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1801 [List of Mulattoes and Free Negroes in Powhatan County in the year 1801, African American Narrative

Digital Collection, LVA].


Jane Jenkins with Reuben Sneed, works in the house

Effey Fendley, with Wm Mosely, Lawr, Spining &c

Nancy Finney with Arthur Branch, house business

Betty Ligon with John Netherland, work in the crop

Nancy Brooks with Elisha Maxey House business

Bettey Hickman, on Colo. Littleberry Mosby's land, tends a crop

David Landrum, with Thos Porter, sawing

James Fendley, no residence, trades about with a cart

Chas Hickman, on Buckingham Road, tends a crop

John Dobbins at Scottville, Blacksmith

Moses Goin, no particular residence, carpenter

Jacob Carter, at Cardwell's old place, tends a crop

Edward Morris, at Ann Diuguid, shoemaker

Jesse Logan and wife Lucy on Logan's land, waterman

Robert Gray and wife Nelly on Logan's land, tends a crop

Cato Logan on Logan's land, tends a crop

Pompey Logan on Logan's land, cropping

Salley Gray on Logan's land, House business

Dolley Gray on Logan's land, no occupation on acct of age & infirmity

Paul Grey not stationary, runs a boat

John Powder & Silva his wife, on Saml Pleasant's land, cropping

Frederick Smith on Saml Pleasant's land, carpenter

Chas Dobbins, not stationary, runs a boat

Lewis Fortune & Rose his wife, on Buckinghame road above Hughes Woodson's, cropping, sells Oysters and trades about

George Powder, not stationary, goes about weaving

Edward Grey from Logan's Estate, not stationary, runs a Batteau

Saml Binns on Logan's land, Blacksmith

Wm Smothers & Nancy his wife, on Cohen & Isaac's land, cropping & jobbing about the neighborhood

Wm Armstrong, not Stationary, works in a Batteau

Poll Ligon, Phega Ligon & Lucy Ligon, on Drak'es land near Scottville, cropping

John Moss & Bettey his wife & sister Salley & his mother Ann Moss, on Edmd Toney's land, shoemaking, cropping, spinning, knitting &c

Elisha Moss & Anna his wife on Edmd Toney's land, shoemaker

Janey Jinkins, on Wm Popes land, spinning, Knitting, &c

Sarah Coy on Fred: Woodson's land, cropping

Fortune Mayo, with Jno H. Saunders &c, works in the crop

Thos Powder, not stationary, Ditching & other jobbing work

Wm Moss & Nancey his wife on John H. Saunders Senr. land, shoemaking

Reuben Goode with David Flourney, miller

Peter Freeman, with David Flourney, cooper

John Stewart & Frances his wife on his own land, farming

Ann Wilch with John Stewart, no occupation on acct of age

James Stewart & Frances his wife on John Stewart's land, farming

Thos Stewart, with Sarah Mosby, works in the crop

Landy Cousins, on Thomas. Porter's land, carpenter

David Howell & Pattey his wife, on S. Pleasant's land, carpenter

Nelley Harris on Peter Sublet's land, cropping

Charles Howell & Abigail his wife & Daughter Lucy, on Saml Pleasant's land, farming, shoemaking, oyster selling &c

Edwd Gwin, on fred Woodson's land, carpenter & cropping

John Grey, not stationary, works in a Batteau

Betty Ampey, on Logan's land, cropping

Flora Hickman & daughter Judith on Buckingham Road near Francis E Harris's Store, cropping

James Fox on John Robinson's land, cropping

Jacob jackson & Sarah his wife on Buckingham road below Fran. E. Harris's, Cropping

Fanny Whalen, lives with Jacob Jackson, works in the crop

Moses Henley, at Peter Sublets, runs a boat



[A List of Free Negroes and Mulattoes within the County of Powhatan, 1811, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

William Armstrong, Scottville, Blacksmith

Sally Anderson, Fine Creek, Old & infirm

John Colly, Archer Cocke's, carpenter

Charles Coy, near Scottville, Blacksmith

William Coy, Do, Dol

Patty Coy & 1 child, do, spinner

Sarah Coy & 9 children, near Scottville, spinner

Saml Coy, do, an idiot incapable of employment

Sarah Dobbins, Bellmead, old & infirm

Tapley Edmunds, L. Mosby's land, blacksmith

Elisha Edmunds, do, do

Judith Edmunds & 1 child, do, spinner

Betty Fendley, near Scottville, spinner

Suckey Fendley, do, do

James Fendley, do, Ditcher

Lewis Fortune, Near McRae's, planter

Si Fargus, Jacob Michaux land, do

Ned Gwin, Fred Woodson's land, cooper

Moses Goen, Capt. Thos Miller's land, carpenter

Cloe Hickman, 2 children, near Harris's store, midwife

Betty Dobson, near Clarke's Mill, spinner

Betty Hickman, Do, do

Polly Hickman, Roberts's old field, do

David Howel, fine Creek, Carpenter

Charles Howel, do, waterman

Kate & 2 children, do, spinner

Rose Morris, near McRae's, midwife

Milly Martin, near bellmead, spinner

Eda Morris, Ed. Moseley's, spinner

Arthur Moseley, Fine Creek, Planter

Polly Smith & 3 children, Wm Williams', spinner

Fed Smith, Fine Creek, carpenter

Thomas Stuart, Thos Tucker's land, planter

James Stuart, Edward Stratton's, carpenter

Frances Stuart, & 4 children, do, spinner


1812, [A List of Free Negroes and Mulattoes in Powhatan County, 1812, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

by Josiah Smith

Edward Gwinn, cooper}, Wm Pope's land

Cloe Gwinn, spinner}, 3 children, do


Wm Armstrong, blacksmith}, Scottville

Nancy Armstrong 4 children}, spinner, do


Charles Coy, blacksmith}, near Frederick Woodson's

Patty Coy, 3 children}, spinner, do


Sarah Coy, weaver spinner}, near Frederick Woodson's

Heziah Coy, do}, do

3 children do}, do


James Fendley, Ditcher } near Scottville

Sarah Powders, spinner }

Lucy Powders, 1 child do}


Judith Coy, 2 children, spinner &c, near Scottville


Frederick Powders, planter &c} Neil McCouls

Sally Gowen, Weaver & spinner }

(The Powders family was emancipated by a decree of the court of appeals in virtue of the wills of John and Jonathan Pleasants, deceased).


David Howell, carpenter } Horatio Turpins land

Patty Howell, weaver }

6 children }


Samuel Howel, boatman } Horatio Turpins land

Winny Howell, weaver 1 child}


John Powders, Ditcher } Jacob Michaux land

Si. Fergus, planter &c 2 children }


John Harris, boatman } Jno Harris's land

Lucinda Harris, spinner &c}


Patty Harris 4 children, spinner } John Harris' land


Moses Henley, boatman, Thos Sublet's land


Frederick Smith, carpenter, John Harris's land

Fanny, spinner, do

2 children do


Ezekiel Scott, planter &c } Valentine Ball's land

Polly Scott, spinner &c }


David Wiper, boatman, unsettled

Tapley Edmunds, blacksmith } Estate of Thomas Stegar's Land

Judith Hickman, 2 children, spinner }


Rose Morris, Midwife } Estate of Jos. Mosley's land

Lewis Fortune } planters &c }

Samuel Morris 2 children } planters &c }


Cloe Hickman, midwife }Est of Jos. Harris's land

Nancy Hickman 3 children, spinner }


Polly Hickman, spinner &c, estate of Tho Steger's land


Henry Clarke, planter &c } near Clarke's Mill

Cloe Hickman } spinners }

Betty Hobson, 2 children} spinners }


Jinny Morris, spinner, Edwd Moseley's land


Billy Cousins, shoemaker } Scottville

Polly Cousins, blue dyer }

3 children


Judith Fishback, spinner &c, } Scottville

Polly Smith, 3 children do }


1813 [List of Free Negroes and Mulatoes, 1813, African American Narrative Digital Collection, LVA].

Josiah Smith Commissioner

Armstrong, Buck, blacksmith, Manikin coal pits

Armstrong, Nancy (3 children), spinner, near Scottville

Cousins, William, shoemaker, Scottville

Cousins, Polly (3 children), blue dyer, do

Colly, John, carpenter, Wm A. Cocke's

Coy, Sally (2 children), spinner, Charles Coy's

Coy, Charles, Blacksmith, near Scottville

Coy, Patty (2 children), spinner, do

Coy, Sarah, weaver, do

Coy, Beckey, spinner, do

Coy, Heziah, do, do

Coy, Judith (2 children), do, do

Coy, William, blacksmith, Flourney's mill

Cole, Jinny, spinner, Martha Sublett's

Crane, Mary, cook & washer, Woodberry Mills

Edmunds, Tapley, Blacksmith, Roberts' Oldfield

Edmunds, Judith, Spinner, Mil McCouls land

Elson, John, Carpenter, near French's Toll

Fargus, Si, planter, Dianah Cox's

Fendley, James, ditcher, near Scottville

Fendley, Fanny (1 child), spinner, Wm Blackburns

Fortune, Lewis, planter, nears McRae's store

Goen, Moses, Carpenter, unsettled

Goen, Celia, spinner, Jno Radford's

Goen, Sally, do, Neil McCoul's land

Harris, John, boatman, John Harris's land

Harris, Lucinda, spinner, do

Harris, Patty (4 children), do, do

Haskins, Abram, planter, Saml Sublett's land

Haskins, Amey (4 children),do

Hendley, Moses, boatman, Thomas Sublett's land

Hendley, Winney (3 children), spinner, do

Hickman, Polly, do, Roberts' oldfield

Hickman, Chloe, midwife, near McRae's store

Hickman, Nancy (2 children), spinner, do

Hickman, Chloe (3 children), do, near Clarke's Mill

Hobson, Betty (4 children) do, do

Howel, David, carpenter, near Fine C. Mills

Howel, Patty (7 Children), spinner, do

Howell, Samuel, boatman, do

Howel, Bennet, ditcher, do

Howel, Charles, boatman, do

Martin, Milley spinner, near D. Mead's

Maxey, Hannah (5 children) widow Marshall

Morris, Tabby (1 child), spinner,near Duprey's Mill

Morris, Rose, midwife, near McRae's store

Morris, Jinny, spinner, Edwd Moseley's

Moss, Henry, ditcher, near Fine C. Mill

Ross, Nancy (2 children), spinner, Rob. Wren's land

Scott, Ezekiel, planter, near Ball's land

Scott, Polly (4 children), spinner, Jno Wooldridge land

Smith, Frederick,, carpenter, Jno Harris' land

Smith, Fanny (3 children), spinner, do

Smith, Patty, do, Geo. Mosely's land

Stuart, Henry, cooper, Fine Creek Mill



[A List of Free Negroes and Mulattoes in Powhatan, 1822

Charles Coy, wife & 7 children, blacksmith

Judy Hickman 2 children

Reuben Byrd wife & 1 child

Peggy Coy & 2 children

Thos Coy & wife blacksmith

David Howell wife & 11 children, carpenter


Wm Coy & wife & 2 children Jeptha Leil, black smith

Sarah Coy & son ditto housekeeper


Polly Hickman housekeeper

Phebe Hickman & 2 children