Free and American

A Study of Eleven Families of Color

Union, Johnson, White, Jackson, Alexander, Saline, Gallatin, Williamson, Franklin, Pope and Bond Counties, Illinois


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last revised 14 Sep 2002

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The author will answer inquiries regarding any of the families mentioned in this study. Of special interest are letters with corrections or additions to the family histories included here. Address such correspondence to Darrel Dexter, 4350 Lingle Creek Rd., Jonesboro, IL 62952; phone: (618) 747-2068; E-mail:




Chapter 1, Arthur and Patience HAWLEY ALLEN

Chapter 2, Joseph ALLEN

Chapter 3, Johnson ALLEN

Chapter 4, Beverly BROWN

Chapter 5, Thomas and Dicey CHAVIS

Chapter 6, Thomas and Betsy GIPSON BASS

Chapter 7, Nancy HOCKENS BRYANT

Chapter 8, Joseph and Elizabeth IVEY

Chapter 9, Cain and Elizabeth BRACKEN

Chapter 10, Moses HUNTER

Conclusion and Sources