Robeson County Court Minutes, 1797-1843


Free African Americans Named in the Robeson County Court Minutes



1797-1806, Volume 1

(begins July 4, 1797 but first few pages are missing)

(Most Families today considered to be Lumbee Indians)


5 July Solomon Kersey to work on road

2 October, p.10

Deed from Benjamin Deas to Archibald Farley


3 October, p.12

Deed of Joshua Parrott to Gilbert Cox for a Negro boy named Ned proved by Isam Cox.


p.13 Ordered the sheriff summon Jury to lay off a road from the Marsh of the raft Swamp near General Willis Mills into the Fayetteville Road near John Blount's. Elijah Hammon, John Hammon, Harvey Hammon work on the said road.


4 October, p.15

Deed Isham Ivey to Jonathan Aelishart proved by Jesse Ivey

Deed Adam Ivey to Gilbert Cox proved by William Coleman


p.16 Deed Thomas Ivey Senr to Jacob Rhodes proved by Richard Morgan


5 October, p.17

Administration is granted Stephen Braveboy on the estate of Lydia Braveboy Deceased who entered into bond in the sum of 50 pds with Thomas Ivey and Ishmael Roberts his securities.


1 January 1798, p.21

James Whitley bound to John Hammon until he arrive to the age of 21 years now being 17.


2 January, p.23

Deed John Baggott to Etheldred Newsom



4 January, p.27

Ordered that Neill McNeill Bring to nest Court John Kersey an apprentice boy which is bond to him and show cause why he may not be taken from him.


4 April, p.37

William Gowen bound apprentice to James Alford he being 11 years old


3 July, p.45

Mary Hammon bound apprentice to Thomas Jackson until 18 now ten.


1 Oct 1798, p.48

1 October 1798, p49

Deed Gilbert Cox to Noah Pitman proved by Stephen Lee



7 January 1799 p.55

Deed Noah Pitman to Simon Cox proved by Henry Pope


p.56 Emanuel Lamb Bound apprentice to Jesse Dickinson now 14


8 January, p.57

Deed Stephen Lee to Gilbert Cox proved by Isham Cox

Deed Chales Barker to James Kersey proved by William Hawthorn


9 January, p.59

State vs Wm Cox issue of Travers. defendant guilty 39 lashes on his bare back at the publick whipping post.

p.61 Deed Solomon Kersey to Alexander Rowland proved by Samuel Rowland


2 April, p.67

Deed Robert Haills to Arthur Kersey

Deed Robert Locklear to Daniel Munn


3 April, p.69

Ordered John Ford Esquire in South Carolina to take the deposition of Ann Gowen on behalf of James Terry vs. Willis Barfield


pg 70

ordered two of Genl. Willis' hands two of Mr. Storms, John Ivey Charles Ivey, Thomas Ivey & John Powell work on the Elizabeth Road as far as the two mile post.


1 July 1799 p.76

Deed Ephraim Jones to Silas Adkins proved by Sion Alford

Thomas Ivey to Jacob Rhodes proved by George Moore

George Fields to Lewis Ivey by Francis Ivey


3 July, p.78

Administration of estate of Mary Kersey deceased granted to David Braswell on 100 pds security.


7 October, p.80

Ordered that Angus Carter pay to Luosey Suosey? Braveboy 4 pds for the maintenance of a abase begotten child.


8 October, p.84

Elizabeth Hogg bound apprentice to Cloe Hogg until she arrives at 18 being 3 years old.


6 January 1800, p.90

Deed Simon Cox to Levi Cox proved by Wm Coleman


7 January, p.92

Deed Angus Gilchrist to James Lowery


7 April, p.99

Deed Manuel Carter to Jesse Smith proved by Elias Barnes

8 April, p.104

Deed Edmon Revil to Norman Gilles by Neil Brown

Deed Stephen Braveboy to William Humphrey by Thomas Barnes

Deed Jesse Ivey to Lemuel Ezel by William Regan


9 April, p.108

Philip Blunt have liberty to alter the road which runs through his and Ishmael Roberts Land ... Joshua Ammons


7 July 1800 p.111

Solomon Grice bound apprentice to William Moore now 15 years old

8 July, p.112

Deed Cannon Cumbo to Aron Cumbo

Deed Cannon Cumbo to Elisha Cumbo



Deed Stephen Pledger to Thomas Lowery


9 July, p.120

Mark Carter to William Moore by John Willis


6 October, p.121

Deed Charles Ivey to James Kersey proved by Willis Hammons



Deed Richmond Terrell to Archabald McEacharn proved by Willis Hammons

Deed Jacob Hammons to Saml Hammons by Elijah Hammons


The nuncupative will of Elias Stradford was proved by the oath of Ann Hammon and Dicey Hammon & admitted to record at the same time John Hammon returned an Inventory of the deceased estate.


7 October, p.124

Benjamin Lowry to Daniel McLauchlin for a Negro woman named Nancy by Dugald McLauchlin



Administration on estate of Elias Stradford granted John Hammon


9 October, p.128

Deed Jacob Pitman to Thomas Lowry


5 January 1801, p. 130

Deed Ishmael Roberts to Jacob Blount proved by Charles Pate


6 January, p. 134

Deed John Hammons to Samuel Hammons


7 January, p.136

Deed Samuel Stanford to Charles Ivey

deed of gift Isham Ivey to Jesse Ivey 300 acres


6 April 1801, p.142

Deed Thomas Ard to Stephen Brayboy proved by Hugh Brown

Deed Matthew Wilkins to Elijah Hammons

Deed James Kersey to Burel Reville proved by Willis Hammons


7 April, p.144

Deed Randol Branch to Michael Herring proved by Wm Flowers

Wm Ellis attorney for John Harrison to Wm Hathorn for a Negroe Girl named Jude by oath of Willis Hammon



Solomon Kersey sworn as Garnishee in a suit John Lee against Joshua Barfield declared he owed the defendant about 220 dollars. Ordered that the same be subject to judgment when obtained


9 April, p.149

Administration on estate of Frederick Bass is granted to Elijah Bass who entered into bond of 200 pounds with Charles Ivey security

p. 150

Charles Ivey be overseer of the Creek in room of James Suggs and that he work the hands subject to work in said district


22 May 1801 p.152

A Court Called on Friday 22 May of 21 st year of American Independence 1801 for the purpose of trying a negro man named Cezar the property of Cannon Cumboe on a complaint exhibited against him by John Peter Martin for taking & stealing out of his possession two pair of Shoe Bolts & one trunk containg (sic) Sundry Articles when the prisoner was Brought into Court & Charged & plead not guilty & the following jury being impanelled & Sworn to well and truly try the Suit then depending between the State & Cezar the prisoner at the bar & a true verdict give according to the evidence to wit John Storm Isham Pitman Isaac Bird John Cliborn Wm Thompson William Normant Andrew Filmore Benjamin Lee Wm Humphrey etc after hearing the witnesses find him guilty agreeable to the above charge. Ordered that the Sheriff take the prisoner to the publick whipping post & there give him 39 lashes on his bare back.


6 July 1801, p.154

Deed Michael Herring to Mathis Harden proved by Moses Branch

Frader Thader Gilbert bound apprentice to Luke Carter now 7 years old


7 July 1801 p.155

Lewis Ivey be overseer of the road in room of George Fields Senr

Gilbert Brumble pay to Phebe Cox Seven pounds for this year for the maintenance of a Bastard child



Deed James Lowry to Malcolm Locklier

Deed Stephen Starling to Lewis Ivey by Charles Ivey


Deed Angus Gilchrist to Jesse Oxendine


8 July, p.163

Reuben Ivey, Jacob Ivey and Randol Bradley being presented as children in the care of those who might neglect there morels, ordered constable to bring them to court


5 October p.166

Deed Edwards to Rowland Edwards by Willis Hammon

James Biggs bound to Samuel Hammons now 9

Horasha Revell bound to Elijah Revell until he arrive at 21 now 12 years and 7 months


6 October, p.170

Court of opinion that Reuben and Jacob Ivey should not be bound



Deed Jonas Wilkins to Michael Barnes by Jon Barnes

Deed Jonas Wilkins to Josiah Barnes

Deed John Willis to Mark Carter by John McNeill



Following hands work on Drowning Creek from the mouth of Raft Swamp to Gibion Cumboes landing William Thompson, John Cumboe, Stephen Cumboe, Gibion Cumboe, Elijah & Aron & Cannon Cumboe and that Benjamin Blount be overseer of the same


Following hands work on Drowning Creek from Gibion Cumboes landing to Bests Bluff to wit Elias Barnes's hands William Odom's hands Horatio Hammon Elijah Cumbow Sion? Best


From Best's Bluff to Lowery's Creek:

Albert Chavers, Moses and Aaron Oxendine, Malcolm Lockleir Thomas Loury and James Loury ...


Loury's Bridge to Seller's? Bridge: hands of Charles Oxendine Levi Lockleir John Lockleir Malcolm Lockleir James Lockleir Hugh Lockleir Matthew Watson be overseer


4 January 1802, p.178

Frederick Evers bound apprentice to John Hammon now 5 years old



Deed Thomas Barnes to John Hammons


5 January 1802, p.181

Judgment be entered up Against Solomon Kersey as Guarnishee of Joshua Barfield in favour of John Lee for 110 pounds


5 April 1802, p. 190

Jacob Lee be overseer of the road in place of Charles Ivey



Deed John Willis to Luke Carter

Deed John Willis to Melican Carter

Deed Melican Carter to Cannon Cumbo

Deed Luke Carter to Cannon Cumbo



Deed Jacob Rhodes & Owen Clinton to Willis Hammon


6 April, p.193

Administration of estate of John Gowen granted Sarah Gowen



last will of John Gowen proved by Sampson Bridgers



Stephen Lee to John Cox by Isom Cox


7 April, p.199

Reubin Ivey alias Kennedy bound apprentice to James Russel until 21 now 12 years old



Deed Cannon Cumbo to Noah Pitman


5 July 1802, p.203

Deed Jesse Ivey to Austin Ivey



Alexander Hammon bound to John Hammon now 10 years old.


6 July, p.206

Horatio Hammon to appear next court and issue cause if any he has ... detains a bastard child John Braveboy.



Phereby Hammon bound apprentice to Reubin Rozar now 12 years old


4 October, p.213

Deed Angus Gilchrist to Elijah Revel

Deed Etheldred Newsom to Archibald Gilchrist


5 October, p.216

Phereby Hammon daughter of Jacob Hammon a man of color who is absent being last term illegally bound to Reubin Regan it is therefore ordered that the girl be returned to her mother.



Deed Angus Gilchrist to James Lowry



John Braveboy a boy of colour bound apprentice to Horatio Hammon now 5 years old



Shepard Hammon a boy of Colour bound apprentice to John Hammon now 8 years old, Horatio Hammon security


6 October 1802 p.221

Deed John Baggett to Cloe Hogg proved by Thos Barnes


3 Jan 1803 p.225

Whereas ... Horatio Revel a few years ago was bound to Elijah Revel and that said boy is illy treated by his master ordered that Constable bring the said boy to next court

Mary Hammon a girl of Colour bound to George Moore until she arrive to the age of 18 now 12


p.231 Jordan Bullard a boy of colour apprentice to William McNeill 12 years old


4 April 1803, p.237

Gilbert Brumble pay Pheby Cox for the year 1803 the maintenance etc



Deed Jacob Rhoedes & Owen Clinton to Burrel Revel


5 April, p. 241

Deed Jesse Lee to Lewis Ivey


p.242 Jacob Braveboy a boy of color bound apprentice to Zachariah Jordan now 8 years old

David Braveboy a boy of Colour Bound Apprentice to Zachariah Jordan now 5 years old


6 April, p. 244

State vs John Ivey issue of traverse 10 lashes at public whipping post


5 July 1803, p. 252

Deed Saml Hammon to Nathaniel Revel


6 July 1803, p.255

State vs James Lockleir Pettit Larceny

Issue of travers guilty publick whipping post 30 lashes


John Buggs Constable ... attached 7 head of cattle of Aaron Cumboes at the suit of William Townsend and Mitchel Biggs and kept them 40 days



Suit Michael Wichart vs Ishmael Roberts for 9 pds


4 October 1803, p. 264

Deed Malcolm McMillan to Malcolm Lockleir

Deed Elijah Revell to John Johnston


3 Jan 1804, p. 270

Elias Paul pay Sally Walker the sum of 7 pds ... etc. (for mainenance of a child)



Deed John Ivey to Jacob Blount


2 April 1804, p.280

Deed Thomas Ivey Snr to James Smith


Deed Simon Cox to William Coleman

Deed Lewis Ivey to William Ward

3 April, p. 284

Deed Lewis Ivey to John Brill (Britt?)


3 July 1804, p.295

Deed Cannon Cumbo to Milligan Carter

Deed Cannon Cumbo to Horatio Hammons

Deed Malcolm Locklear to James Lowry

Deed Alexander Hammons a lad of Couler bound an Apprentice to Neil McEachen now 11 years old.


2 Oct 1804, p .304

Deed John Hammon Senr to Lewis Hammon

100 acres of John Lockleir sold for debt for the sum of 5 pds and costs. east side of Drowning creek



ditto 100 acres land of John Locklier sold for the debt of two pounds


7 Jan 1805, p.309

Deed Thomas Wilkins to John McNeal


8 January, p. 314

Deed Thomas Barnes to Etheldred Roberts


1 April 1805, 321

Ordered James Lowery Senr be overseer of the road from his own house to where Neil Buie formerly lived


p. 322

Deed Henry Pope to Josiah Ivy


2 April, p.324

p.324 Elkanah Hammons an orphan of the age of 8 bound apprentice to Nathaniel Revels


1 July 1805, p.329

Deed Josiah Ivey to Adam Ivey


2 July, p.329

Rrel? Taylor who was bail for John Gowing came into court & surrendered the said Gowing in discharge of said bail.



Deed Lewis Powell to Etheldred Newsom


7 October, p.339

Deed Samuel Dubois to Thomas Lowery


8 October, p. 340

Deed Angus Gilchrist to James Lowery


6 Jan 1806, p.347

Deed Jacob Rhodes to Jesse Ivey



Deed Jacob Rhodes to William Kersey


7 January, p.352

Thomas Lockleir, a boy of colour, Bound apprentice to Sampson Pitman

Sarah Lockleir a Girl of Colour Bound to Sampson Pitman til 18

Charity Ammons bound to Tabitha Watson untill she arrives to age 18 now 7


8 April, p.361

Ordered that William McNeill Esq be overseer of the road from the red banks on drowning creek to Lowrys Road & work the following hands to wit: John Walker, Malcolm Lockleir, Levi Lockleir, John Lockleir, Chas Oxendine, Jesse Oxendine, James Lockleir & Major Lockleir


7 July 1806, p.368

Catherine McCleod an orphan child of Colour was bound to John Sing__


Minutes October 1806-1813, pp. 1-366


7 October 1806, p.4

Deed William Coleman to Simon Cox

Deed Abraham Lamb to Arthur Lamb


6 January 1807, p.14

Road leading from the Lumberton Road near John Hammons to the Raft Swamp Road: Harvey Hammons, John Hammons Nathaniel Revels, James McNeils etc.


1 Monday April 1807 p.26

Deed Isham Ivey to Jonathan Wishant proved by Silas Ivey

Last will of Joshua Ammons dece. proven by Jacob Rhodes and Joshua Packer when Jacob Rhodes and Rebecka Ammons qualified as executors.


7 April, p.30

Deed John Hammons to Samuel Hammons


8 April, p.34

Ordered that a Certain Negroe woman named Lucy formerly the Property of Colonel John Regan be liberated on the petition of Said Regan he having entered into Bond in the Sum of one hundred pounds with Jacob Rhodes his Security.


1st Monday July, p.38

Ordered that Breton Barnes work the following hands to wit Elijah Bass Meredith Barnes J? Barnes and John Popes hands


p.39 Elkanah Hammons who was formerly bound to Elijah Revell was by the said Revells Given up to the Court on which he was returned to Jacob Mercer until he be 21 now ten.


8 July, p.45

Stephen Cox a Bastard Child was Bound unto Gilbard Brumble a Man of Colour untill he arrives tot the ate of 21 at the same time said Brumble Entered into Bond with John Hawthorn senr. his Security now 7.


5 Oct 1807, p.52

Deed Silas Turner to Thomas lowery


4 Jan 1808


Deed John Hammon to John Humphrey

Deed Adam Ivey to Henry Pope


5 January, p.67

Ordered that James Lowery be permitted to open a new Road Round his own plantation and that he keep open the old Road & old road round said plantation until he puts the new road in such order that Overseer will resume? it.



Deed Rasha Hammons to Thomas Butcher proved by Willis Hammons


4 April 1808, p.83

Deed John Cox to Gilbert Brumble


5 July 1808, p.96

Ordered that Stephen Cumbo be in future exempt from the payment of poll tax


4 October 1808, p.110

Ordered that Samuel Hammons be released from the Obligation that he gave to the Court for bringing up an Orphan Boy by the name of James Biggs and that the said boy be also released from his indenture.



Deed Silas Ivey to Jonathan Wishart

Charles Oxendine's will proved

Deed Moses Grantham to Rebeckah Hammons


3 January 1809, p.124

Tempy Kersey to be brought to Court to be bound out


Jacob Hammons a boy of Colour was Bound apprentice to Bengeman Blount.

Henry Ivey an Orphant of the age of 9 bound to Jacob Bryant

4 January 1809, p.128

Daniel McPhaull esquire returned an Execution against Benjamin Oxendine for 16 pds 8 sh. levied on 150 acres on land of Benjamin Oxendine going on George's Marsh


4 April 1809, p.143

Elkanah Hammons a Boy of Colour was Bound an Apprentice to Bangeman Blount


4 July, p.154


Etheldred Roberts no. 161 for 154 acres dated 5 March 1808

one ditto for Jonathan Roberts for 100 acres no. 162 dated 10 1 Jan 1910



Deed John Pope to Simon Cox


Deed John Oxendine to Marmaduke Ekeredge

2 Jan 1810, p.182

Deed Joshua Hawthorn to Joseph Newbery proved by Willis Hammon

John Rea to Joseph Newbery proved by Willis Hammon

Lemuel ? to Joseph Newbery proved by Willis Hammon

Lemuel Israel? to ditto proved by Willis Hammon


4 January, p.188

John Harvey Hammons, Nathaniel Revell be added hands


26 February 1810, p.192

Deed Jacob Rhodes to James Kersey


27 February, p.194

Deed Gilbert to Isham Cox



ditto bill of sale


29 May 1810, p.206

Deed Alfred Rowland to William Locklear


Last will of James Lowry deceased was proved in open court by William and Neil McNeil, Celia Lowrey qualified as administratrix


27 August 1810, p.214

Hardy Bell a Boy of Color was Bound an apprentice to Saml Bell


28 August, p.217

Ordered James Lowry the father of a Reputed Bastard child of a certain free woman named Sarah Hammons for the support of the said child the sum of 4 pds annually


Deed Jacob Blount to Mark Carter


Deed Gilbert to Isham Cox


26 November 1810

Cela Lowrey administratrix of the estate of James Lowery decd sell all the perishable property of the estate.



Deed Jacob Pope to Josiah Ivy


Archibald Oxendine bound apprentice to Neill McArthur now 4

Isabell Locklear bound to Donald Lear? until 18 now 4


25 Feb 1811, p.236

Deed Nathaniel Hawthorn to Willis Hammons


Allen Ivey an orphan now 10 bound to John Donely


27 May 1811, p.258

258 Alfred Locklear an orphan boy bound to Allen McLaughlin


26 August 1811, p. 243

Deed Jacob Merser? to Burrel Revels proved by Willis Hammons


27 August

James Lowery Junr pay Ann Deise 7 pounds supporting the young child etc.


Deed John Stedd? to James Lowery p.280


Deed Aaron to Elisha Cumbo proved by Stephen Cumbo


28 August, p.284

Deed John Hammons Senr to Martin Martin?



Last will of John Hammons proved by oath of Kenneth Black


26 November 1811, p.295

Deed John Hammons to Elijah Hammons

Deed Lewis Ivey to James Suggs


24 Feb 1812, p.312

Deed Gilbert Cox to William Barnes


25 May 1812, p.319

Ned and Peter, Isham Cox's servants be added to the Hands of Willis Pope to work on the road (McKay's District)


20 August, p.325

Ordered that Parky and Sally Dees the illegitimate Children of Nancy Dees and James Lowery be Delivered to the said James Lowery to be kept by him til they are 18 bond of 500 dollars



Deed Sarah Gowen to Elizabeth Gowen


24 August 1812, p.334

Elias Ivey, the widow Cox's and Isham Cox's hands to work on road


25 August, p.328

Parky and Sally Deese illegitimate children of Nancy Deese and James Lowery be delivered to the said James Lowery to be kept till they are 18


23 November 1812, p.347

Elkanah and Jacob Hammons two minor orphans which were formerly bound by this court to Benjamin Blount be released from their apprenticeship and Restored to their friends it having been made appear to the Satisfaction of this Court that the said Benjamin Blount has not treated them Properly according to the terms of their Indentures. Appeal granted to said Blount to the Superior Court.


24 November 1812, p.350

James Lowry pay Eliza Carter Twenty dollars for the maintenance of a Bastard child for one year.


Ordered that the Widow of James Lowrie decd shall have leave to keep up the Bridge on Lumber River at her Plantation for her own convenience & be liable to no damages that Travellers may sustain on using it as it is not deemed a public bridge.



Ordered that James Alford Constable go in person to the house of Thomas Lowrie & demand from Nancy Deese who resides there tow illegitimate children by name Parker and Sally Deese sworn to by said Nancy Deese to James Lowrie & that he bring the said children to the next court to be dealt with as the law requires.

23 February 1813, p.364

Deed John Buie to Raiford Revells proved by Wm McNeil

Deed John Buie to Nathaniel Revell



Minutes 1829-1839

4th Monday November 1829

Jailer paid for 113 days board of Henry Sweat

Deed Moses Warwick to James Smith


23 November, p.20

Case Thomas Lowrie & Wm Lowrie vs. James Lowrie. Pursuant to order of last Court to make Partition of the lands of Celia Lowrie Junr. & Wm Lowrie made a report which was returned and ordered to be certified by the clerk


26 November

Deed A Brown to Alfred Kersey


27 November, p.29

Shadrack Howell Guardian of Ishmael Roberts and Newsom Tery? made a return which was ordered to be recorded


30 November,

Lydia Monroe a coloured Girl about 12 bound to Gilbert Prist? 9 years not remove said girl from the state.


p. 31

Deed Wm Lowrie to Alfred Lowrie


4th Monday August 1830, p.43

James Mccoy vs Solomon Lockleir & Samuel Locklier

John Gilchrist and Thomas Lockleir Securities, ruled that Mccoy recover 30 dollars


November 1830, p.57

Ordered Lydia Monroe a Coloured child be bound to Hugh Priest



Deed Everest Bass to John Browne

p. 62

Kader Wiloby and Elijah Hammons imprisoned at last term of the Supr. Court for the non payment of a fine and cost. It appearing that they instead were permitted to take the benefit of the act in that case and were discharged


4 Monday May 1831 =p.82


24 May 1831, p.90

Randal Currie vs Thomas and Elias Locklier levy on lands.

Angus Gilchrist vs Thomas, William and William jr. Locklier levy on lands


Wm McNiel vs Solomon, Matthew & Thomas Locklier levy on lands


George Kersey indicted in Supr. Court and not guilty


4th Monday in August 1831, p.98

Thomas Lowrie entered into bond as administrator of the estate of James Lowrie with Warren? Alford and Jacob Alford his securities (700 pounds security, page 99)


Deed Frederick Bass to William Lee by Frederick Bass



Deed Harvey Hammons to Jacob Blount

p.99 bottom - page 100

Thomas Lowrie vs William Lowrie and Alexander Watson. In this case Thomas Lowrie having applied for letters of administration on his brother James Loweries Estate where upon William Lowrie an elder Brother and Alexander Watson appealed. Administration granted jointly on the ground that William Lowrie was an elder Brother and Alexander Watson a creditor. Issued to Thomas because he is considered more competent to administer the estate than William Lowrie the elder Brother. William & Alexander appealed to Supr Court.

Ordered the Sheriff of Robeson bring into his possession forthwith Henry Davis an orphan boy of Colour the son of Ann Davis


4 Monday November 1831, p.106

Ordered that Thomas Lowrie administrator of James Lowrie have leave to sell a negro Dick for purpose of paying the debts of his intestate.


Case: Henry Cumbo vs Alfred, Thomas Lowrie and Alexr. Watson

Thomas Lowrie summoned his principal in discharge of himself and the defendant allowed to take the oath of insolvency and was discharged


Tuesday 29 = 107

29 February 1832, p.118

Deed James Paul to Levi Lockleir



Stephen Terry by his Guardian vs Wm Terry Garret Gowin & wife Nancy not inhabitants of this state publish in the N.C. Journal in Fayetteville


29 May 1832, p.141

Warrant in which Lucy Oxendine charged James Lowrie with bastardy in the hand of the Constable but no return made


February 1827, p.142

Deed Stephen Cumbo to Charles Townsend

p.143 ditto

Deed James Lowrie to Celia Lowrie junr.

Deed John Hammons to lewis Hammons registered on the testimony of Elijah Hammons the subscribing witness thereto who made his mark.

p.144 ditto

Deed Elijah Revels to John Bell by James McNeil


November 1832,

partition of lands (case of Garret Gowen p.153 but numbers discontinued


State vs Nelson Lockleir bastardy


Friday 30 November

will of Deborah Hammons no executor named 200 dollars bond

list of land to be sold for tax

100 acres James Oxendine,

175 acres Robert Locklear

100 acres Willie Locklear,

200 acres Flint Locklear

150 acres listed by James Hammonds for the estate of W. Hammons

200 acres Thomas Locklear

200 acres Tom Locklear

87 Robert Locklear


Feb 1833

Deed Wilie? Barnes to Frederick Bass

Deed Edward Bryan to Williamson Hamon

Deed William Haman to Mary Harrel

receipts for suits vs Mary and Elizabeth Cumboe


Tues February 1833

200 acres of Thomas Lockleir's land sold for tax

Archibald Baker vs Thomas Lowrie admr. of James Lowrie Decd. Levy on lands. On a motion Judgment that Doctor Edmd. McLucen be appointed Guardian ad ? of an infant daughter the only legitimate child of James Lowrie decd. ordered further that sci: fa: returnable to next court issue regarding Guardian.

3 cases levy on lands Thomas Lowrie admr of James

Charles Townsend vs Levi Locklier


May 1833

Insolvents in Regan's District: Isaac Revels, John and Jordan Revels, Stokes Roberts, Jarvis Hammonds



Ordered the sheriff bring into Court Turner Lowrie Son of Mary Sweat by James Lowrie to be bound out


Fri May 1833


August 1833, Wednesday

Coloured boy named Bryant Oxendine about 12 years old be bound to Turner Prevett

Garett Gowin or Gowrin legatee of Revd Danl. Brown


November 1833 4th Monday

Hugh Chavis bastardy

Deed Wm Townsend to Joshua Hammons


February 1834

Deed Simon Cox to John Rodgers

State vs Wm Goings


May 1834

Deed Robeson Carter & J Lamb to Alexr Britt


4th Monday November 1834

Deed James Hammonds to James ??

Deed James Hammonds to Owen Revells

Ordered that Alexr. Watson be appointed Guardian of Catherine Lowrie infant daughter of James Lowrie $600 bond


Wednesday November 1833

Kemp Culbreath vs Major and Rhoda Locklear. ordered that sci fa Issue to Rhoda Locklear


February 1835

Catherine Lowrie by her guardian Alexander Watson vs Thomas Lowrie admr. of James Lowrie


May 1835, Friday

Kemp Galbrath vs Major and Rhoda Locklear levy on lands


August 1835

On motion of a certain Coloured boy named Alexr. Oxendine was bound to Newit Paul

Hector Locklier bastardy pay Penny Locklier 15 dollars etc.


Tuesday August 1835

Kemp Golbreath vs Rhody Lockleir and others


November 1835, Tuesday

Stephen Carter free boy of colour bound to James Thompson


Wednesday August 1835

Coloured boy named Edward Hammons was bound to Jessie Wm Powers


February 1836

James Blount to Neill Revels

Alford Lowrie to John Dial by Joseph Howell


August 1836

Olin Hammons bastardy Ishmael and Dred Roberts

Mary Oxendine admr. of estate of Bryant Oxendine


Wednesday March 1837

Deed Thomas Lowery to Archibald Baker

Deed William to Allen Lowery

James Bass to Samuel Johnson

Deed heirs of James Lamb to Samuel Israel was proved by oath of _avis? James Hammond who proved the hand writing of Willis Hammons decd.


May 1837

Deed Larry B. Brett to Gilbert Cox


August 1837, Saturday

Whereas it is represented to this court that Sally Locklier's son John Locklier a Coloured boy is growing up in habits of idleness and dissipation. Therefore ordered that Said Sally Locklier have notice to appear at the next term of this court and Shew cause why the said John may not be bound as an apprentice May term 1837 not executed. Order of Last term renewed.


Deed Alfred Kersey to William Bullard

Deed William McNiel to Gibt. Locklier


November 1837, Wednesday

Wm Goings bastardy Hannah Fields


February 1838

Tracts of land sold by sheriff on 26 Feb 1836

1050 acres of James Lowrie by Thomas Lowrie admr.


May 1838

Lucy Newsom to Nelson Roberts

Shadrack Howell to Ollin Hammond


August 1838

Stephen Paul levy on 250 aces of Thomas Lowery


August 1838, Thursday court

list of lands to be sold at the next November term

1100 acres listed for James Lowrie

375 acres for Thomas Lowrie


November 1838

Deed William Lowrie to Allen Lowrie


30 November 1838

Sheriff read aloud list of lands To be sold in Feb 1837

1050 acres Thomas Lowrie land of James Lowrie

400 acres on Lumber River by Mary Cumboe


Sat December 1838,

lands sold on 4th monday in Feb 1837 by sheriff

175 acres on Bear Swamp listed by Robert B Locklear

50 acres by Major Locklear

50 acres by Rhoda Locklear

250 acres by Daniel Lowrie

200 acres by Raiford Revels

100 acres by Wm Oxendine

100 by Eleanor Hammonds


Minutes 1839-1843, pp. 2-449


August 1839, p.39

Wright Bass to work on road


250 acres belonging to William Locklear to be sold by Sheriff on 4th Monday May next


1100 acres on Lumber River adjoining Watson listed by A Watson for Catherine Lawrie a minor for 1838 & by Thomas Lowrie for 250 acres

James Lowrie for 1836 & 1837

250 acres adjoining Gilchrist on Batrix Bay for Daniel Lowrie

81 acres of Owen Lowrie adjoining Bear Swamp


May 1840, p.94

2250 acres of William Lockleir to be sold for debt


28 May 1840

list of lands to be sold for taxes for the year 1839 on next term of this court

99 acres by James C. Locklier

520 acres by Wiley Locklear

273 acres by Daniel Lowery



Stephen and Alfred Lowery insolvents


24 August 1841, p.211

Whereas it hath been made appear to the satisfaction that a Colored man residing in this County by name John McPherson hath sustained & doth sustain a good moral Character therefore it is adjudged and decreed by the Court that the said John be permitted to bear fire armes such as a shot gun rifle gun or musket & use the same as any other good Citizen of the Community


22 November 1841, p.226

permission to carry gun to David Oxendine Aaron Oxendine


23 November, p.236

Alexander Oxendine a free man of colour


p.239 Ishmael Roberts, Henry Sampson


p.240 Ethelred Roberts a free man of colour

William Goings a freeman of Colour

David Scott free man of Colour

Abraham Jones free man of Colour

George Morgan free man of Colour

Willis Roberts free young man of Colour

Nelson Roberts free young man of color



24 November, p. 245

Levi Locklear


28 February 1842, p.247

Hector Locklear


1 March 1842, p.272

John Blanks free man of Colour





February 25, p.155,

State vs Ralph Oxendine migrating into the State contrary to law & peace warrant. Remanded to jail unless pay $250 himself & $250 security


p. 156, Luke Carter free man of color to carry shotgun


p. 157, Ishmael Roberts


p. 159

levy on land of Raiford Oxendine and Sampson Revels


p. 160

levy on land of Sampson Revels and Aaron Revels

levy on land of Sampson Revels and Owen Lowery

marriage contract Sampson Revels and Nancy Locklear


26 February, p. 161

Nathaniel Revels Senr "freeman of color" allowed to carry gun


Court Minutes, Volume 3


p. 19 Chavis


pp. 76, 159 Bass


p. 321 Amy heir of Hector Locklear petition for 5% of estate


pp. 366, 428, 432 name Hector Locklear's heirs


p.506 John Carter free boy of Color bound