The history of the free African American community as told through the family history of most African Americans who were free in the Southeast during the colonial period

Winner: The American Society of Genealogists' Donald Lines Jacobus Award and The North Carolina Genealogical Society Award of Excellence in Publishing

Two books you can read on-line containing about 2,700 pages of family histories based on all colonial court order and minute books on microfilm at the state archives of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Delaware (over 1000 volumes), tax lists, wills, deeds, free Negro registers, marriage bonds, parish registers, Revolutionary War pension files, etc. There are also another 5,000 pages of abstracted colonial tax lists, Virginia personal property tax lists, under "Colonial Tax Lists..." Send questions and comments to substitute @ for AT

Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina (latest updates 6/1/19; George, Godett. 6/3: Perkins, Bowers,  Driggers, Stringer, Dove, Johnson, Pettiford; 6/5: Meggs.6/8: Boon, Lawrence; 6/9 Carter, Richardson,Benjamin Bass, Leven, Gilbert Evans' 6/12: Jones of Jones County; 6/15 Locklear, Maclin. Revell, Stewart.6/19: Chavis, Granville County tax list; Thomas, Tyner. 8/25: Allmand, Valentine. 11/1; Introduction.
Foreword by historian Ira Berlin

Maryland and Delaware (latest update 11 December 2016: Prichard, Molton/Morton, Shaw, Wedge; 25 Jan. 2017, Cole

Colonial Tax Lists, Virginia personal property tax lists, Census, and Court Records for Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse and Virginia  Includes a list of taxable free persons of color in Virginia from 1782 to about 1820. Latest Updates: Fairfax County, Norfolk City and Orange County personal protperty tax lists

Service in the Revolutionary War Updated June 23, 2018 (Edwin James, William Benson)

19th century photos of free African American and Indian families

List of Indian Slaves, Free Indians, and Free African Americans identified in Colonial Records Without Last Names

Virginia Slaves Freed After 1782

East Indians in Colonial Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina

Slaves named in colonial Halifax County, North Carolina, and King George County, Virginia wills

Illinois Free and American, A study of Eleven Illinois Families of Colour, by Darrel Dexter (Updated November 2004)

Tennessee & Indiana
The Lyles Family by Arlene B. Polk

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