancy Jane Bradley my Girl Mary. Venus is to remain here & Ann E. Bradley to stand her mistress, she is entitled to her house & Garden & Lucy her Daughter is to remain with her during her Life and then I gave the said Lucy unto Ann E. Bradley, also all of my Household & Kitchen Furniture with Plantation Utensils...Horses, stock of every description with Gig and Harness...7 May 1847. Ann B. Bradley (her mark). 3 June 1847.


pp.3-4, I Mary Grandson Edward O. Greenlaw my Negro man Edward commonly called Ned... all the residue of my property to Grand Daughter Sarah Anne Greenlaw...29 July 1847. (signed). 4 November 1847.


pp.5-10, I Charles Taylor...wife Virginia Anne my estate called Oaken Brow (on which I now reside) and all the slaves, horses, stock of every description, carriages, agricultural implements and goods used upon said long as she remains a widow...son Charles Ogle at the death or marriage of his mother my Oaken Brow estate with all the slaves, stock...also as soon as the Brick Quarter estate is sold, as herein directed, all the slaves and other personal property on that plantation...each of my daughters a servant girl to be selected by my executors from all my slaves...I authorize my executors to sell any of my slaves that may be disorderly or difficult to manage...11 January 1847. (signed). 2 December 1847.


pp.11-16, I Younger Johnson...give the following property: the tract of land on which I now reside...household furniture, pair of carriage horses, the carriage and harness, two of my best mules, six cows, one yoke of oxen, one ox cart, my small horse-waggon and gear for two horses, and such of my plantation utensils and stock of sheep and hogs on the farm sufficient for such a farm; also the following slaves Tom, Anthony, Magnus, Millford and Charlott all of which property...for the use of my daughter Amanda Fitzhugh...executors to sell all the rest of my making sale of my slaves my executors shall, as far as possible, keep families together; and that the slaves shall be permitted to select their masters, unless such indulgence shall in the opinion of my executors be the occasion of great sacrifices...2 November 1747. (signed). 2 December 1847.


p.19, I Laurence Ashton...executors pay to my servant Mary during her life the annual sum of twenty my servant Caroline the sum of twenty dollars annually...residue of my estate to my nephew Horace Ashton...22 October 1843. (signed). 2 March 1848.


pp.21-4, I Hezekiah Potts...wife the tract of land on which I now reside and one third in value of all the negors I may own. In allotting said slaves to my wife I desire that her wishes shall be regarded as far as practicable, excluding from such selection those slaves hereinafter specifically devised...the following slaves and their future increase to my daughter Ann: negro girl Mary, daughter of Sophia. For the use of my daughter Fanny: negro girl Rose, daughter of Sophia. For the use of my daughter Sarah: negro girl Winny Ann, daughter of Lettie and for the use of my daughter Julia a boy called Big Henry and a girl called Emma, daughter of executors shall sell as many slaves as may be necessary...balance of my slaves...executors hire out...16 July 1846. (signed). Codicil: Having disposed of some of the negrors I gave my daughters in the above will, I make the following disposition to supply their places. I give to my daughters Ann, Fanny & Sarah Buckner three negro girls Rose, Margaret and Winney Ann, my daughter Ann to have first, Fanny second and Sarah Buckner third choice...youngest daughter Julia one negro man or boy called Beverly Roy to supply the place of Big Henry sold...11 March 1847 (signed). 6 April 1848.


p.27, I Benjamin the death of my wife...the plantation on which I reside to my son Nathaniel together with my negro boy George, my negro girl and her future increase to my daughter Margaret...20 September 1847. (signed). 7 December 1848.


pp.32-3, I Stephen Wilkerson...nephew Joseph Fletcher Jones, son of Stephen Jones, all my land...175 acres except fifteen acres to my nephew Stephen Jones in trust for my servant Addison on account of his faithful services to me...nephew Stephen my servant Addison with a particular request that he be treated with humanity and allowed all the advantages and privileges which the laws of our state will allow...he shall not be compelled to leave the county without his consent. As much timber be taken from any part of my land as will be necessary to build a suitable house for my servant Addison to live in, and that he be furnished with one years allowance of corn and meat, two hogs, also one bed...a cart and oxen, one milch cow and all the plowing utensils...3 March 1849. (his mark). Codicil: In case my nephew Stephen Jones should die before my servant Addison...have his choice to go to Liberia or any other place where he can enjoy his freedom should he not choose to remain in this state...3 March 1849. (his mark). 1 November 1849.


p.35, I Charles Henry Ashton Charles H. Ashton Jnr my son by Drusilla Johnson all the land which I hold in King George and the personal property on said land and all my slaves, except the two slaves hereinafter mentioned...Elizabeth Jackson Ashton daughter of my said son Chas a negro girl called John Thomas Ashton my son by Julia Ann Micon all my land in the county of Fairfax and a negro boy called John...2 June 1846. (signed). 1 November 1849.


p.39, I William F. Thomas J. my tract of land called Eagles Nest together with the residue of my property of every description except one negroe girl named Julia, Henriette's daughter, who I give to my niece Roberta Washington...30 July 1848. (signed). 7 April 1850.


p.42, I Margaret B. Elkins...give my negro girl Ann and her future increase devised to my by the will of my my brother Nathaniel Elkins...22 December 1849. (signed). 1 August 1850.


pp.43-5, I Addison Hanford...son Stephen the slave called Daniel and his wife Milly with all the children of the said Milly and those he may hereafter have...son Addison slaves in value and number equal to said bequest to residence called Green Height with all the stock, furniture, plantation utensils, riding carriage &c thereunto belonging, together with my slaves not otherwise devised, be kept together for the support of my wife & daughters...should any of my daughters marry then any property, equal to their share, may be allotted to them from the slaves, the place called Midway, my lands in Stafford or any other property I may leave. Should any of my slaves prove refractory or disobedient it is my will that they be sold and their places supplied with others...25 January 1842. (signed). 3 October 1850.


p.46, I Sarah A. Broocke...husband Winter B. Broocke all my real estate...125 acres...all my personal estate consisting of the following negroes: Horace, John, Reuben & George (four men), woman Jane and four children...9 February 1850. (signed). 3 October 1850.


pp.50-2, I William Greenlaw...debts to be paid out of money...Executors sell a portion of my personal or real estate...residue to my children to be divided as equally as each of my surviving daughters the maid servant which has been selected by each of my son Hunter in addition to his portion, my negro woman Caroline whom I purchased of the Executors of Younger Johnson decd...I authorize my Executors to sell my disorderly slaves...15 June 1851. (signed). 4 September 1851.


p.54, I Gustavus Adol Fitzhugh...all my property may go to my brother Johnson Fitzhugh. It is my will that my Brother Johnson not sell my servants if it can by any possibility be avoided... 29 July 1851. (signed). 2 October 1851.


pp.55-6, I Thomas beloved wife Ann during the term of her natural life the Farm on which I reside on the Rapph & the following slaves: Rachel, & her family, John & Patty, Household & Kitchen furniture, stock of every kind & farming utensils...daughter Mary Jane Dishman the farm I formerly lived on given to me by Chas Hidgdon & 150 acres recently purchased & the following slaves: Davy, Rhody, Charlotte, Sarah, Matilda & Mary...20 April 1850. (signed). 6 November 1851.


pp.57-61, I James Lee Senr...beloved wife Mary the exclusive use of my lands, houses and tenements and all of my household and kitchen furniture and all of my crops, also all my stock of Horses, Oxen, Cows and Calves and Hogs of every species...use and benefit of my negro boy Anthony...(his mark). Proved November 6, 1851.


pp.62-4, I St Leger Landen Carter...liberate and set free Harry, commonly called Harry Clarke, and Betty Reed both residing at this time in Philadelphia, but still slaves, not having been emancipated though removed to that City...liberate also & set free the following slaves: Jenny, Terry and her children, Andrew, Moses, Johnson, Charles, Helen, Lee and Barbara and my dining room servant Patsey Tebbs and her children Judy, Kitty, William, Rachel, Amanda, and Patsy and lastly Harriett, a mulatto girl, sister to Henry the above named Henry Clarke, Betty Reed, Andrew, Moses, Johnson, Charles & Helen children of Jenny Terry and to Judy & Patsy, daughters of Patsey Tebbs one thousand dollars each...likewise to Patsy Tebbs & Jenny Terry two hundred dollars each to be paid to the several parties at the time of their removal from the State and to such of them as are already removed. I direct that the above named liberated slaves shall under no pretext whatever be removed to Liberia or any other place beyond the United States without their consent. My executor must remove them to Pennsylvania where Henry, Betty, Judy & Harriett are now living or to some other state if they prefer it...executor to sell at public auction the small parcel of some forty or fifty acres...and to divide the proceeds of sale equally between the above named Henry, Betty, Judy & her sisters Patsey, Andrew, Moses, Johnson, Charles & Helen in addition to the monies I have ordered paid to each...30 March 1850. (signed). Codicil: having engaged to pay to Henry Clarke $500 on the 1 October 1850 and three months thereafter $225, I hereby subject my Estate to the payment of these sums over and above what I have left in the body of my will...22 July 1850. Codicil: 17 July 1851. Having now at this date paid the several sums in Codicil first, I revoke sd Codicil and having advanced to Betty Reed $200 of her portion, that sum must be deducted from her portion of the $1000 and I hereby direct that my Executor pay sd $200 to Patsy the daughter of Patsy Tebbs so as to increase her portion to $1200...(signed). 5 February 1852.


pp.67-8, I Lewis Cross...all my negroes: Thornton Gusty Kitty Mariah, Hannah, William, Henry, Mary, Tulip, Barbary, Alfred, Anne, James, Cornelius, Sidney & Adison with their future increase of the females be emancipated or set free at my death and that my Exors hire out such of them as may be in a state to be hired for two years & that the amount accumulated therefrom be appropriated to their benefit in the way herein after mentioned: if the hires in the two years amount not to $500 the balance to be raised out of the sale of some of my other property. Should the said negroes consent to be sent to Liberia or any other Colony in Africa, my Exors see them safely delivd on board of the vessel provided for their transportation. Or if the said negroes prefer being located in any of the free States in this Country, go with them and purchase for them a quantity of land sufficient to give them a comfortable & permanent home...the balance of the $500 to be divided amongst the said negroes...residue of my property to my sister Elizabeth Cross...20 September 1849. (signed). 3 February 1852. 4 March 1852. Executor refused to take upon himself the burthen of the execution...Elizabeth Cross entered into bond of $10,000.


p.73, I Martha three nephews sons of my brother James F. Rollins, decd, my interest in the land which I heired from my father's estate sister Ann Cleft my interest in a negro girl named Ellen also my woman Caroline and her child Frank also the balance of my estate...6 August 1852. (her mark). 7 October 1852.


pp.75-6, I William J. Dishman...Executors keep my estate together and have it cultivated for the mutual benefit of my wife Elizabeth and her six children...7 November 1845. (signed). 4 November 1852.


pp.79-81, I Susan Fawke...all my slaves: Solomon, William, Virgin, Maria and her child Sarah Virginia, to my nephew William J. Chiles with the earnest expectation that he will permit them to enjoy their freedom as far as the laws of this state will permit. I devise the tract of land wherein I now reside containing about 80 acres to William J. Chiles, in truth for the benefit of my the event any thing should compel the removal from this state of my said slaves...the land be sold and the proceeds equally divided among William J. Chiles for the use of Virgin $130 as her wants may require...$70 for the use of Mariah...$70 for the use of Solomon...$70 for the use of William, $10 to old Virgin the bed, bedstead and bed furniture up stairs and the table on which I usually take my meals and also a cow. To Virgin, William and Maria in equal parts all the cellar and kitchen Sarah Virginia the daughter of Maria $75...the provisions on hand and also the money after the payment of the legacies mentioned be equally divided among all my servants...19 March 1853. (signed). 7 April 1853.


p.87, I Edwin S. Suttles...any of my personal property not needed in carrying on my farming operations shall be sold and if necessary for either or both of my negroes George and Sally. If my wife and Mother can agree to reside together and carry on my farming operations. But if they cannot agree to do so...neither my land nor negroes shall be sold but the land shall be rented and the negro or negroes hired out annually until my child shall attain the age of twenty one...(signed). Proved 2 March 1854.


pp.89-91, I Susan Arnold...Executor hire out privately my three Servants Lenn & Lucinda & the child of the latter and the future increase of Lucinda until my youngest child attains the age of 21 years...until the sale of my said slaves...22 June 1854. (signed). 2 November 1854.


pp.92-3, I John A. Edwards...sons William B., John, Joseph, Lawrence & Francis & my daughter Betty all my slaves whether in my possession or in the possession of them or either of them at my death to be equally divided amongst them according to valuation...the children of my decd daughter Mary Jane Green, Sharlotte & all her children and one half of all my stock of every kind to be sold for their benefit...1 October 1832. (signed). 1 March 1853.


pp.94-6, I Jane Stuart consideration of the fidelity, affection and faithful services of my servant maid Caroline, I do hereby manumit and set free from slavery the said negro woman Caroline and her child called James William Park. As I know said slaves when liberated cannot remain in Virginia I request my executor see that they are carried out of the state and settled in such place either in the United States or elsewhere as Caroline may my servant maid Caroline $100...should Caroline die before her son attains the age of twenty one years, then I give the said William Park the annual sum of $50 until he arrives to the age of twenty one...cousin Julia Calvert Stuart daughter of my cousin Richard H. Stuart all the rest of my estate...14 July 1852. (signed). 6 October 1853.


pp.97-8, I Elizabeth that my servant Ann Lee given to my granddaughter Elizabeth Pemberton...the balance of my slaves Letty & Celea Lee sold with any further interest I may have in the other slaves now subject to me: Anthony, Judy & Eliza and the proceeds equally divided with any other personal estate of mine between my grand children...22 February 1855. (her mark). 3 May 1855.


pp.102-4, I John M. Carpenter...all my just debts to be paid as promptly as the assets of my estate will justify from my personal property but the debts due me to be exhausted before the negro property is troubled...a full & perfect equality be maintained in the division of my property between my children as to value &c...21 December 1852. (signed). 5 June 1856.


pp.103-8, I John Parker...the whole of my slaves and their future increase, except those held by me for the life of Mrs. A. Braxton, be emancipated and forever set free on the first day of April 1862 at which time my executors are to execute them deeds of emancipation and pay and deliver to each out of the assets of my estate $25, a suit of new clothes including hat and shoes and a pair of blankets. But this bequest of freedom is made to each of my slaves upon the following express condition: that he will conduct himself during the continuance of his servitude orderly and properly and if either of them shall behave in such a manner as in the opinion of my wife and executors (they concuring) merits such treatment he shall be sold by my executors...When the period for the emancipation of my slaves arrives, should either one or more of them prefer a state of slavery to freedom he may select a master or mistress to whom my executors are directed to convey him...without regard to price...and should any one or more of my slaves from age or infirmity be incapable of taking care of not emancipated but be proved for...3 August 1856. (signed). 4 September 1856.


pp.109-11, I Sarah Scott...executors sell my real and personal estate...In the sale of my slaves I authorize my executor to exercise his discretion as to selling them in families or otherwise and to provide good masters for such as are meritorious...and apply the proceeds to the use and purposes hereinafter mentioned...(gives about $18,000 to various persons)...September 1852. 6 November 1856.


pp.113-4, I William King...nephew John T. King my negro boy George and my brown mare to him forever...nephew William A. King my negro boy Henry and my brown horse Lepanto forever...balance of estate equally divided...17 November 1856. (signed). 5 February 1857.


pp.115-6, I Francis C. Fitzhugh...sons William Carter and Francis C. all my estate of every kind. In the event of the death of both my sons before they attain the age of twenty one I hereby land all my property to my brother Drury B. Fitzhugh to be enjoyed by him during his natural life and at his death I desire that all my slaves shall be liberated and sent to Liberia...1 December 1857. (signed). 1 December 1857.


pp.117-21, I John B. Burchell...the following property: the tract of land called Peach Hill (200 acres) with all the household and kitchen furniture, farming implements and stock of every description now on it also the following slaves: James, Mary , Seymour, George, Anna, Sarah Frances, Catherine, and Joshua and Charles Henry with the future increase of the females to my wife Jane during her natural life...but my Executors are authorized to sell, rent, lease out or hire all the property hereby devised to my wife and loan out or invest the proceeds for the benefit of my said wife...unto my executors the following property: the tract of land lying near the court house (486 acres) and also the houses and lots lying at the Court house with the farming implements and stock of every description on the said farm and also the following negroes: Joe, Edward, Albert, Eliza and her child Peyton, Lucy, William, Emily and Maria and Simeon with the future increase of the females in trust for my daughter Sarah Jane Weaver...Executors authorized to sell, rent, lease out or hire all the property for the benefit of my my Executors my servant woman Letty and her three children Oella, Susan and George upon trust that they shall annually during the life of Letty hire her out to some person who will provide her with a good and comfortable house for herself and children...and will treat them in a kind manner and may apply such of the proceeds of the hire of herself and children as may be necessary for her support and maintenance and should such hires be insufficient for that purpose, I direct that such deficiency be made up by my estate...children remain with their mother until they attain the age of fourteen years when they are to be hired out at good homes to their arrival to the ages of twenty one years at which time they shall be allowed the privilege of choosing whether to be sold to some person who will treat them kindly or continue to be hired out...Executors pay to Oella, Susan and George ten dollars each during their lives...23 February 1858. (signed). 1 April 1858.


pp.123-6, I Mary Massey...grand daughter Nancy Jane Payne one negro woman Milly and her child John with her future increase...Grand son James M. Edwards one negro woman Harriet and her children Frederick and Steward with all her future increase...grand daughter Mary susan Redman one negro girl named Winney Ann...grand daughter Willy Ann Edwards one negro boy Bob and a negro girl Emma...grand daughter Sarah Frances Edwards one negro woman named Helen and her child named Lucy...grand daughter Rose Emma Edwards one negro woman Amanda and her child Peyton...grand daughter Lucy Elizabeth Edwards one negro girl Mary Elizabeth and a negro woman Winny...27 December 1847. (signed). Codicil: Grand daughter Lucy Elizabeth Edwards have one of Harriet's children, the boy called Stewart, and that the negro woman Winny devised to her I now give to my Ann M. Edwards...29 December 1856. (signed). 2 September 1858.


pp.139-42, I Gustavus B. Alexander...wife Judith B. $600 being for money received from her and used by third part of my stock of hogs, sheep, horned Cattle, and plantation utensils and four mules or horses...tract of land on which I third of my real estate in the County and Town of Alexandria, also one third of my slaves and all my house and kitchen fourth part of all my estate real and personal subject to the estate therein, already given to my wife for her life (to each of four persons: son Charles G., daughter Marion Stuart Alexander, friend Doctor Richard H. Stuart in trust for daughter Rosena Moore Swann and one fourth Doctor Stuart in trust for daughter Mariette Heber...5 December 1855. (signed). 1 November 1860.


pp.149-52, I Thomas E. Payne...whole estate kept together until my oldest surviving child shall become of age, farm on which I reside (190 acres) servants also I desire shall be kept on the farm for its cultivation and for service upon my family unless bad conduct should render some other disposition of them necessary which in that event I hereby authorize in the judgment of my soon as my children are all married or become of age my remaining estate shall be finally disposed of and divided...13 August 1861. (signed). 5 December 1861.


pp.153-7, I S.J.S. Brown...son William S. the following slaves: Mary Ann & her two children Fielding and Anna, valued at $1200 the slaves heretofore given him: Evelina, Horace, Willis, Joe and Walter valued heretofore at $___ making the whole $3,500 he paying my daughters Sarah Virginia and C. Letitia $50 each...I have given my son Edwin D. the track of land on which he resides (300 acres) worth $3,600 and a girl named Frances and other property including negro hires(?) &c, worth $1000 all together say $4,600, he to surrender the slaves in his possession except Frances...daughter Maria Louisa Ninde the following slaves: Betsey, Matilda, Eliza, Milly & Beverley, Rose, Lizzy, Robert and John supposed value when given $4,000 to be accounted for upon a division...I have heretofore given to my daughter Martha A. Ashton the following slaves Charlotte, Abram & Maria, worth when delivered $1,000...daughter Lucy W. Donnally slaves Nedham, John (son of Polly), Thomas, William, George & Winnay Ann also Pratt heretofore given, value $4,000...daughter Sarah Virginia a negro man George & his wife Hannah and a man named Charles worth at this time $3,000, a pianno & one bed and furniture also a girl named Gecinie or Sarah worth $800...daughter C. Letitia one negro man Ben (Aggy's son) a girl named Mary & a boy named Ben (Hannah's son), a melodicem & one bed and furniture worth $3,000...daughters Virginia & Letitia my four wheel carriage...26 April 1860. (signed). Codicil: In the division of my estate it is my wish that the standard value of a negro man no. 1 be fixed at $1,200 and a woman or girl at $1,000...(signed). 2 October 1862.


pp.158-62, I Dangerfield Lewis...all my slaves to my daughters Mary and Attaway and the children of my deceased daughters Jane and Betty to be equally divided...all the slaves, money and other property that may fall in the division of my estate to my executors for the sole and exclusive benefit of my said daughters...should it become necessary for my executors in the management of the slaves and other property to sell or exchange the same or any part thereof, I empower them to sell or exchange the same...25 March 1861. (signed). 2 October 1862.


p.166, I John Baker...wife Eliz. A. Baker all my interest (devised as heir at law of my deceased children) in certain slaves & a tract of land bequeathed to her by the will of James Edwards decd also my household and kitchen furniture, one carriage & Buggy, horses, cattle &c...27 November 1856. (signed). 2 October 1862.


pp.168-70, I Margaret R. S. Lomax...son Stuart all the furniture in his room...soon Thomas all the furniture in his room,k the black ebony desk, his sister's portrait, a girl named Sally Janes's Son Daniel called Page in the place of Bee who was sold...son Willie all the furniture in my room and his own wardrobe, my seamstress Betsy, his nurse Matty and a boy named Arthur of my estate of every description and all property to my three sons Stuart, Thomas and Willie...27 January 1862. (signed). 6 August 1863.


pp.172-4. I Isaac Wilkerson...daughter Sarah Ann Noel negroes Charlotte, Lewis, Melton & Ellen...friend Joseph Harvey in trust for my son Joseph and his wife and children the following property: six negroes Keziah, Anderson, Washington, Wallace, Emily & Gusty with their future increase, the tract of land on which I now live....two best horses and a waggon ...daughter Mary Elizabeth Frank four negroes Louisa, Frances, Simon & Charles and the land she now lives on...27 January 1859. (signed). 1 October 1863.


pp.175-83, I John Arnold...son William $400 to be paid by my son Thomas also a bond for $600...son John his bond for the hire of Jim (a slave) for the years 1854, 55 & 56, a bond for $100 and $100 to make up the value of a negro boy not given him and I give him my silver watch...son James $500...daughter Jane Massey one half of tract of land about 300 acres also a negro girl Catherine which she now has in her possession and $500...executors deliver to my son Mark a negro girl named Martha and $2000 in trust for my daughter Jemima Mountjay to have the use of said slave and increase and shall pay the interest that annually accrues on the said $2000 to my said Jemima during her life...executors deliver to my son Mark Arnold a negro woman Lucy and her child George and her future increase and shall pay $2000 in trust for my daughter Mary F. Rice to have the use of the slave and shall pay the interest that annually accrues on the said $2000...beloved wife Jane a negro girl called Susan and her future increase, should my wife marry said slave to be hired out...also a negro girl called Sarah Ann and her increase...the slave Jacob and the carriage and horses shall be kept for her use as long as she remains tat Willow Hill...but when my wife leaves Willow Hill the carriage and horses to be sold and Jacob is to be appraised and either of my sons Mark, Thomas or Philip can take him at valuation...son Thomas 350 acres and a negro boy named Peter to make equal with a boy given Mark...son Philip 600 acres, a negro woman named George Anna and her future increase to make equal with a boy given Mark...all my remaining slaves to my sons Mark, Thomas & Philip to be equally divided and in said division my slave Battle and his wife be allotted in the share of my son Thomas...22 February 1861. (signed). Codicil: All the property of every kind which I have devised to my son Philip (now deceased) I devise in equal parts to my sons Mark and Thomas...9 September 1862. (signed). Codicil: Inasmuch as the circumstances of the war has deprived me of nearly all my slaves and may still reduce it lower I will that my executors pay the several legacies in proportion...7 January 1863. (signed). 6 August 1863.